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Garmin Nuvi 265W 4.3 in. Bluetooth GPS Navigator - Automotive
Auto Re-route - Route Avoidance - Custom POI - World Travel Clock - Currency & Unit Converter - Bluetooth Handsfree - High-sensitivity Receiver

Part Numbers: 010-00575-15, 010-00575-1H, 010005751H, 203384958, NUVI265W
UPC: 0753759099305, 753759099305
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Garmin Nuvi 265WT GPS


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drake 9:09pm on Monday, September 20th, 2010 
You get what you pay for. Free traffic is nice, but not reliable AT ALL. Not the fastest processor I have seen in other Garmin products that I have owned but functional.
jarubel 11:34pm on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 
A very good little device I purchased "Garmin nüvi 265W/265WT 4. works great, does the job works just fine, easy to set up and start using, comes ready to go.
NikolaiP 9:35am on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 
I use the product for work and on the go, it does what it does get where you need to be but dont expect anything else basic Garmin.
brandon 7:36pm on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
I called in because my garmin nuvi stopped co...  The small amount of time it did work, it was cool. Avoid this product! I even exchanged the firs...  There are no pros for this unit The unti locks up at random, is slow on the maps.
bobdc 2:53pm on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 
Garmin recently promoted the new product, Nuvi the 265WT vehicle carries GPS, is similar with the former naming way. The Garmin International introduced the nuvi 26W5T.
mfd14534 6:12pm on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
Ordering, receiving and using this GPS was smooth as silk. My wife, the primary user for this unit. Got this prior to an out of town trip to an unfamiliar city. Very intuitive user interface. Voice prompts very clear and easy to understand.
acsab 5:48am on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 
OMG! I LUV IT . MY SON AND I BOTH ARE ADHD AND I ALSO HAVE VISUAL PROBLEMS. I used to have maps scattered across the front seat of my vehicle while traveling. I always liked to know my approximate position. Now.
Nugroho 10:31am on Friday, July 30th, 2010 
there is not one thing i can say that is wrong Acquires Satellites Quickly","Compact","Easy Menus","Easy To Read","Easy To Set Up","Large Screen". Its one of excellent product .. it works as it described in the product detail. Acquires Satellites Quickly","Compact","Easy Menus","Easy To Read".
CoderByBirth 11:39pm on Sunday, July 18th, 2010 
very helpfull to fine my way in big cities,great price for lots of information Free map update","Handsfree calling Locks up periodically Liked it so much I bought another for my daughter. Free map update","Handsfree calling Locks up periodically
lwestfall 3:18am on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 
Returning This GPS , it contradicts itself I am returning this item, which had received good reviews. The very first time I used it. great gps for the price I was hesitant to order a GPS refurbished, but I did not want to spend a lot of money on it since they update so often.
BPETERSON 10:48am on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 
Get more easily search for a specific location or address in the palm of your hand with Garmin nuvi 265WT GPS navigator which has incredible resources...
giorgiocol78 11:46pm on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 

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nvi 205 and 205W series

owners manual
for use with these nvi models: 205, 205W, 215, 215W, 255, 255W, 265, 265W, 275
2008 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries Garmin International, Inc. 1200 East 151st Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062, USA Tel. (913) 397.8200 or (800) 800.1020 Fax (913) 397.8282 Garmin (Europe) Ltd. Liberty House Hounsdown Business Park, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 9RB UK Tel. +44 (0) 870.8501241 (outside the UK) (within the UK) Fax +44 (0) 870.8501251 Garmin Corporation No. 68 Jangshu 2nd Road, Shijr, Taipei County, Taiwan Tel. 886/2.2642.9199 Fax 886/2.2642.9099
All rights reserved. Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, copied, transmitted, disseminated, downloaded or stored in any storage medium, for any purpose without the express prior written consent of Garmin. Garmin hereby grants permission to download a single copy of this manual onto a hard drive or other electronic storage medium to be viewed and to print one copy of this manual or of any revision hereto, provided that such electronic or printed copy of this manual must contain the complete text of this copyright notice and provided further that any unauthorized commercial distribution of this manual or any revision hereto is strictly prohibited. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Garmin reserves the right to change or improve its products and to make changes in the content without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes or improvements. Go to the Garmin Web site ( for current updates and supplemental information concerning the use and operation of this and other Garmin products. Garmin, nvi, and MapSource are trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries, registered in the USA and other countries. Garmin Lock and myGarmin are trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. These trademarks may not be used without the express permission of Garmin. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such name by Garmin is under license. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. SD and microSD are trademarks of the SD Card Association.

