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sambi 8:55am on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
Good product I agree, this item came very quickly, direct from Germany. Panasonic GF1 Screen Protector The screen protector does exactly what it says on the packaging!

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KRF-V7020/V6020/V5020 (En/T)
KRF-V7020 KRF-V6020 KRF-V5020


This instruction manual is for some models. Model availability and features (functions) may differ depending on the country and sales area.
About the supplied remote control (RC-R0508).
Compared to standard remote controls, the remote control supplied with this receiver has several operation modes. These modes enable the remote control to control other audio/video components. In order to effectively use the remote control it is important to read the operating instructions and obtain a proper understanding of the remote control and how to switch its operation modes (etc.). Using the remote control without completely understanding its design and how to switch the operation modes may result in incorrect operations.
B60-4155-MA (T,E2,Q) OC 9809

Remote Control



Getting started
Before applying the power
Units are designed for operation as follows. U.K. and Europe.. AC 230 V only Russia... AC 220 V only
Caution : Read this page carefully to ensure safe operation.


Unpack the unit carefully and make sure that all accessories are put aside so they will not be lost. Examine the unit for any possibility of shipping damage. If your unit is damaged or fails to operate, notify your dealer immediately. If your unit was shipped to you directly, notify the shipping company without delay. Only the consignee (the person or company receiving the unit) can file a claim against the carrier for shipping damage. We recommend that you retain the original carton and packing materials for use should you transport or ship the unit in the future. Keep this manual handy for future reference.

For the United Kingdom

Preparations Operations Other
Factory fitted moulded mains plug
1. The mains plug contains a fuse. For replacement, use only a 13Amp ASTA-approved (BS1362) fuse. 2. The fuse cover must be refitted when replacing the fuse in the moulded plug. 3. Do not cut off the mains plug from this equipment. If the plug fitted is not suitable for the power points in your home or the cable is too short to reach a power point, then obtain an appropriate safety approved extension lead or adapter, or consult your dealer. If nonetheless the mains plug is cut off, remove the fuse and dispose of the plug immediately, to avoid a possible shock hazard by inadvertent connection to the mains supply.


FM indoor antenna (1)


The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Blue : Neutral Brown : Live Do not connect those leads to the earth terminal of a three-pin plug. AM loop antenna (1) Loop antenna stand (1)
Batteries are supplied with this product. When they empty, you should not throw away. Instead, hand them in as small chemical waste.
For KRF-V7020, KRF-V6020 Batteries (R03/AAA) (4) Remote control unit (1) RC-R0508

Safety precautions

For KRF-V5020 Remote control unit (1) RC-R0710

Batteries (R06/AA) (2)



Do not use volatile solvents such as alcohol, paint thinner, gasoline, or benzine, etc. to clean the cabinet. Use a clean dry cloth. Do not use contact cleaners because it could cause a malfunction. Be specially careful against contact cleaners containing oil, for they may deform the plastic components.


Caution : Read the pages marked safe operation. carefully to ensure

Getting started.. 2

Before applying the power.. 2 Safety precautions.. 2 Unpacking.. 2 How to use this manual.. 4 Special features... 4
Names and functions of parts.. 5 Setting up the system.. 8


Connecting audio components.. 8 Connecting video components.. 9 Connecting DVD 6-channel jack.. 9 Connecting the antennas.. 9 Connecting the system control. 10 Connecting the speakers.. 11 Preparing the remote control (RC-R0508). 12 Preparing the remote control (RC-R0710). 13
Preparing for surround sound. 13

Speaker settings.. 13

Normal playback.. 14
Operations Remote Control Other
Preparing for playback.. 14 Listening to a source component.. 15 Adjusting the sound.. 15

Recording.. 16

Recording audio.. 16 Recording video.. 16
Listening to radio broadcasts.. 17
Tuning (non-RDS) radio stations.. 17 Using RDS (Radio Data System).. 17 Using the DISPLAY key.. 18 Presetting RDS stations (RDS AUTO MEMORY).. 18 Presetting radio stations manually. 19 Receiving preset stations.. 19 Receiving preset stations in order (P.CALL).. 19 Tuning by program type (PTY search). 20 Reserving the desired information. 20

Ambience effects. 22

Surround modes.. 22 Surround play... 23 DVD 6-channel playback.. 23 Convenient functions... 24
In case of difficulty.. 25 Specifications.. 27 Quick start guide.. 1 Getting the most from your remote control.. 3 Setup code chart.. 7 In case of difficulty.. 13 Remote operation of other components. 14
Remote Control (Separate booklet) (RC-R0508)

How to use this manual

Special features

True home theater sound

The manual covers the KRF-V7020, KRF-V6020, and KRF-V5020. Items such as functions, number of jacks, and remote control details differ somewhat between these models. To confirm the functions available on the model you have purchased, refer to the table below. Model name KRF-V7020 Remote Control Terminal Preout
This receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your video software. Select a surround mode according to your equipment or the software you are going to play and enjoy!

Speaker out

Front input
Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby 3 Stereo

This surround system reproduces theater-like surround sound from video software marked. The PRO LOGIC mode uses the built-in adaptive matrix circuit to steer the Left, Center, Right and Surround channel audio signals. The 3 STEREO mode will redirect the Surround signal to the front left and right speakers when only the front and center speakers are used.
RC-Rsystems (A, B) RC-Rsystems (A, B) RC-Rsystem



New DSP surround modes

This manual is divided in to four sections, Preparations, Operations, Other, and Remote Control. The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) used for this receiver incorporates a variety of high quality adjustable sound fields, like "LIVE" and "HALL". It is compatible with almost any kind of program source.
Shows you how to connect your audio and video components to the receiver and prepare the surround processor. We've tried to make setting up your system as easy as possible. However, since this receiver works with all of your audio and video components, connecting the system can be fairly complex.

DVD 6-channel input

If you own a DVD player equipped with 6-channel output, this receiver allows you to obtain the full surround sound impact of DVD source material featuring multi-channel encoding. Since the source signals are digital and each channel is input independently, the resulting ambience is far superior to what can be achieved with conventional surround sound systems.
Shows you how to operate the various functions available from the receiver.
Universal IR (InfraRed) remote control (RC-R0508 only)
In addition to the basic receiver, the remote control supplied with this receiver can also operate almost all of your remote controllable audio and video components. Just follow the simple setup procedure to register the components you have connected.
Shows you additional information such as In case of difficulty (troubleshooting) and Specifications.
Remote Control (Separate booklet) (RC-R0508 only)
Includes the Quick Start Guide, which shows you how to operate other components using the remote control, as well as a detailed explanation of all remote control operations. Once you have registered your components with the proper setup codes, youll be able to operate both this receiver and your other AV components (TV, VCR, LD player, CD player, etc.) using the remote control supplied with this receiver.







