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Olympus E-100RSDane/ ELEC CF-2GB-DAN-67 2GB CF Memory Card Olympus E-100RS Camera
Dane/ Elec

Brand: Dane/ Elec
Part Number: CF-2GB-DAN-67

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eric1234 10:15am on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
LOVE IT! tons of cool features... ...This is a really great camera to say the least.
bobewart 4:39am on Friday, June 18th, 2010 
Need Comments: Pictures of Stars & Moon w/this camera Someone please comment on the quality of and ability to take pictures of the stars and moon wit... LOVE IT! tons of cool features... ...This is a really great camera to say the least.
ksmith106 6:04pm on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 
Quality of workmanship and construction is excellent. Fetures are outstanding and unavailable on any other camera. A peculiar purchase was what I would classify my buying the E100. I actually was turned on to this cam after months of research, looking for a faster,...
JWilliamCupp 1:39am on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 
I have owned this camera for about 2 years. It has proven to be my favorite camera. Speed, capacity, and flexibility are attributes I like.

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Thank you for purchasing the Olympus E-100RS. This Quick-Start Guide has been designed for those who want to become familiar with the E-100RS in a very short time. The Names of parts section is especially helpful for identifying parts easily without having to read through the complete Instruction manual. For detailed operations, please refer to the complete Instruction manual.

Quick-Start Guide

Names of parts
Self-timer lamp/AF assist lamp Control panel (See the other side for details.) Mode dial Diopter adjustment dial 5-pin external flash socket Shutter button


Two Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747-3157, U.S.A. Tel. 631-844-5000 (Customer support) Tel. 1-888-553-4448

Setting the date/time

1. Set the Mode dial to P. 2. Press (Menu button).
The Menu appears on the screen. Press (Monitor buton) to select whether to display the menu on the Monitor or the Viewfinder.
Slide the battery compartment lock toward.

Getting Ready.

Zoom lever/Indexdisplay lever Remote control receiver
3. Press on the Arrow pad to move the green frame in the Menu, then select MODE SETUP.
Microphone Remote cable jack

Loading the batteries

1. Follow the procedure below.
Open the battery compartment cover. Load the batteries.
AA batteries (provided) Lithium battery packs
SETUP appears on the screen. The selected item appears in green.
USB connector DC-IN jack Strap eyelet Flash switch External microphone jack

4. Press OK.

The MODE SETUP screen appears.

P F2.8 1/800

Close the battery compartment cover.




Flash (built-in)
A/V OUT jack Connector cover


1360xx 480

OFF [1/3]

Menu screen 1/5

Lens cap

Menu screen 5/5

MODE SETUP screen 1/3

Close the battery compartment cover while pressing the batteries with the cover. Manganese batteries cannot be used.

5. Press

to select

, then press

2. Inserting a SmartMedia or CompactFlash card.
* Before inserting, check that the Power switch is off and there are no images on the Viewfinder/Monitor. * To choose SmartMedia or CompactFlash, select one (SM/CF) on the menu or simply insert a Card into the camera.
Flash mode button /Erase button DRIVE button Metering mode button Macro button INFO button Viewfinder
SETUP appears on the screen. To go to the previous page, move the cursor to the top item and press the on the Arrow pad.


OFF 12.23.00 12:34 m
Open the Card cover and push in the card* as shown below. (*The pictures you take will be stored in the card.)
For SmartMedia For CompactFlash

SETUP m/ft

[SM] [3/3]

MODE SETUP screen 3/3

6. Press OK.
Open the Card cover. Push the Card in and close the Card cover. Tab Push the Card in. Tab When the tab pops out, pull it down as shown, then close the Card cover.
Arrow pad OK button/ Manual focus button (MF)/ Protect button Monitor Tripod socket Monitor button
The Date/time setting screen appears.
Power switch (POWER OFF/ON/RESET) AE lock button (AEL)/ Multi-metering button/Print button

3. Turn on the camera.

Set the Power switch to ON.

Power switch

Date/time setting screen

7. Press 8. Press

Speaker Card access lamp Battery compartment cover Battery compartment lock
on the Arrow pad to select the date order. / to adjust the date/time.

. To go back to the

(Date order selections: date/month/year, month/date/year, year/month/date)
You can select camera functions using the Mode dial. You will probably want to try the Program mode first, which lets you take properly-exposed pictures by simply pressing the Shutter button.

