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Fender Princeton Recording AMPFender Princeton Recording Guitar Combo Amplifier, 20 W 2152000000
Fender Princeton Recording Guitar Combo Amplifier, 20 W.Fender's new Princeton Recording Amp offers all of the great tone and dynamics of the original, plus several modern studio-friendly features. Its all-tube preamp, power amp and reverb circuitry is based on the classic '65 Princeton Reverb, and, with 20 watts and a 10 in. Jensen speaker, it provides spanking vintage tone and enough output for small gigs and rehearsals. The trans-impedance power attenuator lets you crank up the amp fo... Read more

Brand: Fender
Part Numbers: 02152000000, 2152000000
UPC: 717669347413
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rizomatosa 2:03am on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
"I really cannot list cons about this item. My only problem is that when you add songs to the zen, you cannot add a cd cover to the zen. "This is my first MP3 player. I received it as a gift and I am very pleased so far. "this is the best mp3 i saw, i love this bcoz of great sound, pictures are so sharp.
deepthink 5:02am on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 
All form NO FUNCTION. The battery is not replaceable and Creative labs has no customer service phone line. This looks pretty. This looks pretty, does what it should with little fuss After one month.
Shamrock 7:24pm on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 
The only thing that would have been easier was a longer connecting cord between the device and the usb port. Good Picture Quality! So Light weighted That you Can Carry Anywhere With You!So easy to play & store the music & video you like ! Just plug & play !
MathProf 12:54pm on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 
I use my Zen primarily for music and photos, not video. I could not be more pleased with the sound (with after market headphones) and screen clarity. I have used MTP devices with Linux media players like Amarok, and I have also used them with MusicBee, Windows Media Player and others.
stobbsm 5:49am on Friday, April 16th, 2010 
BuyDig is a first-rate retailer... so buy with confidence. But skip this MP3 player (or any other product from Creative Labs. The Zen X-Fi.
yknott 2:55am on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 
This is an all around plain MP3 Player. I will report a tiny of a pros and cons about this player. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search "N95" redirects here. For other uses, see N95 (disambiguation). GOOD THINGS: The Creative Zen sounds fantastic and features a brilliant color screen capable of displaying photos and video.

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9/11/06 8:26:25 PM


from the editor

I spent this past weekend up in Interlochen, Michigan attending the Interlochen art schools rst summer Guitar Institute program. Spending a few days taking classes and seminars and attending nightly concerts was wonderful. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to perform in a classical guitar master class with William Kanengiser, a superb classical guitarist and 1/4th of the renowned L.A. Guitar Quartet. Being critiqued and educated by a virtuoso like Kanengiser was truly a treat, and gave me plenty of material to work on in my practice room! But I thought you were a music technology/recording guy Its true, my books and many of my magazine articles are about technology, computers, and recording, but I have also written for musician-oriented magazines such as Guitar Player, Acoustic Guitar, and Performing Songwriter. (And dont forget that Sweetwater carries an incredible range of guitars, basses, keyboards, and Mitch Gallagher electronic drums we denitely support musicians!) But I spent much of my musical life as a guitar player, and have been making a Editorial Director real effort for the past year to get back to my roots as a player. The cool thing is I believe this has resulted in improvement in my recording skills. First of all, my ear is more nely attuned to what
music sounds like acoustically in a room not just as a listener, but as a performer. Its a different perspective that I nd changes my approach. Second, I can relate more closely to the challenges performers are facing when I record them the nerves, the focus required, how important mood and environment are, and more. Third, having a musicians grasp of what an instrument sounds like, what its capabilities are, and how it functions is a big bonus. I nd it helps me with mic placement, positioning the musician in the room when tracking, and placing the track when mixing. If youre an engineer or producer who doesnt play an instrument, I highly recommend giving it a try. You dont have to become a virtuoso or spend much time playing though Ill warn you that you may become hooked! The idea is to experience what a musician does and gain a new perspective. I think youll nd it valuable.
Lexicon Alpha, Lambda, and Omega
Alpha Alpha Studio, the entry-level Lexicon desktop recording studio, is a bus-powered 2 x 2 USB interface. The Alpha features one XLR microphone input, two TRS line inputs, and two TRS and RCA line outs. Alphas front panel also features an ultra high-impedance instrument input. In action, the bus-powered Alpha Studio can stream two channels of 44.1 or 48kHz audio at either 16- or 24-bit resolution and record two tracks at once from two input sources. Lambda Lets move on to the Lambda Studio. Based on the Omega Studio (below), the Lambda is a USB interface that features MIDI I/O, two XLR mic preamps with TRS inserts, an ultra high-Z 1/4" instrument input, and switchable 48-volt phantom power. Lambda can stream four channels of 44.1 or 48kHz audio at 16- or 24-bit resolution. You can record two tracks at once as well as MIDI. Omega The Omega Studio stands apart from your average I/O box. Omega is designed and built around the same concept as a large-format recording console (only smaller). An 8-input, 2-output USB interface, its two preamps are the acclaimed ultra low-noise Silver Series by dbx. The Omega provides 48-volt phantom power, TRS inserts, S/PDIF I/O, high-impedance instrument input, MIDI I/O, and complete metering and monitoring functions. You can record up to four simultaneous channels via ultratransparent 24-bit A/D converters, and interface with unbalanced or balanced equipment.

