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EN02-09_KD-R412_003A_5.indd 5

10/13/09 12:49:11 PM

Listening to the radio

] FM or AM

ST lights up when receiving an FM stereo broadcast with sufficient signal strength.

Manual search

M flashes, then press the button repeatedly.
Automatic presetting (FM)
SSM (Strong-station Sequential Memory) You can preset up to 18 stations for FM. While listening to a station.
When an FM stereo broadcast is hard to receive
] <TUNER> ] <MONO> ] <MONO ON> Reception improves, but stereo effect will be lost. To restore the stereo effect, repeat the same procedure to select <MONO OFF>.
] <TUNER> ] <SSM> ] <SSM 01 06> / <SSM 07 12> / <SSM 13 18> SSM flashes and local stations with the strongest signals are searched and stored automatically. To preset another 6 stations, repeat the above procedure by selecting one of the other 6 SSM setting ranges.
Changing the display information
Frequency = Clock = (back to the beginning)
EN02-09_KD-R412_003A_5.indd 6

10/13/09 12:49:39 PM

Manual presetting (FM/AM)
You can preset up to 18 stations for FM and 6 stations for AM. Ex.: Storing FM station of 92.50 MHz into preset number 04.
The following features are available only for FM Radio Data System stations.

] 92.50MHz

Searching for your favourite FM Radio Data System programmePTY Search
You can tune in to a station broadcasting your favourite programme by searching for a PTY code.

PRESET MODE flashes.

The last selected PTY code appears.
] Selects preset number 04. P04 flashes and MEMORY appears.
] Select one of your favourite programme types or a PTY code ( and start searching.
Selecting a preset station
If there is a station broadcasting a programme of the same PTY code as you have selected, that station is tuned in.

Standby receptions

TA Standby Reception
TA Standby Reception allows the unit to switch temporarily to Traffic Announcement (TA) from any source other than AM. The volume changes to the preset TA volume level if the current level is lower than the preset level ( 15). To activate TA Standby Reception If the TP indicator lights up, TA Standby Reception is activated. If the TP indicator flashes, TA Standby Reception is not yet activated. To activate the reception, tune in to another station providing Radio Data System signals required for TA Standby Reception. To deactivate the reception, press T/P BACK again.
EN02-09_KD-R412_003A_5.indd 7

10/12/09 10:31:57 AM

PTY Standby Reception
PTY Standby Reception allows the unit to switch temporarily to your favourite PTY programme from any source other than AM. To activate and select your favourite PTY code for PTY Standby Reception, see Menu 14) operations: <PTY-STANDBY>. ( If the PTY indicator lights up, PTY Standby Reception is activated. If the PTY indicator flashes, PTY Standby Reception is not yet activated. To activate the reception, tune in to another station providing these signals. To deactivate the reception, select <PTY OFF> for the PTY code ( 14). The PTY indicator goes off.

Caution on volume setting:
Discs produce very little noise compared with other sources. Lower the volume before playing a disc to avoid damaging the speakers by the sudden increase of the output level.
Disc title/Album name/performer (folder name)* = Track title (file name)* = Current track number with the elapsed playing time = Current track number with the clock time = (back to the beginning) * If the current disc is an audio CD, NO NAME appears. If an MP3/WMA file does not have Tag information or <TAG DISPLAY> is set to <TAG OFF> ( 14), folder name and file name appear. ENGLISH 9
EN02-09_KD-R412_003A_5.indd 9

10/12/09 10:32:22 AM

Listening to the USB device (For KD-R412/KD-R411/KD-R35)
This unit can play MP3/WMA tracks stored in a USB device.

] Turn on the power.

USB input jack

USB memory

All tracks will be played repeatedly until you change the source or detach the USB device. If a USB device has been attached. Pressing / SOURCE turns on the power and playback starts from where it has been stopped previously. If a different USB device is currently attached, playback starts from the beginning.


