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Yamaha KP125Yamaha KP125 Electronic Kick Tower Pad
KP125 Electronic Kick Tower Pad For Yamaha DTXREME III Accomodates 2 Beaters Electronic Drums & Modules The Yamaha KP125 Electronic Kick Tower Pad is the kick drum pad for the Yamaha DTXTREME III electronic drum set. The KP125 Kick Tower is large enough to accomodate 2 beaters includes the connecting cable and is built to withstand the most demanding drummers.

Part Number: KP125
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Bass Drum Pedals are not included TD-9SX HD-1 (Computer and MIDI keyboard not included) TD-3SW

Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite

Roland TD-3SW V-Compact Series
The HD-1 is the perfect solution when you dont have the room or budget for a full V-Drums kit. Its forged from the same technology as its predecessors, but its much simpler to use. Its also incredibly quiet, thanks to the newly designed kick beater, cushioned tom pads, and snare head. Conveniently compact and stylish, its perfect for every home, school, studio, etc. Most of the components are mounted on one stand for easy setup and transport, and for a clean look. Great sounds with a variety of kits! EDRHD1 Kit $999.00 $ 795.00
Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite Pak
The TD-3SW takes over for the current TD-3SV, and features Rolands new PDX-8 snare mesh V-pad and CY-5 hi-hat cymbal pad. The most affordable kit in the V-Drums family now performs even more like its bigger V-Drums brothers. The most affordable V-Drum kit! New snare mesh pad (PDX-8) with expanded 10- inch rim size to improve the playability of rim shots New hi-hat cymbal pad (CY-5) with wider playing surface and a swing-type design, which offers a more natural playing feel and appearance.
Roland TD-9SX Drums V-Tour Series Electronic Drum Set
A new advanced sound engine gives the mid-range VDrums family new bragging rights. The new TD-9 sound module is loaded with fresh sounds, and offers a deeper level of expression along with a large backlit display. Play along with real-audio backing songs and use the USB port to import audio files of your choice (.WAV), back up your data, or save a quick record performance. Quick Record and Quick Play features allow you to immediately record and play back your drum parts! Includes comfortable mesh-head tom and snare pads with rim triggering, plus three-way triggering for ride cymbal.
EDRTD3SW Includes HD-1 plus PM1 monitor, throne and sticks. EDRHD1PAK $1259.00 $ 995.00

$ 1199.00 $ 995.00


$ 2799.00 $ 2495.00

Roland PM-01 Personal Drum Monitor
Small, great-sounding, and affordable PM-01 is ideal for home practice, and a perfect match for the new Roland HD-1. EDRPM01 $ 149.00 $ 125.00 TD-12SVBK - Hi-Hat stand and bass drum pedal not included
Roland TD-12SV V-Stage Series
Great feeling, great sounding the V-Stage Series TD12SV makes the middle range of the V-Drums line feel Bass Drum like first class. With mesh V-Pads all the way around, the Pedal is not TD-12SV lets drummers sink their sticks into the bestincluded feeling pads in the business. The new TD-12 drum module is an upgrade from the previous TD-8, sharing the same stunning sound quality as the flagship TD-20. Professional V-Drums in an affordable package V-Pro quality sounds New floating VH-11 hi hat Roland TD-9S V-Drums V-Tour Cables inside the stand tubes Series Electronic Drum Set All dual trigger mesh pads The TD-9S offers all of the features and advantages of the EDRTD12SVBK TD-12SV-BK, Black $ 4299.00 $ 295.00 TD-9SX but with rubber tom pads instead of mesh and a 3 EDRTD12SVWT TD-12SV-WH, White $4299.00 $ 295.00 dual-trigger ride cymbal. 3


