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overit 10:55pm on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 
Be aware of the limited lifespan Anyone buying a Panasonic LCD projector with organic LCD panels, such as this one. Great picture as long as it works The projector worked fine for about 18 months.
mcpenner 7:24am on Friday, August 13th, 2010 
very happy, great picture especially with good DVD/HD signal. Owned it for about 10mths and so far so good on the reliability front.
carango 12:49pm on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
However, if you use it for extended time periods, such as in lieu of a normal family TV (for daily TV watching or video gaming).
aslanvid 7:14am on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
This projector is the best value at present. I use it with a Comcast HDTV Cable Box and my RCA HD DVD Home Theater System. I swapped this out for my old panasonic PTL900. The pt-ax200u is 2/3 the price for what I paid for the 900.
doctorz 10:50am on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 
I don?t usually write reviews, but I strongly felt this is worth informing as many people as possible. Already about 200 hours of viewing (on economy mode) and VERY VERY HAPPY with the results. very good color contrast and especially with HD - (i.e.
Ron Gardner 8:47am on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 
BUY IT!! I have it for my Home Theater set up. Wii, Xbox, Ps3, and cable box, Great picture, Great amount of lumens. I didnt buy this through NewEgg, but I have bought almost everything else through them. GREAT service, FAST delivery! Top of the line company!.
jarik 9:10am on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 
Thus far I have only hooked up the projector to my computer and Xbox 360. Crappy downloaded movies from the internet look amazingly good.

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High-Definition Home Cinema Projector
Home Theater Made Easy to Meet Your Lifestyle
A Bigger Picture Brings Images to Life!
The PT-AX200 is ideal for watching sports events or playing video games in daytime conditions and surely for viewing movies in a dark room. Powerful 2,000-lumen brightness and new Light Harmonizer 2 technology make it easy for people to enjoy vibrant, dynamic images even if they don't have a special theater room. Panasonics advanced technologies improve color reproduction accuracy in movies, to deliver images with a refined Hollywood picture quality, making this projector ideal as the heart of a home cinema system.
Play video games by projecting the image onto a big screen.
Enjoy sports programs, cartoons and TV shows with family.
Watch your favorite movies in high picture quality.
2,000-Lumen BrightnessBrightest in its Class*1
Panasonic developed an extremely powerful lamp to realize an outstanding brightness of 2,000 lumens, brightest in its class.*1
Game Mode for Stress-Free Playing
The PT-AX200 features a Game mode that improves signal processing for better response, allowing you to play games with minimal stress. It also reveals gradation in saturated areas to show detail that are otherwise lost in very dark areas.
Light Harmonizer 2 Brings Crisp Picture in Various Lightings
Together with the 2,000-lumens brightness, Panasonics Light Harmonizer 2 technology produces vivid and easy to see images even in the kind of bright lighting that makes images from other projectors look whitish, faded or lacking in Light Harmonizer 2 Concept detail. In addition, it has a built-in ambient light sensor (ALS) that measures the amount of light in your ALS room to optimize the picture quality Light at different lighting conditions.*2 Harmonizer 2 circuit Light Harmonizer 2 circuit not only Gamma curve adjusts the gamma curve, but also Iris Lamp powers controls iris setting, lamp power, and Sharpness Screen picture sharpness to maintain easy, Projector comfortable viewing at all times.
The Game mode reveals more details in dark areas.


Cinema 1 Mode Offers Hollywood Picture Quality
Panasonic worked with experts in Hollywoodthe movie capital of the worldto create the ideal image reproduction for viewing movies. This allows the PT-AX200 to deliver true Hollywood picture quality, with images that faithfully express the directors artistic intent.

Pure Color Filter

The Pure Color Filter was born from Panasonics pursuit of optical technology that delivers true Hollywood picture quality. The light spectrum is adjusted to produce a level of light that maximizes the performance of the LCD panels, which expands the color range and produces truer blacks.

