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PIANO 1 Concert Grand Studio Grand Mellow Grand Modern Piano New Age Piano Classic E.Piano Modern E.P. Modern E.P. 2 Jazz Organ Drawbar Organ Drawbar Organ 2 Church Organ Diapason Full Ensemble Harpsichord Vibraphone Clavi Slow Strings String Pad String Ensemble Choir New Age Pad Atmosphere Wood Bass Electric Bass W. Bass & Ride Valse, op.64-1 / Chopin Original La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin / Debussy Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Toccata / Eugene Gigout Wohl mir, da ich Jesum habe / Bach Original French Suite No. 6 / Bach Original Original Original Original Le quattro stagioni La primavera / Vivaldi Original Original Original Original Original Original










Tastatur Polyphonie Klangnummer Klangkategorien Eingebaute Effekte Temperaturen CAHolztasten 96 maximal 40 Piano 1, Piano 2, Electric Piano, Drawbar, Church Organ, Harpsi & Mallets, Strings, Vocal, Pad, Bass Reverb (5), Chorus, Tremolo, Delay (3), Rotary (2) Equal (Piano Only), Mersenne pure (Major), Mersenne pure (minor), Pythagorea, Meantone, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger III, Equal (flat), Equal 5 Songs mit je 2 Spuren Gesamtspeicherkapazitt: ca. 15.000 Noten Concert Magic (88 Preset Songs), Volume, Dual, Split, Dual/Split Balance, Metronome, Transpose, Tune, Layer Dynamics, Lower Octave Shift, Layer Octave Shift, Anchlagsdynamikkurven (Light 1 Light 2, Normal, Heavy 1, Heavy 2, Off, User), MIDI (16-facher Multimodus) Dmpferpedal, Sostenutopedal, Pianopedal Kopfhrerbuchse (2), LINE IN (L, R), LINE OUT (L/MONO, R), MIDI (IN, OUT, THRU), USB 45W x cm x 2, 5cm x W Rosenholz, Mahagoni, europischer Kirschbaum 1388 x 505 x 891 mm 64 kg

Rekorder Sonstiges

Pedale Anschlsse Ausgangsleistung Lautsprecher Leistungsaufnahme Gehusefinish Abmessungen (B x T x H) (ohne Notenhalter) Gewicht
1st byte 1 2nd byte 2 3rd byte 3 4th byte 4 5th byte 5 6th byte 6 7th byte 7 8th byte 8 9th byte 9 10th byte 10
F0. 40. 00 - 0F. 10,30. 04. 02. data 1 data 2. data 3 F7.
Start code Kawai's ID Nummer MIDI Kanal Funktionscode (30 wenn MULTI TIMBRE ON/OFF) Information, da es sich um ein Digitalpiano handelt. Information, da es sich um ein Digitalpiano der CA-Serie handelt. (Siehe Tabelle unten.) Endcode

data 0D 0E 26

data 0007 0003, 06, 07 007F 1F60 00, 7F 0008 00, 7F

data 3 000B 000F

Funktion Multi Timbre Aus Multi Timbre An 1 Multi Timbre An 2 00: Effect Off, 01: Chorus, 02: Delay 1, 03: Delay 2, 04: Delay 3, 05: Tremolo, 06: Rotary 1, 07: Rotary 2 00: Reverb Off, 01: Room 2, 02: Stage, 03: Hall 1, 06: Room 1, 07: Hall 2 Dual/Split balance Tune, 40: 440 Hz 00: Programmwechsel Aus, 7F: Programmwechsel An 00: Light 1, 01: Normal, 02: Heavy 1, 03: Off, 04: Light 2, 05: Heavy 2, 06: User Lower Octave Shift Dual, data 2: Recher Sound, data 3: Linker Sound Split, data 2: Recher Sound, data 3: Linker Sound data 2: Temperatur, data 3: Tonart Multi Timbre, data 2: 00 (An), 7F (Aus), data 3: Kanal
KAWAI DIGITALPIANO MODELL: CA5 Function Basic Channel Mode Note Number Velocity After Touch Pitch Bend True voice Note ON Note OFF Keys Chs 0, Control Change Default Changes Default Messages Altered Transmit ********* 9 120** ********* 9nH v=1127 9nH v=0 (Right pedal) (Center pedal) (Left pedal) Receive 1, 3*


* The default for the OMNI mode is ON. Specifying MIDI channels automatically turns it OFF.
Bank Select Volume Expression pedal Sustain pedal Sostenuto pedal Soft pedal

Program Change

:True #


*** (123-127)
*** See the Program Change Number Mapping in page 46.
System Exclusive : Song Position Common System Real Time Aux : Song Select : Tune : Clock : Commands : Local On/Off : All Notes Off : Active Sense : Reset Notes Mode 1: OMNI ON, POLY Mode 3: OMNI OFF, POLY

On/Off Selectable

** The value depends on the Transpose setting. Mode 2: OMNI ON, MONO Mode 4: OMNI OFF, MONO : Yes : No


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