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homerjuk 12:22am on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 
Mediocre at best. Short review for those with attention deficit disorder: Is the Eclipse AVN7000 worth two thousand dollars? Nope. Look elsewhere. Mediocre at best. Short review for those with attention deficit disorder: Is the Eclipse AVN7000 worth two thousand dollars? Nope. Look elsewhere.

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HDD Navigation System with 7" Wide TFT Display and DVD/MS Multi-Source Receiver


Be sure to read this installation manual thoroughly prior to installation and making connections. If installation methods or non-standard parts not specified in this installation manual are used, accidents or injury may result. Professional installation is recommended, contact the place of purchase to schedule an appointment. After reading the owner's manual and the installation manual thoroughly, keep them in a safe place for later reference. To dealers: Give this installation manual to the customer after installation and all connections have been completed.


Before installation
Components For your safety in using the AVN7000 Installation Diagram 5


Names and functions of terminals Connecting the vehicle speed pulse, parking brake, and reverse cables (wires) System connection example


Installing the GPS antenna Installing the main unit


Main unit components
Check that all of the following components are present

1 Main unit

2 Interconnecting cable

3 Interconnecting cable

4 Interconnecting cable
(Power and speaker connector) (16P) x 1
(Speed pulse, parking, reverse,video, etc) (20P) x 1

(E-lan etc) (16P) x 1

5 Antenna cable

6 Bezel

7 Mounting sleeve

8 Side bracket

9 Case

10 Splicing connector

11 Flat head screw
(For detachable panel) x 1

(M4x6) x 4

(M4x5) x 4

(Blue:M4x3) x 4

GPS antenna components

14 GPS antenna

15 Waterproof cushion

16 Ground plate

17 Body protective sheet

Wiring components

18 Clamp (for GPS antenna)

19 Cable tie

20 Harness affixing tape
When installing the main unit, some vehicle models may require the use of items that need to be obtained separately such as a power supply adaptor cable, radio antenna adaptor cable or mounting bracket.
For y our safety in using the AVN7000
Warnings and caution signs, illustrated bellow, are posted throughout this manual as well as on the AVN7000. They show safe and correct ways to handle the product to prevent personal injury to you and others and avoid damage to property. Before reading through the manual, take time to read through and learn the important information listed in this section. This "Warning" sign indicates a situation in which incorrect handling may result in death or serious personal injury. This "Caution" sign indicates a situation in which incorrect handling may result in personal injury or may result solely in damage to property.
This section contains information that can help to prevent problems and damage to the unit, and also contain other useful information.

Do not install this product in locations where it may obstruct the driver's view, or where it may endanger passengers in the vehicle. Otherwise, an accident or injury may result. Do not install this product in locations where it may interfere with the operation of the steering wheel, shift lever, brake pedal, etc. Otherwise, an accident or injury may result. To prevent damage to the vehicle, confirm the locations of hoses, electrical wiring, and the fuel tank prior to drilling holes to install this product. Also, take precautions so that the product does not interfere, nor come in contact with them. Otherwise, a fire may result. When installing this product, never use the existing nuts or bolts that secure parts of the fuel tank, or the steering, or braking systems. Otherwise, improper steering, or braking or a fire may result. To prevent a short circuit from occurring, disconnect the battery's negative terminal before installing this product. Otherwise, an electric shock or injury may result. When using an existing nut and/or bolt from the vehicle to ground this product, do not use any that secure parts of the steering or braking systems. Otherwise, an accident may result. Bundle cables and harnesses with electrical tape or wire ties to prevent them from interfering with moving parts. If they should entangle with the steering wheel, shift lever, or brake pedal, an accident may result.
Never supply power to another electrical appliance by splicing or tapping into this product's power lead (wire). Otherwise, the current capacity of the wire will be exceeded, resulting in a fire or electric shock. Never attempt to disassemble or modify the product. Otherwise, an accident, fire, or electric shock may result. When installing the product into a vehicle with a passenger side air bag, do not secure it to the air bag's cover or in places where it may impede air bag deployment. Otherwise, proper air bag operation may not be ensured in the event of an accident, causing injury or death. When making holes (example: drilling) be sure to wear protective eyewear. Otherwise, an injury such as loss of eyesight may result. Exposed wires must be insulated with electrical tape. Otherwise, a short circuit, fire, or electric shock may result. Do not modify this system for use other than that specified herein. Also, do not deviate from the installation procedures described herein; Eclipse will not be held liable for damages including, but not limited to serious injury, death, or property damage resulting from installations that enable unintended operation. This unit is intended for operation in DC 12volt, negative-grounded vehicles only. Never use it in 24volt vehicles such as heavy trucks or diesel vehicle with cold-region specifications.

Do not place the vinyl storage bag over a person's head. It may cause a serious accident or death by suffocation. Do not disassemble or rebuild this product. Doing so may cause an accident, fire, or electrical shock. When it is necessary to replace the fuse, always use a fuse of the correct rating (number of amperes). Use of fuses with higher amperage ratings may cause a fire.
Do not operate the product in a malfunctioning condition, for instance, when the audio does not play. Doing so may result in an accident, fire, or electrical shock. If an abnormal situation occurs, such as foreign matter entering or liquid splashing on the product, or smoke or a strange odor emitting from the unit, shut off the product immediately and consult the dealer from whom you purchased it. Continued operation may cause an accident, fire, or electrical shock.
For best results, this product should be installed by a professional installer. Contact the dealer whom you purchased the product for an appointment. When installing this product, be sure to use the supplied mounting hardware. If parts other than those supplied are used, the unit may be damaged internally, or may not be held in place securely and become dislodged. Avoid installing this product in places where it may get wet, such as near windows, or in places that are moist or dusty. Presence of liquid, moisture, or dust inside this product can cause short circuiting resulting in smoke or fire. If this product is not connected properly, a short circuit, fire, or accident may occur.
When routing cables, use precautions to prevent contact of sharp metal parts such as brackets or screw tips. Otherwise, a short circuit, electric shock, fire, or accident may result. Play the audio at a moderate volume level that permits you to hear sounds from outside the vehicle. Driving without being able to hear outside sounds may result in an accident. This product must be operated only as on-board equipment, or it may cause electrical shock or injury. Do not play distorted sounds for long periods of time; the speakers may overheat and cause a fire.

Installation Diag r am

14 GPS antenna (When installing inside the vehicle)
14 GPS antenna (When installing outside the vehicle)
If installing the GPS antenna inside the vehicle, the location and the slope of the vehicle's windshield will determine the accuracy of the GPS antenna to receive the GPS signal. If the GPS antenna location inside the vehicle is hindering the accuracy of the GPS antenna, then you may want to install the antenna outside of the vehicle. The materials used in front and rear vehicle windows can cause GPS reception sensitivity to drop significantly. If this happens, install the GPS antenna on the outside of the vehicle.

