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alebsack 2:15am on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
remember the code at first i loved this remote. it is a good size and has glow in the dark features which were useful.
freeclimbing 4:52am on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
Affordable ; Compact ; Bought one last year and bought another from new egg ; Battery life ; Works on all my TVS None

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Andrew Slater CSCI 380 Homework 1
RCA SystemLink 3 Remote Control
The RCA SystemLink 3 is a universal remote control which can be programmed to control a TV, VCR, and a Cable Box. Most buttons on this remote would be very familiar to anyone who has used a remote control before. The main problem with the interface on this remote is its code search capability which is designed to save the consumer time by automatically determining the code for your devices. I encountered a usability breakdown after the batteries died and the remote lost the code corresponding to my television set. I no longer had a copy of the manual describing the process of programming the remote but I figured that I shouldnt need the manual to use the CODE SEARCH capability. After all, the whole purpose of this CODE SEARCH function was to save the consumer the time it would take to look up the right code from the manual right? Description of Usability Breakdown - Turned T.V. on. - Pressed TV button. - Red LED lit up indicating I had set the focus to that device. - Pressed CODE SEARCH button. - LED did not light up, no feedback after input. - Waited then pressed Channel Up/Down, On/Off and other buttons with no response from the TV. - Tried the same process but with different combinations such as CODE
Cause of Usability Breakdown The main factors which contributed to the usability breakdown were a lack of feedback, and poor visibility which led to a conceptual model which was not the same as the manufacturers. First let me describe the intended use of the CODE SEARCH button: - Turn the device off. - Press and hold CODE SEARCH. - Press and release the TV(or VCR, or CABLE) button - Release CODE SEARCH button. - Press OFF/ON repeatedly until device turns on. Apparently the CODE SEARCH button acts more as a code browser than a code searcher. By labeling the button CODE SEARCH they imply to the user that it is an automatic process. Instead of automatically searching all codes at the press of a button the remote demands that the user press and hold one button while pressing another to select the desired device. This is unique to the code search button -- there are no other buttons on a remote control which require the user to hold one button and press another at the same time. This is a constraint which is not logical for a casual user of a remote control. Another contributer to the usability breakdown I experienced was a lack of feedback. When pressing all other buttons on the remote the LED lights up. This does not happen when pressing the CODE SEARCH button. This can lead to the user questioning whether this button is being used correctly or even if it works at all. The functionality of the CODE SEARCH button does not take away the need for the user to have a copy of the manual containing all the codes. With the CODE SEARCH button the manufacturer did eliminate the need to have a copy of the manual for looking up the correct code. They did however create the need for the manual in order to find out how to use the CODE SEARCH function.



: Universal

1Remote Control

f ,, 1.

This Universal

Remote Control is compatible with

Cette t&commonde

universelle est compatible maga commande 1984. Conserver ce
most models of infrared controlled Televisions, VCRs and Cable Boxes manufactured after 1984. Please retain this guide for future reference.
avec la plupart des modkles de t&viseurs, netoscopes et cBblos&cteurs infrarouge fabriquesapres
uide pour reference ulterieure.
Button Description... Setting Up Your Universal Remote. Programming Your Universal Remote Entering Your Code.. Code Lists.. Getting Codes From Your Remote. Operating a TV... Operating a Cable Box.. Operating A VCR.. Code Lists TV.. Cable Box.. VCR.. Helpful Hints/Warranty..

.2.4.10 11

Description des touches. Preparation de la t&ommande


Programmotion de la t&commande universelle Entree de code..13 Listes de codes.. Recherche de code.. Commande d tkleviseur.. un Commande d cabloselecteur. un Commande d magnetoscope. un Listes de codes Televiseur.14.15.17

.5 Code Search.,..

Obtention de codes de la t&commande.16
Cbbloselecteur.. Mognetoscope.. Conseils pratiques/Gorantie.. ClJ9772

(Rev 10/94)

-MUTE \A b/

Indicator Light

Operates the same as on your original remote.
Flashes red to show that the remote is working.
buttons are used to select the home entertainment device you want to control.


and CHANNEL Operate the same as on your original remote. These buttons are also used to enter the code for your device.
FF (Fast Forward), STOP, PLAY, RECORD, and PAUSE buttons control the same functions as those found on your VCR remote.

