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How to Allow Second Routing Subnet to Access VPN
For Vigor routers, there are 2 networks configurable for internal LAN. One is for NAT usage and the other is for IP Routing usage. The gateway for NAT usage is called 1st IP Address; and the gateway for IP Routing usage is called 2nd IP Address. Both are configured in LAN >> General Setup page. Refer to Figure 1.
Figure 1 By default, only NAT subnet can access remote VPN network via the VPN connection.


Figure 2 In the scenario illustrated in Figure 2, PC A belongs to NAT LAN while PC B belongs to Routing LAN. So, PC A is able to access PC C through the VPN connection built between Vigor 2910 and Vigor2950, whereas PC B cant access PC C through the same VPN tunnel.
If you want PC B to be able to access PC C, please setup Vigor 2910 as follows: 1. Creating a LAN to LAN VPN between Vigor2910 and Vigor 2950. The VPN connection can be done with any type (PPTP, L2TP or IPSec). As for how to setup a LAN to LAN VPN between two Vigor routers, you may refer to the following link: 2. In the LAN to LAN profile of Vigor 2950, setup 2910s NAT subnet and Routing subnet as shown below.
Figure 3 3. In the LAN to LAN profile of Vigor 2910, setup 2950s NAT subnet as shown below.

Figure 4

4. Telnet to Vigor 2910 and type the following command: vpn pass2nd on The output of the result is shown below.
Figure 5 5. The configuration is complete. Please connect the VPN. Use the ping command to verify the connection.


If you want to turn off this feature, please use the telnet command vpn pass2nd off. If your Vigor router doesnt offer this command and you want to access PC C from PC A, you have to build a host-to-LAN VPN from PC B to Vigor 2950.


Declaration of Conformity
We DrayTek Corp. , office at No.26, Fu Shing Road, HuKou County, Hsin-Chu Industry Park, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan , R.O.C., declare under our sole responsibility that the product:

Product name :

Unified Security Firewall Router

Model number :

Vigor 2950
DrayTek Corp. No.26, Fu Shing Road, HuKou County, Hsin-Chu Industry Park, Hsinchu

Produced by:

Company Name : Company Address: 300, Taiwan , R.O.C.
to which this declaration relates is in conformity with the following standards or other normative documents:
Item Description Standard


Telecommunication Standard EN V1.3.3 Conducted & Radiated Emission Standard EN 55022 Class A LVD Certificated EN 60950-1
2005 1998+A1:2000+A2:2003 2001

Standard Issue date

Following the provision of 89/336/EC; LVD 73/23/EC. TheTCF-File is located at:
Company Name : DrayTek GmbH Pirnaer Str. 9, D-68309 Mannheim, Germany Company Address :

Hsinchu (place)

11th Nov, 2006 (date)
Calvin Ma / President. (Legal Signature)



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