Name and functions of ter minals
Never cut the insulation on the power cable or use it to power any other equipment. If the rated current capacity of the power cable is exceeded, fire and electric shocks may result. The cables should be secured with tape or a similar securing method to prevent any obstructions while driving. If they get wound or entangled around components such as the steering wheel, shifting lever, or brake pedal, accidents may result. If removing the end of the cord to connect to another cord, be sure to wrap PVC tape or a similar wire insulating method around the connection to insulate it. If the connection is not insulated, fire or accidents may result.




16P 12 11


3 INTERCONNECTING CABLE (Speed pulse, parking, reverse,video, etc) 2 INTERCONNECTING CABLE (Power and speaker connector)
Refer to page 7 for details on the wire colors and connection points for interconnecting cables 3 and 4. Refer to page 8 for details on connection points AA for the main unit cables and G I terminals.
Wire colors and connection points for connection cables
Never connect the power supply to the speaker leads (No.6 and No.7), otherwise it will cause damage to the main unit.


B+ (Yellow)
Connect where power is constantly available, regardless of the ignition key's position.

ACC (Red)

Connect where the power comes on when the ignition is in the ACC position.
Illumination power supply (Orange/White)
Connect to where power comes on when the vehicle light switch is turned on.
Antenna power supply (Blue)
Connect to the automatic-antenna control terminal of the vehicle.
Control power supply (Blue/White)
Connect the control terminal for the external amplifier, etc.
Front speaker output leads
White: Gray: Left + Right + White/black: Gray/Black: Left Right -
Connect to the front speakers.
Rear speaker output leads
Green: Left + Purple: Right + Green/black: Purple/Black: Left Right -
Connect to the rear speakers.

Ground (Black)

Connect where good body grounding is available.
Vehicle speed pulse signal wire (Purple/White)
Connect to the vehicle speed pulse signal terminal.

10 Parking

brake signal wire (Red/White)
Connect to the parking brake signal terminal.

11 Reverse

signal Wire (Green)
Connect the reverse signal output of the vehicle to this terminal.

12 Navi

mute Wire (Brown)
Connect to the NAVI-MUTE terminal of a DCU105 or similar device (sold separately).

13 Cellular

phone mute Wire (Pink)

Connect to the ground output terminal on a mobile phone.

14 H/A

mute Wire (Light Green)
Connect to the DVD-MUTE terminal of a DCU105 or similar device (sold separately).
NAVI-VOICE output terminal
Connect to the NAVI-VOICE input terminal of an external device such as a DCU105 (sold separately).

Digital output terminal

Connect to the digital input terminal of an external device such as a DCU105 (sold separately).

VTR input terminals

Connect the output cable of external video equipment such as a VTR. Yellow : Video signal White : Audio (left) signal Red : Audio (right) signal

VTR output terminals

Connect to the monitor with video input. Yellow : Video signal White : Audio (left) signal Red : Audio (right) signal
Back-eye camera external input terminal (4P)
Used with the Eclipse back-eye camera (sold separately).

E-LAN terminal (13P)

Connect to the E-LAN terminal of the CD changer, etc.

Main unit connections

Front line-out terminal
Connect to the RCA connector of an external amplifier.

Rear line-out terminal

Line-out terminal (Non fader)
This is used for non fader output. It can be used as a sub-woofer terminal if a separate amplifier with a low bass filter is connected.

- Vehicle connections -

You will need to purchase the necessary component adapter cable for the vehicle so that the power supplies can be utilized. (Contact the dealer for further details.) Be sure to wrap the connection cables with plastic tape to insulate them.
- Example of using vehicle adapter cables -

Vehicle harness

Power supplies for combined products

From main unit

Vehicle component adapter cable
Connecting the vehicle speed pulse , par king br ak e , and reverse cab les (wires)

Notes on installation

Check the vehicle speed pulse signal, parking brake signal, and reverse signal carefully before making the connections. If the cables are incorrectly connected, accidents or problems with correct operation may result. The label on the vehicle speed pulse signal cable contains a protection circuit, so do not cut the cable or remove the protective circuit, otherwise problems with operation may result. Bind the cables together with tape so that they do not cause an obstruction while driving. If they become wound or entageled around parts such as the steering wheel, shifting lever, or brake pedal, accidents may result.

The locations where the vehicle speed pulse signal cable, parking brake signal cable, and reverse cable may vary depending on the vehicle model and grade. Ask the car dealer or your nearest Eclipse dealer for details.
- A connecting point for the vehicle speed pulse signal (example) -
Always be sure to connect the vehicle speed pulse, otherwise the measurement precision will be greatly reduced.
Vehicle speed pulse signal cable (vehicle harness) Engine computer
Use a splicing connector to connect the vehicle speed pulse signal cable (purple/white) coming from the main unit to the vehicle speed pulse signal cable of the vehicle. Route the vehicle speed pulse signal cable to the main unit.
Vehicle speed pulse signal cable (purple/white) of connection cable
10 Splicing connector Contains a protective circuit so never remove.

- 10 -

- A connecting the point for parking brake (example) 1
Use a splicing connector to connect the parking brake signal cable (red/white) coming from the main unit to the parking brake signal cable of the vehicle. Route the parking brake signal cable to the main unit.
Hand-operated Parking brake
Attach a splicing connector at this location.
Parking brake Signal Cable
Parking brake signal cable
Foot-operated Parking brake
- A connecting point for the reverse signal (example) -
Be sure to connect the reverse signal cable. If it is not connected, the vehicle position may be incorrect when the vehicle is reversed. Use a circuit tester to confirm that a sensing voltage of 6 V or higher is generated when the vehicle is reversed.
Attach a splicing connector at this location. Reverse lamp
Use a splicing connector to connect the reverse signal cable (green) coming from the main unit to the reverse signal cable of the vehicle. Route the reverse signal cable to the main unit.
Reverse signal cable Reverse signal cable
- Using the splicing connector 1
Insert the connection cable [vehicle speed pulse signal cable (purple/white), parking brake signal cable (red/white), or reverse signal cable (green)] from the main unit and the vehicle cable into the splicing connector. Push in the terminal (the metal part) of the splicing connector using a pair of pliers.
Vehicle speed pulse signal cable (purple/white), parking brake cable, (red/white) or reverse cable (green) Harness in the car
Press down the cover of the splicing connector and squeeze it until it locks.