.? f _. -, ,:

Place Batteries

in the remote cover.

1. Remove the battery compartment
2. Place two AAA batteries as shown, matching the + and - end of each battery as indicated in the battery compartment. 3. Replace the cover.
Starting on page 8 you will find the codes section. This section lists the codes for your devices. For each brand name, the most popular codes are listed first.
Look up your brand code on the following s TV Cable Box VCR


Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 I ;I i
To enter your codes use the VOLUME and CHANNEL Buttons
For Example: To enter the code for an RCA VCR (12142) you would press:




The following pages provide step by step instructions programming your remote.
Look up your brand code on the s following pages:
TV Cable Box VCR To set up a TV: 2.

Page 8 Page 9 Page 10

Manually turn on your television. (Substitute VCR or Cable Box when programming those devices). Press and release the TV Button.(Substitute the VCR or CABLE button when programming the VCR or Cable Box). Press and hold CHANNEL DOWN and the TV Button until the red light blinks twice. (Substitute the VCR or CABLE button when programming the VCR or Cable Box).


Enter your 5 digit code using the CHANNEL and VOLUME buttons
Press POWER and the TV should turn off.


Press the TV Button. (Substitute the VCR or button when programming the VCR or Cable Box).
Enter your codes here for easy reference.

IIrii 11liiill/ 9

If your TV, VCR or Cable Box does not respond to your remote after you have tried all the codes for your brand, try searching for your code. For example, to find your TV code: Program a device button using Code Search To set up a TV: 1. Manually turn on your TV (turn on VCR or Cable Box when setting them up). Press the TV button (Substitute the VCR or CABLE button when programming the VCR or Cable Box). Press and hold CHANNEL DOWN and the TV button until the Indicator Light blinks twice (substitute VCR or CABLE when searching for VCR or Cable Box codes).


Press CHANNEL DOWN three times.
Alternate between POWER and the TV button until the TV turns off (you may have to repeat 60 times at a rate of once per second). When the TV turns off press CHANNEL DOWN, the Indicator Light will blink twice.


Substitute the VCR or CABLE button for TV if you are searching for the VCR or CABLE BOX code.
After using Code Search to program your universal remote it is easy to get the five digit code for the TV, VCR or Cable Box. For example to get your TV code. PRESS & HOLD


turn on the TV.
Press and hold CHANNEL DOWN and the TV Button, until the indicator light blinks twice.


Press CHANNEL DOWN twice and then


For the first digit of your code press UP and count the number of red blinks.
For the second digit of your code press DOWN and count the number of red blinks.


For the third digit of your code press and count the number of red blinks.


For the fourth digit of your code press and count the number of red blinks.
For the fifth digit of your code press again and count the number of red blinks.
Write your five digit code on page 4 for easy reference, then repeat steps l-8 to find your VCR or CABLE code. Substitute the appropriate device button in step 2.


the TV On and Off.


1. Press TV to set the remote to control the TV
2. Press POWER to turn the TV on or off. Change Channels and Volume on the TV


Press CHANNEL UP or CHANNEL DOWN to change channels on the TV. Press VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN to change volume on the TV.
Turning the Cable Box On or Off. 1. Point the remote at the cable box and press CABLE.
Press POWER to turn it on or off.
Changing Channels on the Cable Box. Press CHANNEL UP or DOWN to change channels on the cable box.
Turn the VCR On or Off. 1. Press VCR to set the remote to control the VCR. (Most RCA, GE and ProScan models will only turn on when pressing VCR not