July 2008

Part Number 190-00973-00 Rev. A

Printed in Taiwan


Manual Conventions

When you are instructed to touch something, use your finger to touch an item on the screen. The small arrows (>) used in the text indicate that you should touch a series of items. For example, if you see touch Where to? > Favorites you should touch Where to?, and then touch Favorites.


Go to to access the latest services for your Garmin products: Register your Garmin unit. Subscribe to online services for safety camera information (see pages 4243). Unlock optional maps.

Contact Garmin

nvi Tips and Shortcuts
To quickly return to the Menu page, touch and hold Back. Touch and to see more choices. Touch and hold these buttons to scroll faster. Screenshots in this manual are taken from a widescreen unit and may look different than your unit.
Contact Garmin Product Support if you have any questions while using your nvi. In the USA, go to, or contact Garmin USA by phone at (913) 397-8200 or (800) 800-1020. In the UK, contact Garmin (Europe) Ltd. by phone at 0808 2380000. In Europe, go to and click Contact Support for in-country support information, or contact Garmin (Europe) Ltd. by phone at +44 (0) 870.8501241.

1. Touch Where to?. 5. Touch Go!.
tip: Touch more choices. and to see

2. Select a category.

Adding a Stop
You can add a stop (called a Via Point) to your route. The nvi gives you directions to the Via Point and then to your final destination.
1. With a route active, touch Menu > Where to?. 2. Search for the extra stop. 3. Touch Go!. 4. Touch Add as Via Point to add this stop before your destination. Touch Set as new Destination to make this your final destination.

Stopping the Route

1. With a route active, touch Menu. 2. Touch Stop.

Adjusting the Volume

From the Menu page, touch Volume. Touch and to adjust the volume. Touch the box next to Mute to mute all audio.

Locking the Screen

Taking a Detour
To prevent accidental screen touches, slide the Power key to the right ( ). To unlock the screen, slide the Power key to the center position.
1. With a route active, touch Menu. 2. Touch Detour.
The nvi attempts to get you back on your original route as quickly as possible. If the route you are currently taking is the only reasonable option, the nvi might not calculate a detour.

Where to?

The Where to? menu provides several different categories you can use to search for locations. To learn how to perform a simple search, see page 4.
3. Enter the number of the address, and touch Done. 4. Enter the street name, and touch Done. 5. Select the correct street in the list, if necessary. 6. Touch the address, if necessary.

Finding an Address

note: Depending on the version of the maps loaded on your nvi, the button names can change and some steps could be ordered differently.

Setting a Home Location

Set your home location for the place you return to most often.
1. To set your home location, touch Where to? > Go Home. 2. Select an option: Enter your address. Use your current location. Choose from a list of recently found locations.
1. Touch Where to? > Address. 2. Touch Spell City, enter the city/postal code, and touch Done. Select the city/postal code in the list. (Not all map data provides postal code searching.) If you are unsure of the city, touch Search All. 3. Change the state, country, or province, if necessary.

Going Home

To navigate home after you have set your home location, touch Where to? > Go Home.
Changing Your Home Location

Go! Page Options

To set a different home location: 1. Touch Tools > My Data > Set Home Location. 2. Select an option: Enter your address. Use your current location. Choose from a list of recently found locations. To edit your home location: 1. Touch Where to? > Favorites > All Favorites > Home. 2. Touch Edit, enter your changes, and touch Done.
If you delete your home location, you can reset it by following the steps on page 6.