For some, the words alpha, lambda, and omega conjure images of frat brothers screaming food ght! But in the case of Lexicon whose legacy in the audio fraternity looms large Alpha, Lambda, and Omega identify the members of a family of high-quality digital audio interfaces that will elevate any computer-based studio to new heights of exibility and sonic purity.
A Pantheon of Sound To give your recordings that legendary Lexicon Sound, all three models include the Lexicon Pantheon VST Reverb plug-in. Fullling the promise of professional desktop recording, the Alpha, Lambda, and Omega Studios all ship with 48-track Cubase LE, but you can use any recording software you prefer. Best of all, zero> > Lexicon Omega Sweetwater price $299.97 latency monitoring for delay-free overdubs is supported with all > > Lexicon Lambda Sweetwater price $199.97 three interfaces. Call your Sales Engineer now for more info! > > Lexicon Alpha Sweetwater price $129.97
Moving? Moved? Want more than one copy? Call, fax, or email us your new address and dont miss an issue of SweetNotes!

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9/11/06 8:25:31 PM

Mbox2 Goes Pro!

By Mitch Gallagher
The clean and streamlined front panel of the Mbox2 Pro offers plenty of up-front hands-on control. Starting from the left, there are indicators for power, external clock sync, and MIDI activity. Two 1/4-inch headphone jacks follow, each with its own dedicated volume knob you can create two independent headphone mixes using the 3/4 button after which comes the monitor output volume knob. Next up is the stereo Aux Input control, with accompanying peak LED and switch/indicator for phono operation. On the right are two inputs, each with a level control, peak LED indicator, and switches for selecting either the front-panel 1/4-inch DI jacks or the rear-panel mic-/line-level connections.
Digidesigns Mbox and Mbox2 have proven tremendously popular not only with entry-level and home users (whatever those terms mean) but also with high-end professionals, who use the portable interfaces for editing tracks on location and on airplanes, for tracking smaller sessions, for mixing on the run, and for working on projects from home or project studios, then taking those projects into full-on Pro Tools TDM-based studios for the nishing touches. A big part of the appeal has always been the inclusion of Digidesigns powerful Pro Tools LE software with the interfaces. Not only does Pro Tools LE give you as much tracking, editing, processing, and mixing power as you need to do even large projects, but you can easily open up the Pro Tools LE session in a high-end Pro Tools TDM system with all its settings and plug-ins intact. Now, with the FireWire-based Mbox2 Pro, Pro Tools LE just got even cooler! Just as the Mbox2 built on the original Mbox, the Mbox2 Pro increases on the capabilities of the Mbox2. (The Mbox2 remains available.) The result is an even more powerful Pro Tools LE interface that works with Mac (including the new Intel-based models) and Windows XP computers. It ships with Pro Tools LE, and includes a variety of useful plug-ins. Also included is the Ignition Pack, which bundles Ableton Live Lite, Propellerhead Reason Adapted, FXpansion BFD Lite, Celemony Melodyne Uno Essential, IK Multimedia Samplitude 2 SE, Amplitube LE, and Tracks EQ, an instructional DVD, a REX le CD, and much more. Its also available as the Mbox2 Pro Factory, which adds ve more great plug-ins. For additional power, purchase the Music Production Toolkit, which takes PT LE up to 48 mono or stereo tracks, adds the multitrack Beat Detective, even more high-end plug-ins, and much more. Whats New? Through a great deal of pitiful whining and pleading, I was able to get my hands on a pre-release Mbox2 Pro for a few days, and to take it to my studio for a quick runthrough. Check out the accompanying photos and their captions for a rundown on all the inputs and outputs and controls that the Mbox2 Pro has to offer. The big things include the ability to use up to six simultaneous inputs (analog+digital ins) and eight simultaneous outputs (analog+digital outs). There are new RCA phono inputs with a ground lug, perfect for DJs and remixers. Dual headphone outputs increase exibility, in fact, you can create two completely separate independent headphone mixes if you want to a great feature! Front-panel DI inputs as well as dedicated rear-panel line outputs add convenience.