For KRF-V5020

! @ # $ %


^ & *

For KRF-V7020
1 POWER key $ Use to turn the main power ON/OFF. ) key $ 2 ON/STANDBY ( Use to switch the power ON/STANDBY when the POWER is turned ON. STANDBY indicator 3 PTY key Use to perform PTY search. 4 TA/NEWS key ) 5 DISPLAY key * Use to change the display indications when receiving RDS broadcasts. 6 BAND key & Use to select the broadcast band. 7 AUTO key & Use to select the auto tuning mode.
8 MEMORY key * Use to store radio stations in the preset memory. 9 VOLUME CONTROL knob % 0 PHONES jack ^ Use for headphone listening. ! SPEAKERS A key $ Use to turn speaker system A on and off. SPEAKERS key (KRF-V5020) $ Use to turn the speakers on and off. @ SPEAKERS B key $ Use to turn speaker system B on and off. MUTE key (KRF-V5020) ^ Use to temporarily mute the sound. # BASS BOOST key % Use to select the maximum adjustment setting for the low frequency range.
$ VIDEO 2 / MONITOR key 8^ % SOURCE DIRECT key ^ ^ LISTEN MODE key Use to select the listening mode. & SOUND key Use to adjust the sound quality and ambience effects. * SETUP key # Use to select the surround sound settings. ( MULTI CONTROL knob Used to make a variety of settings. ) INPUT SELECTOR knob % Use to select the input sources. VIDEO 1 input jacks (For KRF-V7020) FRONT/REAR key Use to select FRONT or REAR for the VIDEO 1 input.
About the STANDBY indicator
This unit has a STANDBY indicator. When the STANDBY indicator is lit, the unit consumes a small amount of power to preserve the memory. This is called STANDBY mode. This mode also lets you turn the power ON using the remote control.

RDS indicator

TUNED indicator MONITOR indicator DSP indicator 3 STEREO indicator STEREO indicator
Remote control unit (RC-R0508)


Page references such as RC0 indicate pages in the remote control operation manual (Separate booklet). 1 POWER key @ Use to turn the receiver on and off. Use in combination with the input selector (AUDIO, VIDEO, or TV) keys and SHIFT key to turn various components on and off. 2 MACRO key RC5 Use in combination with the AUDIO, VIDEO, or TV keys to execute a series of commands automatically (MACRO PLAY). 3 VIDEO selector key Selects the video inputs and sets the remote control to operate the component registered at the respective input. 4 Multi control keys RC$ Use to operate the selected component. 5 REC key RC$ Use to operate the selected component. 6 TUNING/SKIP key Use during the setup procedure to specify various settings. Use to operate the tuner or selected component. 7 SUBWOOFER key Use in combination with the VOLUME +/ keys to adjust the volume of the subwoofer.

AUTO (7)key & If tuner is selected as the input source, this key functions as the AUTO key. If CD or MD is selected as the input source, this key functions as the stop key. TUNING (1 ) keys & If tuner is selected as the input source, these keys function as tuning keys. If CD or MD is selected as the input source, these keys function as search keys. P.CALL (4 ) keys ( If tuner is selected as the input source, these keys function as P.CALL keys. If CD or MD is selected as the input source, these keys function as skip keys. 3 LISTEN MODE, TITLE key Use to select the listening mode. 4 MUTE, ENTER key ^ Use to temporarily mute the sound. 5 SOUND key Use to adjust the sound quality and ambience effects. 6 MULTI CONTROL key Used to make a variety of settings.
7 DVD CONT keys Used to operate DVD player. While holding this key depressed, press any of the keys masked in gray in the above illustration to operate the corresponding function of a DVD player from KENWOOD. Keys 3, 4, 5, 9 and ! are given the following functions during the DVD player control operation. 3 :TITLE 4 :ENTER 5 :SUB TITLE 9 :MENU ! :OSD For details, refer to the instruction manual of your DVD player. 8 POWER key # Use to switch the power ON/STANDBY when the POWER is turned ON. 9 SOURCE DIRECT key ^ 0 VOLUME CONTROL key ! SETUP key # Use to select the surround sound settings. @ RDS operation keys Use to receive RDS broadcasts. # Input selector keys % Use to select the receiver's input source.

Setting up the system

Make connections as shown below. When connecting the related system components, be sure to also refer to the instruction manuals supplied with the components you are connecting. Do not connect the power cord to a wall outlet until all connections are completed.
Connecting audio components
Shape of AC outlets For U.K.
Microcomputer malfunction
If operation is not possible or an erroneous display appears, even though all connections have been made properly, reset the microcomputer referring to In case of difficulty. For other countries SYSTEM CONTROL jacks 0 To AC wall outlet
Caution regarding placement
To maintain proper ventilation, be sure to leave a space around the unit (from the largest outer dimensions, including projections) equal to, or greater than shown below: Left and right panels: 10 cm, Rear panel: 10 cm, Top panel: 50 cm


The receivers VIDEO 2/MONITOR jacks can be used in two different ways. Make the appropriate setting for the component connected to the jack when the receiver is turned on. Use as a VIDEO 2 jack You can connect a video deck or the like to these jacks and perform video playback and recording. The initial factory setting is VIDEO 2. Use as a MONITOR jack You can connect a cassette deck or the like to these jacks and make use of the decks monitoring function during recording. Alternately, you can connect a graphic equalizer to these jacks to apply compensation to the music signal. To use the VIDEO 2/MONITOR jacks as MONITOR jacks, hold down the VIDEO 2/MONITOR key of the main unit for more two seconds so that the indication shown below appears.



Cassette deck or graphic equalizer
To use these jacks as MONITOR jacks, you must change the appropriate setting. OUT


Cassette deck or MD recorder IN




At the same time the setting is switched to MONITOR, the audio input source switches to tuner and the video input source switches to VIDEO 1. To switch the setting back to VIDEO 2, once again hold down the VIDEO 2/MONITOR key for two seconds or more. If you decide to use the VIDEO 2/MONITOR jacks as MONITOR jacks, make sure to delete the VIDEO 2 (VCR2) input from the preset remote control (RC-R0508). RC6

CD player

Notes 1. Be sure to insert all connection cords securely. If their connections are imperfect, the sound may not be produced or noise may interfere. 2. Be sure to remove the power cord from the AC outlet before plugging or unplugging any connection cords. Plugging / unplugging connection cords without disconnecting the power cord can cause malfunctions and may damage the unit. 3. Do not connect power cords from components whose power consumption is larger than what is indicated on the AC outlet at the rear of this unit.

