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surinder 5:00pm on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 
How close can a team of anonymous designers and engineers get to a real... Grunt, reliability can feel clunky sometimes
vchapman 12:04am on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 
I use this for high end gaming, and it gets the job done! However, the screen is not as bright as I would have hoped, but still no big deal.
benh 2:08am on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
Will never buy another Asus again, unless they rebuild their support process from the ground up. If you are lucky enough to get a laptop with no problems, this could be an amazing computer. However if you ever have to deal with Asus.
cherryd-cruz 9:49pm on Friday, October 15th, 2010 
It was time to upgrade from my 2005 Dell Precision M70, and I wanted to play games. the price point more than makes up for the poor battery life. besides, who needs the battery life? its just going to stay plugged in anyways.
bamazav 9:31pm on Friday, September 10th, 2010 
I originally thought this laptop would be okay to take to school with me. 17 inch was the largest size I would take with me.
singles2004 6:48pm on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 
Awesome multimedia notebook Adequate Storage","Comfortable Keyboard Poor Battery Life
Inky 4:42am on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH-A2 Review Model purchased: A73jh-A2 Ownership period: One week Other laptops that were being considered: Toshiba Qosmio ... Not bad but not the best either. Not worth this much money.
evilbite 9:59pm on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 
With an unplanned career change that will keep me away from home for extended periods, I needed a computer that was the equal, if not better. When I got the laptop everything seemed great. Only problem with laptop getting WiFi to work.
Paull_45 4:30am on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
I probably wont be buying an ASUS product in the future. They work great when they work. My brand new Asus G73JH stopped working suddenly about 91 days after purchase. The display went black when booting the computer.

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Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received.
From: "Arfa Daily" <arfa.daily@xxxxxxxxxxxx> Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 01:17:58 GMT
"Mark D. Zacharias" <spammenot@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:v83Uh.5345$5e2.4891@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Arfa Daily wrote: "Mark D. Zacharias" <spammenot@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:75VTh.14734$JZ3.2011@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Arfa Daily wrote: "Mark D. Zacharias" <spammenot@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:W7KTh.14566$JZ3.11211@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Arfa Daily wrote:
"Dave" <rjtechnology@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0eDTh.16424$Um6.12898@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I have an old Yamaha CR820 receiver/amplifier that no longer has any sound output. Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. 1
Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. The meters still show signal strenght when a tune across the AM/FM bands but I get no audio from the speakers or the phone jack. No hiss. hum, carckle or pops. JUst solid dead silence. It isn't worth sending out for a shop base repair. Has anyone has a similar Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. 2
Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. problem? Does anyone know where I can obtain a schematic or service manual?
If it's nothing straightforward like a failed ( rather than blown ) fuse, then it's most likely that the speaker protection circuit is operating because of a blown output stage. I've a vague recollection that this one uses an output hybrid ( big black "IC" bolted to the heatsink with type STKxxx ) and if so, it is likely that this is your problem. Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. 3
Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. Some of these can be very expensive, and many of the older ones are now obsolete and hard to obtain. If it is one of the models that uses discrete output stages, then you might struggle to get to the bottom of its problems, particularly without a set of schematics, which again, might be difficult to find for an item this old. Arfa
The CR820 uses discrete transistors, but the repair isn't for newbies there's fusible resistors inside asbestos tubing which go bad, usually without any visible clue, and the layout is hardly servicefriendly. Mark Z.
OK, much like the modern Yammy AV amps then. Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. 4
Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. Arfa
Well, they aren't flat packs they're TO3's 2SB557 and 2SD427 IIRC. Fourgang (once again, IIRC) tuner, all analog, silver face, wood cabinet, rectangular metal knobs, and lots of 14 volts leadlamps which burn out. mark Z.
I was being facetious Mark, and referring to the fact that it's layout is not very service friendly.I went to a Yammy training seminar recently, and the national service manager told us that the average turnaround time on an AV amp for a Yammy dealer, was 22 days, which was really too long, and could anyone venture a suggestion as to why this was. I told him that the first 16 days were spent looking at it sitting on the shelf, hoping that it would go away. The next 3 were spent trying to work out what the internal diagnostics were trying to tell you. The next 1 was spent trying to strip it apart and work out which screw was still holding it. The next day was spent fixing it and putting it back together, and the final day was spent either rejoicing that you could write a bill out for it, or crying whilst watching all the magic smoke being released again.!! Sound about right ? d;~} Arfa

Sound about right ? d;~}

Absolutely. I just got in an RXZ9, lightning struck. Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that one. Mark Z.
Hey Mark Have you done much with the RXZ1/DSPAZ1 ? Have you had any problems with the 4 pin 5v regs? I've got one in at the moment. Runs absolutely fine for about 20 mins, then starts cutting out, back to standby. Repowers with standby switch, but about 1 second only. Diagnostic memory says PS Prot : 016 K/L and then some stuff referring to the processor rev numbers. Don't know about you, but I have a hard time ever making any sense out of those Yammy diag messages. " PS " rather than " DC " says power supply rather than output offset protect, but what is " 016 " trying to tell me ? I seem to Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. 5
Re: Yamaha CR820 Repair: No Output, Tuner shows signal received. recall that it refers to a percentage error on a rail, but that there are two different schemes used for the reference. Today, I went down the path of pulling out the sub psu board to the point where I could get at it to take some measurements on all the regs on there. With the meter on peak hold, I caught the output of IC451 going up to 8.54v just before it tripped out. Now I reckon that's about 160% up on the correct 5v, so is that what " 016 " is trying to say ? Interested as to whether you have had anything similar. I've got a replacement coming tomorrow, so should know within 20 minutes of turn on, but already, no matter what I charge for the repair, I'm actually going to be down when you count in all the time to dismantle, trouble shoot, and reassemble. Without doubt, I'd have to say that Yammies are among the worst of the current crop of AV amps for service and repair. They are just not friendly at all in any area electronic design, mechanical design and user interface. Arfa



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