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Motorola V66Motorola V66 Cellular phone - Not specified - GSM

Motorola - GSM - Unlocked

Small and lightweight, the Motorola V66 phone combines chic styling with enhanced mobile communications. Rapid network connections via the GPRS network for fast web and email access. Global roaming capabilities and a built-in Microbrowser provide access to news, weather, stocks and more. Plus, optional interchangeable bezel inserts help personalize the look and feel of your phone. Be who you want to be and tell the world!
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dpajars 8:58pm on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
I received my Motorola V66i in August 2003 and ever since I have been thrilled with it. It is light, easy to use.
jfdamico 3:15pm on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
This was a great phone. I say was because it...  small, basic, good signal despite size stops working after a few months
markmc 9:19pm on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
The Motorola v66 is a very sexy great looking phone it follows on from the v50 design with its flip open. This is a superb little flip-phone packed with loads of great features.
Quantic-Tarantin 2:39pm on Friday, July 9th, 2010 
Quality and Features An equipement with sophesticated features and the aesthetic look.The compactness and the light weight is a extra plus. Quality and Features An equipement with sophesticated features and the aesthetic look.The compactness and the light weight is a extra plus.
U-brewery 2:22am on Friday, June 4th, 2010 
This was a great phone.I say was because it is now outdated. small, basic, good signal despite size stops working after a few months
info_web 1:25am on Monday, May 31st, 2010 
well this is great the colour is very attractive and it fells great also the battery last for a longer period of time than other phones meaing you don...
beryllium 9:49pm on Friday, May 14th, 2010 
Uncompatable I have tried 2 of these phones and spoke to a Vodaphone Centre, these are not compatable with the new Sim cards. Quality and Features An equipement with sophesticated features and the aesthetic look.The compactness and the light weight is a extra plus.

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Page 1

Changing Bands/Frequency

Status Light
Headset Jack Earpiece Display Menu Button Right Display Button Perform functions identified by right display prompt Send Button Send and answer calls 4-Way Navigation Button Scroll through menus and lists <+> Button Microphone
This is a tri-band phone. Set the band frequency for the country you are traveling in. Use 900/1800 for most of Europe, Asia and Africa. Use 1900 for North America, most of South America and the Caribbean: 1. Press <Menu>. 2. Scroll down to Settings, press <Select> 3. Scroll to Other Settings, press <Select> 4. Scroll to Network, press <Select> 5. Scroll to Network Setup, press <Select> 6. Use right <Various> button to change 900/1800 or 1900, press <Select> when highlighted.
Locking/Unlocking your phone
To prevent accidental, or unauthorized use of your phone: 1. Press <Menu> 2. Scroll to Settings, press <Select> 3. Scroll to Security, press <Select> 4. Scroll to Phone Lock, press <Select> 5. Scroll to Lock Now, press <Select> 6. Screen will prompt you to Verify Unlock Code, press <1234>. To unlock phone for use, press <1234>.
Lift flap to insert or remove SIM card Left Display Button Perform functions identified by left display prompt Volume Buttons Smart Button Select menu items, send and end calls End Button End calls Voicemail Access Button Power On/Off

Text Messaging

Receiving Text Messages
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. Press <Right Display Button> to select Messages. Scroll down using the arrows to "Text Messages", press <Select>. To view messages, press <Select>. Select Read and scroll down to read through your message. Use arrows and/or follow prompts to view, delete, and save messages. Press <MENU> and scroll to "Messages", press <Select>. Scroll to Text Msgs, press <Select>. Scroll to Create Message, press <Select>. Enter the phone number you are sending your message to, press <Select>. Example: If the recipients cellular number is listed as 41 (0)5907, enter: +323 5907
Sending Text Messages to another cellular phone
5. Type your message using the keypad, press Done. 6. Your display will read Send Message Now, Press Yes to send, or No to save for later delivery.
Sending Text Messages to an email address

1. 2. 3. 4.

(Where available)

Motorola V66

Press <MENU> and scroll to "Messages", press <Select>. Scroll to Text Msgs, press <Select>. Scroll to Create Message, press <Select>. In the To location, enter the code listed in the Text Messaging section of your User Guide. 5. Enter your message beginning with the email address you are sending it to. Be sure to leave a space between the email address, and the start of your message. Example: <space> Having a great trip! (press <Select>)


Motorola V66

Removable Information Phone Book Call Lists Voice Mail Voice Records Text Messages Calendar/Organizer
This Data Eraser guide gives you all the information you need to remove your personal information from your phone. Remember to always discontinue service on your phone prior to reselling, donating, or recycling it - contact your service provider for more information.

