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Yamaha MS400Yamaha MS400 Eyebolt 8mm Forged Eyebolt for MSR400 (Pair)
The Yamaha MS400 eyebolts are 8MM and forged for extra strength. These eyebolts fit the Yamaha MSR100 & MSR400 Powered Loudspeakers. (sold in pairs, priced per pair)

Part Numbers: MS400 EYEBOLT, MS400 Eyebolt
UPC: 086792637754
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ndriutti 11:38pm on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 
Great replacement to the 17" CRT that I was previously using. I did not buy these on newegg, but bought them back in 2003 from a B&M entity, b/c i got employee discount on them. LOUD, wide range of sound.
mdkmemphis 7:42am on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 
Overall the product is great. I utilized the bi-wiring connection to my Yamaha RX-V1000 receiver and the range of sound reproduction is just super.
duilawyer1ok 8:49am on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 
Fantastic I looked at and read so many reviews before I decided on this LCD1970NX. This is the second best LCD anywhere.
longshot 1:03pm on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 
I was able to put together an entire Yamaha Home Theater system working with on-line vendors. Sounds cheap right......wrong! I was stunned when I took these out of the box!...They are gorgeous! and they sound as good as my M60 Axiom towers...
faall 11:54am on Sunday, March 14th, 2010 
I called Newegg to tell them what was up. The awesome CS rep read the tracking report and offered a full refund for all 4 (?!?!

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Owners Manual Mode demploi Bedienungsanleitung Manual del Usuario
Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha MS400 powered speaker system. The development of this powered bi-amplier speaker system is a natural extension of Yamahas extensive experience and knowledge of PA devices. The MS400 faithfully reproduces sound for a wide range of applications. Please read this owners manual thoroughly to make the best use of the MS400 for the longest possible period of time. Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference.


Lightweight, high-powered speaker with a newly-developed 15-inch neodymium magnet woofer The speaker uses an EE Engine based on Yamahas proprietary amplier drive technology for high-efciency drive. It features a high-output bi-amplier conguration (LF 300 W and HF 100 W). Optional speaker stand and installation brackets available for various applications.


Precautions... 2 Rear Panel... 3 Connection Examples... 4 Specifications.. 5
General specifications... 5 Amp.unit... 5
Dimensions.. 5 Performance graph.. 5 Block Diagram... 5 Installation Examples.. 6


