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lehutan 7:16pm on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 
All in all I love this phone, only one I can think that is better is the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. First to all the people who say that this is different than the verizon model; do some reasearch before you post. Second.
FMJ 4:43am on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 
i got this flew in from the US and i must say it looked good as i brought it out, i was even impressed by the apps it had on the phone.
indigocode 3:20am on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 
I would like to see more service in my town, granted I bought them for use while I was at work.
levi45 6:14am on Sunday, April 18th, 2010 
I have always wanted a smart phone that was not outdated by the time my two year contract was up.
EChampart 1:45pm on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 
Great cover,durable,bright color,fast shipment,very pleased with purchase. love the pink sparkle cover. Thanks! Fits the phone perfectly really like it, have had it for over a month and it holds up well and is very pretty. great buy!

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Personal Electronic Piano


Check your power supply Make sure that your local AC mains voltage matches the voltage specified on the name plate on the bottom panel. In some areas a voltage selector may be provided on the rear panel of the main keyboard unit. Make sure that the voltage selector is set for the voltage in your area.
The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol,
within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the products enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.
See bottom of keyboard enclosure for graphic symbol markings
The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product.
using WARNING When shouldelectronic products, basic precautions always be followed, including the following: a stand. These products should be used only with the components supplied or a cart or stand that is recommended by the manufacturer.
8. or without the side panels or other components that constitute 9.
Some Yamaha electronic products can be made to operate with
BEFORE using your Yamaha electronic product. Check unit weight specifications before you attempt to move this instrument!
1. Graphical Symbols, and assembly instructions (where applicable)
Read all Safety and Installation Instructions, Explanation of Do not operate for a long period of time at a high volume level or at a level that in uncomfortable. If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the ears, you should consult an audiologist.
voltage used in your area. If you should move, or if any doubt exists, please contact your dealer for instructions. The main supply voltage required by your electronic product is printed on the name plate. For name plate location, see TAKING CARE OF YOUR PERSONAL ELECTRONIC PIANO item. This product may be equipped with a polarized line plug (one. blade wider than the other). If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact an electrician to have your obsolete outlet replaced. Do NOT defeat the safety purpose of the plug. Yamaha products not having polarized plugs incorporate construction methods and designs that do not require line plug polarization.
2. uct has been manufactured specifically for the main supply
Main Power Supply Verification: Your Yamaha electronic prod-

or in a wet basement.

10. wet environments. For example, near a swimming pool, spa, 11. are not spilled, into the enclosure through openings. 12. qualified service person when:
Do not use your Yamaha electronic product near water or in
Care should be taken so that objects do not fall, and liquids Your Yamaha electronic product should be serviced by a
trip over, walk over, or roll anything over cords of any kind. Do NOT allow your electronic product or its bench to rest on or be installed over cords of any type. Improper installations of this type create the possibility of a fire hazard and/or personal injury. Environment: Your electronic product should be installed away from heat sources such as a radiator, heat registers and/or other products that produce heat. Additionally, the unit should not be located in a position that exposes the cabinet to direct sunlight, or air currents having high humidity or heat levels.
4. power cord or place the unit in a position where anyone could
WARNINGDo NOT place objects on your electronic products
a. The power-supply cord or plug has been damaged: or b. Objects have fallen, or liquid has been spilled into the product: or c. The product has been exposed to rain: or d. The product does not operate, exhibits a marked change in performance: or e. The product has been dropped, or the enclosure of the product has been damaged. When not in use, always turn your Yamaha electronic product OFF. The power-supply cord of the product should be unplugged from the outlet when it is to be left unused for a long period of time. Notes: In this case, some units may lose some user programmed data. Factory programmed memories will not be affected. Do not attempt to service the product beyond that described the user-maintenance instructions. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. Electromagnetic Interference (RFI). This series of Yamaha electronic products utilizes digital (high frequency pulse) technology that may adversely affect Radio/TV reception or the operation of other devices that utilize digital technology. Please read FCC Information (Page 40) for additional information.

14. in

Your Yamaha electronic product should be placed so that its. location or position does not interfere with its proper ventilation. Some Yamaha electronic products may have benches that are
Some of these benches are designed to be dealer assembled. Please make sure that the bench is stable before using it. The bench supplied by Yamaha was designed for seating only. No other uses are recommended.
7. either a part of the product or supplied as an optional accessory.


Thank you for choosing a Yamaha YPP-50 Personal Electronic Piano. Your Personal Electronic Piano is a fine musical instrument that employs advanced Yamaha music technology. With the proper care, it will give you many years of musical pleasure. l Yamahas sophisticated AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generator system offers rich, realistic reproductions of digitally sampled keyboard sounds. l 8-note polyphony permits use of most standard playing techniques. l Piano-like touch response provides extensive expressive control and outstanding playability. l Performance Memory function records and plays back your keyboard performances-and you can play along on the keyboard as the recorded performance plays back! l Built-in metronome facilitates practice and helps to develop an accurate sense of timing. l MIDI compatibility and a range of MIDI functions make the Personal Electronic Piano useful in a range of advanced MIDI music systems. In order to make the most of your Personal Electronic Pianos performance potential and features, we urge you to read this Owners Manual thoroughly, and keep it in a safe place for later reference.


KEYBOARD STAND ASSEMBLY.. 2 TAKING CARE OF YOUR PERSONAL ELECTRONIC PIANO.. 6 THE CONTROLS AND CONNECTORS: BASIC OPERATION. 6 ENJOY THE DEMONSTRATION 8 PLAYING THE PERSONAL ELECTRONIC Piano.. 8 TRANSPOSITION.. 8 PITCH CONTROL. 9 THE PERFORMANCE MEMORY 9 MIDI Functions. 10 A Brief Introduction to MIDI. 10 MIDI Messages Transmitted & Received by the Personal Electronic Piano.. 10 MIDI Transmit & Receive Channel Selection.. Local Control ON/OFF. Program Change ON/OFF. Control Change ON/OFF. The Multi-Timbre Mode. The Split & Left Local OFF M o d e.. The Split & Right Local OFF Mode.. Transmitting the Panel Settings.. TROUBLESHOOTING. OPTIONS & EXPANDER MODULES.. MIDI DATA FORMAT.. SPECIFICATIONS.. 13 14