- 11 -

System connection example
AVN7000 + HDR105 + TVR105 + CH3083

Lig ht Gr ee n Pin k H/A MU TE TE LM UT E


BEC105 (sold separately)
If not connecting a device such as a DCU105 (sold separately), connect the external amplifier or another device to these RCA cables.




d Re llow ite Ye ck /Wh Bla nge ) Ora e ply p Blu Su ) nt ply ne up e ND a S U ) hit rm RO ower (+) Pe /W OG V( (P lue tion 2 T a B C +1 min ly) AC RY pp (Illu TE TO (Su ) AT CH B ly IT AY pp TO EL SW (Su AR HT IT NN LIG UN TE AD CH AN HE EA ER TO OF OW D FRONT P EA TO NL SPEAKERS -O RN TU O T
O DE VI ing AL us RN p) ca TE ENT when ve EX O IPM cap O mo T U e E t re EQ mov l VID T) no Do (re tena MEN N( L ex UIP IO NA CT EQ IG NE ES ON C L AK ) NA BR NO 10 G 1) SIG E page KIN ge 1 SE 1) LS AR pa ER e 1 PU fer to P E O r to EV ag d/ ED e UT Re ite T Refe O R r to p PE (R IM T efe ( E S AL Wh AV CL RMIN N (R n HI ee VE L TE / Gr rple TOIGNA Pu ite S Wh wn Bro
INTERCONNECTING CABLE (Speed pulse, parking, reverse,video, etc)
INTERCONNECTING CABLE (Power and speaker connector)


- 12 -
Install and connect all of the peripheral units before connecting them to the main unit. Do not remove any of the protective caps (RCA, etc.) unless in use. Be sure to wrap the connection cables with tape (PVC tape) to insulate them.
POWER CONNECTOR CABLE (supplied with CH3083)

llow Ye

2V +1 y) RY ppl TE t Su T BA nen TO erma (P CH3083 (sold separately)
DIGITAL OUT (Do not remove cap)
TO (Pe BAT rm TER an en Y+1 t S 2V up ply )

13P 2P

ANTENNA PLUG HDR105 (sold separately)

c Bla k

Ye llow
TO GROUND DIN CABLE (supplied with CH3083) TVR105 (sold separately) INTERCONNECTING CABLE (supplied with TVR105)


) 05 R1 HD
GROUND CABLE (supplied with TVR105)
E BL ith CA d w DIN pplie (su
FR EQ OM (re UIP EXT E m M ex ove EN RNA T ten LV al cap IDE VID wh O EO en us EQ in g UIP ME NT )
d) plie C AC up E O er S T w BL CA (Po ed NG 5) R TI EC R10 ) NN TV 05 R1 CO with LE h TV ER ied AB it llow INT ppl Ye AC dw (su V RC pplie 2 +1 y) (su RY ppl TE Su AT nent B TO erma (P

5P 6P 5P


Bla ck

ANTENNA SELECTOR (supplied with TVR105)
TV ANTENNA (supplied with TVR105) TV ANTENNA (supplied with TVR105)

- 13 -

AVN7000 + DCU105 + HDR105 + TVR105 + CH3083


ly) pp Su nt ne a rm Pe V( 12 Y+ ER TT BA
These speaker cables are not used when connecting an external amplifier. If not using an external amplifier, connect the front and rear speakers using these speaker cables.
DCU105 (sold separately) 16P
INTERCONNECTING CABLE (supplied with DCU105) MICROPHONE (supplied with DCU105)
20P INTERCONNECTING CABLE (supplied with DCU105)
L NA ER XT E T hen OM FR DEO MEN p w I IP e ca al V U EQ mov xten (re ing e T) us DEO MEN I IP V U EQ
12P TO (re EXT m ex ove ERN ten A al cap L M MO wh O NIT en NIT OR usin OR g )

Lig ht Gr ee n Pin k

EO VID E BL CA NG 5) TI 0 EC U1 NN DC CO with ER d INT pplie (su


13P BEC105 (sold separately) DIN CABLE (supplied with DCU105)
p) ca ve mo UT re ot TP d on OU plie (D L up EO 20P N NA (s IO VID LE SIG CT AB NE KE N A AC L BR CO T ) RC G 1) NA 10 PU NO IG KIN ge 1 ge UT E E S 1) AR pa IO LS to pa P to V RS 1 PU r TO efer NA VE age ED efe d/ R RE to p PE (R Re ite ( UT TO efer E S INAL L P Wh UT HIC RM n (R 16P VE L TE ee LO E Gr VIDEO ITA le/ TO GNA UT rp IM SI DIG INTPUT Pu ite AV N Wh wn Bro d Re ) 05 U1 DC h wit
) 05 U1 DC LE ith AB d w A C plie RC (sup
NO (D CO o n NN ot rem ECT ov ION ec ap )

llow Ye ck Bla

/W ) nge ply up Ora ) tS ply en up an ND r S ) e rm OU we e +) Pe Blu hit GR (Po n( V( TO CC 12 atio e/W ) A Y+ Blu min ply p ER TO Illu Su TT H( Y( BA ly) ITC LA pp TO RE SW Su Th A T T( H e NN NI IG wh se sp TE HU DL e ea AN AC EA se n co ke H ER pa rc FE nn W O TO rat ab e PO l ely ctin AD g a es a ). LE TO DC re n ON ot NU1 R us 05 TU (so ed TO ld

- 14 -

- Speaker connection examples For a front 3-way speaker system
To center speaker (with amplifier) or external amplifier To external amplifier To external amplifier
For a front 1-way speaker system
To center speaker (with amplifier) or external amplifier To external amplifier
To external anplifier To external amplifier To sub woofer (with amplifier) or external amplifier To external amplifier

To sub woofer (with amplifier) or external amplifier
See DCU 105 owners manual for details.
V 12 Y+ ply) ER up TT ent S BA n TO erma CH3083 (P (sold separately)
INTERCONNECTING CABLE TO (supplied with HDR105) (Pe BAT rm TER an en Y+1 t S 2V up ply Ye ) llow
TO GROUND DIN CABLE (supplied with CH3083) TVR105 (sold separately)
5) 10 DR E BL ith H CA d w DIN pplie (su
FR EQ OM (re UIP EXT E m M ex ove EN RNA T ten LV al cap IDE VID wh O EO en us EQ in UIP g ME NT )
d) plie C AC r Sup E TO we BL CA (Po ed G ) R IN CT 105 ) NE VR 05 ON ith T R1 RC w E TV llow TE lied BL ith Ye IN pp CA w su IN plied ( P p 2V (su +1 y) RY ppl TE t Su T BA nen TO erma (P

