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Sony Ericsson T630


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kadaniel 7:28pm on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 
The high-resolution TFT color screen makes the T630 a visual delight. Indoors or outdoors, the colors and contrasts remain sharp, bright and clear.
donna_fleury 11:18am on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
The T630 has a style and attitude of its own. Strong colors, an integrated camera and a super-clear display signal visual power. And with the T630. It can either be Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, LG, Motorola, etc. etc., then every thing follows. 2.) Style.
dw17 3:54am on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 
T630 is the follow-on from Sony Ericssons T610. The actually look of the handset is very very similar to that of the T610. A very handy phone:fairly old but does what it is meant to.
mlist 12:10am on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
I have been using this Sony Ericsson T630 mobile phone for 6 months now and have found it to be great in some ways and a pain in o... This Sony Ericsson T630 mobile phone looks stunning, as you can tell from the picture no doubt.
mganley 4:07am on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 
I was first attracted to its purely white look and find its design feiminine and suitable for ladies. More than worth its price. Great screen. Good design. Nice to have Bluetooth. Cam not exciting but fun. Speaker missing. Battery short life.
some 5:55am on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 
Sony Ericsson t630 will be shooting mode is set to "macro", the aircraft still have autofocus function.
OOoUser 4:43am on Monday, March 15th, 2010 
When I first saw this Sony Ericsson T630 mobile phone, I was very, very impressed with the overall functionality of it.

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press press press

shift between capital and press lower-case letters letter enter numbers delete letters and numbers

, then the

Delete and edit If you add items, for example, a contact, a note, an appointment or a WAP bookmark, you can delete or edit them. To delete an item Select an item and press.
press and hold any of the number keys press
shift between multitap or press and hold T9 Text input methods shift between input languages (including character or numeric) press and hold
To edit an item Select an item, press More, and choose from the list of options. Online services Online services are customized services offered by network operators, independently of mobile phones and mobile phone manufacturers. A SIM card which supports Online services works in the same way as a normal SIM card. When you have inserted your SIM card and turned on your phone, your network operator can download data to your SIM card. When you restart your phone after the first data download, a new submenu appears under the menu.
Help texts More information, explanations or tips about selected menus or functions are available in your phone. To get help Select the menu or function and press Info.
To enter your new menu system Scroll to Connectivity, Online services. Note: This menu only appears if your SIM card supports this service. Some operators may not use the name Online services. Your phone may not support all of the services offered.

Menu overview

Operator direct link Internet services Entertainment Camera Messaging My friends Pictures & sounds
Games & more Other games
Text Picture Call voice mail E-mail WAP push Area info Options
My pictures More pictures My sounds More sounds Themes More themes Picture editor Music DJ Record sound




Call contact Find and send** Add contact Manage contact Pictures Personal rings Voice commands Special numbers Advanced Options
Missed calls Calling local* Call list Switch to line 1* Divert calls Manage calls Time and cost Next call Options
Online services* Bluetooth Infrared port WAP options Synchronization GSM Networks Data comm. Accessories

Calendar Notes Alarms Timer Stopwatch Calculator Code memo
Sounds and alerts Display Profiles Language Time and date Voice control Locks Handsfree Master reset
* Please note that some menus are operator, network and subscription dependent. ** Only visible during calls
Entering letters You can enter letters, for example, when you add names to the Phonebook, write text messages or enter WAP addresses. Apart from the way you normally enter letters in your phone, using multitap text input, you can use T9 Text Input for entering text messages and e-mail, for example, if the input language you select supports this. T9 Text Input is a predictive input method and is a quicker way to write texts. See T9 Text Input on page 15. Input languages Before you start entering letters, you need to select the input languages that you want to use when writing. To select input languages 1. Scroll to Settings, Language, Input. 2. Scroll to the language that you want to use for entering letters and check each language you want. 3. Press Ok to exit the menu. When writing, you can switch to one of your selected input languages by pressing More and then selecting Input language. See The list of options on page 16.
14 Getting to know your phone
Multitap text input When saving names in the Phonebook or when writing WAP addresses, you enter letters using multitap text input. You press each key as many times as needed to show the letter you want. In the following example, we are going to write a name in the Phonebook. To enter letters using multitap text input 1. Scroll to Phonebook, Add contact. 2. Press Add and then the appropriate key, , or , repeatedly until the character you want appears in the display. See the table below: Note: Multitap input only applies when Latin characters are selected as input language.

