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decoy 11:52pm on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 
It was quite a good phone at first,with its sleek design and all,i loved it. i had had the phone for 3 months when the shortcut button broke. it froze constantly, stopped playing my music, and hung up when i was on the phone!
gromeo 5:46am on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 
it would be better if it has video call function. good music , 3.2 megapixel , media player and more no video call Spolit after 2 wk old, water (sweat) enter through the battery casing very easy and void the warranty due to the water detection paper become wet.
erikg 7:58am on Friday, April 9th, 2010 
This phone is great.....until you notice all the bugs. I am onto my second phone and it has ALL the same problems as the first. A great phone for music lover and gamers..Excellent features..Recommend it to everyone! I loved this phone so much, its a great phone to have... but since im on my second replacement and now ITS away for repair for the same problems. How much memory does this phone have?
nnh 4:58pm on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
The Sony Ericsson w760a is great. The battery lasts a long time. I send lots of photos and the camera takes really good photos.
naomi 4:21am on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 
I the phone while it lasted...when it started to give me problems often then after a while I said the hell with it and took it apart.
dkorvas 9:40am on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 
I really like this phone. It is a phone designed for teenagers or young adults. As a phone, the Sony Ericsson W760a is pretty good.It is very sturdy and does not feel like it is going to break. I OWN A SONY ERICSSON PHONE AND I LOVE IT I EVEN HAVE A RADIO ON IT AND I LISTEN TO IT EVERY DAY AND I HAVE VOICE MAIL AND I LOVE THAT TOO

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Write new Inbox Email Drafts Outbox Sent messages Saved messages My friends* Call voicemail Templates Manage messages Settings
Photo Music Video TV Games Web feeds Settings

Location services

Google Maps Navigation Tracker My favourites Status info Log Settings


Myself New contact


Getting started 11 This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.


All Answered Dialled Missed


File manager** Alarms Applications Calendar Tasks Notes Synchronization Timer Stopwatch Calculator Code memo


General Profiles Time & date Language Update service Voice control New events Shortcuts Flight mode Security Setup wizard Accessibility* Phone status Master reset Sounds & alerts Ring volume Ringtone Silent mode Increasing ring Vibrating alert Message alert Key sound Display Wallpaper Main menu layout Theme Startup screen Screen saver Clock size Brightness Edit line names* Calls Speed dial Smart search Divert calls Switch to line 2* Manage calls Time & cost* Show/hide my no. Handsfree Open to answer Close to end call Connectivity Bluetooth USB Phone name Network sharing Synchronization Device management Mobile networks Data communication* Internet settings Streaming settings Message settings* SIP settings Accessories
* Some menus are operator-, network- and subscription-dependent. ** You can use the navigation key to scroll between tabs in submenus. For more information, see Navigation on page 13.


The main menus are shown as icons. Some submenus include tabs. To navigate the phone menus
To return to standby Press. To end a function Press. To navigate your media 1 From standby select Menu > Media. 2 Scroll to a menu item and press the navigation key right. 3 To go back, press the navigation key left. To delete items Press to delete items such as numbers, letters, pictures and sounds. To send items 1 Scroll to an item such as a contact, a picture or a sound. 2 Select Options > Send to send items such as contacts, pictures and sounds. 3 Select a transfer method.
Make sure the receiving device supports the transfer method you select.
1 From standby select Menu. 2 Use the navigation key to move through the menus. To select actions on the screen Press the left or right selection key, or the centre navigation key. To view options for an item Select Options to, e.g., edit. To scroll between the tabs Scroll to a tab by pressing the navigation key left or right.

Shortcuts You can use keypad shortcuts to go directly to a menu. Menu numbering starts from the top left icon and moves across and then down row by row.
Getting started 13 This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.
To go directly to a main menu From standby select Menu and press , , or. To use navigation key shortcuts From standby press , , or to go directly to a function.
The Main menu layout must be set to Grid. See To change the main menu layout on page 59.

