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Samsung Syncmaster 2494HSBrateck PLB-42-BLK-486 Ultra-Slim Black Adjustable Tilt/Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS 24 inch LCD Monitor HDTV TV/Television - Low Profile
This is an Ultra-Slim Angle Adjustable Black Wall Mount Bracket for LCD and Plasma Televisions. Using this mount, the back of your television is only 1.81" from the wall when the mounting arms are parallel to the wall. This Wall Mount supports most* 23" to 37" flat panel screens and lcd/plasma TVs. It supports up to 165 lbs and features a built-in leveling bubble. Its simple to align brackets and unique wall plate can be mounted to a variety of wall constructions including wood st... Read more

Brand: Brateck
Part Number: PLB-42-BLK-486
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Samsung Syncmaster 24 Inch Monitor Review


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coume 3:49am on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 
Very clear/sharp display This is an upgrade from Dell20". I like Samsung display. This is my 2nd Samsung. 1920x1280 is excellent. Good deal I bought 3 of these when Amazon had them for 200 a piece. 3 negatives: 1 The blinking blue light when the monitor is off.
mraymus 6:13am on Friday, September 10th, 2010 
I watch movies on my computer. I do not own a big TV yet and use my computer for all video/movie viewing.
dmgmidoh 8:32am on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 
lasted much longer then my samsung 20" (less then 1 yr) sucks dat my resolutions dun match exactly.....
WildHunter 6:04pm on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 
You better get your paws on this baby at the current price!! You cannot get any better than this, seriously..
bnath 3:16am on Monday, July 5th, 2010 
"I got this for christmas and it is one of the clearest and sharpest pictures out there. works great for a monitor, TV.
laserbeak43 3:29pm on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
"I had purchased this monitor as an upgrade from a 22" monitor and what a difference it made. Everything is so much larger and clearer.
dwhisnant 4:47am on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 
"I am using this monitor with a Mac Pro and am totally happy. "After playing on a Dell 19" for along time,i decided to look for a bigger monitor.Since my big srceen is a samsung,i thought...hmmm why not.
cargen 7:12pm on Sunday, April 18th, 2010 
I think that Samsung makes some very nice screens for the money. They seem to have every bit as nice a image as NEC at a much lower price. The stand is not adjustable (no height, tilt or swivel) and puts the base of the monitor about 2.5" above the desk. If that works for you.
Igi 4:55am on Friday, April 9th, 2010 
Bad experience this time I buy a few products here at Amazon mostly good transaction, but this time its bad . OK BUT ... I just replaced two 19" monitors in my configuration and am pleased with the view and sharpness of these monitors.
PD 6:08pm on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 
I had been looking for a larger monitor and I came across this samsung and it has exceeded all expectations, great quality and price. Thanks! This is a great monitor, just right for my laptop.

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Acer X193WABD


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BenQ G2410HD

19TFT Monitor X193WABD 16:9 10000:1,5ms,300cd/mDVI/Analog Dual In


20TFT Monitor X203HBD 16:9 10000:1,5ms,300cd/mDVI/Analog Dual In, Superkontrast, Black


22 TFT Monitor Black HDTV 20000:1,5ms,300cd/m,DVI/Ana Dual In


24 TFT Monitor Black, Full HD 40000:1,2ms,300cd/m/DVI


LG Electronics Flatron W2261VP


Samsung Syncmaster P2250


Samsung Syncmaster 2494HS


Samsung Syncmaster T260
22TFT Monitor W2261VP FullHD 20000:1,2ms,300cd/mDVI/HDMI Three-In,Superkontrast,Black


22TFT Monitor P2250 2ms DVI 50000:1,300cd/mDVI/Analog Dual-In,Superkontrast,Black


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Keyboard / Mouse

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Laser All-in-One

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19 Zoll TFT Monitor

449.90 519.90 159.90
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Acer X193WABD 19TFT Monitor X193WABD 16:9 Philips 190B9CS 19TFT Monitor 190B9CS Philips 190S9FB 19TFT Monitor 190S9FB Philips 190S9FS 19 TFT Monitor Silver Philips 190SW9FS 19TFT Monitor 190SWFS

