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ludoedgkil0099 10:02am on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 
Other series of mobile phone, nokia 5220 Xpress music also features include Yahoo! Go. All that you can open the browser Opera mini is also provided.
daldred 11:40am on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 
Good sound quality, image quality good for a 2mpx music phone Looks, sound quality, image quality, 3.5 mm audio jack, price build, no 3G
1iron 12:18pm on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 
Its Amazing handset.Nokia 5220 is for music lover.its just wonderful music world. I just love it.
netwriter 3:34pm on Monday, August 16th, 2010 
弦子- "Kunming Lake" yes 0 The main features Design of asymmetric style Quality audio with the perfect music downloads fast and easy. XpressMusic series for the latest styles XpressMusic quotation, XpressMusic5220 5220 nokia music, pictures, parameters of a light.
mmmajo 4:09am on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 
hi friends i got this fone as a replacement for my 6233(which was quite old).since i frequently changes phones i prefer used phones.
ssz 3:54pm on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 
previously i was using SEw830i phone .which was like a work horse i used it for more than 2 years and given that to my cousin .
mervturner44 4:48am on Friday, April 16th, 2010 
"I think this phone is outstanding for the money. The phone came with 512MB speakers which use their own batteries. "The Nokia 5220 Xpress Music is a lightweight, slim phone with a great sounding music player. "The Nokia 5220 is a great little phone. Aimed at the entry level market it certainly does the business. It has a brilliant music player. "This is rubbish. Not impressed at all. Poor camera. Not even a flash. Poor video with a rubbish battery.
mike_d 7:22am on Friday, March 26th, 2010 
This is an excellent phone with many greater features. First of all it is light, handy and stylish.
tilz 9:37pm on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 
This phone is nicely design but lack of 3g and the camera cannot capture anything under the sunlight ... Design,Nice speaker. I have use this phone for 5 weeks and there is no problem with it just i head the camera only...... Good sound quality, slim design.................. worth it, back to nature, just messaging + chatting + music music quality natural with a good balance of bass, vocals and treble, SLIM too cheap?!

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17. Applications..46 18. SIM services..47
Launch an application..46 Download an application..47
12. Operator menu..36 13. Gallery..36
Folders and files..36 Print images..36 Memory card..36
Enhancements..48 Battery..48
Battery and charger information.48 Nokia battery authentication guidelines..49 Authenticate hologram.49 What if your battery is not authentic?...50

14. Media..37

Camera and video.37 Take a picture..37 Record a video clip.38 Camera and video options.38 Music player..38 Music menu..38 Play music tracks..39 Change the music player look.39 Radio..39 Tune in to radio stations.40 Radio features..40 Voice recorder..40 Equaliser...41 Stereo widening..41

Care and maintenance.50

Additional safety information.51

15. Web.41

Connect to a service..42 Appearance settings.42 Cache memory...42 Browser security..42
Small children..51 Operating environment.51 Medical devices..52 Implanted medical devices.52 Hearing aids..52 Vehicles...52 Potentially explosive environments..53 Emergency calls..53 CERTIFICATION INFORMATION (SAR)...54


Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. Read the complete user guide for further information. SWITCH ON SAFELY Do not switch the device on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. ROAD SAFETY COMES FIRST Obey all local laws. Always keep your hands free to operate the vehicle while driving. Your first consideration while driving should be road safety. INTERFERENCE All wireless devices may be susceptible to interference, which could affect performance. SWITCH OFF IN RESTRICTED AREAS Follow any restrictions. Switch the device off in aircraft, near medical equipment, fuel, chemicals, or blasting areas. QUALIFIED SERVICE Only qualified personnel may install or repair this product. ENHANCEMENTS AND BATTERIES Use only approved enhancements and batteries. Do not connect incompatible products. WATER-RESISTANCE Your device is not water-resistant. Keep it dry.
2008 Nokia. All rights reserved.

