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TonyP 12:30am on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 
Great TV. Great Seller. Buy with confidence. 1 week and to my house. Best price other than some questionable sites.
Christian0815 8:22pm on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 
Good set, but not for OTA viewing Samsung HDTVs are highly rated for image quality. A great TV in a nice package with extra features I scoured the reviews before making this purchase, so I hope this helps contribute to your decision.
Meshik 10:12am on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
When this samsung TV arrived our house, every member of my family where particularly amazed by its large size. This was the first HDTV we had. It is true, the picture will blow your mind! We bought it off of We paid $1,350 for it.
mediclancer 8:22am on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
If you are as big of a sports enthusiastic as I am you would really want a truly high definition TV to watch the big games and the best one for that i...
victor davies 7:48pm on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
levar98 8:40pm on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 
Correct scan line problem....replace screen....cost $1065. Not Samsung problem as product was just over one year three months old and out of warranty.
danielferber 4:41am on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
BEAUTIFUL What a beautiful tv. The look of it alone not even on is awesome. I love the red outer shell to it, it is a great addition to the tv.
callmevinay 6:53am on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
Samsung makes the best TV's. BuyDig makes it easy to buy. All the connections options I could ever need","Energy Efficient". Great Picture Quality","Great Sound Quality","Outstanding picture clarity/resolution","Setup is as easy as it gets
likenicegirl 4:45pm on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 
I bought this tv about a yea ago. It was my first HD tv and I did my homework before buying. I knew I wanted a Sony or Samsung. I purchased this TV in Jan 2010 and have been using it for the last several months.
RickyD 5:57am on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 
This TV is amazing for viewing HD movies, absolutely perfect picture quality and sound make for a great experience.
olmer 2:38pm on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 
This is a very high quality HD LCD TV. The picture is very sharp, particularily the HD channels. Setup was very easy.
Helen 7:09am on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 
This TV is great for the consumer based on its price, functionality and ease of operations. although i havent received this product yet but i have seen it in many of the other stores i think it is an amazing television with only an inch depth...

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Big screen internet


Connected gear the easy way

A new era begins at home




Blu-ray and home theatre





3D has arrived, and with Samsung you are at the forefront of this incredible revolution. Discover how to get onboard today.
Better images, advanced features and ready for all your connected content. The 2010 Samsung range is more beautiful than ever.
With a buit-in PVR that saves to your USB drive youll never miss another show. Plus the world of Samsung Apps, a whole world of fun and functional software.
A guide to some of the ways Samsung give you the most complete and advanced screen experience.
Choosing the right TV for every lifestyle and home. Its easy to select a Samsung screen that ts in with your digital life, and turn on the possibilities
Samsung gives you the best gear to create HD movies and images, ready to share with your family and the world on a connected smart set.
Choosing the 2010 Series Samsung LED screen for an unbeatable image brilliance.
A theatre experience in your own home is Samsungs goal, and its never been easier for you to make it happen with the best products for any budget.
Showcasing the new LCD screens from Samsung to make your selection simple. Smart ways to bring together all your gear for a complete solution that works together to make life easy, fun and satisfying.

123D range

Samsung offers a complete range of 3D products.


on your TV
All the benets of Plasma with Samsungs 2010 advances for a picture thats simply beautiful.
With Samsung LED TV youll be ready to make video calls from your Complete the experience lounge room. for maximum enjoyment and control.
Your life online, from the comfort of your living room and on a big screen Samsung FULL HD TV. Change the way you see TV with Samsungs connected vision.
Be ready as change sweeps the way we enjoy our leisure time. Samsungs vision is ready now to deliver a brilliant new world of entertainment.
A powerful new dimension in audio and emotion.