Data Erasing Guide

Master Clear 1) Press MENU 2) Press to Settings, press Select 3) Press to Other Settings, press Select 4) Press to Initial Setup, press Select 5) Press to Master Clear, press Select 6) Enter the 6 digit security code, (Default 000000) 7) Press OK, Yes Phone will reset itself Clear Phone Book Information Held In SIM Card and Phone Information Held on Phone Cleared by Master Clear Clear Call Lists Cleared by Master Clear Clear Text Messages Information Held in SIM Card
Clear Voice Mail Information Held in SIM Card Voice Memo Information Cleared By Master Clear Calendar / Organizer Information Cleared By Master Clear Banner/Wake Up Message: Information Not Available Phone Number: This process does not remove the associated phone number from the phone. Always remember to check your phone to confirm that you have successfully cleared all your information. To find a donation or recycling center near you, and for more information on this guide, visit
*ReCellular does not guarantee that all personal information will be removed from your phone. Many phone models are sold in multiple software versions that may not be supported by this guide. For added protection, ReCellular encourages you to participate in a program that guarantees the erasing of all information from your phone prior to reuse. For more information please visit ReCellular, Inc. 2006, 2007. All rights reserved. Protected under U.S. and international copyright laws and treaties. This work may not be copied or modified without prior written permission from ReCellular, Inc.


Technical specifications

Product TypeCellular phone
Phone DesignFolder type phone
Width1.7 in
Depth0.8 in
Height3.3 in
Weight2.8 oz
BandGSM 900/1800/1900 (Tri-Band)
Service ProviderNot specified
Application SoftwareTrueSync
Installed GamesBlack Jack, Mindblaster, Paddleball
Installed Game Qty3
Messaging & Internet
Cellular Messaging ServicesSMS
Internet BrowserYes
WAP Protocol SupportedWAP 1.1
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)Yes
Telephone Features
Voice DialingYes
Voice Tag Qty9 quick access tags
Call TimerYes
Voice RecorderYes ( 180 sec )
Conference Call CapabilityYes
Ring Tones64
Vibrating AlertYes
Additional FeaturesBattery saving mode (DTX), SIM application toolkit (STK), intelligent typing (iTAP), melody composer
Voice Dialing Memory25 entries
Missed Calls Memory10
Dialed Calls Memory10
Received Calls Memory10
SIM Card Based Directory250 names & numbers
Phone Book Entries Qty500
CalculatorYes , business/financial
Alarm ClockYes
Security Features
Phone LockYes
SIM Card LockYes
Restrict Access to Phone BookYes
TypeLCD display - monochrome
Line Qty3
Display Resolution96 x 64 pixels
Display IndicatorsSilent ring signal, divert indicator, digital clock, missed calls indicator, alarm clock indicator, signal strength, roaming, text message waiting, voice message waiting, battery meter
Display Illumination ColorGreen, orange, red
Multi-language MenuYes
Connector Type1 x data port 1 x headset jack
TechnologyLithium ion
Capacity500 mAh
Run Time DetailsTalk - up to 180 min Standby - up to 120 hrs
Included AccessoriesPower adapter , hands-free headset
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support1 year warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 1 year
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberV66



ICD-SX20 LE40A336j1D 250 Q 20-KEY Arxf 125 CL-P0024 MH-6387TRC Blackberry 9300 FX-115WA X-SG7 G 640 GP-1650WF 755DFX Favorit 865 FAX-210 Lexmark P915 DVP-S345 IBM 6787 SA-8800 Roland BF-2 CLP-310 ETS Evolution X Gigax 1008 CD6003 AKS 827 Charger XT720 ER-A160 A180 LFX25960SB Client Platinum For MAC LN32T71B Khct270HWF RDR-HXD870 Remorse Elna 3210 Elna 5100 Contax N1 2030I TW125-2000 AXZ610 DI810-4 Unlock Digimax A55W VSX-820 Alcatel-lucent 4023 P2100 SRS58 SCH-U940 21PT1664 00S Moov 500 Z8612 IS DMC-FZ30 TX-21CK1C FWM15 Roadwinr Dlex7177RM 4 6 EWS1046 ST-5500 CD-1635 DMR-EZ485V L7500 Bearpaw-1200TA Reference VGN-FE21B HBT 100 Dvdr615 00 SR-5 Gold PDP-LX5080D VLB 200 Rrqr230 Plus 2005 SCD-XA777ES P3 N Linkstation PRO XD430U Kangoo RM200B 3VF911NB LC240CP RW410 Manual MW73V ENS-0565 KV-21LT1K WIP330 Sr-mv50 Gpsmap 5012 CFD-S350 CL7200 KD-510Z GL6000ER AL1916W GH20LS15 SF-300-48 Photosmart M23 5120A Mototrax Dimage 7HI Battery MJU 1010


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