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JVC KW-AVX830JVC KW-AVX830 - DVD player with LCD and AM/FM tuner and digital player - in-dash

In-dash, Screen Diagonal: 7"

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mortgageratesetc 8:42am on Friday, August 27th, 2010 
Reliable and Easy MP3 Player This is a very easy MP3 player to copy songs to and delete from. As soon as you plug in the USB cable. A great mp3 player... I got this as a present from my sister a few months ago and really like it. The sound quality is perfect.
picobyte 6:47am on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 
What to expect from this review We all have different needs and expectations from an mp3 player or any other device. Some want 1GB storage.
imunier 9:12am on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
mostly works for me pros128MB is enough to get me through an hour workout or a long jog.
jcdill 6:37am on Friday, May 14th, 2010 
Excellent Player I have used this player for over a year with no problems at all. Battery life is excellent.
milktwosugars 10:31pm on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 
I love the features of this unit! Steering wheel control capable (with additional adapter unit), Bluetooth with cell phone.

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Using the remote controller (Only for KW-AVX838/KW-AVX738). 53 Maintenance.. 58 More about this unit.. 59 Troubleshooting.. 63 Specifications... 69
Canceling the display demonstration and setting the clock
Canceling the display demonstration
Display <AV Menu> screen.

Setting the clock

Display <Setup> screen.
AV Menu AV Setup Equalizer Sound Mode List Bluetooth Exit

Select <Off>.

Demonstration Wall Paper Off Ambient Blue Once Auto 6 PM On

Off Ambient

Demonstration Wall Paper Color Scroll Dimmer Dimmer Time Set Back

Auto 7 AM Exit

Time Set Time Format OSD Clock Clock Adjust

1 12Hours Off Off

00 AM 24Hours On Auto

Finish the procedure.

Back Exit
Adjust the hour (1), then the minute (2).
Time Set Time Format OSD Clock Clock Adjust Time Zone DST Back

Basic operations

Detaching/attaching the monitor panel
Hold the monitor panel securely so as not to drop it accidentally. Fit the monitor panel onto the attaching plate until it is firmly locked.


~ While the unit is turned on:

Close Detach Exit

The monitor panel is unlocked.


Attaching plate The monitor panel opens by about 50. It closes automatically when no operation is done for about a minute. Remove the monitor panel before this happens. The attaching plate closes automatically about 10 seconds after the monitor panel is unlocked.

Soft case (supplied)

Basic operations on the monitor panel
Screen (touch panel) Monitor panel
1 Resets the unit. ( 3) 2 Turns on the power.
Attenuates the sound. Turns off the power. (Hold) 3 Changes the display information. Each time you press DISP, the display changes to show the various information. Available display information varies among the playback sources. The following screens are displayed only when they are ready: Dual play screen (only for KW-AVX838/KW28) AVX830) ( Navigation screen ( 27) 4 Adjusts the audio volume. You can also adjust the volume by moving your finger on the touch panel as illustrated.

Disc/file playback operations
When watching a playback picture, press DISP or touch the screen to display the operation buttons (
Only for discs: Video format/playback modeVIDEO, MPEG, JPEG, VR-PRG (program), VR-PLAY (playlist), PBC
Playing time Playback status 3: play/8: pause/7: stop
Media type Audio format Sound mode ( 29) Playback mode ( 18)


0 : 01 : 20


48kHz 24Bit 3/2.1
DVD Video: Title no./Chapter no. DVD-VR: Program no. (or Playlist no.)/Chapter no. MPEG1/MPEG2/MP3/WMA/ WAV: Folder no./Track no.*1 JPEG: Folder no./File no.*1 VCD/CD: Track no.
Disc/track information (For CD Text/MP3/WMA/WAV, the track/file information) Touching an information bar scrolls the text if all the text is not shown. (See Scroll, 30.) For DVD Video/DVD-VR/MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG/conventional CD, the information bar does not appear. No Name appears for conventional CDs or if not recorded.