Avoid using the USB device if it might hinder your safety driving. Do not pull out and attach the USB device repeatedly while READING is shown on the display. Do not start the car engine if a USB device is connected. This unit may not be able to play the files depending on the type of USB device. Operation and power supply may not work as intended for some USB devices. You cannot connect a computer to the USB input terminal of the unit. Make sure all important data has been backed up to avoid losing the data. Do not leave a USB device in the car, expose to direct sunlight, or high temperature to avoid deformation or cause damages to the device. Some USB devices may not work immediately after attaching USB device or turn on the power. For more details about USB operations, see page 19.
Stopping playback and detaching the USB device

Straightly pull it out from the unit. NO USB appears. Press / SOURCE to listen to another playback source. You can operate the USB device in the same way you operate the files on a disc.
USB devices produce very little noise compared with other sources. Lower the volume before playing a USB to avoid damaging the speakers by sudden increase of the output level.
EN10-17_KD-R412_003A_f.indd 10

10/15/09 2:29:43 PM

Listening to the other external components
You can connect an external component to the AUX (auxiliary) input jack on the control panel. Preparation: Make sure <AUX ON> is selected for the <SRC SELECT> = <AUX IN> setting. ( 16) For details, refer also to the instructions supplied with the adapter or external components.
] AUX IN Turn on the connected component and start playing the source.

] Adjust the volume.

Adjust the sound as you want. ( 13)
Connecting an external component to the AUX input jack
Portable audio player, etc. 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (not supplied)
EN10-17_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 11

10/12/09 9:59:00 AM

Using the remote controller (For KD-R412/KD-R411)
KD-R412/KD-R411 can be remotely controlled as instructed here (with an optionally purchased remote controller). We recommend that you use remote controller RM-RK50 with your unit.
Installing the lithium coin battery (CR2025)


Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type. Battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, or the like. If the effectiveness of the remote controller decreases, replace the battery.
1 Turns the power on if pressed briefly. When the power is on, pressing the button also mutes the sound or pauses. To cancel muting or resume playback, press the same button again. Turns the power off if pressed and held. 2 Changes the preset stations. Changes the folder of the MP3/WMA. 3 Adjusts the volume level. 4 Selects the sound mode. 5 Selects the source. 6 Searches for stations if pressed briefly. Fast-forwards or reverses the track if pressed and held. Changes the tracks if pressed briefly.

Before using the remote controller:
Aim the remote controller directly at the remote sensor on the unit. DO NOT expose the remote sensor to bright light (direct sunlight or artificial lighting).
Warning (to prevent accidents and damage):
Do not install any battery other than CR2025 or its equivalent. Do not leave the remote controller in a place (such as dashboards) exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Store the battery in a place where children cannot reach. Do not recharge, short, disassemble, heat the battery, or dispose of it in a fire. Do not leave the battery with other metallic materials. Do not poke the battery with tweezers or similar tools. Wrap the battery with tape and insulate when throwing away or saving it.

Remote sensor

EN10-17_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 12
Selecting a preset sound mode
You can select a preset sound mode suitable for the music genre.
Storing your own sound mode
You can store your own adjustments in memory.
FLAT = NATURAL = DYNAMIC = VOCAL BOOST = BASS BOOST = USER = (back to the beginning) While listening, you can adjust the tone level of the selected sound mode.
Adjust the sound elements of the selected tone. ( 19) Repeat steps 2 and 3 to adjust other tones. The adjustments made will be stored automatically in USER.
Adjust the level (06 to +06) of the selected tone (BASS / MIDDLE / TREBLE). The sound mode is automatically stored and changed to USER.
The current sound mode changes to USER automatically.

Menu operations

Repeat step 2 if necessary. To return to the previous menu, press BACK. To exit from the menu, press DISP or MENU.


Menu item
DEMO Display demonstration CLOCK SET Clock setting
Selectable setting, [ Initial: Underlined ]
DEMO ON : Display demonstration will be activated automatically if no operation is done for about 20 seconds. ( 4) DEMO OFF : Cancels. [ 0:00 ] 4) : Adjust the hour, then the minute. (
EN10-17_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 13

24H/12H Time display mode CLOCK ADJ *1 Clock adjustment BASS MIDDLE TREBLE DIMMER SCROLL *HOUR 12 HOUR AUTO

: For settings, 4.