- 15 -

Installing the GPS antenna
The cables should be bound together with tape or a similar securing method (example: wire ties) so that they do not interfere with driving. If it becomes wound or entangled around parts such as the steering wheel, shifting lever, or brake pedal, accidents may result. Do not install the GPS antenna where it will obstruct the driver's vision or where it will be an obstacle while driving, otherwise traffic accidents may result.
If the vehicle glass is a special type of glass such as heat-reflective glass or bullet-proof glass, be sure to install the GPS antenna outside of the vehicle. If the GPS antenna is installed inside of the vehicle, the reception sensitivity will severely drop and will affect the accuracy of the position measurement. If installing the GPS antenna inside the vehicle, be sure it is mounted to the ground plate. If installing the GPS antenna inside the vehicle, the location and the slope of the vehicle's windshield will determine the accuracy of the GPS antenna to receive the GPS signal. If the GPS antenna location inside the vehicle is hindering the accuracy of the GPS antenna, then you may want to install the antenna outside of the vehicle. The materials used in front and rear vehicle windows can cause GPS reception sensitivity to drop significantly. If this happens, install the GPS antenna on the outside of the vehicle. If the attachment surface is a non-plastic surface such as genuine leather, wood panel, or cloth, attaching the antenna may damage the surface finish. Do not attach the ground plate to such surfaces. Wipe the installation surface thoroughly so that it is clear of any dirt, moisture, or grease before installing the antenna. Do not apply any coatings to the GPS antenna, otherwise it may cause a drop in the reception sensitivity of the antenna. Route the GPS antenna cable as far away as possible from TV and radio antennas, and cables, otherwise, it may cause interference with video and audio signals. Do not install the antenna in places (such as front pillars and roof panel) that are shielded from the sky. The GPS antenna should be installed in a level position where the signals will be as unobstructed as much as possible, such as on the vehicle's roof. Satellite signals cannot be received if the antenna is obscured or obstructed. If installing the GPS antenna outside the vehicle, remove the main antenna unit if leaving the vehicle unattended for long periods in order to prevent theft or malicious damage to the antenna. Hold the main antenna unit when removing the antenna. Do not pull on the cable, otherwise it may become damaged and result in problems with correct operation. If installing the GPS antenna outside the vehicle, remove the main antenna unit when washing the vehicle. (If you wash the vehicle with the main antenna unit still attached, avoid spraying the cable section directly with water so that no water gets inside the vehicle.) The magnet that is attached to the GPS antenna is extremely strong. Be sure to note the following when installing the antenna. Do not put the antenna down on the ground or on dirty or dusty surfaces. If iron filings become attached to the magnet, they may cause damage to the vehicle's body. Keep the antenna away from watches and magnetic cards, otherwise they may be damaged and/or rendered unusable.

- 16 -

- Installation inside the vehicle (example) 1
Choose an installation location on the dashboard which is flat and has a clear view of the sky.
Select a location that is at least 20 in. away from the main unit. If this is not done, the GPS measurement precision will drop. Be sure to use the ground plate when installing the GPS antenna. If the ground plate is not used, the reception sensitivity will drop and will affect the accuracy of the position measurement.
16 Ground plate 14 GPS antenna
Install the ground plate to the dashboard. Install the GPS antenna to the ground plate.

Front of vehicle

If installing the GPS antenna inside the vehicle, the installation location and the shape of the vehicle's body will determine GPS accuracy. Accuracy is usually lower when the GPS antenna is installed inside the vehicle.
Secure the GPS antenna cable with clamps. Route the GPS antenna cable along the crevice between the front windshield and the dashboard.

Tape 14 GPS antenna

If the GPS antenna cable protrudes from the dashboard, wind tape around it so that it stays securely fixed in the crevice between the front windshield and the dashboard.

14 GPS antenna cable

Route the GPS antenna to the main unit's installation location.
Cut the harness affixing tape into usable lengths with scissors. Do the same for the rest of the installation.

- 17 -

- Installation outside the vehicle (example) 1 2
Choose an installation location where the GPS antenna can be attached securely. Remove the backing paper from the body protective sheet and attach the sheet to the vehicle. Install the GPS antenna on top of the body protective sheet.
14 GPS antenna 17 Body protective sheet (clear)
Route the GPS antenna cable inside the vehicle's trunk and secure it with clamps. Attach the waterproof cushion so that the GPS antenna cable is flat against the weatherstrip when the trunk lid is closed.
To aid in sliding the waterproof cushion in finding the desired mounting location, apply plain or soapy water to the waterproof cushion.
Front of vehicle 20 Harness affixing tape


Route the GPS antenna cable while securing it with cable ties. Route the GPS antenna cable to the main unit while securing it with harness affixing tape.

Route to main unit

- 18 -

Installing the main unit

- Installation angle -
To maintain proper function, the unit must be mounted less than 30 degrees. If the angle is in excess of 30 degrees, DVD/CD skipping and improper DVD/CD and Memory Stick ejection may occur.

30 or less Level (reference)
- Installation preparation-
In the event that the main unit requires shipping, reattach the caution label to help prevent potential damage that may be caused by shipping.

Caution Caution label

Before the main unit installation, be sure to remove the caution label.
- Mounting the main unit (If installing the main unit using the mounting sleeve)-
Connect all cables before installing the main unit.
Dashboard or console box Bend the mounting tabs.
Insert the mounting sleeve into the opening in the vehicle dashboard or console box. Use a screwdriver or a similar tool to bend the tabs in the mounting sleeve to secure the mounting sleeve. Attach the side brackets to the main unit using flathead screws.
11 Flat head screws (M4 x 6) x 2
Be sure to use the supplied accessory mounting screws (M4 x 6) as the mounting screws. If any other screws are used, they may damage the inside of the unit.
1 Main unit example Main unit Front of vehicle 1 Side brackets example 2 Main unit Front of vehicle
Screw position Side brackets

- 19 -

By adjusting the positions of the brackets, the main unit's installed depth can be adjusted.
Insert the main unit into the mounting sleeve until it locks in place. Fasten the rear of the main unit. Install the bezel on the main unit.
Metal of vehicle Dashboard or console box
7 Mounting sleeve 6 Bezel
-Mounting the main unit (If installing the main unit using the side brackets of the vehicle)-
Center cluster panel Pocket, etc
Remove the pocket and any other accessories from the center cluster to make room for the main unit. Remove the mounting brackets for the pocket.

Mounting bolts

Attach the brackets to the main unit.
Be sure to use the supplied accessory mounting screws (M4 x 5) as the mounting screws. If any other screws are used, they may damage the inside of the unit.
If using these installation holes, be sure to use the 13 Pan screw with washer (Blue:M4 x 3). 12 (M4 x 5) x 4

Install the main unit in the vehicle.
Main unit Screws x 2 Pocket Mounting bracket
Be careful not to forcefully push on the main unit's display or buttons during installation. This may result in damage to the main unit.

example Main unit

example Main unit Front of vehicle

Screw position

ECLIPSE is a registered trademark of FUJITSU TEN LIMITED in 48 countries including the U.S. and Japan. - 20 090003-28540700 0508DE (CN)


AVN7000 Brochure

In a class all its own.