Press to get

. , - ? ! @ : ; / ( )1 ABC2 DEF3 GHI4 JKL5

to get

MNO6 PQRS7 TUV8 WXYZ9 +0 Space for an options list to delete letters and numbers to shift between capital and lower-case letters press and hold to enter numbers
To enter a C, press and hold the press.

volume key and

T9 Text Input You can use T9 Text Input when writing, for example, text messages and e-mail. The T9 Text Input method uses a built-in dictionary that recognizes the most commonly used word for each sequence of key presses. This way, you press each key only once, even if the letter you want is not the first letter on the key. To shift from multitap to T9 text input method Press and hold. To enter letters using T9 Text Input 1. Scroll to Messaging, Text, Write new. 2. For example, if you want to write the word Jane, press , , ,. 3. If the word shown is the one you want: Press to accept and add a space. (To accept a word without adding a space, press.)
Example: To enter an A, press once. To enter a B, quickly press twice. To shift between capital and lower-case letters, press , then enter the letter. Tip: You can also use the volume keys as a shortcut to certain letters: To enter a B, press and hold the volume key and press.

Calling your voice mail service You can easily call your voice mail service by pressing and holding , if you have saved your voice mail number in the phone. You get the number from your service provider. To enter the number, scroll to Messaging, Options, Voice mail number. Call time and cost During a call, the duration of the call is shown in the display. If you subscribe to cost information, the call cost (or the number of call units) is displayed. You can check the duration of your last call, outgoing calls and the total time. To check the call time, scroll to Calls, Time and cost, Call timers and select an option. To reset the call time meter, select Reset timers. You can check the cost of your last call and the total cost of your calls. To check the call cost, scroll to Calls, Time and cost, Call costs and select an option. To reset the call cost meter, select Clear total cost.

42 Calling

Note: If you subscribe to cost information, you must enter your PIN2 to clear the cost or time counter. Setting the call cost You can use the Tariff function to specify the price per call unit. If you do not specify a price per call unit, the number of call units appears. To enter the price per call unit Scroll to Calls, Time and cost, Call costs, Set tariff. Enter your PIN2, Ok. Select Change, Ok. Enter the code for the currency you want, (for example GBP for Pounds Sterling), Ok. 5. Enter the price per call unit, Ok. To enter a decimal point, press. 1. 2. 3. 4. Credit limit for calls You can enter a total amount of money that can be used for making calls. When the amount reaches zero, no more calls can be made. Please note that the credit limit is only an estimated value.
To set a credit limit Scroll to Calls, Time and cost, Call costs, Set credit. Enter your PIN2, Ok. Select Change, Ok. Enter an amount, Ok. Diverting calls If you cannot answer incoming voice, fax or data calls, you can divert them to another number, for example your answering service. For voice calls, you can choose between the following divert alternatives: Divert always divert all voice calls. When busy divert calls if you are already on the phone. Not reachable divert calls if your phone is turned off or if you are unreachable. No reply divert calls that you do not answer within a specified time limit (operator-dependent). Note: When the Restrict calls function is on, some Divert calls options cannot be activated.
To turn on a call divert Scroll to Calls, Divert calls. Select a call category and then a divert alternative. Select Activate. Enter the phone number to which you want your calls to be diverted and press Ok, or retrieve it from the Phonebook. To turn off a call divert, select a divert option and select Cancel.