Record player

To use the receiver for video recording, connect a video deck to the VIDEO 2/MONITOR jacks.
Connecting video components
Even if your DVD player does not have the 6-channel output facility, you can enjoy the 6-channel audio by connecting a multi-channel surround processor to your DVD player.












VIDEO OUT SURROUND Multi-channel surround processor

SYSTEM CONTROL switch KRF-V7020, KRF-V6020
EXAMPLE: [XS8] mode connections The underlined portion represents the setting of the system control mode. [SL16] [XS8] [SL16] [SL16] [XS] [XS8] [XR] [SL16] [XS] [XS8] [XS] Receiver MD recorder Cassette deck CD player Record player SYSTEM CONTROL cord
You can easily change the system control mode by adjusting the position of the SYSTEM CONTROL switch on the rear panel. Do this operation after completing all connections. For [SL16] For [XS8] For [SL16] For [XS8]
EXAMPLE: [SL16] mode connections The underlined portion represents the setting of the system control mode. [SL16] [XS8] [SL16] [XS] [XS8] [XR] [SL16] [XS] [XS8] [XS] Receiver Cassette deck or MD recorder CD player Record player SYSTEM CONTROL cord

KRF-V7020, KRF-V6020

This operation will not effect items stored in the memory. After switching the system control mode, turn the power off and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, then plug it back.
Registering setup codes for KENWOOD audio components (RC-R0508 only)
Once you finish making the system connections, be sure to register the appropriate setup code for each component. RC3 If you own remote controllable KENWOOD audio components that are not compatible with system control (or cannot be combined with your other system control components), registering the setup code enables you to control those components using the remote control supplied with this unit (without connecting system control cords). To register setup codes for your remote controllable KENWOOD audio components, see "Registering setup codes for other components". RC3
In order to take advantage of the system control operations, the components must be connected to the correct jacks. To use a CD player it must be connected to the CD jacks. To use a cassette deck (or MD recorder) it must be connected to the MD/TAPE jacks. When using more than one CD player (etc.) only the one connected to the specified jacks may be connected for system control. Some CD players and cassette decks are not compatible with the [SL16] system control mode. Be sure to use the [XS8] system control mode when making system connections with equipment that is not [SL16] compatible. Some MD players are not system control compatible. You cannot make system control connections to this kind of equipment.

Connecting the speakers

1 Strip coating. 2 Loosen. 1 Strip coating. 2 Push lever.
3 Insert cord. 3 Insert. 4 Secure.

4 Return lever.

Never short circuit the + and speaker cords. If the left and right speakers are connected inversely or the speaker cords are connected with reversed polarity, the sound will be unnatural with ambiguous acoustic imaging. Be sure to connect the speakers correctly. Front Speakers A Right Left The KRF-V5020 is equipped with one-touch speaker terminals. They are arranged in the Center Speaker same manner as the speaker terminals of the KRF-V7020 /KRF-V6020. Refer to the instructions on making connections to the KRF-V7020/KRFV6020 when making connections to the KRFV5020.

Speaker impedance

After confirming the speaker impedance indications printed on the rear panel of the receiver, connect speakers with matching impedance ratings. Using speakers with a rated impedance other than that indicated on the rear panel of the receiver could result in malfunctions or damage to the speakers or receiver.

PRE OUT connections

This receiver has additional preout jacks. These can be used for various purposes, but will need to be connected to an external power amplifier as shown in the example below.

Power amplifier

Surround Speakers Powered Subwoofer



Center Speaker

Powered subwoofer
Use the FRONT SPEAKERS B terminals if you want to connect a second front speaker system. (KRF-V5020 is not equipped with SPEAKERS B terminal.)
Power amplifier Connecting a speaker cord directly to a PRE OUT jack will not produce any sound from the speaker. To use the PRE OUT jacks, press the SPEAKERS A key to the on position (the SPEAKERS key in the case of the KRF-V5020).


Left Right Surround Speakers (Be sure to connect both surround speakers)

Speaker placement

Preparing the remote control (RC-R0508)

Loading the batteries

1 Remove the cover. Center speaker 2 Insert the batteries.
Subwoofer Front speaker Surround speaker Listening position

3 Close the cover.

Front speakers : Place to the front left and right of the listening position. Front speakers are required for all surround modes. Center speaker : Place front and center. This speaker stabilizes the sound image and helps recreate sound motion. Be sure to connect a center speaker when using the Dolby 3 Stereo mode. Surround speakers : Place to the direct left and right, or slightly behind, the listening position at even heights, approximately 1 meter above the ears of the listeners. These speakers recreate sound motion and atmosphere. Required for surround playback. Subwoofer : Reproduces powerful deep bass sounds. Although the ideal surround system consists of all the speakers listed above, if you don't have a center speaker or a subwoofer, you can divide those signals between the available speakers in the speaker settings to obtain the best possible surround reproduction from the speakers you have available. #

Insert four AAA-size (LR03) batteries as indicated by the polarity markings.


When the STANDBY indicator is lit, the power turns ON when you press the POWER key on the remote control. When the power comes ON, press the key you want to operate. Operating range (Approx.)

Remote sensor

Model: RC-R0508 Infrared ray system When pressing more than one remote control key successively, press the keys securely by leaving an interval of 1 second or more between keys.
Notes 1. The supplied batteries may have shorter lives than ordinary batteries due to use during operation checks. 2. Replace all four batteries with new ones when you notice a shortening of the distance from which the remote control will operate or if the remote control blinks 5 times when you press a key. The remote control is designed to retain set up codes in memory while you change batteries. 3. Placing the remote sensor in direct sunlight, or in direct light from a high frequency fluorescent lamp may cause a malfunction. In such a case, change the location of the system installation to prevent malfunction.
Preparing for surround sound
Preparing the remote control (RC-R0710)
1 Remove the cover. 2 Insert the batteries.

Speaker settings

To enable you to obtain optimum enjoyment from the receivers listening modes, make sure to complete the speaker settings as described below.


Insert two AA-size (R6) batteries as indicated by the polarity markings. RC-R0508
1 Turn on the receiver. 2 Select a speaker system.