our life at home comes alive as Samsung delivers the heart and soul of entertainment. Only Samsung has the experience, expertise and passion to bring together cutting edge technology that works so seamlessly. 3D is a game changing leap ahead and TV will never be the same again. Waiting ahead is a world of entertainment, sharing and connectivity that will change the way you live. The goal is to give you the very best quality and to deliver it as a gateway to the future of viewing and connected living. The world is changing, with the Internet central to our lives, with shared media content widespread and in massive quantity. Samsung brings it all together with an assurance of innovation and the safety of knowing that whatevers around the corner, your new Samsung screen is ready. Samsung understand that everyone is different. Today with Samsung, we have the power to enjoy our complex digital lives without the fuss. Your devices now talk to each other and the TV the hub where it comes together. The Internet is now part of your TV, with the best content and Apps a click away, and all without getting up from the couch. Todays Samsung products are the result of a dedicated and passionate team working together to redene how we relax at home. Step into the future of TV, today, knowing that only Samsung is able to deliver an expansive yet easy to use range that turns on a better way to live. TV is meant to be about care-free relaxation, and despite the incredible technology under the hood its now so easy to take the step into the new dimension in entertainment.

LED Series 5 (C5000)

A new dimension in entertainment
ver since the dawn of humanity, viewing the world in all its threedimensional glory has been available to us; but only in reality. When it comes to our visual entertainment options, weve had to make do for far too long with only two-dimensional viewing. While 3D technology has been available for quite some time now, access has been available only through select movie theatres and lms. The technology used to be impractical and the results gimmicky at best, but now thats all about to change as 3D is the technology on everyones lips. entertainment industry are jumping behind this exciting and immersive technology. For those of us who have experienced the older forms of 3D movies or television, the possibilities created by Avatars breathtakingly immersive technology were immediately clear. No longer was watching 3D cinema a gimmicky visual medium that was only really noticeable when something appeared to shoot out of the screen. As with the improvements of 3D technology over recent years, the incredible potential for 3D movies and television has increased along with it. Samsung has embraced the immersive entertainment possibilities of this exciting new technology and is at the forefront of bringing this exciting new way to enjoy movies, television shows and so much more into your home. Past promises of 3D now live in the history books, this is 3D that works, works well and is ready for your home, today. Over the following pages youll come to understand how 3D technology works along with its incredible potential for an entirely new level of entertainment. If youre curious about the latest technology that everyones talking about, then read on to see how Samsung can provide the answers in the best possible way. Many of us have seen or, at the very least, know someone who has seen James Camerons recently released blockbuster lm, Avatar. The state-of-the-art 3D technology has shown the world, Hollywood executives and movie patrons alike that 3D is amazing, lifelike and is the future of entertainment, accessible today. With just shy of $2.5 billion in box ofce earnings worldwide (and climbing), its not difcult to see why all the major players in the

The future now

he conversion of Australian television broadcasting from analogue to digital has already begun and will be nalised by 2013. What this equates to is the need to purchase a digital-ready TV in order to future proof your household from the inevitability of digital conversion. A similar logic applies to future proong your household for the inevitability of the rise of 3D technology. When Blu-ray technology was rst released to the public it was competing with HD DVD technology, which left the public divided as to which tech to back; this is not the case with 3D technology which is being universally embraced as the future of visual entertainment. which are adopting 3D technology as the current future of visual entertainment. Major Hollywood studios including Universal, DreamWorks, Disney, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox have all embraced the possibilities of the exciting technology. Television service providers such as TFI, Sky, BBC and Orange are also putting their names behind the exciting new technology as well. With so many major entertainmentproviding contributors already associated with the latest in entertainment technology its only a matter of time before 3D content becomes more widespread and is eventually the expected norm in every household. your favourite TV show in 3D at the push of a button or your next family movie night with an extra dimension of entertainment. Imagine watching the World Cup or other major sporting events with a whole new level of immersion. If you currently watch it in 2D, it can be converted to 3D. Even games can be converted to 3D for a more comprehensive interactive experience.