NOTE: Although the YPP-50 keyboard stand can be assembled by a single person, the job is much easier with two people.
Open the box and remove all the parts. On opening the box you should find the parts shown in the illustration. Check to make sure that all the required parts, are provided. Invert the main unit (A). When main unit (A) is removed from the box, place it upsidedown on a soft, non-abrasive surface such as a clean rug or blanket to prevent scratches to the finish. This inverted position makes it easier to attach the assembled keyboard stand later on. Attach the side panels (D) to the front (B) and rear (C) panels. Begin by installing the joint connectors in the front (B) and rear (C) panels as shown in the illustration. The front and rear panels (the rear panel is the wider one) are attached between the side panels (D) using two long bolts at each end. The sides of the side panels (D) with the recesses at the top face inwards; the direction in which the feet extend from the side panels is the front (the direction the keyboard faces). The metal brackets on the front (B) and rear (C) panels face upwards and inwards. Attach the first panel loosely so that the second panel slides into position easily, then attach the second panel and finally tighten all eight bolts. When the assembly is complete and the bolts are securely tightened, snap the eight plastic bolt covers into place over the bolt heads.
When installing the joint connectors in the holes in the panels, make sure that the arrows printed on their upper surface face in the direction shown in the illustration.
Attach the stand assembly to the main unit (A). Turn the assembled stand upside down and place it on top of the main unit (which should also be upside-down) with the feet extending toward the keyboard side of the main unit. The tops of the side panels fit into the recessed areas at the ends of the main unit. Align the holes in the front and rear panel brackets with the holes in the bottom of the main unit, and firmly screw in the six short bolts through the brackets. Finally, turn the entire assembly rightside-up and stand it on its feet.
* Check to make sure that all screws have been securely tightened.
Plug in the damper pedal (E) Plug the supplied FC5 damper pedal cable into the DAMPER jack on the rear panel of the main unit, and place the pedal in a convenient position on the floor below the keyboard. Install the music stand (F) Insert the bottom (flat) edge of the music stand (F) into the slot on the top of the main unit (A) so that the music stand leans backwards away from the keyboard.

Your Personal Electronic Piano is a fine musical instrument, and deserves the most careful treatment. Observe the following points and your Personal Electronic Piano will sound and look great for many years. 1. Never open the case and touch or tamper with the internal circuitry. 2. Always turn the POWER switch OFF after use, and cover the keyboard with the supplied cover. 3. Clean the cabinet and keys of your Personal Electronic Piano only with a clean, slightly damp cloth. A neutral cleanser may be used if desired. Never use abrasive cleansers, waxes, solvents or chemical dust cloths since these can dull or damage the finish. 4. Never place any vinyl products on your Personal Electronic Piano. Contact with vinyl can cause irreversible damage to the finish. 5. Install your Personal Electronic Piano in a place that is away from direct sunlight, excessive humidity or heat. 6. Never apply excessive force to the controls, connectors or other parts of your Personal Electronic Piano, and avoid scratching or bumping it with hard objects. 7. Do not leave heavy objects on the keyboard for an extended length of time. 8. Never spill water, beverages or other liquids on the keyboard or any other part of the Personal Electronic Piano. 9. The YPP-50 contains digital circuitry and may cause interference if placed too close to radio receivers, television sets or similar radio-frequency reception equipment. If such a problem occurs, move the YPP-50 further away from the affected equipment. 10. IMPORTANT!: Check your power supply! Make sure that your local AC mains voltage matches the voltage specified on the name plate on the bottom panel. In some areas a voltage selector may be provided on the rear panel of the main unit. Make sure that the voltage selector is set for the voltage in your area. l Name Plate Location The YPP-50 nameplate is located on the bottom panel.
POWER Switch Press the POWER switch once to turn the power ON, a second time to turn the power OFF. When the power is initially turned ON, the PIANO voice selector LED will light. MASTER VOLUME Control The MASTER VOLUME control adjusts the volume (level) of sound produced by the Personal Electronic Piano. The MASTER VOLUME control also adjusts headphone volume when a pair of headphones is plugged into the HEADPHONE jack MIDI/TRANSPOSE Button The MIDI/TRANSPOSE button allows access to the Personal Electronic Pianos TRANSPOSE function (to shift the pitch of the entire keyboard up or down) and MIDI functions. For details refer to the TRANSPOSITION and MIDI FUNCTIONS sections on pages 8 and 10, respectively.

PERFORMANCE MEMORY REC and PLAY Buttons These buttons activate the YPP-50 Performance Memory record and playback functions. Operation of the Performance Memory is described in detail on page 9. DEMO Button Press the DEMO button to hear the YPP-50s pre-programmed demonstration. Further details are given on page 8. HEADPHONE Jack A standard pair of stereo headphones can be plugged in here for private practice or late-night playing. The internal speaker system is automatically shut off when a pair of headphones is plugged into the HEADPHONE jack.


To give you an idea of the YPP-50s sophisticated capabilities, it is programmed with a demonstration sequence which plays automatically while demonstrating some of the instruments voices. Short segments of the following pieces are included: l 24 Preludes No. 15 in D flat major. Raindrop Op.28-15 by Chopin (PIANO voice). l The Harmonious Blacksmith by Hndel (HARPSI voice). l Arabesque by Debussy (PIANO voice). l Fugue in G minor by Bach (P.ORGAN voice). 1. Press the POWER switch to turn the instrument ON. The PIANO voice selector LED will light when the power is ON.
2. Initially set the MASTER VOLUME control about three quarters of the way towards the MAX setting. Then, when you start playing, adjust the VOLUME control for the most comfortable listening level.
3. Select the desired voice by pressing one of the voice selectors.
4. Play. 2. Slide the MASTER VOLUME control to a position about three quarters of the way towards the MAX setting. You can set this control for the most comfortable volume level after playback begins.
Note: The Personal Electronic Piano has 8-note polyphony which means you can play up to 8 notes at once. If you activate the Bass Split mode, up to two notes can be played on the lower (bass) section of the keyboard and up to six notes can be played on the upper fright-hand) section (see Voice Selectors- The Bass Split Mode on page 7). The Metronome also uses one note, so up to seven notes can be played on the keyboard while the metronome is running (the metronome uses one note of the righthand keyboard section when the Bass Split mode is active). The Personal Electronic Piano also offers keyboard touch response, so the volume and timbre of notes played can be controlled according to how hard you play the keys. The amount of variation available depends on the selected voice.
3. The demonstration music will begin playing as soon as you press the DEMO button. The demonstration will play continuously, providing samples of different voices, until the DEMO button is pressed a second time.


The Personal Electronic Pianos TRANSPOSE function makes it possible to shift the pitch of the entire keyboard up or down in semitone intervals up to a maximum of six semitones. Transposing the pitch of the Personal Electronic Piano keyboard makes it easier to play in difficult key signatures, and you can simply match the pitch of the keyboard to the range of a singer or other instrumentalist. The MIDI/TRANSPOSE button and TEMPO and buttons are used for transposition. 1. Press and hold the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button. 2. Press the TEMPO or button as many times as necessary to produce the desired degree of transposition. Each time the TEMPO o r button is pressed the pitch of the keyboard is transposed by one semitone in the specified direction (i.e. up or down). Pitch can be transposed up or down by a maximum of six semitones.* 3. Release the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button.
A different voice or tempo can be selected at any time while the demonstration is playing (refer to the appropriate sections of this manual for instructions). Voice changes, however, will only remain in effect until the next automatic voice change.
After making sure that the Personal Electronic Pianos AC plug is properly inserted into a convenient AC wall outlet: 1. Press the POWER switch located to the left of the keyboard to turn the power ON. When the power is turned ON, the PIANO voice selector LED will light (the PIANO voice is automatically selected whenever the power is turned ON).
* Pressing both the TEMPO and buttons simultaneously while the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button is held produces normal keyboard pitch.