Emphasizing the ease of use that distinguishes ECLIPSE products, the attractive interface reduces the number of controls, intelligently assigning all operations to a few for easier, intuitive operation for any navigation or audio/visual task.


Only ECLIPSE offers the internet-accessible E-iSERV that provides the most comprehensive user customization and tweaking options for a specific system without the need for test equipment and professional expertise.


For uncompromised navigation and entertainment performance, the AVN7000 incorporates the Ultima Engine for sophisticated navigation with highspeed graphics processing. The optional DCU105 5.1ch. Decoder/AV Matrix Unit allows any program source to be enjoyed in surround sound.
Introducing a system that delivers audio, visual and navigation in an elegant all-in-one design. It integrates easily into any cars interiorthere is simply no other product like it.


HDD Navigation System with 7 Wide TFT Display and DVD/MS Multi-Source Receiver
AVN is the innovative ECLIPSE concept that integrates audio, visual and navigation into a clean, stylish design that graces any car interior.
Integrating elegantly into the center console to enhance a cars interior.


Ultima Engine 20GB 1.8 HDD 7 wide TFT display with touch control over 32,000 map colors approx. 20,000 landmarks approx. 4 million POIs
Multiple search modes Split screen displays Map scale from 150 feet to 250 miles Voice announcements and guidance Time zones (7 areas)
Advanced navigation with outstanding ease of use.
The AVN7000 is the culmination of ECLIPSEs advanced mobile technologies that conquer space limitations to offer extraordinary navigation performance. Featuring the Ultima Engine for increased speed and navigation-related task processing as well as upgraded navigational features, the AVN7000 shows just how much is possible in mobile navigation today.


CD/CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW Dual zone operation MOSFET 50W x 4 5.1 ch. surround sound (with DCU105) E-iSERV connectivity (with DCU105) Dual color illumination TV Tuner-ready SIRIUS Satellite Radio-ready
4 Memory Stick Duo FM/AM tuner Advanced 24-bit DAC High-performance DSP: Parametric equalizer Time alignment Crossover Listening Position Selector 5V preamp output (with DCU105) CD Changer-ready (2 units) HD Radio-ready
Comprehensive features that enhance any audio and visual entertainment.
Having a hard disk allows the AVN7000 to handle navigation tasks as well as entertainment such as DVD-Video and CD to be ongoing at the same time without any interruption. Offering 5.1ch. surround sound (with DCU105) for surround-encoded program material as well as upmixing two channel material, the AVN7000 offers the most from any program source. Utilizing audiophile grade circuits and components, audio and visual performances are simply stunning.

The technology inside

ECLIPSE managed to fit all the technology to handle navigation and entertainment into a one-DIN enclosure without compromising performance.
Space-saving construction techniques
Circuit board construction utilizes advanced modules comprised of DAC, memory and flash memory integrated circuits that make it possible to downsize the circuit boards, which in turn help achieve the ultra space-efficient one-DIN unit configuration of the AVN7000.

20GB 1.8 HDD

Using 1.8 HDD instead of a 2.5 HDD helped maintain the compact, ultra-efficient design, taking up 30% less valuable real estate.

Ultima Engine

MS Duo Slot

Detachable Front Panel

Sub display

7 wide TFT display

Proximity layout
Important circuit components such as the DAC and MOSFET devices are closely positioned next to the output terminals for the most effective signal transmission and to cancel any potential noise pickup. This adds up to delivering better audio performance.
Design accents Chrome and silver style highlights
The stylish silver strip accents the pushbuttons on the side while the control knob and other buttons are finished in chrome for an elegant touch of contrast with the piano-black finish of the unit.

Brilliant mirror coating

Adding a style-conscious design accent is a special mirror finish that allows the units precision-cut edges to attractively refract light in brilliant colors.



Dual color illumination

To suit user preferences and car interiors, the switches offer a choice of color illumination.
The culminating effect of all these efforts allows the AVN7000 to be free from noise and provide a performance that impresses.
This computing engine combines navigation and graphics processing integrated chips in one monolithic configuration for accelerated data processing.

Over 32,000 map colors

The Ultima Navigation Engine allows many more colors to be simultaneously used without jaggies and greater resolution.

Screen translucency

On-screen information now floats above a map display so its easier to see and less distracting.
Offering the most convenient ways to find your destination.


Define search area Freeway search
Simplifies highway travel.
Just input the name of a freeway and the entrance/exit you want.
Conveniently focuses on a general region for more efficient searching.
All searching starts with selecting the general area the destination is in.

Quick Access Points

5 buttons can be preset to any desired destination for instant recall.

Coordinates search

Searches by latitude and longitude.

Home search

This always guides the car home, no matter where it is.
Once a home address is registered, it is easy to return from anywhere.

Address search

An address is all that is needed.

POI Name

Convenient presets for general inquiries save time.

POI Category

Making it simple to find locations.

Map search

No more wasting time looking for a map.
Input a street name and number will initiate a search.
For a particular type of location such as a mall, restaurant or other, AVN7000 brings up listings. Touch one and see more details.
Shows all the closest-to-get-to POIs from the cars current location.
Another easy method is to directly access a map of the search area and zoom in or out as desired.

City search

A speed search that can be activated by city or nearby vicinity.

Memory Points

Presets for instant accessing a location.

Previous Points

Where the car has been.

Phone Number

Alternately, a telephone number will result in a search.
Offers a route to the input citys central area. Up to 5 favorite cities can be conveniently grouped together. A 20 mile vicinity of the city can also be shown. 6
100 useful locations are preset for quickly scrolling through and selecting. Favorite locations can have sound tags assigned even with directivity.
Conveniently, the last 100 locations can be instantly displayed for selecting.

If only the phone number is known, the address corresponding to the telephone number will be shown.


Always a useful selection of routes for the user to choose from.

Route preference

3 routes
Preset travel method preferences such as expressways and toll roads are factored into the routes the user can choose from.
Instantly sets 3. For any destination, a choice of Quick 1, Quick 2 and Short routes to suit personal preferences adds flexibility.

Enroute stopping points

Choose when and where to take breaks.


Fast Food

5 Hotel

Gas station
Before the final destination, any 5 locations can be programmed into the route such as a supermarket, gas station, and ATM.

3 Bank (ATM)

4 Supermarket


Program locations prone to problems.

Route preview

area to avoid
Now it is easy to avoid up to 10 chronically congested and problem areas. Simply select an onscreen area, drag to resize it up or down as desired and the best detours are presented.
Any selected route can be conveniently previewed in its entirety to get familiarized with it.


Comprehensive help features make driving enjoyable.
Voice announcements and guidance

No more missed turns.

