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AKG WMS 40 Pro FlexxAKG WMS40 Pro Vocal Set Flexx FREQ-SELCT UHF Div Sys w/ XMTR

AKG - Unidirectional - Mono

Brand: AKG

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dstjulien 3:12am on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 
Over ear headphones Sound is very good. I like these headphones. AG Neovo 7" digital photo frame I ordered this digital photo frame for my boyfriend as a birthday gift, what a great present!
edhe 1:49am on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 
AG Neovo 7" digital photo frame I ordered this digital photo frame for my boyfriend as a birthday gift, what a great present! Digital Photograph Frame - A Delight!
Miazz 9:41am on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 
If you plan on ordering this product, expect to have to buy a power adapter from Radio Shack.
Wes Ide 4:29pm on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
This company should make a WiFi version with >12" frame size. I will get one the moment it is released. High quality.

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Service Manual

AKG Service Department Lembckgasse 21-25 A-1230 Wien, Austria Phone: (+431) 86654-0 Fax: (+431) 86654-1514 e-mail:

Created 11/05

Page / Seite 1 of / von 15

WMS 40

Table of contents:
HT 40 PRO SINGLE, HT 40 PRO FLEXX; Assembly Drawing HT 40 PRO SINGLE, HT 40 PRO FLEXX, Parts List HT 40 Frequency Dependent parts, Wiring PT 40 PRO SINGLR, PT 40 PRO FLEXX, Assembly Drawing PT 40 PRO SINGLE, PT 40 PRO FLEXX, Parts List, Frequency Dependent Parts PT 40 PRO SINGLE, PT 40 PRO FLEXX, Frequency Dependent Parts, Wiring SR 40 PRO SINGLE, Assembly Drawing SR SR SR SR SR SR 40 PRO FLEXX, Assembly Drawing 40 PRO DUAL, Assembly Drawing 40 Front panel versions 40, Parts List 40 Frequency Dependent Versions, power supply 40 Pro Repair hint 15 HT 40 PRO SINGLE, HT 40 PRO FLEXX, Zusammenstellungszeichnung HT 40 PRO SINGLE, HT 40 PRO FLEXX, Stckliste HT 40, frequenzabhngige Teile, Verdrahtung PT 40 PRO SINGLE, PT 40 PRO FLEXX Zusammenstellungszeichnung PT 40 PRO SINGLE, PT 40 PRO FLEXX, Stckliste, frequenzabhngige Teile PT 40 PRO SINGLE, PT 40 PRO FLEXX, frequenzabhngige Teile, Verdrahtung SR 40 PRO SINGLE Empfnger, Zusammenstellungszeichnung SR 40 PRO FLEXX, Zusammenstellungszeichnung SR 40 PRO DUAL, Zusammenstellungszeichnung SR 40 Frontplattenversionen SR 40, Stckliste SR 40, frequenzabhngige Teile, Netzteil SR 40 Pro Reparaturhinweis
Last Modification / letzte nderung: Page 14, added power supply numbers Complete rework, facelift parts added PT40Pro and Flexx Housing top compl. Now available Corrected color code list Parts canceled, no longer available Page 12 Potentiometer added / Seite 12 Poti hinzu Page 7 item 13 new number added / Seite 7 Pos. 13 neue Nummer Page 4 Item 2 new number added / Seite 4 Pos.2 neue Nummmer hinzu Repair hint on page 14 / Reparaturhinweis auf Seite 14 Printed circuit boards deleted, remarks added / Prints gestrichen, Bemerkungen hinzu
HT 40 PRO (2991Z00.) HT 40 PRO FLEXX (3105Z00.) HT40 PRO (facelift) (3188Z00.) HT40 PRO FLEXX (facelift) (3192Z00.)


HT 40 Pro Stckliste



HT 40 Pro Parts list


Item Pos.