$ 1999.00 $ 1795.00
Roland TD-20S V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Set
TD-20SBK - Hi-Hat stand and bass drum pedal not included
At the heart of this flagship set is the TD-20 module with new sounds and functions, superb expressiveness and in-depth V-Editing. The patented mesh pads now feature greater dynamic range and natural rim shot triggering, along with a new look and stunning black finish. The V-Pro Series also features Rolands amazing new V-Hi-Hat and a new drum stand designed to hide the cabling. TD-20 Percussion Sound Module with over 500 new sounds, improved dynamics and sensitivity, plus Compact Flash storage and V-LINK* 15 dual-trigger inputs, 10 audio outputs and digital output, 8 group faders and built-in sequencer Expansion slot for future upgrades and enhancements New V-Editing includes modeled snare buzz, kick beater selection, and greater cymbal customizing New PD-125BK (12") and PD-105BK (10") dual-trigger V-Pads feature better dynamic response, more even and accurate head/rim triggering and rim shot capability on toms New VH-12 V-Hi-Hat with two cymbals for full motion capability and natural feel Ergonomically designed MDS-20BK Drum Stand with more durable hardware, sleek raked design, easier vertical adjustment and ability to hide cables *V-LINK requires optional Edirol DV-7PR with software version 1.50 or higher. EDRTD20SBK TD-20S-BK, Black $6999.00 $ 5895.00 EDRTD20SWHT TD-20S-WH, White $6999.00 $ 5895.00
Drums & Percussion 2008-2009

Roland V-Pads
CY-8 Cymbal - New CY-8 offers swinging motion with great response, separate bow/edge triggering and choke capabilities, plus a fresh look that more closely resembles a real cymbal. EDRCY8 PDX-8 V-Pad for Snare Rolands newest mesh V-Pad (PDX-8) offers an expanded 10-inch rim for more comfortable and quiet rim-shots, as well as separate head and rim triggering for authentic performance. EDRPDX8

$ 99.00 $ 85.00

$ 199.00 $ 175.00
FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller Get more realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed. EDRFD8

$ 129.00 $ 115.00

Roland V-Cymbals
CY-15R 15 Ride - Selectable dual-trigger system (edge/bow or bow/bell) allows use as ride or large crash cymbal. Simultaneous triple sensing (edge/ bow/bell) possible using V-drums TD-10 sound module equipped with the new version of TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board (TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control). EDRCY15R
PD-125BK / 105BK V-Pads Brand new sensor mechanism allows for more accurate triggering. 12 PD-125BK and 10 PD-105BK mesh V-Pads feature dual-triggering technology for more even and accurate sensing between the head and the rim. They even have rim shot capabilities on the toms - including the actual rim click sound. (TD-20 required for rim triggering on toms.)
PD-85 Dual Zone V-Pad New 8 dual-zone V-Pads feature Rolands latest dual-triggering technology, for more consistent and accurate sensing between the head and rim. Tank-tough and ready to take a pounding, these pads are available in both black and white finishes with chrome bracket. When used as tom-toms for TD-20 and TD-12 sound modules, you can play rimshots, with a changed sound depending on the strength of your stroke. EDRPD85BK EDRPD85WT

8 Black 8 White

$ 239.00 $ 215.00 $ 239.00 $ 215.00
EDRPD125BK $ 369.00 $ 325.00 EDRPD105BK EDRPD105WT CY-12R/C V-Cymbal Ride/Crash - 12 expressive EDRPD125WT
dual-trigger cymbal offers the natural rebound, inertia and swinging motion of an acoustic cymbal-plus PD-8 Dual-Trigger Pad cymbal choke capabilities-making it perfect for use as New rubber pads for toms and hi-hat a ride, crash or even a splash cymbal! feature dual-trigger support for playEDRCY12R/C $ 259.00 $ 225.00 ing rim shots and bow/edge sounds with the TD-6V module. CY-14C V-Cymbal 14 Crash - Realistic playing feel; responds to strikes with acoustic cymbal-type movement and inertia. Dual-trigger system with individual sensors for edge and bow of cymbal. Allows cymbal chokes EDRCY14C $ 319.00 $ 275.00
12 Black 10 Black 10 White 12 White
KD-85 V-Kick Trigger Pad Solid, great-feeling mesh kick pad has improved pad cushioning for a better feel, and can accommodate double bass pedals. Compatible with all TD-Series $ 429.00 $ 365.00 sound modules, and can handle tough poundings.
$ 369.00 $ 325.00 EDRKD85BK Black $ 369.00 $ 325.00 EDRKD85WTWhite $ 429.00 $ 365.00 KD-120 V-Kick Trigger
$ 429.00 $ 355.00 $ 429.00 $ 355.00
CY-5 Dual-Trigger 12 Cymbal Pad (Hi Hat or Splash) - 12 playing zone and swing movement for more drummer-friendly triggering. Also provides separate bow and edge triggering. EDRCY5

