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Factory setting: Paramtre de fabrique: 40 ml 110 ml
Change setting Changement des paramtres
Press button M Presser la touche M

Coffee Caf

or ou Press + hold Presser + tenir

Hot water Eau chaude

Within Dans les 10seconds secondes
Lever to the right Levier vers la droite

3 Fill cup Remplir

la tasse min. 15 ml
or ou Release button Relcher la touche Lever to the left Levier vers la gauche New volume has been stored La quantit dans la tasse estenregistre
M 4 Within 1010seconds: Press button touche M Dans les secondes: Presser la
Troubleshooting En cas de problmes
No indication Pas de tmoin Coffee is not hot enough Le caf nest pas assez chaud
Check plugs and fuses Vrier la prise et les fusibles Prewarm cup, hot water without capsule. Descale if necessary Prchauffer les tasses, eau chaude sans capsule. Si ncessaire, dtartrer Clean, descale if necessary Nettoyer et, si ncessaire, dtartrer
Coffee does not come out Le caf ne coule pas
No coffee, water only Pas de caf, uniquement de leau
Clean / insert capsule correctly Nettoyer / placer la capsule correctement
Coffee is not owing, green status display lights up Le caf ne coule pas, la lampe tmoin verte clignote

Safety instructions

Read these instructions carefully before using your new coffee machine for the rst time. Keep them in a place where you can nd and refer to them later on. Improper use of the machine releases NESPRESSO from any liability. In case of an emergency: immediately remove the plug from the power socket. Children, especially small children may never use the appliance without close surveillance. Check that the voltage quoted on the rating plate is the same as your mains voltage. Connect your appliance only to an earthed power socket. The use of incorrect connections voids the warranty! Your machine is made for indoor use only. Hot water, steam and the hot water/steam nozzle are very hot. Danger of burns! Never direct the stream of hot water or steam towards body parts. Danger of burns! To heat up beverage: immerse nozzle for steam as deep as possible in the liquid otherwise steam and liquid can splash out. Attention: Do not draw hot water while temperature indicator lamp (red) ashes fast. Strong steam jet would result instead of hot water hazard of burning! Before preparing espresso or hot water the system must be cooled down: immerse hot water arm into container with cold water. Get hot water, until continuous red light does not ash fast anymore. Close capsule jaw with handle. Never open during operation. Remove the plug from the mains socket if you will not be using the machine for an extended time (holidays). Before cleaning and servicing, remove the plug from the mains socket and let the machine cool down. Do not use the machine if it is not operating perfectly or if it shows any sign of damage. In case of any malfunction or damage notify your nearest NESPRESSO customer service. All operations other than normal use, cleaning, and servicing must be performed by the NESPRESSO authorised service dealer. Never immerse the machine, cable, or plug in water or any other liquid. Keep the cable out of reach of children. Never leave the cable near or in contact with hot parts of the machine, a source of heat, or a sharp edge. When the cable or plug is damaged, you may not use the machine. In order to avoid danger, have the defective part repaired or replaced by the NESPRESSO customer service. Never place the machine on a hot surface, e.g. a heating plate. Never use it around an open ame. For your own safety, you should use only parts and accessories from NESPRESSO that are made for your machine. Never use the machine without the drip tray or the base grid. All NESPRESSO machines must pass stringent controls. Reliability tests under practical conditions are performed on randomly selected units, to detect any sources that cause premature wear or malfunction. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for any damage caused by not intended use or inappropriate handling of the machine. Descaling: 1 Preparation: please carefully read the safety instructions on the descaling agent packaging. 2 Descaling: do not use the machine for any other purpose during the descaling process. 3 Rinse: rinse the water tank and clean the machine to avoid any residual descaling solution. Pull out mains cable. Cut cable near to device housing. Take the appliance to your public waste disposal centre or to your customer service. Always ll the water tank with potable water.


To meet the demands of coffee lovers in the business environment, Nespresso developed the ES range of elegant and high capacity coffee machines. To enjoy consistent and quality coffee every day, discover the Nespresso ES 100 PRO and ES 80 PRO range for your business.
Static high-pressure pump (18 bars) especially designed for the Nespresso system Automatic water temperature control Automatic ejection of used capsules Steam nozzle and hot water function 1 year warranty
Removable cup warming plate to ensure perfectly pre-warmed cups Steam pipe for milk frothing Used capsule container capacity: 35 capsules Volumetric water programming Control panel with six buttons and LED monitoring External components in anodized aluminum Removable water tank: 3 liters Electrical power: 1348W Dimensions: 18.3 x 16.6 x 10.6 in/46.5 x 42.2 x 26.8 cm (width x depth x height) Weight: 14.6 lbs/6.6 kg
Cappuccino and Caff Latte nozzle Volumetric water programming Command panel with six buttons and LED monitoring Water container compatible with water softeners Used capsule container capacity: 22 capsules Separate used water and used capsule containers for hygiene Anodized aluminum exterior components Removable water tank: 1.9 liters Electrical power: 1 260W Dimensions: 8.1 x 14.4 x 12 in/20.7 x 36.5 x 30.6 cm (width x depth x height) Weight: 12.6 lbs/5.7 kg




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