Editing Saved Places

Finding a Place Using the Map
Use the Browse Map page to view different parts of the map. Touch Where to? > Browse Map.
Tips for Browsing the Map
Touch the map, and drag to view different parts of the map. Touch and to zoom in and out. Touch any object on the map. An arrow appears pointing at the object. Touch Save to save this location. Touch Go! to navigate to the location. If the GPS mode is off, touch Set Loc to set your location to the selected location. (See page 29.)

Entering Coordinates

If you know the geographic coordinates of your destination, you can use your nvi to navigate to your destination using the latitude and longitude coordinates. This can be especially helpful when geocaching.
1. Touch Where to? > Coordinates. 2. Touch a box to enter a coordinate. 3. Touch Format to change the type of coordinates. Because different maps and charts use different coordinate formats, the nvi allows you to select the correct coordinate format for the type of map you are using. 4. Enter the coordinates, and touch Next.
routes to them. Go to to download pictures with location information. See page 20 for more information.
1. Touch Where to? > Favorites > Panoramio Photos. Pictures you have saved on the nvi drive or on the memory card are listed. 2. Touch a picture.

Navigating Off Road

If you are not following roadways as you navigate, use Off Road mode. Touch Tools > Settings > Navigation > Route Preference > Off Road > OK.

Walking to a Destination

If you are walking to your destination, use Pedestrian mode to optimize your route for walking. Touch Tools > Settings > System > Usage Mode > Pedestrian > OK.

Using Photo Navigation

Panoramio provides pictures that include location information. You can load these pictures on your nvi or on a memory card and create
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual11

Using the Map

Your route is marked with a magenta line. As you travel, your nvi guides you to your destination with voice prompts, arrows on the map, and directions at the top of the map. A checkered flag marks your destination. If you depart from the original route, your nvi recalculates the route and provides new directions.
Touch to view the next turn.
Touch to view the turn list. Touch to zoom in and zoom out. Touch to view the Where Am I?
Tip: A speed limit icon could appear as you travel on major roadways. This icon displays the current speed limit of the roadway.
Touch to view the trip computer.

Trip Computer

The trip computer displays your current speed and provides helpful statistics about your trip. To view the trip computer, touch the Speed field on the map. If you make frequent stops, leave the nvi turned on so it can accurately measure elapsed time during the trip.

Turn List

When you are navigating a route, the turn list displays turn-by-turn instructions for your entire route and the distance between turns. Touch the text bar on the top of the map to open the turn list. Touch a turn on the list to view the next turn for that turn. Touch Show Map to view the entire route on the browse map page.
Resetting the Trip Computer
Reset the trip computer before beginning a trip. From the map, touch the Speed field. Touch Reset Trip to reset the information on the trip computer. Touch Reset Max to reset the maximum speed.

Next Turn

When you are navigating a route, the next turn shows the turn on the map and the distance and time left before you reach the turn. To view an upcoming turn on the map, touch the turn indicator on the map, or touch any turn from the turn list.
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual13
Making Hands-Free Phone Calls
Bluetooth wireless technology is available on the nvi 215, 215W, 265, 265W, and 275. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, your nvi can connect to your mobile phone to become a handsfree device. To determine whether your mobile phone with Bluetooth technology is compatible with the nvi, go to /bluetooth. Bluetooth wireless technology establishes a wireless link between devices, such as a mobile phone and the nvi. The first time you use two devices together you must pair them by establishing a relationship using a PIN or passkey. After the initial pairing, the two devices can
connect automatically each time you turn them on.
Note: You might have to set your mobile phone to connect to the nvi automatically when it is turned on.

Pairing Your Phone

To pair and connect, your phone and the nvi must be turned on and be within 10 meters of each other. Initiate pairing from your nvi or from your phone. Refer to your phone instructions.
To pair using your phone settings: 1. Enable the Bluetooth setting on your nvi. Touch Tools > Settings > Bluetooth. 2. Select Enabled. 3. Enable the Bluetooth component on your phone. This might be in a menu called Settings, Bluetooth, Connections, or Hands-free. nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual
Making Hands-Free Phone Calls 4. Initiate a search for Bluetooth devices. 5. Select the nvi from the list of devices. 6. Enter the nvi Bluetooth PIN (1234) into your phone. To pair using the nvi settings: 1. From the Menu page, touch Tools > Settings > Bluetooth > Add. 2. Enable the Bluetooth component on your phone, and enable Find Me/Discoverable/Visible mode. These settings might be in a Bluetooth, Connections, or Hands-free menu. 3. Touch OK on the nvi. 4. Select your phone, and touch OK. 5. Enter the nvi Bluetooth PIN (1234) in your phone.