2008 Nokia. All rights reserved. 9
For the availability of different services and pricing, contact your service provider. If you have queries with your phone, or you are unsure how your phone should function, refer to the user guide. If this does not help, try the following: Reset the phone: switch off the phone, and remove the battery. After a few seconds, insert the battery, and switch on the phone. Restore the factory settings. See "Restore factory settings", p. 36. Update your phone software with the Nokia Software Updater application, if available. See "Software updates", p. 10. Visit a Nokia website, or contact Nokia Care. See "Nokia support", p. 10. If a query remains unresolved, contact your local Nokia Care point for repair options. Before sending your phone for repair, always back up or make a record of data in your phone.

Helpful hints

Software updates
Nokia may produce software updates that may offer new features, enhanced functions, or improved performance. You may be able to request these updates through the Nokia Software Updater PC application. To update the device software, you need the Nokia Software Updater application and a compatible PC with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista operating system, broadband internet access, and a compatible data cable to connect your device to the PC. To get more information and to download the Nokia Software Updater application, visit or your local Nokia website. If software updates over the air are supported by your network, you may also be able to request updates through the phone. See "Software updates over the air", p. 34. Important: Use only services that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software.

Nokia support

Check or your local Nokia website for the latest version of this guide, additional information, downloads, and services related to your Nokia product.
Configuration settings service Nokia PC Suite
Download free configuration settings such as MMS, GPRS, e-mail, and other services for your phone model at You may find PC Suite and related information on the Nokia website at support.

Nokia Care services Maintenance

Get started

If you need to contact Nokia Care services, check the list of local Nokia Care contact centres at For maintenance services, check your nearest Nokia Care point at repair.
Digital rights management
Content owners may use different types of digital rights management (DRM) technologies to protect their intellectual property, including copyrights. This device uses various types of DRM software to access DRM-protected content. With this device you can access content protected with WMDRM 10, OMA DRM 1.0, OMA DRM 1.0 forward lock, and OMA DRM 2.0. If certain DRM software fails to protect the content, content owners may ask that such DRM software's ability to access new DRM-protected content be revoked. Revocation may also prevent renewal of such DRM-protected content already in your device. Revocation of such DRM software does not affect the use of content protected with other types of DRM or the use of non-DRM-protected content. Digital rights management (DRM) protected content comes with an associated activation key that defines your rights to use the content. If your device has OMA DRM-protected content, to back up both the activation keys and the content, use the backup feature of Nokia PC Suite. Other transfer methods may not transfer the activation keys which need to be restored with the content for you to be able to continue the use of OMA DRM-protected content after the device memory is formatted. You may also need to restore the activation keys in case the files on your device get corrupted. If your device has WMDRM-protected content, both the activation keys and the content will be lost if the device memory is formatted. You may also lose the activation keys and the content if the files on your device get corrupted. Losing the activation keys or the content may limit your ability to use the same content on your device again. For more information, contact your service provider.

2. Get started

Install SIM card and battery
Always switch the device off and disconnect the charger before removing the battery. This phone is intended for use with a BL-5CT battery. Always use original Nokia batteries. See "Nokia battery authentication guidelines", p. 49. The SIM card and its contacts can be easily damaged by scratches or bending, so be careful when handling, inserting, or removing the card.
1. Press the release button to lift the back cover and remove it. Remove the battery to unlock the SIM card holder. Open the memory card cover. 2. Insert the SIM card with the contact surface facing down into the holder. 3. Observe the battery contacts, and insert the battery. Close the memory card cover, and replace the back cover.

Insert a microSD card

If you have two phone lines, the second phone line is selected. All incoming calls are diverted to another number. The currently active profile is timed. Calls are limited to a closed user group.

Bluetooth is turned on.

Flight mode
Use the flight mode in radio sensitive environmentson board aircraft or in hospitals to deactivate all radio frequency functions. You still have access to offline games, the is displayed. calendar, and phone numbers. When the flight mode is active,
To activate or set up the flight mode, select Menu > Settings > Profiles > Flight > Activate or Personalise.
Make an emergency call in flight mode
To deactivate the flight mode, select any other profile.
Enter the emergency number, press the call key, and when Exit flight profile? is displayed, select Yes. Warning: With the flight profile you cannot make or receive any calls, including emergency calls, or use other features that require network coverage. To make calls, you must first activate the phone function by changing profiles. If the device has been locked, enter the lock code. If you need to make an emergency call while the device is locked and in the flight profile, you may be also able to enter an official emergency number programmed in your device in the lock code field and select 'Call'. The device will confirm that you are about to exit flight profile to start an emergency call. To lock the keypad to prevent accidental keypresses, select Menu, and press * within 3.5 seconds.