$ 99.00 $

Additional Roland Electronic Drum Pads & Triggers

PD8 Dual Trigger Pads - Dual trigger pads with low striking noise and realistic stick response. Perfect for use with TD-Series and SPD-S modules or HPD-15 HandSonic. EDRPD8
Sturdy, super-accurate kick drum triggering pad (12) based on the V-Drums highly acclaimed mesh drum head design. Its color is designed to match the V-Session Set in white. Mesh drum head absorbs unwanted tremble Can be used with any standard (vertical beater) kick EDRPD8 $ 99.00 $ 85.00 drum pedal, including double-bass pedals VH-12 V-Hi-Hat Four-leg stand prevents slipping Mounts on any acoustic hi-hat stand! Can trigger the V-Drums TD-10 percussion sound Uses top and bottom cymbals with module, as well as a complete range of electronic full motion capability for ultra-neutral percussion modules (TD-8/7/6/5, SPD-20/11/6, etc.) stick/pedal work, designed to work Suitable for late-night practice or recording with with the enhanced dynamics of the TD-20. Dual minimum noise trigger convincingly creates a range of hi-hat sounds $ 529.00 $ 435.00 from open to closed including the half open position EDRKD120 Black and all of its nuances. EDRKD120WH White $ 529.00 $ 435.00 EDRVH12 $ 599.00 $ 495.00 VH-11 Hi-Hat Controller With eyes closed, drummers will think theyre playing a regular two-piece hi-hat. Its actually comprised KD-8 Kick Trigger Pad Vertical design gives drummers a of one floating cymbal pad atop a fixed lower base. better feel and reduces trembling Great for fast setup and easy transport, the VH-11 mounts on conventional hi-hat stands, and provides for solid kick sounds. It even accommodates double bass pedals a similar playing feel to a 2-piece hi-hat. Fully compatible with Rolands TD-20, TD-12, and can be used - perfect for creating complex with TD-10 w/TDW-1, TD-8, and TD-6. Dual-trigger rhythms. capability EDRKD8 $ 129.00 $ 115.00 EDRVH11 $ 449.00 $ 395.00

$ 99.00 $

Roland Acoustic Drum Triggers

KD-7 Kick Trigger Unit

These new-generation triggers: the RT-10K (for kick drums), RT-10S (for snare drums), and RT-10T (for toms) are physically smaller than their predecessors, and the KDB-7 Kick Beater - Replacement for KD-7/ KD-5. new 10-series triggers are easier to ED010 $ 19.99 position. Best of all, they feature new trigger-sensing technology for improved response. Can be used with mesh heads as well as regular acoustic drumheads. Works directly APC-33 Clamp Set - Lets SPD-20 and SPD-6 owners mount their instruments to a variety of com- with Roland V-Drums TD series, TMC-6, SPD series, and HPD-series. mercially available drum hardware and stands. $ 75.00 ED001 $ 69.00 $ 53.98 ET38410T RT-10T Toms ET38410S RT-10S Snare $ 85.00 ET38410K RT-10K Kick $ 85.00 Pad Mount - Mounts PD-Series pad on any Roland drum stand. ED051 $ 25.00

The KD-7 lets drummers use their favorite kick drum pedal and a special reverse beater (KDB-7) to trigger a wide range of V-Drums electronic percussion sound modules, plus other sound modules. EDRKD7