1 Press the SETUP key to make the subwoofer setting indication (SUBW) appear.

s UBW Y Es

2 Use the MULTI CONTROL (TUNING/SKIP) to select the appropriate subwoofer setting. 1 SUBW YES: A subwoofer is connected to the receiver. 2 SUBW NO: No subwoofer is connected to the receiver. 3 Press the SETUP key to accept the setting. The center speaker setting indication (CNTR) appears.


4 Use the MULTI CONTROL (TUNING/SKIP) to select the appropriate center speaker setting. Model: RC-R0710 Infrared ray system When pressing more than one remote control key successively, press the keys securely by leaving an interval of 1 second or more between keys. 1 CNTR NML (normal): 2 CNTR LRG (large): 3 CNTR NO: An average size center speaker is connected to the receiver. A large center speaker is connected to the receiver. No center speaker is connected to the receiver.

Once-touch low frequency emphasis (bass boost)
The following adjustments are possible if the receiver is in the stereo mode. Press the BASS BOOST key. Press the key once to select the maximum (+10) low frequency emphasis setting. This key does not function when the receiver is in the sound quality or ambience effects mode.
2 Start playback from the selected source. 3 Use the VOLUME CONTROL (VOLUME) to adjust the


Switching back to the previous setting
Press the BASS BOOST key again.

Adjusting the tone


Muting the sound

MUTE lets you mute the sound of the speakers. Press the MUTE key.

Recording audio


Recording a music source

On the KRF-V5020, this selection can be made using the control on the receiver as well.

To cancel

Press the MUTE key again so that the MUTE indicator goes off. Muting can also be cancelled by adjusting the volume.
When recording a music source, switch the VIDEO2/MONITOR setting to MONITOR. Use the input selector to select the source (other than TAPE) you want to record. 2 Set the cassette deck to record. 3 Start playback, then start recording.
SOURCE DIRECT playback (analog sources only)
Use this function to pass the source material direct to the amplifier, bypassing any audio processing. Press the SOURCE DIRECT key.

Copying tapes

When copying tapes, switch the VIDEO2/MONITOR setting to MONITOR. 8 MONITOR = TAPE copying 1 Press the VIDEO 2/MONITOR key.
Either press the LISTEN MODE, SOUND, and SETUP keys, or switch to another input source to cancel SOURCE DIRECT playback.
Press again. If SOURCE DIRECT playback was activated when using a surround mode, cancelling it reactivates the previous surround mode.
2 Use the input selector to select a source other than TAPE. 3 Start playback on the cassette deck connected to the VIDEO2/ MONITOR jacks and start recording on the cassette deck connected to the MD/TAPE jacks. TAPE = MONITOR copying
Listening with headphones
1 Use the SPEAKERS A or B key (or the SPEAKERS key) to turn off the speaker indicator. Make sure the SPEAKERS indicators are turned off.
1 Use the input selector to select TAPE. 2 Start playback on the cassette deck connected to the MD/TAPE jacks and start recording on the cassette deck connected to the VIDEO2/MONITOR jacks. To copy tapes using a double cassette deck, refer to the instruction manual of the double cassette deck.
Make sure the SPEAKERS indicators are turned off.

MONITOR function

You can connect a cassette deck or graphic equalizer to the VIDEO2/ MONITOR jacks of the receiver. If a graphic equalizer is connected, the VIDEO2/MONITOR key should be left in the on position. Alternately, if a cassette deck equipped with a 3-head system is connected to the VIDEO2/MONITOR jacks, you will be able to monitor the just-recorded signal while making recordings on the cassette deck. By switching the VIDEO2/MONITOR key on and off, you can compare the sound of the source signal and the just-recorded signal. For more information, refer to the instruction manual of the connected component. To adjust the input level when the monitor function is turned on, use the SOUND key and the MULTI CONTROL key.

Receiving preset stations

1-0, +10

TUNER 1-0, +10
Tuning by program type (PTY search)
This function lets you set the tuner to automatically search for stations which are currently broadcasting the type of program (genre) you want to listen to. Under certain receiving conditions, it may take more than 1 minute to complete the search. NO PROG is displayed if this operation is attempted before performing the RDS Auto Memory operation.
3 Press the PTY key to start searching.
EXAMPLE: Searching for a Rock Music broadcast. Display while searching Blinks
Program type name display


Display when a station is received. Goes out

Station name display

No sound is heard while PTY is blinking. If the desired program type cannot be found, NO PROG is displayed, then after several seconds the display returns to the original display. RC-R0710
Execute the RDS auto memory procedure. Set the broadcast band to FM. Tune to an RDS station.
To select another program type

Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.

1 Press the PTY key to activate the PTY search mode.
Reserving the desired information
When the receiver is tuned to a RDS EON station (a station at which the EON indicator lights up), this function lets you set the receiver to automatically switch stations to receive news or traffic programs as they are broadcast. When the broadcast is over, the receiver returns to the original station automatically.


When an RDS broadcast is received, the program type is shown on the display. If no PTY data is available, or if the station is not an RDS station, NONE is displayed.
2 While the PTY indicator is lit, use the MULTI CONTROL
to select the program type of your choice.


Program type table
Program Type Name Pop Music Rock Music *M.O.R. Music Light Classic Music Serious Classic Music Other Music News Current Affairs Information Sport Education Drama Cultures Science Varied Speech Program Type Name Weather Finance Childrens programmes Social affairs Religion Phone in Travel Leisure Jazz music Country Music National Music Oldies Music Folk Music Documentary Display WEATHER FINANCE CHILDREN SOCIAL A RELIGION PHONE IN TRAVEL LEISURE JAZZ COUNTRY NATION M OLDIES FOLK M DOCUMENT


*M.O.R. Music (Middle of the Road Music) RC-R0710
Set the broadcast band to FM.
1 Complete steps 1~3 of "Presetting RDS stations (RDS


When waiting for information while listening to a RDS station without the EON function
If the EON indicator does not light in steps 3 and 4 and the desired kind of information has already been selected, the information from only the station being received will be waited for.
Skip this step if you have already completed the RDS AUTO MEMORY procedure. The EON function will not work if all 30 FM preset stations were stored manually using the procedure shown in Presetting radio stations manually. Be sure to use the RDS automatic memory function.
2 Press the TA/NEWS key to select the information type

of your choice.