Cap Cap Capsule complete Capsule bearing Capsule bearing Cage, bottom Cage, bottom Cage assembly, top Printed circuit board, complete Printed circuit board, complete SMD-Switch (On/M/Off)+(Frequ) SMD-Switch (Gain) Light guide Slider (Frequency) Slider (Gain) Foam rubber tape Housing Housing Housing Housing Battery cover Battery cover Switch knob, black (Frequency) Slider (On/Mute/Off) Knob (On/Mute/Off) Display cover Display cover Display cover Display cover Color code cover Battery Contact "+" Device sticker Device sticker Device sticker Device sticker Switch knob, grey (Gain) Bearing rubber Weight Bearing foam Elastomer cover
Part number Bestellnummer
9999N07180 3138M11070 1400M40010 2931Z22010 3138Z12010 2931Z12020 2931Z12030 2931M10010 2991M01.*) 2991M02.*) 9040E00100 9040E00060 2932Z17010 3105Z12010 3105Z13010 2931Z39010 2931Z10020 2931Z10030 2931Z10050 2931Z10060 2931Z13010 2931Z13020 3105Z14010 2931Z17010 2931Z18010 2931Z14020 3105Z11010 2931Z14030 3105Z11020 2931Z150*) 2931M04010 4774S00.*) 4777S00.*) 4793S00.*) 4797S00.*) 3105Z14020 2610Z14010 2931Z42010 2610Z07920 3105Z16010

Quantity Stck

A B C 1 D 1


Gitterkappe Gitterkappe Kapsel komplett Kapsellager Kapsellager Kfig, Unterteil Kfig, Unterteil Kfig, Oberteil Print, komplett Print, komplett SMD-Schalter (On/M/Off)+(Frequ) SMD-Schalter (Pegel) Lichtleiter Schieber (Frequenz) Schieber (Pegel) Schaumstoff Gehuse Gehuse Gehuse Gehuse Batteriedeckel Batteriedeckel Schalterknopf, schwarz(Frequenz) Schieber (On/Mute/Off) Schalterknopf (On/Mute/Off) Display - Abdeckung Display - Abdeckung Display - Abdeckung Display - Abdeckung Farbcodedeckel Batteriekontakt "+" Gerteschild Gerteschild Gerteschild Gerteschild Schalterknopf, grau (Pegel) Elastische Lagerung Gewicht Schaumstoffring Elastomer - Deckel

*) For part numbers see table on next page. Frequency list on page 13 *) Teilenummern laut Tabelle auf der nchsten Seite. Frequenzliste auf Seite 13 Printed circuit boards and components others then mentioned in the parts list are not available. Please consult the AKG Service Center in your country for support Prints und Bauelemente, auer jenen in der Tabelle genannten, sind nicht erhltlich. Bitte fragen Sie bei Bedarf die AKG Servicestelle in Ihrem Land


Color Indicator 2931Z15. Device Sticker 4774S00. 4793S00. US010 JP12

US54B EU13

US030 EU63B 15 14

US58B UK69A UK69B 17 16


KR070 ISM18


EU090 US45A 12

only facelift

EU62B US45B 13

JP110 US45C 23
Farb-Indikator 2931Z15. Gerteschild 4774S00. 4793S00 Farb-Indikator 2931Z15. Gerteschild 4774S00. 4793S00.
Color Indicator 2931Z15. Device Sticker 4774S00. 4793S00.


Color Indicator 2931Z15. Color Indicator 2931Z15. facelift Device Sticker 4777S00. 4797S00.

40/A 010

40/B 020

40/C 030

40/D 040

40/E 050

40/F 060

40/G 070

40/H 080
40/ISM 090 Farb-Indikator 2931Z15. Farb-Indikator 2931Z15. facelift Gerteschild 4777S00. 4797S00.
PT 40 PRO FLEXX (3106Z00.) PT 40 PRO FLEXX (facelift) (3193Z00.)
PT 40 PRO (2992Z00.) PT 40 PRO (facelift) (3189Z00.)


PT 40 Pro Stckliste
PT40 PRO (facelift) C PT40 PRO FLEXX (facelift) D PT40 PRO FLEXX B

