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Boss GT-10BBoss GT-10B Guitar Effects Processor w/ EZ Tone
The massive power of Boss' latest DSP engine and COSM sound-modeling know-how are integrated to provide the most creative and essential features for bass. With Parallel Chain, Phrase Loop and EZ Tone onboard, the GT10B takes its place as the most advanced-yet-friendly bass station on the market. Indispensable effects for bass, including pro-grade Comp/Limiter, EQ and OD/DS, compliment the full range of effects offerings onboard, from essential to esoteric. EZ Tone Wizard Tone creation is mor... Read more

Brand: BOSS
Part Numbers: GT-10B, GT10B
UPC: 0761294406298, 761294406298
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crazypig 10:55pm on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
Multieffects are very good, except for the synth. Some unusual controls are possible via the Good Selection Of Effects","Versatile
lardless 2:48pm on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 
pretty good deal and sounds great so far. Still got a lot of things to play with.
suryam 12:23pm on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 
Great buy I bought this pedal over a year now and it still amazes me every time I use it.
hagbard 11:18pm on Friday, March 26th, 2010 
"I was torn between picking between a line 6 pedal and boss after i tryed them both and also other effect pedals.

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Bass Effects Processor

Selecting Patches
A patch is a group of effect combinations. Patches are stored in groups of four, each of which is a bank. There are 200 permanent factory Preset patches, and 200 memory locations in which you can store your own User patches. (On the red numerical display, Preset patch names start with a P, while User patches begin with U.) Note: Straight out of the box, the User banks contain the same patches as the Preset banks, so feel free to replace the User patches with your ownyou wont lose anything. To select a patch, return to the Play screen as described above, and then:
Congratulations on the purchase of your Boss GT-10B Bass Effects Processor. This TurboStart contains step-by-step instructions that will quickly introduce you to many of the GT-10Bs features.

Making Connections

To protect your equipment and your ears, start out with the GT-10Bs upper left OUTPUT knob turned down, and turn down the gear into which youre plugging your GT-10B. Connect an instrument cable from a bass guitar to the INPUT jack on your GT-10B. Plug headphones into the GT-10Bs PHONES jack or connect its OUTPUT jack(s) to
a bass ampset to a clean sound. a line level inputsuch as a mixer, PA, recorder, or suitable power amp.
Note: If youre using one bass amp or one line input, use only the GT-10Bs L/MONO output. If youre connecting to two amps or a stereo pair of line-ins, use both GT-10B OUTPUT jacks. Tip: If youre connecting the GT-10B in stereo, you can have different effects on each side.
Turn the big dial to go through all of the GT-10Bs patches, or Use the BANK 6 and BANK 5 foot pedals to select the desired bank, and then
Pedals 1, 2, 3, or 4 to choose the patch you want in the selected bank.
Use CATEGORY Search to Check Out Some Patches
5 If necessary, press EXIT a few times to return to the Play Screen. Press the CATEGORY/ENTER buttonnotice that the category, or CATG, is displayed in the upper-left corner of the display. Press the 34 buttons on either side of the big dial to select the CATG you wish. When you find a category to explorefor example, METALuse the big dial to move up and down through the patch list to try out different patches. When youve found the patch you want, press EXIT to return to the Play screen.
Optimizing the GT-10Bs Outputs for the Best Tone
5 Just below the main OUTPUT LEVEL knob, press the OUTPUT SELECT button. Turn the big dial to select a value that matches the device youre connected to. Press the GT-10Bs EXIT button when youre finished. Raise the GT-10Bs OUTPUT LEVEL knob. Raise the volume of your amp or mixer to the desired level.
Use EZ TONE to Create a Custom Bass Tone
Press the EZ TONE CREATE button to the left of the GT-10B. Turn the knobs below the display to select the basic tone and variation you want.

The GT-10Bs Play Screen

The GT-10Bs main display is the Play screen. To show its eight different views: Press EXIT a couple of times to make sure the display is showing the Play Screen. Press the DISPLAY MODE button to cycle through the different Play Screens. For simplicity, you may want select Screen 1this is the knob-based Play Screen.
Tip: Its a good idea to play your bass and listen to it throughout this process. Using the 4 button, cursor to the DRIVE grid, and then use the 5 and 6 knobs to dial in the drive you want. Press the WRITE button. Turn the big dial to select a User patch location, from U01-1 to U50-4. Press the WRITE button againyour patch is now saved.
2011 Roland Corporation U.S.