Your phone supports various messaging services. Please contact your service provider for details of which services you can use. For more information about text, see Entering letters on page 14. Text messaging Text messages can be sent to one person, several recipients or to a group of recipients that you have saved in the Phonebook. See Groups on page 34. Text messages can also contain pictures, animations, melodies and sounds. Before you start First make sure that the number of your service centre is set. The number is supplied by your service provider and is usually saved on the SIM card.
To set the service centre number 1. Scroll to Messaging, Text, Options, Service centres. If the service centre number is saved on the SIM card, it appears in the display. 2. If there is no number in the list, select New number, Add. 3. Enter the number, including the international + sign and country code, Ok. Sending text messages For information about entering letters, see Entering letters on page 14. To write and send a text message 1. Scroll to Messaging, Text, Write new. 2. Write your message, press Continue and the following options appear: Contacts send the message to a phonebook entry. Phone number send the message to a phone number. SIM entries send the message to an entry on your SIM card. Unsaved numbers send the message to a number in your unsaved list.
3. Enter a recipients phone number or press Look up to retrieve contact information. 4. Press Send. Note: If you send a text message to a group, you are charged for each member of that group. 1. 2. 3. 4. To insert an item in a text message Scroll to Messaging, Text, Write new. While writing your message press More. Select Insert item. Select Picture, Sound effect, Melody, Animation or Picture (other). 5. Select an item, Yes. Text formatting You can change the style, size and alignment of the text, and create new paragraphs, in a text message. To format the text in a text message 1. Scroll to Messaging, Text, Write new. 2. Write the text message. Press More. 3. Select Text format. Then select Text style, Text size, Alignment or New paragraph. 4. Select a text format, Ok.
Note: Text formatting only applies when Latin characters are used. Receiving text messages When you receive a text message, the phone beeps and the message Read now? appears in the display. Press Yes to read the text message, or No if you want to read the message later. You may not receive all parts of a long message at the same time. While reading the text message you can, for example, start a chat session with the sender or go to a WAP address found in the text message. When you have read the text message, press More to view a list of options. Press to close the text message. Calling a number in a text message You can call a phone number that appears in an text message. Select the phone number, Call. Saving incoming text messages Incoming text messages are saved in the phone memory. When the phone memory is full, you must delete messages or move them to the SIM card to be able to receive new messages.

Before you start First make sure that you have: Set up a data account. See Data account on page 65. Set up and selected an e-mail account. See E-mail account settings on page 69. Sending and receiving e-mail messages The Send and receive option offers the fastest way to send e-mail messages saved in the Outbox and check for new e-mail messages. To write and send an e-mail message 1. Scroll to Messaging, E-mail, Write new. 2. Select: To: Then add name, enter an e-mail address, or retrieve an e-mail address from the Phonebook or Archive. To retrieve a saved address from the Phonebook or retrieve received messages in your inbox, press Look up and select either Phonebook or Archive. When you have finished adding recipients, press Done to return to writing an e-mail message. Cc: If you want to send a copy of the message to someone.

58 Messaging

Priority: Set the message priority. Subject: Write a title, Ok. Text: Write your message, Ok. Attachments Add pictures to a message. 3. Select one of the following: Send now The e-mail message is sent. Send with attach. You can attach a picture from My pictures or from a digital camera connected via IR. Select a picture and press Send. Save to outbox The e-mail message is saved in the Outbox. Save to drafts The e-mail message is saved in the Drafts folder. Send and receive in the E-mail menu All e-mail messages in the Outbox are sent. To receive and read e-mail messages 1. Scroll to Messaging, E-mail, Send and receive. 2. When the e-mail messages have been downloaded to the phone, scroll to Messaging, E-mail, Inbox to read them.
Note: The number of e-mail messages saved in the phone depends on size or you can download headers only. See E-mail account settings on page 69. All e-mail messages are also saved on your e-mail server. An arrow in the top or bottom left corner indicates that there are more messages on the server. To reply to an e-mail message 1. Select Reply. 2. Select Write new or Include this msg to include the received message. 3. Write a message, Send. To save an e-mail address or a phone number When the e-mail address or phone number is highlighted, select Save. Archiving You can archive an e-mail message in order to read it later. You can archive only as much text as the display shows.
To archive an e-mail message 1. Open the e-mail message. 2. Make sure that the text you want to archive is visible in the display. 3. Place the cursor in the text and press More. 4. Select Copy to archive The text can be found in Archive in the menu. To delete an e-mail message (POP3 users) 1. Scroll to Messaging, E-mail, Inbox. 2. Scroll to the message and press More. 3. Select Mark for deletion. The message is deleted the next time you connect to your e-mail server by selecting Send and receive. To delete e-mail messages (IMAP4 users) 1. Scroll to Messaging, E-mail, Inbox. 2. Scroll to the message and press More. 3. Select Mark for deletion. The message is marked for deletion on the server. 4. Select Empty inbox in the Options menu. 5. Choose if new e-mails should be downloaded. 6. The messages are deleted on the server.