PT 40 Pro Parts list

Printed circuit board Printed circuit board SMD-Switch, (On/M/Off)+(Frequ) Trimmer Pot. (Gain) Housing bottom Housing bottom Battery cover Battery cover Battery cover Battery cover Battery window Display cover Display cover Belt clip Light guide Knob (On/Mute/Off) Turning knob Foam rubber tape Screw KB 18x8 Safety screw (for Japan only) Antenna, complete Device sticker Device sticker Device sticker Device sticker Housing top, complete Housing top, complete Housing top, complete Housing top, complete Mini-XLR socket Nut Charging contact Battery contact '+' Battery contact '-' Insert Switch knob (frequency)
2992M01.*) 2992M02.*) 9040E00100 0021E05930 2932Z11010 2932Z11030 2932Z13020 2932Z13030 2932Z13050 2932Z13060 2932Z14010 2932Z15020 2932Z15030 2932Z16010 2932Z17010 2932Z18020 2932Z19010 2932Z21010 0099N18020 9999N07010 2992M03.*) 4773S00.*) 4776S00.*) 4794S00.*) 4798S00.*) 2932M04020 2932M04030 2932M04050 2932M04060 0016E03710 2932Z31010 2932Z20010 2932M02010 9999N07320 2932Z30010 3106Z12010

A 1 B C 1 D 1

Print, komplett Print, komplett Schalter (On/M/Off)+(Frequ) Trimmer-Poti (Pegel) Gehuse Unterteil Gehuse Unterteil Batteriedeckel Batteriedeckel Batteriedeckel Batteriedeckel Batteriefenster Display Abdeckung Display Abdeckung Grtelklammer Lichtleiter Schalterknopf (On/Mute/Off) Drehknopf Schaumstoff Schraube KB 18x8 Schraube (nur fr Japan) Antenne, komplett Gerteschild Gerteschild Gerteschild Gerteschild Gehuse Oberteil, kpl. Gehuse Oberteil, kpl. Gehuse Oberteil, kpl. Gehuse Oberteil, kpl. Mini-XLR - Buchse Mutter Ladekontakt Batteriekontakt '+' Batteriekontakt '-' Einsatz Schalterknopf (Frequenz)

18.27 18.27 18.27 18.27

*) For part numbers see tables below. Frequency list on page 13 *) Teilenummern laut unten stehender Tabellen. Frequenzlisten auf Seite 13 Printed circuit boards and components others then mentioned in the parts list are not available. Please consult the AKG Service Center in your country for support Prints und Bauelemente, auer jenen in der Tabelle genannten, sind nicht erhltlich. Bitte fragen Sie bei Bedarf die AKG Servicestelle in Ihrem Land


US54 Antenna, compl. 01 2992M03. Length 95mm Device Sticker 4773S00. 010 4794S00. (facelift)
US54B 01 95mm 020 EU85mm 130
US95mm 030 EU63B 02 85mm 140
US58B 01 95mm 040 UK69A 03 81mm 150 UK69B 03 81mm 160
US60A 01 95mm 060 ISM81mm 170

KR95mm 070 ISM81mm 180

US60B 01 95mm 080 ISM81mm 190

EU95mm 090

EU62B 02 85mm 100

JP85mm 110

Antenne, kpl. 2992M03. Lng. Gerteschild 4773S00. 4794S00. (facelif
JP2 Antenna, compl. 02 2992M03. Length 85mm Device Sticker 4773S00. 120 4794S00. (facelift)
US45A US45B US45C 04 Antenne, kpl. 105mm 105mm 105mm 2992M03. Lng. Gerteschild 220 4773S00. only facelift only facelift only facelift 4794S00.(facelift 40/ISM 03 81mm 090


40/A Antenna, compl. 04 2932M03. Length 105mm Device Sticker 010 4776S00.

40/B 01 95mm 020

40/C 01 95mm 030

40/D 02 85mm 040

40/E 02 85mm 050

40/F 02 85mm 060

40/G 02 85mm 070

40/H 03 81mm 080

Antenne, kpl. 2932M03./Lng. Gerteschild 4776S00.
Service Manual SR 40 PRO (2943Z00.) SR 40 PRO (3190Z00.) facelift
Service Manual SR 40 PRO FLEXX (3107Z00.) SR 40 PRO FLEXX (3194Z00.) facelift
Service Manual SR 40 PRO DUAL (2944Z00.) SR 40 PRO DUAL (3191Z00.) facelift

Front panel SR40 Pro

Front panel SR40 Pro Flexx


Front panel SR40 Pro Dual

40 Pro Parts list

SR 40 Pro Stckliste SR40 PRO FLEXX (3107) B SR40 PRO FLEXX (3194) B SR40 PRO DUAL (2944) C SR40 PRO DUAL (3191) C
SR40 PRO (2943): A SR40 PRO (3190): A
Item Part number Pos. Bestellnummer