Its no secret that technology moves fast. It wasnt so long ago that digital TVs were ultra-expensive items that few owned and many envied. Nowadays over 50% of Australian households enjoy digital TV sets the once future of digital TV is now the current reality. The same is true of 3D TV: while now it may be the new tech on the block, in the next 12 months it will be embraced by more and more entertainment providers with exciting possibilities. To ensure that youre not left behind watching 2D television and movies in a world thats falling in love with all things 3D, future proof yourself today.
Its not only leading manufacturers of entertainment peripherals such as Samsung
While 3D technology may still be in its early days, the reality is that the prevalent 2D visual content can be converted to 3D in real time at the push of a button. What this translates to is incredible opportunities for what would have traditionally been a two-dimensional event. Imagine watching

A lot of new technologies can take time to gain momentum and become commonplace: 3D technology is not one of these technologies. In this post-Avatar world we are now entertained in, 3D is being pushed everywhere. Studios are scrambling to convert existing lms into 3D, upcoming blockbusters are being switched to a 3D-shooting format and even real-world entertainment options such as sports providers are exploring the potential of broadcasting in 3D. Avatar director James Cameron has shown the world that 3D technology can be much more than a gimmick and the entertainment industry is quickly evolving to follow suit.

LED TV Series 9 9000

PLASMA TV Series 7 (C7000)

Samsung: Leading the way

ll of the major TV manufacturers have seen the incredible possibilities offered by the recent advancements in 3D technology, but Samsung has designed every 3D component with end-use in mind. Whether its TV set varieties and practicalities, Blu-ray player functionality or the comfort of wearing Samsungs proprietary 3D Active Glasses*, every facet of the experience has been taken into account.
Samsung believes that 3D technology has something for everyone and offers the innovative technology across their television range. Regardless of whether your personal preferences lie with Plasma or the latest range of LED TVs, Samsung has a 3D solution for you. Youll be able to access Samsungs 3DTV in the Plasma 7 Series and the LED 7, 8 & 9 series: ensuring theres a 3DTV on offer for all budgets and digital TV preferences.
time, providing accurate depth mapping that creates an onscreen stereoscopic image that looks natural to the eye. Purchasing a Samsung 3DTV also provides smoother and clearer 3D images. Cross-talk technology has been inbuilt into the LED TV range that reduces the response time between the images displayed between your left and right eyes. Couple this feature with Samsungs advanced icker-reducing technology and the result is a clear image that is a joy to behold. To ensure the best of 3D picture clarity, Samsung has implemented judder-reducing technology to provide the ultimate in smooth and clear 3D imagery. Additional frames are inserted into fast-moving scenes (such as in sports or fast-paced action lms) that reduces the traditional blurring effect and limits image juddering for smooth enjoyment.

Upcoming 3D Blu-rays

y the end of 2010 a number of 3D Blu-ray titles will be available on store shelves, with more expected from 2011 onwards. Check out some of the exciting titles that youll be able to enjoy on your new Samsung 3DTV in the not so distant future. Genre: Horror Rating: MA Be prepared to immerse yourself in a thrilling world of horror where death lurks around every corner. The Final Destination lms are renowned for their ability to provide audiences with increasingly bizarre and over-the-top death sequences. One moment youll be enjoying the calm of a false sense of security, with the next moment assaulting your senses with some rather creative horror. The Final Destination tells the story of a group of ill-fated teens who escape a horric accident only to nd that death is not quite nished with them yet. Better yet, The Final Destination was designed from the ground up to work in 3D and be a wholly immersive horror experience.

Genre: Kids

Rating: PG
While not a live-action lm Monsters vs Aliens is an example of a fantastic kids lm that hit cinemas offering a 3D experience. This lm was designed with 3D in mind from the outset and one only has to look to the many impressive action sequences to understand how a fully computer animated lm can make use of the latest 3D technology in incredible creative ways. Monsters vs Aliens tells the story of Susan Murphy, a bride-to-be whos hit by a meteorite minutes before her wedding. The meteorite is infused with a rare element that causes Susan to grow to an enormous size. Susan is imprisoned by the government with other monsters, the onset of an alien invasion and its up to the monsters to save the day. Perhaps the best thing of all about the Monsters vs Aliens 3D Blu-ray is that its being produced because Samsung pushed for it to specically get the 3D conversion treatment from DreamWorks Animation. The bottom line is that you can rest assured that because of this Monsters vs Aliens will look fantastic on your new Samsung 3DTV and serve as a brilliant 3D experience for kids.