: The built-in clock is automatically adjusted using the CT (clock time) data in the Radio Data System signal. : Cancels. 13. : For settings,


SSM *3 Strong-station Sequential Memory AF-REG *4 Alternative frequency/ regionalization reception
DIMMER ON : Dims the display and button illumination. DIMMER OFF : Cancels. SCROLL ONCE : Scrolls the displayed information once. SCROLL AUTO : Repeats scrolling (at 5-second intervals). SCROLL OFF : Cancels. Pressing DISP for more than one second can scroll the display regardless of the setting. TAG ON : Shows the Tag information while playing MP3/ WMA tracks. TAG OFF : Cancels. SSM : For settings, 6. SSM SSM AF ON : When the currently received signals become weak, the unit switches to another station (the programme may differ from the one currently received). (The AF indicator lights up.) : When the currently received signals become weak, the unit switches to another station broadcasting the same programme. (The AF and REG indicators light up.) : Cancels. : Activates PTY Standby Reception with one of the PTY codes ( 17).


PTYSTANDBY *3, *4 *1 *2 *3 *4


Takes effect only when CT (clock time) data is received. Some characters or symbols will not be shown correctly (or will be blanked) on the display. Displayed only when the source is FM. Only for FM Radio Data System stations.
EN10-17_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 14

10/12/09 9:59:01 AM

TA VOLUME *5 Traffic announcement volume P-SEARCH *5 Programme search MONO *7 Monaural mode IF BAND Intermediate frequency band
VOLUME 00 : VOLUME 50 (or VOLUME 00 VOLUME 30) *6 [ VOLUME 15 ] SEARCH ON : Activates Programme Search. ( SEARCH OFF : Cancels. MONO ON MONO OFF AUTO
FADER *8 BALANCE *9 AUDIO LOUD Loudness AUX ADJUST *10 Auxiliary adjust (For KD-R312/ KD-R311)

R06 F06 [ 00 ] L06 R06 [ 00 ] LOUD ON LOUD OFF AUX ADJ 00 AUX ADJ 05
: Activate monaural mode to improve FM reception, but stereo effect will be lost. : Restore the stereo effect. ( 6) : Increases the tuner selectivity to reduce interference noises between adjacent stations. (Stereo effect may be lost.) : Subject to interference noises from adjacent stations, but sound quality will not be degraded and the stereo effect will remain. : Adjust the front and rear speaker output balance. : Adjust the left and right speaker output balance. : Boost low and high frequencies to produce a well-balanced sound at a low volume level. : Cancels. : Adjust the auxiliary input level to avoid the sudden increase of the output level when changing the source to external component connected to the AUX input jack on the control panel.
*5 Only for FM Radio Data System stations. *6 Depends on the amplifier gain control. *7 Displayed only when the source is FM. *8 If you are using a two-speaker system, set the fader level to 00. *9 For KD-R412/KD-R411/KD-R312/KD-R311: This adjustment will not affect the subwoofer output. *10 Displayed only when <AUX IN> is set to <AUX ON>.
EN10-17_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 15
VOL ADJUST Volume adjust (For KD-R412/ KD-R411/KD-R35)
VOL ADJ 05 : Preset the volume adjustment level of VOL ADJ +05 each source (except FM), compared to the [ VOL ADJ 00 ] FM volume level. The volume level will automatically increase or decrease when you change the source. Before making an adjustment, select the source you want to adjust. VOL ADJ FIX appears on the display if FM is selected as the source. SUB.W : Select if the REAR LINE OUT terminals are used for connecting a subwoofer (through an external amplifier). REAR : Select if the REAR LINE OUT terminals are used for connecting the speakers (through an external amplifier). LOW : Frequencies lower than 72 Hz are sent to the subwoofer. MID : Frequencies lower than 111 Hz are sent to the subwoofer. HIGH : Frequencies lower than 157 Hz are sent to the subwoofer. : Adjust the subwoofer output level. SUB.W 00 SUB.W 08 [ SUB.W 04 ] BEEP ON : Activates the keypress tone. BEEP OFF : Deactivates the keypress tone. : Select either one which mutes the sounds MUTING 1/ MUTING 2 while using a mobile phone. MUTING OFF : Cancels. LOW POWER : VOLUME 00 VOLUME 30 (Select if the maximum power of each speaker is less than 50 W to prevent damaging the speakers.) HIGH POWER : VOLUME 00 VOLUME 50 AM ON : Enable AM in source selection. AM OFF : Disable AM in source selection. AUX ON : Enable AUX IN in source selection. AUX OFF : Disable AUX IN in source selection.