1. Touch Phone > Call History. 2. Touch a category to view those calls. The calls are listed in chronological order. The mostrecent calls are at the top of the list. 3. Touch an entry, and touch Dial.
Dialing a Point of Interest

Calling Home

Enter a phone number for your home location so you can quickly call home.

Dialing a Number

1. Touch Phone > Dial. 2. Enter the number, and touch Dial. nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual17
Making Hands-Free Phone Calls To enter your phone number: 1. Touch Phone > Call Home. 2. Touch Enter Phone Number to use the keypad page or Select From Phonebook (only available if your phone supports phone book transfer). 3. Touch Done > Yes. The nvi dials your home phone number.
NOTE: To edit your home location or phone number, touch Where to? > Favorites > Home > Edit.
Placing Calls Using Voice Dial
1. Touch Phone > Voice Dial. 2. Speak the contact name.
You can place calls by speaking the contacts name.
NOTE: You might need to train your phone to recognize your voice dial commands. Refer to your phone instructions.
To call home: 1. Touch Phone > Call Home. 2. The nvi dials your home phone number.

Phone Status

Check the battery level and signal strength for your phone by touching Phone > Status.

Managing Files

You can store files, such as JPEG image files, in the internal memory on the nvi or on a memory card.
Note: The nvi is not compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, or Windows NT. It is also not compatible with Mac OS 10.3 and earlier. This is a common limitation of most USB mass storage devices.

Loading Files

Step 1: Insert a Memory Card (Optional)
To insert or remove the memory card, press it in until it clicks.
Step 2: Connect the USB Cable

Supported File Types

Connect the mini-USB connector to the back of the nvi. Connect the larger end of the cable to an available USB port on your computer. Your nvi and memory card appear as removable drives in My Computer on Windows computers and as mounted volumes on Mac computers.
Note: Some operating systems or computers with multiple network drives can not display the nvi drives. See your operating system Help file to learn how to map the drives.
JPEG and JPG image files: see pages 2122 Maps and GPX waypoint files from MapSource: see page 41 GPI custom POI files from Garmins POI Loader: see page 42
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual19
Step 3: Transfer Files to Your nvi
Copy and paste files from your computer into the nvi drives/ volumes.
1. Browse your computer for the file you want to copy. 2. Highlight the file, and click Edit > Copy. 3. Open the Garmin or memory card drive/volume. 4. Click Edit > Paste. The file appears in the list of files in the nvi memory or on the memory card.

Using the Tools 1. Touch Tools > Calculator. 2. Enter the first number of your calculation. 3. Touch an operator (, , -, or +). 4. Enter the second number of your calculation. Touch. to add a decimal. Touch to make the number negative or positive. Touch % to add or subtract percentages of a number. Touch C to clear the entry. 5. Touch =. 6. Touch C to perform a new calculation.


1. Touch Tools > Unit Converter. 2. Touch Conversion, select a type of measurement, and touch OK. 3. Touch a unit of measure that you want to change. 4. Select a unit of measure, and touch OK. Repeat if necessary. 5. Touch the blank rectangle to enter a value. 6. Enter a value, and touch Done. The unit is converted. 7. Touch Clear to perform another conversion.

Unit Converter

Updating Conversion Rates
You can update the currency conversion rates manually so that you are always using the most current rates.
Using the Tools 1. Touch Tools > Unit Converter > Conversion. Select Currency. 2. Touch the currency buttons and select the currencies you want to update. 3. Touch Update. 4. Touch the boxes next to the currencies to enter new rates. 5. Touch Save to save the new rates. Touch Restore to use the original rates.
the screen, touch the advertisement to search for the nearest location related to that advertisement. If the advertisement includes a coupon icon, touch the coupon icon on the Go! page to receive a coupon code. Write down this code and present it when you arrive at the location.
CAUTION: Do not attempt to write down the coupon codes while driving.

