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henry_hl 1:28pm on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
Only 1 problem I agree the menu system needs a little work for the MP3 side of things however... Everything else is excellent. Spoiled by a very poor user interface I bought this because of the bluetooth interface and the ability to connect a usb disk drive to take lots of mus... Spoiled by a very poor user interface I bought this because of the bluetooth interface and the ability to connect a usb disk drive to take lots of mus...
ondemor 8:17am on Friday, April 9th, 2010 
Only 1 problem I agree the menu system needs a little work for the MP3 side of things however... Everything else is excellent.

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Press Release
New from Blaupunkt: Hamburg MP68 Simple integration of mobile phone into car radio Attractive styling and leading edge technology

March 2008

The Hamburg MP68 car radio is able to accommodate a wide variety of different upgrades Integrated Bluetooth module keeps wireless contact with the mobile phone Mobile phone keypad allows convenient, intuitive operation
The new Hamburg MP68 car radio from Blaupunkt is an attractively designed unit with a newly developed and intuitive user interface combined with a high degree of technical performance: From high quality radio reception, to the many different connection options for all types of storage media and right on up to the integrated Bluetooth wireless module that makes it possible to integrate a mobile phone into the car radio quickly and easily, the Hamburg is the unit of choice for many motorists. Attractive design and new user ergonomics The design of the latest Hamburg model features clear operating keys which make selecting functions easy and convenient. The chrome-plated encoder rocker key, symbolising Blaupunkts trademark the blue dot, serves as the central operating element. It can be used to control all of the radios most important functions. The user interface developed by Blaupunkt makes it possible to operate the new Hamburg MP68 functions both conveniently and intuitively. Uncompromising operation Using a mobile phone whilst driving is dangerous and will attract a heavy fine and penalty points for drivers in the UK, but the Hamburg MP68 has an integrated Bluetooth wireless module that solves the problem. The car radio and the mobile phone recognize one another as soon as the mobile is switched on in the vehicle.
Blaupunkt UK PO Box 98 Uxbridge UB9 5HN
Email: Phone: +44 (0) 541
Corporate Communications
The most important basic functions of the telephone can be operated and controlled directly via the car radio to accept or end a call, for example, all that is needed is a quick press of the key with the corresponding receiver symbol on the front panel. A convenient alphanumerical keypad just like the one on the mobile phone makes dialing easy. The individual keys can be used to store speed-dial numbers and make it easy to select a number from up to 500 alphabetical phone-book entries. All the calling lists can be used and edited on the full-graphic display. In addition to the Bluetooth interface for wireless connection, the Hamburg MP68 it is equipped with a USB slot for external data storage media and the unit also includes an easy-to-install hands-free microphone. It provides good voice quality; the voice of the person on the other end of the line can be heard loud and clear over the car speakers. A diverse range of connection options for enhanced convenience The innovative Hamburg MP68 is a car radio that meets high demands in terms of reception quality, contemporary MP3 decoder technology, a wide range of connection options for all kinds of storage media and adjustable sound settings. The radio is able to pick up three wavebands (FM, MW, LW), provides good sound quality, is equipped with an integrated amplifier of 4 x 50 Watts maximum power, and the sound can be customised by adjusting the 3band equaliser. Connections for external amplifiers and subwoofers can be used to generate additional sound volume. The VarioColour facility also allows the radio display to be adapted to the vehicle-specific dashboard illumination. The Hamburg MP68 car radio can be connected to any MP3/WMA player via the integrated USB interface or Aux-input, and the new operating menu makes MP3 browsing extremely easy. Even when a portable hard disk with a complete music collection is connected, individual songs can be found and selected quickly. With its attractively styled control panel, this new car radio from Blaupunkt is the perfect choice for listening to the radio and using the telephone as well as for playing back music from a variety of different storage media.

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( from end of March 2008 at the recommended retail price of 199.99.
Ends For further information, please contact: Victoria Smend Blaupunkt Tel: 541 Email:
Blaupunkt, a company belonging to the Bosch Group, is an internationally leading manufacturer of driver information systems, car radios, car speakers and vehicle antennas. Blaupunkt has its main headquarters in Hildesheim, Germany, and maintains other production sites in Portugal, Hungary, Tunisia, Malaysia and China. The company posted sales of more than Euro 1.3 billion in fiscal year 2007 and employs approximately 8,700 people worldwide.

