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Yamaha BD S2900 Blu ray Speler 2010


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bootdoc 9:48am on Saturday, September 4th, 2010 
You can get a cheaper blu ray player, but you will not be happy. I could also drive a corolla, which is a good car, but its not a lexus.
LeBoub 9:37am on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 
You say blue haven? That is how I feel about my new Yamaha blue ray disc player. Great color, at a Great price. The Yamaha BD-S2900 is a beutiful machine. I new it had to be quality as soon as I unpacked it from the box.
jerremy-tamlin 10:42am on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 
Ethernet connection - not This advertisement is very misleading. There is no ethernet port as stated, so no way of having BD Live as it also states.

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YAMAHA Corporation Japan

10-1 Nakazawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu 430-8650, JAPAN

March, 2009

YAMAHA Blu-ray Player BD-S2900 Firmware Update
Firmware History Version 1.2 Version 1.1
Improves PiP (Picture in Picture) video playback Improves Blu-ray disc playback with 24p frame rate setting
< IMPORTANT NOTICE > Do not attempt to update your Yamaha Blu-ray Player using any other data file except those provided directly from the Yamaha website. Follow the instructions carefully and do not attempt any other procedures not specified in the instructions provided by Yamaha. Improperly updated products may cause improper operation, and any parts or service required to restore proper operation will not be covered under the Yamaha Limited Warranty.
1. Check your current version STEP1. Connect power cable to AC outlet. STEP2. Turn on the unit by pressing the [STANDBY/ON] button. STEP3. When No DISC appears on the front display, open the SETUP menu by pressing the [SETUP] button on the remote controller. STEP4. Move cursor down to highlight DISPLAY and press [OK] on the remote controller.
STEP5. By pressing [STATUS] button on the remote controller, current version will appear for 5 seconds.
European model Australian model

Version 1.0 or 1.1

If firmware version is 1.0 or 1.1, proceed to the next step to update your BD-S2900. If firmware version is 1.2, your BD-S2900 is already up to date. No need to update.
2. Prepare update disc Download from YAMAHA website. Unzip this zip file and burn BD___UPD.FRM onto a CD-R/RW disc. NOTE: Burn as DATA disc with ISO9660 format and make sure BD___UPD.FRM is the only data on the disc.

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Yamaha BD-S2900 Firmware Update
3. Precautions before you start the update FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Firmware update may take approximately 5 minutes. Do NOT press any buttons on the front panel or the remote controller while update is in progress. Firmware may not be installed properly. Do NOT power off or unplug the AC power cable while update is in progress. Worst case the BD-S2900 may not recover. 4. Installing firmware to BD-S2900 STEP1. Connect power cable to the AC outlet. STEP2. Turn on the unit by pressing the [STANDBY/ON] button. STEP3. Open the disc tray by pressing the [OPEN/CLOSE] button. STEP4. Set the update disc on the disc tray and close the disc tray by pressing the [OPEN/CLOSE] button.


Note When NoUPDATE scrolls across and STOP appears on the front display, the firmware version in your BD-S2900 is the same as or higher than the version in the update disc. In this case, update is unnecessary. Remove update disc from the disc tray.
STEP5. Firmware update will start automatically. Front display will change sequentially. BYE 0% L FVU L MAIN W MAIN FINISH 100%

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STEP6. When FINISH appears on front display, tray will open automatically. Keep the disc tray open and remove the update disc. STEP7. Press [STANDBY/ON]. Disc tray will close automatically and turn itself off. 5. Check updated version STEP1. Turn on the unit by pressing [STANDBY/ON] button. STEP2. When No DISC appears on the front display, open SETUP menu by pressing the [SETUP] button on the remote controller. STEP3. Move cursor down to highlight DISPLAY and press [OK] on the remote controller. STEP4. By pressing the [STATUS] button on the remote controller, the units current version will appear for 5 seconds. Please verify the unit was successfully updated by visually verifying the version number.

European model

Australian model

Version 1.2

STEP5. Press the [SETUP] button on remote controller to exit from setup menu.

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Betting on Blu-ray

Yamaha is the rst AV specialist to go BD. About time, says Steve May
ntil now, Blu-ray has been the province of the major CE blue-chip brands like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic, with development pockets deep enough to bankroll the formats launch. Smaller hi- specialists have been sidelined; initially excluded while the HD DVD/BD format brouhaha played out, and more recently kept out of the game until OEM solutions presented themselves. But things are changing. Yamaha and Denon are the rst of the AV specialists to embrace the HD format, with Yamaha winning the race to get a sample to HCC. Its BD-S2900 is a Prole 1.1 Bonus View player designed to match the brands wide range of AV amps and receivers; it sports the companys
distinctive orange LED display and a curved, metal fascia. In many ways, its probably the best built Blu-ray player seen to date. Theres none of the plastic chicanery which characterises the rest of the market, where models are clearly being assembled to hit ever-more aggressive price points. This is a luscious slice of heavy metal, which bodes well for its audio credentials. The disc transport is left of centre, and theres an integrated SD card slot which allows digital still images to be output at 1080p resolution, as well as home movies shot in AVCHD. The back-panel offers up an HDMI v1.3 output, plus component (restricted to 576p/480p for DVD), S-video and AV phonos; 5.1 analogue
Black beauty: The player is styled to match Yamahas AVRs but uses Panasonic processing inside
audio outputs; digital optical and coaxial jacks; and an RS232 for data and CI applications. Unlike the newer Panasonic DMP-BD55, the stereo phono outputs cant be cajoled into service with the 5.1 outputs to deliver 7.1 audio. Signicantly, theres also no LAN port, ensuring that rmware will never be able to upgrade the player to Prole 2.0 BD Live compliancy. These outputs and their use largely determine the performance of the player. The simplest way to lace up the deck is to use a solitary HDMI lead to a compatible receiver or amp, and set the Audio Menu to the rather confusing Digital Audio Output. This will give you a bitstream output of the soundtrack, be it standard 5.1 or Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master
The build quality of Yamahas BD-S2900 is best-in-class