Smooth Screen Technology

Developed exclusively by Panasonic, this effectively reduces the black lines between pixels that mar picture quality. The highdefinition picture of the PT-AX200 is remarkably smooth and film-like, while remaining amazingly sharp and detailed.
PT-AX200: Light Harmonizer 2

Dynamic Iris

Dynamic Iris has been refined to provide deeper, richer blacks needed for true image reproduction with stunning smoothness. This technology adjusts the lamp power, iris, and gamma curve according to data obtained from frame-by-frame histogram analysis of the image brightness level.
High-precision iris mechanism
Advanced Dynamic Sharpness Control
The new Advanced Dynamic Sharpness Control determines image areas that need to be sharpened at varying degrees by examining small changes in brightness levels within the image. This greatly reduces noise amplification and delivers clear and natural looking images.
A 1,000-lumen class projector
*1: For LCD projectors with native resolution of 720p, as of August 1, 2007. *2: The Light Harmonizer 2 is set to Auto at the factory. There is also a Manual mode if you want to finetune the picture yourself.

2x Optical Zoom Lens

The 2x optical zoom lens provides a wide throw range that gives you outstanding setup flexibility, letting you enjoy large-screen viewing in different sized rooms. Position it on a table in front of you, suspend it from the ceiling, or place it on a bookshelf behind you.
Simple, Convenient Remote Control
The remote control is intuitively laid out for ease of use. The picture mode select buttons are divided into Theater Room and Living Room to separate the modes into those recommended for dark room viewing and bright room viewing respectively.
Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift
Adjust the positioning of the picture vertically and horizontally by simply operating a joystick. The shift range is 63% of the screen height for vertical adjustment, and 25% of the screen width for horizontal adjustment.

Other Features

Seven picture modes include game, vivid cinema, normal, dynamic, cinema 1, and cinema 2. User equalizing function lets you adjust the high, mid and low gamma levels.
Image size/projection distance
Projection size (16:9) Diagonal length 1.01 m / 1.52 m / 2.03 m / 2.54 m / 3.05 m / 3.81 m / 5.08 m / 200 Projection distance (L) Min. distance (LW) 1.2 m / 311 1.8 m / 510 2.4 m / 710 3.1 m / 102 3.7 m / 121 4.6 m / 151 6.2 m / 204

Two HDMI Inputs

Two HDMI inputs let you connect two devices, such as a BD player and game console, at the same time, using HDMI cables. This eliminates the need for an HDMI switcher.
Up to eight sets of adjustment settings can be stored in memory with custom names that make them easy to remember. Sceneadaptive resizing LSI improves quality when resizing 480p images or those from other sources with resolution lower than the PT-AX200s native resolution. Cinema Color Management allows individual color correction Scene-adaptive MPEG noise reduction effectively blocks regular noise and minimizes mosquito noise. 24p compatible Progressive cinema scan (3/2 pulldown) and HD IP Quiet operation (25 dB) and front exhaust On-screen input guidance Auto input search Off-timer Normal/economy lamp power selection Built-in test pattern

Max. distance (LT) 2.4 m / 710 3.7 m / 121 4.9 m / 16

Screen size (diagonal)