Pitch control makes it possible to tune the Personal Electronic Piano over a 50-cent range in approximately 3-cent intervals. A hundred cents equals one semitone, so the tuning range provided allows fine tuning of overall pitch over a range of approximately a semitone. Pitch control is useful for tuning the Personal Electronic Piano to match other instruments or recorded music. Tuning Up 1. To tune up (raise pitch), hold the E0 and F0 keys simultaneously. 2. Press any key between C3 and B3. Each time a key in this range is pressed the pitch is increased by approximately 3 cents, up to a maximum of 50 cents above standard pitch. 3. Release the E0 and F0 keys. Tuning Down I. To tune down (lower pitch), hold the E0 and F #0 keys simultaneously. 2. Press any key between C3 and B3. Each time a key in this range is pressed the pitch is decreased by approximately 3 cents, up to a maximum of 50 cents below standard pitch. 3. Release the E0 and F# 0 keys. To Restore Standard Pitch* 1. To restore standard pitch (A3 = 440 Hz), hold the E 0, F0 and F# 0 Tkeys simultaneously. 2. Press any key between C3 and B3. 3. Release the E0, F0 and F# 0 keys.

* Standard pitch (A 3 = 440 Hz) is automatically set whenever the POWER switch is initially turned ON.
Note: Recording can not be activatedif the YPP-60 Multi-Timbre Mode is engaged (see The Multi-Timbre Mode in the MIDI FUNCTIONS section of this manual-page 101.


1. Set the Record Ready Mode Press the PERFORMANCE MEMORY REC button. This engages the record ready mode: the REC LED will light and the metronome will sound at the currently selected tempo.
2. Set the Tempo Before actually beginning to record, you should select a tempo that will be easy to record at (using the TEMPO and/or buttons). If you dont want to hear the metronome while recording, press the METRONOME button at this stage the metronome sound will stop but the METRONOME LED will continue flashing at the selected tempo. 3. Start Recording Recording will begin automatically as soon as you begin playing. 4. Stop Recording Press the REC button a second time to stop recording. It is also possible to stop recording by pressing the PLAY button. Recording will stop automatically if you exceed the Performance Memory note capacity.
Whenever you record using the Performance Memory, any previously recorded material will be erased. The Performance Memory can be erased deliberately as follows: press the PERFORMANCE MEMORY REC button while holding down the E 0 and F0 keys (the two lowest white keys on the keyboard), release the button and keys, and then press the PERFORMANCE MEMORY REC button one more time to exit the record mode.


The YPP-50 Performance Memory functions as a digital recorder that allows you to record and play back anything you play on the keyboard. You can simply enjoy listening to playback of your performance, or play along with it on the keyboard. You can record using any single voice, or using the Bass Split mode for a combination of left-hand bass and right-hand chords or melody lines.
1. Press the PLAY Button Playback of the Performance Memory recording begins as soon as you press the PERFORMANCE MEMORY PLAY button (the PLAY button LED will also light).
The Performance Memory records the following data: notes played, damper pedal operations, voice selection, bass split mode, the initial tempo and tempo changes made during the recording. Up to approximately 1300 notes can be recorded in the Performance Memory. This number varies, however, according to damper-pedal usage and other factors. Material recorded using the Performance Memory will be retained in the YPP-50 memory for approximately one week even the power is left OFF the entire time. To keep the recorded performance in memory for longer periods, make sure that the YPP-50 power is turned ON briefly at least once a week.

2. Play Along if You Like Play along on the YPP-50 keyboard if you like. Please note, however, that the YPP-50s eight-note polyphony limitation still applies. In other words, the total number of notes being played back by the Performance Memory and those played on the keyboard cannot exceed eight at any instant. 3. Stop Playback Playback will stop automatically when the end of the recording is reached. You can also stop playback at any time by pressing the PLAY or REC button. Playback will also stop if the DEMO button is pressed or if a MIDI STOP message is received via the MIDI IN connector.


A Brief Introduction to MIDI
MIDI, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a worldstandard communication interface that allows MIDI-compatible musical instruments and equipment to share musical information and control one another. This makes it possible to create systems of MIDI instruments and equipment that offer far greater versatility and control than is available with isolated instruments. For example, most MIDI keyboards (including the Personal Electronic Piano, of course) transmit note and velocity (touch response) information via the MIDI OUT connector whenever a note is played on the keyboard. If the MIDI OUT connector is connected to the MIDI IN connector of a second keyboard (synthesizer, etc.) or a tone generator such as the Yamaha EMT-1 FM Sound Box (essentially a synthesizer with no keyboard), the second keyboard or tone generator will respond precisely to notes played on the original transmitting keyboard. The result is that you can effectively play two instruments at once, providing thick multi-instrument sounds.
Program Change Numbers The YPP-50 transmits a MIDI program number between 0 and 14 when one of its voice selectors is pressed. This normally causes the correspondingly numbered voice or program to be selected on a receiving MIDI device. The Personal Electronic Piano will respond in the same way, automatically selecting the appropriate voice when a MIDI program change number is received. See Program Change ON/OFF on page 11 for information on turning program change number reception and transmission ON or OFF. NO. VOICE PIANO E.PIANO HARPSI VIBES BRASS STRINGS P.ORGAN BASS
This same type of musical information transfer is used for MIDI sequence recording. A sequence recorder such as the Yamaha EMQ-1 Memory Box can be used to record MIDI data received from a Personal Electronic Piano, for example. When the recorded data is played back, the Personal Electronic Piano automatically plays the recorded performance in precise detail.
Control Change Numbers Control Change data representing damper pedal operations is transmitted by the Personal Electronic Piano whenever the pedal is used. If the receiving device is a tone generator or another keyboard, it will respond in the same way as the Personal Electronic Pianos internal tone generator when these controls are used. The Personal Electronic Piano also receives and responds to these as well as some additional control change data described in the MIDI DATA FORMAT section of this manual. See Control Change ON/OFF on page 11 for information on turning control change number reception and transmission ON or OFF.