L/O MODE *11 Line output mode
SUB.W FREQ *11, *12 Subwoofer cutoff frequency
SUB.W LEVEL *11, *12 Subwoofer level BEEP TEL MUTING Telephone muting AMP GAIN *13 Amplifier gain control AM *14 AM station AUX IN *15 Auxiliary input
*11 For KD-R412/KD-R411/KD-R312/KD-R311. *12 Displayed only when <L/O MODE> is set to <SUB.W>. *13 The volume level automatically changes to VOLUME 30 if you change to <LOW POWER> with the volume level is set higher than VOLUME 30. *14 Displayed only when any source other than AM is selected. *15 Displayed only when any source other than AUX IN is selected.
EN10-17_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 16

More about this unit

If you turn off the power while listening to a track, playback will start from where it had been stopped previously next time you turn on the power. If no operation is done for about 60 seconds after pressing MENU button, the operation will be canceled.

Disc operations

Caution for DualDisc playback
The Non-DVD side of a DualDisc does not comply with the Compact Disc Digital Audio standard. Therefore, the use of Non-DVD side of a DualDisc on this product may not be recommended.
This unit has been designed to reproduce CDs/CD Texts, and CD-Rs (Recordable)/CDRWs (Rewritable) in audio CD (CD-DA), MP3 and WMA formats. If you change the source while listening to a disc, playback stops. Next time you select CD as the playback source, playback will start from where it had been stopped previously. When a disc is inserted upside down, PLEASE and EJECT appear alternately on the display. Press 0 to eject the disc. If the ejected disc is not removed within 15 seconds, it is automatically inserted into the loading slot again to protect it from dust. MP3 and WMA tracks (words file and track are used interchangeably) are recorded in folders. While fast-forwarding or reversing on an MP3 or WMA disc, you can only hear intermittent sounds.

Tuner operations

Storing stations in memory
During SSM search. All previously stored stations are erased and the stations are stored anew. When SSM is over, the station stored in the lowest preset number will be automatically tuned in. When storing a station manually, the previously preset station is erased when a new station is stored in the same preset number.
FM Radio Data System operations
Network-Tracking Reception requires two types of Radio Data System signalsPI (Programme Identification) and AF (Alternative Frequency) to work correctly. If a Traffic Announcement is received by TA Standby Reception, the volume level automatically changes to the preset level (TA VOLUME) if the current level is lower than the preset level. When Alternative Frequency Reception is activated (with AF selected), Network-Tracking Reception is also activated automatically. PTY codes: NEWS, AFFAIRS, INFO, SPORT, EDUCATE, DRAMA, CULTURE, SCIENCE, VARIED, POP M (music), ROCK M (music), EASY M (music), LIGHT M (music), CLASSICS, OTHER M (music), WEATHER, FINANCE, CHILDREN, SOCIAL, RELIGION, PHONE IN, TRAVEL, LEISURE, JAZZ, COUNTRY, NATION M (music), OLDIES, FOLK M (music), DOCUMENT

EN18-25_KD-R412_003A_f.indd 18

10/15/09 12:15:29 PM

Playing MP3/WMA tracks from a USB device (for KD-R412/KD-R411/ KD-R35)
While playing from a USB device, the playback order may differ from other players. This unit may be unable to play back some USB devices or some files due to their characteristics or recording conditions. Depending on the shape of the USB devices and connection ports, some USB devices may not be attached properly or the connection might be loose. Connect one USB mass storage class device to the unit at a time. Do not use a USB hub. If the connected USB device does not have the correct files, CANNOT PLAY appears. This unit can show Tag (Version 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3, or 2.4) for MP3 files and for WMA files. This unit can play back MP3/WMA files meeting the conditions below: Bit rate of MP3/WMA: 32 kbps 320 kbps Sampling frequency of MP3: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (for MPEG-1) 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 24 kHz (for MPEG-2) Sampling frequency of WMA: 22.05 kHz, 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz This unit can play back MP3 files recorded in VBR (variable bit rate). The maximum number of characters for: Folder names : 32 characters File names : 32 characters MP3 Tag : 64 characters WMA Tag : 32 characters This unit can recognize a total of files, 255 folders (255 files per folder including folder without unsupported files), and of 8 hierarchies. This unit does not support SD card reader. This unit cannot recognize a USB device whose rating is other than 5 V and exceeds 500 mA.
USB devices equipped with special functions such as data security functions cannot be used with the unit. Do not use a USB device with 2 or more partitions. This unit may not recognized a USB device connected through a USB card reader. This unit may not play back files in a USB device properly when using a USB extension cord. This unit cannot play back the following files: MP3 files encoded with MP3i and MP3 PRO format. MP3 files encoded in an inappropriate format. MP3 files encoded with Layer 1/2. WMA files encoded in lossless, professional, and voice format. WMA files not based on Windows Media Audio.