Do not allow water to enter this unit or allow the unit to become wet. Fire or electrical shock may result. Do not place a container with liquid or small metal objects on top of this unit. Liquid or metal objects inside this unit are a re and electrical shock hazard. Connect the included power cord only to an AC outlet of the type stated in this Owners Manual or as marked on the unit. Failure to do so is a re and electrical shock hazard. Do not scratch, bend, twist, pull, or heat the power cord. A damaged power cord is a re and electrical shock hazard. Do not place heavy objects, including this unit, on top of the power cord. A damaged power cord is a re and electrical shock hazard. In particular, be careful not to place heavy objects on a power cord covered by a carpet. Place the device near a power outlet so you can easily plug it in. If you notice any abnormality, such as smoke, odor, or noise, or if a foreign object or liquid gets inside the unit, turn it off immediately. Remove the power cord from the AC outlet. Consult your dealer for repair. Using the unit in this condition is a re and electrical shock hazard. Should this unit be dropped or the cabinet be damaged, turn the power switch off, remove the power plug from the AC outlet, and contact your dealer. If you continue using the unit without heeding this instruction, re or electrical shock may result. Use only the included power cord for this unit. Using other types may be a re and electrical shock hazard. The power to this device is not completely shut off even when the power switch is turned off. Locate the device close to the AC outlet so you can easily reach the power plug. If the power cord is damaged (i.e., cut or a bare wire is exposed), ask your dealer for a replacement. Using the unit with a damaged power cord is a re and electrical shock hazard. Do not remove the units cover. You could receive an electrical shock. If you think internal inspection, maintenance, or repair is necessary, contact your dealer. Do not modify the unit. Doing so is a re and electrical shock hazard. Turn off all audio equipment, and speakers when connecting to this unit. Use the correct connecting cables and connect as specied. Always lower the volume control to minimum before turning on the power to this unit. A sudden blast of sound may damage your hearing. Allow enough free space around the unit for normal ventilation. This should be: 20 cm at the sides, 25 cm behind, and 30 cm above. For normal ventilation during use, remove the rear of the rack or open a ventilation hole. If the airow is not adequate, the unit will heat up inside and may cause a re. This unit is heavy. Use two or more people to carry it. If you stack the speakers, secure the handles of the speakers using a belt and x the speakers to the oor or wall to prevent them from falling and causing injury. Do not stack more than two speakers. Do not use the handles to suspend the speaker. Otherwise, it may fall, causing injury. Hold the power cord plug when disconnecting it from an AC outlet. Never pull the cord. A damaged power cord is a potential re and electrical shock hazard. Do not touch the power plug with wet hands. Doing so is a potential electrical shock hazard. XLR-type connectors are wired as follows: pin 1: ground, pin 2: hot (+), and pin 3: cold (). Using a mobile telephone near this unit may induce noise. If noise occurs, use the telephone away from the unit. Do not use the speakers at uncomfortably loud level. Otherwise, you may damage your hearing. If lightning begins to occur, turn off the power switch of the unit as soon as possible, and unplug the power cable plug from the electrical outlet. If there is a possibility of lightning, do not touch the power cable plug if it is still connected. Doing so may be an electrical shock hazard.



As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this apparatus may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows: The wire which is coloured GREEN and YELLOW must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked by the letter E or by the safety earth symbol or coloured GREEN and YELLOW. The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured BLACK. The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured RED. * This applies only to products distributed by YAMAHA KEMBLE MUSIC (U.K.) LTD.

Rear Panel



A POWER switch
This switch turns the power to the MS400 on and off. When you turn this switch on, the POWER indicator (8) lights up green.

F MIC control

This control enables you to adjust the level of signal input at the MIC connector (5).


This control enables you to adjust the entire volume level.

B AC IN connector

Connect the included power cord here.

C LINE connectors

These balanced connectors accept input from line-level sources, such as a mixer. The connectors include: an XLR-3-31 type; an XLR-3-32 type; a 1/4" TRS phone jack. They are all connected in parallel and can be used as line outputs. In this case, input signals from the MIC connector (5) will not be output.

H POWER indicator

When you turn the power on, this indicator lights up green.

I EQ control

LOW: This EQ adjusts the low band in the range of 0 ~ 10 dB with a center frequency of 55 Hz. The 0 (MAX) setting is at. Turn the control couterclockwise to cut. HIGH: This EQ adjusts the high band. The arrow setting is at. Turn the control clockwise to boost and couterclockwise to cut the HF band (1.6 kHz or higher) in the range of 3 dB.

D LINE LEVEL control

This control enables you to adjust the level of signal input from the LINE connectors (3).

E MIC connector

Mic-level sources are input at this balanced, XLR-3-31 type connector. The internal low-cut lter will cut the range of these signals below 70 Hz. The mic input will not be routed to any destination other than the speaker.

