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Published on: 17 May 2005
Renault Laguna II Grand Tour

More than just a name

The Renault Laguna has been a favourite amongst business drivers for many years now. This is mostly thanks to the elegant design and progressive technology. Added to that, the high level of safety gives a secure feeling. The competition however has not been idle and therefore Renault found it imperative to rejuvenate the Laguna. Is the renewed Laguna ready for battle again?
The looks are by far the most important reason to most buyers for choosing a particular car. Renault must have thought to never change a successful recipe, for the exterior alterations to the renewed Laguna are minimal. Only the front has been slightly adjusted, which makes it fit in better with the other Renaults. The interior would have changed more, but the differences only become apparent when the old Laguna is used as a reference. The adjustments to the design are small, but the materials used are noticeably better and the finish too has been taken to a higher level. New or not: the interior of the Laguna remains exquisite and even inviting. Especially the test vehicle that has strips of light and dark material at the same time gives a feeling of warmth and space.


Still, progressive technology is the most important point in which the Laguna distinguishes itself from the competition. Even in the year 2005 a card instead of a key is something special. The electronic card is not only more practical than a traditional key it is also safer. The ignition lock is usually found in the steering column, which in case of an accident often results in painful knee damage. A start button is sufficient for the Laguna. All new to the Laguna is the electronically operated
handbrake. Until now such a provision was only reserved to very expensive limousines. For the first time it is now available to ordinary people in this business car. With a large button close to the steering wheel the handbrake is engaged or released. The latter is strictly speaking not necessary because the electronics will remember to release the handbrake when driving off. This way a hill start has become a doddle!
extreme steering movement will result in swerving and not in ending up in a ditch. The brakes are strong and have a good bite, which makes the Laguna do well in the crash-test and is also good at preventing crashes in the first place.
Especially when carrying a precious "load" the latter is of great importance. With the back seat in its normal place this load consist of a maximum of three people. The middle part of the backseat is actually suitable to sit on, so extra children do not present any problems. The legroom in the back is average for a car in this segment. Contrary to Renault's pure spacewagons, there are no smart space saving inventions to be found in this Laguna Sport Tourer. What is very useful however is that the rear door opens in two pieces. The backseat folds according to the traditional procedure, with the only exception that the headrests can remain in place. After that a large luggage room materializes (from 475 to a maximum of 1515 litres), with which the Sport Tourer proves to offer more than just a nice name. This is not a "life style" estate car that only looks that way, but a real working car that can carry a lot of extra luggage.


The test vehicle is a "Dynamique" version and rises slightly above the basic model. Despite that a climate control system (left/right separately), audio system, light and rain sensor, parking aid and on-board computer are all standard. The engine too is one in the middle: a 1.9 litre 4-cylinder diesel engine. This power source is quiet, but definitely not inaudible and that makes it always obvious that this is a diesel. The character is as many business drivers want it to be: mainly strong and flexible. But if needs be, there is a good reserve available and the Laguna can, to put it mildly, hold a stiff pace. Thanks to the 6-speed gearbox the Laguna can keep the revs down if so desired, which increases the comfort considerably.


Road handling however is where the Laguna distinguishes itself the most. The Laguna feels very much like a large car and in this case that is a compliment. The large wheelbase for instance offers tranquillity. Moreover, the car remains well controllable up to very high speeds.


The final verdict: nothing wrong with it. That is a nice result, but not sufficient for Renault. The Renault Megane in the middle class is on many points better than the competition. The Renault Modus is the smartest small MPV at this moment. However, after its facelift, the Laguna distinguishes itself from the competition only in details. Unfortunately the numerous pioneering inventions that Renault applies in other models are not to be found in the renewed Laguna.
At fast cornering the Laguna feels large and stable too. This is not only pleasant, but also very safe. After all, a sudden
The most important reasons for choosing a Laguna therefore remain the same as before. Especially the design of the exterior and the interior are very successful. The technology is progressive, although the difference from other cars is getting smaller over the years. The road holding qualities are fine, where tranquillity, comfort and safety are the most important characteristics of this business-like Renault.


Renault Laguna II Grand Tour 1.9 dCi Dynamique

Size and weight

Length Width Height Wheelbase Kerb weight Trailer Trailer - braked Fuel capacity Luggage space 471 cm 177 cm 148 cm 275 cm 1360 kg 650 kg 1500 kg 68 l 475/1515 l

Engine and performance

Capacity Cylinders / valves Max power Max torque Drive Acceleration 0 - 62 mph Top speed Average mileage Mileage urban Mileage extra urban CO2 emissions 1870 cc 4/bhp @ 4000 rpm 300 Nm @ 2000 rpm voorwielen 11 secs 199 km/h 5.7 l / 100 km 7.3 l / 100 km 4.8 l / 100 km 153 gr / km
Price Price base model 19,400 17,525



32PW9525 Compressors RK SC-HT545W VL-Z100 300H SNR6500 TL-WN727N Photosmart R725 KAF-1030 T2500H M2500 Protocol Reunion-sector MAP Opinie R250S PRO Aspire 1520 GSA-E50L DCP501 Hunter XC KX-T7531NE SKM2501ST RX520 Dimensions PRE 2 42LF65-ZC Dresden C31 MM-DB9 LAV 6200 Nx-575 DCR-TRV950 P4P800s SE Gunship DR7621B CPD-M151 B-2PRO 8000N DCR-TRV9E GR-D295us-gr-d295 EC 155 Ivsc-5502 ASR08T RM-U306 DTH211E FE-25 WF-J1264A Classic Stylus 400 Router GTO1002D FW-M567 Qr160 G1000 Expert EMP-X3 QV-R61 NVE-N055 VM9410 UR 12 MD 431 Lesabre 1995 Problems FL1082 ARC 3 Motorola Aura RMS2000 Fishelite 500C ASF2750 Server MS-2387ARS HDR-CX7E SP-URC89c-0757 ER-A310 32PW8506 Flasher GX3050SFN Manual Forum SX-AX7 Amalfi NV-FJ620egys KDC-W3537 Passport Coupe Privilege 42WM03L Sagem D94C Parts Roomba 570 SC-PM29 SC-AK630 M-504 AWZ 475 BDP-LX70A FS200 MM-G35 Yamaha RY30 TCH-700 Toolbox 3 Laserjet 4300 KDC-4024V Sight Casio SA-5 Rancher Combitrim Gigaset S440 PAP2T Wheel Jours


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