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Dennis Pederson 10:26am on Monday, August 9th, 2010 
High power, high reserve, highly stable on complex loads with good upper and lower frequency extention.

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2-Channel Power Amplifier


Rotel provides multiple amplifier solutions for all of your theater systems. The RB-1562 is a 2 x 100 watt per channel (8 ohms, all channels driven) power amplifier that can be combined with the RMB-1565 amplifier for a total 7 x 100 watts per channel home theater amplification. It is also a great two-channel hi fi amplifier and can drive a wide range of small to large speakers with ease. Its smart Class D design never gets hot and allows it to be put into small cabinet spaces without over-heating itself or other accompanying components.
*Note all Rotel 15 series components may be rack mounted and remotely controlled via RS-232, IR, or 12 volt (depending on model) for complete stealth operation.


Power Output all channels driven IM Distortion Damping Factor (8 ohms) Gain Input Sens. / Impedance 100 watts x 2ch (20 Hz-20kHz, <0.03% THD, 8 ohms) 200 watts x 2ch (20 Hz-20kHz, <0.03% THD, 4 ohms) < 0.03% 200 27.2 dB 1.25 V / 8.3 k ohms Frequency Response S/N Ratio (IHF A) Power Consumption Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight 10 - 40 kHz (+/-3dB) 109 dB 130 watts 431x 99 x 339 mm (17 x 3 7/8 x 12 6/8 in) 5.6 kg (14.3 lbs)

The Rotel Co. Ltd. 10-10 Shinsen-Cho Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150, Japan Rotel of America 54 Concord St. N. Reading, MA 01864 USA T +F +Rotel Europe Dale Road Worthing West Sussex BN11 2BH, UK T +44 (0) 763 F +44 (0) 525


RB-1562 / RB-1572 Stereo Power Ampliers
Important Safety Instructions
WARNING: There are no user serviceable parts inside. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose the unit to moisture or water. Do not expose the unit to dripping or splashing. Do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the unit. Do not allow foreign objects to get into the enclosure. If the unit is exposed to moisture, or a foreign object gets into the enclosure, immediately disconnect the power cord from the wall. Take the unit to a qualified service person for inspection and necessary repairs. The Rotel Co. Ltd. 10-10 Shinsen-Cho Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 150-0045 Japan Rotel of America 54 Concord Street North Reading, MA 01864-2699 USA Phone: +1 978-664-3820 Fax: +1 978-664-4109 Rotel Europe Dale Road Worthing, West Sussex BN11 2BH England Phone: + 44 (0)761 Fax: +44 (0)525 Rotel Deutschland Vertrieb: B&W Group Germany GmbH Kleine Heide 12 D-33790 Halle/Westf., Deutschland Tel.: 05201 / 87170 Fax: 05201 / 73370 E-Mail: Read all the instructions before connecting or operating the component. Keep this manual so you can refer to these safety instructions. Heed all warnings and safety information in these instructions and on the product itself. Follow all operating instructions. Clean the enclosure only with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Do not use this unit near water. You must allow a minimum 10 cm or 4 inches of unobstructed clearance around the unit. WARNING: The rear panel power cord connector is the mains power disconnect device. The apparatus must be located in an open area that allows access to the cord connector. The unit must be connected to a power supply only of the type and voltage specified on the rear panel. (USA: 120 V/60Hz, EC: 230V/50Hz) Connect the component to the power outlet only with the supplied power supply cable or an exact equivalent. Do not modify the supplied cable. A polarized plug has two blades, with one wider than the other. A grounding plug has two blades plus a third grounding prong. These are provided for your safety. Do not defeat grounding and/or polarization safety provisions. If the supplied plug does not fit your outlet, please consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. Do not use extension cords. The main plug of the power cordset is a disconnect device of the apparatus. In order to completely disconnect the apparatus from the supply mains, the main plug of the power cordset should be unplugged from the mains (AC) outlet. The standby LED indicator will not be lit up to show the power cord is unplugged. The disconnect device shall remain readily operable. Do not route the power cord where it will be crushed, pinched, bent, exposed to heat, or damaged in any way. Pay particular attention to the power cord at the plug and where the cord exits the back of the unit. Rotel products are designed to comply with international directives on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in electrical and electronic equipment and the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The crossed wheelie bin symbol indicates compliance and that the products must be appropriately recycled or processed in accordance with these directives. This symbol means that this unit is double insulated. An earth connection is not required.