Rating: G

LCD TV Series 7 (C750)

Genre: Family

A Christmas Carol is another example of lmmaking that had a nal 3D product in mind from the outset. Making use of his beloved performance capture technique, Robert Zemeckis brought a stunning recreation of the famous Charles Dickens novel to the big screen in 3D. Soon the whole family can relive the experience on a new Samsung 3DTV. The story follows the miserable Ebenezer Scrooge and his journey of self-discovery and redemption via mysterious visitations of several Christmas apparitions. The lm makes use of Jim Carreys likeness, vocal talents and expressive movements for many of the main characters.

TV began to lose its place in the household, replaced by streaming YouTube videos, Skype calls and all the other online options enjoyed on the home PC. While the humble PC certainly has its place in the home, the TV is nally retaking its place as the entertainment device that the family should gravitate towards. Ladies and gentlemen, the TV has evolved beyond a mere device used to watch your favourite television shows and past a


Samsungs proprietary Internet@TV* functionality, inbuilt to select models of Plasma, LCD and LED TV sets, means that you can nd many more hours of entertainment from the comfort of your favourite sofa. In the past TVs have offered basic internet connectivity and limited access to online content, which was far from ideal. The new range of Samsung TVs have evolved from mere internet-connected devices to full-edged smart TVs. From the main menu of your new Internet@TV-capable Samsung TV, youll be able to have instant access to a various online categories and applications including sports, video, games, lifestyle, information and much more.


In regards to Internet TV, a widget refers to a variety of applications that can be downloaded and installed for use on your Samsung TV. These applications include games, communication, entertainment and much more. From the menu screen youll be able to have fast and easy access to the latest application releases and you can even create a list of favourites that can be sorted into whichever order you so desire. Better still, youll be automatically notied of any updates that are available for your TV or applications when you rst access the Front Gate.
gadget used to occasionally watch movies. Nowadays, while the TV is more than apt at performing show and movie playback, theres so much more variety in what else can be achieved from the comfort of your lounge.
While many are still, and rightly, wowed by the impressive visual and audio quality of todays range of Plasma**, LCD and LED TVs, one doesnt have to look too far to nd further bells and whistles. Samsung now offers a range of TVs that can play all of your

** Internet@TV-compatible Plasma models do not support Skype functionality
Optional Samsung Wireless LAN Adaptor. Sold separately. * Due to the various capabilities of products featuring the Samsung Internet@TV - Content Service, as well as limitations in the available content, certain features, applications, and services may not be available on all devices or in all territories. Some features on Internet@TV may also require additional peripheral devices or membership fees that are sold separately. Please visit for more information on specic device information and content availability. The services and availability of content through Internet@TV are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.

Individual user accounts

Because Internet@TV users can access online features such as YouTube, and Skype, the constant requirement to log in and out of various family members accounts could prove both frustrating and troublesome. Samsung has anticipated this potential hurdle and incorporated different user account functionality for Internet@TV. What this means is that youll be able to create individual user accounts for different family members and save your YouTube and Skype login details to your separate accounts. This functionality also allows users to password protect their individual accounts so your personal information remains secure.

Hands-free conversations

With a Skype webcam (purchased separately from the online Skype store) connected to your Samsung LED TV, youll be ready to make audio or video calls from your lounge room. Simply create or login to your existing Skype account and call anyone whos online on your Skype contact list.** # You wont need to connect an external microphone or bother wearing a clunky headset as the recommended Skype webcam that works best with compatible Samsung LED TV sets has four directional microphones built into it. The recommended Skype webcam also includes a wide-angle camera that means you can easily make calls to friends or family across the globe who can see your whole family there with you on the couch. Imagine being able to make a Skype-toSkype call on a birthday or other special event and surprising your loved ones with a conversation with your whole family; no more having to pass the phone around!

Get the info you need without slowing down your day. Samsung Apps that keep you updated on current News, sport, weather and more via ninemsn, Accu Weather and USA Today are on-screen while you stay on the show you want to watch for natural and seamless updates.