A 1 B 6 C 1 -

Frontplatte Frontplatte Frontplatte Haube Haube Gehuse Gehuse Gehuse Ein/Aus-Knopf Ein/Aus-Knopf Farb-Indikator Schieber, frbig (Frequenz) Drehknopf (Pegel) Drehknopf (Pegel) Print SINGLE, komplett Print SINGLE, komplett Print DUAL, komplett Stereoklinkenbuchse 6,3 DC - Buchse Druckschalter, ein/aus Potentiometer (Pegel) Potentiometer (Pegel) Squelch - Regler Kabelhalter Gehusefu Gehusefu Abdeckung Schraube (fr 8) Schraube Schraube Scheibe (fr 12) Schraube M3x5 (fr 13) Mutter M3 Scheibe (fr 13) Antenne Schraube M3x6 (fr 14) Gerteschild Gerteschild Gerteschild Transparentabdeckung Hlse Schraube KB 30x8 Klinke Hebel Schraube M3x8
Front panel 1 2943Z1001/Front panel 1 2889Z11050 Front panel 1 2943Z1002/Housing cover 2 3000Z16010 Housing cover new 2 3000Z16050 Housing 3 2943Z12020 Housing 3 3000Z10010 Housing 3 2943Z12010 On/Off button 4 2943Z14010 On/Off button 4 2889Z20010 Color indicator 5 2943Z15.*) Slider, colored (Frequency) 5 3107Z12.*) Turning knob (Volume) 6 2889Z13010 Turning knob (Volume) 6 2930Z14010 Printed circuit board SINGLE 7 2943M01.*) Printed circuit board Flexx 7 3107M01.*) Printed circuit board DUAL 16 2943M02.*) Stereo Jack socket 1/4" 30 0017E03570 DC-socket 31 0016E03730 Push button switch, on/off 32 0040E02180 Potentiometer (Volume) 33 0021E00680 Potentiometer (Volume) 34 0021E00700 Squelch - control 35 0021E00720 Cable holder 8 2889Z21010 Housing foot 9 2943Z16010 Housing foot 9 3000Z20010 Cover 10 3107Z11010 Screw (for 8) 11 0099N25030 Screw Screw 7985D30120 Washer (for 12) +12 0125D03230 Schraube M3x5 (for 13) 13 7985N30000 Mutter M3 +13 0934D30010 Washer (for 13) +13 0125D0322 Antenna 14 9999N07330 Screw M3x6 (for 14) 15 7985N30000 Device Sticker 4795S00.*) Device Sticker 4799S00.*) Device Sticker 4796S00.*) Transparent cover 17 2898Z12030 Spacer 22 3000Z21010 Screw KB 30x0099N30080 Clip 26 2889Z16010 Lever 27 3107Z1001 Screw M3x7985D30110 Power supplies, see next page / Netzteile, siehe nchste Seite

*) For part numbers and frequencies see tables on next page. *) Tabellen mit Teilenummern und Frequenzen auf der nchsten Seite. Printed circuit boards and components others then mentioned in the parts list are not available. Please consult the AKG Service Center in your country for support Prints und Bauelemente, auer jenen in der Tabelle genannten, sind nicht erhltlich. Bitte fragen Sie bei Bedarf die AKG Servicestelle in Ihrem Land


Color Indicator 2943Z15. Device Sticker 4795S00. US010 JP120
US54B EU130 US030 EU63B US58B UK69A UK69B US60A ISM170 KR070 ISM180 US60B ISM190 EU090 US45A 110

EU62B US45B 120

JP110 US45C 050
Farb-Indikator 2943Z15. Gerteschild 4795S00. Farb-Indikator 2943Z15. Gerteschild 4795S00.
Color Indicator 2943Z15. Device Sticker 4795S00.

Set version

US45A US45B US45C US54 US54B US58 US58B KR3 US60A KR4 US60B EU62 EU62B JP1 JP2 EU63 EU63B UK69A UK69B ISM1 ISM2 ISM3




660,700MHz 661,100MHz 662,300MHZ 710,400MHz 711,000MHz 734,600MHz 736,975MHz 745,650MHz 748,875MHz 750,900MHz 751,550MHz 802,525MHz 805,100MHz 808,625MHz 809,125MHz 812,800MHz 813,100MHz 854,900MHz 858,200MHz 863,100MHz 864,375MHz 864,850MHz

Color Code Pantone

410C greenbrown 2708C light blue 3245C mintgreen 471C reddish brown 285C skyblue 239C purple 375C yellowgreen 3245C mintgreen 354U2x green 444C darkgray 513C dark purple 172C warm red 236C pink 410C greenbrown 2708C light blue yellow C 709C 2736C violet 3275C green 1235C melon yellow cool gray 2 2567C


Slider, colored 3107Z12. Device Sticker 4799S00.