Mode dial

S-Prg M

Menu button

Card cover
[Still picture shooting mode] P: Simply press the Shutter button to take a picture. A: Set the desired aperture manually. S: Set the desired shutter speed manually. M: Set the desired aperture and shutter speed manually. S-Prog: Take pictures under a variety of conditions. (Portrait/ Sports/Landscape/Night Scene) [Movie record mode] : Records movies. [Playback mode] : Plays back your recording.

To go to the next setting (i.e. month to year, etc.), press previous setting (i.e. year to month, etc.), press.

Adjusting the Diopter

Turn the Diopter adjustment dial until you see the AF target mark clearly in the Viewfinder.
Diopter adjustment dial Viewfinder

P F2.8 1/30 0.0

9. Press OK when you complete your settings. 10. To cancel the Menu, press OK until the Menu disappears.
AF target mark 1AG6P1P0845 VT1579-01
Control panel indications
Flash intensity control Slow shutter synchronization flash Card writing Flash mode Full-time AF Macro mode Auto bracket Sound record Battery check White balance

Taking pictures

Card error

Taking still pictures

1. Set the Mode dial to P.


Use the Arrow pad to select the desired picture for playback. : Plays back movie pictures when held down continuously. : Plays back movie pictures in reverse when held down continuously. : Jumps to the beginning of the movie. : Jumps to the end of the movie. Press OK to pause the movie.


[SM] [1/2]
2. Compose the picture by turning the camera towards the subject and centering the AF target mark on the image you want to shoot.
Press (Monitor button) to select whether to display your image on the Monitor or the Viewfinder.

P F2.8 1/30

Exposure compensation AF system Manual focus
Self-timer/ Remote control

Erasing pictures

[To enlarge your subject] Press the Zoom lever toward T to enlarge your subject. To return to normal magnification, press the Zoom lever back toward W.

AF target mark

Metering mode Stabilizer AE memory Pre-capture Record mode Card
Number of storable still pictures
Unwanted images can be erased. You can erase one frame or all frames, depending on your requirements. To erase an unwanted image, first display it on the screen as described in 3 Playing back pictures on this page. 1-frame erase Press (Erase button) on the camera and select YES on the confirmation screen using the Arrow pad. Then, press OK. All-frame erase


Seconds that movies can be shot
3. Press the Shutter button halfway to focus.
The AF confirmation mark lights up in green in the upper left corner and the camera beeps. Focus and exposure (shutter speed/aperture) become locked. If the AF confirmation mark blinks, then the camera is out of focus. If this happens, release the Shutter button and move the AF target mark slightly. Then, press the shutter button halfway again.
Press halfway Press fully AF confirmation mark

Sequential shooting

Confirmation screen

Playing back pictures

x10 HQ
Press , then select CARD SETUP using the Arrow pad. Press OK. Select YES on the confirmation screen, then press OK again. (To cancel, select NO, then press OK.)

Set the Mode dial to

The last picture taken is played back.
Use the Arrow pad to select the desired picture for playback. : Plays back next picture. : Plays back preceding picture. : Jumps to the picture 10 frames ahead. : Jumps to the picture 10 frames behind.
4. Press the Shutter button fully to take a picture.
The free part of the memory gauge lights up and the card access lamp blinks while the picture is being recorded. Continuous shooting is available even if the card access lamp is blinking, unless the entire memory gauge is lit. If you are taking a picture in a dark environment, the built-in flash will fire automatically if it has been popped up.


12.23.,00 21:56 [SM] 10
Still picture display (1-frame)
[2/2] Erasing a still picture

Arrow pad

Memory gauge
* Press the Zoom lever toward W to display multiple pictures at the same time (Index-display). * Press the Zoom lever toward T to display a close-up. [Movie pictures]

Card access lamp

Turning off the power


When you are finished using the camera, turn the power off after checking that the card access lamp is not on.

The picture on the screen will disappear when you turn the power off. If no operation is performed for 1 minute or more, the image on the screen goes off automatically to avoid battery exhaustion (this function is called Sleep). To end Sleep, perform any operation on your camera. When you store the camera, make sure to put the lens cap on.

Taking movie pictures

1. Set the Mode dial to.
The maximum available recording time appears on the Viewfinder.

(1) (2) (3) (4)

2. Press the Shutter button fully to start movie recording and press it again fully to stop.
The card access lamp blinks while the picture is being recorded. Continuous shooting is available when the card access lamp stops blinking.
will appear with pictures that can be played back as movies. Press (Menu button) to display the Menu. Select MOVIE PLAY and press on the Arrow pad. When START appears, press the OK button. The card access lamp blinks for a moment, then the movie starts. Press when you are finished watching. The Menu reappears. Press exit the Menu.

again to

Printed in Japan



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