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ernestotapia 5:57am on Monday, September 27th, 2010 
I actually bought the newer version Samsung SyncMaster 932BW Plus monitor which has nearly identical specs.
carlos.corredor 9:49am on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 
The Samsung Syncmaster 932 MW is a good television at a very reasonable price. Looks great, picture quality good.
Aucris 8:19pm on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 
Great Monitor This monitor has been out of production for a long time now but is still a great monitor! Samsung SyncMaster This is a great monitor. I bought a refurbished unit to accompany one I had since they were predominantly out of production.
evilbite 12:05am on Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 
Good Great TV! Arrived quickly!! Very nice looking TV! Although there is sometimes problems with volume!! But very rarely!! Great buy TV!
Jva 8:19am on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 
Good Product Very pleased with this purchase. Good value for money and no problems. Easy to set-up and get going.

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Sales Line : 0005 Visit This Product on Laptops Direct
Samsung SyncMaster 932MW - 19 Inch TFT Monitor with Integrated TV Tuner - LS19PMASF

122.97 inc.vat

The SAMSUNG Pebble SM932MW is a truly stunning widescreen TV Monitor with sleek piano black curves and a crystal clear display. It is the perfect solution to all your digital entertainment needs, with convenient connections for DVD players, and gaming consoles. Plus with an embedded analogue TV tuner and a superb sound system you can watch TV with or without a PC in any area of your home or work environment.
s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s
Product Description - Samsung SyncMaster 932MW - LCD display - TFT - 19" Device Type - LCD display / TFT active matrix Colour - High-gloss black ( the image of the product displayed may be of a different colour ) Dimensions (WxDxH) - 46.6 cm x 19.9 cm x 40 cm Weight - 4.1 kg Diagonal Size - 19" - widescreen Dot Pitch / Pixel Pitch - 0.2835 mm Max Resolution - 1440 x 900 / 60 Hz Colour support - 24-bit (16.7 million colours) Image Aspect Ratio - 16:10 Response Time - 5 ms Image Brightness - 300 cd/m2 Image Contrast Ratio - 1000:1 Digital Video Standard - Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Video Output - TV tuner Audio Output - Speaker(s) - stereo - integrated Signal Input - HDMI, DVI-D, VGA Vista Certification - Certified for Windows Vista Compliant Standards - DDC-1, DDC-2B Power - AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz ) Power Consumption Operational - 45 Watt

Technical Specifications

Price correct as at Monday, November 08, 2010 10:26 PM. Please check the website for the latest price.



imagine a monitor that is as special as you are




Take the time to appreciate the style and precision of these inspirational monitors from Samsung. Their award winning design will redefine how you view entertainment, bringing a fine balance of fashion, fun, and function to your enjoyment. Their wide screens, perfectly framed in a timeless glossy black bezel will add fresh new depth to movies, games, and all multi-media experiences. With Samsung 2032BW(GW)/2232BW(GW)/932MW(MG)/ 2032MW(MG), it's not hard to imagine. To learn more, please visit
Samsung Electronics Co., LTD
Head Office (Suwon Korea) 416, Maetan-3Dong, Paldal-Gu, Suwon City, Gyunggi-Do, Korea 443-742
2032BW(GW)/2232BW(GW) 932MW(MG)/2032MW(MG)
The spaciousness of wide style
Welcome to a world of width in which pictures are displayed with rich clarity and deeper resonance. Express your own unique sense of identity and beauty with the beautifully unique style and form of the 932MW/2032MW/ 2032BW/2232BW monitors from Samsung. Recognized at the 2007 iF Design Awards for their outstanding contemporary design, these monitors combine soft contours, clean cut lines, and a smooth surface into a premium, yet minimalist finish which gives you more space to express yourself.

Wider works wonders

Enjoy creating the ultimate atmosphere for optimizing your engagement with your entertainment. The wide screen enables you to enjoy movies and games in the format that they were intended to be enjoyed. Multi-media comes to life in a burst of accentuated reality ,allowing you to see more, feel more, and enjoy more.

Award winning design

Design innovation is born of inspiration. Allow the inspiration of our design to inspire you to reach new heights. Gentle, organic lines and curves eliminate sharp edges, bringing harmony and balance to any environment. Enjoy a sense of comfort and elegance with the smooth, bolt-less surface.
Revolutionary ball hinge mechanism
Samsung is proud to introduce a revolutionary hinge mechanism that adds freedom, flexibility, and expansive expression. The iF Award winning worlds first elastomer ball hinge system rotates with a graceful, fluid motion, and offers soft, smooth monitor angle adjustment so that you can enjoy elegance and style in every detail.