40/A 010 010

40/B 020 020

40/C 030 030

40/D 040 040

40/E 050 050

40/F 060 060

40/G 070 070

40/H 080 080
40/ISM Schieber, frbig 3107Z12. Gerteschild 4799S00.
SR 40 FLEXX Band 40/A Band 40/B Band 40/C Band 40/D Band 40/E Band 40/F Band 40/G Band 40/H Band 40/ISM SR 40 DUAL
Color Indicator 2943Z15. Device Sticker 4796S00. US54 US54B 010
Frequency 1: 660,700MHz 734,600MHz 748,875MHz 802,525MHz 806,875MHz 812,800MHz 812,700MHz 854,900MHz 863,100MHz

US58 US58B 020 US60A US60B 030 EU62 EU130 040
Frequency 2: 661,100MHz 736,025MHz 750,900MHz 803,025MHz 808,625MHz 813,100MHz 813,100MHz 855,900MHz 864,375MHz
EU62B EU63B 050 JP1 JP120 060
Frequency 3: 662,300MHz 736,975MHz 751,550MHz 805,100MHz 809,125MHz 813,800MHz 815,000MHz 857,625MHz 864,850MHz
UK69A UK69B 070 ISM3 ISM180 080
Colour Code (Pantone): Cool Grey 2 1235C melon yellow 2736C violet 285C skyblue 375C yellowgreen 354U2x green 513C dark purple 2708C light blue 444C darkgray

US45A US45C 090

Farb-Indikator 2943Z15. Gerteschild 4796S00.
old current new not yet available
WMS products Power rating Power supply 230V EU Power supply 230V US Power supply 230V UK Power supply EU,US,UK Power supply EU,US,UK
WMS40/45 12V, 500mA 0027E00660 0027E00670 0027E00680 0027E00740 0027E00810
SR 40 PRO Important repair hint In case that a receiver is unable to detect the transmitter signal, it may be that the indicated coil in misaligned. In this case the coil's core has to be adjusted for maximum audio output signal at lowest THD. After alignment the core shall be secured with wax.
SR 40 PRO Wichtiger Reparaturhinweis Falls ein Empfnger das Sendesignal nicht verarbeiten kann, ist unter Umstnden die gekennzeichnete Spule verstimmt. In diesem Fall muss der Spulenkern auf maximales NF-Ausgangssignal bei geringstem Klirrfaktor abgeglichen werden. Anschlieend ist der Kern mit Wachs zu sichern.


Can the new AKG WMS40 withstand not one but TWO Roadtests?
Words: Simon Croft and Chris Underwood
AKG WMS40 Wireless System

What is it?

A revamped range of easy-touse wireless systems, offering high quality vocal and guitar performance, with a wide range of choices.
We gave a singer who plays
guitar for only part of his bands set a wireless guitar system and told him we wanted to see more six string action on stage. Then we gave a guitarist whos only comfortable on stage with a guitar in his hands a wireless mic and told him to front his act. Why? Obviously, pure sadism played a part let em squirm under the lights. But there was more to it. We know that when you buy a new piece of gear, its for the same reason that we do youre hoping that it will help you to be a better singer, player or performer. Knowing that Chris doesnt

Why Should I Want one?