$129.00 $ 103.95

V-Pad Replacement Heads
Heads feature enhanced sensitivity, can be tension tuned like an acoustic drum, and have a rubbercoated rim design for virtually noiseless triggering. ED0188 ED01810 ED01812

8 Head 10 Head 12 Head

35.00 39.00 45.00


This electronic hand percussion multi-pad has More affordable triggering capaand streambilities derived lined than its from Rolands big brother, V-drums. Divided it offers the into 15 parts, same great pad it allows hand response that percussionists to made the origiplay up to 300 nal HandSonic realistic acoustic and electronic percussion sounds so popular, but with a specialized set of features and -- 15 simultaneously -- with all the sensitivity that the a fresh batch of sounds, rhythms, and effects. V-drums are famous for. All-new sounds and patterns (approx. 400) 10 The Main pad supports Positional Sensing for realindividual pads with pressure sensing Large iconistic timbre changes depending on area of pad hit. driven LCD D Beam controller for sound/pitch/ef- Also with built-in pressure sensor for realistic muting fects control New metronome function with backing and pitch control of sounds. Built-in sequencer has rhythm patterns 20 multi-effects Rhythm Coach 300 percussion and drum sounds from around the function world. Onboard effects include dedicated reverb and EDRHPD10 $ 699.00 $ 595.00 multi-effects processors. Get realtime control via D-Beam* Controller, dual ribbon controllers, three control knobs.

Roland HPD15 Hand Sonic

Roland TMC-6 Trigger MIDI Converter
Roland HPD-10 HandSonic 10
The TMC-6 Trigger MIDI Converter makes it easy to play and trigger MIDI modules and samplers from an acoustic drum set, or expand the sound palette of electronic drum sets. This affordable device uses the lightning-fast triggering technology of Roland's V-Drums for reliable triggering and super-accurate dynamics-making it easy for acoustic drummers to tap into electronic sounds of their favorite MIDI module, or for VDrums owners to expand their trigger inputs. The 6 trigger inputs are compatible with all Roland drum pads or acoustic drum triggers. It supports separate head/rim shot triggering of PD-120/80R V-Pads, supports 3-way triggering capabilities of CY-15R and CY-12R/C V-Cymbals, and works with the FD-7 Hi-Hat Control Pedal. Also includes trigger chase On/Off function, 12 user memories for storing, and mounting plate. EDRTMC6

$ 399.00 $ 283.98

Roland TD-20 Percussion Sound Module


PDS15 Stand
$ 1299.00 $ 895.00 $ 179.00 $ 149.00
Without a doubt, the TD-20 is Rolands best percussion sound module ever, offering the ultimate sonic quality, over 500 new sounds, plus superb expressiveness and dynamic range when used with the new PD-125BK/ 105BK V-Pads and VH-12 V-Hi-Hat. The TD-20 includes the ability to vary the rim shot and bass drum sounds depending on how you play, plus new interval control for better snare drum rolls and more realistic cymbal swells. Adjust the relative levels of each part with faders, and use 15 individual compressors and EQs to sculpt each sound to perfection. A 5-part sequencer is loaded with preset backing patterns and plenty of room for your ownplus effects. 10 analog outputs and a S/ DPIF digital output give drummers plenty of options when mixing live or in the studio. Also with CompactFlash slot, plus Rolands V-LINK technology, using an optional Edirol video editor to trigger images or change cameras from the pads or kick. EDRTD20
The SPD-S Sampling Pad is an affordable and easy way to add sampling to any percussion setup. A great alternative to stand-alone samplers and computers, the SPD-S lets you record CD-quality samples and play them back instantly using six pads and three edge triggers. The SPD-S also includes preset sounds and effects so you can start playing now! Play any 8 sounds simultaneously via 6 pads and 3 edge triggers Roland TD-12 Up to 380 seconds of 44.1kHz user sampling Percussion Sound Module With the same pro-quality sound as the TD-20, the 200 User waveforms and 120 "ready-to-play" Preset waveforms new TD-12 drum module provides hundreds of expressive instruments and play-along sequences in a Resampling function and onboard pattern streamlined, affordable package. Many of the sounds sequencer in the TD-12, from drums to cymbals, are COSM 28 multi-effects and ambience add dimension modeled for the ultimate in expression and realism. Wave memory expandable via optional Compact The module provides the same large, icon-based LCD Flash cards as its big brother, and is housed in a road-tough, Mounts easily to conventional drum stands and gun-metal gray chassis with a friendly array of but hardware tons, controls, and mix sliders. A dozen trigger inputs $ 599.00 $ 495.00 are provided, plus four audio outputs and MIDI I/O. EDRSPDS $ 2299.00 $ 1945.00 Stand $ 179.00 $ 149.00 EDRTD12 $1699.00 $ 1445.00 ST407
Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad
Roland TD-3 Percussion Sound Module
The TD-3 boasts 114 new, high-quality drum and percussion sounds arranged into 32 kits, plus an easy-to-use interface so you can start playing right away. Finding the right drum kit is simple: use the Phrase Preview function to hear a short demo of each kit. Includes Each 15 types of built-in Ambience effects and compression. Onboard Rhythm Coach allows drummers to improve their timing, speed and endurance with rhythm-training. Nine trigger inputs are on the back, making it possible to add more pads. A stereo Mix input lets you play along with external audio sources, while MIDI In and Out let you connect with sequencers. EDRTD3