[3 / 8] [5 ]

Starts playback/pauses. DVD Video/DVD-VR: Selects title/ program/playlist*2. MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG/MP3/WMA/ WAV: Selects folder. Displays Folder/Track List.*1 18, step 2) (Hold) (

[4 ] [7] [SOURCE] [ ]

Selects chapter/track. Reverse/forward search.*3 (Hold) Stops playback. Displays <Source Menu> screen. Displays <AV Menu> screen.
The buttons on the touch panel also work when they are not shown on the screen. *1 Touching the folder no. or track/file no. also displays the Folder/Track List ( 17. *2 To display the Original Program/Playlist screen, 3 Search speed varies depending on the type of disc or file. * 18, step 2)
Operation buttons on the screen
You can display the following operation buttons while watching the playback pictures on the screen. If no operation is done for about 15 seconds, the operation buttons disappear (except when a disc menu is displayed). Touch the screen (center portion).

0 : 01 :20

A For DVD/VCD menu operation playback [3] Selects the menu items [ENTER] Confirms the selection [TOP MENU] Displays the disc menu [MENU] Displays the disc menu [RETURN] Returns to the previous menu or displays the menu (only for VCD with PBC) For DVD-VR menu operation playback [3] Selects the menu items [ENTER] Returns to the DVD-VR playback [TOP MENU] Displays the Original Program [MENU] Displays the Playlist B For entering the numbers [Direct/CLR] = [0][9]=[ENTER] Enters numbers [Direct/CLR] Switches between chapter/ track entry and title/folder entry Erases the last entry when you enter a wrong number C For advanced operations [ ] Selects audio language Selects subtitle language [ ] Selects view angle [ ] [1 ] Reverse/forward search Plays back in slow motion (while playback is paused)* * For DVD-VR/VCD, reverse slow motion does not work.


Music Videos
Selects the desired item from the list <Random> Mode Song Indicator
Shuffle Songs Playback starts
Current track (video) number/total track (video) number
Search Mode Playlists Artists Albums Songs Podcasts Genres Back 0003/0099 Track01 Track02 Track03 Track04 Track05 Track06 Exit
Setting Functions the same as Shuffle Songs of the iPod/iPhone. Shuffle Albums of the iPod/iPhone.
RANDOM Functions the same as
To cancel, select <Off>. To select the speed of audio books
Mode Repeat Random AudioBooks One Song Once Faster All Album Auto Slower
Selecting playback modes/ the speed of audio books

Normal Faster Slower

Plays at normal speed. Plays faster. Plays slower.
Selecting track/video from <Search Mode>
To select the playback mode
Listening to the satellite radio (Only for KW-AVX830/KW-ADV793)
Before operating, connect either one of the following (not supplied) to the expansion port on the rear of the unit. To listen to the SIRIUS Satellite radio To listen to the XM Satellite radio SC-C1 and KS-SRA100 PnP, SC-VDOC1 and KS-SRA100 JVC Smart Digital AdapterXMDJVC100 CNP2000UC and CNPJVC1 KW-AVX830 KW-ADV793

Activating subscription

For SIRIUS Radio For XM Radio
~ Select SAT as the source. (
10) The SIRIUS Satellite radio starts updating all the SIRIUS channels. (See GCI update below.) Once completed, SIRIUS Satellite radio tunes in to the preset channel, CH184.
10) XM Tuner* starts updating all the XM channels. Channel 1 is tuned in automatically. (See GCI update below.)

Check your SIRIUS ID.

Check your XM Satellite radio ID
labelled on the casing of the XM Tuner, or tune in to Channel 0.
The 8-digit (alphanumeric) ID number is displayed on the screen. To cancel the ID number display, select any channel other than 0.
! Contact XM Satellite radio on

Area Setting Sirius ID

SA Europe 112233445566
! Contact SIRIUS on the internet at
the internet at <http://xmradio. com/activation/> to activate your subscription, or you can call 1-800-XMRADIO (1-800-967-2346).
Once completed, the unit tunes in to one of the available channels (Channel 4 or higher).
<> to activate your subscription, or you can call SIRIUS toll-free at 1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474).

Selecting a channel on the list
Pop Rock Country Hip-Hop R&B/Urban Dance/Erectronic
Channel Name 1 Channel Name 2 Channel Name 3 Channel Name 4 Channel Name 5 Channel Name 6 Exit
Selects the band Displays the category/channel list (See the right.)
You can also display the preset list by pressing [ List] on <AV Menu> screen ( 7).
Listening to the HD RadioTM broadcast (Only for KW-AVX830/KW-ADV793)
KW-AVX830 KW-ADV793 Before operating, connect HD Radio tuner box, KT-HD300 (separately purchased) to the expansion port on the rear of the unit.
What is HD Radio Technology?
HD Radio Technology can deliver high-quality digital soundAM digital will have FM-like quality (in stereo) and FM digital will have CD-like qualitywith static-free and clear reception. Furthermore, stations can offer text and data, such as artist names and song titles. When the HD Radio tuner box is connected, it can also receive conventional analog broadcasts. Many HD Radio stations also offer more than one channel of programming. This service is called multicasting. To find HD Radio stations in your area, visit <>.


