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jeremyevnine 12:48am on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 
"Galaxy S is great, easy to get around it, and fun to use . I have used and have many top of the rang phones but S is by far the best phone yet. "I am using this phone since Sept 2010. It is a great phone with superb features. It is a real LCD t.v It is also very fast.
Zawiah 11:15pm on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 
In conclusion, Desire still need some minor adjustments, but overall its probably the best phone for me. Open source. when can we upgrade to android 2,2 where battery life is said to be improved? just felt the ph can be great if battery life can be extended.. One of the best phone . . cool, nice UI, and fast battery life
RicardoFurtado 4:22am on Friday, August 13th, 2010 
Excellent Device ! One of the best cell phones out there . Tons off Apps . Some great features, but beware The goods: it has a very nice screen, far nicer than the iPhone despite it being of lower resolution.
ajc 2:05am on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 
phone is working great here is the u.s for 850 mhz 3g as is the gps on froyo. Highly recommend it No led flash.. Complicated to upgrade to froyo
annapolishome 9:01am on Friday, May 14th, 2010 
Fantastic screen. Camera takes very good shots. No issues with making or receiving calls. Lousy GPS but supposedly a fix is in the works. Still awaiting GPS fix. Lag is also an issue due to file system chosen but hacks are available.
slchen 8:44am on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 
Good but not so good WI-FI I have an iPhone 3GS and I recently tried the iPhone 4 and returned it. I then tried the HTC Desire. A bit disappointed I was a bit disappointed to find that this phone was obviously a ex 3 Mobile phone as it comes with 3 Mobile software pre installed...
GreenWhite 3:23pm on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 
Galaxy S Is no doubt the best phone available ate the moment! Powerful, amazing display, easy to use Battery life I got mine on the weekend and it is fantastic. Almost everything flash After having an iphone 3g for the past 2 years this phone is a breath of fresh air ..
Martijn Wenke 8:07am on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 
"This is fast in switching between screens and apps, has nice large & easy to read fonts used in instructions. "This is a nice phone, with a great bright screen, and you really could use it for movie viewing. It is made of plastic.
TheFactory 6:00am on Monday, March 29th, 2010 
- I had the N*xus One and it had 2.2 so 2.1 does not feel as smooth. But when the update for the Galaxy gets released im sure itll be much smoother. Things will only get better with the 2.2 release. Sleek, ultra fast response, amazing screen, superb battery life Have not found one yet

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