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Blaupunkt Travelpilot Lucca 3 3 Manual

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Blaupunkt Travelpilot Lucca 3.3 GPS, size: 3.6 MB
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Blaupunkt Travelpilot Lucca 3 3Brodit Blaupunkt TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 Passive Car Mount #215246
Fitment: Blaupunkt TravelPilot Lucca 3.4 for all countries. Description: More and more people use navigation units. Keep your unit in a holder attached to the dashboard, and you will always have it within easy reach! You can easily take the unit with you when leaving the vehicle. The holders can be adjusted in order to avoid light reflection on the screen. Attach onto ProClip Mounting Platform.

Brand: Brodit
Part Number: 215246
EAN: 5055257333857, 5055257333864, 7320282152468
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TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 firmware update
Operating system software version 1.12, Map version 20080114.
By installing this software update you can optimize the performance of your TravelPilot Lucca 3.3. Please note that the OS software does not contain any mapping. Your pre-installed map data will remain unchanged when updating the operating software. However, to provide a secure and reliable dynamic route guidance and destination selection function, it is important that you download the correct country specific software for your TravelPilot Lucca 3.3. (see list) Note: Please ensure to read the installation instructions before updating your TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 and follow the step-by-step-instructions. Before starting the software download procedure also make sure to check your TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 type number and software version. Do not upgrade your system with the software download unless your device has a lower software version! Updating your device with unsuitable software can cause severe errors. The files are large in size and it will take some time to complete the download. Type No. 7.612.201.300 7.612.201.301 7.612.201.302 7.612.201.303 7.612.201.304 7.612.201.305 7.612.201.306 7.612.201.307 7.612.201.308 7.612.201.309 7.612.201.310 7.612.201.311 7.612.201.313 7.612.201.314 7.612.201.315 7.612.201.316 7.612.201.317 7.612.201.318 7.612.201.319 7.612.201.320 7.612.201.321 7.612.201.322 7.612.201.325 7.612.201.326 7.612.201.327 7.612.201.328 7.612.201.329 Country Version TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 D-A-CH + WEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 IT TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 FR + WEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 BE-NL TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 ES-PT TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 UK TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 SCAND TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 EEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 USA TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 RU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 EEU + WEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 D-A-CH + EEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 FR TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 D-A-CH TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 D-A-CH TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 IT + WEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 FR TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 BE-NL TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 ES-PT + WEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 UK + WEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 SCAND TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 EEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 EEU + WEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 D-A-CH + EEU TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 IT TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 ES-PT TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 UK Software Version
Registered Office: Hildesheim, Registration Court: Amtsgericht Hildesheim HRB 120 Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Volkmar Denner; Managing Directors: Uwe Thomas, Dirk Hoheisel, Michael Klemm, Otto Mayer Blaupunkt GmbH - A Bosch Group Company

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What else is required? PC, Pentium, Windows XP/NT/2000 recommended Standard SD-Card reader/writer SD-Card 256 MB (or bigger) Preparation: Put the SD-Card into the corresponding slot of your SD-Card reader and connect with your PC. Open a Windows Explorer window in your work station. The SD-Card appears as additional removable drive on the Explorer. Format the SD-Card by clicking the right mouse button and choosing Fast formatting FAT32 in the context menu. Download the zip-file from the above table into a temporary folder (i.e. on the desktop, new folder). Unpack the zip-file into a new directory and open the file. The following files will appear:
Extract the files onto your work station. Please do not extract the files straight to the SD card. Copy all files onto the formatted SD-Card, until the complete file directory shown above appears. Once the copy process is completed, please deactivate the SD-Card reader. Use the Windows symbol in the task bar of your PC. The completed SD-Card containing the data can now be removed.

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How to update the TravelPilot Lucca 3.3: Connect your TravelPilot to the 230 V power adapter or the 12 V cigarette lighter cable. Switch off your TravelPilot Lucca 3.3. For this please press and hold the On/Off-button for more than 4 seconds. Insert the SD-Card in your TravelPilot Lucca 3.3. Now press and hold the Menu button and at the same time press On/Off-button until the message "Rom Update" appears on the display. The Menu key can now be released. The progress of the update is displayed. Please do not interrupt the update process! After about 7 minutes you are prompted to confirm the update with Yes / No. NOTE: It is absolutely necessary to wait until the firmware update has been completed. If the system does not prompt you to confirm the update after an adequate period of time, please turn off your device manually (press On/Off-button for more than 4 seconds). Turn the device back on right afterwards and your TravelPilot Lucca 3.3 should prompt you now with Yes / No. Confirm the update by clicking Yes. Again a progress bar is displayed. After about 2 more minutes the firmware update is finished and the Lucca navigation menu with the OK symbol will automatically appear. Remove the SD-Card. Press "OK" Your device is now updated. Which software version is on my TravelPilot Lucca 3.3? Please press Menu > More > Information. The following details are displayed: OS Version: Map: Map Version: 1.12 map 20080114
Enjoy your TravelPilot Lucca 3.3! Your Blaupunkt Service Team

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