Preset sound mode

Sound element Frequency Level
60 Hz 06 to +Hz 100 Hz 200 Hz 0.5 kHz 06 to +06 1.0 kHz 1.5 kHz 2.5 kHz 10.0 kHz 06 to +06 12.5 kHz 15.0 kHz 17.5 kHz
Q1.0 Q1.25 Q1.5 Q2.0 Q0.75 Q1.0 Q1.25 Q FIX


EN18-25_KD-R412_003A_5.indd 19

10/13/09 1:54:42 PM

How to clean the connectors
Frequent detachment will deteriorate the connectors. To minimize this possibility, periodically wipe the connectors with a cotton swab or cloth moistened with alcohol, being careful not to damage the connectors.

To keep discs clean

A dirty disc may not play correctly. If a disc does become dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth in a straight line from center to edge. Do not use any solvents (for example, conventional record cleaner, spray, thinner, benzine, etc.) to clean discs.


To play new discs
New discs may have some rough spots around the inner and outer edges. If such a disc is used, this unit may reject the disc. To remove these rough spots, rub the edges with a pencil or ball-point pen, etc. Do not use the following discs: Single CD (8 cm disc) Warped disc

Moisture condensation

Moisture may condense on the lens inside the unit in the following cases: After starting the heater in the car. If it becomes very humid inside the car. Should this occur, the unit may malfunction. In this case, eject the disc and leave the unit turned on for a few hours until the moisture has evaporated.

How to handle discs

Center holder When removing a disc from its case, press down the center holder of the case and lift the disc out, holding it by the edges. Always hold the disc by the edges. Do not touch its recording surface. When storing a disc in its case, gently insert the disc around the center holder (with the printed surface facing up). Make sure to store discs in cases after use. Sticker and sticker residue Stick-on label

Unusual shape

C-thru Disc (semitransparent disc)
Transparent or semitransparent parts on its recording area
EN18-25_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 20

10/12/09 9:59:27 AM



Sound cannot be heard from the speakers. PROTECT appears on the display and no operations can be done. General


Adjust the volume to the optimum level. Make sure the unit is not muted/paused ( Check the cords and connections. 5).
Check to be sure the terminals of the speaker leads are covered with insulating tape properly, then reset the unit ( 3). If PROTECT does not disappear, consult your JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealer or a company supplying kits. Reset the unit. ( 3)

The unit does not work at all. AUX cannot be selected. SSM automatic presetting does not work. FM/AM Static noise while listening to the radio. AM cannot be selected. Disc cannot be played back. CD-R/CD-RW cannot be played back. Tracks on the CD-R/CD-RW cannot be skipped. Disc playback Disc can neither be played back nor ejected. Disc sound is sometimes interrupted. NO DISC appears on the display. PLEASE and EJECT appear alternately on the display.
Check the <SRC SELECT> = <AUX IN> setting. ( 16) Store stations manually. Connect the aerial firmly. Check the <SRC SELECT> = <AM> setting. ( Insert the disc correctly. Insert a finalized CD-R/CD-RW. Finalize the CD-R/CD-RW with the component which you used for recording.
Unlock the disc. ( 8) Eject the disc forcibly. (
Stop playback while driving on rough roads. Change the disc. Check the cords and connections. Insert a playable disc into the loading slot. Press 0, then insert a disc correctly.
EN18-25_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 21
Disc cannot be played back.
Use a disc with MP3/WMA tracks recorded in a format compliant with ISO 9660 Level 1, Level 2, Romeo, or Joliet. Add the extension code <.mp3> or <.wma> to the file names. Skip to another track or change the disc. (Do not add the extension code <.mp3> or <.wma> to non-MP3 or WMA tracks.) Do not use too many hierarchical levels and folders.