TP (Traffic Program) indication
When the TP indicator is lit, this means that the presently-received station or a station in the same network is transmitting traffic information. When TP is displayed for the station being received, the traffic information of this station can be received without EON reservation.
Display When "TA" is selected
"TP" lights for stations where TP (Traffic Program) information can be received. Each press switches the reservation mode as follows: 1 TA 2 NEWS 3 TA, NEWS 4 off (Traffic Announcement) (News) (Traffic Announcement and News) (EON off)
To cancel EON reservation
Turn the TA and NEWS indicators off.
Setting the volume while receiving information (TI volume)
If you preset the volume level, you can listen to the information of your choice at that volume level automatically. After the information has been received, the volume returns to the previous level. 1 Hold down the TA/NEWS key for more than two seconds so that the TI.VOL indicator starts blinking.
If TA and NEWS can not be selected, carry out the RDS automatic memory function again. *
3 Tune to a preset RDS station.
Choose an RDS preset station that displays both the "RDS" and "EON" indicators. Display When "TA" is selected
Be sure "EON" appears in the display


T I -5 ) dB
If you want to reserve TA, receive a station with which the TP indicator lights. When EON does not light although an RDS station is received, that station is not transmitting EON data. Please select a different station.
2 Use the VOLUME CONTROL knob to select the desired volume level. Proceed to next step within five seconds. 3 Press the TA/NEWS key to enter the new setting. The TI.VOL indicator stops blinking and remains lit.

Subwoofer Front speaker Surround speaker

What's DSP?

DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor. The way a sound is heard in an actual environment depends on a variety of different factors. One of the most important is reverberation (the act of decaying elements of sound echoing in various places). The DSP modes produce the feeling of presence by using the DSP to create reverberation, without spoiling the sound quality of the original signal.

Center speaker

DVD 6-channel mode
Subwoofer Front speaker Surround speaker Using a DVD player or the like equipped with six (5.1) output channels and the receiver, you can enjoy multi-channel encoded DVD source material in all its splendor. Since the source signals are digital and each channel is input independently, the resulting sound quality, sense of spaciousness, and dynamic range are superb.

Dolby 3 Stereo

Dolby 3 Stereo is available for systems that do not have surround speakers. When in the Dolby 3 Stereo mode, the surround information is redirected to the front left and right speakers. This mode is designed for use with Dolby Surround program sources, but can also improve sound field unity for programs that are not Dolby Surround encoded. Dialog positioning and sound image definition, however, may not be as accurate when used with programs that are not Dolby Surround encoded. Center speaker
Subwoofer Front speaker Surround speakers

Subwoofer Front speaker

Surround Play
DOLBY PRO LOGIC and DOLBY 3 STEREO can be used when playing video, DVD, or LD software bearing the mark. DSP modes can be used with any source.

DVD 6-channel playback

Using a DVD player or the like equipped with six (5.1) output channels and the receiver, you can enjoy surround sound playback. When you try to play a disc other than Dolby Digital (AC-3) such as DTS CD, no sound is produced or, noise may be heard. To avoid this situation, make sure that you connect the component to the receivers DVD 6CH. INPUT jacks through a surround processor which can decode the surround signal you wont to listen to. Connecting a DVD player which can decode the surround signal itself is also acceptable.


Separater PhonoVorverstrker Phono mit A 2 digital digital

mit Endstufe



63/58 SurroundVorverstrker

5 stereoplay 2004

Mark Levinson No 38 S Mark Levinson No. 28 Mark Levinson No. 380 MBL 4010 MBL 5010 CM MBL 5010 CM MBL Der Vorverstrker McIntosh C 2200 McIntosh C 27 McIntosh C 29 McIntosh C 29 McIntosh C 33 McIntosh C 712 McIntosh MC 7205 McIntsoh C 100 Mclntosh MX132 Meridian 201 Meridian 501 Meridian 562/517/516 Meridian 565 Meridian 568 Meridian MCLP Metaxas Marquis Metaxas Opulence Mission 776 Mission Pre Mitsubishi DA-P 600 Mondial Acurus ACT 3 Monrio Primus Moscode Minuet in A Musical Fidelity Preamp 3 AX Musical Fidelity X P 100 Musical Fidelity X-Pre Musical Technology P 1 Myryad MP 100 NAD 1130 NAD 114 NAD 1155 NAD 118 NAD 1240 NAD 1300 NAD C 160 NAD PP 2 NAD S-100 Nagra PL-P Naim AV 2 Naim NAC 282 + HiCap Naim NAC 500 Naim NAC 552 Nakamichi CA-5 E Nakamichi CA-5 E II Nikko Beta 400 Nikko Beta II Octave HP 200 Octave HP 300 Octave HP 500 Octave HP 500 Octave HP 500 Mk 3 Onkyo P-200 Onkyo P-3030 Onkyo P-3060 Onkyo P-3060 R Onkyo P-3090 Onkyo P-3390 Onkyo P-3890 Parasound P/HP 850 Parasound P/LD 1100 Parasound P/LD 2000 Parasound P/LP 1500 Parasound P/SP 1000 Parasound P/SP 1500 Pass X 2 Pass Xono Perreaux SM 2 Pioneer C-7 Pioneer C-73 Pioneer C-90 Pioneer C-Z 1 Plinius Jarrah Proceed AVP Proceed PAV Proton AP-1000 Proton AP-400 Pro Quad 34 Quad 44 02/95 10/91 07/99 10/83 04/98 06/00 02/88 04/03 09/78 01/80 05/82 08/83 10/97 10/00 06/98 10/00 06/88 07/95 08/97 04/98 03/01 12/85 09/91 02/88 03/83 04/97 05/79 10/99 03/95 08/86 07/88 05/00 07/98 08/01 03/99 04/86 04/97 12/86 04/96 05/89 06/88 05/01 11/03 12/98 02/98 08/02 06/03 10/97 09/02 11/85 10/89 01/89 11/79 09/93 07/01 10/90 03/96 02/00 11/85 11/83 01/82 03/83 11/81 12/86 09/92 06/94 02/95 03/96 03/94 07/95 12/96 11/98 10/01 06/85 07/91 02/91 08/86 09/80 08/01 01/01 09/94 01/89 06/94 01/89 03/k.A. 750 53-55 Punkte, frher as1 43-37-39 Punkte, frher s51 43-Restek V 2a 03/Rotel RC 1070 05/Rotel RC-1000 05/Rotel RC-2000 07/Rotel RC-850 06/Rotel RC-870 BX 05/Rotel RC-970 BX 06/Rotel RC-972 03/Rotel RC-990 BX 09/Rotel RC-995 10/Rotel RHA-10 09/Rotel RSP 1066 08/Rotel RSP-960 12/Rotel TC-980 AX 03/Rowen PR 1 08/Rowland Consonance 10/SAC Epsilon 02/SAC Mediatore 12/SAE 2100 L 06/SAE X 1 P 12/Sherwood AP-7020 09/Sherwood AVP-8500 R 12/Siemens RP 666 03/Sony TA-E 1000 ESD 10/Sony TA-E 2000 ESD 08/Sony TA-E 90 ES 02/Sony TA-E 900 01/Sony TA-E 901 07/Sony TA-E 901 03/Sony TAE-9000 ES 06/Stax CA-Y 05/Sudgen C 28 06/Sumo Athena 06/Sumo Electra 12/T + A P 1220 01/T + A PD 1200 R 01/T + A Pulsar P 1200 R 09/T + A Pulsar P 2000 04/T + A Pulsar P 2000 AC 12/T + A Pulsar P 2000 AC 10/TAG McLaren AV 192 R (PL II, 6.1, U2, Raumkorr.) TAG McLaren AV 32 R-EX TAG McLaren DPA 32 R TAG McLaren PA 20 R TAG McLaren PPA 20 Tandberg 3038 A Tandberg TCA 3002 Tandberg TCA 3002 A Technics SU-A 4 Mk II Technics SU-A 40 Technics SU-A 6 Technics SU-A 60 Technics SU-A 8 Technics SU-C 1000 Technics SU-C 3000 Terratec Phono Preamp Studio Theta Casablanca II Threshold FET One Threshold FET Two Mk II Thule PR 250 Thule spirit Control Toshiba Aurex SY-A 88 Toshiba Aurex SY-A 90 Uher UPA 3000 VT Uher UPA-1000 Vincent LS 1 Vincent SA 11 Vincent SA T 1 VTL Maximal WBE Diamond 36 HE Yamaha C-2a Yamaha C-2x Yamaha C-4 Yamaha C-60 Yamaha C-65 Yamaha C-70 Yamaha CX-50 Yamaha CX-70 Yamaha CX-830 Yves Cochet P Deux 03/01 11/00 10/98 01/02 10/89 01/82 06/84 07/84 10/90 01/82 07/88 12/81 10/95 03/99 06/03 05/01 05/82 03/86 04/00 02/98 09/82 11/83 09/93 09/92 04/96 02/98 07/03 05/90 08/01 09/80 06/85 08/80 09/84 12/86 09/82 10/88 10/89 10/90 08/33-35 Punkte, frher s2 48