Keypad lock

To unlock the keypad, select Unlock, and press * within 1.5 seconds. If requested, enter the lock code. To answer a call when the keypad is locked, press the call key. When you end or reject the call, the keypad locks automatically. Further features are Automatic keyguard and Security keyguard. See "Phone", p. 33. When the device or keypad is locked, calls may be possible to the official emergency number programmed into your device.
Functions without a SIM card
Some functions of your phone may be used without inserting a SIM card, such as Organiser functions and games. Some functions appear dimmed in the menus and cannot be used.

3. Calls

Make a call
You can start a call in several ways: Enter the phone number, including the area code, and press the call key.
For international calls, press * twice for the international prefix (the + character replaces the international access code), enter the country code, the area code without the leading 0, if necessary, and the phone number. To access the list of dialled numbers, press the call key once in the standby mode. Select a number or name, and press the call key. Search for a name or phone number that you saved in Contacts. See "Manage contacts", p. 26. To adjust the volume in a call, press the volume key up or down.

Add and edit details

Copy or move a contact between the SIM card and phone memory
1. Select the first contact to copy or move and Options > Mark. 2. Mark the other contacts, and select Options > Copy marked or Move marked.
Copy or move several contacts between the SIM card and phone memory Copy or move all contacts between the SIM card and phone memory
Select Menu > Contacts > Copy contacts or Move contacts.
Select the contact and Options > Delete contact. To delete all the contacts from the phone or SIM card memory, select Menu > Contacts > Del. all contacts > From phone memory or From SIM card. To delete a number, text item, or an image attached to the contact, search for the contact, and select Details. Scroll to the desired detail, and select Options > Delete and from the available options. Arrange contacts into caller groups with different ringing tones and group images. 1. Select Menu > Contacts > Groups. 2. To create a new group, select Add or Options > Add new group. 3. Enter the group name, select an image and a ringing tone if you want to add them to the group, and select Save. 4. Select the group and View > Add to add contacts to the group.

Delete contacts

Create a contact group

Business cards

You can send and receive a persons contact information from a compatible device that supports the vCard standard.

Call log

To send a business card, search for the contact, and select Details > Options > Send business card.
When you receive a business card, select Show > Save to save the business card in the phone memory. Create shortcuts by assigning phone numbers to the number keys 2-9. 1. Select Menu > Contacts > Speed dials, and scroll to a number key. 2. Select Assign, or, if a number has already been assigned to the key, select Options > Change. 3. Enter a number or search for a contact.
Assign dialling shortcuts

8. Call log

To view the information on your calls, messages, data, and synchronisation, select Menu > Log and from the available options. Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service provider may vary, depending on network features, rounding off for billing, taxes, and so forth.

The network may send you a position request (network service). Contact your service provider to subscribe and to agree upon the delivery of positioning information.

9. Position log

To accept or reject the position request, select Accept or Reject. If you miss the request, the phone automatically accepts or rejects it according to what you have agreed with your network operator or service provider. To view the information on the 10 most recent privacy notifications and requests, select Menu > Log > Positioning > Position log.

10. Connectivity

Your phone provides several features to connect to other devices to transmit and receive data.
Bluetooth wireless technology
Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your phone, using radio waves, to a compatible Bluetooth device within 10 metres (32 feet). This device is compliant with Bluetooth Specification 2.0 + EDR supporting the following profiles: 2.0 + EDRgeneric access, hands-free, headset, object push, file transfer, dial-up
networking, serial port, generic object exchange, advanced audio distribution, audio video remote control, and generic audio video distribution. To ensure interoperability between other devices supporting Bluetooth technology, use Nokia approved enhancements for this model. Check with the manufacturers of other devices to determine their compatibility with this device. Features using Bluetooth technology increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery life.


