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Contax T2 - Installation Manual Digital Camera, size: 2.1 MB
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HanseHouse 2:45am on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 
Versatile charger at low price Great value, easy use, work a treat. Travel charger for Nikon P100 An essential accessory for a camera. Enables the charging of a spare battery whilst using the camera.
gandonova 6:00am on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 
Canon NB-4L High Power Plus Battery This was bought as a back-up battery for my Canon Ixus 130 Camera to carry with me, on trips away from home. Ex - Pro Nikon EN- EL5 Battery Charger Great product, Faster & more convenient than in-camera usb charging & great price Why pay more

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This is a selection of Gommas favourite point&shoot compact cameras.we have considered various elements: image quality, lens, price, practicality, ergonomics, size and weight.
- Point & Shoot! Compact 35 mm

Ricoh GR1,GR1s,GR1v

with 28mm F2.8 GR

q q q q q q

price, image quality, lens, sharpness, functions, weight & size, ease of use
q wide angle might not be suitable for some

Leica CM

with New Summarit 40mm F2.4
excellent picture quality, good flash, hot shoe for ext. flash, ergonomics
q price, size & weight

Leica Minilux

q size & weight

with Summarit 40mm F2.4

fast lens, image quality, build quality & resistance

TC-1 Minolta

q price, rare to find
size & weight, excellent image and lens quality,

Contax T2

q weight

with 38mm F2.8 Sonnar

great viewfinder, lens quality, build, ease of use, functions, ergonomics

Contax T3

q price
with 35mm Zeiss F3.5 Sonnar
viewfinder, lens quality, size & weight

page 2

Olympus XA and XA4 Macro

with 35/2.8, 28/3.5

price, image quality, fast lens, design, weight, manual film speed setting
q no autofocus, only the XA has a coupled-rangefinder

8 A 4 B 4 C

Rollei 35 SE, 35 TE
q no autofocus, not so point&shoot
with 40/2.8 Sonnar, 40/3.5 Tessar
manual focus, lens, look and design, size and build quality

Minox 35 GT, GL, EL

q build quality and resistance
protected lens, fast lens, weight & size, price
.and if you have time to shop and more money heres below some classic jewels.
Rollei 75th Contax T2 Anniversary with 38mm F2.8 Sonnar Gold Rollei 35S
/2.8 Sonnar Total production of only 1500 pieces
Minolta TC-1 Contax T2 70th Anniversary
with 38mm F2.8 Sonnar G-Rokkor 28mm

Minox 35 EL

limited edition with Tessar lens and made out of glass



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