Memory card

You may have to purchase a memory card separately.
Your phone supports Memory Stick Micro (M2) memory card adding more storage space to your phone. It can also be used as a portable memory card with other compatible devices. You can use the file manager to move files between the memory card and the phone memory. See To move a file in the file manager on page 56. To insert a memory card
To edit a navigation key shortcut 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Shortcuts. 2 Scroll to an option and select Edit. 3 Scroll to a menu option and select Shortc. Activity menu The activity menu gives you quick access to certain functions. To open the activity menu Press. Activity menu tabs New events missed calls and new messages. Running apps applications that are running in the background. My shortcuts add your favourite functions to access them quickly. Internet quick access to the Internet. 14
Open the cover and insert the memory card with the gold-coloured contacts facing up.

To remove a memory card

Entering text
You can use multitap text input or T9 Text Input to enter text. The T9 Text Input method uses a built-in dictionary. To change text input method When you enter text, press and hold down. To shift between capitals and lowercase letters When you enter text, press. To enter numbers When you enter text, press and hold down . To enter full stops and commas When you enter text, press. To enter a symbol 1 When you enter text, select Options > Add symbol. 2 Scroll to a symbol and select Insert. To enter text using T9 Text Input 1 From standby select, e.g., Menu > Messaging > Write new > Text message. 2 If is not displayed, press and hold down to change to T9 Text Input.
Open the cover and press the edge of the memory card to release and remove it. To view memory card options 1 From standby select Menu > Organizer > File manager > the On memory card tab. 2 Select Options.

Phone language

You can select a language to use in your phone. To change the phone language 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Language > Phone language. 2 Select an option.

Deleting contacts To delete all contacts 1 From standby select Menu > Contacts. 2 Scroll to New contact and select Options > Advanced > Delete all contacts. 3 Select an option. Memory status The number of contacts you can save in your phone or on the SIM card depends on available memory. To view memory status 1 From standby select Menu > Contacts. 2 Scroll to New contact and select Options > Advanced > Memory status. Synchronising contacts The Sony Ericsson PC Suite is designed to work with the following programmes: Windows Contact (Vista Contacts Manager) Windows Calendar (Vista Calendar) Microsoft Outlook 2007 Microsoft Outlook 2003 Microsoft Outlook 2002 Microsoft Outlook 2000 Lotus Notes 7 Lotus Notes 6.5 Lotus Notes 6
To call a SIM contact 1 From standby select Menu > Contacts. 2 Scroll to a contact and press.
Lotus Notes 5 Windows Address Book (Outlook Express) Sony Ericsson PC Suite proprietary contact & calendar manager For more information see Synchronising on page 51. Groups You can create a group of phone numbers and email addresses from Phone contacts to send messages to. See Messaging on page 30. You can also use groups (with phone numbers) when you create accepted callers lists. To create a group of numbers and email addresses From standby select Menu > Contacts. Scroll to New contact and select Options > Groups. Scroll to New group and select Add. Enter a name for the group and select Continue. Scroll to New and select Add. For each contact phone number or email address you want to mark, scroll to it and select Mark. Select Continue > Done.
To call a number from the call list 1 From standby press and scroll to a tab. 2 Scroll to a name or a number and press. To add a call list number to contacts 1 From standby press and scroll to a tab. 2 Scroll to the number and select Save. 3 Select New contact to create a new contact or select an existing contact to add the number to.

Speed dial

Speed dialling lets you select nine contacts that you can dial quickly. The contacts can be saved in positions 1-9. To add contacts to speed dial numbers From standby select Menu > Contacts. Scroll to New contact and select Options > Speed dial. Scroll to a position number and select Add. Select a contact.

Information provided by use of the Tracker application is approximate. Sony Ericsson makes no warranty of any kind with respect to the accuracy of the Tracker application. Any serious health and fitness concerns should be referred to a health care professional.
You can base the training on how long time you want to train or on what distance you want to cover. You can also base it on a previous training route which has GPS data. To start a training session 1 From standby select Menu > Location services > Tracker > Start training. 2 Select a training type. 3 Scroll to an item, select Edit and enter the data. 4 Select Done to save. 5 Select Start to start training. To compare results during training 1 From standby select Menu > Location services > Tracker > Start training. 2 Select Route based. 3 Scroll to Route:, select Edit and select a route. 4 Scroll to Live compare and select Edit. 5 Scroll to the result you want to compare with and select Compare. 6 Select Done and then Start.