Preset number


HD SEARCH indicator LO or DX indicator ( 25) Flashes first then lights up when a digital audio broadcast is tuned in.



XYZ Radio Genre

Song Title Artist Name Album Title


Station Call Sign and channel number

HD Radio reception mode

Refer to page 11 for basic radio operations.
When receiving HD Radio Multicast channels.
Searching for HD Radio stations only
Select a desired channel.
The HD SEARCH indicator appears.
Search for a stationAuto Search.
LINKING appears while linking to a multicast channel.
While receiving an HD Radio broadcast, the unit tunes to digital or analog audio automatically due to the receiving condition.
This function works only for FM bands. Once you have activated this function (selected <Local>), it always works when searching for FM stations.
Mono DX/Local SSM Blend Hold
Off Local Analog Start Digital

On DX Auto

Analog Tuning to analog audio only. Digital Tuning to digital audio only. Auto Switch between digital and analog audio automatically.
Only stations with sufficient signal strength will be detected. The DX indicator goes off, then the LO indicator lights up.
If no sound can be heard from the selected setting, change the setting to <Analog> or <Digital>. The setting automatically changes to <Auto> if you tuned in to or change to another station, or if you turned off the power. This setting cannot take effect for the conventional FM/AM stations. If the radio station forces the reception mode to digital, the DIGITAL indicator flashes. To improve FM reception, see When an FM stereo 11. broadcast is hard to receive., To preset stations automatically, see Automatic presetting SSM (Storing-station Sequential 12. Memory) (for FM only),

[BS]: Erases the character before the cursor. [Del]: Erases the character on the cursor. Operate the Bluetooth device to connect while Open. is displayed on the screen. Enter the same PIN code (as entered in the above step) on the device to be connected. Now connection is established and you can use the device through the unit. The device remains registered even after you disconnect the device. Use <Phone Connect>/ <Audio Connect> (or activate <Auto 44) to connect the same device Connect>, from next time. * Some devices have their own PIN code. Enter the specified PIN code to the unit.
Connecting/disconnecting a registered Bluetooth device
Deleting a registered Bluetooth device
Make sure to disconnect the device when it is connected.
Select desired operation, then select the registered device you want to connect/ disconnect.

To connect

Device Menu Phone Connect Audio Connect Delete Pairing New Pairing Device Menu Phone Connect Audio Connect Delete Pairing New Pairing Device01 Device02 Device03 Device04 Device05 Exit Enter Enter Enter Enter
Device Menu Phone Connect Audio Connect Delete Pairing New Pairing Device01 Device02 Device03 Device04 Device05 Exit

Back Back

Confirmation screen appears. Press [Yes]. To disconnect
Device Menu Phone Disconnect Audio Disconnect Delete Pairing New Pairing Device04 Device01 Enter Enter
Device Menu Phone Disconnect Audio Disconnect Delete Pairing Disconnected New Pairing Device04 Device04 Device01 Enter Enter
Using the Bluetooth mobile phone/audio player
Bluetooth icon (Blue): Bluetooth device ( : mobile phone*2 / : audio player) is connected. (White): Not connected. Status of the device Signal strength/Battery remainder (only when the information comes from the device). Track no./Playing time*
Playback status 3: play/8: pause*1

Connected Device Name

Tag data*1 *3 (current track title/artist name/album title) Touching an information bar scrolls the text if all the text is not shown. (See Scroll, 30.)
Connected device name or appears depending on the device connected. When no audio device is connected, No Audio Device appears.
If the screen is turned off, it will turn on again when a call/Text message comes in. [ ] Displays <Dial Menu> screen. Switches the connection to the other registered mobile phone*4 connected with <Phone Connect> ( 44). (Hold) Displays <Source Menu> screen. Displays <AV Menu> screen. Activates <Voice Dialing> function. (Hold) To cancel <Voice Dialing>, hold any button on the monitor panel and VOL +/). (except ] For operating the Bluetooth audio player: [ 3] Starts playback. [4 ] Selects a track. Reverse/forward search. (Hold)*5 [ 8] [5 ] Pauses. Selects the group.*5

