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Behringer AB100Behringer AB100 Guitar Amplifier A/B Selection Foot Pedal
This super-flexible 2-mode selector can easily be used to Switch between instruments, amplifiers, effects and other gear. Guitarists, bassists, Keyboard players and other musicians who want to switch instruments fast can toggle between two Input signals to one Output or vice-versa (e.g. switch between two guitars using one amplifier or two amplifiers with one guitar). Use the Dedicated Level controls for precise volume adjustment.

Part Numbers: 000-396, 000-39600-00000, AB100
UPC: 04033653050937, 4033653050937
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Thank you for showing your confidence in us by purchasing the BEHRINGER INSTRUMENT/AMP SELECTOR AB100. This high-quality instrument and amp switch is designed for both guitar & bass players who use several amps or instruments. The AB100 allows you to switch between gear noiselessly and instantaneously, adjusting individual volume settings without coloring the sound of your instrument.


Controls and connections IN 1: this 1/4" TS jack is the first AB100 input. Plug in an instrument here (guitar, bass, etc.). OUT A: this 1/4" TS jack is the first AB100 output. Plug in an amp or an effect here. OUT B / IN 2: this 1/4" TS jack can be used as a second output or a second input, depending on the position of selector. The MODE selector adapts the AB100 to your system: If you play one instrument and two amps, set MODE in the upper position to get one input for two outputs. In this case, connector serves as a second output (OUT B). Otherwise, if you play two instruments and one amp, set MODE in the lower position to get two inputs for one output. In that case, connector serves as a second input (IN 2). Use the A LEVEL button to set the volume of OUT A. The output is active when the green LED is lit. When MODE is in the upper position, use the B LEVEL button to set the volume of OUT B. The output is active when the red LED is lit. Use the footswitch to noiselessly and instantaneously toggle between two amps (MODE selector in the upper position) or two instruments (MODE selector in the lower position). Use the DC IN connection to plug in a 9 V power supply (not included). The BATTERY COMPARTMENT is located underneath the pedal cover. To install or replace the 9 V battery, press the hinges with a ballpen and remove the pedal cover. Be careful not to scratch the unit. The AB100 has no on/off switch. As soon as you insert the jack into the IN connector, the AB100 begins running. When not using the AB100, remove the jack from the IN connector. This extends the life of the battery.
The SERIAL NUMBER is located at the bottom of the unit.
For our current warranty terms, please refer to our website at


In 1 Out A Connector Impedance 1/4" TS 500 kW 1/4" TS 2.2 kW 1/4" TS 500 kW 2.2 kW 9 V, 100 mA DC regulated PSU-SB-CN BEHRINGER 220 VAC adaptor China PSU-SB-EU BEHRINGER 230 VAC adaptor Europe PSU-SB-JP BEHRINGER 100 VAC adaptor Japan PSU-SB-SAA BEHRINGER 240 VAC adaptor Australia PSU-SB-UK BEHRINGER 240 VAC adaptor UK PSU-SB-UL BEHRINGER 115 VAC adaptor USA 2 mm DC jack, negative center 9 V type 6LRmA approx. 54 mm (2 1/8") x 70 mm (2 3/4") x 123 mm (4 4/5") approx. 0.33 kg (0.73 lbs)
Connector Impedance In 2/Out B Connector Impedance In 2 Impedance Out B Power supply
Power connector Battery Power consumption Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight
BEHRINGER is constantly striving to maintain the highest professional standards. As a result of these efforts, modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without prior notice. Specifications and appearance may therefore differ from those listed or shown.


Do not use near water, or install near heat sources. Use only authorized attachments/accessories. Do not service product yourself. Contact our qualified servicing personnel for servicing or repairs, especially when power supply cord or plug is damaged. No utilizar cerca de agua o instalar cerca de fuentes de calor. Utilice slo accesorios y aditamentos autorizados. No intent reparar el producto usted mismo. Contacte a nuestro personal tcnico cualificado para servicio y reparaciones, especialmente cuando la fuente o el cable de alimentacin estn daados.
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