The power to create

Samsung HD camcorders

his year Samsung has introduced some exciting new HD camcorder options across its H and S series. Among the standard technological advances in image quality, youll also be able to have access to advanced storage capabilities by way of solid-state drives (SSD), and camcorders that are even easier to use.
amcorders are by no means an entirely new kind of gadget. For decades now, mums and dads have been lugging around these oncecumbersome recording devices in the hopes of capturing the perfect family moment and immortalising it on tape. Thankfully, advances in technology have been kind on the humble camcorder and it has now evolved to a practical level thats made it accessible to the entire family, combining amazing ease of use with huge improvements in image quality. Now its practcal to bag your camera so youre ready to roll any time!
For those of us who ever had the task of carrying around an old-model camcorder, we know how every not-so-little item added up to quite the burden. Heavy cameras required large tapes to record footage onto, weighty battery packs to power the recording, and if you wanted to carry around spares of either of these you were only increasing the load. Thankfully, advances in camcorder technology have done away with the tape-recording methodology and nowadays simply record onto digital storage. Easy!
The overall size of consumer camcorders has been decreased to the point where one-handed shooting is not only possible but encouraged, and those onceheavy batteries are now compact and lightweight. Best of all, you wont dont have to worry about rewinding tapes again to view their video content or even accidentally record over content that you wanted to keep.
The evolution of camcorder technology brought with it a drastic increase in image quality. For users of modern camcorders they can enjoy all of the glorious quality perks offered by high-
denition (HD) and Full HD recording modes. Better still, if youve recorded your latest home video and want to review it straight away, you can do so by way of HDMI output straight from the camcorder to your TV, with the high-quality footage maintained. Capturing high-quality footage has never been simpler or quicker, with modern compact camcorders starting up in seconds, recording in HD and seamlessly transferring footage to your home computer for editing and/or saving. Nowadays, even some of the Samsung digital still camera range offers the ability to capture HD footage.

HMX-H200 Full HD camcorder
For those looking to enter the wonderful world of HD camcorders, this particular model is a smart choice. Despite its entry-level price tag, the H200 boasts a decent storage capacity, great battery life and enhanced image quality when compared to its main competitors. The H200 shoots in the super-efcient H.264 HD video format, meaning that youll be able to capture more high-quality footage on your camcorder. You can get close to all the action with 20x optical zoom, so you can be close up without having to worry about losing out on quality. A 2.7-inch widescreen LCD screen makes it easy to see what youre recording and you can even make use of a 4.7-megapixel camera for digital still photography. Best of all the H200 is user-friendly. The HD camcorder offers intuitive usage with a simplied user interface, built-in PC software so you can edit from any PC and you can also the battery by way of a USB port.

SMX-F40 camcorder

If youre serious about recording video, but dont need a Full HD camcorder, the SMX-F40 is for you. This model camcorder can shoot in 720x480 resolution and provide outstanding image quality, being fully H.264 compliant and with a massive 52x optical zoom. One of the main attractions of the SMX-F40 camcorder is that it records to convenient removable SD or SDHC cards, for easy swapping as you need more storage. The SMX-F40 also includes inbuilt USB connectivity, which enables you to easily view your latest recording on your Samsung TV, it even charges via the USB, too, so no more lugging around a hefty AC adaptor. Youll also be able to shoot in super-slow motion, make use of time lapse recording which saves single images into movie les and on top of this you can also capture 2-megapixel digital still images. Despite the massive amounts of advanced features within the compact camera body, the SMX-F40 manages to boast a massive 4 hours+ battery life.
Capturing high quality footage has never been simpler or quicker

HMX-U20 HD camcorder

For the ultimate in portability, look no further than the amazing HMX-U20. Despite its ultra convenient pocketable size, it packs in a powerhouse of advanced features. As with the SMX-F40, the HMX-U20 offers the convenience of swappable SDHC storage, youll be able to keep on recording for hours without having to worry about running out of storage capacity, as inserting a replacement SDHC memory card is all you need to keep rolling. Theres also built-in HDMI for connecting to your compatible TV, DVD or Blu-ray player so you can playback footage on a large screen. Its ideal to slip into your bag or pocket before heading out, to capture unexpected moments, or simply for the convenience of top quality in a tiny size. With a 3x zoom and H.264 high denition recording, plus the ability to shoot brilliant 10-megapixel still shots, the HMX-U20 is the ideal solution for family fun or as a perfect travel companion.