Phonebook Redial Received Calls 12322223333
Select the phone number/name you want to delete.
Delete Redial Received Calls Phonebook Missed Calls Preset Calls Phone Number Back All Exit
Delete all the numbers/names in the selected item
When the connected mobile phone is not compatible with PBAP, the phone book/call lists are not copied automatically so only the phone book copied manually/call lists operated on the unit are displayed. 42. To copy the phone book manually,
Confirmation screen appears. Press [Yes].
Selecting which phone book/ call lists to use
Deleting the phone numbers/ names
Bluetooth device settings
Dial Menu Device Menu Settings Enter Enter Enter
Dial Menu *1 Phone Connect*2/ Audio Connect*2 Device Menu

Initial: Underlined 41)

Select a calling method, then select the desired item to call. (
Only for the registered devices. Select a device from among the registered devices, establish the connection with it.
Phone Disconnect*2/ Only for the device being connected. Audio Disconnect*2 Disconnect the current device before connecting another device. Delete Pairing New Pairing Auto Connect ( ( 38) 37)
When the unit is turned on, the connection is established automatically with. z Off : No Bluetooth device. z Last : The last connected Bluetooth device.

Auto Answer

: The unit does not answer the calls automatically. Answer the calls manually. : The unit answers the incoming calls automatically. : The unit does not inform you of the arrival of a message. : The unit informs you of the arrival of a message by ringing and displaying Receiving Message.

SMS Notify

Add Phonebook MIC Setting Phone Volume
You can copy the phone book memory of a mobile phone into the unit. 42) ( Adjust the volume of the microphone connected to the unit. z 01/02/03 Adjust the phone volume. z 00 to 30 or 50, Initial 15 The adjustable range depends on the amplifier gain control. (
*1 Only for the device connected for Bluetooth phone. *2 When a device has already been connected to the unit, <Phone Connect> and <Audio Connect> do not appear and vice versa.

Ring Mode

z In Unit z In Phone
Ring Tone Change Settings
When <Ring Mode> is set to <In Unit>, you can select the ring tone for received calls and Text message from Tone1, Tone2, Tone3. z Call Tone : Selects the ring tone for phone calls. z Message Tone : Selects the ring tone for Text message. Hold [Enter] to initialize all settings you have made in <Bluetooth> menu. The following information is shown: z Name : The unit name z Address : The Mac address of the unit z Version : The Bluetooth software z Phone Device/ : The connected device names Audio Device

Initialize Information

Bluetooth operations for KW-ADV793
KW-ADV793 For Bluetooth operations, it is required to connect the Bluetooth Adapter (KS-BTA200: separately purchased) to the expansion port on the rear. Refer also to the instructions supplied with the Bluetooth Adapter and the Bluetooth device. Refer to pages iii and iv at the end of manual to check the countries where may use the Bluetooth function. To use a Bluetooth device through the unit (BT Phone and BT Audio) for the first time, you need to establish Bluetooth wireless connection between the unit and the device. Once the connection is established, it is registered in the unit even if you reset your unit. Up to 5 devices can be registered in total. Only one device can be connected at a time for each source (BT Phone and BT Audio).

Bluetooth icon (Blue): Bluetooth mobile phone is connected.* (White): Not connected.
* The number indicates the list position when selecting the device on the BT Phone source screen. If the screen is turned off, it will turn on again when a call/Text message comes in. [ ] Displays <Dial Menu> screen. Selects the registered device. (NEW DEVICE appears when a new device can be registered.) [ ] Displays <AV Menu> screen. Activates <Voice Dialing> function. (Hold) To cancel <Voice Dialing>, hold any button on the monitor panel and VOL +/). (except
[SOURCE] Displays <Source Menu> screen.
When a call comes in. The source is changed to BT Phone automatically.
Pressing any button on the monitor panel (except and VOL +/) also receives a call. When <Auto Answer> is activated. The unit answers the incoming call automatically. 52) ( 52) You can adjust the microphone volume. (
Stopping ringing (canceling the outgoing call)
(Any button except and VOL +/)
If the mobile phone is compatible with Text message, you can read the messages on the screen. To read a received message, operate the unit or the mobile phone after stopping the car in a safe place. You cannot edit or send a message through the unit. When <Message Info> is set to <Auto>. The unit rings and the following screen is displayed to inform you of a message arrival. ( 52)