Next right.
In a 1/4 of a mile, right turn.
For stress-free driving, the AVN7000 advises upcoming turns and will continue to warn as the turn approaches. Other guidance for curves and driving lanes will also be announced.

In 1 mile, right turn.

Music cuts off at the front left speaker and the navigation voice message is heard.

Intersection zooming

Display zooms up just when needed.
Map and positional updating
Constant tracking maintains accurate position.

Freeway assistance

Entrance displays.
Guidance is provided when approaching a freeway entrance with the entrance name also displayed.

Freeway interchanges

The AVN7000 constantly tracks the car even where it cannot receive satellite signals. A gyro sensor and auto speed pulse help correlate the cars travel with the onscreen map so that cars position is always accurate.

Auto rerouting

Display automatically splits as an intersection is approached. When approaching an intersection where a turn is required, the display automatically splits into two screens to show a more close-up view with details such as landmarks.
Instant response ensures no wasted time.
Wrong turns and missed streets are no longer a problem because the AVN7000 instantly reroutes to put the user right back on track.

New route Original route

Untangling the most complex interchanges is easy with the 3D views and correct lane views the AVN7000 displays.

Exit displays

No more worries about missing the right exit because it is shown in a 3D view along with name and other useful information. 8


display features
Gas stations, restaurants, ATMs and other useful locations show up onscreen as POI displays, each category distinguishable by a unique icon. Press an icon and more information about that location will be displayed.
Making navigation easier than ever.
POI displays (approx. 4 million points)
POI genres simultaneously onscreen: 5

Total landmarks: 22,767

For recognizing destinations and navigation points quicker and easier, the AVN7000 has created convenient categories.
Information regarding a POI also appears on the display.
Driving distance and arrival time displays
Useful information regarding distance to the destination as well as the estimated time of arrival can be seen.

Split screen function

Time zones

Versatile zooming

Map scale can be quickly controlled by shifting magnification values. Seamless zooming is broader, covering 150 feet to 250 miles for maximum flexibility. This convenient function can be activated as desired to combine zoom in and out displays, maps of different scales and other combinations of various modes as desired. When traveling across time zones, the AVN7000 automatically adjusts the time correctly.
Smooth multi-directional scrolling

150 feet

Mapping coverage

250 miles

Just a light fingertip touch is all that is needed on the touch control screen for the map to scroll by smoothly and accurately following the fingertip.
Navigation database now includes Hawaii and Canada (partial).
Transport yourself into a theater environment.
DCU105 Audio Video Matrix
ECLIPSE designed the powerful Audio Video Matrix unit that can be used with various ECLIPSE products. Because it is a dedicated unit, the addition of the DCU105 elevates the performance of unit it is connected to significantly for audio as well as video. It offers system control and response that would ordinarily require technicians and test equipment to achieve. It also offers many advanced system expansion choices for audio as well as video. Dolby Digital 5.1 ch. dts 5.1 ch. Dolby Pro Logic II E-iSERV connectivity Time Alignment Pro Crossover Pro Parametric EQ Pro AV Matrix Selector 5V preamp output MOSFET 50W x 4
Dimensions (W H D) 6-15/16 1-7/16 6-5/36.5 160mm


5.1ch. Decoder/AV Matrix Unit
24-bit DSP for audio processing (Parametric EQ, Time Alignment, Crossover, etc.) handles all audio tasks and offers comprehensive parameters for customizing audio to user preferences. Digital inputs

for coaxial and optical signals allow easy interfacing.
Multi-function 24-bit Dolby decoder
The multi-function 24-bit Dolby decoder incorporates Dolby Digital 5.1ch. and dts 5.1ch. functions as well as Dolby Pro Logic II.
Gold-plated RCA pin connectors

AV Matrix IC

Advanced 24-bit DAC
Versatility increases entertainment value.
When the AVN7000 is used with the DCU105, different program sources can be viewed simultaneously for dual zone operation. With navigation on in front, DVD-Video can be playing for one rear passenger while another can DVD watch video playback from a video camera or play a game. Player The same DVD-Video can be enjoyed in the front and rear (VTR1) with the other passenger enjoying another program Video source. The optional TV Tuner can also be added. Camera


DVD Player
Input Input Output Output


(VTR2) Input Output Output

Monitor 1

Monitor 2
High-end performance comparable to dedicated components.
AVN7000 + DCU105Precision tonal contouring for accurate sound.
Normal Mode Perform easy audio customization using the AVN7000 by itself.

7-band Parametric EQ

Parametric EQ Pro
The professional EQ method for tuning a systems frequency response because of its absolute versatility and precision control. It smoothes out system response, eliminating troublesome frequency peaks and dips.
Test microphone picks up the systems frequency response.
Each vehicle type has its own acoustic environment. System frequency response is precisely adjusted manually for an ideal flat frequency response.
To suit preferences and music genres, up to five sets of user-configured PEQ settings can be preset and stored in memory for instant recall.
Simpler parametric equalization function can adjust the Q, i.e. bandwidth, of each of the 7 center frequencies from wide to narrow in 3 steps.
AVN7000 + DCU105Optimizing for the best audio performance.

Time Alignment

Time Alignment Pro
If sound from all the speakers arrives at the ears simultaneously, it is more natural sounding. Time delay can be adjusted to achieve identical arrival times.

Front 1-way example

Front 3-way example
Sound from speakers in different locations arrive at the listeners ears at all different times.Speakers are electronically processed with varying time delays to ensure all the sound is heard at the same time no matter how the speakers are positioned.
Fullrange speakers can be time-aligned automatically with the AUTO setting. One single push is all that's needed for the whole process.
Complex to perform manually, optimal delay settings can be adjusted automatically for the various speakers in the system for true time alignment. For experienced users, more tweaking is possible in the manual mode.
A simpler time alignment performed by selecting the car type and speaker positions, then adjusting each speaker level. Delay parameters are then adjusted for a time-aligned response.
AVN7000 + DCU105Wide-bandwidth, perfectly balanced sound.


Crossover Pro
Multiple speakers are necessary for wide bandwidth sound since each speaker covers a limited frequency range. A speaker must smoothly crossover to the next speaker, making the overall system sound as if it was coming from a single source.
Discontinuities between speaker units can be heard.
Integrating the sound from different speakers into an organic, whole sound thats more natural and lifelike.
Adjusting a crossover points frequency, rolloff using slopes from bandpass to 6/12/18/24dB/octave and level settings.
The crossover point for the subwoofer response can be switched in/out of phase to blend better with the rest of the speaker system.
Enables optimal listening.
Listening Position Selector
This function compensates for any seating position, optimizing system response for that position as if it was in the perfect sweet spot for listening as in a home audio system.
For adjusting the overall system-wide balance.