Flipping the Mbox 2 Pro around to check out the back panel, we nd a plethora of input/output options. Starting from the left we have two 1/4-inch/XLR combo mic/line inputs, then the stereo Aux Input, which offers a choice of 1/4-inch line inputs or RCA inputs for phono operation, and features a grounding lug for use with turntables. Stereo 1/4-inch monitor outputs appear next, along with four 1/4-inch line outputs. S/PDIF digital I/O on coaxial connections follows, along with line outs 5/6 (which share one jack), a footswitch jack, MIDI in and out (with time-stamping), and two FireWire ports for connecting the unit to your computer and daisy-chaining additional FireWire gear. Of special note are the word clock input and output on BNC connectors, for synchronizing the Mbox2 Pro to the rest of your digital gear. The back panel is rounded out with a connector for the external power supply.
Theres no question that the Mbox2 Pro takes the Mbox concept to an entirely new level. With six simultaneous inputs, theres increased exibility for tracking on location or in the studio, and the eight outputs plus dedicated monitor outs allow you to use external hardware or to create additional cue mixes for performers. I like that the form-factor has remained compact; the Mbox2 Pro t nicely into my laptop bag alongside my new MacBook what a cool portable recording rig! Ive been doing a lot of location work lately recording classical guitar, and I can see where this would be a great interface to take with my laptop to the site for capturing performances, then bringing the tracks back to my full Pro Tools HD Accel rig for nal post-production. (Though, really, with the power that Pro Tools LE offers, theres little reason not to nish up the production simply using the laptop, Pro Tools LE, and the Mbox2 Pro.)
With the Mbox2 Pro, Digidesign has taken the concept of a portable, compact Pro Tools LE rig to even greater heights. Youll nd that its a powerful box that offers a great deal of exibility and capability. The Mbox2 Pro should be shipping by the time you read this. Give your Sales Engineer a call for all the details. Youre going to like this one. > > Digidesign MBox2ProFact Sweetwater price $799.97 > > Digidesign MBox2Pro Sweetwater price $699.97