Device Name

Receiving Message Jack Read? Yes No
You can also display <Dial Menu> by following methods: Holding SRC on the monitor panel Pressing [Dial Menu] in the <Bluetooth> 52) menu (
Redial Received Calls Phonebook Missed Calls Shows the list of the phone numbers you have dialed. Shows the list of the received calls. Shows the phone book of the connected mobile phone. Shows the list of the missed calls.
To read the message, press [Yes]. The source is changed to BT Phone. To read the message later, press [No]. The message is stored into <Message> = 52) <Unread>. ( When <Message Info> is set to <Manual>. Access the message list to read messages. ( 52)
Redial Received Calls Phonebook Missed Calls Phone Number Voice Dialing Back
Received Calls Redial Received Calls Phonebook Missed Calls Phone Number Voice Dialing Back Exit
Received Calls Redial Received Calls Phonebook Missed Calls Phone Number Voice Dialing Back


Erase the character before the cursor. Erase the character on the cursor. Goes to Preset List. You can preset the entered number by selecting a preset number. Calls the entered number. Returns to the previous screen. Goes back to the current source screen.

MIC Setting *4 Version *1 *2 *3 *4
Only for the device connected for BT Phone. Selectable only when the source is BT Phone and the connected mobile phone is compatible with Text message. Selectable only for BT Phone. Only for the mobile phone connected for BT Phone. Not selectable when NEW DEVICE is selected.
Using the remote controller (Only for KW-AVX838/KW-AVX738)
KW-AVX838 For KW-AVX830/KW-ADV793: To use the remote controller, purchase RM-RK252P separately. KW-AVX738

Installing the batteries

Insert the batteries (not supplied) into the remote controller by matching the polarity (+ and ) correctly.
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type. Battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, or the like. If the effectiveness of the remote controller decreases, replace the batteries. Before using the remote controller: Aim the remote controller directly at the remote sensor on the unit. DO NOT expose the remote sensor to bright light (direct sunlight or artificial lighting). The unit is equipped with the steering wheel remote control function. See the Installation/Connection Manual (separate volume) for connection. Operations may differ depending on the types of the steering wheel remote control.
Operations using the remote controller (RM-RK252)
If the remote controller does not work, try following; Deactivate Dual Zone. ( 28) (While Dual Zone is activated, the remote controller only functions for operating the DVD/CD player.) Replace the battery. Button


Turns the power on. Turns the power off. (Hold) Attenuates/restores the sound. Changes the display information.
*1 Only for KW-AVX838/KW-AVX830: When Dual Zone is activated, these buttons cannot be used.


Tuner HD Radio*2 Satellite radio*2 Disc/file Selects the preset stations. Selects a multicast channel. Selects a category.
DVD-Video: Selects the title (during play or pause). DVD-VR: Selects an item on the Original Program/Playlist screen. MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG/MP3/WMA/WAV: Selects the folder if included. Searches for stations automatically. Searches for stations manually. (Hold) Selects a channel. Selects a channel rapidly. (Hold) Reverse skip/forward skip. Reverse search/forward search. (Hold) Reverse skip/forward skip. Reverse search/forward search. (Hold) Reverse skip/forward skip. Reverse search/forward search. (Hold) Reverse search/forward search. DVD-Video/DVD-VR/VCD: Slow motion playback (during pause). DVD-VR/VCD: Reverse slow motion does not work. Reverse search/forward search. Adjusts the volume level. Does not function as 2nd VOL. Adjusts the volume of the incoming calls. Selects the source.