Connection Examples

Stereo setup Without a mixer

LINE OUT Microphone

CD player or tape deck

Daisy chain

To the next speaker To the next speaker



s General specications

Type Bi-Amp 2-way bass reex powered speaker (Bi-amplier electronic crossover network)) Speaker unit LF : 38 cm cone HF : 5 cm Titanium diaphragm compression driver Frequency Range. 50 Hz~16 kHz (10 dB) Maximum Output Level.. 124.5 dB (1m on Axis) Directional angle.. 90 (H)/40 (V) Dimension (W x H x D).. 449 x 683 x 379 mm Weight.. 24.2 kg Color.. Black (approx. Munsell value: 5PB 2/1) Tripod pole diameter. 35~36 mm Accessories.. Power cord (AC inlet type, 2.5 m) Controls LEVEL.. LINE, MIC, MASTER EQ.LOW: 0 (Max.) ~ 10 dB (Min.) at 55 Hz HIGH: 3 dB (HF) Power switch. On/Off Connectors (all balanced): LINE in/out.XLR-3-31, XLR-3-32, phone (They are all connected in parallel and can be used as line outputs.) MIC in.. XLR-3-31 POWER indicator. Green LED Power Requirement USA and Canada.120 V, 60 Hz Europe.230 V, 50 Hz Others.240 V, 50 Hz Power Consumption. 120 W Accessories..Bracket adapter BAD251 (for BWS251-400, BCS251, and BBS251) * 0 dB=0.775 V Specications and appearance are subject to change without notice. For European Model Purchaser/User Information specied in EN55103-1 and EN55103-2. Inrush Current: 25A Conformed Environment: E1, E2, E3 and E4

s Amp.unit

Maximum Output Power LF: 300 W at 500 Hz, THD=1%, RL=4 HF:100 W at 5 kHz, THD=1%, RL=16 Crossover frequency. 1.6 kHz (30 dB/oct.) Input Sensitivity. LINE: +4 dB*, MIC: 50 dB* Input impedance.. LINE: 30 k, MIC: 5 k


241 Remove the cover when you M8 use optional brackets

Performance graph

Standard Frequency Response


1k 10k


Unit: mm

Block Diagram

Mic Input Mic




Line Input/Output
Line LOW EQ Freq. response compensation HPF P.AMP


Installation Examples

Installation must be carried out by an installation specialist. Do not install two or more speakers on a single speaker stand or bracket. The speaker(s) may fall, resulting in injury. You need a BAD251 bracket adapter to use a BWS251-400, BCS251, or BBS251 speaker bracket. Due to abrasion or corrosion, parts may deteriorate. To use the product safely, be sure to perform regular maintenance and inspections. Read the instruction manual for the speaker stand or speaker bracket when you install the stand or bracket.

Speaker stand

Make sure the stand is sufciently durable to support the weight of the speaker. Set up the speaker stand so that the height will be 160 cm or less. If the height exceeds 160 cm, the stand will become unstable and may fall. Place it on a level, non-slippery, sturdy surface. Spread the legs of the stand to the maximum extent. Be sure to x the stand so that it will not fall. (For example, you could place a sand bag on the tripod legs to add weight for stability.)
BWS251-400 suspended speaker bracket and BAD251 adapter


max. 20 degrees

160 cm or less

BCS251 ceiling speaker bracket and BAD251 adapter


Ceiling suspending with eye bolts
* M8 eye bolts are optional.

M8 eye bolt

BBS251 baton speaker bracket and BAD251 adapter

Baton diameter 34 51

You can tilt or incline the speaker using a knob (eye bolt M6).

Knob (eye bolt M6)

Enceinte active

Mode demploi

Nous vous remercions davoir opt pour le systme denceinte active MS400. La conception de cette enceinte active double amplicateur est le fruit de la longue exprience et du savoir-faire de Yamaha dans le domaine de la sonorisation. Veuillez lire compltement ce mode demploi an dexploiter au mieux et le plus longtemps possible votre MS400. Conservez le mode demploi dans un endroit sr pour toute rfrence ultrieure.


Enceinte lgre, de haute puissance, dote dun woofer aimant nodyme 15 pouces. Lenceinte se sert dun moteur EE Engine bas sur la technologie dveloppe par Yamaha pour les amplicateurs dexcitation. Il a une conguration double amplicateur de haute puissance (grave 300W et aigu 100W). Un pied et des xations sont disponibles en option pour placer les enceintes en fonction de diverses applications.



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