932MW(MG) / 2032MW(MG)

Clear images, vivid reality
The most powerful images are ones that move you and inspire you to new depths of emotion. Enjoy the clearest, most vivid images that you have ever seen. Enjoy realistic motion images displayed at the highest speed, with vibrant intensity, on the clearest of screens with the Syncmaster 932MW(GW)/2032MW(GW)/2032BW(MG)/2232BW(MG) monitors from Samsung.
3000:1 Dynamic Contrast (2032BW(GW)/2232BW(GW))
By intuitively adjusting the backlight brightness a contrast ratio of 3000:1 is achieved. This innovative technology dynamically optimizes images, delivering deeper, richer, more vivid colors. Bright and dark images are dramatically enhanced to make your enjoyment more complete.


Fast Response Time 2ms (2032BW(GW)/2232BW(GW))
The super fast response time (2ms) guarantees seamless viewing of motion pictures. No ghosting, no blurring, just perfect, fluid clarity. It is ideal for games, movies, multimedia or streamed media via the internet, so you can be sure that you will enjoy the highest quality images at all times.

Crystal Clear Screen (932MG/2032MG)
Enjoy crisp, clear images and richer, brighter colors. Even in the brightest light conditions the screen remains crystal clear due to the MagicClear coating on the Glare Panel. This ensures that external light sources do not affect the purity of the picture or the quality of your viewing.

Normal LCD


HDCP Enjoyment

Enjoy perfect quality video images displayed at the highest resolution when using the DVI (Digital Visual Interface). Enjoy pure digital contents and a sense of security with HDCP (High Definition Content Protection); enjoy more security, more quality, and more entertainment.
DVI Cable DVI-HDMI Adapter Monitor DVI Cable HDMI DVD Player with HDCP Contents
Windows Vista Premium Certified
With a wide screen that supports multi-media functions and multi-window applications, these monitors are the perfect viewing environment for Windows Vista Premium. Their super fast response time, high contrast ratio, and high glossy black bezel enable Windows Vista to work, and be viewed at its optimum level.
The ultimate entertainment station
The Syncmaster 932MW(MG)/2032MW(MG) monitors are the perfect solution to all of your digital entertainment needs. By conveniently connecting to DVD players, video, and game consoles you can enjoy maximum entertainment with a minimum of effort. With its embedded TV tuner and clear sound speakers you can enjoy TV with or without a PC in any area of your home or work environment.


Class Panel Viewable area Pixel Pitch(mm) Brightness(typ.) Contrast Ratio(typ.) Viewing Angle(H/V) Response Time(ms)(typ.) Frequency Vertical Frequency(Hz) Maximum Resolution Color Supported Signal Input Input Video Signal SyncMaster 2032BW(GW) 20 wide 0.258x0.258 300cd/m2 DC 3000:1(1000:1) 170 /170 >5) (CR 2 56~x 1050 16.7Mil. Analog RGB, DVI SyncMaster 2232BW(GW) 22 wide 0.282x0.282 300cd/m2 DC 3000:1(1000:1) 170 /170 >5) (CR 2 30~81 56~x 1050 16.7Mil. Analog RGB, DVI SyncMaster 932MW(MG) 19 wide 0.2835 300cd/m2 1000:/160 >10) (CR 5 30~81 56~x 900 16.7Mil. Analog RGB, DVI, HDMI, Composite, S-Video, Component, SCART, PAL Tuner Sync Type Input Connectors Separate H/V, Composite, Separate H/V, Composite, Separate H/V, Composite SOG D-sub, DVI-D SOG D-sub, DVI-D 15pin D-sub, DVI-D, HDMI, CVBS, S-Video, SCART, Component, Analog Tuner Plug & Play MAC Compatibility Power On Mode DPMS Mode Type Multimedia Speaker Cabinet Color Other Include Accessories DDC 2B O 50 Watts <1 Watt Built-in Black High Glossy 476 x 390 x x 344 x x 411 x 132 4.75 6.3 DVI(HDCP), MagicBright3 High Glossy Black Stand Type Function Ball Hinge Type Tilt DDC 2B O 50 Watts <1 Watt Built-in Black High Glossy 517 x 419 x x 372 x x 437x 132 4.95 6.5 DVI(HDCP), MagicBright3 High Glossy Black Ball Hinge Type Tilt DDC 1/2B O 45 Watts(Max.) <2 Watts Built-in Built-in Black High Glossy Power Cord, Audio Cable, Remote Control, RGB Cable Dimension Set(WxHxD)(mm) (with Stand) Set(WxHxD)(mm) (w/o Stand) Packing(WxHxD)(mm) Weight Special Features Set(kg) Packing(kg) 549 x 417 x 134 4.7 6.1 HDTV Ready, Built-in PAL Tuner, HDMI, SCART Ball Hinge Type Tilt 570 x 444 x 140 5.3 6.9 HDTV Ready, Built-in PAL Tuner, HDMI, SCART Ball Hinge Type Tilt 466 x 350 x x 368 x x 400 x 199 15pin D-sub, DVI-D, HDMI, CVBS, S-Video, SCART, Component, Analog Tuner DDC 1/2B O 45 Watts(Max.) <2 Watts Built-in 3Wx2ch Black High Glossy Power Cord, Audio Cable, Remote Control, RGB Cable 493 x 419 x 209 SyncMaster 2032MW(MG) 20 wide 0.258 300cd/m2 1000:/160 >10) (CR 5 30~81 56~x 1050 16.7Mil. Analog RGB, DVI, HDMI, Composite, S-Video, Component, SCART, PAL Tuner Separate H/V, Composite