Set up a Bluetooth connection
indicates that 2. To activate Bluetooth connectivity select Bluetooth > On. Bluetooth is active. 3. To connect your phone with an audio enhancement, select Connect audio enhan. and the device that you want to connect to. 4. To pair your phone with any Bluetooth device in range, select Paired devices > Add new device. Scroll to a found device, and select Add. Enter a passcode (up to 16 characters) on your phone and allow the connection on the other Bluetooth device. If you are concerned about security, turn off the Bluetooth function, or set My phone's visibility to Hidden. Accept Bluetooth communication only from those you trust. PC connection to the internet Use Bluetooth technology to connect your compatible PC to the internet without PC Suite software. Your phone must have activated a service provider that supports internet access, and your PC has to support Bluetooth personal area network (PAN). After connecting to the network access point (NAP) service of the phone, and pairing with your PC, your phone automatically opens a packet data connection to the internet.
Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth and take the following steps: 1. Select My phone's name and enter a name for your phone.
General packet radio service (GPRS) is a network service that allows mobile phones to send and receive data over an internet protocol (IP)-based network. To define how to use the service, select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Packet data > Packet data conn. and from the following options: When needed to set the packet data connection to established when required by an application. The connection will be cut when the application is closed. Always online to automatically connect to a packet data network when you switch the phone on You can use your phone as a modem by connecting it to a compatible PC using Bluetooth technology or a USB data cable. For details, see Nokia PC Suite documentation. See "Nokia support", p. 10.

2008 Nokia. All rights reserved. 29

Packet data


USB data cable

You can use the USB data cable to transfer data between the phone and a compatible PC or a printer supporting PictBridge. To activate the phone for data transfer or image printing, connect the data cable and select the mode: PC Suite to use the cable for PC Suite Printing & media to use the phone with a PictBridge compatible printer or with a compatible PC Data storage to connect to a PC that does not have Nokia software and use the phone as data storage To change the USB mode, select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > USB data cable and the desired USB mode.
Select Menu > Settings > Sync and backup and from the following: Phone switch Synchronise or copy selected data between your phone and another phone using Bluetooth technology. Create backup Create a backup of selected data to the memory card or to an external device. Restore backup Select a backup file stored on the memory card or on an external device and restore it to the phone. Select Options > Details for information about the selected backup file. Data transfer Synchronise or copy selected data between your phone and another device, PC, or network server (network service).
Synchronisation and backup

Nokia PC Suite

With Nokia PC Suite, you can manage your music, synchronise contacts, calendar, notes, and to-do notes between your phone and a compatible PC or a remote internet server (network service). You may find more information and PC Suite on the Nokia website. See "Nokia support", p. 10.

11. Settings

Your phone has various setting groups called profiles, which you can customise with ringing tones for different events and environments. Select Menu > Settings > Profiles, the desired profile, and from the following options: Activate to activate the selected profile Personalise to change the profile settings
Timed to set the profile to be active for a certain time. When the time set for the profile expires, the previous profile that was not timed becomes active.

My shortcuts

With personal shortcuts you get quick access to often used functions of the phone. To change the function assigned to the left or right selection key, select Menu > Settings > My shortcuts > Left selection key or Right selection key and the function. In the standby mode, if the left selection key is Go to, to activate a function, select Go to > Options and from the following options: Select options to add or remove a function Organise to rearrange the functions Select Menu > Settings > My shortcuts and from the following options: Navigation key to assign other functions from a predefined list to the navigation key (scroll key). Active standby key to select the movement of the navigation key to activate the active standby mode Select Menu > Settings > Call and from the following options: Call divert to divert your incoming calls (network service). You may not be able to divert your calls if some call barring functions are active. See "Security", p. 35. Anykey answer to answer an incoming call by briefly pressing any key, except the power key, the left and right selection keys, or the end key Automatic redial to automatically redial the number if a call fails. The phone tries to call the number 10 times. Voice clarity to enhance speech intelligibility, especially in noisy environments Speed dialling to dial the names and phone numbers assigned to the number keys (2 to 9) by pressing and holding the corresponding number key Call waiting to have the network notify you of an incoming call while you have a call in progress (network service) Call duration display Select On to display the duration of the call in progress Summary after call to briefly display the approximate duration after each call
Left and right selection keys

