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Kristel 10:58pm on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 
Navman F35 Satellite - ideal for basic use This is the first time I have bought a satnav and as I only want one for the odd long car journey without h... 8 DIGIT POSTCODE This sat nav does not have full postcode search for northern ireland and only has a one year guarantee in uk and ireland (two year fo...

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Inforad K1 GPS powered radar detector
After their older model v4e, Inforad now came out with even a smaller version of their GPS powered radar detector. Called Inforad K1, this radar detector is completely redesigned. First off they finally added an rechargeable battery. Cant fit much into this USB stick sized device so it is only 220mAh; good enough for about five hours. However it is charges via USB, which means you can charge it pretty much anywhere these days. As far as features, K1 offers audible and visual alarms using the two LED which can light up different colors. There is also the integrated trip recorder and of course and the updates of radar databases are free for the life of the product.
Measuring only 27.41.5cm and weighing only 25 grams the Inforad K1 is very small and light. It can be fixed behind the rear view mirror on your windshield if you want it out of your sight. Inforad K1 will be available starting mid July, with 2 years guarantee for only 50



Users Guide
1 - How does INFORAD K1 work?
GPS Speed Camera Warning Device
Using the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite network, INFORAD K1 always knows the position of your vehicle, and its processor compares this with the more than 17,000 risk areas stored in its database. INFORAD K1 warns you before you enter a risk area, whether or not there is a speed camera there.
If for any reason, the LED (B) continues to blink, this means that the satellites have not yet been found. In this case, refer to section 5 Optimising satellite signal acquisition and if this does not solve the problem, call our technical support helpline. 3.2 - On/Off switch The On/Off switch (C) is used to switch your INFORAD K1 on or off. 3.3 - Battery INFORAD K1 has its own lithium ion battery. Once it is fully charged, your device becomes completely autonomous and can be removed from the cigarette lighter adapter. To recharge the battery, use the cigarette lighter adapter supplied or the USB port that also supplies power on a computer. The LED (A) lights up while the battery is charging and goes out once it is fully charged. When the battery is fully discharged, no LED lights up. 3.4 - Cigarette lighter power adapter This is used to recharge the INFORAD K1s battery in your vehicle. Insert the adapter into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, remove the cap (F) on your INFORAD device and connect the USB port (E) to the cigarette lighter adapter. 3.5 - Mounting clip To release your INFORAD K1 from its mounting clip, press on the side tabs.
SATELLITE ALERTS: Searching for satellites Device operational, INFORAD is protecting you Blinking green LED Steady green LED + melody
5 Optimising satellite signal acquisition
5.1. - Make sure that the INFORAD logo on your device is pointing skywards. 5.2. - Mount close to the windscreen. Make sure that your INFORAD device is installed as close as possible to the leading edge of the windscreen. This is very important for the top of the device (the engraved INFORAD logo side) must be visible from the sky to pickup the satellites. If the device is located too far back on the dashboard, the vehicle roof may mask some of the satellites and make it harder to receive signals. 5.3. - Be patient. When starting INFORAD for the first time, it may take a little longer to capture the satellite signals. It should not take more than 5 minutes at most. If it does, contact Technical Support (see end of document). 5.4. - Keep still. For the best results, please ensure that your vehicle is stationary and free from overhead obstructions (garage, tree cover, tall buildings etc.). 5.5. - Check for an athermic front windscreen. Your vehicle may be fitted with an athermic or comfort windscreen. This means the windscreen is manufactured with an invisible metal film designed to reflect the suns heat. Such windscreens tend to weaken and in some cases even block the GPS signal. To test if this is the case, try holding your INFORAD out of the vehicles window or sunroof. If the LED (B) changes to steady green, there is a strong chance that your windscreen is a heat reflective one. In this case, identify those areas of your windscreen that are not heat reflective and fit the mounting clip to one of these fields using its self-adhesive strip (making sure that this part of the windscreen is perfectly clean and dry before affixing). Then insert your INFORAD device into the mounting clip. 5
6 Updating the on-board speed camera database


2 - Installing your INFORAD
2.1 - Make sure that the contents of the package are complete. It should include an INFORAD K1 device, a windscreen mounting clip (D), a cigarette lighter power adapter and this manual. 2.2 - Installing INFORAD in your vehicle Your INFORAD device can be placed directly on the vehicles dashboard, as close as possible to the windscreen and in the drivers line of site or mounted on the windscreen using its mounting clip. We especially recommend using the mounting clip with heat reflective windscreens: Refer to section 5 Optimising satellite signal acquisition. Whatever the mounting position used, make sure that the INFORAD logo on the device is pointing skywards. Switch the device on using the switch (C). On power up, INFORAD starts immediately and three beeps are heard indicating proper start up.