Enjoy entertainment in style
Enjoy entertainment at its best with the Syncmaster 932MW(MG)/2032MW(MG). The widest range of connection capability and highest quality imaging bring deliver an integrated entertainment experience. Its luxuriant design and phenomenal performance will bring you more excitement, more entertainment, and more enjoyment.
Horizontal Frequency(kHz) 30~81
Enjoy a wider range of media
With connection availability for HDMI, D-sub, DVI-D, CVBS, S-Video, Component, SCART, and Headphones, you can enjoy being able to connect to a wide variety of AV devices. Games consoles, DVD players, PC, Audio, Camcorders, and more can be connected, making your entertainment more integrated and more complete.

Embedded TV tuner

With its built-in TV tuner, the Syncmaster 932MW/2032MW has unlimited potential for providing you pleasure. As a PC TV or PC free TV, it will add more entertainment options to your home or work environment. Its flawless design and excellent TV access will mean that you are free to enjoy all that you see.
Hidden speakers, obvious style
The powerful 3Wx2Ch. channel hidden speakers deliver stunning sound whilst incorporating elegantly into the soft, minimal style of the monitor. With an invisible visual presence and an exciting audio presence the speakers will ensure that your entertainment experience is as exhilarating as can be.
Composite, S-Video, Component, Composite, S-Video, Component,
Media interfacing made easy
The HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) and DVI (Digital Visual Interface) delivers video images at the highest resolution and with perfect quality. Digital contents are delivered with safety and security thanks to HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) support.


2032BW / unit: mm

2232BW / unit: mm

932MW / unit: mm

2032MW / unit: mm

419.0 419.0 390.0 400.0
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.



Software DVW-7100 Galileo Luna 19 20LS5RC LWG092RC-4 C 6002 AD-F 800C TX-L32v10E Globalmap 100 Hilti PR25 2309M Keypad Yamaha C-40 C-S5VL TW100-BRF114 LE26A336 RM-EZ2T Rancilio Talea Ring Carmageddon MG-604A 250-2000 DVS450H 2043BW CDP-597 AV-28WFT1 GR-D340e EK TX-29PM1F LT280 Vision Polycom V500 XR-1853MK2 HF-6W 42PF3320 10 G32026pexx DPL-2000 Manual 28PW6005 Yamaha SK20 Of Evil PN 8388 Shutter Lens P5SD2-FM PSC 2115 CMT-PX7 Odelia 753 KLV-S40a10E Lcd Tv CDX-393 OKO-S-3153-6DT 400-2003 90090 DVX-I880 PT-12 LV2378 LE37A330 Keypad ARX7170R Sedan 113 Grundig G2 Ideacentre Q150 8 0 ICD-B310F MZ-R55 AC-SQ950D Inhalt Manager KE850 SRT 5011 KV-28FX65E Sansui 771 EXT 2005 CQ-FX721N 8HP-1998 Keyboard WT1485CW SX-AX5 Quickcam WEB 148gtle Invents LSP120A-2 NWA-1100 Driver DB2000 Carriers NWD-271N Panda 4X4 Laminator D4160 ZDS204 Story VSX-609RDS Iphone 3G Review KDL-32EX501 42LH40 Dell A920 Pilot K8N-DL RX-V620 Track 2F2609 MR16-hdcd C736DN


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