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Motorola EQ5 Manual

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Motorola EQ5 Motorokr™
Motorola EQ5 Motorokr

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Motorola EQ5Motorola EQ5 Portable Wireless Speaker Portable speakers

4.6 in x 0.6 in x 2.6 in

Delivering wireless freedom and stereo sound in style and in the palm of your hands! The Motorola EQ5 Portable Wireless Speaker is sleek, stylish and pocket-sized, enabling consumers to play music or take calls anywhere. A sleek, slim design means music goes mobile, headphones-free. Its metal grill protects the internal speakers and its convenient kickstand keeps the speaker at the perfect angle for an enhanced audio experience. The EQ5 delivers impressive high-definition stereo sound, yet it... Read more
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soc_lau 4:31pm on Monday, October 4th, 2010 
Sounds good, works great, and a few real stupid (imho) design decisions This has about the same footprint as my iPhone.
keine_Ahnung 11:17pm on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
Great for the price!!!! I got this to use on the porch, and going to other places like friends and family. I run it with bb curve.
dipeshjain 9:35pm on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 
Motorola EQ5 This wireless bluetooth speaker works great for listening to music on the go. I sync my iPhone to it and listen to music. it works good the good: i have this paired with my LG Banter (UX265) it has decent mid range sound, looks nice, speaker phone works nice.

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The MOTOROKR EQ5 Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker is sleek, stylish and pocket-sized. Its the perfect companion to your MP3 player or music phone. Pocket portabilityThe sleek, slim design fits comfortably in your pocket, so your music and speakerphone calls can go anywhere you go. Expand your soundThe EQ5 delivers high-definition stereo sound powered by SRS WOW HD enhanced audio technology. Dont miss the callWhen paired with your phone, the MOTOROKR EQ5 doubles as a speakerphone with echo-cancellation and noise-reduction to keep you sounding clear. Switch between music and calls with the touch of a button. Wireless mobilityTangled wires are a thing of the past. Bluetooth stereo connectivity cuts the speaker cable, and the rechargeable battery unplugs you from the wall. Integrated music and call controls mean theres no need to reach for your phone, and your music automatically pauses with each call.


Quick Start Guide
Note: Before using your speaker for the first time, be sure to review the important safety and legal pamphlet and follow instructions. Periodically review this information so you remember how to safely use your speaker.

before you begin

Take a moment before you get started to familiarize yourself with the components of your speaker.

Volume Buttons

Call Button
Main Indicator Light Charging Port and Light (behind flap)
Microphone (on side) Audio In Port (on side behind flap)
Reverse Button Forward Button Play/Pause Button Power Switch (on bottom)

charge your speaker

Youll need to charge your speakers battery for a minimum of 1 hour using the included charger.
charge your speaker turn it on & off

turn it on & off

To turn your speaker on and off, slide the Power switch to the ON position. The main indicator light flashes 3 times.
Note: You can use the speaker while the battery charges.
Plug the charger into the charging port on your speaker, as shown.
The Charging indicator light turns red when battery is charging. It may take up to 1 minute for the indicator light to turn on. When the speakers battery is fully charged, the indicator light turns green.

Disconnect the charger.

Note: This product uses a lithium ion, rechargeable, non-replaceable battery. Under normal use, expected life of the rechargeable battery is approximately 500 charges. 5 6

connect wirelessly

To listen to your music via Bluetooth wireless connection, as well as make and receive handsfree calls, you need to pair (link) your speaker with your Bluetooth phone and/or music player.
When your speaker successfully pairs and connects with your phone or music player, the main indicator light flashes blue and purple. Music playing from your connected music source is heard on your speaker.
Turn off any Bluetooth devices previously paired with your speaker. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your Bluetooth phone or music player. Turn on your speaker. The main indicator light is steadily lit in blue to indicate the speaker is in discoverable mode. Place phone or music player in Bluetooth search mode. The phone or music player searches for your speaker.


After successfully pairing your speaker and Bluetooth device, you don't need to repeat these steps. For each use, ensure that your speaker is turned ON and that your device's Bluetooth feature is ON. Some music devices will automatically attempt to play music when the EQ5 re-connects to it.
Select Motorola EQ5 from search results on your phone or music player. Select OK or Yes to pair your speaker with your phone or music player. If prompted, enter 0000 for passkey. 7 8

control your tunes

Playback controls on your speaker can be used when listening to wireless music streaming from a Bluetooth-enabled music player that also provides remote control capabilities (AVRCP).
control your tunes crank it up

crank it up

To adjust music volume, use the Volume buttons on your speaker.

Pressplay/pause music Press and holdstop music
Pressdecrease volume (step) Press and holddecrease volume (continuous)
Pressincrease volume (step) Press and holdincrease volume (continuous)
Pressskip to previous track Pressskip to next track Press and holdrewind track* Press and holdfast-forward track* * If your music player supports this feature
When remote control capabilities are not supported by your music player, the EQ5 simply acts as a speaker, and music should be controlled from your music player. 9 Youll hear a tone when maximum or minimum volume is reached on your speaker. Note: The volume setting on your music player may impact volume on your speaker. 10

handsfree calls

To make and receive calls using the speaker, a Bluetooth handsfree (HFP) connection must be established with your phone (see connect wirelessly on page 7 for details).
handsfree calls receive a call

receive a call

When theres an incoming call, the main indicator light flashes quickly in blue on your speaker, and you hear a ring tone over your speaker. If music is playing when a call is received, the music pauses or mutes, depending on your music player and connection setup.
Youll use these controls and indicators on your speaker when making and receiving handsfree calls.
Pressanswer call Volume Buttons Call Button
Main Reject Microphone Reject Call Mute Indicator Call Light Button Button Button
Press and hold (either button)reject call