2. Press POWER to turn the VCR on or off. Using a tape in your VCR. 1. Turn on the VCR. 2. Insert a tape in the VCR. 3. Press PLAY to start the tape. 4. Press STOP when you are finished.
Press REW to rewind the tape.
6. Press PAUSE to pause the tape. 7. Press RECORD twice to record on the tape. 7
Admiral...12343 Akai... 11314, 11344 12222, 14122 Anam.. Anam National..12131 AOC.11321, 11344, 12122, 13242, 13233 Audiovox..14122 Bell & Howell.13422, 11312, 13334 Candle.11344, 11422,11444,12132,14134 Capehart..12122 Capetronic..11344 Carver..12124 Citizen..14134, 11344, 12132, 12142 11431,21332,11444 Concerto..12132 Contec..13344, 14122, 14133.14122 Craig... Crown..11431, 14122, 12343 Curtis Mathes.11344,12132,12124,12111 13334,11312,11321,14113,11431,12142 CXC...14122 Daewoo..11431, 11321 Daytron..11431, 11321 Emerson.14442, 14122, 14121, 21334 21332,14113,14114,14123 14124,14131,21244,14133 Envision..11344 Fisher.. 13422, 13411, 13334 Fujitsu..14121 Funai..14121, 14122 Futuretech..14122 GE.12111, 11323, 11341, 12121 12131,11343,13444,21334,14114 Goldstar.12132,11321, 11344,14114,11213 Hallmark..14114 Hitachi..13341, 13331, 11431 11430,12323,12331,12132 13443,11424,12411,12413,13313 Infinity...12124 JBL..12124 JVC...12123 Kenwood..11344, 11321 KIoss..11414, 11444, 11332 KTV..14122, 14133, 14333 21334,11431,21332 Logik...11312 Luxman...12132 LX1. 13422, 13342, 12111, 12124, 13334 Magnavox. 12124, 14141, 11414 12412, 11322,11342, 11344,14134,11332 Marantz..12124, 11344 Matsui..14333 Memorex. 13422, 11312, 11344 14122,11312,14114,13334 MGA.13324, 11344, 13341, 14114,11321 Mitsubishi. 13341, 14114, 11321, 13324 MTC.. 11344, 12132, 12142, 11321, 14133

Multitech.14333, 14121, 14122 NAD.. 13342, 13424 NEC..11344, 12132, 11321 Nikko..11344 Onwa... 14122 Optonica..12343, 13423 Orion.14442, 14122, 14121, 21334, 21332 Panasonic.12121, 12131, 22314 13414,12124,21134 Penney.12111, 12142, 11344, 11323 11341,11314,11431,13231 11321,11412,13323 Penny..I hilco.12124, 14141, 12324, 11332, 11322 11342,11344,11321,14134 Philips..12124,11313,11323, 11414, 11431 11343,11342,11212 Pioneer..13424, 13442, 11424 Portland.11321, 11344, 11431 ProScan.. 12111 Proton..12122, 11344,11411, 14114,11431 Pulsar..11313 Quasar..12121, 12131, 21134 Radio Shack.13423, 14122, 11321 11412,11344,14114 RCA.11314, 13231, 13444, 21324,11321 11343,12111,11424,12334 Realistic.13334, 13423, 14122, 11344 11412,11431,14114 Runco..11313 Sampo..11344, 12122 Samsung.12132, 12142, 11344 11431,11321,11412 13422,13411,13314,13334 Sanyo.. Scott.13411, 14121, 14122, 14442 Sears..13422, 13342, 12111, 12124 13411,13323,14114,12132,14121 13331,13314,13334 Sharp.12343, 13423, 11431, 13333 Signature.12343, 13422, 11431, 12124 12111,11323,13342,13333 14121,12121,12131,11312 Sony..11212, 11241, 12312 Soundesign.. 14114, 12312, 14112 12311,14122,14134 Spectricon..13233 SSS.. 12312, 11321, 14122 Starlite.. Supre-Macy... Sylvania. 12124, 14141, 11414, 12412 11322,11342,11344,14134,12213,11332 Symphonic..13441, 14121, 14122 Tatung.. 12131 Technics..12121, 21134 Techwood.. 12132
Teknika. 14134,12132,14121,12124,14122 12142,11312,11321,11431,13323 13324,14121,14122 Tera. 11411 TMK. 12132, 14114 Toshiba. 13342, 13334, 13323, 12142 Tosonic.t.. 14133 Totevision. 11431 Universal. 11323, 11341 Vector Research. 11344
Victor. 12123 Vidtech. 11321, 14114 Viking. 11444 Wards. 12343, 13423, 12124, 12111 11323,13342,13333,14121,12121 12131,11312,11321,11322,11341 11342,11343,11344,12132,12412 13444,14114,14141 Yamaha. 11344, 11321 Zenith. 11313, 11312
ABC.11231, 11243, 11313, 11241 Archer..13333, 11324 Cabletenna..11324 Century..13333 Citizen..13333 Colour Voice..11442, 12142, 11333 Comtronics..11432, 12142 Eastern...11214 Electricord..12244 Garrard..13333 GC Electronics..11312 Gemini..11311, 12133, 12224 General Instruments.11221, 11241 11143,21322 Hamlin.11233, 21221, 21231 11322,11414 Hitachi...11241 Jasco...13333 Jerrold..11221, 11241,11143, 11242 21322,11332, 11334,11442 12414,11144,11244,11311,12111 Macom...11413 Memorex..11212 Movie Time.13342, 12244 NSC..13342, 12224 Oak..11231, 11321, 21132 Panasonic..11323, 12441 Paragon..11413, 11212 Philips..11333, 11344, 12142 Pioneer..13312, 11331
Popular Mechanics..23312 Pulsar...11212 RCA...11323 Regal.. 21221,21313,21331,11322 Regency..11214 Rembrandt..12224 RK...22114 Runco...11212 Samsung.11432, 13312 Scientific Atlanta..11232, 21323 22231,11313,11224 Signal...11311, 11432 Signature..11241 SL Marx..11432 Sprucer...11323 Standard Components.14222, 12412 Starcom.11221, 11311, 12111, 12414 Stargate..11311, 11432 Sylvania..11213 Tandy...21214 Texscan..11213, 12412 Tocom..11242, 11243, 12141 Toshiba..11212 Unika..13333, 11324 United Artists..11231 United Cable...11221 Universal.12244, 12243, 13333, 11324 Videoway...21134 Viewstar.21214, 12142 Zenith... 11212, 12124