Surround alle Dec. + Raumprozessor

mit Endstufe digital

mit DA-A 600 Mulitkanal


Separater PhonoVorverstrker
10600 60/55 Surround-Vorverstrker AC3, DTS, EX, THX Digital seperater PhonoVorverstrker
Surround-Vorverstrker Phono MM oder MC 390,-
Separater PhonoVorverstrker Multikanal, AC-3, DTS


Surround Phono

Rhre, ohne Phono Phono

Phono Multikanal

6 stereoplay 2004

a/d/s PH 6 Accuphase M-100 Accuphase M-1000 Accuphase P-266 Accuphase P-300 L Accuphase P-300 V Accuphase P-300 X Accuphase P-400 Accuphase P-500 Accuphase P-600 Accuphase P-700 Accuphase P-800 Accuphase Pro 5 Accustic Arts Amp I Accustic Arts Amp I Accustic Arts Amp II Adcom GFA 5500 Adcom GFA-555 AES Model Two Akai DA-A 9500 Akai PA-W 06 Amcron Goodyne II AMP Mono an+di Revolution A 5 an+di Revolution II Arion Tycho Audio Analogue Donizetti Audio Analogue Donizetti Audio Labor P 3 Audio Physic Strada (Paar) Audio Research Reference 600 Audio Research VT 100 Mk II Audio Research VT 250 Audioanalyse B 90 Audiolabor Diamant Audiolabor Diamant Gold Audiolabor ES 200 Audiolabor Schnell Audiolabor Stark Audiolabor Stark AudioNET Amp 1 AudioNET Amp II Aura PA 100 Avantgarde Basic A1 AVM Competition mono AVM Evolution M 1 AVM Evolution M 3 AVM Evolution M 3 S AVM Evolution M 4 AVM Evolution M 5 AVM M 2 Ayre V 5 B & W MPA 1 Bartolomeo D 100 Bel Canto Evo 200.2 Benytone MA 4000 Boulder 500 Bow Walrus Braun a/d/s PA 4 Bryston 3 B Bryston 4 B Bryston 4 B Bryston 7 B-RX Burmester 828 Burmester 850 Burmester 956 Burmester 956 Mk II Burmester Concerto Power-Amp Cabre AS 102 Cairn Ion T 2 Cairn Studio I Camtech Mono Verstrker Camtech Stereo Verstrker L Carver M-400 Carver M-400t Carver Silver Seven Cayin 800 MK Cello Performance Chord SPM 1200 B Class Audio CA 300 Class CAV 180 Conrad Johnson Johnson MF-200 Conrad Johnson MV 45
03/93 12/82 06/90 12/83 03/85 05/88 01/82 04/81 03/86 01/84 05/96 12/88 08/85 08/99 03/01 09/99 02/98 07/88 03/95 11/89 12/81 09/92 07/98 10/97 11/96 01/96 07/97 08/01 01/85 06/02 06/96 11/98 06/98 10/89 02/97 10/97 10/80 06/85 01/85 03/86 12/94 02/97 04/97 11/94 10/96 04/91 12/93 12/97 05/95 03/99 08/00 02/02 04/88 03/89 04/00 03/83 04/88 03/00 11/88 12/83 07/84 10/89 11/91 04/84 05/86 02/96 05/00 01/93 07/84 08/01 08/99 05/95 03/98 05/81 11/83 10/89 03/01 07/90 11/94 12/96 11/01 10/91 08/85
37-39 Punkte, frher s1 43-45 49-51 Punkte, frher as2 43-45 43-45 43-45 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 43-45 43-45 53-55 Punkte, frher as1 43-45 37-39 Punkte, frher s42 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 45-47 Punkte, frher as3 43-45 37-39 Punkte, frher s27 43-45 41-43 Punkte, frher as49 37-39 Punkte, frher s43-56 37-39 Punkte, frher s28 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 43-45 43-45 53-55 Punkte, frher as20 53-55 Punkte, frher as1 45-47 Punkte, frher as3 49-51 Punkte, frher as2 49-51 Punkte, frher as53-55 Punkte, frher as37-39 Punkte, frher s1 43-33-35 Punkte, frher s2 43-37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 45-47 Punkte, frher as3 43-45 43-45 53-55 Punkte, frher as41-43 Punkte, frher as4 37-39 Punkte, frher s49 41-43 Punkte, frher as33-35 Punkte, frher s2 29-31 Punkte, frher s3 43-53-55 Punkte, frher as1 49-51 Punkte, frher as2 53-55 Punkte, frher as1 54/52 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1