When youve seen how much more of a show you can put on once the cords are cut, you definitely want part of the action that is going wireless. Moreover, now that wireless systems are affordable to the rest of us, there is no reason to be anchored to a small spot on the stage. Plus, AKG is a very respected brand, so youre left in no doubt that youre buying good gear with strong after-sales suport.
the new PRO offering. A quick look reveals that the receivers now have metal casings, which is welcome, but thats not the whole story. Perhaps the more important change is that there are a lot of different systems within the WMS40 PRO range but choosing the right one for you is much easier than it used to be. Instead of leaving you to figure out which mic/transmitter goes with which receiver, AKG now bundles the two parts together for you nice and easy. The two systems we are looking at today are in the WMS40 PRO Single range. This means you get
The third range is the WMS40 PRO FLEXX range. With these, you still get the receiver box with two antennas but you only get one transmitter. Thats because these are diversity systems, so the channel with the best reception is used. (The comparison between the two is continuous and the switching seamless.) All AKG WMS40 PRO systems operate in the UHF band but there are differences between the maximum system size you can achieve on a gig. You can use up to nine FLEXX systems at once, providing they are all on different frequencies. AKG has made each

Wire not?

Wireless systems used to be expensive. Not only that, if you wanted to use several at once, you needed technical knowledge to be sure it would be legal. If you got it wrong, you could mess with the emergency services, or mini-cabs could mess with your performance, neither of which is much fun for you or your audience. In short, wireless systems were for rock stars and cables were for the rest of us. But things have got simpler in recent years. We gave the AKG
One thing Ive learned about
being on stage is that if you look as if youre confident and put on a bit of a show, most people will think youre okay unless youre really crap. The flip side is you can be playing great music but if you have all the stage presence of a sensible pair of shoes, expect to be greeted with total indifference, Armed with this experience but balancing it against the fact that I am not the worlds best singer I decided to try out the AKG WMS40 PRO Single vocal pack at home.

We first looked at a WMS40 system way back in issue four. So whats changed to
normally take on lead guitar duties in his band and knowing that Simon usually restricts himself to backing vocals, we thought wed put them slightly off base and see how they made out. The results? Two Roadtests for you to read on the following pages. But first, heres some background on the AKG WMS 40 PRO range. We first looked at a WMS40 system way back in issue four. So whats changed to make us take a second look? Well, the two systems we are looking at today are part of one transmitter, operating on one channel. You can spot the receivers because they have a single antenna. Then theres the WMS40 PRO Double range. As the name implies, you get two transmitters working on different frequencies. The choice includes two vocal mics, or one mic and a guitar transmitter. You only get one receiver per box but it has two antennas. Thats because inside, there are actually two receivers one for each transmitter. FLEXX unit switchable between three frequencies, which gives you more flexibility in the future. In contrast, Single and Double systems are not frequency switchable. You can legally use as many as five at the same time in the UK on different frequencies.

make us take

SRP Vocal Set: 239.99 Instrument Set: 219.668222

a second look?

In reality, you have to push your luck a long way before this system lets you down.
Sod that, said Hannah Hamilton, We need you to get on stage and really work an audience with it. Err, all right. So I did, but heres a bit of technical detail before I tell you how I got on. Although youd be hard pushed to find this out from AKGs promotional material, the capsule on this mic/transmitter is from the D880 from the Emotion series. I dont know why AKG isnt shouting about this, because its a very respectable supercardioid vocal mic and its used with the much more expensive WMS400 and WMS4000 wireless systems. As the antenna is included within the body of the mic, the casing is lighter than you might expect. Thats because the antennas signals would never reach the receiver if it were encased in thick metal, so plastic is used instead. Youll probably be relieved to know that the only switch on the transmitter is simply marked In reality, you have to push your luck a long way before this system lets you down. I tried too close, too far away and with the receiver stood on a metal mixing desk. None of those seemed to cause any problems. When I finally got it to fail, it was because Id put it inside a metal computer case I had kicking around at home. No great surprise. Later that night, at a secret location in south east England, I arrived as a special guest at my friend Steves karaoke night. The reason Im not naming the venue is because I did fine, the mic sounded really good and Steve runs a great show but. well I dont want anyone disagreeing about my performance. So, if youre happpy to take my word for it, I was brilliant. Obviously, my competition did include three pissed housewives doing James Blunt, a Top 10 hit but the AKG WMS40 PRO Vocal set helped me to set myself above that. No really. PM

off/mute/on. When its all systems go, a light by the switch comes on to tell you so. There is also a stylish coloured insert. On multi-channel systems, these can be swapped around so that every transmitter is colour coded to the receiver. Other than that, all you need to do is switch everything on and start making some noise. AKG advises you to put some care into where you position the receiver; 3-5m from the transmitter and at least 1.5m from any large metal objects is said to be optimum.
WMS40 the thumbs up two-anda-half years ago. Since then, the range has expanded, the gears got even better and the price remains extremely attractive. Plus, you can now get an astonishing 30 hours performance from one set of batteries longer if you get the battery recharge pack, which is also kinder to the environment. But has the range improved enough to earn a double thumbs up from our two Roadtesters? On the this page you can read Simons verdict on the handheld mic transmitter, while on p.102 Chris will handle the guitar pack and put it through its paces. Can the AKG WMS40 PRO stand up to two Playmusic Roadtests? PM