Copy outgoing Select On, if you want e-mail messages sent from your phone also to be sent to an e-mail address of your choice. This way, your sent messages are copied and can be saved for future reference. Check interval Select how often you want the phone to connect to your e-mail server and check for incoming e-mail messages. If you have both an office and a home e-mail account, you can set one of them as default: Select Set account from the Messaging, E-mail, Options menu and select the account. Internet At you can get support on how to enter your e-mail settings. Use the e-mail configurator to set up your phone for e-mail, or read the Getting Started document. Contact your network operator for information about your settings.

Using WAP

Your phone has a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browser and e-mail messaging which are designed to bring a modified Internet to your mobile phone. A wide range of services are available, for example, news, entertainment, timetables, reservations, banking, e-commerce, positioning and e-mail. Before you start First make sure that you have: A phone subscription that supports data transmission. Correct settings in your phone for mobile Internet, WAP and/or e-mail messaging. Registered as a WAP/E-mail user with your network operator or service provider. Note: See E-mail account settings on page 69 or E-mail on page 57 for more information about e-mail set-up and messaging.
To select a WAP profile 1. Scroll to Connectivity, WAP options, WAP profiles. 2. Select the profile you want to use. You then return to the WAP options menu and the WAP profile is selected. Using the WAP browser To start browsing Select either the top middle or top left icon on the desktop. When the WAP page is loaded into the phone, press More and select from the following: Open your home page at the top of the list, for example, SonyEricsson. Go to one of your bookmarks. Select Bookmarks. Enter the address of a WAP site. Select Enter address, to enter a new WAP address or select one of the 10 most recently entered addresses. Tip: When you enter a WAP address, the normal http:// prefix is not needed. To exit WAP and disconnect Press More and scroll to Exit WAP.
Options when browsing 1. Select More. 2. Select one of the following: Go to the home page set for the current profile. Add the site you are currently browsing to your list of bookmarks, or see the list of bookmarks for the current profile. Enter the WAP address of a site you want to visit. Save a picture from the site. Send a text message with a link to the current WAP page to another phone. Send a link to the current site to another phone via infrared or Bluetooth. Refresh the contents of the WAP page. Disconnect and go to standby. Display current status information, for example, profile, access type, connection time, data rate, security, address. Set the current site as the home page of the WAP profile you are using. Push inbox for incoming messages via WAP. Note: If you select an e-mail address when browsing a WAP site, you can reply with a text message.