(800) 222-4700 |

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9/12/06 11:00:44 AM

Apple Mac Pro

Apple shocked the world when they parted ways with PowerPC processors and began shipping computers with Intel CPUs. Now the Mac Pro completes the transition to Intel-based processors by providing a completely professional desktop-based computer solution with performance running up to twice as fast as a PowerPC G5 Quad, and offering a plethora of expansion options and connectivity all of which makes it ideal as the centerpiece for todays high-tech DAW-/virtual instrument-based recording studio. Serious Horsepower Each of the Mac Pros Intel Xeon dual-core processors offer incredible speed up to 3GHz. Because its more efcient, the Mac Pro doesnt get as warm and therefore doesnt work its fans as hard to keep cool, so theres less noise pollution in the studio. Theres tremendous muscle under the Mac Pros hood this is one powerful beast, capable of handling almost any task you might want to throw at it. Storage Galore! The Mac Pro ships standard with an internal 250GB hard drive and can hold up to four internal 500GB hard drives for 2TB of instantly accessible storage. Data can actually be transferred internally faster than with a FireWire or USB drive due to the robustness of the SATA hard drive system. You can upgrade the Mac Pros RAM up to 16GB more than enough for most audio or video production applications. Making a Connection The Mac Pro connects to a wide range of peripherals including hard drives, audio/MIDI interfaces, digital cameras, and more, using two FireWire 800, two FireWire 400, ve USB 2.0 and two USB 1.1 ports, plus it has three PCIe slots. For quick and easy audio hookup, there are TOSlink audio inputs and outputs, which double as analog ins and outs. If you need to connect it to your computer, the Mac Pro can handle it. Theres lots more to discuss with regard to the Mac Pro. Call your Sales Engineer now to get complete information about everything the amazing Apple Mac Pro can do for you and your music!
> > Apple MacPro26 Sweetwater price $2499.00 > > Apple MacPro30 Sweetwater price $3499.00

By Daniel Fisher

Hot Fusion

Fusion 6HD

[Ed. Note Long-time Sweetwater customers will remember soundware designer/synthesis expert Daniel Fisher from his previous tour of duty here. Were happy to welcome him back to Sweetwater!]


Tape Deck can transpose the audio le by half-steps and tune it to your guitar without changing the tempo, or change the tempo without changing the pitch. Tape Deck can loop part of the song if you want to isolate a lick or solo. If you come up with a great lick, just hit Record. Tape Deck will record your playing to hard disk. Load a drum loop for practicing rather than a metronome. GR even comes with samples and loops to get you started.
> > Native Instruments GuitarRig2 Sweetwater price $499.97

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9/11/06 8:44:01 PM

Problem Solvers

At Summer NAMM 2006, Audio-Technica unveiled new additions to their Artist Series mics. This retooling of the Artist Series line involved conferring with audio professionals from both the performing and engineering camps concerning the problems they commonly encounter. The end result is innovative mics that offer fresh new approaches to issues engineers face on a daily basis. One such mic is the ATM250DE, tailored for low-frequency instruments, especially kick drum. The DE stands for dual-element, which means the mic contains both dynamic and condenser capsules. The dynamic capsule sports a hypercardioid pattern to capture the attack of the beater and a neodymium element for quick transient response. The cardioid condenser capsule picks up the tonality of the shell with amazing detail. The great thing about the ATM250DE is that it solves a common problem in the studio phase cancellation due to multiple mics. Its no secret that placing a dynamic mic up close and a condenser back a bit is a great way to capture huge sounds, but it can be difcult to get them placed without phase issues. By having two capsules perfectly phase-aligned, you get the benets of a double-miked kick with none of the problems associated with numerous mics pointing at a single source. But dont pigeonhole the ATM250DE as a one-trick pony. It also handles guitar cabinets or any other source where you want to capture a big sound with ease. Another nifty addition to the Artist Series is the ATM450, a pencil condenser with a unique feature: side-address design sound enters from the side, rather than the end of the mic. This opens up a world of placement options. From sneaking it in on a snare drum to unobtrusively miking a guitar cabinet, the small size and side-address style of the ATM450 keep it out of the way while capturing sounds with the quality that weve come to expect from A-T. The ATM450 can handle an impressive 152dB for even screaming loud sources. Both of these mics offer unique approaches to solving studio issues. By tackling these problems with innovative approaches, A-T again shows that it is a major player in the microphone world, and intends to stay that way.