Thankfully the nice people
at AKG know that its not just the singer in the band who wants to strut their stuff, jump around and generally be adored by awestruck fans. This is why their WMS40 PRO radio transmitter system comes not only as a microphone system but as a guitar belt-pack too. There are plenty of reasons why a belt-pack transmitter is infinitely better than a crusty old guitar lead. For starters, itll give you free run of the entire venue, as oppose to leaving you tethered to a distance of no more than a few feet from your amp. For example, if you wanted to enter the venue throwing molten riffs from your guitar, aboard a flaming chariot pulled by a pack of scantily clad beauties, then this would be possible with a transmitter system. Probably best to check the fire safety regulations first, however, as some pubs are funny about this sort of thing. The other main reason a beltpack is an exemplary idea is that it means fewer leads trailing all over the stage floor. If youve ever yanked a lead out of an amp simply by attempting to move across a stage covered in cables, youll know that fewer leads on stage is a very good thing. So how does the AKG WMS40 PRO instrumental set measure up as a potential escape route from the world of leads? For starters, its an incredibly dinky little thing, smaller than most mobile phones. On top is a single button marked On/Mute/Off, a tiny plastic aerial and the input for the guitar lead. On the front of the unit is a perspex screen, which looks as if it might do something really exciting but in fact displays nothing more than a green On light. Immediately below is the battery compartment.

I tried this transmitter system in various places. I thought where could I boldly go where no man has gone before? and so played the intro to one song from the ladies toilets admittedly this was only in a rehearsal situation. Whether the wireless system would make me play more guitar during a regular gig is an interesting point, because its actually a lot easier to put down and pick up a guitar if youve got a transmitter attached to the strap. So although the idea was to get me playing more guitar on stage, it could actually get me playing less. That said, were playing a surprise gig for someones birthday in the next few weeks so Ive decided Im going to try and get hold of one of these systems for each of the band. That way we can start playing the first song outside the venue. Hopefully the birthday person will think hang on, that song sounds familiar, at which point well burst into the room to the thrilled amazement of our friend. Either that or hell be thinking: Oh sod it, not that lot! I wanted a DJ! PM
I thought where could I boldly go where no man has gone before? and so played the intro to one song

from the ladies toilets.




TX-29PS11D HT-DL200 LCX-112C DPA-08055S PG-F212x-L Optra M410 Sportwagon 42PX3RVB SRE158 SR-S2088C W2602BK Infiniti FX35 SAL-18250 LG R-25 Tajine EP SB CDX-4000RX Printer A6ukvrj KX-FC195RU RM832A FP410141 FA-ST1AM DHC-FL7D Forever 1000 Doro WT89 PT-LB50 LE37A558p3F S-DV232 MZ-42PZ44S XT-V70 Avic-X1R Dell D530 Gold M50 LBT-XB66 DDR2504 Movies CS-E9gfew SCE275 XM2020 MZ-B10 ICF-CD823 Extreme Gr-dvl820 RV-1000 Station SF-5300 DI351F 42LY3DE Bbne2 Vocal Set Motorola V620 Kxtga641EX UF-150 HDR3810 Steam Koso RX1N EH308 AM-900 L32WD12 TDA2040 MRP-M500 S1255 EWF12040W Asus K8 CC-FR7CL Garmin 215W 26PFL5322 HDR-CX500 RF-11 MZ-E707 RSA1wtmh Nokia 3120 XL1600 P5925 KX-TG2740 Nikkor KH 3461 Aficio 3025 Microkontrol CT300H Reference Card C105F Abit SA6R MW71C DR7000LI AX-R551BK Multimeter 2200MF Tower Datasheet GTS 120 MD-MT15 LE40R87 CM927 2443BW 42LF76 MD-port Dg2 KG800S H6340 KDL-40V2500


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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