$ 399.00 $

The TD-9 is the anchor of Rolands new mid-line V-Drums kits. With hundreds of new sounds, real-audio songs and patterns onboard, plus new Scope and Quick Rec/Quick Play practice functions, full VHi-Hat (VH-11) compatibility, and three-way ride triggering available, the TD-9 raises the bar significantly in its price range. The TD-9 is outfitted with a luxurious, large backlit display with accompanying oversized buttons and controls. Its friendly, icon-based user interface makes editing sounds and customizing kits fast and fun. With USB host for audio-file (.WAV) playback $999.00 $ 845.00 345.00 EDRTD9
Roland TD-9 Percussion Sound Module
Roland SPD-20 Total Percussion Pad
Roland's SPD-20 features 540 high-quality drum and percussion sounds, 8 velocity-sensitive rubber pads for triggering and/or output via MIDI, effects including reverb, delay, chorus and flanger. Four dual-trigger inputs for triggering the internal sounds using trigger pedals and other external triggers. Headphone output makes it perfect for low volume applications. Great add-on for the acoustic player. Excellent for recording! EDRSPD20 ST407


$ 899.00 $ 729.00 $ 179.00 $ 149.00
Where The Nations Drummers Shop
1.800.IN.A.BAND (1.800.462.2263)
Yamaha KP125 Kick Drum Trigger
DTXREME III STANDARD Includes hi hat stand & snare stand. Does not include bass drum pedal.
For the DTXTREMEIII, the KP125 has a large playing surface that feels like an acoustic drum, and easily accommodates a double pedal. The spurs on the new kick trigger hold the pad securely in place, even under the hardest playing. Accommodates two beaters; includes stereo cable. EDRKP125

$499.99 $ 389.99

Yamaha Three Zone Pads
For the DTXTREMEIII, the TP120SD snare and TP100 tom pads are 3 zone rubber pads that feel very close to an acoustic drum. All of the nuances of your playing will come through due to the wide dynamic range of the pads. Each pad has an on-board controller knob that allows you to adjust snare tension, pitch (toms), change voices, or several other parameters from the pad without having to access the module. Includes stereo cable. TP100 Tom Pad EDRTP100 TP100 Tom $180.00 $ 149.98
DTXREME III SPECIAL Includes hi hat stand & snare stand. Does not include bass drum pedal.
TP120SD Snare Pad EDRTP120SD TP120SD Snare $195.00 $ 140.98
Yamaha Three-Zone Cymbal Pads

