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Garmin Etrex Legend CXGarmin eTrex Legend Cx - Hiking GPS receiver - LCD - 176 x 220 - color

5.5 oz, 2.2″ x 1.2″ x 4.1″, Built-in antenna, 500 WPs

Pack more detail into your adventure with the eTrex Legend Cx. Garmin has added removable memory to this pocket handheld, making it easy to pack light and add maps on the go.

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Garmin Etrex Legend Cx


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Chiwa 3:41am on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 
Nice personal gps, but useless w/o added maps I bought one of these expecting it to be useable out of the box. After all. great transacion. Bought if for a gift and got it in plenty of time. Have not heard any reports yet on how great it is.
RLShadow 12:36pm on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 
I bought this one for my Armada and the size just works perfect with the truck. Big Screen Odd shaped support base
willyb82 5:46pm on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 
1 hand opperation, accurate, long bat life, Slightly small screen size, dim screen without backlight small, light weight does not speak, must pay $100.00 or more for streets
c_r_e_a_m 12:38am on Monday, August 30th, 2010 
Comparing to eTrex earlier model, Legend HCx is greatly improved. The satellite reception is much stronger. This is a great GPS. i love it, i am a hunter so it is a great hand held GPS for me. I like the color screen, and it maps my direction very well.
Bruno Amaral 1:57am on Monday, July 5th, 2010 
Geocaching Dream Excellent product from Garmin, highly recommended for Geocaching. This unit has the high sensitivity GPS reciever.
Terrills 8:06pm on Friday, May 21st, 2010 
Garmin as a present This was purchased as a gift for my husband. He has had a wonderful time playing with it and finds it good.
dezd 5:58pm on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 
great product can be used for a lot of great things. Has a lot of extra features. Intuitive Menu, One Hand Control, Quick Navigation.

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Marking a Waypoint

1. Press and hold Enter to open the Mark Waypoint Page. 2. To accept the waypoint with the default information, highlight OK, and press Enter. OR To change any information on the Mark Waypoint Page, highlight the appropriate eld, and press Enter to open the on-screen keypad. After entering and conrming your changes, highlight OK, and press Enter. 1. Open the Map Page, and use the Rocker to move the pointer ( ) to the map item you want to mark as a waypoint. 2. Press and quickly release Enter to capture the pointer location. If you highlighted a map feature, an information page appears. Highlight Save, and press Enter to save the item as a waypoint. OR If the map item selected contains no information, a No map information at this point. Do you want to create a user waypoint here? message appears. Highlight Yes, and press Enter.

Finding Map Items

1. Press and hold the Menu key to open the Find Menu. 2. Highlight a category icon (Waypoints, Cities, Exits, for example), and press Enter. 3. Use the Rocker to highlight an item, and press Enter to open the information page for the selected item.

Going to a Destination

1. Use the Rocker to highlight the item you want to navigate to on the Map Page. 2. Press and quickly release Enter to capture the pointer location ( ) and open the information page. 3. Highlight Go To, and press Enter to begin navigation. 4. Follow the magenta route created on the Map Page. You can also use the Compass Page to help you navigate to the point. 1. Press the Find key to open the Find Menu. 2. Highlight the Waypoint icon, and press Enter to open the Waypoints Page. 3. Use the Rocker to select a waypoint, and press Enter. The Waypoint Page opens. 4. Highlight Go To, and press Enter to begin navigation. 1. Press the Find key to open the Find Menu. 2. Highlight the Recent Finds icon, and press Enter to open the Recent Finds Page. 3. Use the Rocker to select an item to go to, and press Enter to open the information page for the item. 4. Highlight Go To, and press Enter to begin navigation.
To mark your current location:
To nd an item from your current location:
To Go To a highlighted map item:
eTrex Venture Cx and Legend Cx

personal navigator

GPS antenna In/Out (Zoom) keys

quick reference guide

Quit key
To initiate a Go To from the Find Menu:
To create a new waypoint using the Map Page:

Find Menu

Waypoints List

Information Page

NOTE: For the Find Menu to display all of the categories shown above, MapSource detailed map data must be downloaded to the microSD or TransFlash card. (Refer to the owners manual for detailed information.)
To go to a recently found item:

Enter/Rocker key

1. Press the Find key to open the Find Menu. 2. Highlight a category icon (Waypoints, Cities, Exits, for example), and press Enter. 3. Press the Menu key to open the Options Menu. 4. Highlight Change Reference, and press Enter. 5. Use the Rocker to select a reference point on the map, and press Enter. The list changes to show items nearest to the new map location.
To nd an item from another location using the Find Menu:

Menu/Find key

Power/ Backlight key

Color LCD display

190-00679-01 Rev. A Copyright 2006 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries Printed in Taiwan

(eTrex Legend shown)

Using the Keypad
Power/Backlight keypress and hold to turn the unit on or off. Press and release to adjust the backlighting, view the date or time, and view the battery capacity. In/Out Zoom keysfrom the Map Page, press to zoom in or out. From any other page, press to scroll up or down a list. Menu/Find keypress and release to view options for a page. Press twice to view the Main Menu. Press and hold to display the Find Menu.