Fader and Balance

Easy directional controls and a visual indicator make it easy to set system-wide balance in any direction to suit user preferences.
E-iSERV (AVN7000 + DCU105)
This is where E-iSERV starts!

ECLIPSE allows users to access the E-iSERV server online and optimize the system response for a specific vehicle and allow precise audio customization over parameters.
Pink noise is fed into the system and the systems test microphone measures the response. The response is downloaded to a Memory Stick Duo.
E-iSERV is accessed with a PC and the data on the MS is input into E-iSERV.
When the MS Duo is again inserted into the AVN7000, the new settings result in an ideal system response.


Parametric EQ
E-iSERV examines all available data and automatically creates an optimum parametric EQ setting which is again downloaded onto the MS Duo. E-iSERV makes it possible to achieve that same high level of audio customization for Time Alignment and Crossover settings. Together, the E-iSERV-optimized settings allow a user to enjoy a customized overall response.

Twin Security System

Detachable front panel
With the engine switched off, ESN can be activated to deter AVN7000 tampering and flashes as a deterrent warning ESN is operating. A Memory Stick Duo can be designated to function as a locking device and is used to unlock the unit.

Insert MS or


Security off

The front panel detaches and is compact enough to be very portable, allowing users another level of security and deterrence.

ACC ON Input User Code

Other customization features


This function allows changing the default image as well as selecting custom images.
Image input from Memory Stick
Direct image data reading from DCIM folder.
Full-featured entertainment technology that satisfies.
Whatever you choose to make driving more enjoyable, music or video, the AVN7000 offers the specialized functions and features that make sure you get the best performance.

MP3 and WMA files

All the convenience of digital music files can be enjoyed with the AVN7000. A Multi-Harmonizer function makes sure these files always sound their best by restoring harmonic data lost during the encoding process.

Versatile 7 wide display

Responsive to a fingertip touch, the sharp TFT display provides high resolution viewing optimized for navigation as well as DVD-Video. For entertainment viewing, the aspect ratio can be switched to any of four settings as desired.

FM/AM tuner

ECLIPSEs long-proven tuner section provides outstanding performance for terrestrial broadcasting sources with excellent reception even in problem areas.

DVD/CD player

ECLIPSEs DVD/CD-compatible mechanism is optimized for the mobile environment, featuring rugged construction, extensive damping and a large memory buffer along with precision tracking. With the addition of the DCU105 AV Matrix, DVD enjoyment becomes genuine theater quality with 5.1ch. surround sound. Even non-multichannel programs and CDs can be upmixed for 5.1ch. surround sound.

Optional TV tuner

The TVR105 is available for enjoying all terrestrial television broadcasting channels, featuring excellent reception. The clarity of the display and excellent sound of the AVN7000 make in-car TV watching highly enjoyable.

Rear monitor-ready

The AVN7000 can handle the demands of providing different program material so that adding rear monitors becomes a worthwhile option for offering more entertainment for everybody in the vehicle.

DVD dual play

While radio broadcasting or music from connected external sources such as a CD changer or memory stick can be enjoyed on the AVN7000 with sound from all speakers, the AVN7000 can also be playing a DVD-Video for rear seat passengers who can listen to it through headphones connected to the rear displays.
Options that increase AVN7000 enjoyment.
Watch your favorite programs. Create a mobile music library. Take the hassle out of backing up.

CH3083 TVR105

TV Tuner Unit 8-Disc CD Changer with Magazine Unit


Rear View Camera
Simply add the TVR105 to be able to watch all terrestrial TV broadcasts.
Dimensions (W H D) 5-15/16 1-3/16 4-3/30 105.2mm

CD Changer-ready

Functioning as an immense mobile jukebox with storage for 8 CDs, the CH3083 is ideal for increasing music content as it is also compatible with CD-R/RW discs.

Rear view camera-ready

The BEC105 optional rear camera can be connected to the AVN units to facilitate parking.
More convenience at hand.
Get the most from terrestrial broadcasting.
Enjoy the immense content satellite radio provides.


ECLIPSE COMPATIBLE SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO TUNER Dimensions (W H D) 4-15/16 1-7/16 4-3/35 105mm


Wireless Remote


HD Radio Tuner Unit Dimensions (W H D) 6-15/16 1-7/16 6-5/36.5 160mm

Remote control-ready

Optional new ergonomic design remote enhances operation. 14

Features List

Media HDD DVD CD Memory Stick Duo Navigation Navi Device HDD Navigation Ultima Engine Displaying Display Map colors Split screen Street name Point-of-Interest (POI) Landmark Operation Touch panel control Searching Address search POI Name POI Category Emergency search Memory search Previous search Map search Intersection search Freeway search (ENTER/EXIT) Coordinates search Telephone number search Home search Quick access point search Routing 3 routes information Detours Enroute stopping points Route preview Assistance Voice announcement Voice announce switch L/R Voice announce volume control Intersection zooming Freeway guidance Auto rerouting Estimated arrival time Entertainment Preset wallpaper (still images/moving images) Pic-CLIP Welcome screen Security ECLIPSE Security Network Detachable front panel Other Select User 1.8 20GB

G*1 G*2

G G 7 EGA 32,768 colors G G 3,999,442 points 22,767 points G G G G Hospital/Police 100 points 100 points G G G G G G 5 points G 10 areas 5 points G English/French G 8 steps G G G G 5 patterns/5 patterns 100 images*3 G G G 3 persons
AUDIO DVD DVD-Video DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW *4 Dolby Digital 5.1ch. dts 5.1ch. Dolby Pro Logic II CD CD CD-R/RW MP3 WMA MS ATRAC3 Audio function Time Alignment

AVN7000 only

DCU105 connected Front-1 way system Front-3 way system G (Single/Dual Layer) G (Single/Dual Layer)
G G G G G G G G (Magic Gate Memory Stick Duo)

Parametric EQ Crossover

Car type: 6 types, Speaker position: Tweeter Rear SP 7 bands G
Front (L/R), Rear (L/R), Center, Subwoofer
F-Hi (L/R), F-Mid (L/R), F-ML (L/R), R (L/R), Center, Subwoofer F-Hi (HPF), F-Mid (HPF/LPF), F-ML (HPF/LPF), R (HPF), SW (LPF)
F/R/C: independent 5 bands, SW: 1 band F (HPF)/R (HPF)/ C (HPF)/SW (LPF)
Multi-Harmonizer Listening Position selector Non Fader Level/Phase control Woofer output E-iSERV Connectivity Audio device MOSFET amplifier Advanced 24-Bit DAC Pre Amp Output AV Output AV Input Digital Output (Coaxial) Digital Input (Coaxial) Digital Input (Optical) ANALOGUE RADIO TUNER FM AM OPTIONAL HD radio-ready SIRIUS radio-ready CD Changer-ready Rear View Camera-ready TV-Tuner ready Rear Monitor Input External device Input

*1 *2 *3 *4

MP3/WMA/ATRAC3 FR, FL, F, R, OFF G Stereo/Mono Audio customize 50W 4 G Front/Rear/Center/Subwoofer, 5V 2 pairs 2 pairs G G G FM1: 6, FM2: 6, FM3: 6 AM: 6 G G 2 (daisy chain) G G

F/R/NF, 2V 1 pair 1 pair

Ripping not available Memory Stick Duo is sold separately and compatible with 128MB or under. 100 images can be stored. (each image should be below 2 MB in MS Duo. Only JPEG files are available Please refer to Note and Precautions.