Tracker is a GPS-based sports application which allows you to keep track of your speed, distance, route and energy consumption during training. 44
You must have previously saved a route for comparison.
To switch between training views During a training session, press or to view information on training duration, progress and live comparison with a previous session. To end a training session manually During a training session, select Pause > End. Results The training result is shown after a session is ended. You can view past results anytime, and compare them if they have GPS data. To view a training result From standby select Menu > Location services > Tracker > Results. If you have used laps, press or to view result per lap.
To compare results 1 From standby select Menu > Location services > Tracker > Results. 2 Scroll to a result and select Options > Compare. 3 Select a result to compare with.
Energy consumption To calculate and view the energy consumption for a session you must first set your personal profile. You view the energy consumption in the result view. To set the personal profile 1 From standby select Menu > Location services > Tracker > Settings > Personal profile. 2 Select an item, enter data and press OK. 3 When finished, select Options > Save profile. To turn on energy consumption From standby select Menu > Location services > Tracker > Settings > Energy consumption > On.
GPS 45 This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.


Video player
To play videos 1 From standby select Menu > Media and scroll to Video. 2 Scroll to a title and select Play. To stop playing videos Press the centre navigation key.
To save channels 1 When you have found a radio channel select Options > Save. 2 Scroll to a position and select Insert. To select saved channels 1 From standby select Menu > Entertainment > Radio > Options > Channels. 2 Select a radio channel. To switch between saved channels When the radio is playing, press or.

Sound recorder

You can record a voice memo or a sound. Recorded sounds can also be set as ringtones. To record a sound From standby select Menu > Entertainment > Record sound > Record.
Entertainment 47 This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.
To view information about a Java application 1 From standby select Menu > Organizer > Applications. 2 Scroll to an application and select Options > Information. To set permissions for a Java application 1 From standby select Menu > Organizer > Applications. 2 Scroll to an application and select Options > Permissions. 3 Set permissions. Java application screen size Some Java applications are designed for a specific screen size. For more information, contact the application vendor. To set the screen size for a Java application 1 From standby select Menu > Organizer > Applications. 2 Scroll to an application and select Options > Screen size. 3 Select an option. Internet profiles for Java applications Some Java applications need to connect to the Internet to receive information. Most Java applications use the same Internet settings as your Web browser. 48


Before you synchronise with an Internet service, use the Internet, PlayNow, My friends, Java, picture messaging, email and picture blog you need to have settings in your phone. If settings are not already entered, you can download settings using the setup wizard or by going to To download settings using the Setup wizard 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Setup wizard > Settings download. 2 Follow the instructions that appear.
Contact your network operator or service provider for more information.
To download settings using a computer 1 Go to 2 Follow the instructions on the screen.

Phone name

You can enter a name for your phone that is shown to other devices when using, e.g., Bluetooth wireless technology.
Connectivity This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.

To add a task 1 From standby select Menu > Organizer > Tasks. 2 Select New task and select Add. 3 Select an option. 4 Enter details and confirm each entry. To view a task 1 From standby select Menu > Organizer > Tasks. 2 Scroll to a task and select View. To set when reminders should sound 1 From standby select Menu > Organizer > Tasks. 2 Scroll to a task and select Options > Reminders. 3 Select an option.
A reminders option set in tasks affects a reminders option set in calendar.


You can change settings such as the ring volume and vibrating alert to suit different locations. You can reset all profiles to the phones original settings. To select a profile 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Profiles. 2 Select a profile.
You can add new tasks or reuse existing tasks.
To view and edit a profile 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Profiles. 2 Scroll to a profile and select Options > View and edit.
You cannot rename the Normal profile.
You can change the appearance of the screen through items such as colours and wallpaper. You can also create new themes and download them. For more information, go to To set a theme 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the Display tab > Theme. 2 Scroll to a theme and select Set.