For the DTXTREMEIII, these new cymbal pads choke when you grab the edge, respond to the lightest touch, and feel great. Includes stereo cable.
Yamaha DTXtreme III Special Set
The DTXTREME III features a brand new brain based upon Motif AWM2 sounds. It has an outstanding sampling capability (with optional memory installed) and a powerful sequencing engine, plus 3-zone drum/ cymbal pads. USB MIDI on board allows it to function as the front end of a complete music production system embracing live performance, rhythm training, music creation and studio recording. Includes 1,115 drum voices, 211 General MIDI melody voices, 50 factory preset, 50 user programmable, 64 note polyphony. Pads: The DTXTREMEIII Special kit includes the TP120SD three-zone snare pad, (4) TP100 three-zone tom pads, (2) PCY135 three-zone cymbal pads, (1) PCY155 three-zone ride cymbal pad, the RHH135 hi hat, and the new KP125 kick drum trigger. Hardware: The DXTIIISP includes Yamahs revolutionary Hexrack featuring hexagonal tubing and tom clamps that rotate on a synthetic ball. Yamaha originally developed this rack system for use with our acoustic drums, so it is more than sturdy enough to handle duty with an electronic drum set. The clamps allow minute angle adjustments so the pad placement wherever you choose is easy. The kit also includes our updated 700 series SS-740A snare stand, HS-740A hi hat stand, (1) CH-750 and (2) CH755 cymbal booms. There are five different accessory clamps and three curved rack tubes available to allow you to customize your kit. EDRDXTIIISP
PCY135 Cymbal Pad EDRPCY135 PCY155 Ride Cymbal Pad EDRPCY155
$ 159.99 $ 119.00 $ 199.99 $ 139.99

Yamaha Tom Holder


$5299.99 $ 3999.99

$ 45.00

$ 35.00

Yamaha DTXtreme III Standard Set
The Standard configuration is a more compact version of DTXTREMEIII. The same module is used to retains all of the features but takes up less room for when space is at a premium. (Uses curved rack system, not Hex Rack). EDRDXTIIISTD

Yamaha Cymbal Attachment


$ 4199.99 $ 3199.99

Yamaha DTXPL DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Kit
The DTXPLORER is a complete five piece electronic kit packed with features that make it great for learning and performing. The DTXPL has a snare pad, three tom pads, a kick pad, hi hat and two cymbal pads. The kit even includes a bass drum pedal. The 32 factory programmed kits give you a wide variety of kits that can be used in almost any musical situation. The 10 user kits allow you to build custom kits using any of the 214 voices for your particular needs as a musician. Groove Check with Rhythm Gate - The DTXPL module has Yamahas popular Groove Check function, but takes it to the next level as a learning tool. You can engage the Rhythm Gate so that when you play out of time the module will mute the drums until you get back in time with the click. Multi Zone Inputs - The snare input will acept a three zone pad giving you the head, rim shot, and cross stick sounds. The cymbal inputs will accept dual zone cymbals and allow cymbal choking. Includes a Bass Drum Pedal - The DTXPL comes complete with an FP-6210 strap drive pedal so you dont have to purchase a pedal separately. Connections - MIDI out, Output L/mono, R, Phones, AUX in, Hihat Controller, trigger inputs 1,5,6 stereo, 2,3,4,7 mono phone jack EDRDTXPL TP65S 3 Zone Pad The TP65S utilizes three sensors in the pad, the left rim, and right rim areas. This lets you play the head sound, a rim shot sound, and a cross stick sound all from the same pad. EDRTP65S

$ 90.00 $

TP65 Single Zone Pad Single version of the TP65S is used for the tom toms, floor tom, and hi-hat. EDRTP65

