Nokia Wireless GPS Module Ld-3W

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Sygic Drive PC RC12 (Acer Aspire - Nokia GPS Module LD-3W)

Mia mikri diadromi tou sygic drive gia pc me termatismo ston Agio Stefano Anatolikis Attikis. Sorry gia to iphone pou gernei sto ...

Nokia LD-3W vs LD-4W part 3, GPS test

Nokia LD-3W vs LD-4W part 2, GPS test. You can see LD-3W is better. Starts faster, the values PDOP, HDOP, VDOP, Hacc, Vacc ...


Devices: Nokia E61 / Nokia Wireless GPS LD-3W Features: Track in real time, save and send udp positon,view map saved in ...