NAME GENERAL Power output RMS power output* Dimensions (W H D) Weight DISPLAY Display Resolution Screen aspect ratio FM TUNER Frequency range Usable sensitivity AVN7000
* Meets CEA2006 guidelines
50W 4 (MAX) 13W 4 (1kHz, 1%THD 4 ) 6-1/2 (165mm) 2.3kg 7 wide (16:9), low-glare panel 336,960 dots (3) 4 types 87.75 107.9MHz (200kHz step) 19dBf (98.1MHz)
AM TUNER Frequency range Usable sensitivity CD SECTION Frequency response Total harmonic distortion MS SECTION Frequency response Total harmonic distortion EQUALIZER SECTION Parametric equalizer HDD SECTION Operating temperature range Storage temperature range
530 1.710kHz (10kHz step) 22V 20 20,000Hz 3dB 0.04% (0dB 1kHz) 20 20,000Hz 3dB 0.04% (0dB 1kHz) 63Hz 16kHz (25 points) 10dB 10 65C 40 85C

Notes and Precautions

Product safety notice To ensure the safe operation of ECLIPSE products, please read the owners manuals carefully prior to using. ECLIPSE is not responsible for any accident or damage due to improper installation, connections or products modified in any way. Warning All products are intended for DC 12-Volt operation in negative grounded vehicles only. Never use them in 24-Volt vehicles such as heavy trucks or diesel cars with cold-region specification, aircraft or marine environments unless specifically rated to handle these conditions. Do not adjust controls while driving. To adjust the controls, stop the car in a safe location. Caution Installation of products requires experience and knowledge. Ask your ECLIPSE retailer for proper installation. ECLIPSE cannot guarantee that every product it manufactures will be able to be installed in every vehicle model or make. To be sure, please consult your ECLIPSE retailer. In some cases due to installation-related considerations, additional connecting cables may need to be purchased for an ECLIPSE product. The rear view camera is a parking aid. It must be used only to supplement your vehicle's side view and rearview mirrors. It is not a substitute for mirrors and careful driving. Do not remove the HDD from the head unit. ECLIPSE is not responsible for any loss of data, damage or malfunction to the disk drive mechanism resulting from unauthorized removal or tampering with the HDD. Please be sure to follow instructions provided in the installation manual for correct procedures as incorrect installatiion may affect driving-related operation and/or airbag operation. Please make sure only the official parts supplied with the unit are used. Do not substitute other parts as it may affect operation or compromise unit build integrity. Optimal MP3 and WMA file reproduction quality depends greatly on the original encoding process. Depending on the original encoding, files may sometimes not play back properly. The ECLIPSE navigation system requires its dedicated database for optimal performance. Do not insert other database DVDs that may cause the unit to malfunction or not respond. General Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation as ECLIPSE reserves the right to constantly seek to improve its products. Due to characteristics and properties of various photography and printing processes, the color(s) of the actual product may slightly differ from those shown on these pages. Some screen images shown are simulated. Some graphic examples of ECLIPSE Web services may be from pre-release software and could vary slightly from the final version. Licensing and Trademarks AVN is a registered trademark of FUJITSU TEN LIMITED. Dolby, Pro Logic and the double D symbol 2 are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories and the Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. dts and dts Digital Out is a trademark of Digital Theater System, Inc. HD Radio is a trademark of iBiquity Digital Corporation. SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO is a trademark of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. Memory Stick is a registered trademark of Sony Corp. Magic Gate is a registered trademark of Sony Corp. Others Some recent audio discs may resemble conventional music CDs but are technically not Compact Discs (CD Red Book format) because of the copy protection technology employed. ECLIPSE cannot guarantee operation and performance if these discs are used. DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW playback is possible only for discs formatted for video mode. VR (Video Recording) mode-recorded discs and discs not finalized will not play in the unit. Some PC-authored discs may not play due to software application settings during authoring. DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and CD-R/RW playback quality may be affected by disk surface condition and disc format initialization process. DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD and CD-R/RW discs may not operate perfectly on unit due to disc imperfections. DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD and CD-R/RW disc performance may suffer if a disc exhibits excessive wear, dirt and scratching ATRAC3 is an efficient compression codec for digital music files, allowing files to take up just 1/10 their uncompressed size without degrading audio quality. Playback of song data is only possible on Magic Gatecompatible memory stick devices. Memory Sticks up to 128MB can be used. Initialization must be executed with Windows 2000 or later. ECLIPSE is not responsible for any data loss on a Memory Stick or HDD due to unit failure or malfunction. Recorded using ATRAC3 compression, an effective compression codec with minimal negative effect on sound quality. Song storage can be less than the representative number of song files depending on each song's bit rate and sampling frequency. Operation notes DVD-Video compatible units are only compatible with NTSC standards and Region-1 DVD-Video discs. DVD-Video is disabled when the vehicle is in motion. Inserting a DVD-Video will only allow the audio to be heard. The Global Positioning System or GPS was developed in the United States. It is a system that pinpoints a current position making use precisely of radio waves transmitted to earth from 3 or 4 GPS satellites. GPS data can sometimes be unavailable due to circumstances such as: Interrupted GPS satellite radio waves because of geographical interference factors such as buildings, tunnels, elevated roads and similar conditions. Unsatisfactory reception due to objects being on or in the near vicinity of the GPS antenna. Interrupted transmission service may sometimes result from periodic maintenance or upgrades being performed by the US-based GPS tracking control system. Transmission can be interrupted or degraded when a digital cellular operating on a 1.5GHz frequency rate is being used in the vicinity of the GPS-enabled unit. AVN-specific AVN7000 map data compiled as of October 2004. Do not follow a navigation route if it could place you in an illegal, unsafe, or dangerous situation. Navigation controls cannot be operated in a moving vehicle. Please do keep in mind however that since emergency service providers sometimes change locations and services, a phone call should be made first to verify current availability before proceeding to the destination.


Contact: FUJITSU TEN CORP. OF AMERICA 19600 So. Vermont Avenue, Torrance, CA 90502 Call: 1-800-55-ECLIPSE (Dealer Locator) 1-800-233-2216 (Information)



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