Aiko.. 21242,21324 Aiwa... 11212 Akai..11431, 12123, 11433 12143,21114,12113 Audiovox.. 11423 Bell & Howell... 12432 Broksonic. 14132, 14321, 13133, 22433 Canon... 11421, 13431 Capehart.. 11322 Carver... 12313 CCE.. 21324, 12232 Craig..21142, 21311, 11423 12232,12111,21112 Curtis Mathes..11421 Daewoo.11322, 21324, 11443 Daytron..11322 Dynatech..11212 Emerson.14132, 11214, 11212 13133,21431,12143,12222 12231,12332,14313,14321 14322,21424,22433, 11423 Fisher. 12111, 12432, 12124, 12214 Funai..11212, 12314 GE. 11421, 12142, 12213 Go Video..14432, 21331 Goldstar..11423, 11424, 11314 Gradiente.. 11212 Harman/Kardon..11424 Hitachi..11434, 13424, 11212, 11433 12213,12433,14441 JCL...11421 Jensen.. 11433 JVC.. 12221, 11433, 11232 Kenwood. 12221, 11433, 11444, 11424 Lloyd... 11212 Logik.. 12314, 12232 LXI... ,11423 Magnavox.11421, 12313, 12444 13323,11212, 11431 Marantz.. 11421, 12313, 11424 Marta..11423 MEI..11421 Memorex.11421, 11423, 12111, 12432 11212,11431,11444,12112 MGA.. 11441, 12143 Minolta.. 12122, 12433, 11434 Mitsubishi.. 12143, 21114, 11441 MTC.. 11212, 21112 Multitech.. 11212, 12314, 12232 NEC.11424, 12221, 11433, 11432, 12314 Nikko.. 11423 Noblex... 21112
Optonica.. 12112, 12144 Panasonic..11421, 14413, I2243 Penney..11421, 12142, 21112, 11423 11424,11434,11432 Pentax..11434, 12433, 12213 Philco...11421 Philips.. 11421, 12313, 12444, 12144 Pilot..11421, 11423 Pioneer.. 12221 Portland.. 11322 ProScan..12142 Pulsar.. 11431 Quartz..11444 Quasar..11421, 12412 RCA.13323, 11421, 11434, 12433 12213,14234,12243,12142 Realistic.12432, 11421, 11423, 21112 11444,12112,12111 11212,12144,12214 Ricoh..11414 Runco...11431 Samsung.21112, 11443, 12123 Sansui..12221, 11433, 21311 12321,12314 Sanyo..12432, 21112, 11444, 12111 Scott.. 14132, 13133, 14322, 11443 Sears. 11423,11434,11444, 12432,11421 12433,12111,12124,12214 Sharp.. 12112, 12144 Shintom..12232 Sony.11412, 11413, 11414, 11421, 11241 STS... 11434 Sylvania..11421, 12313, 12444 11443,11441 Symphonic.. 11212, 12232 Tandy...11212 Tatung... 11433 Teat.. 11433, 11212 Technics..11421 Teknika.11421, 11423, 12122, 11212 Toshiba. 11443, 14322, 11441, 12214 Totevision.21112, 12111, 11423 Unitech..21112 Vector Research.11424, 11432 Victor...12221, 11232 Video Concepts.11432, 12143 Videosonic... 21112 Wards. 12112, 11421, 21112, 11434 12111,12144,11212,14322 13323, 12232 Yamaha.. 11433, 11424 Zenith..11431, 11413, 11414
Red Light Does Not Blink: If the red light does not blink when you press a button, replace the batteries with fresh new AAA alkaline batteries. The RCU303 does not operate your device: Try all the codes listed for your brand of device in the code list starting on page 8. Try the Code Search method (page 5). Follow each step carefully. Make sure that you aim the RCU303 at your device when you press POWER. Device responds to some commands or causes wrong results.