RB-1562 / RB-1572

The power cord should be unplugged from the wall outlet during a lightning storm or if the unit is to be left unused for a long period of time. Use only accessories specified by the manufacturer. Use only with a cart, stand, rack, bracket or shelf system recommended by Rotel. Use caution when moving the unit in a stand or rack to avoid injury from a tip-over. Do not place the unit on a bed, sofa, rug, or similar surface that could block the ventilation openings. If the unit is placed in a bookcase or cabinet, there must be ventilation of the cabinet to allow proper cooling. Use Class 2 wiring for speaker connections to ensure proper installation and minimize the risk of electrical shock. Immediately stop using the component and have it inspected and/or serviced by a qualified service agency if: The power supply cord or plug has been damaged. Objects have fallen or liquid has been spilled into the unit. The unit has been exposed to rain. The unit shows signs of improper operation The unit has been dropped or damaged in any way
082 OMRB1562-English Franais Deutsch Espaol Italiano Nederlands Svenska
Owners Manual Manuel dutilisation Bedienungsanleitung Manual de Instrucciones Manuale di istruzioni Gebruiksaanwijzing Instruktionsbok
Stereo Power Ampliers Amplicateurs de puissance strophoniques Stereo-Endstufen Etapas de Potencia Estereofnicas Finale di potenza stereo Stereo Eindversterker Stereoslutsteg
Keep the component away from radiators, heat registers, stoves, or any other appliance that produces heat.
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Figure 1:

Controls and Connections Commandes et branchements Bedienelemente und Anschlsse Controles y Conexiones Controlli e connessioni De bedieningsorganen en de aansluitingen Kontroller och anslutningar

Figure 2:

Input and Output Connections Branchements en entres et sorties Anschlussdiagramm Conexiones de Entrada y de Salida Collegamenti ingresso ed uscita De in- en uitgangsverbindingen In- och utgngar
Preamp or Sound Processor 1


, , PROTECTION INDICATOR 2 . , . , . , .
. (20 20 , <0,03%, 8 ) RB-1562 RB-1572 (60 : 7 , 4:1) ( 1 ) RB- , 109 8,3 / 1,25 8,3 / 1,, , x 99 x 339 2U / 88.1 5,6 7,8 RB-1572 (20 20 , 8 ) RB-1562 RB-1572 ( ) / (-, IHF) / RB-1562 RB-1572 : : RB-1562 RB-1572 ( x x ) () RB-1562 RB-/ 250 / <0,03%

Note importanti

Quando effettuate i collegamenti assicuratevi di: Spegnere tutti i componenti del sistema prima di collegare qualsiasi componente, inclusi i diffusori. Spegnere tutti i componenti del sistema prima di modicare qualsiasi connessione nel sistema. Vi raccomandiamo inoltre di: Portare il volume a zero prima di accendere o spegnere lamplicatore.
THD (20 20 , 8 ) <0,03%
PROTECTION INDICATOR 2 , . , , , . , . , . , , .

Hl belangrijk:

Zorg dat niet alleen de RB-1562/1572, maar de gehele installatie uitstaat, als nog niet alle verbindingen gemaakt zijn. Zorg dat niet alleen de RB-1562/1572, maar de gehele installatie ook uitstaat, als u verbindingen gaat wijzigen.

Wij raden u ook aan om

de volumeregelaar van de voorversterker geheel dicht te draaien (volkomen naar links) wanneer u uw eindversterker aan- of uitzet.