Setting the Personal Electronic Piano MIDI Channels 1. Press and hold the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button. 2. Press the key on the keyboard corresponding to the desired MIDI transmit or receive channel.* 3. Release the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button.
* Keys C 1 through D#2 on the keyboard are used to set the MIDI transmit channel, and keys C3 through D# 4 are used to turn the OMNI mode OFF and set the MIDI receive channel as shown in the illustration below. The E 4 key sets the OMNI receive mode and basic receive channel 1.
Turning Local Control ON or OFF 1. Hold down the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button. 2. Press the PIANO voice selector. If the PIANO LED is lit when the PIANO voice selector is pressed; you have turned local control OFF. If the PIANO LED is not lit when the PIANO voice selector is pressed, you have turned local control ON. 3. Release the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button.

Program Change ON/OFF

Normally the Personal Electronic Piano will respond to MIDI program change numbers received from an external keyboard or other MIDI device, causing the correspondingly numbered Personal Electronic Piano voice to be selected. The Personal Electronic Piano will normally also send a MIDI program change number whenever one of its voices is selected, causing the correspondingly numbered voice or program to be selected on the external MIDI device if the device is set up to receive and respond to MIDI program change numbers. This function makes it possible to cancel program change number reception and transmission so that voices can be selected on the Personal Electronic Piano without affecting the external MIDI device, and vice versa. 1. Hold down the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button. 2. Press the E.PIANO voice selector. If the E.PIANO LED is lit when the E.PIANO voice selector is pressed, you have turned program change reception/transmission OFF. If the E.PIANO LED is not lit when the E.PIANO voice selector is pressed, you have turned program change reception/transmission ON. 3. Release the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button.
Note: When the power is initially turned ON, MIDI receive is set to the OMNI mode and the transmit channel is set to 1.

Activating the Split & Left Local OFF Mode 1. Hold down the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button. 2. Press the STRINGS voice selector. If the STRINGS LED is lit when the STRINGS voice selector is pressed, you have turned the Split & Left Local OFF mode ON. If the STRINGS LED is not tit when the STRINGS voice selector is pressed, you have turned the Split & Left Local OFF mode OFF. 3. Release the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button.
The Split & Right Local Off Mode
In the YPP-50 either the right- or left-hand section of the keyboard can be assigned to control an external keyboard or tone generator. Assigning the left-hand section to external tone generator control was described in the previous section. To assign the right-hand section to external tone generator control while playing the Personal Electronic Piano voices with the left hand, press the BRASS voice selector instead of the STRINGS voice selector when activating the Split mode (See Activating the Split & Left Local OFF Mode in the previous section). All other operations are exactly the same as described in the previous section.
2. Select the first voice and MIDI transmit channel number, then record the first part on the EMQ-1. 3. Activate the Personal Electronic Piano Multi-Timbre mode, then select a new MIDI transmit channel and voice and record the second part on the EMQ-1 using its overdubbing function. 4. While still in the Multi-Timbre mode, select the third MIDI transmit channel and voice and record the third part on the EMQ-1 using its overdubbing function. 5. Still in the Multi-Timbre mode, play back the EMQ-1. The recorded parts will be played back using the individual voices selected during recording, providing a full ensemble sound.
Transmitting the Panel Settings
This function causes all the current Personal Electronic Piano control settings (selected voice, etc) to be transmitted via the MIDI OUT terminal. This is particularly useful if you will be recording performances to a MIDI sequence recorder* which will be used to control the Personal Electronic Piano on playback. By transmitting the Personal Electronic Piano panel settings and recording them on the MIDI sequence recorder prior to the actual performance data, the Personal Electronic Piano will be automatically restored to the same settings when the performance is played back. * The
Yamaha EMQ-1 Memory Box automatically receives and records the Personal Electronic Piano panel settings when a recording is begun, so this function is most useful with MIDI sequence recorders other than the EMQ-1.

The Split & Left Local OFF Mode
In the split mode one section of the Personal Electronic Piano keyboard is used to play a Personal Electronic Piano voice in the normal way, while the remaining section is used to play a second MIDI keyboard or tone generator such as the Yamaha EMT-1 FM Sound Box or EMT-10 AWM Sound Box. In this mode the right-hand section of the keyboard is used to play an internal Personal Electronic Piano voice, while the left-hand section of the keyboard plays the external keyboard or tone generator. Playing the left-hand section of the keyboard produces no sound from the Personal Electronic Piano. The split point, or the key that divides the left- and right-hand sections of the keyboard, is automatically set at F#2. The split mode is useful if, for example, you want to play a piano (Personal Electronic Piano) voice with the right hand while playing a synthesizer bass line or string section with the left hand. When the split mode is activated, notes played on the lefthand section are transmitted via the Personal Electronic Piano MIDI OUT connector on MIDI channel 2. Notes played on the right-hand section are transmitted on the basic channel (i.e. the channel set using the MIDI channel selection function described previously). Damper pedal data is sent via both channels.
1. Hold down the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button. 2. Press the P.ORGAN voice selector. 3. Release the MIDI/TRANSPOSE button.


If you encounter what appears to be a malfunction, please check the following points before assuming that your Personal Electronic Piano is faulty. 1. No Sound When the Power is Turned ON Is the AC plug properly connected to an AC wall outlet? Check the AC connection carefully. Is the MASTER VOLUME control turned up to a reasonable listening level? 2. The Personal Electronic Piano Reproduces Radio or TV Sound This can occur if there is a high-power transmitter in your vicinity. Contact your Yamaha dealer. 3. Intermittent Static Noise This is usually due to turning ON or OFF a household appliance or other electronic equipment which is fed by the same AC mains line as your Personal Electronic Piano. 4. Interference Appears On Radio or TV Sets Located Near the Personal Electronic Piano The Personal Electronic Piano contains digital circuitry which can generate radio-frequency noise. The solution is to move the Personal Electronic Piano further away from the affected equipment, or vice versa. 5. Distorted Sound When the Personal Electronic Piano is Connected to An External Amplifier/Speaker System If the Personal Electronic Piano is connected to a stereo system or instrument amplifier and the sound is distorted, reduce the setting of the Personal Electronic Piano volume control to a level at which the distortion ceases.


This applies only to products distributed by Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.