Viewing Advertisements

If your nvi package includes a traffic receiver, you will receive location-relevant advertisements and coupons. Ad-based traffic information is only available in North America.
To view a list of the advertisements you have received, touch Tools > Advertisements. To disable advertisements, you must disable traffic. Touch Tools > Settings > Traffic > Disable.
The traffic receiver must be connected to external power and you must be in a coverage area to receive ad-based traffic information. When an advertisement appears on
24 nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual

Screen Shotturn on Screen Shot mode. Touch to take a screen shot. The picture bitmap file is saved in the screenshots folder on the nvi drive. Brightnessadjust the backlight brightness level. Reducing the backlight brightness increases your battery life. Restorerestore the original display settings.
Adjusting the Display Settings
Updating the Time Settings
Touch Tools > Settings > Time. Time Formatselect a 12-hour, 24-hour, or UTC time format. Current Timemanually set the time on your nvi. Select Automatic to have the nvi set the time based on your location.
Touch Tools > Settings > Display. Color Modeselect Daytime for a light background, Nighttime for a dark background, or Auto to automatically switch between the two.
Restorerestore the original time settings.
Changing the Map Settings

Setting the Languages

Voicechange the language for voice prompts.
Touch Tools > Settings > Map. Map Detailadjust the amount of detail shown on the map. Showing more detail can cause the map to redraw slower. Map Viewselect a map perspective. Track Updisplay the map in two dimensions (2D) with your direction of travel at the top. North Updisplay the map in 2D with North at the top. 3Ddisplay the map in three dimensions (3D) in Track Up. Vehicletouch Change to change the icon used to display your position on the map. Touch the icon you want to use, and then touch OK. Download additional vehicle icons at
Touch Tools > Settings > Language.
Textchange all on-screen text to the selected language. Changing the text language does not change the language of user-entered data or map data, such as street names. Keyboardselect the keyboard for your language. You can also change the keyboard language mode from any keyboard by touching the Mode button. Restorerestore the original language settings.
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual31
Trip Logshow or hide the log of your travels. To clear your trip log, touch Tools > My Data > Clear Trip Log. Map Infoview the maps and the version of each map loaded on your nvi. Touch a map to enable (check mark) or disable (no check mark) that map. Restorerestore the original map settings.
Safe mode disables all functions that require significant operator attention and could become a distraction while driving. Restorerestore the original security settings. Note that restoring the security settings will not clear your Garmin Lock PIN or security location.
Changing Security Settings
Setting the Bluetooth Technology Options
Touch Tools > Settings > Bluetooth. Connectionstouch Add > OK to pair with a phone that has Bluetooth wireless technology. See pages 1418. Touch Change to connect with a different phone. Dropselect the phone you want to disconnect, and touch Yes.
Touch Tools > Settings > Security. Garmin Lockturn on Garmin Lock to lock your nvi. Enter a 4-digit PIN, and set a security location. For more information, see page 37. Safe Modeturn on or off safe mode. When your vehicle is moving,

Removeselect the phone you want to delete from the nvi memory, and touch Yes. Bluetoothturn on and off the Bluetooth component. The Bluetooth icon appears on the Menu page if the Bluetooth component is turned on. To prevent a phone from automatically connecting, touch Disabled. Friendly Nameenter a friendly name that identifies your nvi on devices with Bluetooth technology. Touch Done. Restorerestore the original Bluetooth settings. This does not clear the pairing information.
Changing the Proximity Points Settings
You must have proximity points (such as custom POIs or a safety camera database) loaded to adjust the proximity points settings. See page 42. Touch Tools > Settings > Proximity Points.
Proximity Alertsturn on or off the alerts when you approach custom POIs or safety cameras. Restorerestore the proximity points settings.
Viewing Traffic Subscription Information
The traffic receiver is included in some nvi 205 and 205W series packages. Touch Tools > Settings > Traffic.
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual33

North American Options

Your FM traffic subscriptions and expiration dates are listed. Touch Add to add a subscription.

