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Steering crown with pin Ring nut Washer Nut Screw (M8x40 mm) Steering head Hub Screw (M8x35 mm) Screw (M8x30 mm) Guard L.H. Guard L.H. (col.code E) Guard L.H. (col.code B-G) Guard R.H. Guard R.H. (col.code E) Guard R.H. (col.code B-G) Screw Bushing Ring Screw Nut R.H. fork leg assy Pumping element R Comp. stem holder Pipe Cup Seal ring Seal ring Dust scraper Bush Plug Split washer O-Ring Ring
Socle de direction avec pivot Embout Rondelle Ecrou Vis (M8x40 mm) Tte direction Moyeau Vis (M8x35 mm) Vis (M8x30 mm) Protection D. Protection D. (code col. E) Protection D. (code col. B-G) Protection G. Protection G. (code col. E) Protection G. (code col. B-G) Vis Douille Bague Vis Ecrou Fourche complete D. Element de pompage D Porte-tige compl. Tuyau Cuvette Bague d'tanchit Bague d'tanchit Racloir poudre Douille Bouchon Demi-rondelle Bague OR Bague
Gabelbrcke mit Bolzen Nutmutter Scheibe Mutter Schraube (M8x40 mm) Lenkkopf Radnabe Schraube (M8x35 mm) Schraube (M8x30 mm) Schutz L. Schutz L. (Code Farbe E) Schutz L. (Code Farbe B-G) Schutz R. Schutz R. (Code Farbe E) Schutz R. (Code Farbe B-G) Schraube Buchse Ring Schraube Mutter Telegabel Kpl. R. Pumpenelement R Kpl. Schafthalter Rohr Teller Dichtungsring Dichtungsring Pulverabschaber Buchse Verschluss Halbscheibe O-Ring Ring
Base de direccin con perno Virola Arandela Tuerca Tornillo (M8x40 mm) Cabezal de direccin Cubo Tornillo (M8x35 mm) Tornillo (M8x30 mm) Proteccin iz. Proteccin iz. (cod. col. E) Proteccin iz. (cod. col. B-G) Proteccin der. Proteccin der. (cod. col. E) Proteccin der. (cod. col. B-G) Tornillo Manguito Anillo Tornillo Tuerca Horquilla D compl. Bombeadora compl. D Portavastago Tubo Cubeta Anillo elstico Anillo de retencin Rascador de polvo Casquillo Tapn Semiarandela Anillo OR Anillo

39 WM 40 M 42 43

8B8000 A0633 80A0 A0633 8A80A075097
Gamba Sx. com. Gruppo pompante SX Gruppo guarnizioni Piastrina Sx (cod. col. E) Piastrina Sx (cod. col. B-G) Vite Dado Vite (M6x25 mm)
Compl. L.H. leg L pumping element Gasket set Plate (col.code E) Plate (col.code B-G) Screw Nut Screw (M6x25 mm)
Jambe G. compl. Element de pompage G Grupe garniture Plaque (code col. E) Plaque (code col. B-G) Vis Ecrou Vis (M6x25 mm)



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