SPEED CAMERA ALERTS and Points Of Interest (POI): your position Type of area Certified speed camera zone Potential mobile speed camera zone Certified SPECS speed camera zone A user-defined Point of Interest (POI) Approaching the area 3 beeps + Steady red LED 3 beeps + Steady orange LED 3 beeps + Blinking Green / Orange 2 beeps + Steady orange LED Too fast Two tone alarm + Blinking red LED Two tone alarm + Blinking orange LED Two tone alarm + Blinking Green / Orange
The speed camera database Your INFORAD is designed to work out of the box and requires no complex installation. It is supplied pre-loaded with a database containing the location and operating direction of over 17,000 speed cameras across Europe. Currently, the UK, Benelux, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Holland and Greece are covered. The database will change from time to time as the network evolves. INFORAD has a team of people constantly verifying this evolution to ensure the best possible coverage. Nevertheless, if you discover an anomaly or a new speed camera position that is not in our latest database, please let us know by using our INFORAD MANAGER software (risk area information form) or our Web site (join the Inforad community). The database evolves continually so as to always ensure that you have maximum protection. Consequently, we recommend that you update your INFORAD device every week using INFORAD MANAGER.
-the approach and departure distance of speed camera alarms, -enable and use the onboard trip recorder, -diagnose faults, -manage your own user-defined Points of Interest (POIs), -download database updates.
8 - Installing and using INFORAD MANAGER
8.2 - Ensure you have an Internet connection. INFORAD MANAGER needs an Internet connection to perform all functions properly. Please check that your broadband or dial-up Internet connection is running properly. If not, restart the connection. If the broadband or dial-up connection is working, go to the next step. 8.3 - Anti-virus software and firewalls. If you encounter problems with your Internet connection via INFORAD MANAGER, this may be caused by the anti-virus or firewall software installed on your PC. In this case, you will need to disable the application during the update process. If after following all these points your problem persists, please refer to the Technical Support link which can be found in the Help section in the INFORAD MANAGER software. You should complete the form describing your problem. We will investigate the problem and endeavour to resolve it for you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you may send our support team an email. (See Online technical support at the end of this document).

In order to use IFM, you will need to first download the software from the web site (see end of document for web address). Follow the on-screen instructions. If after completing the installation process, no icon appears on your desktop, the chances are your installation was not successful. In this event, please try again. 8.1 - Connecting INFORAD to your PC. N.B. The connection sequence is important. First of all, make sure that you have correctly installed INFORAD MANAGER on your PC. Now run the INFORAD MANAGER software. Switch on your INFORAD device and connect it to a USB port on your PC. Once done, click on the start button displayed on the welcome page to begin detection of your device. If after a few seconds INFORAD MANAGER is unable to detect your device, make sure that your INFORAD device is connected properly and, where necessary, reconnect your INFORAD to another USB port on your PC. Ensure that your INFORAD is connected directly to the PC and not to a docking bay used with certain laptops. Once INFORAD MANAGER has detected the unit, you may proceed to the next step. N.B. Always exit INFORAD MANAGER first before disconnecting the K1 from your PC. Otherwise you may lose information.
GPS receiver: , 20 channels Average acquisition time*: Initialisation: ~3 mn, 38 s when cold and 8 s after warming up Update time : 1 second Accuracy:Position 10.9 yards; RMS speed < 0.62 mph Processor: RISC 32 bits ARM7 at 49MHz Memory: Processor 128Kb RAM 8Mb. Alarms: Audible and visual Battery: Lithium ion. Endurance of four and a half hours Power supply: Cigar lighter adapter: Input: 12/24V DC, Output: 5V DC 850 mA max Dimensions: Length: 2.95 in. - Width: 1.1 in - Height:.67 in. Complete product weight: 1 oz. *Depending on local meteorological conditions Can be simultaneously used as a GPS receiver. Compatible with NMEA0183 v2.Baud for navigation applications, running on PCs.

10 Specifications

WARNING AVOID EXCESSIVE EXPOSURE TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT This device contains a lithium ion battery: Never operate or leave this device near a fire or heat source. Do not leave it unattended for extended periods of time on a dashboard exposed to bright sunlight. Do not dispose of it in an open fire. About your INFORAD Your INFORAD K1 has been designed to improve road safety by raising your awareness of speed limits. The device does not detect speed cameras but uses the GPS satellite system instead. This makes it legal in most European countries with the exception of Germany and Austria. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest that you consult before travelling to ensure the device complies with local laws. 1

Minimum PC system requirements: Processor: Pentium II or higher RAM: 128 Mbytes Operating systems: MS Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, NT, XP and VISTA. Your INFORAD can be reconfigured using the INFORAD MANAGER software that can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. IFM allows you to reconfigure your unit and modify among other things:
9 - Online technical support
If you have difficulties installing or operating your INFORAD unit, you can refer to the section HELP/ FAQs on the web site or alternatively contact our customer support by email:
The crossed-out bin symbol indicates that this product and the batteries it contains cannot be disposed of with household waste. They are subject to a specific type of sorting. Deposit the batteries and your unusable electronic product in an authorised collection area for recycling. This treatment of your electronic waste will protect the environment and your health.

3 - Using your INFORAD

3.1 - Capturing satellite signals Once INFORAD K1 is switched on, the LED (B) blinks green during satellite data acquisition. This may take 1 to 5 minutes depending on where you are located (acquisition is faster in open landscape than in town or in wooded areas). As soon as acquisition is complete, the LED (B) changes to steady green and a melody warns you that your INFORAD K1 is functioning properly and protecting you. 2

4 Alarms

Your INFORAD device warns you as you approach a risk area using visual indications from the LED (B) and audible indications, as follows:
N.B. -An alert tutorial is included in the INFORAD MANAGER software, which you can download from the web site -You may encounter other alarms during the self-test diagnostic or when you connect to your PC. 4
INFORAD Ltd Unit L6, Smithstown Industrial Estate, Shannon, County Clare, Ireland Tel: +719750 - Fax: +719747 Web site : or Contact: Technical support:

GPS Avertisseur radar

1 - Comment fonctionne INFORAD K1 ?

Manuel dutilisation

Utilisant le rseau de satellites GPS (Global Positioning System), INFORAD K1 connat en permanence la position de votre vhicule et son processeur la compare avec plus de 17000 zones risques contenues dans sa base de donnes. INFORAD K1 vous avertit alors lapproche de toute zone dangereuse, matrialise ou non par un radar.



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