know what it takes to move into a new house or apartment, picture doing that with more than 250 people and tons of furniture and equipment! A big priority has been making the move safe and seamless for our employees. Imagine our Sales Engineers unplugging their phones and computers, boxing up photos and memorabilia, calculators, les, and pens and pencils, and loading it all into their vehicles and driving out of the Bass Road parking lot for the last time. We may need a police escort for the parade! Then, with everything ready and waiting at the new campus, all theyll have to do is unpack, plug in, log on, and theyll be ready to continue providing you with the customer service and professional expertise youve come to expect from Sweetwater. If all goes as planned, there wont be much of a glitch in our operation at all you shouldnt even notice a hiccup. Even our phone number will remain the same! The only thing left to move after that will be Sweetwater Productions, our recording studios. The studio staff will have the Bass Road facility all to themselves until early next summer, when construction will be complete on our three new Russ Berger-designed studios, training auditorium and media center, and most of the customer and employee amenities, including the dining room, mall, and other spaces. This move has been a long time coming were bursting at the seams in our old building, and cant wait to start providing even better service for you from our optimized and highly efcient new facility. Finally, please consider this your invitation to visit us! Come see us now were even easier to nd, just take the Highway 30 west-bound exit off of I-69 to the Kroemer Road intersection or for our grand opening next summer. Well let you know the exact dates very soon. In the meantime, please visit www.sweetwater. com/feature/expansion to keep up with our progress. Thank you for your support!

Princeton Recording

An electronics instructor at Bell Labs once said, the essence of engineering is laziness, which explains why we constantly search for easier ways to do things. Perhaps it was laziness (or lower back pain) that led recording engineers to try to nd a way to get a huge recorded guitar sound without having to set up heavy stacks of guitar amps or perhaps they stumbled on the Fender Princeton combo amp by accident. The original Princeton, released in the 1960s, was a 20-watt combo with a 10" speaker. What was massive was its all-tube sound. Perhaps one of the most recorded amps of all time, the Fender Princeton earned the reputation in the 1970s as the denitive recording amp for a huge guitar sound without a lot of volume a reputation that its maintained for decades. Well aware that there are many guitarists out there looking for an original Princeton Reverb amp, Fender has thoughtfully created a modern reissue that faithfully reproduces all the tone and response of the original: the new Princeton Recording Amp. Why Recording instead of Reverb in the title? Because Fender has added several modern studio-friendly features. The classic 65 Princeton Reverbs 20-watt all-tube preamp, power amp, and reverb circuitry are all there, along with a 10" Jensen speaker. However Fender has added a transimpedance power attenuator that lets you crank up the amp for full output tube overdrive and set the speaker volume as low as you want (even silent for headphone or direct recording use). Other features include two classic onboard stomp box effects (overdrive and compression), a tube-driven spring reverb by Accutronics, and a headphone output. For direct recording, the Princeton Recording sports a speaker-emulated XLR line output with level control and ground lift. Theres also a speaker output jack for use with external enclosures. Plus, theres a must-have modern feature: an effects loop. A 4-button footswitch completes the package. But one thing dominates the feature list, and thats the powerful tube-driven tone of the Princeton Recording Amp. Youd be hard-pressed to nd a more versatile, more capable amp for recording, rehearsal, or gigs the Princeton Recording truly can cover it all. Though it has its roots in the vintage past, that equates to many great-sounding sessions and gigs in your future! > > Fender Princeton Sweetwater price $999.99

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9/11/06 8:32:04 PM
A physical problem with a hard drive. A problem with RAM. These types of problems can usually be solved in one of several ways: Be sure youre not overloading the system. Sometimes processor-hungry plug-ins can cause spikes in processor performance that can cause erratic behavior. Removing a few plug-ins or processing the le in non-real time (especially reverb and maximizing plug-ins) can sometimes help. Defragment your hard drives. Remove or uninstall any new hardware and software, and run mscong on your system (detailed instructions are contained in our Web Knowledgebase PC Optimization Guide #30058, under the Startup Service/Applications section). Run a hard drive diagnostic tool. Creation Station users can use Seatools (available at www.seagate. com/support/seatools/) for diagnostics. Owners of other PCs should check with the manufacturer of the hard drive(s) in their PC. Run a RAM diagnostic tool. All PC users can use memtest86+ to test their system RAM. This test is available at

A corrupt session le.