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bevor die Stecker fr die Line-In- oder Line-Out-Buchse kontaktiert werden. Fremdgertemassen drfen nicht an der Autoradiomasse (Gehuse) angeschlossen werden.
Installation instructions

Safety instructions

When carrying out installation work and making connections please observe the following safety instructions: Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery! When doing so, please observe the vehicle manufacturers safety instructions. Make sure you do not damage vehicle components when drilling any holes. The cross sections of the positive and negative cables must not be less than 1.5 mm2. Do not connect the vehicles plug connectors to the radio! You can obtain the adapter cable required for your vehicle type from any BLAUPUNKT dealer. Depending on the model, your vehicle may differ from the description provided here. We accept no responsibility for any damages due to incorrect installation or connection or for any consequential damages.
B1_07EA_HamburgMP68.indd 422

03.03.2008 9:22:45 Uhr

If the information provided here is not suitable for your specic installation requirements, please contact your Blaupunkt dealer, your vehicle manufacturer or our telephone hotline. When installing an amplier or changer, you must rst connect the device earth connections before connecting the plugs for the line-in or line-out jacks. Earth connection of external devices may not be connected to earth of car sound system (housing).

Notice de montage

Consignes de scurit
Respecter les consignes de scurit suivantes pendant la dure du montage et du branchement. Dbrancher le ple (-) de la batterie ! Respecter les consignes de scurit du constructeur automobile ! Veiller nendommager aucune pice du vhicule en perant des trous. La section du cble (+) et (-) ne doit pas dpasser 1,5 mm2. Ne pas brancher les connecteurs du vhicule sur la radio ! Les cbles dadaptation ncessaires pour le type de vhicule sont disponibles auprs des revendeurs BLAUPUNKT. En fonction du modle, votre vhicule peut diffrer de cette descrip-

Note di sicurezza

Durante il montaggio e lallacciamento osservate per favore le seguenti istruzioni sulla sicurezza. Staccate il polo negativo della batteria! Nel fare ci osservate le istruzioni di sicurezza del fabbricante dauto. Quando praticate dei fori, fate attenzione a non danneggiare nessuna parte dellautovettura.

03.03.2008 9:22:48 Uhr

6. Ausbau / Removal / Dmontage / Smontaggio / Demontage / Urmontering

Aut. antenna

10 Ampere
FB +12V / RC +12V +12V Amplifier
Summe, Sum Somme, Somma Som, Sum

300 mA

Gala Radio Mute Sub-out Permanent +12V Aut. antenna Illumination Kl.15/Ignition Masse/GND 7 8
Speaker out RR+ Speaker out RRSpeaker out RF+ Speaker out RFSpeaker out LF+ Speaker out LFSpeaker out LR+ Speaker out LR-
C6 Line Out LR Line Out RR Line Out / Ground Line Out LF Line Out RF +12V Amplifier C2 Telefon NF in + Telefon NF in Radio Mute RC +12V Remote Control RC - GND C3 CDC-Data - In CDC-Data - Out Permanent +12V +12V Bus / GND AF / GND CDC Line In - L CDC Line In - R


Optional (Remote Control Eye)


B1_07EA_HamburgMP68.indd 430
Preamp./Sub./Center - out cable 001 512

+12V +12V Amplier


Gala Radio Mute

+ + + + -

4 Ohm 4 Ohm 4 Ohm 4 Ohm

nderungen vorbehalten! Subject to changes! Sous rserve de modications! Modiche riservate! Wijzigingen voorbehouden! ndringar frbehlles! 431
B1_07EA_HamburgMP68.indd 431

Kl. 15 +12V

Sub out
2008 All rights reserved by Blaupunkt. This material may be reproduced, copied or distributed for personal use only. This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft. Use or distribution of such technology outside of this product is prohibited without a license from Microsoft.
B1_07EA_HamburgMP68.indd 432
Bitte den ausgefllten Gertepass sicher aufbewahren! Please keep the lled-in radio pass in a safe place! Prire de conserver soigneusement la carte dautoradio remplie ! Tenete per favore il libretto di apparecchio, debitamente riempito, in un posto sicuro! Bewaar de ingevulde apparaatpas op een veilige plaats! Vnligen frvara ifyllt apparatpass p sker plats!

B1_07EA_HamburgMP68.indd 433


Germany Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Great Britain Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Czech. Rep. Hungary Poland Turkey USA Brasil (Mercosur) Malaysia (Asia Pacic) (D) (A) (B) (DK) (FIN) (F) (GB) (GR) (IRL) (I) (L) (NL) (N) (P) (E) (S) (CH) (CZ) (H) (PL) (TR) (USA) (BR)


0180-5000225 01-0 02-360 09-01-01-01-700 02-+70 08-7501850 01-8471644 02-704 0800-118922 0212-23 800-950-7045446
05121- 01-391 02-44-09-01-01-01-706 02-+08-7501810 01-8471650 02-022-8771260 0212-40 708-6817188 +55-2773 +604-6413 640

(MAL) +604-6382 474

Name: Typ: Serien-Nr:
Hamburg MP68... 8622405683

011 310...

434 Blaupunkt GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Strae 200, D-31139 Hildesheim
B1_07EA_HamburgMP68.indd 434
02/08 - CM-AS/SCS1 (de, gb, fr, it, nl, sw)



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