If your devices only partially respond, you need to start the code search method (page 5) again. Many devices have similar remote control codes. While searching, you may have stopped at a code that only operates some of your device features. Repeat the code s search until you find a code that is completely correct for your device. Device Punch-Through. When in the TV mode REW, FF, PLAY, STOP, PAUSE and RECORD buttons will operate the VCR providing it is on. When in VCR mode, MUTE and VOLUME UP and DOWN will still operate the TV.

Limited Warrantv

Thomson Consumer Electronics warrants that for 90 days from date of purchase this product is free from defects in material and workmanship. If the item is defective within that period, return it at your expense to the dealer from whom it was purchased together with proof of purchase for replacement. This warranty excludes defects or damage due to misuse, abuse, or neglect. THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL THOMSON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT, OR NEGLIGENCE. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

System Link Help Line

If you need additional set-up help, call our toll-free System Link Help Line at l-800-884-Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. Trademark(s)@ Registered Marca Registrada(s) Printed in U.S.A.
PVoyant Touche SILENCIEUX-\ Fonctionne con-me sur la telecommande originale. Cl&note en rouge pour indiquer que la telecommande fonctionne. Touche MARCHE Fonctionne comme sur la telecommande originale. -Touches CANAL VOLUME et
TOUCHES D APPAREIL (TV, VCR, CABLE) Ces touches permettent de choisir l appareil a commander. TOUCHES MAGNliTOSCOPE LB touches REW (Rebobinage), FF (Avance rapide), STOP, RECORD et PAUSE (Arret, Enregistrement et Pause) commandent les m@mes fonctions que celles se trouvant sur la telecommande du magn&oscope.

Ligne d assistance

SystemLink Pour obtenir de l aide additionnelle, numero SystemLink, au l-800-884-Thomson Consumer Electronics Marque(s) d+osee(s) Imprime aux Etats-Unis

composer le

18. _,.___.__._.______^____~____~._.~.


U n iversal Remote




(with infrared controlled components manufactured after 1984):
I Mcommande. II unwetxelle

It Replaces Remplace

(avec des composants commandes par infrarouge fabriques apres 1984):


Designed for easy use, this universal remote has even larger buttons carefully spaced for more accurate control. GROS BOUTONS: yes bautons de cette t&commande universelle,
Akai 2 NatiaM CondIe Citizen colottyme

CC4KHtO Ccmtec/Ccw

Goldsta tklllrwk Hitahi Infinity III IC Pen?ey


Multivision F Pmasonic Philca Philips Piaw Pwtlmd ProScm Proton cwX4 Radio Shatk RCA Realistic sonpo hwng 2

saundesig Svivmio

Tedmics Temwoad Tekniko Teletoptim TMK Toshiba Universal Vitta Vidtech Wads Yamho Zenith
plus gros et mieux disposes, focilitent l utilisation. v CODE SEARCH: Makes set-up easy. Scans the entire code library to find the right code for your TV, VCR, or Cable Box at the touch of a button. RECHERCHE DE CODE: Facilite la prcgrammation. Explore la liste compleke des codes afin de reperer celui qui canvient au &viseur, au c&los&cteur, v VCR FUNCTIONS INCLUDING RECORD: au magnetoscope ou au toucher dun bouton.