Adding a Subscription

European Options
You can purchase additional subscriptions or a renewal if your subscription expires. Go to
Note: You do not need to activate the subscription included with your FM traffic receiver (if it came with one). The subscription activates automatically after your nvi acquires satellite signals while receiving traffic signals from the service provider.
Currentselect which provider to use. Touch Auto to use the best provider for the area, or select a specific provider to use. Find Moresearch for additional TMC traffic providers. To increase the search time, touch Yes to clear the provider table. Subscriptionsview your FM traffic subscriptions and expiration dates. Touch Add to add a subscription.
1. From the Menu page, touch Tools > Settings > Traffic. 2. For non-North American units, touch Subscriptions > Add. For North American units, touch Add. 3. Write down the FM traffic receiver unit ID. 4. Go to to purchase a subscription and get a 25-character code. nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual
Customizing the nvi 5. Touch Next on the nvi, enter the code, and touch Done.
The traffic subscription code cannot be reused. You must obtain a new code each time you renew your service. If you own multiple FM traffic receivers, you must obtain a new code for each receiver.
1. Touch Tools > Settings. 2. Touch Restore. 3. Touch Yes.

Locking Your nvi

Garmin Lock is a theft-deterrent system that locks your nvi. Each time you turn on the nvi, enter the PIN or drive to the security location.
1. Touch Tools > Settings > Security. 2. Touch the button below Garmin Lock.

Calibrating the Screen

1. Turn off the nvi.
If the touch screen is not responding properly, calibrate the touch screen.
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual37
Appendix 2. Turn on the nvi and hold the Power key to the left for about 30 seconds until the calibration screen appears (white screen with Press dot). 2. Connect the nvi to your computer using the mini-USB cable. 3. Run WebUpdater, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Resetting Your nvi

If your nvi stops responding, turn the nvi off, and then turn it back on. If this does not help, reset your nvi. Press and hold the RESET button on the bottom of the nvi for several seconds.
Caution: Do not reset your nvi with a ballpoint pen or other sharp object, which can damage the unit or the battery.
After confirming that you want to perform an update, WebUpdater automatically downloads the update and installs it on your nvi.

Clearing User Data

Caution: This deletes all userentered information.

Updating the Software

1. Go to /webupdater, and download WebUpdater to your computer.
1. Hold your finger on the lower-right corner of the nvi screen while turning on the nvi. 2. Keep your finger pressed until the pop-up window appears. 3. Touch Yes to clear all user data.
All original settings are restored. Any items that you have saved are erased.

Battery Information

To maximize the lifetime of the battery, do not leave your nvi in direct sunlight, and avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat. The battery icon in the corner of the Menu page indicates the status of the nvi battery. To increase the accuracy of the battery gauge, fully discharge the battery and then fully charge it. Do not unplug the nvi until it is totally charged.
Connect your nvi to a computer using a USB cable. The USB cable is included with some nvi 205 and 205W packages. The computer must be on for the nvi to charge.

Changing the Fuse

Caution: When replacing the fuse, do not lose any of the small pieces and make sure they are put back in the proper place.

Charging Your nvi

Connect the vehicle power cable to the mini-USB connector on your nvi and to a power outlet in your vehicle. The vehicle key may need to be turned to ON/ ACC for the nvi to charge. Connect an AC adapter (optional accessory) to the nvi and a wall outlet.