Time and date

To set the time 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Time & date > Time. 2 Enter the time and select Save. To set the date 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Time & date > Date. 2 Enter the date and select Save. To set the time zone 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Time & date > My time zone. 2 Select the time zone you are in.
If you select a city, My time zone also updates the time when daylight saving time changes.

Main menu layout

You can change the layout of the icons in the main menu. To change the main menu layout 1 From standby select Menu > Options > Main menu layout. 2 Select an option.
SIM card lock This lock only protects your subscription. Your phone will work with a new SIM card. If the lock is on, you have to enter a PIN (Personal Identity Number).

More features 59 This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.
If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times in a row, the SIM card is blocked and you need to enter your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key). Your PIN and PUK are supplied by your network operator. To unblock the SIM card 1 When PIN blocked appears, enter your PUK and select OK. 2 Enter a new four-to-eight-digit PIN and select OK. 3 Re-enter the new PIN and select OK. To edit the PIN 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Security > Locks > SIM protection > Change PIN. 2 Enter your PIN and select OK. 3 Enter a new four-to-eight-digit PIN and select OK. 4 Re-enter the new PIN and select OK.
If Codes do not match appears, you entered the new PIN incorrectly. If Wrong PIN appears, followed by Old PIN:, you entered your old PIN incorrectly.
Phone lock You can stop unauthorised use of your phone. Change the phone lock code (0000) to any four-to-eight-digit personal code.
It is important that you remember your new code. If you forget it, you have to take your phone to your local Sony Ericsson retailer.
To use the phone lock 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Security > Locks > Phone protection > Protection. 2 Select an option. 3 Enter the phone lock code and select OK. To unlock the phone Enter your code and select OK. To change the phone lock code 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Security > Locks > Phone protection > Change code. 2 Enter the old code and select OK. 3 Enter the new code and select OK. 4 Repeat the code and select OK.
To use the SIM card lock 1 From standby select Menu > Settings > the General tab > Security > Locks > SIM protection > Protection. 2 Select an option. 3 Enter your PIN and select OK. 60
Keypad lock You can set this lock to avoid accidental dialling. Incoming calls can be answered without unlocking the keypad.
Calls to the international emergency number 112 can still be made.


Some problems will require you to call your network operator. For more support go to

Your phone is not receiving any network signal, or the received signal is too weak. Contact your network operator and make sure that the network has coverage where you are. The SIM card is not working properly. Insert your SIM card in another phone. If this works, it is probably your phone that is causing the problem. Please contact the nearest Sony Ericsson service location. Emerg. calls only You are within range of a network, but you are not allowed to use it. However, in an emergency, some network operators allow you to call the international emergency number 112. See Emergency calls on page 22. PUK blocked. Contact operator. You entered your personal unblocking key code (PUK) incorrectly 10 times in a row.

Important information

Sony Ericsson Consumer Web site
On is a support section where help and tips are only a few clicks away. Here you will find the latest computer software updates and tips on how to use your product more efficiently.

Service and support

From now on you will have access to a portfolio of exclusive service advantages such as: Global and local Web sites providing support. A global network of Call Centres. An extensive network of Sony Ericsson service partners. A warranty period. Learn more about the warranty conditions in this User guide. On, under the support section in the language of your choice, you will find the latest support tools and information, such as software updates, Knowledge base, phone setup and additional help when you require it.
For operator-specific services and features, please contact your network operator for more information. You can also contact our Call Centres. Use the phone number for the nearest Call Centre in the list below. If your country/region is not represented in the list, please contact your local dealer. (The phone numbers below were correct at the time of going to print. On you can always find the latest updates.) In the unlikely event that your product needs service please contact the dealer from whom it was purchased, or one of our service partners. Save your original proof of purchase, you will need it if you need to claim warranty. You will be charged for a call to one of our Call Centres according to national rates, including local taxes, unless the phone number is a toll-free number.