Tnk p fljande nr du gr anslutningar: Stng av alla apparater i anlggningen innan du ansluter nya apparater eller hgtalare. Stng av alla apparater i anlggningen innan du ndrar ngon anslutning. Vi rekommenderar ocks att du: Vrider ner volymen p frfrstrkaren helt och hllet innan frstrkaren sls p eller av.

, . , - .


, .

RB-1562-72 - ML - f.indd Spread 1 of 22 - Pages(48, 5)

10/20/08 12:35:11 PM

Important Safety Instructions. Figure 1: Controls and Connections Figure 2: Input and Output Connections Important Notes About Rotel. A Word About Watts. Getting Started. Operating Features A Few Precautions Placement AC Power and Control. AC Power Input 7 Power Switch and Indicator 1 Protection Indicator 2 Turn On/Off Mode Selector 3 +12V Trigger Input and Output 4 Input Signal Connections 6. Speaker Connections. Speaker Selection Speaker Wire Selection Polarity and Phasing Speaker Wire Connections 5 Troubleshooting. Front Panel Power Indicator Is Not Lit No Sound Protection Indicator Is Lit Specications. 9
At Rotel, we are proud to do our part. We have reduced the lead content in our electronics by using special ROHS solder, while our new Class D (not digital) ampliers are up to ve times more efcient than our legacy designs and still deliver power and performance. These products run cool, give minimum wasted energy, are good for the environment and give better sound too. Finally, we have printed this brochure on recycled paper stock. While we understand that these are small rst steps, they are still important ones. And we continue to pursue new methods and materials for a cleaner and greener manufacturing process. All of us at Rotel thank you for buying this product. We are sure it will bring you many years of enjoyment.

, , . , . , PROTECTION LED. , , . , . : Protection Mode LED , 12- Standby.
. 2 RB-1562 RB-1572 , .

, RB-1562/1572, 4.

. . , , . , . , . ROTEL .

A Word About Watts

The power output of the RB-1562 and RB-1572 are quoted as 100 and 250 watts, respectively, for each channel, when both channels are operating together at full power. Rotel has chosen to specify the power output in this way because, in Rotels experience, it gives the truest value of the receiver or ampliers power capability. When comparing specications for different products, you should be aware that power output is often specied in other ways, so you may not be comparing like with like. For example, the power output may be quoted with only one channel operating, giving a higher maximum gure. The highly regulated power supplies of the Rotel Class D ampliers ensures that they will produce the full specied power output to one or all channels. A loudspeakers impedance rating indicates the electrical resistance or load it offers when connected to the amplier, usually 8 ohms or 4 ohms. The lower the impedance, the more power the speaker will need. In effect, a 4 ohm speaker will require twice as much power as an 8 ohm speaker. So ideally, the amplier should be give double the power into a 4 ohm load a rating of 100 watts into an 8 ohm load should become 200 watts into 4 ohms. Using lower impedance speakers makes greater demands on the ampliers power supply, because it will be drawing more current and giving off more heat. However, Rotel ampliers are designed to work into any speaker impedance between 8 and 4 ohms, and with all the channels working up to their full power. Because the Rotel design is optimized for use with all channels operating together, Rotel is able to specify the true power output for both channels. This can be important for your enjoyment, too. When watching movies, its nice to have the amplier able to reproduce full power into all the channels at the same time, especially in the case of a volcano exploding!
12- . / , . OFF, , . 12V TRIG, 12- 3,5- , IN. POWER SWITCH . ON, +12- . OFF ().
/ , . , , . , . . ( ). , . .

