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kenfra 6:53am on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
great recorder Great recorder and playback but beware, NO freeview service only analogue reception..
bkauler 2:55pm on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 
Let Down By Scart Switching. The 750 is a nice machine. Excellent pictures and sound.

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Sony HDMI HDD/DVD Recorder RDR-HX750 and RDR-HX950

RDR-HX950 /HX750

Hong Kong, August 9, 2007 Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited today expanded its HDD/DVD recorder line-up with two new models, the RDR-HX750 and RDR-HX950, which offer a hard disk capacity of 160GB and 250GB respectively for maximum recording and playback flexibility. The two new models feature a HDMI terminal with up to 1080p upscaling capability. More multimedia entertainment options are provided including the music jukebox function and digital photo album function. The RDR-HX750 and RDR-HX950 are capable of recording up to 455 hours and 710 hours on their hard disk respectively. The upscaling capability enables the 480i/576i standard video signals to be upgraded to 720p/1080p high definition video signals for a life-like picture quality. With one-cable HDMI connection, customers can enjoy excellent visual and audio performance on other HDMI-equipped products such as BRAVIA high definition LCD televisions. Besides, music transfer has never been so easy and convenient thanks to the recorders music jukebox function, which enables users to copy audio tracks to the hard disk by CD dubbing or via the USB interface. The USB direct function allows users to plug and play with any MP3 players via the USB terminal and save up to 999 music tracks on the HDD recorder to create a personal music collection. With the digital photo album function, photos can be transferred from CD, DVD or USB enabled devices to the recorders hard disk so that memorable moments can be shared with others easily on the television. Besides, the newly added PictBridge terminal provides another
easy sharing option. When the terminal is connected to a compatible printer, users can print out JPEG files from data CD or DVD. This is also the first time for Sonys DVD/HDD recorders to incorporate the BRAVIA Theatre Sync function which synchronizes control of BRAVIA LCD TV series1 and other home theatre system through HDMI connection. Just press Play button on a single remote commander, users can enjoy the show without multiple controls over various components of their home theatre systems. Sonys HDD/DVD recorder RDR-HX750 and RDR-HX950 feature a stylish design in a black colour casing which matches with any home decorations. Both models are now available at the suggested retail price of HK$3,490 and HK$3,990 respectively. For customer enquiries, please contact Sony 24-hour customer service hotline at (852) 23452966.
For 2007 selected BRAVIA LCD TV series and 2007 selected Sony Home Theatre System only
Specification sheet for the RDR-HX750 and RDR-HX950: 160 GB hard disk drive (HDD) capacity (RDR-HX750) 250GB hard disk drive (HDD) capacity (RDR-HX950) Black colour casing with a stylish design HDMI terminal with 720p/1080p upscaling function Unique HQ+ recording mode with higher definition and higher bit-rate data encoded at a rate of 15MB/second Compatibility with more disc formats: RDR-HX750: DVD-Video/ R/RW/R DL/-RAM, DVD-R (VR w/CPRM),DVD+R (DL), S/VCD, CD, CD-R/RW (CD-DA),MP3, JPEG, DivX (DVD R/RW/-RAM, CDR/RW), MP3(DVD R/RW/-RAM, CD-R/RW, USB, HDD), JEPG(DVD-R/RW, CDR/RW, USB, HDD) RDR-HX950: DVD-Video/ R/RW/R DL (Dual Layer)/-RAM, 8cm DVDR/RW/+RW/+R DL (Dual Layer), S/VCD, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, JPEG, DivX Input line system: NTSC/PAL/SECAM Music jukebox function Digital photo album function PictBridge terminal: direct connection with compatible printers for JPEG files print out 9 recording modes; Chinese on screen display Fast play with audio BRAVIA Theatre Sync High speed dubbing and one touch dubbing Chasing playback & simultaneous record & playback (HDD only); Superior picture quality: 10-bit / 108MHz Video DAC ; Precision Cinema Progressive (PAL/NTSC) Frame NR, Block NR, Mosquito NR Inputs Terminals: i.LINK x 1 (Front), S-Video / Composite Video / Audio x 1 (Front / Rear) Outputs Terminals: HDMI x 1, Component x 1, S-Video / Composite Video / Audio x 1, Coaxial digital x 1 Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 66.5 x 286 mm ; Weights: 4.4kg



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