Other shortcuts

Send my caller ID to show your phone number to the person you are calling (network service). To use the setting agreed upon with your service provider, select Set by network. Outgoing call line to select the phone line for making calls, if your SIM card supports multiple phone lines (network service) Select Menu > Settings > Phone and from the following options: Language settings To set the display language of your phone, select Phone language. Automatic selects the language according to the information on the SIM card. To set a language for the voice commands, select Recognition lang. Memory status to check the memory consumption Automatic keyguard to lock the keypad automatically after a preset time delay when the phone is in the standby mode and no function has been used. Security keyguard to ask for the security code when you unlock the keyguard Voice recognition See "Voice commands", p. 33. Flight query to be asked whether to use the flight mode when you switch the phone on. With the flight mode, all radio connections are switched off. Phone updates to receive software updates from your service provider (network service). This option may not be available, depending on your phone. See "Software updates over the air", p. 34. Operator selection to set a cellular network available in your area Help text activation to select whether the phone shows help texts Start-up tone to play a tone when you switch the phone on Confirm SIM actions See "SIM services", p. 47.

Call contacts and use your phone by speaking a voice command. Voice commands are language-dependent. To set the language, select Menu > Settings > Phone > Language settings > Recognition lang. and your language. To train the voice recognition of your phone to your voice, select Menu > Settings > Phone > Voice recognition > Voice recog. training. To activate a voice command for a function, select Menu > Settings > Phone > Voice indicates that the recognition > Voice commands, a feature, and the function. voice command is activated. To activate the voice command, select Add. To play the activated voice command, select Play. To use voice commands, see "Voice dialling", p. 19. To manage the voice commands, scroll to a function, and select Options and from the following: Edit or Remove to rename or deactivate the voice command
2008 Nokia. All rights reserved. 33

Voice commands

Add all or Remove all to activate or deactivate voice commands for all functions in the voice commands list


This menu and its various options are shown only if the phone is or has been connected to a compatible mobile enhancement. Select Menu > Settings > Enhancements. Select an enhancement, and an option depending on the enhancement. You can configure your phone with settings that are required for certain services. Your service provider may also send you these settings. See "Configuration setting service", p. 9. Select Menu > Settings > Configuration and from the following options: Default config. sett. to view the service providers saved in the phone and set a default service provider Act. def. in all apps. to activate the default configuration settings for supported applications Preferred access pt. to view the saved access points Connect to support to download the configuration settings from your service provider Device manager sett. to allow or prevent the phone from receiving software updates. This option may not be available, depending on your phone. See "Software updates over the air", p. 34. Personal config. sett. to manually add new personal accounts for various services and to activate or delete them. To add a new personal account, select Add, or Options > Add new. Select the service type, and enter the required parameters. To activate a personal account, scroll to it, and select Options > Activate.


Software updates over the air
Your service provider may send phone software updates over the air directly to your phone (network service). This option may not be available, depending on your phone. Downloading software updates may involve the transmission of large amounts of data through your service provider's network. Contact your service provider for information about data transmission charges. Make sure that the device battery has enough power, or connect the charger before starting the update. Warning: If you install a software update, you cannot use the device, even to make emergency calls, until the installation is completed and the device is restarted. Be sure to back up data before accepting installation of an update.

To zoom in and out in the camera mode, scroll up and down or press the volume keys.
To display a picture immediately after you take it, select Options > Settings > Image preview time and the preview time. During the preview time, select Back to take another picture, or Send to send the picture as a multimedia message. Your device supports an image capture resolution of 1600x1200 pixels.
To take a picture, select Capture. The phone saves the pictures on the memory card, if available, or in the phone memory.
To start the video recording, select Record; to pause the recording, select Pause; to resume the recording, select Continue; to stop the recording, select Stop. The phone saves the video clips on the memory card, if available, or in the phone memory.
To activate the video function, select Menu > Media > Video; or, if the camera function is on, scroll left or right.