while on a call

When a call is active, the main indicator light slowly pulses in blue on your speaker.
When theres a second incoming call, the main indicator light flashes quickly in blue on your speaker and you hear an alert.
Pressadjust call volume (step) Press and holdadjust call volume (continuous)
Press1) answer second call (first call is placed on hold), 2) end second call (first call resumes), or 3) resume first call on hold (when second caller hangs up)
Pressmute call (main indicator light pulses in purple while muted)
Pressend call Press and hold (either button) reject second incoming call* * If your phone supports this feature

make a call

Using the speaker to make a call, you can redial the last dialed number or make a voice dial call (if your phone supports this feature). When making a voice dial call, the microphone on the speaker is enabled, and you hear a prompt from your phone.
make a call cable connection

cable connection

To listen to your music using a wired connection, connect your music player to the Audio port on your speaker using the included audio cable.
Pressmake a voice dial call (you hear a prompt from your phone) Press and holdredial last number

The Audio port functions as an input port from a music device only (not as a headphone jack). Playback controls provided on your speaker cannot be used when listening to music input from wired connection. In wired connection, if no audio is heard turn up volume on music device.

check your battery

To check your speakers battery charge level, press and hold both Volume buttons. The main indicator light displays charge status until the Volume buttons are released.
check your battery speaker status

speaker status

The main indicator light on your speaker displays current status of Bluetooth wireless connection(s) to your phone and/or music player. Main Indicator Light Wireless Status pairing mode standby (handsfree connection only) standby (streaming music connection only) standby (both handsfree and streaming music connection) incoming/outgoing call connected on a call connected call muted started/paused music player music streaming (with handsfree connection active)
Main Indicator Light Red Yellow Green
Battery Charge Status Less than 30% charge Between 30% and 70% charge More than 70% charge
steady blue long blue flash long yellow flash long green flash quick blue flash long blue pulse long purple pulse three green flashes long green pulse
When your speaker is in a low battery charge state, the main indicator light flashes quickly in red, and a tone is repeated every minute.

tips & tricks

multi-point (two device) connection
To connect to phone and music device at the same time:
Main Indicator Light long yellow pulse long purple pulse two yellow flashes three yellow flashes slow red flash
Wireless Status music streaming (without handsfree connection active) music from wired connection active SRS WOW HD on/off stopped music player idle (not connected to a device)
Pair and connect to your phone first (see page 7). Turn off your phone and your speaker. Turn your speaker back on. The Bluetooth indicator flashes to indicate the speaker is in discoverable mode. Turn on your music device. Make sure the Bluetooth feature is turned on in the device. The music device searches for your speaker. Complete steps 5 through 7 on page 7 to pair and connect your music device and speaker successfully. Turn off your speaker. Turn your phone back on and make sure the Bluetooth feature is turned on in both the phone and music device. Turn your speaker system back on. It should now connect to both devices.

pairing tips

To initiate pairing (discoverable) mode manually when your speaker is already powered on, press and hold both Call and Play/Pause buttons at the same time. To clear paired devices list in your speaker, press and hold both Reverse and Forward buttons at the same time until speaker resets.

disabling SRS WOW HD

SRS WOW HD is an audio enhancement technology that provides better width and improved bass and definition control. This feature is enabled on your speaker at purchase. If your music player also has SRS or any other sound enhancement technology, best audio results may be achieved if the audio enhancement feature is enabled on only either the music source or the speaker (but not both). To disable the SRS WOW HD audio enhancement feature on your speaker, press and hold the Play/ Pause and Rewind buttons at the same time until you hear a tone and the main indicator light flashes yellow twice. To re-enable the SRS feature, perform the same action.

tech speak

Here are some helpful Bluetooth terms to know: Profile An application (or use case) through which different Bluetooth devices can communicate with each other. Both devices must support the same profile in order to communicate with one another for the application. Profile for streaming dual-channel stereo audio from a stereo music player to your speaker.
European Union Directives Conformance Statement
Hereby, Motorola declares that this product is in compliance with: The essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. All other relevant EU Directives.
A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) HFP (Hands-Free Profile)

Product Approval Number

Profile for controlling streaming audio/ video playback on remote devices. Typically used with A2DP devices for next/previous track selection and pause/play functions. Profile for making and receiving calls from a hands-free device.
The above gives an example of a typical Product Approval Number. You can view your products Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to Directive 1999/5/EC (to R&TTE Directive) at To find your DoC, enter the product Approval Number from your products label in the Search bar on the web site.


Technical specifications

Full description

Delivering wireless freedom and stereo sound in style and in the palm of your hands! The Motorola EQ5 Portable Wireless Speaker is sleek, stylish and pocket-sized, enabling consumers to play music or take calls anywhere. A sleek, slim design means music goes mobile, headphones-free. Its metal grill protects the internal speakers and its convenient kickstand keeps the speaker at the perfect angle for an enhanced audio experience. The EQ5 delivers impressive high-definition stereo sound, yet it's convenient and compact in size. When paired with a phone, the EQ5 also doubles as a speakerphone with echo-cancellation and noise-reduction to ensure crisp call quality.

Product TypePortable speakers
Width4.6 in
Depth0.6 in
Height2.6 in
Weight3.5 oz
Speaker System
Speaker TypeActive
Audio AmplifierIntegrated
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, wired - Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Interface TypeUSB, Bluetooth
Additional FeaturesUSB powered
Connector Type1 x audio line-in ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ) 1 x USB
Run Time (Up To)8 hour(s)
TypeSpeaker battery - rechargeable
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumbersEQ5, SJ0851A



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