* Wireless LAN dongle sold separately ** To view 3D Blu-rays you must also own a 3D TV and use compatible 3D glasses
Samsung: Productivity and communication
n this busy world that we live in, we are required to do more than simply be entertained in our living rooms. We play hard and are expected to work in much the same manner. The good news is that Samsung also offers a selection of products that can help to make working life that little bit easier. Whether you run a business from home or always on the move, Samsung has a product to meet your work needs.
Samsung: Lifestyle and memories
Its important to preserve precious memories captured in video or photographs and showcase them in the right light. You can use a variety of Samsung products to nd the best place to view your latest shots. Whether you want to display images in a digital photo frame, playback footage on your TV or create a personalised screensaver of treasured family photos for your laptop, this can all be achieved with Samsung products. Whats more, with Samsungs AllShare-compatible devices, you can quickly and easily share your latest videos or photographs with items across your home network; its never been so simple.
ith advances in camera technology its easy nowadays to keep a track of all those precious moments; and with Samsung its even easier. Armed with any number of Samsungs digital still cameras or HD camcorders youll be able to capture all of the important times as they happen. Best of all, Samsungs image-capturing products have been designed with optimal end-use in mind, so you wont need to be scratching your head as to how to make it all happen. For the ultimate in user-friendly recording devices that feature a host of intuitive functionalities look to Samsung to help preserve your beloved memories.
This attractive LCD monitor is perfect for the desktop in your study, or as an easier-to-view extension for your work laptop when youre around the house. It features dual inputs, narrow bezel, widescreen display and an adjustable stand. The LCD also sports a high dynamic contrast ratio which provides sharp image quality for whatevers onscreen.
This device is handy for anyone who owns a new optical drive-less Netbook computer, or simply wants to add a more professional touch to their burnt discs. This external DVD burner connects via USB and can write to many common disc types. The added LightScribe functionality enables users to physically imprint custom and preset labels onto the top of their burnt discs that look much more professional than a scrawl of black Texta markings.
What better way to immortalise your next family reunion than with a 35mm wideangle lens that ensures that everyones in the shot without having to bunch up? With 12.2-megapixel resolution capabilities for still photography and the ability to capture 640x480 video, youll be able to keep a quality record of all the important times. One of the greatest features of the PL100 is the front LCD that allows you to take photographs or footage of yourself and keep track of it all while youre shooting. This can potentially save a lot of time as you wont have to be as reliant on reviewing footage; get it right the rst time with the PL100.


Now, and into tomorrow
he TV has well and truly grown up, with Samsung leading the evolution that has taken the once humble TV set from a passive and simple experience, to being the heart of your digital lifestyle. Right now we can have a home experience that delivers the stuff of science ction just a few years ago. Looking ahead to the future, we only have to look at the past few years of incredible revolution to begin to imagine whats around the corner.
Camerons Avatar, already the movie studios have embraced 3D and the ood of titles is beginning. Best of all, the big screen cinema experience lands in your living room with Samsung 3D. Sit back and let yourself be taken away as only 3D can, with the magic enhanced with explosive surround sound speakers.
When at screens arrived a decade ago we instantly took to them solely because they were, well, at. Back then image quality was inferior to a decent Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screen, but it was a fast road to the stunning image quality that now well surpasses old screens. With Full HD now the norm, we really are lled with wonder as rich colours and dazzling clarity come to our homes on screens that dwarf old sets for size. Today, we are on the cusp of another huge leap forward as 3D takes hold. Already, Samsung 3D capable screens are able to convert any existing 2D show into convincing 3D. For such a sophisticated new technology, thats brilliant future-proong that opens the door to a whole new way to watch TV. More and more we will see 3D become the norm, nowhere more than with 3D Blu-ray content. Just this year we have seen the shift. Starting with the wonders of James
Only rarely has such a revolutionary new way to watch TV come along that comes with the promise of ongoing support of the format. For decades there have been occasional cinema 3D movies, of the old green and red glasses variety, but with Samsung 3D there is a tidal wave of support coming from Hollywood. Its not just action blockbusters either. Nature documentaries will really take you there and fuel the imaginations of kids like nothing else. Sports will be increasingly available in 3D, and that will transform the experience for fans into a feeling of being right in the middle of the action. While Samsungs built-in 2D to 3D conversion delivers convincing quality, the very best 3D experience comes when the content is lmed specically for 3D. Thats done using two cameras and producers from Hollywood to documentary shows are embracing 3D. Soon having a 2D-only screen will be a major disadvantage as irresistible 3D experiences spoil us for choice that nobody will want to miss out on.