About Rotel

Our story began nearly 50 years ago. Over the decades, we have received hundreds of awards for our products and satised hundreds of thousands of people who take their entertainment seriously - like you! Rotel was founded by a family whose passionate interest in music led them to manufacture high-delity components of uncompromising quality. Through the years, that passion has remained undiminished and the family goal of providing exceptional value for audiophiles and music lovers, regardless of their budget, is shared by all Rotel employees. Rotels engineers work as a close team, listening to, and ne tuning, each new product until it reaches their exacting musical standards. They are free to choose components from around the world in order to make that product the best they can. You are likely to nd capacitors from the United Kingdom and Germany, semiconductors from Japan or the United States, while toroidal power transformers are manufactured in Rotels own factory. We all have concerns about our environment. And, as more and more electronics are produced and later discarded, it is especially important for a manufacturer to do all it can to engineer products that have a minimum negative impact on landll sites and water tables.

: , -. , , . . -. , ( , ). . , . : , LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT . -. , SPEAKER CONNECTORS. ( ).

+12 4

IN 3,5 , +12- , . , 12V TRIG (. ). ( ) 3 30. OUT 3,5- , 12- . 12- , +12 IN.
. 2 RB-1562 RB-1572 , RCA, . RCA . RCA . .
RB-1562-72 - ML - f.indd Spread 2 of 22 - Pages(6, 47)


. , , !
. . . , ( ) , . , 1 . 7 . . (: 120 /60 : 230 /50 ). . : , . . . ROTEL . , , .

Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing the Rotel RB-1562 or RB-1572 Stereo Power Amplier. When used in a high-quality music or home theater system, your Rotel amplier will provide years of musical enjoyment. The RB-1562 and RB-1572 are sophisticated two-channel power ampliers. Their Class D amplier circuitry, switching power supply, premium components, and Rotels Balanced Design ensure superb sound quality. High current capability allows the RB-1562 and RB1572 to drive difcult speaker loads with ease. The RB-1562 and RB-1572 are essentially identical units. They differ only in power output. In this manual the RB-1562 is most often depicted, but the RB-1572 operates in the same way.
Be sure the Power Switch 1 on the front panel of the amplier is turned off. Then, plug one end of the cord into the AC power connector 7 on the back panel of the amplier. Plug the other end into an appropriate AC outlet. Your amplier is congured at the factory for the proper AC line voltage in the country where you purchased it (USA: 120 volts/60 Hz, Europe: 230 volts/50 Hz). The AC line conguration is noted on a label on the back panel. Note: Should you move your amplifier to another country, it is possible to configure your amplifier for use on a different line voltage. Do not attempt to perform this conversion yourself. Opening the enclosure of the amplifier exposes you to dangerous voltages. Consult a qualified technician or the Rotel factory service department for information. If you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time, it is a sensible precaution to unplug your amplier.
Rotel RB-1562 RB-1572. , ROTEL . Rotel RB-1562 RB-1572 . , D, , - Rotel . RB-1562/1572 . RB-1562 RB-1572 . . RB-1562, RB-1572 .

Operating Features

Two amplifier channels. User selectable power on/off configuration: manual or controlled by remote 12 volt trigger signal. Protection circuitry with front panel indicators. Dual binding post speaker outputs.
Power Switch and Indicator 1

. /: 12

A Few Precautions
Please read this manual carefully. In addition to installation and operating instructions, it provides information on various system congurations. Please contact your authorized Rotel dealer for answers to any questions you might have. In addition, all of us at Rotel welcome your questions and comments. Save the amplier shipping carton and packing material for future use. Shipping or moving the amplier in anything other than the original packing material may result in severe damage to your amplier. Be sure to keep the original sales receipt. It is your best record of the date of purchase, which you will need in the event warranty service is ever required.
The Power Switch is located on the front panel. To turn the amplier on (or to activate either of the optional automatic power-on modes), push the switch in. The ring around the switch will light, indicating that the amplier is turned on. To turn the amplier off, push the button again and return it to the out position.