Argentina Australia Belgique/Belgi Brasil Canada Central Africa Chile Colombia esk republika Danmark Deutschland Espaa 800-333-7427 1-300650-600 02-7451611 4001-04444 1-866-766-9374 +123-0020-2020 801-11-810-810

Important information 65 This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.
France Hong Kong/ Hrvatska India/ Indonesia Ireland Italia Lietuva Magyarorszg Malaysia Mxico Nederland New Zealand Norge sterreich Pakistan Philippines/Pilipinas Polska Portugal Romnia Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera Singapore Slovensko South Africa Suomi Sverige Trkiye United Kingdom United States Venezuela
021-+1-800-0800-(92-21) 02-(prefiks) 466 (+4021) 8 (495) 02-09-013-71 (+0380) 1-866-7669347 0-800-100-02-25625511 02-2483030
Important information This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.
Guidelines for Safe and Efficient Use
Please follow these guidelines. Failure to do so might entail a potential health risk or product malfunction. If in doubt as to its proper function, have the product checked by a certified service partner before charging or using it.
Caution: Cracked or broken displays may create sharp edges or splinters that could be harmful upon contact. Do not use your Bluetooth Headset in positions where it is uncomfortable or will be subject to pressure.


Warning! Keep out of the reach of children. Do not allow children to play with phones or accessories. They could hurt themselves or others. Products may contain small parts that could become detached and create a choking hazard.


Use only Sony Ericsson branded original accessories and certified service partners. Sony Ericsson does not test third-party accessories. Accessories may influence RF Exposure, radio performance, sound loudness, electric safety and other areas. Third-party accessories and parts may pose a risk to your health or safety or decrease performance.
Accessible Solutions/Special Needs
In the US, compatible Sony Ericsson phones may offer compatibility with TTY terminals (with use of necessary accessory). For more information call the Sony Ericsson Special Needs Center on 1996 (TTY) or 2056 (voice), or go to


If your device requires an adapter for insertion into the phone or another device, do not insert the card directly without the required adapter.
Important information 69 This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.
Precautions on Memory Card Use
Do not expose the memory card to moisture. Do not touch terminal connections with your hand or any metal object. Do not strike, bend, or drop the memory card. Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the memory card. Do not use or store the memory card in humid or corrosive locations or in excessive heat such as a closed car in summer, in direct sunlight or near a heater, etc. Do not press or bend the end of the memory card adapter with excessive force. Do not let dirt, dust, or foreign objects get into the insert port of any memory card adapter. Check you have inserted the memory card correctly. Insert the memory card as far as it will go into any memory card adapter needed. The memory card may not operate properly unless fully inserted. We recommend that you make a backup copy of important data. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to content you store on the memory card. Recorded data may be damaged or lost when you remove the memory card or memory card adapter, turn off the power while formatting, reading or writing data, or use the memory card in locations subject to static electricity or high electrical field emissions.


Avoid volume levels that may be harmful to your hearing.
End User Licence Agreement
This wireless device, including without limitation any media delivered with the device, (Device) contains software owned by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB and its affiliated companies (Sony Ericsson) and its third party suppliers and licensors (Software). As user of this Device, Sony Ericsson grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable licence to use the Software solely in conjunction with the Device on which it is installed and/or delivered with. Nothing herein shall be construed as a sale of the Software to a user of this Device. You shall not reproduce, modify, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile, otherwise alter or use any other means to discover the source code of the Software or any component of the Software. For avoidance of doubt, you are at all times entitled to transfer all rights and obligations to the Software to a third party, solely together with the Device with which you received the Software, provided always that such third party agrees in writing to be bound by these rules. You are granted this licence for a term of the useful life of this Device. You can terminate this licence by transferring all your rights to the Device on which you have received the Software to a third party in writing. If you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions set out in this licence, it will terminate with immediate effect. Sony Ericsson and its third party suppliers and licensors are the sole and exclusive owner of and retain all rights, title and interest in and to the Software. Sony Ericsson, and, to the extent that the Software contains material or code of a third party, such third party, shall be entitled third party beneficiaries of these terms.