Transferring and exchanging information 75
Sending and receiving To send an item using Bluetooth wireless technology, you need to make sure that the devices are within 10 metres. To send an item After you select Bluetooth as the transfer method, a list of possible receivers is presented. First in the list will be the last device you were in contact with and devices that have been previously added to your phone. The phone also searches for other devices which are shown in the list Tip: You can send certain items in your phone (calendar overviews, appointments and tasks, contacts, text messages) to specific Bluetooth printers. Note: In countries where the use of Bluetooth wireless technology is not allowed, you must ensure that the Bluetooth function is set to Off.
Infrared port You can use the built-in infrared port to establish contact between your phone and a PC or another device equipped with an infrared port. Activate the infrared port Before you can connect to another infrared device you have to activate the infrared port in your phone. To activate the infrared port, scroll to Connectivity, Infrared port. From standby, you can also select More , Turn on infrared. To connect two devices 1. Place your phone as in the picture. The infrared port on the phone must face the infrared port on the other device.
Note: If you are connecting to a PC, make sure your PC has activated infrared communication (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Infrared, Options tab, Enable infrared communication). 2. Your phone now establishes contact with the other device. Synchronization You can synchronize the calendar and Phonebook in your phone with similar programs in, for example, a PC, PDA or mobile phone and with similar programs on the Internet. To select which order first name and last name appear in the phone when you synchronize contacts, scroll to Phonebook, Options, Synchronize view. Synchronization with nearby devices After installing the synchronization program from the Sony Ericsson WAP site,, you can synchronize your phone with your PC.
A status bar shows the progress of the synchronization. If you use a cable, the synchronization starts as soon as you connect the cable. For more information, please refer to the synchronization software online help. Internet synchronization You can synchronize your mobile phone contacts, appointments and tasks with similar programs on the Internet, using WAP. Contact your network operator for more information about these programs on the Internet and to receive user id, password and addresses for the different programs. You must also have a WAP profile set in your mobile phone. Fax and data calls Send fax and data calls To send fax messages and make data calls, you need to connect your phone to a computer, and then start the appropriate software program.

Forgot your password? If you forget your password, just enter any password to access the Code memo function. The checkword and codes that are then shown are incorrect. You must now reset the Code memo. To reset code memo 1. Press More, Reset. 2. Reset code memo? appears. Press Yes. The Code memo is reset and all entries are cleared. The next time you enter the Code memo, you must start at To open code memo for the first time on page 80. Calendar You can use the calendar to keep track of important meetings that you need to attend, phone calls that you need to make or tasks that you need to do. The calendar can be synchronized with a PC calendar or, using WAP, with a calendar on the Web. For more information see Synchronization on page 77.
Appointments and tasks You can save up to 300 appointments and 80 tasks in your calendar, depending on the size of each item. You can choose to add a new appointment or task, or to use an old appointment or task as a template by copying and editing it. Tip: When you are in the list of appointments and tasks for a certain day, you can press More to edit, delete, reschedule, send or copy. You can also call a number included in a phone call task. To add a new appointment 1. Scroll to Organizer, Calendar, Add appointment. 2. Enter the appropriate information, for example, subject, location, icon and times. Confirm each entry with Ok, Select, or Save. 3. If you want to set a reminder for your appointment, select a reminder. To add a new task 1. Scroll to Organizer, Calendar, Tasks, New task, Add. 2. Select a category. If the category is a phone call, enter the phone number, Ok.

More features 81

3. Enter a subject, Ok. 4. If you want to set a reminder for your appointment, press Yes. Save the date and time. Viewing your calendar To view your calendar content, scroll to Organizer, Calendar, and then select one of the following: View today All appointments for today as well as unfinished tasks are shown. View week Move within and among the days by moving the joystick. Press Select to view a certain day. View month Move within and among the days or weeks by moving the joystick. Press Select to view a certain week. Days on which you have appointments are marked in bold. Tip: In the monthly and weekly views, you can go to next week by pressing 3, to next month by pressing 6 and to next year by pressing 9. You can go back a week, a month or a year by pressing 1, 4, and 7 respectively. To reach the current day, press.