CAKEWALK SONAR 6 continued from page 1
Try to import your session data into a new session. If the original session was corrupted, you can usually retrieve the data from it by moving it into a newly created session. Check your DAWs manual for steps on doing this. If your system passes all diagnostic tests, and importing session data doesnt help, give Sweetwaters Tech Support department a call! Q: Ive accidentally recorded in Pro Tools with my external clock set incorrectly and now my audio plays at the wrong speed. How can I x this? A: Here is the procedure for xing this problem in Pro Tools. (Most DAWs will have similar processes.) Create a new Pro Tools Session. Choose File>Import Session Data and choose the session with the audio les that dont play correctly. In the Import Session Data window check Apply SRC (sample rate conversion) and change the Source Sample Rate to the incorrect sample rate. Set the Destinations for the Source Tracks to new track and click OK.
Q: My plug-ins are suddenly taking a long time to load on my PC, and Im getting some errors on sessions that Ive never had before. Whats wrong? A: There are a number of possible causes for this behavior: The addition of new hardware or software to your system. A problem with the le system on your hard drive.

> > Arturia AnalogFact Sweetwater price $199.97
Customer Studio: Barry Carollo of ADC Studios
In this issue of SweetNotes, its our pleasure to feature ADC Studios of Boonton, New Jersey, whose driving force is the creative spirit of its owner/operator, Barry Carollo. A man of many talents, his 25 years of diverse audio experience include major-market radio personality, producer, director, writer, composer, and creative director. Barry is also an outstanding voice-over and character voice artist, singer, and bass player. It was the luminaries of music he met during his time at cutting-edge New York radio stations K-Rock and WLIR that encouraged him to start his own studio in 1987. While the mainstay of ADC Studios has been corporate and commercial work, Barry also makes his considerable producing, mixing, and mastering skills available to up-and-coming artists. Its often said that the best engineers are those that know music, and the best producers are those who help the artist bring their vision into focus, not overpower it. Barrys considerable experience on both sides of the glass enables him to do just that. A loyal Sweetwater customer for more than ten years, Mr. Carollo had this to say about his long-term relationship with Sales Engineer, Kenny Bergle. My current facility is the fth Ive built over the years, and one big reason my rooms work as well as they do is Sweetwater. Ive been enjoying my relationship with Sweetwater and especially Sales Engineer extraordinaire, Kenny Bergle. Kenny (and his assistant Matt Wood) do an outstanding job of fullling my needs in the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways possible. If I need it, they get it for me. If I need it yesterday, they shred the fabric of time and space to get it to me. If I have a technical problem, their techno-wizards have proven to be invaluable for their depth of knowledge and endearing for their innite patience. If I need it xed, they x it. If Im having a problem with a company they expedite mattersSweetwater is all about service and so am I so we understand each other very well. The respect is obviously mutual. According to Kenny Bergle, Barry is the consummate professional, so its easy to work with him; he understands the value of the Sweetwater experience. I value the friendship we have formed. His success is directly related to his talent, enthusiasm for quality, and trustworthiness. Im so honored to be able to help him and his clients. We wish Barry Carollo and ADC Studios continued success, and will continue to do our part in helping him achieve it. For more information, check out

How do you view your department as part of the larger Sweetwater puzzle? The Service Department keeps customers connected to gear Eryk Foss, Service Manager that works. It starts in Install where we congure and test turnkey systems. Our Tech Support team makes sure any questions are answered promptly. Our Bench Repair Techs are there when you need them, providing outstanding in-house repair service. Service also helps the Sweetwater team negotiate the curves of a fast-paced industry by testing compatibility of new gear and quickly relaying technical information from our many vendors back to Sales. Does Sweetwater perform warranty service? Absolutely! Were authorized to repair nearly every product we sell. We also service gear we dont sell here.
The Sweetwater Difference Experience it for yourself! Call, fax, or email us today!

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9/11/06 8:36:43 PM
point, I licensed everything to Sweetwater. I wanted to create libraries, not sell them, so it made complete sense for us to partner up. For years, we limped along, dealing as best we could with serious limits in terms of both memory and polyphony. During the last ve or six years, personal computers have grown in sophistication to where they can easily surpass hardware instruments in terms of memory and polyphony. A modern computer with enough RAM is capable of producing all the sounds of an entire symphony orchestra and still have enough processing power left to check your e-mail. In the upper reaches of the soundware spectrum are the gold standard collections from such companies as Vienna Symphonic Library, Garritan, Sonivox (formerly Sonic Implants), and East West/Quantum Leap. These are light years beyond anything I used to produce and are so richly detailed and beautifully crafted that in many instances, entire lm scores can be convincingly produced with them no one in the audience the wiser. When a multi-million dollar Hollywood epic is in the works and a temporary music track needs to be put in place before committing to an astronomically priced scoring session, these are the libraries the pros turn to. I recently had the opportunity to audition libraries that ranged from modest collections to the absolutely massive 550-gigabyte Vienna Instruments Symphonic Cube, which comprises no less than 800,000 individual samples! Sufce to say, it doesnt get much better than this. There are times when I miss the old days, when I was doing all my own sampling. But these days Im much more interested in composing again, as well as producing documentaries. Now that there are such brilliantly conceived and superbly detailed libraries available, my only concern is nding the time to transfer all that sample data onto my hard drives!