Main Pages

The eTrex Venture Cx and Legend Cx have three recurring main pages and one that displays only with each start-up. Press and release the Quit key to cycle through the page sequence.

Getting Started

To install the batteries:
1. Remove the battery cover from the back of the unit by turning the D-Ring 1/4 turn counterclockwise and pulling the cover away. microSD 2. Insert two AA batteries, or TransFlash and replace the card slot battery cover. 3. Turn the D-Ring 1/4 turn clockwise to lock the cover in place.

Battery compartment

Creating a Route
1. Access the Routes Page from the Main Menu. The page has a New button, an Active button, and space for a list of saved routes. 2. Use the Rocker key to highlight the New button, and then press Enter to display the Route Setup Page. Routes List 3. With an empty row (dashed) in the route list highlighted, press Enter to display the Find Menu. 4. Use the Find Menu to select a route waypoint from one of the Find Menu map item groups. Display the information page for the selected item, highlight the on-screen Use button, and press Enter to add it to the route list of via points. 5. To add more via points to your route, Route Setup repeat the process. 6. When you have completed the route, highlight the Navigate button to begin calculation of the route and navigation using the Map Page. 7. Follow the instructions at the top of the Map Page, the magenta route overlay on the map, and turn-by-turn pop-up prompts. Route on Map 8. To stop navigation at any time, press the Menu key, select Stop Navigation, and press Enter. The route is automatically saved to the Routes List. To resume navigation, return to the Options Menu, select Resume Navigation, and press Enter.
To create and use a route:


Satellite Page

Map Page

Satellite Pageappears only at start-up and shows the GPS receiver status, satellite locations, satellite signal strength, and the receivers current location. Map Pageshows a detailed map of the area around your current location.

To turn on your eTrex:

Quit keypress to cycle through the main pages. Press and release to cancel data entry or exit a page. Enter/Rocker keypress and release to enter highlighted options and data or confirm onscreen messages. Press and hold to mark your current location as a waypoint. Move up, down, right, or left to move through lists; highlight fields, on-screen buttons, or icons; enter data; or to move the map panning arrow.
(Press down to Enter. Move to the side or up or down to scroll, move the cursor, or increase or decrease values.)
1. Press and hold the pin slot Power key. A tone sounds, and the Introduction Page appears, followed by the Satellite Page. The GPS receiver begins searching for satellite signals. When the receiver has signals from at least three satellites, the display at the top of the page indicates position accuracy and location coordinates. 2. Press the Quit key repeatedly until the Map Page appears. You are now ready to begin GPS-aided navigation. 1. Press and quickly release the Power key to open the backlight adjustment slider. 2. Press up on the Rocker to increase the brightness, or press down to decrease. 3. Press Enter or the Quit key to close the backlight adjustment window.


Compass Page

Main Menu

To adjust the backlight level:
Compass Pageguides you to your destination. Main Menucontains advanced features and settings.


Technical specifications

Product TypeGPS receiver
Width2.2 in
Depth1.2 in
Height4.1 in
Weight5.5 oz
GPS System
Recommended UseHiking
Receiver12 channel
AccuracyPosition - 49 ft Position - 10 ft ( with WAAS ) Position - 10 ft - 16 ft ( with DGPS ) Velocity - 0.16 ft/sec
Update Rate1/second
InterfaceGarmin USB
GPS Functions / ServicesBearing, distance, elevation, heading, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), VMG (Velocity Made Good), speed, ETE (Estimated Time Enroute), time/date
FeaturesStopwatch, custom POIs, preinstalled POIs
Built-in Memory24 MB
Supported Memory CardsmicroSD
Software IncludedMapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager
Compatible GPS SoftwareMapSource BlueChart
Acquisition Times
Cold45 sec
Warm15 sec
Tracklog Points10000
Trip ComputerTracBack, average speed, maximum speed, trip timer, trip distance, sunrise/sunset times
Built-in Display
Resolution176 x 220
Diagonal Size2"
Display IlluminationYes
Color SupportColor
Connector TypeSerial - USB
Form FactorAA type
Required Qty2
Run Time (Up To)36 hour(s)
Included AccessoriesPC cable, wrist strap, 32 MB microSD Card, bike mount
Waterproof StandardIPX7
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature5 °F
Max Operating Temperature158 °F
Universal Product Identifiers
Part Number010-00440-00



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