Protection Indicator 2

Thermal protection circuits protect the amplier against potential damage in the event of extreme or faulty operating conditions. Unlike many designs, the protection circuit of the RB-1562 and RB-1572 is independent of the audio signal and has no impact on sonic performance. Instead, the protection circuit monitors the temperature of the output devices and shuts down the amplier if safe limits are exceeded. In addition, the ampliers includes over-current protection which operates only when load impedances drop too low. This protection is independent for each channel and is indicated by the front panel Protection LED. Should a faulty condition arise, the amplier channel at fault will stop playing and the Protection LED on the front panel will light. If this happens, turn the amplier off, let it cool down for several minutes, and attempt to identify and correct the problem. When you turn the amplier back on, the protection circuit will automatically reset and the PROTECTION LED should go out. In most cases, the protection circuitry activates because of a fault condition such as shorted speaker wires, or inadequate ventilation leading to an overheating condition. In very rare cases, highly reactive or extremely low impedance speaker loads could cause the protection circuit to engage. Note: The Protection Mode LED also lights when the 12V Trigger system is being used and the amplifier is in Standby mode.

, . , . , ROTEL , . , ROTEL . . , , . . , , -.
. ( - ), . , , . , .
. , RB1562 RB-1572 . , , . , , , . . PROTECTION LED 2.


The amplier generates heat as part of its normal operation. The heat sinks and ventilation openings in the amplier are designed to disperse this heat. The ventilation slots in the top cover must be unobstructed. There should be 10 cm (4 inches) of clearance around the chassis, and reasonable airow through the installation location, to prevent the amplier from overheating. Likewise, remember the weight of the amplier when you select an installation location. Make sure that the shelf or cabinet can support its weight.
. . . 10 , , . , , . , .

AC Power and Control

AC Power Input 7
The amplier is supplied with the proper AC power cord. Use only this cord or an exact equivalent. Do not use an extension cord. A heavy duty multi-tap power outlet strip may be used, but only if it is rated to handle the current demand of the amplier.
RB-1562-72 - ML - f.indd Spread 3 of 22 - Pages(46, 7)
Turn On/Off Mode Selector 3
The amplier can be turned on and off automatically by using its 12V Trigger system. The Turn On/Off Mode Selector switch is used to select which method is used. With the switch in the OFF position, the amplifier is turned on or off manually using the front panel power switch. With the switch in the 12V TRIG. position, the amplifier is turned on automatically when a 12 volt trigger signal is applied to the 3.5mm Jack labeled IN. The front panel POWER SWITCH overrides this function. It must be ON for the +12V trigger to work. Turning the switch OFF cuts power to the amplifier, regardless of whether or not a trigger signal is present.

Polarity and Phasing

The polarity the positive/negative orientation of the connections for every speaker and amplier connection must be consistent so all the speakers will be in phase. If the polarity of one connection is mistakenly reversed, bass output will be very weak and stereo imaging degraded. All wire is marked so you can identify the two conductors. There may be ribs or a stripe on the insulation of one conductor. The wire may have clear insulation with different color conductors (copper and silver). There may be polarity indications printed on the insulation. Identify the positive and negative conductors and be consistent with every speaker and amplier connection.
. 1: 3. 2: 4 5 . 44 . 45 ROTEL. 45 . 45 . 46 46 . 46 / +12 6. 47 . 47 47 47 47 . 48 48 48 48 . 48