P.O. Box 1, Hamamatsu, Japan
909 VI27370 Printed in Japan

11/17/98 98109

Yamaha Corporation of America YPP50 OM 6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622-6600



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Price includes tax: $4.50 5" Sub $6.00 8" Sub $7.50 11" Sub White Bread Ham & veggies prov, lettuce, tomato Ham & cheese, plain provolone Turkey & cheese, plain provolone Whole Wheat Bread -ww Turkey & veggies ww - provolone, lettuce, tomato Veggie sub ww - double provolone, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato Mayo and mustard available at TPA kitchen
Price includes tax: $5.00 Small bowl, all items Choices: Chef's favorite chicken & beef, wheat noodles & vegetables Medium spicy chicken & beef, wheat noodles & vegetables Sweet 'n sour chicken & beef, wheat noodles & vegetables Sweet 'n sour gluten free - rice noodles, chicken, beef, & vegetables Vegetarian Curry, tofu - wheat noodles & vegetables
Price includes tax: $2.00
Veggie (slice) * tomatoes, olives, green peppers, cheese $1.50 Cheese (slice) $1.50 Pepperoni (slice) $1.50 Sausage (slice) *We will offer Veggie pizza if there is sufficient interest. We must buy the whole pizza even though only a few slices are ordered.
Price includes tax: $1.50 All Items Choices:
Bean Burrito Cheese Roll-up Cheesy Double Beef Burrito Crunchy Taco Soft Taco Triple Layer Nachos w/ beans "We believe the best ingredients are fresh, natural ones. If you want to reduce fat, just say no to cheese." Salsa is fresh pico-de-gallo with tomatoes & onions
Price includes tax: Burritos large 13 tortilla, cilantro-lime rice & slow cooked black beans $5.00 Beef seasoned ground sirloin, rice, black beans, salsa, cheese $5.00 Black Bean (vegetarian) rice, salsa, cheese $5.00 Chicken grilled chicken, rice, black beans, salsa, cheese $5.00 Chicken (no salsa) grilled chicken, rice, black beans, cheese $5.00 Chicken (no cheese) grilled chicken, rice, black beans, salsa $5.00 Pork pulled pork, rice, black beans, salsa, cheese Others $3.00 Quesadilla, kids 6 plain cheese with Cheddar and Monterey Jack $2.50 Burrito any of the above burritos $2.25 Queso & Chips 3-Cheese sauce with peppers, tomatoes, garlic & spices $2.25 Soft Taco soft flour tortilla, seasoned ground sirloin, cheese, lettuce, salsa


Drinks and Snacks
Milk must be ordered online due to the shelf life. Menu options are subject to change at any time. Low-interest items will be discontinued.
Price includes tax: Drinks $1.25 Gatorade or Flavored Water $0.75 Canned beverage lemonade (and assorted soda pop for high school only) $0.50 Juice Box 6.75 oz, Hansens 100% juice, variety $0.50 Water bottled water $0.50 Milk chocolate or white half pint of 1% milk (online orders only) Snacks $0.50 Applesauce, cold Tree Top, variety $0.50 Chips Sun Chips, Lays, Doritos, Pretzels $0.50 GoGurt (frozen) Yoplait yogurt in a tube
Our Lunch Store is now easier to use with more menu items including 1% milk both white and chocolate. We offer many healthy choices from YC's Mongolian Grill, Qdoba Mexican Grill, and Silver Mine Subs which bakes their fresh bread in their store each day. We also offer a veggie pizza and popular items from Taco Bell. You can also order cold applesauce, frozen GoGurt, milk, 100% juice, chips, and canned beverages (including soda pop for high school only.) Once Pay Pal has received your payment, PayPal sends us your order, and your food will be ready to pick up at the kitchen window during lunch time. Be sure to print out your Order History to confirm your order, and serve as a reminder. If you would like to visit our lunch store and "window shop" please check us out at and click Lunch Store in the blue bar. username: guest password: tpa
Now there is more time to place your lunch order. Many families make their lunch plans on Sunday night before school starts the next day. Now you can place your lunch order on Sunday night until midnight for the upcoming week.
We need volunteers to serve lunch on Mondays starting in January. If you can help please notify our scheduler, Madeline LeBeau at and let her know if you can serve every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks on Mondays. We also need to decide which 2 restaurants to add in January. We want to offer something that will draw a high number of customers, and are researching possible choices: Chick-fil-a (chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, chicken wrap) Sweet Tomatoes (Won Ton Chicken Happiness, Joans Broccoli Madness, and Southern Dill Potato) Boston Market (chicken pie, macaroni and cheese, side salad.) We need help researching restaurant choices and menu items. If you can help, or have other choices you would like us to consider, please notify Louise Wolfe at 350-9022 or


After our Lunch Store goes through its final revisions this spring, we will be offering to sell our Lunch Store program to other schools who could benefit from an online store. Let us know if you can think of ways to improve our store even more. Contact Louise Wolfe at 480-350-9022 or

Visit the Lunch Store at 1. Go to and click LUNCH STORE in the blue bar 2. Click NEW USER REGISTRATION to set up your account. The Family Name will automatically be assigned to each student you register. The Username is what you will use to LOGIN and can be anything you want. Write down the info. 3. Username :__________________ Password: __________________ Email_______________________ 4. Click COMPLETE REGISTRATION 5. Enter your Username and Password, then click LOGIN. 6. Click ADD CUSTOMER 7. Enter your childs first name and grade, click INSERT 8. Keep adding all other family members who might want to buy lunch. 9. Click PLACE YOUR ORDER in the blue bar. 10. Click MENU DETAIL in the blue bar to decide what to order. 11. On the Lunch Store Place Orders page, click on a calendar date to begin ordering. 12. Use the SELECT LUNCH, SNACK, OR DRINK dropdown menu and select what you would like to order. 13. Click ADD TO CART. If the item was successfully added you will see a notice next to that button. 14. Keep selecting all drinks and snacks you want until your lunch for that day is complete. 15. Click on another date on the calendar and repeat steps 11 - 14. 16. Select another student, and repeat. 17. When you are finished ordering, click VIEW CART AND CHECK OUT. 18. Look over your order and make any changes. Then click UPDATE CART. 19. When you are ready to pay, click CHECKOUT AND PAY. 20. You will have to set up a PayPal account. This is very secure and encrypted, and you can link your PayPal account to any of your bank accounts or charge cards. 21. Then pay for your order using PayPal. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from PayPal that they received your payment. 22. On the Lunch Store, click ORDER HISTORY in the blue bar. Check to make sure everything you just ordered shows up there. If it does not, go back to PayPal and make sure you completed your payment. 23. Print the Order History. Click the FILE menu up at the top of your internet browser bar. Click PRINT. 24. No transfers or refunds will be given if your child is absent. For questions contact: Louise Wolfe at 480-350-9022, or


Odyssey of the Mind will be holding its fall Spontaneous Marathon on Saturday November 7 th from 2:30 7:15 pm on the TPA campus. The Marathon will have the 11 TPJA/TPA teams competing in 2.5 hours of short term problem solving. Each problem only lasts 13 minutes. In that time the teams must learn the problem, dissect it for restrictions and penalties, strategize a plan, and work together to implement the solution to gain the most points possible. Skills needed for this event are good listening, quick brainstorming, rapid fire decision making, and above all, fluid teamwork. The Problems represent three different categories. They are listed below along with a type of problem they may get.