T echNotes

Jim Miller
Twenty years ago, I started doing my own digital sampling on a Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000, which shipped with a mere 256K of sample RAM. There was no such thing as mass storage then, so everything had to be saved on 3.5-inch diskettes. I remember driving all over Sacramento trying to nd those darn things. By 1987, I had moved up to an Akai S1000, which came standard with a whopping two megabytes of RAM. The reason I was doing my own sampling was simple: The few disk libraries that existed at that point in time were pretty awful. Eventually word got out I was creating my own samples, and I ended up starting a small business called Stratus Sounds. Who knows, some of you may even have bought disks from me! I began building up a collection of sample disks for the new (at the time) Kurzweil K2000, but at that

Grand Finale

By giving composers the tools they needed to quickly and easily build complex scores, Finale streamlined the creation process, allowing users to concentrate on whats really important writing music. With Finale 2007, scoring is faster than ever thanks to a new batch of performance-enhancing features designed to make sheet music even easier to create. As the front-runner for lm and TV scoring, it makes sense that Finale supports video integration. The new Finale automatically synchronizes digital video with your music in a resizable Movie Window. When working with an imported video le, you can compose, edit, and play back the score in perfect sync using the new Fit to Time feature. Finale 2007 also adds the ability to set frame rates, send SMPTE/MTC to outboard devices, and actually write time code into your score. Saving time and effort is the name of the game with Finale, and this latest edition excels at doing just that. The new Intelligent Linking feature keeps your score and individual parts constantly linked change anything in an individual part, and the score is instantly updated. Finale 2007 runs on PC and runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC Macs, with increased performance on either processor. A Mighty Mouse-equipped Mac will let you cruise through your score with both horizontal and vertical scrolling. For a consistent look, Finale 2007 now embeds TrueType, OpenType, and Postscript fonts, and there are improved onscreen graphics for a smoother look. Finale is popular not just because of its scoring tools, but because of its great playback engine. Since it utilizes Native Instruments Kontakt Player 2, Finale can play any NI-supported sound library. Kontakt Player 2 is also a time saver, allowing you to load multiple instruments at once and stream large libraries from disk, and it has other tools to improve system performance and achieve stunningly realistic playback of your score. Finale 2007 takes bold steps to bolster your creativity and minimize distractions from the technical aspects of writing music. Anyone from home hobbyists to band directors and professional composers will nd Finale 2007 an invaluable piece of software that changes the way music notation and scores get created.
> > Makemusic Finale Sweetwater price $499.97

Page 014.indd 14

9/11/06 8:39:09 PM
21st Century Guitar continued from page 1
In addition to its two traditional humbuckers, the HD.6X-PRO packs six small patent-pending humbucking pickups between its tune-o-matic bridge and treble pickup. The signals from these hightech pickups are converted from analog to digital inside the guitar. (Were talking highdenition conversion; at 2,304kbits-per-second, each of the six signals carries three times more information than a single channel on a CD!) The system then sends the six independent digital signals one for each string to the Ethernet output, which connects to a breakout box known as BoB. What about BoB? Once the digital signals reach BoB, you have sonic options galore. Naturally you can route the output as a single summed mono signal to an amplier or recording console. But BoB opens a world of new possibilities: Send the E, A, and D strings to one amp or mixer channel and the G, B, and high E to a second amp or channel for unique stereo effects or to separately process the low and high strings play a distorted lead over clean chords! Add reverb to the G, B, and E strings, and delay and ange to the E, A, and D. Want to go even further? BoB can send the six individual strings to six different amps or mixer channels. These six individual signals can be sent through different effects boxes, or just about any combination of signal paths you can imagine create the ultimate surround guitar soundscape! Let your imagination run wild; there are countless ways you can process and modulate your playing. BoB is the air trafc controller, routing the signals to all those different destinations BoB does the work, so you can concentrate on playing.