Rotel, . , , , ROHS, -, , D, ., , . , , . , , . , , . . , ROTEL, . , .
Speaker Wire Connections 5
Note: The following text describes both binding post and banana plug connections. DO NOT use both connection methods in combination to connect multiple speakers. The amplier has two sets of color coded terminals for each amplier channel. Having two sets of terminals for each channel makes it easy to bi-wire the speakers. The speaker terminals accept bare wire, connector lugs, or banana type connectors (except in the European Community countries where their use is not permitted). Route the wires from the amplier to the speakers. Give yourself enough slack so you can move the components to allow access to the speaker connectors. Note: Be sure to notice the location of the LEFT and RIGHT speaker terminals and connect your LEFT and RIGHT speakers to the correct outputs. Take extra care if using two sets of wires to bi-wire your speakers. If you are using banana plugs, connect them to the wires and then plug into the backs of the speaker connectors. When using banana plugs, the collars of the binding post terminals should be screwed in all the way (clockwise). If you are using terminal lugs, connect them to the wires. If you are attaching bare wires directly to the speaker connectors, separate the wire conductors and strip back the insulation from the end of each conductor. Be careful not to cut into the wire strands. Unscrew (turn counterclockwise) the binding post collar. Place the connector lug around the shaft, or insert the bundled wire into the hole in the shaft. Turn the collars clockwise to clamp the connector lug or wire rmly in place. Note: Be sure there are no loose wire strands that could touch adjacent wires or connectors.
+12V Trigger Input and Output 4
The jack labeled IN is for connecting the 3.5mm Plug/Cable carrying a +12 volt trigger signal to turn the amplier on and off. To use this feature the adjacent switch 3 must be set in the ON position (see previous section). This input accepts any control signal (AC or DC) ranging from 3 volts to 30 volts. The jack labeled OUT is for connecting another 3.5mm plug/cable to provide a 12V trigger signal to other components. The 12V output signal is available whenever a +12 volt trigger signal is applied to the IN connector.
RB-1562 RB- 250 , , . , Rotel, . , , , , , . , , . Rotel RB-1562 RB-1572 , 2530% , , , 8 4. , . , 4 , 8-. 4- . 100 8 200 4. , . Rotel , - 8 4 , . Rotel , Rotel .

Input Signal Connections 6
See Figure 2 The RB-1562 and RB-1572 have standard unbalanced RCA-type input connectors, the type used on nearly all audio equipment. There is an RCA input for each of the two amplier channels. These RCA inputs accept audio signals from preampliers or surround sound processors. Use high quality audio interconnect cables for best performance.


50 . , , ! Rotel , hi-fi . , , , Rotel. Rotel , , . , . , , , ROTEL. . , , , , .

Speaker Connections

See Figure 2 The RB-1562 and RB-1572 have two sets of dual binding post speaker connection terminals, for each amplier channel.

Speaker Selection

The nominal impedance of the loudspeaker(s) connected to each channel of the amplier should be no lower than 4 ohms.

Speaker Wire Selection

Use insulated two-conductor stranded wire to connect the amplier to the speakers. The size and quality of the wire can have an audible effect on the performance of the system. Standard speaker wire will work, but can result in lower output or diminished bass response, particularly over longer distances. In general, heavier wire will improve the sound. For best performance, you may want to consider special high-quality speaker cables. Your authorized Rotel dealer can help in the selection of appropriate cables for your system.
RB-1562-72 - ML - f.indd Spread 4 of 22 - Pages(8, 45)
: , . . : . . , . . , . . , . . . . 10 . : . , . , , , . (: 120 , 60 , 230 , 50 ) , . . , . . . , . , . . . , . LED , , . , , , , -. , . . , , , . , . , , , . , . , , , , Rotel. . Class 2 . / : . . . . .


Most difculties in audio systems are the result of poor or wrong connections, or improper control settings. If you encounter problems, isolate the area of the difculty, check the control settings, determine the cause of the fault and make the necessary changes. If you are unable to get sound from your amplier, refer to the suggestions for the following conditions:
Front Panel Power Indicator Is Not Lit
No main power to the amplier. Check AC power connections at the amplier and the AC outlet. Check the front panel power switch. Make sure that it is set to the ON position. If using 12V trigger power-on, make sure that a trigger signal is present at rear panel 12V TRIG IN jack. Rotel , (Restriction of Hazardous Substances - RoHS), (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE). , () .

No Sound

If the amp is getting AC power, but is producing no sound, check the Protection Indicator 2 on the front panel. If lit, see below. If not, check all of your connections and control settings on associated components. Make sure that your input connections and speaker connections match your system conguration.



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