Verbal the teams are presented with a linguistic challenge which forces them to come up with outside of the box answers to seemingly simple questions the more creative the answer the more points they get Verbal/Hands on teams are provided a smorgasbord of common items with which to devise and build a creation, then they must wrap an original story around it to explain all of its meaning. Hands On teams are again given a unique mix of common items and asked to build a machine that performs a certain task the better it performs that task the more points they accrue To even out the skill disparity between new and veteran teams, the experienced teams incur a point handicap to provide an even playing field. The top two scoring teams receive first and second place prizes. The event is challenging and fun for the teams, and equally entertaining for spectators. So please join us Saturday afternoon for the controlled chaos. A quick pizza dinner will be provided for all after completion of the competition, followed by the Awards Ceremony. Hope to see you there. Send me an email if you have any questions. Mr. Dischinger


For a list of possible concerts including free ones at ASU look at the bulletin board just to the left upon entering the Student Union. Also included are summer camp opportunities in the fine arts, including music. Dr. Edward Wolfe


The Great Hearts Honor Choir Festival will be held on November 21 (concert is at 4:00 p.m.). We have 35 of our top singers who have been selected to participate: Anna Medill soprano Anna Piorkowski soprano Brianna Valdez soprano Genevieve Smith soprano Hannah Back soprano Jessica Moffitt soprano Katie Cerino soprano Melanie Whitaker soprano Rachel Ewer soprano Rowena Garvie soprano Shannon Donnelly soprano Courtney Krygier alto Dana Fischer alto Hannah Hartke alto Heejin Jeon alto Iliana Cota alto Jenna Thompson alto Megan Begley alto Monica Butler alto Monica LeBeau alto Natalia Hankins alto Alex Porter- tenor Ben LeBeau tenor Isaac Miller tenor Kyle Whalen tenor Lukas Attridge tenor Tommy Kneblesberger tenor Adam Moffitt bass Brandon Ashton bass Bruce Fowler bass Philip Wolfe bass Shawn Muenz bass Travis Rozich bass
November 10 from 3:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Miss Benitez is assisting with sight-singing practice and ensemble rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday morning for Regional Choir auditions. Interested singers should contact Mrs. Ewer or Miss Benitez.

We have a new website! Come and see us at -


Coming in the spring, a full production of the beloved Broadway musical
Parents and friends of students in Junior Varsity Strings and TPA Winds are invited to attend an open lesson. The date is Tuesday, December 8, p.m. in the Zelman Center at TPA.
Reminder to parents and art students: Students will need to visit an art museum soon and the report is due before Thanksgiving. A form is available on the TPA website under downloads to use while at the museum. Comments on two pieces of art are to be included in the report. Students should refer to the specific directions concerning their report. (The school tour to the Phoenix Art Museum does not replace this requirement.) Enjoy your visit! Mrs. Eileen Spenla
Registration is due on Thursday, November 12. Students must register through their directors for these outstanding events. Miss Benitez will be assisting singers to help them prepare for sight singing. The regional auditions are the same day and in the same location as the solo and ensemble festival: January at Mountain Ridge High School. The festival itself is February at McClintock High School.
Auditions for both men and women are Monday, December 14, 7:30 a.m. and 3:30. Most parts are singing and acting; only the Mime is a role calling for acting only and no dialog or singing. Contact Mr. Tyler or Miss Benitez for more information about the auditions.


Parents, please see the online calendar at For more details about each event, click on it. November 12 Registration deadline for Solo and Ensemble Festival, Regional Choir/Band/Orchestra Auditions November 16-18 Senior written and directed one-act plays November 21 Great Hearts Honor Choir November 24 10th Grade Choir Concert (tech rehearsal the day before, right after school) December 7, 9 Cantamus and Friends Seasonal Concert, featuring Varsity Strings December 8 Junior Varsity Strings open lesson December 14 Fantasticks auditions Please see the online calendar for more details and events; click on an event for details




The Tempe Prep Swimming Team continued its success in its second season of existence. On the way to the State Championships, the team competed in two 5A invitationals as well as in several tri-meets against other 1A-3A teams. The team was unable to bring home a team win at these meets, however Paige Horvath and Hayden Thomas never placed lower than second place in an individual event in the dual meets. TPA Swimming ended its year on a very high note at the AIA 1A-3A State Swimming Championships. Last season, Horvath was unable to qualify for finals, however this year she qualified for finals. Horvath won the consolation final in the 100 Backstroke and finished 11th overall in the 50 Freestyle. Thomas went into the meet with the goal of defending his state championship titles from the previous year. In the 200 Freestyle, an unexpected challenger appeared to be controlling the race but Thomas pulled out the victory in the last 50. In the 500 Freestyle, Thomas controlled the race from start to finish successfully defending his titles from last year. These two athletes will be greatly missed as they move to the next phase of their lives. Their hard work has laid the foundation for the future of TPA Swimming.
Junior high cross country enjoyed an exciting season finale. Both our boys' and girls' teams finished second in the league. The most notable performance came from Ben LeBeau, who ran at a 6:03 pace, despite an injury at the start of the race. Three of our girls, Camille Zimmerman, Rachel Matsumoto, and Catherine Bryant, have also been top finishers throughout the season, averaging 7:15 miles. In addition to Ben LeBeau, our boys' team has had other outstanding performances. Michael Benson has been a top finisher throughout the season and many of our seventh grade boys are quickly catching up to these eighth grade speedsters, including Jack Curtin, Ben Schockley, and Yegor Zenkov. We certainly logged the miles this season, proving yet again that distance counts in the long run.


Im originally from Tempe. I graduated from Marcos de Niza and I am currently taking courses to receive my degree in Business Management. As a kid I played basketball and baseball, but during high school, I lettered in football and wrestling. I believe participating in a sport or sports is vital to the student athletes increasing maturity as a young adult. Playing a sport will prepare the student for various roles they may encounter in their future careers. Coaching is something I have always wanted to do. I hope to guide them and set a positive example. I am excited for the upcoming season and I look forward to meeting everyone.Anthony Figueroa, Assistant Coach Boys JV Basketball Please welcome Anthony and the rest of our coaching staffmany are new coaches this season. Please refer to for a complete list of our winter coaches.


Please see the athletic departments website,, for the most current information on game schedules. th Schedules for high school games are currently posted. Junior high schedules will be posted after November 10.
Our teams need volunteers. If you are interested in supporting our student-athletes, please refer to the website to see how you can help.