Protection of personal information
Erase personal data before disposing of the product. To delete data, perform a master reset. Deleting data from the phone memory does not ensure that it cannot be recovered. Sony Ericsson does not warrant against recovery of information and does not assume responsibility for disclosure of any information even after a master reset.
The validity, construction and performance of this licence shall be governed by the laws of Sweden. The foregoing shall apply to the full extent permitted by, when applicable, statutory consumer rights.

Limited Warranty

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, SE-Lund, Sweden, (Sony Ericsson) or its local affiliated company, provides this Limited Warranty for your mobile phone, original accessory delivered with your mobile phone, and/or your mobile computing product (hereinafter referred to as Product). Should your Product need warranty service, please return it to the dealer from whom it was purchased, or contact your local Sony Ericsson Call Center (national rates may apply) or visit for further information.
Sony Ericsson and its service partners reserve the right to charge a handling fee if a returned Product is found not to be under warranty according to the conditions below. Please note that some of your personal settings, downloads and other information may be lost when your Sony Ericsson Product is repaired or replaced. At present Sony Ericsson may be prevented by applicable law, other regulations or technical restrictions from making a backup copy of certain downloads. Sony Ericsson does not take any responsibility for any lost information of any kind and will not reimburse you for any such loss. You should always make backup copies of all the information stored on your Sony Ericsson Product such as downloads, calendar and contacts before handing in your Sony Ericsson Product for repair or replacement.


1 This Limited Warranty is valid only if the original proof of purchase for this Product issued by a Sony Ericsson authorized dealer specifying the date of purchase and serial number**, is presented with the Product to be repaired or replaced. Sony Ericsson reserves the right to refuse warranty service if this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the Product from the dealer. 2 If Sony Ericsson repairs or replaces the Product, the repair for the defect concerned, or the replaced Product shall be warranted for the remaining time of the original warranty period or for ninety (90) days from the date of repair, whichever is longer. Repair or replacement may involve the use of functionally equivalent reconditioned units. Replaced parts or components will become the property of Sony Ericsson. 3 This warranty does not cover any failure of the Product due to normal tear and wear, or due to misuse, including but not limited to use in other than the normal and customary manner, in

Our warranty

Subject to the conditions of this Limited Warranty, Sony Ericsson warrants this Product to be free from defects in design, material and workmanship at the time of its original purchase by a consumer. This Limited Warranty will last for a period of two (2) years as from the original date of purchase of the Product for your mobile phone, and for a period of one (1) year following the original purchase date of the Product for all original accessories (such as the battery, charger or handsfree kit) which may be delivered with your mobile phone.

What we will do

If, during the warranty period, this Product fails to operate under normal use and service, due to defects in design, materials or workmanship, Sony Ericsson authorized distributors or service partners, in the country/region* where you purchased the Product, will, at their option, either repair or replace the Product in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
Important information 71 This is the Internet version of the User's guide. Print only for private use.
accordance with the Sony Ericsson instructions for use and maintenance of the Product. Nor does this warranty cover any failure of the Product due to accident, software or hardware modification or adjustment, acts of God or damage resulting from liquid. A rechargeable battery can be charged and discharged more than a hundred times. However, it will eventually wear out this is not a defect and corresponds to normal wear and tear. When the talk time or standby time is noticeably shorter, it is time to replace your battery. Sony Ericsson recommends that you use only batteries and chargers approved by Sony Ericsson. Minor variations in display brightness and color may occur between the phones. There may be small, bright or dark dots on the display. These are called defective pixels and occur when individual dots have malfunctioned and cannot be adjusted. Two defective pixels are deemed acceptable. Minor variations in camera image appearance may occur between phones. This is not uncommon and is not regarded as a defective camera module. 4 Since the cellular system on which the Product is to operate is provided by a carrier independent from Sony Ericsson, Sony Ericsson will not be responsible for the operation, availability, coverage, services or range of that system. 5 This warranty does not cover Product failures caused by installations, modifications, or repair or opening of the Product performed by a nonSony Ericsson authorised person. 6 The warranty does not cover Product failures which have been caused by use of accessories or other peripheral devices which are not Sony Ericsson branded original accessories intended for use with the Product. Sony Ericsson disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, for failures caused to the Product or peripheral devices as a result of viruses, trojans horses, spyware, or other