Noise is generated.

MP3/WMA playback
A longer readout time is required (READING keeps flashing on the display). Tracks do not play back in the order you have intended them to play.
The playback order is determined when the files are recorded.
For KD-R412/KD-R411/KD-R35: Selected folder is an empty folder *. Select another NO FILE appears on the display. folder that contains MP3/WMA tracks. * Folder that is physically empty or folder that contains data but does not contain valid MP3/WMA track. NOT SUPPORT appears on the display and track skips. The elapsed playing time is not correct. The correct characters are not displayed (e.g. album name). Skip to the next track encoded in an appropriate format or to the next non-copy-protected WMA track. This sometimes occurs during playback. This is caused by how the tracks are recorded on the disc. This unit can only display letters (upper case), numbers, and a limited number of symbols.
EN18-25_KD-R412_003A_f.indd 22

10/16/09 5:48:38 PM

The track played back is not an MP3/WMA track. Skip to another file. (Do not add the extension code <.mp3> or <.wma> to non-MP3 or WMA tracks.) Readout time varies depending on the USB device. Do not use too many hierarchy or folders. Turn off the power then on again. Reattach the USB device again. Selected folder is an empty folder*. Select another folder that contains MP3/WMA tracks. * Folder that is physically empty or folder that contains data but does not contain valid MP3/WMA track.

READING keeps flashing on the display.
USB device playback (for KD-R412/KD-R411/KD-R35)
NO FILE appears on the display.
NOT SUPPORT appears on the Skip to the next track encoded in an appropriate format display and track skips. or to the next non-copy-protected WMA track. Tracks/folders are not played back in the order you have intended. CANNOT PLAY flashes on the display. NO USB appears on the display. The unit cannot detect the USB device. The correct characters are not displayed (e.g. album name). While playing a track, sound is sometimes interrupted. The playback order is determined by the write-in time stamp. The first track/folder written into the USB device will be the first track/folder for playback. Attach a USB device that contains tracks encoded in an appropriate format. Reattach the USB device again.
This unit can only display letters (upper case), numbers, and a limited number of symbols. The MP3/WMA tracks have not been properly copied into the USB device. Copy MP3/WMA tracks again into the USB device, and try again.
JVC bears no responsibility for any loss of the data in the USB mass storage class device while using this System.
EN18-25_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 23


Maximum Power Output: Continuous Power Output (RMS): Front/ Rear: Front/ Rear: 50 W per channel 19 W per channel into 4 , 40 Hz to Hz at no more than 0.8% total harmonic distortion. 4 (4 to 8 allowance) 12 dB (60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz) Q1.0, Q1.25, Q1.5, Q2.dB (0.5 kHz, 1.0 kHz, 1.5 kHz, 2.5 kHz) Q0.75, Q1.0, Q1.dB (10.0 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 15.0 kHz, 17.5 kHz) Q (Fixed) 40 Hz to Hz 70 dB 2.5 V/20 k load (full scale) 2.5 V/20 k load (full scale)
Load Impedance: Tone Control Range: AUDIO AMPLIFIER SECTION

Bass: Middle: Treble:

Frequency Response: Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Line-Out Level/Impedance: Subwoofer-Out Level/Impedance: Output Impedance: Other Terminal:
Except KD-R35: Except KD-R35:

Frequency Range:


MW Tuner: LW Tuner:

1 k AUX (auxiliary) input jack, Aerial input For KD-R412/KD-R411: Steering wheel remote input, USB input Jack For KD-R35: USB input Jack FM: 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz AM: MW: 522 kHz to kHz LW: 144 kHz to 279 kHz Usable Sensitivity: 9.3 dBf (0.8 V/75 ) 50 dB 16.3 dBf (1.8 V/75 ) Quieting Sensitivity: Alternate Channel 65 dB Selectivity (400 kHz): Frequency Response: 40 Hz to Hz Stereo Separation: 40 dB Sensitivity: 20 V Selectivity: 40 dB Sensitivity: 50 V
EN18-25_KD-R412_003A_4.indd 24
Type: Signal Detection System: CD PLAYER SECTION GENERAL USB SECTION (for KD-R412/ KD-R411/KD-R35)
Compact disc player Non-contact optical pickup (semiconductor laser) Number of Channels: 2 channels (stereo) 5 Hz to Hz Frequency Response: Dynamic Range: 93 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 98 dB Wow and Flutter: Less than measurable limit MP3 Decoding Format: (MPEG1/2 Audio Layer 3) Max. Bit Rate: 320 kbps WMA (Windows Media Audio) Decoding Format: Max. Bit Rate: 192 kbps USB Standard: USB 1.1, USB 2.0 Data Transfer Rate (Full Speed): Max. 12 Mbps Compatible Device: Mass storage class Compatible File System: FAT 32/16/12 Playable Audio Format: MP3/WMA 500 mA Max. Current: DC 5 V Power Requirement: Operating Voltage: DC 14.4 V (11 V to 16 V allowance) Grounding System: Negative ground Allowable Operating Temperature: 0C to +40C Dimensions (W H D): Installation Size: 182 mm 52 mm 160 mm (approx.) Panel Size: 188 mm 58 mm 13 mm Mass: 1.3 kg (excluding accessories)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Microsoft and Windows Media are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
EN18-25_KD-R412_003A_f.indd 25

10/15/09 4:13:01 PM


Installation/Connection Manual Manuel dinstallation/raccordement


EN, FR 2009 Victor Company of Japan, Limited


You need the installation kits which corresponds to your car. / Vous avez besoin des kits dinstallation correspondants votre voiture. Check the battery system in your car / Vrifiez le systme de batterie de votre voiture To the car system / Au systme autoradio
12 V DC, NEGATIVE ground / 12 V CC, masse NGATIVE
To prevent short circuits: Disconnect the batterys negative terminal and make all electrical connections before installing the unit. Cover the terminals of the UNUSED leads with insulating tape. Be sure to ground this unit to the cars chassis again after installation. Replace the fuse with one of the specified rating. Connect speakers with a maximum power of more than 50 W (impedance of 4 to 8 ). Otherwise, change the <AMP GAIN> setting. (See page 16 of the INSTRUCTIONS.) The heat sink becomes very hot after use. Be careful not to touch it when removing this unit. Heat sink / Dissipateur de chaleur Pour viter les courts-circuits: Dconnectez la borne ngative de la batterie et raliser toutes les connexions avant dinstaller lappareil. Recouvrez les prises des fils NON UTILISS avec du ruban isolant. Assurez-vous de raccorder de nouveau la mise la masse de cet appareil au chssis de la voiture aprs linstallation. Remplacer le fusible par un de la valeur prcise. Connectez des enceintes avec une puissance maximum de 50 W (impdance de 4 8 ). Sinon, changez le rglage <AMP GAIN>. (Voir la page 16 du MANUEL DINSTRUCTIONS.) Le dissipateur de chaleur devient trs chaud aprs usage. Faire attention de ne pas le toucher en retirant cet appareil.
PRECAUTIONS on power supply and speaker connections
DO NOT connect the speaker leads of the power cord to the car battery; otherwise, the unit will be seriously damaged. BEFORE connecting the speaker leads of the power cord to the speakers, check the speaker wiring in your car.
PRECAUTIONS sur lalimentation et la connexion des enceintes
NE CONNECTEZ PAS les fils denceintes du cordon dalimentation la batterie; sinon, lappareil serait srieusement endommag. AVANT de connecter les fils denceintes du cordon dalimentation aux enceintes, vrifiez le cblage des enceintes de votre voiture.
The following illustration shows a typical installation. If you have any questions or require information regarding installation kits, consult your JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealer or a company supplying kits. Lillustration suivante est un exemple dinstallation typique. Si vous avez des questions ou avez besoin dinformation sur des kits dinstallation, consulter votre revendeur dautoradios JVC. Part list / Liste de pices A Control panel / Panneau de commande (1) B Sleeve / Manchon (1) C Trim plate / Plaque dassemblage (1) D Handles / Poignes (2)
In-dash mounting / Montage encastr
Do the required electrical connections (see page 2). Ralisez les connexions lectriques (voir page 2). Install the unit at an angle of less than 30. Installez lappareil avec un angle de moins de 30.
Bend the appropriate tabs to hold the sleeve firmly in place. Tordez les languettes appropries pour maintenir le manchon en place.
When installing the unit without using the sleeve / Lors de linstallation de lappareil scans utiliser de manchon
Flat head screws (Mmm) / Vis tte plate (Mmm) *2
Removing the unit / Retrait de lappareil
Release the rear section first. / Ouvrez la section arrire en premier.
Pocket / Poche Bracket / Support *2
*1 When you stand the unit, be careful not to damage the fuse on the rear. *2 Not supplied for this unit.
*1 Lorsque vous mettez lappareil la verticale, faire attention de ne pas endommager le fusible situ sur larrire. *2 Non fourni avec cet appareil.
Install_KD-R312_010A_f.indd 1

