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No. 51 Makita 7" portable power saw, Model No.5806B.
1. OBJECTIVE: To advise construction and building employers and employees of a potential safety hazard associated with using the Makita 7", circular saw - Model No. 5806B with the bottom safety guard forcibly held in the open position during operation. 2. BACKGROUND: Workplace Services is investigating a building site incident in which a 3rd year apprentice sustained serious injuries to his left hand when operating a Makita 7", circular saw - Model No. 5806B while manually holding the safety guard open. The incident occurred when the safety guard did not spring-back, when the cut had been completed. Although the fixed outer guard of the saw has a built in stop, it is possible to force the safety guard past the stop and prevent the safety guard from returning to the closed position. (See raised section in photograph below)

October 2002

the plant is designed and constructed so as to be safe: when properly used and maintained; and when subjected to reasonable forms of misuse. (Section 24) The OHSW Regulations 1995, state that designers of plant and manufacturers have a duty of care. (Division 1.2.8 and 1.2.9) 4. PREVENTATIVE MEASURES: 1 Makita is currently preparing a modification to the safety guard in order to protect users against this potential risk. Should users of this saw have a concern, Makita will refit their saw with a modified safety guard. 2 Care should be taken when selecting/using a portable power saw. 3. To test the safety guard, hold the saw firmly in one hand and with the other hand, using the pull handle, pull back the safety guard fully until it stops against the stop. Then apply more pressure to test whether the safety guard will ride over the stop and become wedged. If the safety guard becomes jammed it is unlikely to return to the closed position. Therefore, the saw may be unsafe to use while manually holding the safety guard open. 5. FURTHER INFORMATION: Owners may contact Makita by telephoning 690 or via Website to make arrangements to return the saw for modification. Department for Administrative and Information Services, GPO Box 465, ADELAIDE SA 5001 Construction, Utilities and Telecommunications Team Ph: 255 Mobile and Interstate callers, (08) Website:
3. STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS: The Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare (OHSW) Act 1986, requires employers to provide and maintain a safe working environment, safe systems of work, and to keep plant and substances in a safe condition. (Section 19) The Act also requires that a person who designs, manufactures, imports or supplies any plant must ensure so far as is reasonable practicable, that
This information is provided to offer guidance on a particular aspect of legislation. It is not to be taken as a statement of law and must not be construed to waive or modify any legal obligation



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