Calendar settings Select Options from the Organizer, Calendar menu and then select one of the options: View. Starting day Select a start day for the week. Week display Select 5-day week or 7-day week. Profile switch If you want the phone to remind you to switch profile when a meeting is about to start, select Manual. If you want the profile to be switched automatically, select Auto, then select a profile. Reminders Select Always if you want the reminder to sound even though the phone is turned off. Check the status You can check how much space is left for new appointments and tasks To check the status, scroll to Organizer, Calendar, Advanced, Memory status. Tip: To delete all appointments and tasks in your calendar, select Delete all in the Advanced menu.
Exchanging calendar entries You can send and receive appointments and tasks using Bluetooth wireless technology, the infrared port or picture message. To send an appointment or a task 1. In the list of appointments and tasks for a certain day, scroll to the item you want to send and press More. 2. Select Send. 3. Select a transfer method. To receive an appointment or a task 1. From standby, press More and scroll to Turn on Bluetooth or Turn on infrared. Both the infrared port and the Bluetooth function are activated. 2. Add appointment? or Add task? appears. Press Yes to save the appointment or task in your calendar. If your calendar is full, you must remove calendar items before you can save any new ones.
Find an appointment or task You can search for appointments and tasks that contain a specific text. To search for appointments or tasks 1. Scroll to Organizer, Calendar, Advanced, Find. 2. Check or uncheck if you want to search for appointments or tasks (if you have added any). Press Ok. 3. Enter the text you want to search for, Ok. Appointments or tasks that match your search are shown. Select to view the item or edit, delete, reschedule, send, or copy the item by pressing More. Sound recorder With the Sound recorder function, you can record either your own memos or calls. All participants in the call are automatically recorded. The recording is stopped if any party ends the call. The recordings are saved in your mobile phone and can be accessed even if you change your SIM card.
Note: In some countries or states it is required by law that you inform the other person before recording the call. To record a call 1. During the call press the joystick. 2. Select Record. To start a sound recording 1. Scroll to Pictures & sounds, Record sound. 2. Wait until you hear a tone. When the recording starts, the display shows Recording together with the time of the current recording. To end the recording Press Stop. Tip: You can start recording or listening to recordings with a voice command. See Voice control on page 36. The recording stops automatically if you receive an incoming call or when the call ends. You hear a tone a few seconds before the memory is full.

To listen to your recordings 1. Scroll to Pictures & sounds, My sounds. 2. Select the recording you wish to hear. Press Play. To send a recording 1. Scroll to Pictures & sounds, My sounds. 2. Scroll to the recording you wish to send. 3. Press More and select Send. 1. 2. 3. 4. To delete or rename a sound recording Scroll to Pictures & sounds, My sounds. Scroll to the recording you wish to delete or rename. Press More when the recording is highlighted. Select Delete or Rename. Entertainment Your phone has several entertaining applications and games. You can play some of the games with another person, both using your phone, or you can play on two phones, using Bluetooth wireless technology or infrared. You can also download games and applications directly to your phone. Help texts are available in some games and applications.
To start an application 1. Scroll to Entertainment, Games & more. 2. Select an application, Start. To download an application 1. Scroll to Entertainment, Games & more. 2. Scroll to New applications, Go to. Note: Make sure the file sizes do not exceed the free memory in your phone. See Checking the memory on page 36. Application includes Java games. 1. 2. 3. 4. To start and end a game Scroll to Entertainment, Other games. Select a game, Start. Select Help to read help texts. Press to end the game.
Notes If you need to remember something, you can make a note of it in your phone. You can add, edit, delete or send a note. You can save 10 notes. To add a note 1. Scroll to Organizer, Notes, New note, Add. 2. Enter the note, Ok. To view the notes 1. Scroll to Organizer, Notes. 2. A list which shows the beginning of each note appears. Select the note that you want to view. Post note You can display a note in standby mode. To display a note in standby 1. Press More and scroll to Post note. 2. Select the note you want to display in standby or select New note to write a new note. If the note is long and you cannot see all of it, press More, Show note. To turn off the note in standby, press More, Hide note.

More features 85

To download a game 1. Scroll to Entertainment, Other games. 2. Scroll to New games, Go to. Tip: If you press More, you will get more information about your game.
Exchanging notes You can send and receive notes using Bluetooth wireless technology, the infrared port or picture messaging. To send a note 1. Scroll to a note and press More to display the list of options. 2. Select Send. 3. Select a transfer method. To receive a note 1. From standby, press More and scroll to Turn on Bluetooth or Turn on infrared. Both the infrared port and the Bluetooth function are activated. 2. Add note? appears. Press Yes to save the note among your other notes. 1. 2. 3. 4.