HCC162.yamaha 70

25/9/08 10:55:34 am


Video upscaling: YES up to 1080p Progressive scan: YES Multiregion: NO Region B (Blu-ray); R2 (DVD) HDMI: YES v1.3 Component: YES (576p/480p for DVD) Multichannel photo audio: YES 5.1 Digital audio: YES optical, electrical and HDMI SACD/DVD-A playback: NO/NO Dolby Digital True HD/DTS-HD Master Audio decoding: NO/NO extracts core only HD bitstream output: YES/YES Dimensions: 435(W) x 96(h) x 316(d) mm Weight: 5.8kg Also featuring: Integrated SD card slot with AVCHD playback, CEC control compatible with Panasonic Viera Link
Curiously, theres no disc-eject button on the remote control
Audio. Alternatively, you can decode soundtracks in the player, and output them as LPCM, either over HDMI or the analogue phono outputs. Be warned though: choose to decode in the player and youll only get core Dolby and DTS 5.1, not hi-res. Consequently, this is a BD player that should only ever be used in bitstream mode. Remember also that hi-res audio cannot be delivered over optical or coaxial connections; but you might want to run these to the CD input of your AVR, simply to improve general usability. Batman Begins. Loading times are relatively fast and it never tripped up on the Bats copious Java. The camera pan across the cityscape at the start off the IMAX Dark Knight prologue was reassuringly smooth and free of breakup. If the BD-S2900 disappoints somewhat, its in its abilities as a DVD player. Its certainly not as good as a top-notch dedicated DVD deck, such as the Oppo DV-981HD, and failed both the Silicon Optics HQV deinterlacing jaggie tests, which measure diagonal ltering, as well as collapsing on a vertical text crawl of mixed video and lm material. Disc compatibility is good, spinning all known variants of DVD recordables, as well as esoteric fare such as Dual Discs and MP3/WMA/ JPEG CDs. Its not compatible with DVD-Audio or SACD, though. Despite the battleship build, the player specically the disc drive struck me as a tad noisy, drawing attention to itself during the quiet passages of the bombastic Master and Commander. More mundanely, theres no disc eject on the remote, which is a curious operational omission. For Yamaha fans looking to match a high-performance BD player with their other components, the BD-S2900 cant come soon enough. Build quality is best-in-class and it shines both as a Prole 1.1 machine and a CD player. Some reservations remain, but its good to nally see Yamaha with a BD solution

Product: Premium-priced Prole 1.1 Blu-ray player Positioning: Yamahas rst foray into the BD market Peers: Denon DVD-2500BT; Panasonic DMP-BD55; Samsung BD-P1500

Tech Labs

DVD playback Audio jitter: 136.8ps Video jitter: 7ns Video S/N ratio (composite): -66.8dB Video S/N ratio (S-video Y): -73.2dB Video S/N ratio (interlaced component Y): -72.9dB Chroma AM: --74.9dB Chroma PM: -71.9dB Chroma Crosstalk: -62.9dB Response @ 5.8MHz (composite): -1.45dB Response @ 5.8MHz (S-video): -0.52dB Response @ 5.8MHz (component, interlaced): -0.49dB HQV Benchmark Jaggies test: FAIL HQV Benchmark Text Crawl test: PASS Failed marginally on HQV jaggies, but surprisingly failed spectacularly on HQV vertical text crawl (though it passed on horizontal crawl)

Blu-ray in disguise

The player is actually based on a Panasonic design, using standard Panasonic video processing and the familiar Panasonic interface. Its almost certainly a sibling to the DMP-BD30/50 generation. HD performance is generally outstanding, with Image clarity via HDMI sparkling.
As a CD-spinner, this player is also rather good. It offers a tight, purposeful sound with ringing accuracy. In our
Tech Labs this was reected by an excellent audio jitter gure of just 136.8ps. Naims Mozart Wind Serenades, an artful recording of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, has a complex mix, but the Yamaha imaged it beautifully. Colour noise may be evident in its video performance, but overall delity is high. The player coped well with our resident Blu-ray torture disc,


Yamaha BD-S(Approx) Price check: Highs: Excellent Blu-ray picture; build quality; CD performance; fast loading times; Profile 1.1 Lows: DVD playback only average; operationally noisy; not Profile 2.0 Performance: Design: Features:



HCC162.yamaha 71

25/9/08 10:55:37 am



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