Record a video clip

Camera and video options
To change other camera and video settings and to select the image and video storage, select Options > Settings. Your phone includes a music player for listening to music tracks or other MP3 or AAC sound files that you have downloaded from the web or transferred to the phone with Nokia PC Suite. See "Nokia PC Suite", p. 30. You can also view your recorded or downloaded video clips. Music and video files stored in the music folder in the phone memory or on the memory card are automatically detected and added to the music library. To open the music player, select Menu > Media > Music player.
To adapt the camera to the light conditions, select Options > White balance.
To use a filter, select Options > Effects.

Music player

Music menu
Access your music and video files stored in the phone memory or on the memory card, download music or video clips from the web, or view compatible video streams from a network server (network service). To listen to music or play a video clip, select a file from Playlists, Artists, Albums, or Genres, and select Play.
To update the music library after you have added files, select Options > Update library. To create a playlist with your selection of music, do the following: 1. Select Playlists > Create playlist, and enter the name of the playlist. 2. Add music or video clips from the displayed lists. 3. Select Done to store the playlist.
To download files from the web, select Options > Downloads and a download site.

Create a playlist

You may receive the streaming settings as a configuration message from the service provider. See "Configuration setting service", p. 9. You can also enter the settings manually. See "Configuration", p. 34. To activate the settings, do the following: 1. Select Options > Downloads > Streaming settings > Configuration. 2. Select a service provider, Default, or Personal config. for streaming. 3. Select Account and a streaming service account from the active configuration settings.

Change stations

Radio features

Voice recorder

Select Menu > Media > Voice recorder. To use the graphical keys the display, scroll left or right.
Record speech, sound, or an active call, and save them in Gallery.

Record sound

. The recording is saved in the Recordings folder in 2. To end the recording, select Gallery. Select Options to play or send the last recording, to access the list of recordings, or to select the memory and the folder to store the recordings.
1. Select , or, during a call, select Options > Record. While recording a call, all. parties to the call hear a faint beeping. To pause the recording, select


Adjust the sound when using the music player. Select Menu > Media > Equaliser. To activate a predefined equaliser set, scroll to one of the sets, and select Activate. 1. Select one of the last two sets in the list and Options > Edit. 2. Scroll left or right to access the virtual sliders and up or down to adjust the slider. 3. To save the settings and create a name for the set, select Save and Options > Rename.
Create a new equaliser set

Stereo widening

Stereo widening creates a wider stereo sound effect when you are using a stereo headset. To activate, select Menu > Media > Stereo widening.

15. Web

You can access various internet services with your phone browser. The appearance of the internet pages may vary due to screen size. You may not be able to see all the details on the internet pages. Important: Use only services that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software. For the availability of these services, pricing, and instructions, contact your service provider. You may receive the configuration settings required for browsing as a configuration message from your service provider. To set up the service, select Menu > Web > Web settings > Configuration sett., a configuration, and an account.
2008 Nokia. All rights reserved. 41
To make a connection to the service, select Menu > Web > Home; or in the standby mode, press and hold 0. To select the last URL, select Menu > Web > Last web addr. To select a bookmark, select Menu > Web > Bookmarks.

Connect to a service

Normal timer

Interval timer


17. Applications
Your phone may have some games or applications installed. These files are stored in the phone memory or on a memory card and may be arranged in folders. See "Memory card", p. 36.

Launch an application

Select Menu > Applications > Games, Memory card, or Collection. Scroll to a game or an application, and select Open.
To set sounds, lights, and shakes for a game, select Menu > Applications > Options > Application settings. Other available options may include the following: Update version to verify that a new version of the application is available for download from the web (network service) Web page to provide further information or additional data for the application from an internet page (network service), if available Application access to restrict the application from accessing the network

SIM services

Download an application
Your phone supports J2ME Java applications. Ensure that the application is compatible with your phone before downloading it. Important: Only install and use applications and other software from trusted sources, such as applications that are Symbian Signed or have passed the Java Verified testing. You can download new applications and games in different ways. Select Menu > Applications > Options > Downloads > App. downloads or Game downloads; the list of available bookmarks is shown. Use the Nokia Application Installer from PC Suite to download the applications to your phone. For the availability of different services and pricing, contact your service provider.