SIM card lock The SIM card lock protects your subscription, but not your phone itself, from unauthorized use. If you change SIM cards, the phone still works with the new SIM card. Most SIM cards are locked at the time of purchase. If the SIM card lock is on, you have to enter a PIN (Personal Identity Number) every time you turn on your phone. If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times in a row, the SIM card is blocked. This is indicated by the message PIN blocked. To unblock it you need to enter your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key). Your PIN and PUK are supplied by your operator. To unblock your SIM card PIN blocked appears in the display. Enter your PUK and press Ok. Enter a new four- to eight-digit PIN and press Ok. Re-enter the new PIN to confirm and press Ok.
To edit your PIN, scroll to Settings, Locks, SIM lock, Change PIN. Note: If the message Codes do not match appears, you entered the new PIN incorrectly. If the message Wrong PIN appears, followed by Old PIN:, you entered your old PIN incorrectly. To edit your PIN2, scroll to Settings, Locks, SIM lock, Change PIN2. To turn the SIM card lock on or off 1. Scroll to Settings, Locks, SIM lock, Protection. 2. Select On or Off. 3. Enter your PIN and press Ok. Phone lock The phone lock protects the phone against unauthorized use if it is stolen and the SIM card is exchanged. It is not on when you buy the phone. You can change the phone lock code (0000) to any fourto eight-digit personal code. The phone lock can be set to on, automatic or off.
Phone lock on If the phone lock is on, the message Phone locked appears each time you turn on the phone. You have to enter your code followed by Yes to use your phone. Automatic If the phone lock is set to automatic, you do not need to enter your phone lock code until a different SIM card is inserted in the phone. To edit your phone lock code, scroll to Settings, Locks, Phone lock, Change code. Note: It is important that you remember your new code. If you should forget it, you have to hand in your phone to your local Sony Ericsson retailer. To set the phone lock 1. Scroll to Settings, Locks, Phone lock, Protection. 2. Select an alternative. 3. Enter the phone lock code and press Ok.


This chapter lists some problems that you might encounter while using your phone. Some problems require that you call your service provider, but you can easily correct most of the problems yourself. The phone cannot be switched on Hand-held phone Recharge or replace the battery. See SIM card and battery information on page 5. No indication of charging When you start charging a battery that is empty or a battery that has not been used for a long time, it may take up to 30 minutes before the battery icon appears in the display. Menu language If the display shows a language that you do not understand, you can always choose Automatic (determined by your SIM card) by pressing 8888 in standby. You can always choose English by pressing 0000 in standby.

88 Troubleshooting

Grey menu options Grey text indicates a function that is temporarily unavailable, for example due to your subscription or due to a certain setting which has not been turned on. Since you cannot send themes, pictures and sounds that are copyright-protected, the Send menu is sometimes unavailable. Error messages Insert SIM There is no SIM card in the phone or you may have inserted it incorrectly. Insert a SIM card. See SIM card and battery information on page 5. Insert correct SIM card The phone is set to work only with certain SIM cards. Insert the correct SIM card.
SOS calls only You are within range of a network, but you are not allowed to use it. However, in an emergency, some operators allow you to call the international emergency number 112. See Making emergency calls on page 30. No network There is no network within range or the received signal is too weak. You have to move to get a signal that is strong enough. Wrong PIN/Wrong PIN2 You have entered your PIN or PIN2 incorrectly. Enter the correct PIN or PIN2, and press Yes. See SIM card lock on page 86. Codes do not match When you want to change a security code (for example, your PIN) you have to confirm the new code by entering it again. The two codes that you have entered do not match. See SIM card lock on page 86.
PIN blocked/PIN2 blocked You have entered your PIN or PIN2 incorrectly three times in a row. To unblock your phone, see SIM card lock on page 86. PUK blocked contact operator You entered your personal unblocking key code (PUK) incorrectly 10 times in a row. Contact your network operator or service provider. Phone locked The phone is locked. To unlock the phone, see Phone lock on page 87. Phone lock code: Your phone comes with the phone lock code, 0000. You can change it to any four- to eight-digit code. See Phone lock on page 87. Number not permitted The Fixed Dialling function is on and the number you have dialled is not on your fixed numbers list. See Fixed dialling on page 47.
Charging, alien battery The battery you are using is not a Sony Ericssonapproved battery. Please refer to Guidlines for safe and efficient use and Limited Warranty.