Gamers are big winners with 3D. Who wouldnt want to kick back and be wrapped up in an epic new game in 3D? Game graphics and sound have reached levels that blow us away, and it is 3D that enables the big leap ahead in how we enjoy them. Lose yourself in the game and feel like youre part of the action like never before. Game developers are as excited as we are about 3D gaming and the games to come will redene how we enjoy our leisure time.
Internet experience. Buying a Samsung HDTV nce. now secures your online future as more and ur more features and content are added all the nd time, changing the way we interact online.
With a nice big Samsung HD screen in your living room, and the comfort of your couch, the days of surng at a computer desk are numbered. The transformation of a dumb set into a smart connected Internet device has happened and its changing the way we live online dramatically. After just one taste of using a connected Samsung TV you wont look back. We love the Internet and its non-stop wonders, with Samsung the gateway to the best of the Internet is well and truly open. Theres nothing quite like doing your social networking on the big screen. Its a natural and relaxed way to access your favourites, and best of all, its ready when you are. Jumping across to check for new messages from your friends during an ad break sure beats making time to sit at your desk, or lugging a laptop around the house. Samsung is dedicated to continual development to bring you a rich and complete
As your digital life grows, your Samsung ife HDTV is ready to keep pace and serve as HQ o Central for the things you enjoy most. The fuss has been taken out of how you manage aken your favourite content, whether music, music, ontent, photos and more. The Samsung TV exists as re. a portal for the vast myriad of content we all accumulate. It is the big HD screen in the s most comfortable room in the house where ble everything comes together. Its comfortable, es its easy and it makes sense. Setting up a connected Samsung TV takes moments and is stress-free, and then youre s set to enjoy whatever your future brings. atever Samsung and other devices talk to the HDTV, ther letting the big screen do the job its best suited creen to. Every time you come home with ou new photos or movies on your camera or phone, the Samsung HDTV DTV lay is ready to display them, right where ere they should be. Enjoying your music collection returns ection m to the living room where your HT system plays it best, and s away from the computer which sticks to the job of storage. ge.


Industry leading technology allowing ultra-smooth and natural images by creating 600 subelds every second.


Automatically adjusts the LED backlight to give superior colour and detail for best viewing regardless of whats on the screen or your ambient lighting.


The highest resolution available on high denition screens, giving 1080 vertical lines of non-interlaced display and ensuring a super-detailed crisp image.
*Features included vary depending on model.


Samsung LED
From within a slim and beautiful screen bursts a world of stunning clarity. Samsung LED is the ultimate expression of todays Full HD experience. Colours leap from the screen naturally, a brilliance of quality that is unmatched spoils you with the very best experience a screen can deliver. Give yourself the very best, with Samsung LED.

LED TV Series 9 (C9000)

2010 lineup: LED TV
Series 4 (C4000) Series 5 (C5000) Series 6 (C6900) Series 7 (C7000) Series 8 (C8000) Series 9 (C9000)






22, 37, 40, 46 Energy Star Ratings not available at time of print 46 55
65 Energy Star Rating not available at time of print Energy Star Rating not available at time of print