6.2 m / 204 7.4 m / 243 9.3 m / 306 12.4 m / 408



PT-AX200 Specifications

Power supply Power consumption LCD panel*1 Panel size Aspect ratio Display method Pixels Lens Lamp*2 Brightness*3 Contrast*3 Resolution YPBPR signal compatibility Color system Optical axis shift*5 Keystone correction range Terminals S-VIDEO IN VIDEO IN COMPUTER IN COMPONENT IN HDMI IN SERIAL Dimensions*6 (W x H x D) Weight Operating environment Supplied accessories Optional accessories ET-LAX100 ET-PKX200 ET-ADSER 100240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 290 W (Approx. 0.08 W in standby mode with fan stopped) 0.7 (17.78 mm) diagonally 16:9 aspect ratio Transparent LCD panel (x 3, R/G/B) 921,600 (1280 x 720) x 3, total of 2,764,800 pixels Manual zoom (2x)/Manual focus, F 1.9 - 3.1, f 21.7 mm - 43.1 mm 220 W UHM lamp 2,000 lumens*4 6,000:1*4 (full on/full off) RGB: 1280 x 720 pixels (1920 x 1080 pixels with compression) 480i (525i), 480p (525p), 576i (625i), 576p (625p), 720 (750)/50p, 720 (750)/60p, 1,080 (1,125)/24p, 1,080 (1,125)/50i, 1,080 (1,125)/50p, 1,080 (1,125)/60i, 1,080 (1,125)/60p NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL 60, SECAM Horizontal 25% and vertical 63% Vertical: approx. 30 Mini DIN 4-pin x 1 RCA pin x 1 D-sub HD 15-pin (female) x 1 RCA pin (Y, PB/CB, PR/CR) x 1 HDMI connector x 2 Mini DIN 8-pin x 1 (RS-232C based) 395 x 112 x 300 mm (15-17/32 x 4-13/32 x 11-25/32) 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs.) Temperature: 040C (32104F), Humidity: 20%80% (no condensation) Power cord, Wireless remote control unit, Batteries for remote control (UM-3 x 2) Replacement lamp unit Ceiling mount bracket Serial adapter (DIN 8-pin/D-sub 9-pin)

Ecology-Conscious Design

Panasonic strives to minimize environmental impact caused by its products through careful consideration of design, production, delivery, process and product life cycle. The PT-AX200 reflects the following ecological considerations. Lead-free solder is used to mount components on the printed circuit boards. No halogenated flame retardants are used in the cabinet. No polystyrene foam is used in the packing materials. Lead-free glass is used for the lens. The packing case and operating manual are made from recycled paper. Lamp power switching further reduces power consumption. Standby power consumption is a mere 0.08 watts in the standby mode.

*1: The projector uses a type of liquid crystal panel that typically consists of millions of pixels. This panel is built with very high-precision technology designed to provide one of the finest possible images. Occasionally, a few pixels may remain turned on (bright) or turned off (dark). Please note that this is an intrinsic characteristic of the manufacturing technology that affects all products using LCD technology. *2: The projector uses a high-voltage mercury lamp that contains high internal pressure. This lamp may break, emitting a large sound, or fail to illuminate, due to impact or extended use. The length of time that it takes for the lamp to break or fail to illuminate varies greatly depending on individual lamp characteristics and usage conditions. *3: Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO 21118 international standards. *4: In AI mode, with dynamic iris on *5: Shift range is limited during simultaneous horizontal and vertical shifting. *6: Excluding protrusions
Please contact Panasonic or your dealer for a demonstration.
Projector Global Web Site
Weights and dimensions shown are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice. This product may be subject to export control regulations. UHM is a trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. VGA and XGA are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark owners. Projection images simulated.
PT-AX200G-07AUG10K Printed in Japan.



Verdict Approx price 900

Panasonic PT-AX200E

An affordable projector, but the price comes with strings attached
BCheap as chips; terrific game mode; no chicken wire problems visible EBlack level issues; brightness stepping; slight noise in dark areas
MOST PEOPLE USUALLY dismiss the idea of owning a projector for two main reasons: price and the difculty of accommodating one in the home. But with its strikingly low price tag and remarkably high brightness level, the PT-AX200E is out to sweep away both of those obstacles in one fell swoop. The AX200E also boasts more genuinely useful features than youd expect to nd on something this affordable. Panasonics Smooth Screen technology, is on hand to cure LCDs traditional chicken wire problem where the pixel structure of the panels are clearly delineated in the nal projected image. Its also pleasing to nd the unit compatible with 1080p/24fps feeds from Blu-ray players, even though its native resolution is only 1,280 x 720 pixels. Theres a likeable selection of themed image presets too, including one called Cinema 1 that has been specially calibrated by Hollywood insiders. Inevitably for an LCD projector, the AX200E employs a dynamic contrast system that dims the lamp output when dark scenes are


The rivals

/ Planar PD7010

Similarly priced, this DLP model has much to offer if youre not bothered by its slight rainbow effect problem. Reviewed: Issue 320