20 - 21 Zoll TFT Monitor

149.90 239.90 189.90 199.90 159.90
Acer X203HBD 20TFT Monitor X203HBD 16:9

22 Zoll TFT Monitor

Acer FTFT Monitor Black Acer X223HQBD 22 TFT Monitor Black HDTV Acer X233Hbd 23TFT Monitor X233HBD 16:9 Hewlett Packard 2229H 22TFT Monitor 2229H HDMI USB2 LG Electronics Flatron W2261VP 22TFT Monitor W2261VP FullHD LG Electronics Flatron W2284F 22TFT Monitor W2284F Packard Bell Maestro 222WS 22TFT Black,222WS FullHD,HDMI Packard Bell Maestro 242WS 24TFT Black,242WS FullHD,HDMI Philips 220SW9FB 22TFT Monitor 220SWFB Samsung Syncmaster 2343BW 23TFT Monitor 2343BW Full HD Samsung Syncmaster P2250 22TFT Monitor P2250 2ms DVI Samsung Syncmaster P2370 23TFT Monitor P2370 Full HD Samsung Syncmaster P2450H 24TFT Monitor P2450H 2ms HDMI Samsung Syncmaster SM2233RZ 22TFT Monitor 2233RZ 3D

24 - 30 Zoll TFT Monitor

269.90 179.00 249.00 249.00 239.00 249.90 289.90 349.00 209.90 299.90 203.15 339.00 399.00 449.90
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Laser B/W

259.00 979.90 819.90 459.90 589.00 239.90 289.00 469.90 529.90 299.00 459.90 529.90 149.90
BenQ G2410HD 24 TFT Monitor Black, Full HD LG Electronics Flatron W2442P 24TFT W2442P, Full HD LG Electronics Flatron W2486L 24LED TFT W2486L,FullHD,2ms LG Electronics Flatron W2600H 26TFT Monitor W2600H Full HD LG Electronics Flatron W2753V 27TFT W2753V,FullHD,16:9,HDMI Philips 240SW9FS 24TFT 240SW9FS,Full HD Samsung Syncmaster 2443BW 24TFT Monitor 2443BW, Full HD Samsung Syncmaster 2494HM 24TFT Monitor 2494HM, Full HD Samsung Syncmaster 2494HS 24 TFT Monitor Black, Full HD Samsung Syncmaster 2693HM 26TFT Monitor 2693HM, Full HD Samsung Syncmaster T260 26TFT Monitor T260, Full HD


Technical specifications

Full description

This is an Ultra-Slim Angle Adjustable Black Wall Mount Bracket for LCD and Plasma Televisions. Using this mount, the back of your television is only 1.81" from the wall when the mounting arms are parallel to the wall. This Wall Mount supports most* 23" to 37" flat panel screens and lcd/plasma TVs. It supports up to 165 lbs and features a built-in leveling bubble. Its simple to align brackets and unique wall plate can be mounted to a variety of wall constructions including wood studs or concrete. Also included is all mounting hardware and simple to follow installation instructions.



Dvdq35-751 Bx1300LCD DXZ468RMP Groupwise 8 CDX-390 Manual M2NBP-vm CSM Peugeot LXR Alcatel-lucent 4012 TA-AV571 Driver Reference Card Scph-30004 FAX-4100E TE 76 CR-325 DO805WD E1245 AE3625 Canon AV-1 KX-F230 FC930W Nokia 6681 DN-D4000 CT470 MD 7425 CP720 Probe-1997 DW-8000 FS-8000 VRX653R PI 553 A330ION 100 Plus Siemens M50 Motorola V3 HQ8250 17 ART 406 21PV320 Rc-ez35 Problems RS25fams SL-S112 3400MP KX-TG1102CX KTC-1000R TX-36PD30 Comptabilite 11 Ixus 65 KV-28DA55 MC-CL673 DE 4944 E-300L ASI6231N Maestro 3140 Gzmg130US-GZ-mg130 LBP3300 X-450 Specs Vapeur Aerox50-2005 Integral2 Poly-800 WS500 QSN Super 90 Specifications AD-1110W MCD11E3W CDR-205X Aktivsubwoofer MIM 2190 Flasher IA120 Mixer KSM5 FS-1116MFP IWD 5105 DEX-P9R Impressa E85 EW932S RSX-1056 PCV-RX413N USB 330 3 6 MB85-P-037 Edge 500 L1752T-SF 6 DL4 AAC5040 SCX-4828FN XEV RL36sbsm Touch 585 KV-25X5B VPC-TH1GX Speed 50 EX-S500 CT-5071E PSC 2355 20MF15GT KDC-4021V Gunship MP640 SLV-D950B Recorder SN-DF711 DVP-S725D


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