Additional information

Guidelines for Safe and Efficient Use
Please read this information before using your mobile phone.


Always treat your product with care and keep it in a clean and dust-free place. Do not expose your product to liquid or moisture or humidity. Do not expose your product to extreme high or low temperatures.
Do not expose your product to open flames or lit tobacco products. Do not drop, throw or try to bend your product. Do not paint your product.
Do not use your product near medical equipment without requesting permission. Do not use your product when in, or around aircraft, or areas posted turn off two-way radio. Do not use your product in an area where a potentially explosive atmosphere exists. Do not place your product or install wireless equipment in the area above your cars air bag. Do not attempt to disassemble your product. Only Sony Ericsson authorised personnel should perform service.


Mobile phones operate using radio signals, which cannot guarantee connection under all conditions. Therefore you should never rely solely upon any mobile phone for essential communications (e.g. medical emergencies). Emergency calls may not be possible on all cellular networks or when certain network services and/or mobile phone features are in use. Check with your local service provider.
Do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures, never above +60C (+140F). For maximum battery capacity, use the battery in room temperature. Turn off your mobile phone before removing the battery. Keep out of childrens reach. Use the battery for the intended purpose only. Do not allow the battery to be put into the mouth. Battery electrolytes may be toxic if swallowed.

Limited Warranty

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, S-Lund, Sweden, (Sony Ericsson), provides this Limited Warranty for your mobile phone and original accessory delivered with your mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as Product). Should your Product need warranty service, please return it to the dealer from whom it was purchased, or contact your local Sony Ericsson Customer Care Center (national rates may apply) or visit to get further information.


Please check local regulations for disposal of batteries or call your local Sony Ericsson Customer Care Center for information. The battery should never be placed in municipal waste. Use a battery disposal facility if available.
Subject to the conditions of this Limited Warranty, Sony Ericsson warrants this Product to be free from defects in design, material and workmanship at the time of its original purchase by a consumer, and for a subsequent period of one (1) year.


If, during the warranty period, this Product fails to operate under normal use and service, due to defects in design, materials or workmanship, Sony Ericsson authorised distributors or service partners, in the country* where you purchased the Product, will, at their option, either repair or replace the Product in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
Sony Ericsson and its service partners reserve the right to charge a handling fee if a returned Product is found not to be under warranty according to the conditions below. Please note that your personal settings/downloads might be lost when the Product is repaired or replaced. 1. The warranty is valid only if the original proof of purchase issued to the original purchaser by an, for this Product, Sony Ericsson authorised dealer, specifying the date of purchase and serial number**, is presented with the Product to be repaired or replaced. Sony Ericsson reserves the right to refuse warranty service if this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the Product from the dealer. 2. If Sony Ericsson repairs or replaces the Product, the repaired or replaced Product shall be warranted for the remaining time of the original warranty period or for ninety (90) days from the date of repair, whichever is longer. Repair or replacement may involve the use of functionally equivalent reconditioned units. Replaced parts or components will become the property of Sony Ericsson.


HCB-150 paired with T630

StuckintheLoft 1 posts since Aug 18, 2010
All of the functions of my HCB-150 work with the paired T630. Voice dialling, Call list, etc. The phonebook, however, is not accessable directly. Am assuming that the phonebook is used for the voicedialling, and identifying incoming calls. Any hints please
Tags: bluetooth, t630, hcb-150
Aimee-SEAnswers 799 posts since Sep 20, 2010 1. Re: HCB-150 paired with T630 Sep 29, 2010 6:20 PM
We noticed your post hasn't been answered so we're here to help you with this.
We can confirm that as the Sony Ericsson T630 handset is not listed as compatible with the HCB-150, you may experiencing issues like what you have described. This is due to an incompatibility. For a list of handsets which are fully compatible with the HCB-150, we would suggest visiting the link below.

We hope this helps.

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