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dk2678 12:04pm on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 
Esta es una cámara como Dios manda. Una calidad de imagen y unos colores impresionantes, opticas Pentax Debería venderse con empuñadura
pevans 10:53am on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
Best value D-SLR We spent ages researching which D-SLR to upgrade to from a simple point and shoot. Looked at canon 400D, nikon D40x and D80.
ots 2:08am on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
I have had this camera for more than 3 months and it was a great purchase.. Far better than its nikon (40x) sony (a100) and canon (400d) rivals.
hermione 3:01am on Monday, September 20th, 2010 
This is my first venture into the DSLR world and I am finding the camera is easy to get along with and has enough features to keep me busy with the ma... I have been using this camera for nearly a year now and it is fantastic and very user friendly.
shamly 4:43pm on Friday, September 17th, 2010 
No follow up First of all. People buying DSLR cameras expect to be a Photographer or take Great Pictures. What a Camera! But........... I love this thing. Fantastic camera. Takes really great images, but..... Great Camera We purchased this camera as an upgrade for our aged Minolta Dimage 500. The Minolta takes great pictures.
CLEMENTX 11:52pm on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
I have been in the market for a decent DSLR camera and found many reviews for the Nikon and Cannon but struck gold when I found a perfect review of th...
mosarg 12:41am on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 
love the 23mm lens. panoramic mode - stiching 3 pics, good control (takes a bit of time to get use to,excellent movie mode with zoom. The story of this camera is simple. Slick design, two lenses for a variety of pictures, easy panoramic mode No image stabilization.
geol1006 4:10am on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 
(Edited November 06th by chanamasala) I like this camera. Image quality, shape low light IQ, movement in camera, hunting for focus sometimes

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Digital SLRT Samsung GX-10 est

Samsung GX-10

650 with D-Xenon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom Samsung entered the digital SLR market just over a year ago with the launch of the entry-level GX-1-series, based on the Pentax *ist DL. Its latest model, the GX-10, is aimed at the advanced amateur looking for an affordable but durable and feature-packed DSLR. How does it fare in such a competitive area of the market? Daniel Lezano finds out
s some of you may know, Samsung and Pentax agreed to share their various skills and technologies to develop new products. The aim in the near future is for each brand to produce their own products but for the moment it seems that any new launch from one is mirrored by similar product from the other. Hence, following the recent release of the Pentax K10D, Samsung has followed up with the GX-10, which looks virtually identical. However, on closer inspection its clear that they have some differences the Samsungs menu system for example looks nothing like the Pentaxs, so its fair to assume that there could be other areas of the camera that differs from one to the other. Therefore, following last months review of the Pentax K10D, which scored a very respectable 89%, we now take a look at the Samsung to see how it performs.
DIGITAL SLR under 1,000: Aimed at Enthusiasts


There are cu rr in the Samsu ently only seven lenses ng D-Xenon (sporting Sc lens range hn also have ac eider optics) but you cess to the wide range Pentax AF le of nses too


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While Samsungs entry into the digital SLR world might seem a bit of a novelty at present, you can expect to see several more models appearing in the next year or so. The South Korean electronics giant are planning to capture a serious chunk of the DSLR market.
Handling & ease of use The Samsung feels like a serious bit of kit. Unlike entry-level models that have compact, lightweight bodies, the GX-10 is chunky, solidly made (over 70 seals protect its body from dust, water and humidity) and at a little over 700 grams, a relative heavyweight in the consumer SLR arena. The large, rubberised handgrip provides a very secure purchase and the camera has a very nice balance. All the controls are well sized and clearly marked, so finding your way around and operating the controls should be relatively straightforward. There are quite a number of buttons, which could prove intimidating to beginners, but the GX-10 is aimed at the more experienced user, who should find the neat array quite easy to get used to. The top-plate is traditionally designed, with a exposure dial on the left and information LCD panel on the right. The majority of camera controls are found on the top-plate and right side of the rear of the camera, while the buttons to the left of the 2.5in LCD handle image review/ editing and the on-screen menu. The menu navigation system is excellent. It has a professional and polished look to it and working your way through the menu system is very intuitive. Another area that scores highly is the viewfinder, which gives a large, bright image and a comprehensive readout along the bottom. However, LEDs/markings to show the position of the 11 AF points, rather than the frame lines to indicate the area it covers would have been preferred.
Features The GX-10 sports a 10.2-megapixel APS-C-sized CCD, which effectively increases the focal length of lenses used with it by 1.5x (ie the supplied 18-55mm is effectively a 27-82mm zoom). Its maximum resolution is 3872x2592 pixels, which is certainly capable of producing images that can be printed to A3. With the camera aimed at experienced users, there are no subject-based modes like Portrait or Action, but rather Program and a full range of semi-automatic and manual modes. These include two modes only previously seen on the Pentax K10D, namely Sensitivity-priority and Shutter & aperture priority, modes which both use changes in the ISO rating to give the correct exposure. Nicely placed at the base of the exposure mode dial is a three-way switch for setting the metering pattern, with a choice of 16-zone multi-pattern, centre-weighted average and spot. There are also three main options for the autofocus system, with the choice to have all 11 AF points active, allow the user to choose an active point, or to set the AF to use the central point only. Where the GX-10 scores highly is the depth of features and innovations that it boasts, considering its price tag. The Shake Reduction system effectively means that every shot taken on the camera can benefit from image stabilisation if activated. The GX-10 also features a three-stage dust removal system, to ensure that the risk of dust spots affecting images is kept to a minimum. A set of digital filters allows you to shoot images

Supplied accessories D40 body with cap; 18-55mm zoom; strap; EN-EL9 lithium-ion battery; DK-5 eyepiece cap; aMK-23 charger; USB cable; instruction manual & Quick Start Guide; PictureProject 1.7 software CD
The large LCD screen on a digital SLRs allows for instant replay of images. Thats great news if youre trying a technique thats

March 2007



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