Craig Catis Mothes IX

JVC KowOrh3 Kloss NoMbear KTV

!iiiim3 LYl

bisim Fish3 Furai GE MGA Mitwbishi MTC
Aiwo Akoi Audio Cywnits !ZZ ca-al cop$art Citizen


Kardan Hitahi Imtmt Replay Ja JC Peny Jvvv Lloyd logic Moswvox Mamtz


Pawmic P&lx PmtaxResardr + Philco Phillips Pioneer Patloxl Prostm


Shintan sapl Sylwnio Symphonic Tody Toshiko Tota4 TeaC Tetlnics Teknika TMK Toshiba To;;; V&a Reosemh Victor Video Caqts Videosonic Wads Zenith
k-&des buttons to control your VCR and record your favorite programs. FUNCTIONS DE MAGNETOSCOPE INCLUANT ENREGISTREMENT: Comprend des boutons pour commander le magn&oscope et enregistrer les 6rnissionspr&r6es. v SIGNAL INDICATOR LIGHT:
Goig Curtis tithes oaewlo dbx Oirrmsio mtti

ElettrOlWW flrwwl

Owsor FZiobk Realistic ZZ? 2
Memorex %d Mimlto Mitwbishi Multitech
The light shows the remote is working and functioning properly. VOYANT DE SIGNAL: me voyant indique que la t&commande

Fishec Fuui GE Go&u

Ivivisim r?cZZ
fonctionne correctement. v, TOLL-FREE CONSUMER HELPLINE:
Hit&i Jarold Motall Masnovox FZ: Oak Signa Pmasaric Rillips Piawer Q1994 Thomson

@WV hung

Sti. Atlmto Sigwtae sputa Statan Stagate 2ooo
A customer service representative is ready to help with questions. See the instructionbook for detail NUMERO D ASSISTANCE SANS FRAIS: Un reprrSsentant service a la clientele est du pret a repondre a toutes les questions. Voir le guide d instructionspour connatie les details.
Requires N&es& 2 AAA 2 piles Batteries AAA (non (Not Inclujed) comprises)

Z%n Iklt. Gmerol


GI 400 tk3nlin

Sylvmio Tekniko Texscm TMMn Lhiko Univeisnl Viewsta waref Amex Zenith
Thomson Consumer &ctronique Grand
Electronics Canada. tnc Public du Conado; Inc. 7400A Bromolea Road Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5S 1x1 Mode in Chino/FobriquB en Chine




TH-65PF10EK WG1205R Dvd Codes Super Wheel AX800 Gpslim 236 CT-3271SB SCS145 5 Marquis 2006 Aspire 3050 AGL05 23 EV A300U DMC-TZ6 Remote Control Instructions W1934S-BN Assist 7914 Programing EW555T Corolla Aspire E380 FT-840 Ghost Vulcan 900 CDX-GT16 42LG2000 AEU Vixia HG20 32HF7874 H15LX90D 6427FF Programming Tuner ML-2010R-SEE Adventure 255 1 TA-VA80ES SCP-7400 DSC-T90 Vision-M D-E400 SV2042H CV-P09FR Generation Snap 37LC7D GV-A500 FR980-691 4830 Dect DP380F LU20-TD2 3600 Dect 568 HC Vision 3D Tower L-188 CDE-7870 Ixus 60 Thermomix 3300 SRU5030 CLP-660ND Microtrack 2 CDX-RA550 20U73 LVR 670 FT-250R STR-DA555ES MB-E5700 Navus GPS CW-21M063N Sinio A1 DT-600NY APA2102 5610V KDL-52HX900 KX-TG5100 8 5 Remote Control Manual EW802F HM1304 DLS UR12 PM-A940 M9300 HM160HI-BMS SGH-A827 SCS135 ICD-SX30 ADC5330 PD Euro Program Dslr-A300K Saeco Nina Remote Control Calibre L652 MX1804X Codes 40 W Decoder KF-E50a10 Pack SW Drill Universal Remote Control RT-42PZ60 Vivaro Tour GE81W Portege M300 AG-790 Aquanox DVP853


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