18. SIM services

To show the confirmation messages sent between your phone and the network when you are using the SIM services, select Menu > Settings > Phone > Confirm SIM actions Accessing these services may involve sending messages or making a phone call for which you may be charged.
Your SIM card may provide additional services. You can access this menu only if it is supported by your SIM card. The name and contents of the menu depend on the available services.
Warning: Use only batteries, chargers, and enhancements approved by Nokia for use with this particular model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty, and may be dangerous. For availability of approved enhancements, please check with your dealer. When you disconnect the power cord of any enhancement, grasp and pull the plug, not the cord.


Battery and charger information

Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The following suggestions will help you protect your warranty coverage. Keep the device dry. Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that will corrode electronic circuits. If your device does get wet, remove the battery, and allow the device to dry completely before replacing it. Do not use or store the device in dusty, dirty areas. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged. Do not store the device in hot areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries, and warp or melt certain plastics. Do not store the device in cold areas. When the device returns to its normal temperature, moisture can form inside the device and damage electronic circuit boards. Do not attempt to open the device other than as instructed in this guide. Do not drop, knock, or shake the device. Rough handling can break internal circuit boards and fine mechanics. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the device. Do not paint the device. Paint can clog the moving parts and prevent proper operation. Use a soft, clean, dry cloth to clean any lenses, such as camera, proximity sensor, and light sensor lenses.
Use only the supplied or an approved replacement antenna. Unauthorised antennas, modifications, or attachments could damage the device and may violate regulations governing radio devices. Use chargers indoors. Always create a backup of data you want to keep, such as contacts and calendar notes. To reset the device from time to time for optimum performance, power off the device and remove the battery. These suggestions apply equally to your device, battery, charger, or any enhancement. If any device is not working properly, take it to the nearest authorised service facility for service. The crossed-out wheeled-bin symbol on your product, literature, or packaging reminds you that all electrical and electronic products, batteries, and accumulators must be taken to separate collection at the end of their working life. This requirement applies to the European Union and other locations where separate collection systems are available. Do not dispose of these products as unsorted municipal waste. By returning the products to collection you help prevent uncontrolled waste disposal and promote the reuse of material resources. More detailed information is available from the product retailer, local waste authorities, national producer responsibility organizations, or your local Nokia representative. For the product Eco-Declaration or instructions for returning your obsolete product, go to country-specific information at
Additional safety information


Nokia 5220 XpressMusic Data Sheet
Planned Market Introduction QCategory Live Music Features Storage for up to 1500 songs (in eAAC+ format) with optional 2GB microSD card Dedicated music keys Excellent audio with dedicated audio chip 3.5 mm connector for wide choice of Hi-Fi headphones Music Player supporting MP3, eAAC+, WMA Play songs purchased from Nokia Music Store where available Rhythmic lights flashing in the beat of the music FM stereo radio with RDS Bluetooth Stereo Audio Additional Features Enhanced 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom Internet browser Nokia Original Accessories Headsets: Stereo Headset HS-48 Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-503 Stereo Headset WH-600 Music: Mini Speakers MD-6 Speakers MD-8 Bluetooth Speakers MD-7W 2GB microSD Card MU-37 Car: FM Transmitter CA-300 Inbox Colors: Red, Blue and Green Technical Profile System: EGSM 900/1800/1900, EGSM 850/1800/1900 User Interface: Series 40 Dimensions: 108 x 43.5 x 10.5 mm (L x W x T) Weight: 78 g Display: 2.0 inch QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) with up to 256,000 colors Battery: Nokia Battery BL-5CT, 1020mAh Lion Memory: 30 MB internal memory, support for up to 2GB microSD memory card Camera Image capture: Up to 2 megapixels (1200 x 1600) Video capture: Video recording in QCIF quality Operating Times Talk time: Up to 5 hours Standby time: Up to 17 days Music playback: Up to 24 hours Data Services & Connectivity EGPRS multislot class 32, max download 296 kbps; upload 118.4 kbps MicroUSB, 3.5 mm AV connector Bluetooth wireless technology 2.0 with A2DP stereo audio Music Syncronization Nokia Music PC support, Nokia PC Suite, Windows Media Player 11, Nokia Music Store
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