$ 55.00 $

Pad Arm Clamp for TP65(S) ED040 $ 35.00 $ 30.00

$ 879.00 $ 699.00

Yamaha DTXPRESSIV Electronic Drum Kit
PCY65S Dual Zone Cymbal Pad The PCY65S is equipped with a rim switch and this triangular shaped cymbal pad provides a stick response. The rim switch lets you produce choke effects. EDRPCY65S An all-new set of voices makes this the best sounding DTXPRESS kit yet. Add upgraded cymbals and new learning tools and you have the ideal electronic drum kit for practice, teaching, or gigging around town. 50 Preset drum kits - An all-new set of voices, using larger files make the DXPIV the best sounding DTXPRESS kit yet. Yamaha programmed 50 great sounding preset kits built using samples of Yamahas most popular acoustic kits like Oak Custom, Maple Custom, Beech Custom, Recording Custom, as well as a 39.98 wide selection of ready-to-play kits ideal for any musical situation. 427 Drum and Percussion voices - A great selection of high-quality voices are included that you can use to build 20 custom kits for when you want to think outside the box. There are lots of acoustic drums plus percussion instruments from around the world. You will also find some killer special effects voices. 22 keyboard voices - The DXPIV module has 22 keyboard voices that you can trigger from the pads. This allows you to trigger melodic patterns or program melodic loops into the on-board sequencer that you can use as part of your live performance. Great feeling pads - The pads on the DXP IV have natural rebound and great dynamic response so you will be able to get express all of your musical ideas. The standard kit has three toms, a three-zone snare, two three-zone round cymbal pads, a hi hat pad, kick tower and a hi hat controller. When 59.98 you want to expand, you can split the tom and kick inputs to add more pads. On-board sequencer - The DXPIV has a built-in sequencer that allows you to record your performance in real time. There are 44 prerecorded full-length songs and 19 pad songs to play along with, and 20 user songs that you can use to record your own loops, songs or patterns. To give you even more musical choices, you can plug your CD or MP3 player into the AUX IN of the module and play along with your favorite music. Programmable click - The module has a programmable metronome that can play subdivisions of quarter, eighth, sixteenth, or triplets. You can control the volume of each subdivision to give the patterns a different feel. The metronome has 30 user patterns that you can save so you can recall patterns that you use frequently for teaching or practice The click also has a feature we call Rhythm Gate that will mute the drum voices if you are out of time with the click. EDRDXPIV

$ 75.00 $ 59.98

PCY65 Single Zone Cymbal Pad Single zone pad is used as the ride. EDRPCY65

$ 45.00 $

KP65 Kick Pad Large rubber pad is big enough to accommodate a double foot pedal setup. Plays quietly with a surprisingly realistic feel. Fitted with spurs and a Velcro trip to prevent slippage on carpeted surfaces. EDRKP65

$ 75.00 $

HH65 Hi-Hat Controller Makes possible techniques such as fully open/closed, half open, foot splashes, etc. Height of the footboard is adjustable and the pedal is equipped with spurs. EDRHH65

$1299.99 $ 999.99

$ 85.00
Yamaha DTXPRESSIV SPECIAL Electronic Drum Kit
Special version shares the same module as the Standard, but has a larger snare pad and more cymbals with Yamahas real hi hat pad. EDRDXPIVSP
CYAT65 Cymbal Attachment ED017 $ 45.00

$ 1949.99 $ 1499.99

Hart Professional Series Drums
Rs-5 Drum Trigger RS-5 head / shellmount acoustic drum trigger features rugged all molded construction and is supplied with a insulated rim mount jack clip. Free floating sensor design provides maximum dynamics and response. Use on all drum sizes and types. Lifetime warranty. EDRPERC1 List $ 25.00 $ 20.00 Rs-5T with TT-3 The RS-5 trigger with the addition of Pintech's TT-3 Trigger Trap, which allows you to head mount the RS-5 or any other brand of head mount triggers without the use of sticky tapes or adhesives. The TT-3 Trigger Trap simply mounts to drum using the tension rod. EDRRS5T List $ 32.00 $ 25.60
The HART PROFESSIONAL Series is simply the most solid, best feeling, fastest and most accurate triggering electronic drums available in the world. Patented KONTROL SCREEN material used in manufacturing Harts exclusive "silent" drum heads and TE3 (Transparent Energy Transfer) trigger technology (patent pending) allows the drum to respond exactly like an acoustic drum without the acoustic volume. Many people have commented that KS heads feel even better than an acoustic drum, and Hart has eliminated the "spongy" or "tennis racket" feel common to electronic drum pads. TE3 trigger technology defines "state of the Art" triggering capabilities with super fast, accurate, dynamic, position sensing, modulation, and choke capabilities with advanced modules. Chrome Hand Hammered NOREZ custom steel alloy shell offers extreme durability, non-resonance, and computer designed (CAD) to eliminate false triggering and x-talk makes this drum far superior to other electronic drums and elevates this drum to its own category. Tension rods thread into brass receivers for smooth and accurate head adjustment with standard drum key. These drums truly are in a class by themselves, for the professional or serious enthusiast who will accept nothing less than the best. Hart Pro Toms Toms have Pearl style (7/8") tom mounts for use with 7/8" tom arms which provide greater positioning capabilities as well as rock solid placement. Black Lacquer finish now available. Please call! EDRHPROT8BL (8 Black) EDRHPROT10BL (10 Blk.) EDRHPROT12BL (12 Blk.)