Editing Your Patch

Within a GT-10B patch, any effect and/or amp model can be easily edited or tweaked to sound exactly the way you want. In the example below well turn on and adjust the delay, but you can use the same procedure for reverb, chorus, preamp, FX-1, FX-2, and so on. 3 Select a patch you want to edit. Press the DELAY button until it lights up, and delay parameters appear in the display. (If the delay button is already lit, you only need to press DELAY once). There are two editing views available in the GT-10B: Knob view and List view. Press the DISPLAY MODE button to toggle between the two. Lets select the Knob view, because knobs are easy and intuitive to work with.
When youre ready to overdub, press the same BANK 6 pedal againthe LED turns red once more as you overdub on top of your loop. Press the BANK 5 pedal again to stop overdubbing. You can repeat the overdubbing process as many times as you wish. To stop and clear your loop, press the BANK 5 pedal. Now the Phrase Looper is ready to record a new loop. If youre finished looping, press both BANK 6 and BANK 5 pedals simultaneously to turn the Phrase Looper off.

Tip: There are some parameters that are only available in the List view. When youre in Knob view, use the DISPLAY MODE button to toggle in and out of List view. 4 Use the real knobs under the virtual knobs in the display to change your delay settings as desired.
Note: Creating loops with the GT-10B requires that you start and end recording in rhythm to make your loop sound even. Its often best to start recording your loop at exactly Beat 1 of the measure, and stop recording exactly at Beat 1 of a later measure. This may take some practice. Remember that the GT-10Bs loop points are set exactly at the point you press the pedal. Tip: While youre recording and overdubbing with the Phase Looper, you can change patches. You may even want to create a bank of patches designed for looping.
Tip: The 34 buttons on either side of the big dial may reveal additional editing pages. 7 Press the WRITE button. Turn the big dial to select a user patch location, from U01-1 to U50-4. Press the WRITE button again to finish saving your patch.
Using the GT-10Bs Onboard Phrase Looper
3 Select the patch you want to use as you record your loop. Press both BANK 6 and BANK 5 pedals simultaneously to turn the looper onthe REC/DUB LED lights up red and flashes to show youre ready to record. To begin recording, press the left BANK 6 pedal. The red LED glows solidly and the GT-10B immediately starts recording whatever you play. You can record for up to 38 seconds. When youre finished recording, press BANK 6 again. This sets the end point of your loop and the GT-10B immediately begins looping what you just played. The LED glows green. You may play over your loop as much as you want.


Winter NAMM 2008 Release Contact: Tara Callahan (323) 890-3700 x3718
Anaheim CA, January 17, 2008BOSS is proud to announce the new GT-10B Bass Effects Processor. The new flagship of the bass multi-effects series is driven by BOSSs latest generation custom DSP engine, and is a floorboard powerhouse that offers a marked improvement in sound quality, features, and user interface from previous generations. The innovative EZ Tone wizard allows you to create top-quality sounds quickly and intuitively without spending tons of time tweaking knobs. Gone are the days of struggling with parameters on the LCD! Other new features include Parallel Effects Chain for two discrete paths of effects and COSM amps, Phrase Loop and new USB capabilities making it the most advanced, yet friendly bass station on the market. Powered by BOSSs latest DSP engine, the GT-10B provides dozens of stunning effects algorithms and COSM amp models to explore, combine, and customize, but with careful attention given to the needs of bass players. Indispensable effects for bass including prograde OD/DS, Compressor, Limiter, Synth Bass, Defretter, and EQ, compliment the full range of FX offerings, from essential to esoteric. But BOSS didnt stop there, they also included a Phrase Loop function which enables you to create sound-on-sound loops in real time. The GT-10B also features 1/4' and professional XLR outputs, which provide the parallel output necessary for flexible real-world bass applications. Road-rugged and tough as nails, the GT-10B not only looks great, and is easy to use, but it can take the beating that a tour often offers. With its strong, stylish design, and six dedicated footswitches plus expression pedal, the GT-10B contains all the processing power you need. The clearly illuminated buttons, intuitively-responding knobs, and large, high-contrast LCD and LED make using the GT-10B a breeze, even during concert stage lighting or in glaring sunlight. The GT-10B also comes equipped with a rear-panel USB port, where audio and MIDI data can be streamed digitally to computers, digital recorders, or other compatible devices. The port also allows for safe and quick transfer of creative data.
Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of electronic musical instruments, professional audio equipment, multimedia products, and music accessories. For more information, contact Roland Corporation U.S., 5100 S. Eastern Ave., P.O. Box 910921, Los Angeles, CA 900910921, (323) 890-3700 (x3718 - for media use only),


Technical specifications

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The massive power of Boss' latest DSP engine and COSM sound-modeling know-how are integrated to provide the most creative and essential features for bass. With Parallel Chain, Phrase Loop and EZ Tone onboard, the GT10B takes its place as the most advanced-yet-friendly bass station on the market. Indispensable effects for bass, including pro-grade Comp/Limiter, EQ and OD/DS, compliment the full range of effects offerings onboard, from essential to esoteric. EZ Tone Wizard Tone creation is more than easy with the GT10B. The amazing, intuitive EZ Tone wizard lets bass players unlock their full creative potential with its unique interactive approach to programming. Parallel Chain Parallel Chain is an ideal feature for bass performance. Complex effects sound can be blended with powerful, pure tones. Switching or blending these two paths according to your playing intensity offers more dynamic and impressive bass performances than ever.



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