6 Kanal Paar Paar

Conrad Johnson Premier 12 09/98 Conrad Johnson Premier 4 04/87 Conrad Johnson Premier One 04/88 Conrad Johnson SA 250 07/97 Creek A-52 SE 07/98 Crest FA 901 09/92 Cybernet A 2 06/80 Denon POA-1500 11/83 Denon POA-1500 06/84 Denon POA-2200 11/86 Denon POA-3000 10/80 Denon POA-3000 Z 03/85 Denon POA-4400 A 01/89 Denon POA-5000 03/93 Denon POA-6600 08/87 Denon POA-6600 09/87 Denon POA-800 10/89 Denon POA-8000 08/82 Denon POA-S 1 07/94 Denon POA-T 3 + POA-T 2 12/96 Electrocompaniet 250 DMB 02/94 Electrocompaniet 60 FTT 04/97 Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 100 03/86 Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 100 DMB Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 250 Electrocompaniet Ampliwire Ia Electrocompaniet AW 180 Electrocompaniet Nemo Esoteric Audio Research 549 Experience Classic Experience Quadriga Experience Renaissance RS 9105 Fidelity Research Sarder Fidelity Topas Fidelity Topas Mk III Fidelix 2B-4 Fostex AP-1020 Gassmann Akustik Avantgarde A 1 Graaf GM 100 Grundig MA 100 Hafler DH-220 Hafler XL-280 Harman PA 4000 (4-Kanal) Harman Signature 2.1 Harman/Kardon Citation 19 Harman/Kardon Citation 22 Harman/Kardon Citation X-1 Harman/Kardon Citation XX Harman/Kardon hk 775 Harman/Kardon hk 870 Hitachi HMA-7500 Mk II Hitachi HMA-8500 Mk II Hitachi HMA-9500 Mk II Isostatic Ultra Jadis JA 30 Jadis JA 500 Julius Futtermann Kenwood Basic M 1 Kenwood L-08 M Kenwood L-1000 M Kort KR Enterprise VT 6000 PPM Krell FPB 250 M Krell FPB-M 650 Krell KAS-100 Krell KAV-500 Krell KSA-100 Krell KSA-250 BEUR Krell KSA-250 EUR LAB 1300 C LAB 2000 C L'Audiophile Le Classe A Lindemann AMP 3 Linn AV 5125 Linn Klimax 500 Twin Linn Klimax Solo 500 (Paar) Linn LK 2 Linnenberg Power DAC Linnenberg Poweramp Luxman B-10 Luxman M-02 Luxman M-03 Luxman M-05 Luxman M-07 Luxman M-300 Luxman M-363 Luxman M-4000 A 04/88 03/85 01/96 09/99 12/85 09/92 09/93 03/90 04/87 08/86 07/88 01/85 09/92 07/92 01/02 12/81 06/84 08/90 04/03 06/99 12/78 12/87 12/83 04/83 06/82 11/83 10/80 11/83 04/81 06/94 08/86 10/89 06/79 10/83 08/81 10/90 04/87 09/99 11/97 03/98 05/82 04/98 03/86 11/89 10/88 11/94 11/94 03/85 01/96 07/01 01/02 11/02 04/86 09/94 01/95 09/96 06/84 06/88 07/94 01/90 01/82 02/94 10/80

2750 09/850 2725

58 43-45 43-44 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 mit P 2 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 43-45 53-55 Punkte, frher as1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 45-47 Punkte, frher as37-39 Punkte, frher s43-45 43-45 53-55 Punkte, frher as37-39 Punkte, frher s1 45-47 Punkte, frher as3 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 53-55 Punkte, frher as33-35 Punkte, frher s2 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 49/42 53/46 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 43-45 43-45 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 41-43 Punkte, frher as4 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 43-45 29-31 Punkte, frher s3 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s43-43-45 43-45 43-45 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 41-43 Punkte, frher as4 54/60 29-31 Punkte, frher s3 45-47 Punkte, frher as3 49-51 Punkte, frher as2 53-55 Punkte, frher as1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 37-39 Punkte, frher s1 45-47 Punkte, frher as3 29-31 Punkte, frher s3 45-47 Punkte, frher as3 33-35 Punkte, frher s2

Paar 6 Kanal Paar Paar Paar Paar

mit DA P-9500; digital

45-47 Punkte, frher as3 nur mit Vorstufe Paar Paar Paar Paar Paar
Paar Digital-Endverstrker
Surround-Endverstrker Mulitkanal
Paar Paar Paar Paar Paar Paar Paar Paar Digital

