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Getting to Know Your Phone


Power Connector Camera Lens

Headset Jack

Navigation Key S Left Soft Key Send Key N Right Soft Key Menu Key M End Key O Battery Door


MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Ofce. Motorola, Inc. 2007 Certain mobile phone features are dependent on the capabilities and settings of your service providers network. Additionally, certain features may not be activated by your service provider, and/or the providers network settings may limit the features functionality. Always contact your service provider about feature availability and functionality. All features, functionality, and other product specications, as well as the information contained in this tutorial, are based on the latest available information and believed to be accurate at the time of publication. Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specications without notice or obligation.
Note: Your phone may not appear exactly as shown, however, all key locations, sequences, and functions remain the same.
Make, End, and Answer Calls
From the home screen, enter a number and press N. Tip: Press DELETE to delete the last digit. Press STORE, and then DONE to add the number to your phonebook.
To call a contact from your phonebook, press M, select Phonebook, scroll to the name, and press N.

To end a call, press O.

To answer a call, press N. Tip: To answer a call by pressing any key, press M, then select Settings > In Call Setup. Set Answer Options to Multi-key On.
Add Contacts to Your Phonebook
You can store up to 500 contacts in your phonebook! From the home screen, press M, and select Phonebook.

Select New Entry.

To enter your contact, press M, enter the name, and press OK. Repeat this process to enter the contacts number.
Scroll to the remaining elds (Store To and Speed No) and enter the information.
When you are nished, press DONE. Tip: To nd contacts in your phonebook, type the rst letters of the contact on your keypad.

Send a Text Message

Your phone can store up to 750 SMS messages! From the home screen, press M, and select Messages.

Select Create Message.

Enter your message and press OK.
Enter the recipients number, and press OK or press BROWSE to select the recipient(s) from a list. When you are nished press OK.
Press SEND to send the message.

Add a Datebook Event

From the home screen, press M and select Ofce Tools > Datebook.
Scroll to the day you want to schedule an event and press M. Select Day View > New Entry.
Press M, enter the title of your event, and press OK. Scroll to the other elds and enter start time, event duration, event date, repeat the event, or event reminder. When you are nished, press DONE.
Customize Your Ring Style and Ring Tone
From the home screen, press M and select Ring Styles.
Scroll to Style, then press CHANGE. Select the ring style for your incoming call, message or other event: Loud, Soft, Vibrate, Vibe and Ring, Vibe then Ring, or Silent.

To change the ring tone for incoming calls, select <ring style> Detail.
Scroll to In Call and press CHANGE. Select the desired ring tone.

Play the FM Radio

Insert the headset into the phone. The earpiece acts as an antenna and must be inserted for the FM radio to function. Inserting the headset changes MESSAGE to FM RADIO and SETTING to SPEAKER on the home screen.
To turn on FM Radio, press FM RADIO. To turn off FM Radio, press FM RADIO again. Press SPEAKER play the radio through the speaker. Press EARPIECE play the radio through the headset. Tip: The FM radio automatically tunes in to the lowest available frequency when you use it for the rst time. After that, it tunes in to the frequency last used.
Use the navigation keys to control the radio: Press S left or right adjust the frequency. Press and hold S left or right scan to the next usable frequency. Press S up or down adjust the volume. Tip: Set radio presets by tuning in to the station, then pressing and holding a number on the keypad. The Stored window displays when the preset is set.
Take, Store, and View Pictures
You can take and save pictures on your phone. To take a picture, press M and select Multimedia > Camera.
Point the camera lens at the subject and press CAPTURE. Tip: Press S up or down to zoom in or out. Press S right or left to increase or decrease brightness.
Select STORE > Store Only to store picture. Select STORE > Apply as Wallpaper to set picture as wallpaper. Select STORE > Apply as Phonebook Entry > contact to assign picture to caller ID. Tip: Press DISCARD to discard the picture.
To view pictures, from the home screen press M and select Multimedia > Pictures. Scroll to the picture and press VIEW.

Use the Lantern

The lantern lets you to change your phones idle display into a ashlight. An incoming event such as a call, message, or alarm turns the lantern off immediately.
To turn on the lantern, press M and select Ofce Tools > Lantern. Press any key to turn off the lantern.
To select how long you want the lantern to remain lit, press M and select Settings > Initial Setup > Lantern. Select the desired time period.



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