Acquiring Signal or NO SIGNAL appears on Move to an area with stronger signals. the screen. No Antenna or CHECK ANTENNA appears on the screen. Invalid channel appears on the screen for about 5 seconds, then returns to the previous display when listening to the SIRIUS Satellite radio. Connect the antenna firmly. No broadcast on the selected channel. Select another channel or continue listening to the previous channel.
Selected channel is no longer available or is CH or CHANNEL UNAVL appears on the screen for about 2 seconds, then returns to unauthorized. Select another channel or continue the previous channel while listening to the XM listening to the previous channel. Satellite radio. No information appears on the screen. UPDATING or UNAUTH appears on the screen and no sound can be heard. No text information for the selected channel. The receiver is updating the channel information and it takes a few minutes to complete.
Satellite radio (Only for KW-AVX830/KW-ADV793) OFF AIR appears on the screen while listening to the XM Satellite radio. LOADING appears on the screen while listening to the XM Satellite radio. Reset08 appears on the screen. Satellite radio does not work at all. HD Radio reception (Only for KW-AVX830/KW-ADV793) Sound quality changes when receiving HD Radio stations. No sound can be heard.
The unit is loading the channel information and audio. Text information is temporarily unavailable. Reconnect this unit and the Satellite radio correctly and reset the unit. Reconnect the Satellite radio after a few seconds. Fix the reception mode either to <Digital> or 25) <Analog>. ( <Analog> is selected when receiving all digital broadcast of HD Radio station. Select <Digital> or 25) <Auto>. ( <Digital> is selected when receiving weak digital signals or receiving conventional radio broadcast. 25) Select <Analog> or <Auto>. ( Reconnect this unit and the HD Radio tuner box correctly, then reset the unit. Turn on the video component if it is not on. Connect the video component correctly. Adjust items in <Picture Adjust> menu. ( 31) Reduce the distance between the unit and the Bluetooth mobile phone. Move the car to place where you can get a better signal reception. Reduce the distance between the unit and the Bluetooth audio player. Disconnect the device connected for Bluetooth phone. Turn off, then turn on the unit. (When the sound is not yet restored) connect the player again. Check whether the connected audio player supports AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile).

Reset08 appears on the screen. No picture appears on the screen. Playback picture is not clear and legible.
Bluetooth (Only for KW-AVX838/KW-AVX830/ KW-ADV793)
Phone sound quality is poor.
The sound is interrupted or skipped while using a Bluetooth audio player.
The connected audio player cannot be controlled.
Selected channel is not broadcasting at this time. Select another channel or continue listening to the previous channel.
Check whether the Bluetooth adapter (KS-UBT1) is inserted correctly. Check whether the Bluetooth adapter (KS-UBT1) is inserted correctly. Search from the Bluetooth device again. Reset the unit. When Open. appears on the monitor, search from the Bluetooth device again. Enter the same PIN code for both the unit and target device. If the PIN code of the device is not indicated on its instructions, try 0000 or 1234. Adjust the microphone unit position. You may have tried to copy the same entries (as stored) to the unit. Bluetooth adapter (KS-UBT1) is removed. Insert the Bluetooth adapter again or select another playback source. Connect this unit and the Bluetooth audio player correctly. The connected mobile phone does not have the voice recognition system.
Bluetooth is not shown in <AV Menu>. Bluetooth device does not detect the unit.
Bluetooth ( for KW-AVX838/KW-AVX830)
The unit does not make pairing with the Bluetooth device. Echo or noise occurs. The unit does not response when you tried to copy the phone book to the unit. No BT Dongle appears on the screen.
No Audio Device appears on the monitor. No Voice Device appears on the monitor.
BT Phone or BT Audio is not shown in Check whether the Bluetooth adapter (KS-BTA200) is <AV Menu>. connected correctly. Bluetooth device does not detect the unit. This unit can be connected with one Bluetooth cellular phone and one Bluetooth audio player at a time. While connected to a device, this unit cannot be detected from another device. Disconnect currently connected device and search again.
Bluetooth (for KW-ADV793)
The unit does not detect the Bluetooth device. Check the Bluetooth setting of the device. Search from the Bluetooth device. The unit does not make pairing with the Bluetooth device. Enter the same PIN code for both the unit and target device. If the PIN code of the device is not indicated on its instructions, try 0000 or 1234. Select the device name from <Special Device>, 47) then try to connect again. ( Bluetooth audio player is already connected. To select NEW DEVICE, disconnect it. ( 47) Check the connection between the adapter and this unit.
NEW DEVICE cannot be selected for BT Audio. Reset08 appears on the screen.