For the JV Football squad, this season has been about changes and adjustments. We are currently 3 wins and 3 losses for the season going into our season finale tonight against Camp Verde. One of the big questions going into the season was: "can we win a game moving up to 2A?". Not only have we answered that question with a resounding YES, but in our three losses we fought tooth and nail with three of the four best teams in the 2A division! As the JV Head Coach, I understand my job as being the development of athletes, so that when they move up to Varsity they have developed the skills necessary to contribute to the team. This season we had the same three goals for every game. 1. Play efficient disciplined mistake free football. 2. Play with Passion! Play hard from the beginning of the play until the sound of the whistle. 3. Play opportunistic football. Take advantage of your opponents mistakes. I believe we learned by trial and error the value of these goals in aiding or destroying our opportunity for victory. Our greatest asset as a team this year was our toughness and perseverance. In our three losses to NW Christian(17-0), Scottsdale Christian(14-0), and Valley Christian(12-0) the opposing coaches complimented us on how hard we hit and on how we never gave up. All in all I believe our season was a great success and I see the future being very bright for Knights Football!
back row: Zach Brittain, Daniel Hiser, Isaiah Brittain; front row: Jack Otting-Crandall, Andrew Otting-Crandall, Ryan Whalen; picture courtesy of Melissa Brittain]
Last May, Coach Brittain exhorted our junior high boys to participate in the SEV tackle football league in order to prepare themselves for rigor of high school football. Six young men responded and represented our school well. Their coaches share their observations of the young men with our TPA family: Last May, Coach Brittain exhorted our junior high boys to participate in the SEV tackle football league in order to prepare themselves for rigor of high school football. Six young men responded and represented our school well. Their coaches share their observations of the young men with our TPA family: Isaiah Captain Mayhem Brittain-- Opposing teams know his number weeks before they face him. His foes fear him and request help from their teammates, but none can stop Captain Mayhem. As one of the biggest, fastest, and strongest members of the Bulldogs, Isaiah is a one man wrecking machine. Hes played for the Bulldogs for the past 4 years and is a major contributing factor in the Bulldogs tremendous success, achieving an incredible record of 32 and 5. Its very rare to see a player with so many talents, but his greatest qualities dont end on the football field. Isaiah is one the most kind hearted and caring individuals Ive ever coached. Hes a pleasure to coach and know!-- Coach Rob Reithman Zach Brittain is the starting right offensive guard and plays next to Ryan Whalen on the offensive line. Together theyre a formidable pair. Zach hadnt had much line experience prior to this year but his athleticism, strength and quickness enabled him to claim a starting spot. No one works harder than Zach--he always leads in drill work and sets an example for the rest of the team. As with all good offensive lineman, Zach is very intelligent and has been quick to pick up complex blocking schemes.Coach Lou Farina Daniel Mr. Football Hiser-- For the past 4 years, Ive had the pleasure of coaching a player that excels in every aspect of the game. Daniels played pulling guard, fullback, running back and, this year, quarterback. On defense, hes played lineman, linebacker, safety and cornerback. In addition to excelling as a football player, hes a leader amongst his peers, having been selected by his teammates as their captain for the last three years. As a leader and player, hes led his team, the Bulldogs, to a state title and a regional title. Mr. Football is truly an exceptional person and player.--Coach Rob Reithman Andrew Otting-Crandall--Desire, Dedication and Determination are the 3 D's that are consistently taught and discussed in SEV Seagulls football practices and games. Andrew (OC) is one of our players who applies himself both on and off the football field with the 3 D's of football as they are applicable in life as well. Consistently the team and coaches see and experience Andrew following these principles with simple things as on time or early arrival for practice, execution of the plays/responsibilities associated with positions played, and an overall attitude to get things done. Andrew's effort and respect for the game of football are keys to being a member of the Seagull football team. Coach Paul B. Matthews Jack Otting-Crandall plays with passion for the game and is determined to succeed no matter what task we give him. I remember a play that we ran--he was to block the linebacker. Not only did he block him, he knocked him right over. I believe that gave him the courage to realize that he can play with this team. He is a very special player. I have the upmost respect for Jack. --Coach Duwayne Thomas Ryan Whalen anchors a very athletic Raptors offensive line from his center position. His size and toughness have been a big plus this season. He improved his foot speed and quickness and is now one of the fastest players on the team. His shotgun snaps allowed the Raptors to install passing formations that are key to the offensives plan of attack. Ryan is very smart, has a great attitude, and is one of the teams leaders. Both Ryan and Zach are great examples of respectful, dedicated, hard working young men who have great futures ahead of them.-Coach Lou Farina

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JV VolleyballCaptain Kimberly Pappas
This season our team was faced with a difficult challenge. Playing against 2A schools was expected to be complicated, but no one expected it would be complicated for our opponents. Although JV didnt always win, we always tried. As the season progressed, so did our skills and our teamwork. Our team became closer friends and harder workers. The team was always determined to be their best every practice and every game. Dont set your expectations too low next year, because now you know that we dont go home without a win in our pockets. JV Volleyball Coaches: Rachel Knebelsberger and Lacey Rhoades Overall record: 9 wins and 7 losses
Freshman VolleyballCaptains Janel Brinkman and Maggie Hoyt
The 2009 volleyball season started a little rough for the high school Froshmore team. It was hard to bring girls from a variety of backgrounds together and put them on one team. Each girl had their own skills to contribute. At first, when we were brought together we did not function 100% as a team. Needless to say, as the season progressed we all started to work together. We lost the first three games but picked it up towards the end. After that, something clicked. The team started to: call the ball more, improve on passing and serving, hit the ball aggressively, and be more intense. Unfortunately we did lose the last game of the season, and it was a big heartbreaker. This gave us the record of 5 wins and 6 losses. Over all, the team grew closer together as sisters and had a fun time hanging out with each other while getting better at volleyball.
Junior High Gold VolleyballAsst. Coach Kristin Schwartz
The junior high Gold volleyball team has just completed a successful season for Fall 2009. The gold team players were very impressive both in their skills coming into the season and with their improvement. The season started off with some very gruesome practices in the hot sun on days with triple digit temperatures. The Gold team players endured these practices with an impressive work ethic. The gold players carried their hard work ethics over to the games. The first game of the season started off on a great note with a victory, encouraging the girls to keep up the hard work. The ladies continued to polish skills and learn new skills during practices and went on to finish the season with an undefeated record, 10 and 0. The girls stuck to their style of play challenging them at times always trying to set up a 3-touch play. Team captains, Sammy Maza and Mary Gorley, became leaders that the team looked up to as examples. Each individual Gold player grew in their skills over the season, so much so, there is not enough room to write about each ones improvement The Gold team went into the playoffs as the first seed. The team came into the second round leaving with a defeat, winning two games in a row. The next game, 2 days later, was a hard fight going into the third game after having won the first game, and losing the second. The third game was extremely close and very challenging for the Gold team players who were very frustrated by the officiating in the previous 2 games. The end score was a 23 to 25 loss which completed the Gold teams season. The ladies wiped their tears and walked out of the gym rd with their heads held high finishing in 3 place for the league. The season wrapped up with a party in the park and the parents walked away with a victory in a match against their students. The season was a great success and definitely a fun experience.