MRT Model Code





DISPLAY Ultra Clear Panel VIDEO Resolution Dynamic Contrast Ratio Picture Engine Wide Color Enhancer Plus 100/200Hz Motion Plus Clear Motion Rate Precision Dimming AUDIO Dolby SRS dts 2.0 + Digital Out Sound Output (RMS) Speaker Type Woofer DNSe Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby pulse SRS TheaterSound Yes 15W x 2 Stand Built-In Yes No 1920x1080 Mega 3D HyperReal Engine Yes Yes (200Hz) 800 No Yes DISPLAY Ultra Clear Panel Yes VIDEO Resolution Dynamic Contrast Ratio Picture Engine Wide Color Enhancer Plus 100/200Hz Motion Plus Clear Motion Rate Precision Dimming AUDIO Dolby SRS dts 2.0 + Digital Out Sound Output (RMS) Speaker Type Woofer DNSe

46 (116cm)

Yes 1920 x 1080 Mega 3D HyperReal Engine Yes Yes (200Hz) 800 Yes Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby pulse SRS TheaterSound Yes 10W x 2 Down Firing Yes No

55 (138cm)

Yes 1920 x 1080 Mega 3D HyperReal Engine Yes Yes (200Hz) 800 Yes Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby pulse SRS TheaterSound Yes 15W x 2 Down Firing Yes No

Front and Back Dual LCDs Smart Face Recognition Perfect Portrait System
Water-proof up to 3 meters All weather camera even in the deserts Sylish Design


Smart Night Mode Dust-proof Button-pad Anti-scratch Mask
Smart Auto Perfect Portrait System VGA Movie Recording (MJPEG)


2010 lineup: Camcorders


Wi-Fi (DLNA Supported) Smart OIS 18x Intelli-Zoom (15x Optical Zoom)


25degree Active Angled Lens 12x Intelli-Zoom (8x Optical Zoom) Plug & Play built-in PC S/W (Intelli-Studio)

Samsung accessories

Samsung designs products with your lifestyle in mind. With the addition of select accessories your new HDTV takes on new capabilities and ts your lifestyle better. Take advantage of the potential in your Samsung set and add accessories to enhance the experience.


Smart OIS 20x Optical Zoom 4.7Megapixels Photo


Long Battery Life (4h 20min.) Plug & Play built-in PC S/W (Intelli-Studio) Battery Charging via USB


Stylish Color Accent 25degree Active Angled Lens Plug & Play built-in PC S/W (Intelli-Studio)
One-touch internet sha uch sharing


3x Optical Zoom One Touch Sharing to YouTube/ Facebook Plug & Play built-in PC S/W (Intelli-Studio)
Touch Remote Control Wireless LAN Adapter 3D Active Glasses



Coupe 2001 Lavamat 700 MZ-E800 P2770H VGP-brmp10 GXP280 MSC-A07YV VT3800 M237WD-PX FS620 CD1451B 53 SPH-I325 21PT1967 SD-270E KP-41S4B YP-U2RXB Multiview FFH-313A PN58C8000YF NF-M2-nview VGN-BX51VN Orelia S Bullet 150 AVR-4810CI Anthem X 700 V SV-SD300 KV-21DA1 MW82N-B SKF-340F Lifebook S760 Md7261 CDX-397MK2 604-8G Manager XV250S 6VIA83 AK77333 RS-M205 DVD-P249M Asus A5 UE40C5000 32PF3321 AQ12FKN ICD-B5 26-3820 MFC-8840DN Aspire 3630 Black Evo3 ICF-CD533 DVA-9965R Diary GR-D30us-gr-d30 Istdl2 YP-U4JQB SCD-XA9000ES 71002 Yamaha M-35 Enlarger EPL-6100 Drive MCM277 05 PDX-Z9 DR-M10s-dr-m10 PV-DV951D AL1951 Mp3 E2 EQS560 HD-H1 0TGL 101925 ESF6120 Numark WS32 Scanner CS-PA9GKD 10300000 Macaron DTI-520 DRC8005N G600P MP-320 WM2487hrma KRF-X7775D Navigator CD-2E 3M S15I Elna 7200 R1200GS DPA-800 Aficio2022-27 42LH50 CD 560 MC102 Chartplotter Finepix A370 Wall E PRO-smart COM Carminat NN-A574 50 2T Cookers


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