Power Output Signal-to-Noise Ratio Load Impedance Equalizer Control Range AMPLIFIER 20 W RMS 4 Channels at 4 and 1% THD+N 80 dBA (reference: 1 W into 4 )
4 (4 to 8 allowance) Frequencies Low: 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz Mid: 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 1.5 kHz, 2.5 kHz High: 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 15 kHz, 17.5 kHz Level 12 dB Audio Output Level Line-Out Level/Impedance 5 V/20 k load (full scale) FRONT OUT, REAR OUT, SUBWOOFER Output Impedance 1 k OUT Color System NTSC Video Output (composite) 1 Vp-p/75 Other Terminals Input LINE IN, VIDEO IN, CAMERA IN, USB input, MIC IN*, Antenna input Output 2nd AUDIO OUT* Others Expansion port, OE REMOTE FM/AM TUNER Frequency Range FM with channel interval set 87.5 MHz to 107.9 MHz to 100 kHz or 200 kHz with channel interval set 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz to 50 kHz AM with channel interval set 530 kHz to kHz to 10 kHz with channel interval set 531 kHz to kHz to 9 kHz FM Tuner Usable Sensitivity 9.3 dBf (0.8 V/75 ) 50 dB Quieting Sensitivity 16.3 dBf (1.8 V/75 ) Alternate Channel Selectivity 65 dB (400 kHz) Frequency Response 40 Hz to Hz Stereo Separation 40 dB AM Tuner Sensitivity/Selectivity 20 V/40 dB * Only for KW-AVX838/KW-AVX830.

Lista de piezas para instalacin y conexin
Con esta unidad se suministran las siguientes piezas. Si hay algn elemento faltante, pngase inmediatamente en contacto con su concesionario.
Mounting boltMmm/M4 x 13/16 Perno de montaje M4 x 20 mm/M4 x 13/16 pulgada Washer (5) Arandela (5) Rubber cushion Cojn de goma Lock nut (M5) Tuerca de seguridad (M5)
Only for KW-AVX838/KW-AVX738 Slo para KW-AVX838/KW-AVX738
Crimp connector Conector de sujecin Handles Manijas Remote controller Control remoto
Only for KW-AVX838/KW-AVX830 Slo para KW-AVX838/KW-AVX830
Bluetooth adapter (See page 4.) Adaptador Bluetooth (Consulte la pgina 4.) Microphone clip Presilla para micrfono
Flat head screws (M5 x 8 mm/M5 x 3/8) Tornillos de cabeza plana (M5 x 8 mm/M5 x 3/8 pulgada) Round head screws (M5 x 8 mm/M5 x 3/8) Tornillos de cabeza esfrica (M5 x 8 mm/M5 x 3/8 pulgada)
Use these screws when installing the unit without the supplied sleeve. (See below.) Utilice estos tornillos cuando instale la unidad sin la cubierta suministrada. (vase abajo)


Microphone Micrfono Microphone holder Soporte del micrfono
The following illustration shows a typical installation. However, you should make adjustments corresponding to your specific car. If you have any questions or require information regarding installation kits, consult your JVC car audio dealer or a company supplying kits. If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, have it installed by a qualified technician.
La siguiente ilustracin muestra una instalacin tpica. Sin embargo usted deber efectuar los ajustes correspondientes a su automvil. Si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita informacin acerca de las herramientas para instalacin, consulte con su concesionario de JVC de equipos de audio para automviles o a una compaa que suministra tales herramientas. Si no est seguro de poder instalar la unidad correctamente, djela en manos de un tcnico cualificado.
Before installing the unit
Remove the audio system originally installed in the car, together with its mounting brackets. Be sure to keep all the screws and parts removed from your car for future use. When mounting the unit, be sure to use the screws provided, as instructed. If other screws are used, parts could become loose or damaged. When tightening screws or bolts, be careful not to pinch any connection cord. Make sure not to block the fan on the rear to maintain proper ventilation when installing the unit. You cannot install the unit on the car which has any obstacles in the space shown in Required space for installation and the monitor panel ejection on the following page.