10/21/09 9:30:26 AM

The following illustration shows a typical connection. Select an appropriate connection method according to your car. Lillustration suivante est un exemple de connexion typique. Choisissez une mthode de connexion approprie en fonction de votre voiture.

Connecting the external amplifier or subwoofer / Connexion damplificateurs extrieurs ou dun caisson de grave
Remote lead / Fil dalimentation distance Signal cord / Cordon de signal *1 JVC Amplifier / JVC Amplificateur Reset the unit. / Rinitialisez lappareil. Y-connector / Connecteur Y *1 To the blue (white stripe) lead of the unit / Au fil bleu (bande blanche) de lappareil
Rear speakers or subwoofer / Enceintes arrire ou le caisson de grave Make the <L/O MODE> setting accordingly, see page 16 of the INSTRUCTIONS. / Faite le rglage <L/O MODE> en fonction, voir page 16 du MANUEL DINSTRUCTIONS.
*1 Not supplied for this unit. / Non fourni avec cet appareil. *2 Firmly attach the ground wire to the metallic body or to the chassis of the carto the place uncoated with paint. / Attachez solidement le fil de mise la masse au chssis mtallique de la voiture un endroit qui nest pas recouvert de peinture.
15 A fuse / Fusible 15 A If your vehicle does not have any accessory terminal, move the fuse from the fuse position 1 (initial position) to fuse position 2, and connect the red lead (A7) to the positive (+) battery terminal. The yellow lead (A4) is not used in this case. Si votre vhicule ne possde pas de borne accessoire, dplacez le fusible de la position de fusible 1 (position originale) la position de fusible 2 et connectez le fil rouge (A7) la borne positive (+) de la batterie. Le fil jaune (A4) nest pas utilis dans ce cas. Speaker pin array / Disposition des broches pour les enceintes B1/B2 Rear right / Arrire droit (+/) B3/B4 Front right / Avant droit (+/) B5/B6 Front left / Avant gauche (+/) B7/B8 Rear left / Arrire gauche (+/) A8 A7
Fuse position 2 / Position du fusible 2 Fuse position 1 / Position du fusible 1 A2 A4 A5 To mobile phone system / Au systme de tlphone portable Car battery 12 V / Batterie de la voiture 12 V Remote lead/power aerial (200 mA max.) / Fil dalimentation distance/antenne automatique (200 mA max.) Accessory terminal / Prise accessoire Metallic body/chassis of the car / Corps mtallique/chssis de la voiture
Aerial terminal / Borne de lantenne
Rear ground terminal / Borne arrire de masse
Connecting the unit to the vehicle / Connexion de lappareil au vhicule
1. When the connector on the vehicle side is a ISO terminal (same terminal as this unit) / Lorsque le connecteur du ct vhicule est une prise ISO (mme terminal que cet appareil)
The connector of the vehicle and this unit having the SAME pin array. / Le connecteur du vhicule et cet appareil ont la MME disposition de broches. Refer to the pin array shown above to confirm the connectors on the vehicle and this unit are the same. / Rfrez-vous la disposition des broches ci-dessous pour vrifier que les connecteurs du vhicule et de cet appareil sont les mmes. ISO terminal from the vehicle / Prise ISO du vhicule
2. When the connector on the vehicle side is NOT a ISO terminal (different terminal as this unit) / Lorsque le connecteur du ct vhicule Nest PAS une prise ISO (terminal diffrent que cet appareil)



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