/ InFocus IN76

This DLP model is slightly more expensive. But its a really accomplished performer despite its relative vintage. Reviewed: Issue 309
Its rather chunky shape and bland colour scheme are hardly going to make it a design classic. Things look up with the array of connections, which rise above that budget price tag by including two HDMI sockets. Of course you also get a component video input to satisfy the HD Ready demands, plus a D-Sub PC input, the standard S-video and composite fallbacks and one serial port.
028 / What Video & Hi-Def TV / Issue 332

WHV332.panpro 028

3/3/08 14:04:18
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Ease of use

Setup is the AX200Es real strength, thanks to a brilliant little joystick affair that lets you shift the picture up, down, left or right, combined with loads of keystone adjustment, and a massive x2 zoom that should also make it adaptable to pretty much any room size. The backlit remote control is simple, too.

Fact le

/ LCD projector / HD Ready / Smooth Screen technology / 6,000:1 claimed contrast ratio / 2,000 ANSI Lumens brightness


As youd expect of something from a manufacturer with such a long and prestigious projector heritage, the AX200Es pictures are far better than its price might suggest. For instance, the Smooth Screen system ensures theres absolutely no sign of LCDs chicken wire problem and images are as smooth as silk. Choose the Cinema 1 preset and colours are unusually natural for this price point, too, avoiding the tendency of cheap, liquid crystal projectors to overcook hues to a level more suited to PC than video purposes. That said, theres also a genuinely terric Game mode that pumps up the colour range and drives your Xbox 360 and PS3 games off the screen. And nally, motion looks crisp and noise-free, devoid of the rainbow effect that blights budget DLP rivals. So, why the low picture score? Theres a small cluster of reasons. First and worst, black levels arent great; dark scenes are noticeably greyed over, even with the lamp set to eco and the Cinema presets on. Also, we noticed some rather distracting brightness jumps at times when the dynamic contrast system snaps // into action. As a result of the black level limitations, dark scenes lack a few background details and even suffer the odd colour discrepancy. Some gentle zzing noise also appears in dark scenes, and nally, while the Smooth Screen system successfully removes the chicken wire effect, it makes HD sources look slightly softer than is ideal.

/ Time in Lab: 13 days / Serial No: SA7510198 395mm
Playback Test Colour Black level Contrast Detail


Power consumption: Standby: In use:

18W 270W

Lab notes: A fair, rather than outstanding, set of results
detected to improve black levels. Thanks to this, it aims to deliver a respectable 6,000:1 contrast ratio. Even more striking is a claimed brightness output of 2,000 ANSI Lumens, the highest such gure weve seen from such an affordable home entertainment projector. As we suggested earlier, its this feature of the AX200E that should help it t

Spec check

Type: LCD Panel shape: 16:9 Resolution: 1,280 x 720 HD Ready: Yes Quoted contrast ratio: 6,000:1 Quoted brightness: 2,000 ANSI Lumens Throw ratio: 100in image from 3.1m-6.2m Supported video formats: 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (50/60/35/24) Dimensions: 395(w) x 112(h) x 300(d)mm Weight: 4.9kg / Other features: Pure colour lter; dynamic contrast system; MPEG noise reduction; light harmoniser system; Eco lamp option; various image presets; dynamic sharpness processing / Sockets: Inputs: 2 HDMI; component video; composite video; S-video; serial port; D-Sub PC port / Contact:
Motion looks crisp and noise-free, devoid of the rainbow effect that blights budget rivals
into a normal domestic setting, for it implies that its pictures should be watchable even in a not completely darkened room. In fact, the projector goes so far as to include a Light Harmoniser function that adjusts the pictures settings in response to how much ambient light is detected in the room. Furthermore, a Pure Colour Filter manipulates the lamp output to improve colour toning; sceneadaptive MPEG noise reduction; a dynamic sharpness control that seeks out and subdues potentially over-harsh edges; and normal and eco lamp power options.
AV enthusiasts may wish for a little more core picture quality than the AX200E offers, but more casual users will lap it up


The sort of casual user the AX200E is clearly aimed at will probably scarcely be able to believe their luck when they realise what huge and bright images they can get for south of a grand. Z
Issue 332 / What Video & Hi-Def TV / 029

WHV332.panpro 029

3/3/08 14:04:21



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