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Roland GR-09About Roland GR-09
Here you can find all about Roland GR-09 like price and other informations. For example: manual, guitar synth.

Roland GR-09 manual (user guide) is ready to download for free.

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Roland GR 09 Guitar Synthesizer


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Bag Compatibility Guide

BOSS-BAG-L (23x12x3.5)
(Unit fits in bag with power supply except where noted) BR-8 BR-1180/CD GT-3/6/6B/8 (snug fit NO pwr supply) GT-5 GR-09/1/20/33 GS-10 MC-303/307 ME-33/50/50B RMP-1/3

BOSS-BAG-L2 (24x14x5)

Any AD Any DR Any GR Any GT Any RMP Any TD Any VG BR-864/1180/1180CD BR-1200CD/1600CD FC-200 GS-10 MC-505 PCR-1/M1 PCR-30/M30 SP-606 SPD-6/S VG-8/88 V-Bass

BR-BAG (15x11x3)

Any AD Any Compact or Twin pedal Any DR Any ME Any RMP Any TD BR-532/864/900 GR-20 GS-10 SP-404 SPD-6 VS-CDR1/2/3 VT-1
2009 Roland Corporation U.S.

Page 1

Any AD Any DR Any GR Any RMP Any TD BR-532/864/1180 D2 GS-10 MC-09/303 MC-50/50MKII R-70 R-70 RA-50 SPD-6/S SP-404 VT-1

BR-1180BG (19x14x6)

CB-RMP (11x4x6)
Any RMP Any TD Two Drum Pads GT-3/5 GR-20/33 GS-10 ME-50/50B Motion Dive Controller w/ Laptop PCR-1/ M1 SP-404 SPD-6 VT-1

GROOVE-BAG2 (14x13x5)

BR-600 BR-864 BR-900CD CD-2E GS-10 M-16DX ME-50/50B ME-70 SP-808/808EX

Page 2

E-09 Fantom-S Fantom-Xa Fantom-X6 GW-7 Juno-D Juno-G RS-5/50/70 V-Synth XP-30

KEY-BAG1 (46x14.5x6.5)

RAM-2057US (18x12x3)
ME-5/6/6B ME-8/8B ME-10/30/33 ME-50/50B

VS-840BG (17x14x5)

Any AD Any DR Any GR Any RMP Any TD BR-532/864 GS-10 MC-09/303/307 R-70 SP-808/606/505/404 SPD-6/S VS-840/880/890 VT-1

Page 3

Legacy Products

BOSS-BAG-S (17x9x3)

AD-3/5 BR-532/864 D-2 (snug fit w/pwr supply) DR-202 DR-550/MKII (with power supply) DR-660/670/770/880 DR-3/5 EF-303 (snug fit w/pwr supply) GI-20 JS-5 JV-1010 ME-30 SP-202 SP-303/404 (snug fit w/pwr supply) SP-505/606 (snug fit NO pwr supply) SH-32 SPD-6 (snug fit NO pwr supply) VF-1

BOSS-BAG-S2 (16x14x7)

Any AD Any Compact or Twin Pedal Any DR Any ME Any RMP Any TD BR-532/864/900 GR-20 GS-10 MC-09 PCR-1/M1 SP-202/303/404 SPD-6 VT-1

PCR-BAG (23x6x14)

Any AD Any DR Any GR Any GT Any RMP Any TD BR-864/1180 FC-200 GS-10 Motion Dive controller PCR-1/M1 PCR-30/M30 VT-1

Page 4



MR8HD YO-290 GC2510 109P4 XR150 D-NF341 EPR125crrrmf MS9007C KV-32FQ70E Cruiser DCR-DVD908E CT-F800 Norstar Sedona Synkron 200 EH308 DSR-2000-DSR-1000 Kxtg6512 MHC-EC68USB Smartax FW17-21M NW-E003F LK-65 Portrait Trac-2003 DTH8640E XL-UH2000H DIF-AT24 FAX-870MC 4830 NET C8-SGT Recorder Harmony 676 I945GTM-vhl0602a1 Notebook WF-T1022TPS Bench Roccat Kone AJ3112 12 Aficio 1027 Mitel 5324 FO-1460 Guitar Synth YST-SW150 Compactline 102 Lumina 1998 ML-8550 GE A950 Traverse 2011 TX-36PF10 BT135 Classic 220 246 25CC Series DA-3630AD 1202-VLZ PRO Power FG NV-FJ625 TCX511 Wintv-PVR Quickreference Deskjet 3645 El52300 2600N HL-1030 FOR Xbox C-5000 Zoom Plantronics M100 XR-CA600 Columbus Manual EL-9450 UD-M31 RT-28FZ85RX ST-SB920 EW1267F ACR 4231 Rj45 18M MX3215 PMD671 Vrdvc20 PV-A306D HT-X20 E2210B ECM-CQP1 Digitech GSP5 GZ-HD10 MH6387AR MX-900 YN50-2002 22LS4R Urc-4330 CT-S410 PDP-427XA PRO 2 CR-H225 DCR-SR55E Cyclocomputer Phone Falk N30 Nuvi 510 KDL-40S2000


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