malicious software. Sony Ericsson strongly recommends that you install appropriate virus protection software on your Product and any peripheral devices connected to it, as available, and update it regularly, to better protect your device. It is understood, however, that such software will never fully protect your Product or its peripheral devices and Sony Ericsson disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, in case of failure by such antivirus software to fulfill its intended purpose. 7 Tampering with any of the seals on the Product will void the warranty. 8 THERE ARE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES, WHETHER WRITTEN OR ORAL, OTHER THAN THIS PRINTED LIMITED WARRANTY. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. IN NO EVENT SHALL SONY ERICSSON OR ITS LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOST PROFITS OR COMMERCIAL LOSS; TO THE FULL EXTENT THOSE DAMAGES CAN BE DISCLAIMED BY LAW. Some countries/states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitation of the duration of implied warranties, so the preceding limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. The warranty provided does not affect the consumers statutory rights under applicable legislation in force, nor the consumers rights against the dealer arising from their sales/purchase contract.
If you have purchased your Product in a country member of the European Economic Area (EEA) or in Switzerland or the Republic of Turkey, and such Product was intended for sale in the EEA or in Switzerland or in Turkey, you can have your Product serviced in any EEA country or in Switzerland or in Turkey, under the warranty conditions prevailing in the country in which you require servicing of the Product, provided that an identical Product is sold in such country by an authorised Sony Ericsson distributor. To find out if your Product is sold in the country you are in, please call the local Sony Ericsson Call Center. Please observe that certain services may not be possible elsewhere than in the country of original purchase due, for example, to the fact that your Product may have an interior or exterior which is different from equivalent models sold in other countries. In addition, please note that it may sometimes not be possible to repair SIM-locked Products. ** In some countries/regions additional information (such as a valid warranty card) may be requested.


W760i camera problem

shakleon 3 posts since Feb 2, 2011
w760 camera will not save a single photo to phone memory or memory card but will save video. can you help?
Dr_Chris 4,965 posts since Aug 16, 2010 1. Re: W760i camera problem Feb 2, 2011 5:50 PM
Try updating or re-installing the software with SEUS on your PC.
shakleon 3 posts since Feb 2, 2011 2. Re: W760i camera problem Feb 2, 2011 5:54 PM
Hey Chris!! Thanks for the quick answer. I tried to update from SEUS but the problem persists.
Dr_Chris 4,965 posts since Aug 16, 2010 3. Re: W760i camera problem Feb 2, 2011 6:19 PM
You can also try phone repair via PC suite and failing that, a Master reset.
KrazyD 1,562 posts since Jun 6, 2010 4. Re: W760i camera problem Feb 2, 2011 5:50 PM
Hello, have you tried updating your phone with Sony Ericsson Update Service? It could just be a software fault.
shakleon 3 posts since Feb 2, 2011 5. Re: W760i camera problem Feb 2, 2011 5:56 PM
Yes i did but of no use. Whats wierd is video is recording fine and its getting saved.
Generated by Jive SBS on 2011-06-05+01:00 1
KrazyD 1,562 posts since Jun 6, 2010 6. Re: W760i camera problem Feb 2, 2011 6:37 PM
Well, I have had a similar problem like this before, I would send the phone to a repair centre as there seems to be no other solution.
Nazaren 24 posts since Feb 2, 2011 7. Re: W760i camera problem Feb 3, 2011 11:27 AM
First do a master reset of the phone. if that doesn't work, using SEUS, reinstall the software (not the updation). I hope that'd solve your problem. And if the problem persists , go to the repair shop as the moderator adviced you.
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