About GPS Satellite Signals
Your nvi must acquire GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signals in order to navigate. If you are indoors, near tall buildings or trees, or in a parking garage, your nvi may not acquire satellites. Go outside to an area free from tall obstructions to use your nvi. When your nvi has acquired satellite signals, the signal strength bars on the Menu page are green. When it loses satellite signals, the bars turn red or clear. For more information about GPS, go to
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual41
Extras and Optional Accessories
For more information about optional accessories, go to or, or contact your Garmin dealer.
To view your Custom POIs, touch Where to? > Extras > Custom POIs. To change the proximity alert settings, touch Tools > Settings > Proximity Points > Proximity Alerts. To delete the Custom POIs from your nvi, connect your nvi to your computer. Open the Garmin\ poi folder in the nvi drive or the memory card drive. Delete the file titled poi.gpi.
Custom Points of Interest
Use the POI Loader to load custom points of interest (POIs) onto your nvi. POI databases are available from various companies on the Internet. Some custom databases contain alert information for points, such as safety cameras and school zones. Go to, and click POI Loader to install the POI Loader onto your computer. For more information, refer to the POI Loader Help file. Press F1 to open the Help file.

Safety Cameras

Safety camera information is available in some locations. Check for availability. For these locations, the nvi includes the locations of hundreds of safety cameras. Your nvi alerts you when you are approaching a safety camera and can warn you if you are driving
too fast. The data is updated at least weekly, so you always have access to the most up-to-date information. You can purchase a new region or extend an existing subscription at any time. Each region that you purchase has its own expiration date.
Caution: Garmin is not responsible for the accuracy of, or the consequences of using, a custom POI or safety camera database.
To use the travel guide, insert the memory card into your nvi. Touch Where to? > Extras. Touch the name of your travel guide to open it.

Garmin Travel Guide

Much like a paper travel guide, the Garmin Travel Guide provides detailed information about places, such as restaurants and hotels. To purchase an accessory, go to or contact your Garmin dealer.

nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual43


Physical size: W H D: 3.86 2.93 .768 in. (98 74.4 19.5 mm) Weight: 5.01 oz. (141.6 g) Display: 3.5" diagonal, pixels; 64K colors; bright QVGA TFT landscape display; white backlight; touch screen Case: Not waterproof (IPXO) Operating temperature range: 32F140F (0C60C) Charging temperature range: 32F113F (0C45C) Data storage: Internal memory and optional removable microSD card. Data stored indefinitely. Computer interface: USB 2.0 full speed mass storage Operating system: Garmin

nvi 205 Series

Charge time: Approximately 4 hours Power input: Vehicle power using included vehicle power cable or AC power using an optional accessory Usage: 5 W max. Battery life: Up to 4 hours Battery type: Non-user-replaceable rechargeable lithium-ion battery GPS receiver: High-sensitivity with HotFix Acquisition times*: Warm: <1 sec Cold: <38 sec Factory Reset: <45 sec *Average acquisition times for a stationary receiver with a clear view of the sky.
Physical size: W H D: 4.76 2.93 .768 in. (120.9 74.4 19.5 mm) Weight: 5.93 oz. (168.3 g) Display: 4.3" diagonal, pixels; 64K colors; bright WQVGA TFT landscape display; white backlight; touch screen Case: Not waterproof (IPXO) Operating temperature range: 32F140F (0C60C) Charging temperature range: 32F113F (0C45C) Data storage: Internal memory and optional removable SD card. Data stored indefinitely. Computer interface: USB 2.0 full speed mass storage Operating system: Garmin Charge time: Approximately 4 hours

nvi 205W Series

Power input: Vehicle power using included vehicle power cable or AC power using an optional accessory Usage: 5 W max. Battery life: Up to 4 hours Battery type: Non-user-replaceable rechargeable lithium-ion battery GPS receiver: High-sensitivity with HotFix Acquisition times*: Warm: <1 sec Cold: <38 sec Factory Reset: <45 sec *Average acquisition times for a stationary receiver with a clear view of the sky.
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual45
Declaration of Conformity
Hereby, Garmin declares that this nvi product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. To view the full Declaration of Conformity, go to the Web site for your Garmin product at