Junior High Blue VolleyballCoach Jim Ditsworth
The BLUE volleyball team finished their season with a scrappy performance against the #1 seeded Imagine Cortez in the AZCAA State Championship Tournament at Kingdom Courts. "We Believe" was the motto going in to the tournament, and it looked for a moment like BLUE might pull off an upset as they jumped to an early lead. But Cortez steadied their rocky ship and edged out our Lady Knights in two games, 25-18 and 25-18. Both games were very respectable and BLUE left their heart out there on the court. Standouts for the game were: Katherine Rich (best game of the year!), MaryClaire Mooney (some big returns), Victoria Bergez, Taylor Littleton and Daniella Ledesma (great attacking bumps and good aggressive play), Gabriella Castillo (powerful overhead serves), and Priyonka Sethia (great court sense and heads-up play). But all BLUE players contributed and the team had a really fine match. Thanks to all the BLUE players for a great JH Volleyball season. You had great spirit and sportsmanship.
Junior High White VolleyballCoach Jim Ditsworth
The WHITE Volleyball team ended its season with a thrilling double-header match against. In the first match, WHITE dominated game 1, winning 25-12. With Captains Daniella Ledesma and Gabriela Castillo leading the way, WHITE served and volleyed their way to an early lead and never looked back. Marisa Putrasahan and Angela Gilloon also contributed to the win with key bumps and spirited play. Madeline Butler and Jacqueline McIntosh subbed in for two missing regular players and helped keep the team on an even keel. The match went 3 games, with WHITE winning the 3rd game handily. Big Win! The second match proved to be the most exciting contest of the year. TPA-CPA split the first two games and everything came to a crux in game 3. Coach did a lot of substituting in game 3, and WHITE found themselves down 12-18. But some consistent play and outstanding overhead serving by Madeline Butler (6 overhead serves in a row!!!) brought the match even at 21-21. Things came down to the wire. We traded points with CPA until eking out the lead at 25-24. We would serve for the win! Gabriella Castillo, whose strong serving kept WHITE in many matches throughout the season, would be taking the final serve! Whoooooooooahhh. Just Out!!! The serve went over to CPA. Two subsequent serves and one error proved to be the difference, but WHITE had their chance. We could have won that match but finished just a bit short. Over the season it was also clear that our White team had melded into a cohesive, close-knit bunch of fun-loving volleyballers! The improved play by the team was obvious to players and parents. Great season, White!

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Mon 1 Tue 2 Jr. Parent Night 1 7pm-8:30pm Wed 3 Jr. Parent Night 2 7pm-8:30pm Thurs 4 Fri 5 Sat 6 Sun 7


8 New Student Hearing/Vision Screening
10 Cantamus Photo Shoot No School PLAN Test at TPA 8am-12pm Fall Sports Dessert @Embassy Suites 17 Senior One Acts 12a & 12c 7pm-9pm
12 Registration Deadline: Regional Choir, Band, Orchestra
Senior Financial Aid Night 7pm-9pm
16 Senior One Acts 12a & 12b 7pm-9pm
18 Senior One Acts 12b & 12c 7pm-9pm
21 Great Hearts Honor Choir Festival 8:30am-4:30pm

23 Choir Concert 7pm-8pm

24 Early Release 12:25pm R&R Weekend

25 Thanksgiving

No School No School

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Congratulations to our National Hispanic Scholars: Colton Durbin, Margaret Golka, Olivia Ortiz, and Matthew Rines. More congratulations to our National Merit Commended seniors: Paula Menefee, Matthew Rines, Pooja Ramesh, and Genevieve Smith Parents of sophomores taking the PLAN test on Wednesday, November 11, should watch for a confirmation letter on Friday, November 6. Colleges visiting Tempe Prep in November include: Westmont College, Barnard College, ASU, Thomas Aquinas College, and Barrett Honors College. Check the Colleges link in PrepHQ , or look on the Tempe Prep online calendar for the specific dates and times. There are two Junior Parent Meetings coming up- Monday, November 2 and Wednesday November 4. Both of them are 7:00 pm 8:30 pm in the Student Union. You only need to attend one meeting, and students should stay at home. Please use the link to choose which meeting you plan to attend. Once you have submitted your choice, you wont be able to change it, so just send me a message about any changes. The next College Admissions 101 class for juniors will be held on Wednesday, November 25, during periods 3-5. Topics will include the Common Application and summer programs. Several juniors have not yet signed up for PrepHQ, so harass them until they do. Theres a lot of information for parents on that website. Senior parents should sign up for Senior Financial Aid Night, which will be held Monday, November 9, 7:00 pm 8:30 pm in Zelman. I will have a college financial planner from San Tan Financial to answer the hard questions about the FAFSA and CSS Profile. If you dont know what these are, you should attend! Please RSVP with the link Include all the names of those expected to attend. Seniors should attend with their parents, because they need to know how it works, too. This is a process that will be repeated every year your student requires aid for college. Most of the seniors have returned their Transcript Release Forms. These need to be signed by a parent, so if you havent seen one, ask your student. ASU has a deadline of December 1 for students that want merit scholarship consideration, and I dont send transcripts without a signed Transcript Release Form (done once for all transcripts), and an online Transcript Request from PrepHQ (one for every transcript). Senior parents should make sure that their students have done ALL transcript requests and requests for letters of recommendation by December 1st. The college counselor expects to do some work over winter break due to early January application deadlines, but the teachers need a break! I hope to distribute PSAT and PLAN results by early December, so watch for a packet of information before winter break. Mrs. Davies will visit Loyola University Chicago on December 3-4.

Important Dates: Nov 2 & Nov 4 Nov 6 Nov 7 Nov 9 Nov 11 Dec 2 Dec 5 Dec | P a g e Junior Parent Night (Junior parents), 7:00 pm 8:30 pm, Student Union Deadline for signup for December ACT SAT Senior Financial Aid Night (Seniors & parents), 7:00 8:30pm, Zelman PLAN (Sophomores), 8:00 am 12:00 pm, Zelman TPA Military Service Academy Night all interested students & families SAT ACT
PO Board of Directors President:
Lynda Hartzler 480-753-5985
NEWSLETTER PREPARATION AND SUBMITTALS This year the submittal deadlines for the newsletter will be the 23th of each month. Submittals are accepted from students, parents, coaches, and teachers. Please email submissions to our new address: Alternatively, you can place a hard copy in the Newsletter Folder in the TPA office. Please include your name and contact numbers. Thank you, Carrie Valdez, Jane Sandoval, and SoHee Chung Newsletter Editors

Vice President:

Kate Otting 602-740-2663
Peggy Hiser 480-773-2773


Kelly Walterscheid 480-838-4231


RECEIVE THIS NEWSLETTER BY EMAIL We will distribute the newsletter by both mail and email again this year depending on which you ask for. Please e-mail Maria Stein at and she will put you on the email list. Each family can designate more than one email address so students and parents can each receive their own copy of the newsletter by email. Alumni too!
Lisa Hicks

Member at Large

Tempe Preparatory Academy 1251 East Southern Avenue Tempe, Arizona 85282

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