$ 299.00 $ 229.99 $ 349.00 $ 249.99 $ 399.00 $ 269.90
Hart Pro Kick Kick drum is fully adjustable for bounce, pad height, pedal height, and beater angle. Accepts all single and double bass drum pedals. Black Lacquer finish now available. Please call! EDRHPROBDBL (Black) EDRHPROBDHC (Chrome)
$ 449.00 $ 339.99 $ 449.00 $ 339.99 EDRECSRD
Preferred by many of the world's leading drummers and recording engineers. The Trigger Perfect professional line features road proven all metal chassis, Hart HAMMER adjustable sensor Accessory Pad Trigger arm, patented sensor Pole style accessory pad is a custom-blended gum arrangement to minimize sensor to head contact, rubber wedge, to create 4x 6 flat playing surface for on board sensitivity control and all three models are tip of stick. Strike at any angle. Use with mountdesigned to mount on all types of snare, tom & kick ing clamp for 7/8 tom arm or 1 1/2 rack tube for counter hoops. ultimate universal joint positioning and non-slip solid placement. Outstanding even triggering, solid #210AP Tom, 1/4 mono input mounting, and large playing surface. EDR210AP $ 63.20 EDRHM1C $ 69.00 $ 52.99 #210AP-S Snare dual zone, 1/4 TRS EDR210APS $ 78.40 #250BD Kick, 1/4 mono input HART 16" Black Dual Ride EDR250BD $ 73.60 Cymbal Trigger

Trigger Perfect

$ 299.00 $ 229.99


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Continental 2000 HP-147 793DF Scenic EX-Z500 MS-192A 7600 NAW EMP-83 CCD-TR748E Microtower PC CT-S220 2500 VA MF5730 HDT8010 12 EX-Z25 French AVR-5803 Vluu NV30 Edition 702MO S5000 FAX-T96 Foot POD WR250F-2006 TXL32G10E Navigon 2110 VSX-1018AH-k -S Reverb ZFV605 Vista-10SE LBT-DJ2I Sportband TK-3302 EW757F UX-A555 556 MD-MT99 I8000H FC632BF1 Edition 8000M CS60-USB BJC-250 Droid FLS571C ZFT610W Indesit D41 KXF-W4010 TX-28DT2 Wg201 B 37m43U KRF-V8060D 2480MF 323 3802 P8091 Matrix 17 Dmrex795 SGH-T459 NV-MS4B 1252W ICD-BP250 SA-AK47 MCD296 CW-28D085V 1640XL RCD 2000 EWF8180W Viewsonic E70F NO Name ASR-X EXP09CS1WI BV9975B SC150 Supplement P2450H DXZ868RMP LN46A550 P4S-X Speed C71840I PRO 8 UT10560 TX1500 B GR-D815 RX-496RDS Multiquick Braun 380 DE6612S-D SGH-D510 ES-4026 J1043 Charger 25202 Explorer 220 Kawai CA93 DVD-S80 WL-500B RC-1580 AH 673 Scph-70004 Axiom 49


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