My battery does not stay charged for very long. How do I clear all my user data? My battery gauge does not seem accurate. The touch screen is not responding to my touches.
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual47
Problem/Question How do I know my nvi is in USB mass storage mode? My computer never senses that the nvi is connected. Solution/Answer When your nvi is in USB mass storage mode, a picture of a nvi connected to a computer is shown. Also, you should see two new removable disk drives listed in My Computer. 1. Unplug the USB cable from your computer. 2. Turn off the nvi. 3. Plug the USB cable into a USB port on your computer and into your nvi. The nvi automatically turns on and goes into USB mass storage mode. Ensure your nvi is connected to a USB port and not a USB hub. If you have several network drives mapped on your computer, Windows can have trouble assigning drive letters to your nvi drives. See your operating system Help file to learn how to map or assign drive letters. 1. Touch Where To? > Near > A Different City (and enter your vacation destination). 2. Find the hotel, and touch Go!. 3. Touch Menu > Where To? > Near > My Destination. 4. Search for a restaurant. Restaurants nearest your hotel are listed first. Ensure you have a nvi 215, 215W, 265, 265W, or 275. Touch Tools > Settings > Bluetooth. Verify that the Bluetooth field is set to Enabled. Ensure your phone is turned on and is less than 10 meters (about 33 feet) away from your nvi. See for more help.
I cannot see any new removable drives in my list of drives. How can I find restaurants near the hotel I will be staying at in the future?
My phone will not connect to the nvi.

Symbols A

2-D, 3-D map view 31 accessories 42 additional maps 41 addresses 6 advertisements disabling 24 viewing 24 alarm clock 43 alerts safety camera 42 anti-theft feature 32, 37 attaching a photo to a location 10 audio version 29 avoiding road types 30 theft 37
background color 30 battery 39, 47 status 3 battery information 39 bicycle navigation 29 Bluetooth technology 1418 deleting a phone 33 pairing with phone 14 settings 32 brightness 30 browsing the map 10

computer connection 19 configuring 3 converting currency 23 units 23 coordinates 11 current location, save 9 customizing the nvi 2934 custom POIs 42
calculator 23 call answering 15 call waiting 16 hanging up 16 history 17 home 17 muting 16 caring for your nvi 36 charging your nvi 39, 47
dashboard disk 40 Declaration of Conformity 46 deleting all user data 38 character 8 custom POIs 42 Favorites 10 files 20 recent finds list 9 detail maps 32 detour 5 diacritical characters 8
nvi 205 and 205W series owners manual49
Index display settings 30 driving directions 13
extras 4243 Favorites 9 files 1920 deleting 20 supported types 19 transferring 20 finding places 4 by address 6 by coordinates 11 by name 8 by postal code 6 near another location 8 recent selections 9 saved places (Favorites) 9 using photos 1112 FM traffic receiver 25 fuse, changing 39 50
Garmin Lock 32, 37 Garmin Travel Guide 43 geocaching 11 Go! page options 7 go home 6 GPS about GPS 3, 41 off/on 29
keyboard 8 language mode 8, 31 layout 29 kilometers 29
hands-free phone features 1418 Help 21 home phone number 17 setting a location 6
language settings 31 lithium-ion battery 39, 44, 45 locking screen 5 the nvi 37

incoming call 15

JPEG image files 19
map adding 41 browsing 10 detail level 31 enabling detail maps 32 Map Info button 32 settings 31 updating 41 version 32
Index viewing 31 zooming 10 MapSource 19, 41 max speed, reset 13 measurements, converting 23 memory card 19 Menu page 3 microSD card 1 miles 29 mounting on dashboard 40 on windshield 47 removing from mount 40 MSN Direct 21 mute audio 5 phone call 16 My Data 22 myGarmin i
navigation 12 mode 29 settings 29 next turn 13 nvi case 1 charging 39 cleaning 36 mounting 2, 40 protecting 36 resetting 38
off road, routing 11, 30 on-screen keyboard 8 on-unit Help 21 output, audio 5
phone book 17 photo navigation 1112 loading pictures 20 PIN Bluetooth 15 Garmin Lock 37 points of interest 8 custom 42 POI loader 19 position icon 31 proximity alerts 33 proximity points alerts 33 settings 33
QWERTY keyboard 29 recently found locations 9 registering 37 removing the mount 40
pairing a mobile phone 14, 15 Panoramio pictures 11 pedestrian navigation mode 11, 29



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manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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