Paar Paar Multikanal

Paar Paar


Rhre, Paar Paar

7 stereoplay 2004

Magnat Magma Manley VTL 500 Marantz MA 22 Marantz MA 500 Marantz MA 6100 Marantz SC 800 Marantz SM 1000 Marantz SM 11 Marantz SM 5 Marantz SM 8 Marantz SM 80 Mark Levinson 20.5 Mark Levinson 20.6 Mark Levinson ML-9 Mark Levinson No. 27 Mark Levinson No. 29 Mark Levinson No. 33 Mark Levinson No. 33 Mark Levinson No. 335 MBL 8010 MBL 8011 McGee Dream McIntosh MC 2255 McIntosh MC 2500 McIntosh MC 7100 Meridian 205 Meridian 555 Meridian 556 Meridian MPA Metaxas Iraklis Metaxas Solitaire Michaelson & Austin TV A-1 Mission 777 Mission Power Mitsubishi DA-A 600 Mondial Acurus A 125 X 5 Monrio Cento Moscode 300 Musica Nova Pegasus T Musical Fidelity MA 50 Musical Fidelity X AS 100 Musical Fidelity XA 200 Musical Fidelity XA 50 Myryad MA 100 NAD 2100 NAD 2155 NAD 216 NAD 218 NAD 2200 NAD 2600 NAD C 270 NAD S 200 Naim NAP 200 Naim NAP 250 Naim NAP 250 Nakamichi PA-5 E II Nakamichi PA-7 E Nikko Alpha 400 Nikko Alpha II NRG A 401 M Octave MRE 120 Octave RE 275 Onkyo M-200 Onkyo M-5030 Onkyo M-5060 Onkyo M-5060 R Onkyo M-5090 Onkyo M-5890 Parasound HCA 1000 Parasound HCA 1200/II Parasound HCA 1206 Parasound HCA 2200 II Pass Aleph 0 S Pass X 350 Pass X 600 (Paar) Perreaux 2150 B Pioneer M-6 Pioneer M-7 Pioneer M-73 Pioneer M-8 Pioneer M-90 Pioneer M-Z 1 Proceed HPA 2 + HPA 3 Proton AA-1150 Proton AA-461 Pro QSC 1100 QSC 1400 10/91 05/90 08/92 08/93 08/01 05/82 07/84 03/85 05/96 06/84 02/91 05/90 06/92 05/82 10/91 09/90 10/96 10/98 07/99 04/98 06/00 12/94 05/82 04/84 10/97 06/88 07/95 08/97 12/85 10/87 09/91 05/80 03/83 04/97 05/79 10/99 03/95 08/86 06/99 07/88 05/00 07/98 08/98 03/99 07/90 04/86 07/95 04/97 11/86 06/88 05/01 12/98 12/02 10/97 06/03 10/89 11/85 01/89 11/79 03/93 02/00 09/93 11/85 11/83 01/82 03/83 11/81 09/92 02/95 06/94 07/95 03/94 07/95 11/98 07/02 06/85 07/89 03/93 02/91 01/97 08/86 10/80 01/01 01/89 06/94 09/92 09/k.A. 850 Paar Paar Paar Paar Paar Quad 306 Quintessence Crescendo Restek E 2 Reuenzehn Tube 66 Revox B 242 Rotel RB 1070 Rotel RB 1090 Rotel RB-1000 Rotel RB-2000 Rotel RB-850 Rotel RB-956 BX Rotel RB-970 BX Rotel RB-980 AX Rotel RB-981 Rotel RB-985 Rotel RB-990 BX Rotel RHB-05 Rotel RMB 1075 Rotel RMB 1095 Rowen PA 1 Rowland Model 1 Rowland Research Model 7 SAC 150 SAC 50 SAC Amplifier 40 SAC Amplifier 40 Mk II SAC La Forza SAC T 50 SAC The 'A'mplifier SAC The 'A'mplifier Mod. 92 SAE 2200 SAE 3100 SAE X 15 A Sansui B-2102 Schfer & Rompf Emitter 1 Sherwood AM-7040 Sherwood AM-8500 Siemens RE 666 Sony TAf-9000 ES Sony TA-N 220 Sony TA-N 55 ES Sony TA-N 90 ES Sony TA-N 900 Sony TA-N 901 Sony TA-N 902 Spectral DMA-200 Spectron Model 1 KW Stage Accompany SA-400 A Stax DA-100 M Stax DA-200 M Stax DA-50 M Stax DMA-X 2 Stax SRM-X Pro Sudgen P 28 Sumo Andromeda Sumo Polaris Symphonic Line RG 1 Symphonic Line RG 4 Synthesis Nimis T + A A 1200 R T + A A 1220 T + A A 1520 T + A A 3000 T + A A 3000 AC T + A Pulsar A 1000 AC T + A Pulsar A 2000 T + A Pulsar A 2000 AC T + A Pulsar A 3000 M TAG McLaren 100x5/10 TAG McLaren 125 M Tandberg 3006 A Tandberg 3036 A Tandberg TPA 3003 Technics SE-A 3 Mk II Technics SE-A 3000 Technics SE-A 5 Technics SE-A 50 Technics SE-A 7 Tessendorf TE 10 Threshold S/300 Series II Threshold SA/11m Threshold Stasis 500 Thule PA 250 Toshiba Aurex SC-A 99 Toshiba SC-A 90 F Uher UMA 3000 VT Uher UMA-2000 Usher R 6 (6-Kanal) 01/89 06/91 03/83 09/93 11/86 05/01 08/99 05/80 07/79 06/88 12/93 06/94 03/92 03/98 02/97 09/93 09/94 04/03 04/03 08/92 10/91 05/90 08/92 01/95 11/86 06/93 08/01 07/95 03/89 10/92 06/79 06/79 12/83 10/87 08/85 09/89 12/93 03/80 06/99 03/93 10/90 02/95 01/82 07/84 03/85 04/88 11/94 09/92 10/91 11/86 05/82 08/90 06/91 06/88 11/86 06/88 12/86 04/87 06/01 09/93 01/99 01/00 02/96 02/94 10/90 12/87 12/89 03/89 04/03 10/98 06/84 10/89 01/82 07/84 03/99 01/82 07/88 12/81 01/96 03/86 06/90 05/82 04/00 09/82 11/83 09/93 09/92 04/k.A. 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 k.E. 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 33-35 Punkte, frher s2 37-39 Punkte, frher s48



FAX 2600 Abrasives 710 510 LXT305 Vitara LF 70 UR3-J22TWM 42RV600T PM645VXI Subito SF-3000 CDM-8910C Server Talkie SPC230NC 00 RDZ-D60V SWR-1221D XL-3400 NN-K652 KDL-32P3500 L86850 Stylus 300 Sheet 6 JM4 20-0002 ECM91 W550I Elektron SPS1 Tx-100 60840 L TXP42S10E MY212X Farfisa Fevs PS-42C62H Maxxbass Nuvi 265 U-smart 2 Powercinema 5 ZD8612 IS Emergency 4 F64800W SRT 5202 RQ-DP7 Software HTS5110 PRO A300 2333HD 7045 USG Kenox D503 TX-P42x10YS AJM180 12 Rx-6032 FS-8000 AWM-660 Kawasaki KX65 SU-810 DI8009 LS-Q076ABL Mudbox 2011 Avic-F910BT DPA-07043B 4100 MFP CT-W630R WD425E 7624 400 DC-390 HR1366 Voyager 510 Wappoe12 HP 30S ER8034I PS100 ZWD1680W RIO Cali Carpet Game Crux View Roland DD-7 FE-140 RM-23LZ55 SGH-D836 RL41ecsw CDX-4160RDS Lide25 50PC3D-UD Optipro Magic IV SPP-D900 Edition CX-programmer 225UW HD161HJ-SRA Compact G3 P3300 NV-FJ610B PS50A656 XL-20 SLV-SE810B EMX5000-20-EMX5000-12 Mp400 1912 CB


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