Headphone volume

Microphone 6-channel input digital output Standard analog output Headphone jack
How many guitars have an Ethernet jack and a mic input? Only one: The brand-new digital Gibson HD.6X-PRO.
The Whole Deal Gibson includes a complete version of Cakewalk SONAR Producer with every HD.6XPRO; add an audio interface and youll be ready to make innovative music with your computer right out of the box! Breakthrough With a few exceptions, the electric guitar has remained essentially unchanged since the innovations of the 1950s. But with the Gibson HD.6X-PRO, an entirely new sonic world is about to open up to guitarists thanks to this groundbreaking technology. Expect to be amazed! Sweetwater is the only authorized online dealer for the Gibson HD.6X-PRO. Give us a call for complete information.

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Family info: Super-hot wife Elizabeth, super-cute baby girl Juliette (born 5/27/06), and two mini lop bunnies, BooBoo and Tiger. Other stuff we should know about you: I try to read and meditate as much as possible. I love chess, and am heavily into physics and astronomy. Personal motto: Purify the heart and mind, then follow your instincts. Favorite magazine: JazzTimes Real-life hero: Gautama Buddha Guilty pleasure of choice: I cant watch enough Star Wars movies. How would your boss describe you? Hard working, honest, and determined. How would your best friend describe you? Creative, artistic, and kind. What did you dream about doing for a living when you were growing up? Traveling the world and performing music. Describe the most dramatic situation in which you provided the Sweetwater Difference for a customer: Not sure what the most dramatic experience is, but Ive stayed later, come in earlier, come in on weekends, emailed and called customers from home, provided diagrams for cabling complex systems.all to make sure my customers are happy and any problems are resolved ASAP. What in your life best prepared you for the work you do here at Sweetwater? Being a musician and composer as well as living in New York and dealing with people from all walks of life. What do you enjoy most about being part of the Sweetwater Team? Its a great feeling when customers tell me they shop with Sweetwater because of me. What is the most important thing youve learned at Sweetwater? How to really listen to people and their needs, and how to truly be professional.

Name: David Mikautadze Position at Sweetwater: Sales Engineer Start date: July 17, 2003 Education: Composition and lm scoring degrees from Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachussetts. Where are you from originally? Born in Tbilisi, Georgia (former Soviet Union). Came to Sweetwater via Queens, New York. What was your occupation before coming to Sweetwater? Independent audio technology consultant, composer. Why did you rst apply for a job at Sweetwater? The Sales Engineer job description t my background to a tee. My wife and I were also looking for a friendlier place to start a family. Foreign languages: Georgian Technical strengths: DAWs, virtual instruments and samplers, sequencing, and guitars. Favorite music-related website: The Vienna Symphonic Library website (www.vsl. because the forums there have lots of great info regarding orchestration, specically related to achieving realism using orchestral samples. Instruments you play: Guitar and piano. Gear you own: Fender 62 reissue Stratocaster, Washburn J6 hollowbody, Fender Champ, Roland JC-120, Yamaha G3 baby grand, CME UF8 MIDI controller, JV-2080 (fully expanded), two PCs, lots of sample libraries and virtual instruments, Tannoy Precision 8D monitors, Steinberg Nuendo

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Fender Princeton Recording Guitar Combo Amplifier, 20 W.Fender's new Princeton Recording Amp offers all of the great tone and dynamics of the original, plus several modern studio-friendly features. Its all-tube preamp, power amp and reverb circuitry is based on the classic '65 Princeton Reverb, and, with 20 watts and a 10 in. Jensen speaker, it provides spanking vintage tone and enough output for small gigs and rehearsals. The trans-impedance power attenuator lets you crank up the amp for full output tube overdrive and set the speaker volume as low as you want (even silent for headphone use)!



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