To the remote lead of other equipment Al conductor remoto del otro equipo
You can connect an amplifier to upgrade your car stereo system. Connect the remote lead (blue with white stripe) to the remote lead of the other equipment so that it can be controlled through this unit. Disconnect the speakers from this unit, and connect them to the amplifier. Leave the speaker leads of this unit unused. You can switch off the built-in amplifier and send the audio signals only to the external amplifier(s) to get clear sounds and to prevent internal heat built-up inside the unit. See page 35 of the INSTRUCTIONS.
Remote lead *2 Cable remoto *2 Y-connector *2 / Conector en Y *2
Remote lead (blue with white stripe) Cable remoto (azul con rayas blancas) Front speakers Altavoces delanteros
Rear speakers Altavoces traseros
JVC Amplifier Amplificador de JVC

Subwoofer Subwoofer

*2 Not supplied for this unit. *3 Before checking the operation of this unit prior to installation, this lead must be connected, otherwise power cannot be turned on. Do not connect the lead directly to the battery. *4 Audio cord (not supplied for this unit). *5 Firmly attach the ground wire to the metallic body or to the chassis of the carto the place uncoated with paint (if coated with paint, remove the paint before attaching the wire). Failure to do so may cause damage to the unit.
*2 No suministrado con esta unidad. *3 Antes de comprobar el funcionamiento de esta unidad previa a de la instalacin, es necesario conectar este cable, de lo contrario no se podr conectar la alimentacin. No conecte el conductor directamente a la batera. *4 Cable de audio (no suministrado con esta unidad). *5 Fije firmemente el cable de tierra a la carrocera metlica o al chasisa un lugar no cubierto con pintura (si est cubierto con pintura, qutela antes de fijar el cable). De lo contrario, se podran producir daos en la unidad.
Connecting the external components / Conectando los componentes externos


Rear view camera Cmara de reprovisin
*7 Camcorder, Navigation System, etc. Videocmara, sistema de navegacin, etc. *7 External monitor Monitor externo
KW-AVX838 / KW-AVX830 / KW-ADV793 / KW-AVX738

* : * * : * * : *

: Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages or limitations on how long an : * implied warranty lasts, so these limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific * : : legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. : *
* * ******************************************************************************
JVC AMERICAS CORP. 1700 Valley Road, Wayne, New Jersey 07470 hltp://
For customer use: Enter below the Model No. and Serial No. which is located either on the rear, bottom or side of the cabinet. Retain this information for future reference.
Model No.: Purchase date: Serial No. : Name of dealer:


Technical specifications

Product TypeDVD player with LCD and AM/FM tuner and digital player
Intended forVehicle
Width7.2 in
Depth6.3 in
Height4.4 in
Weight6.2 lbs
Form FactorIn-dash
Enclosure TypeDouble-DIN
Supported DevicesSatellite radio receiver, HD radio
Control FeaturesTouch panel
Security FeaturesDetachable faceplate
FeaturesCD text, rear-facing camera capability, ID3 tags support, iPod compatible, Bluetooth hands-free for cellular phone, Bluetooth audio streaming
TypeLCD monitor
TechnologyTFT active matrix
Diagonal Size7"
Total Pixels336,960
Image Aspect Ratio16:9
Resolution480 x 234
FeaturesTouch screen
Digital Player (Recorder)
Device TypeDigital player
Supported Digital Audio StandardsWAV, WMA, MP3
Additional FeaturesJPEG photo playback
TypeRadio tuner - AM/FM
Response Bandwidth40 - 1500 Hz
FeaturesXM satellite radio ready, Sirius satellite radio ready
TypeDVD player
Media TypeCD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD, CD, Video CD
Media FormatNTSC, PAL
Built-in Audio DecodersMPEG, Dolby Digital
Video D/A Converter12bit / 108MHz
Dynamic Range93 dB
Signal-To-Noise Ratio95 dB
Response Bandwidth16 - 22000 Hz
MP3 PlaybackYes
FeaturesJPEG photo playback, WMA playback
Max Output Power / Channel Qty50 Watts x 4
Continuous Power / Channel Qty20 Watts x 4
Amplifier Output Details20 Watt - 4 Ohm - THD 1.0% - 14.4V DC - 4 channel(s)
Equalizer Band Qty3 bands
Connector Type1 x USB 2.0 3 x audio line-out 1 x composite video/audio input 1 x composite video input Subwoofer output 1 x composite video output
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberKWAVX830
GTIN00046838041235, 04975769376979



Powershot A630 ZTB240 Vostro A860 Gps KD-G322 Bypass AVX-7300 Manual GL6000ER Remote Control SC-HT880 BV6850T Edition-2007 170X6FB ML-1750 DMC-FS3 Streetpilot 7500 Tenkaichi 2 UX-F250CW 445TR Cartrek 600 AEG-electrolux Z65 V2 0 Dvd Receiver KD-S891R PS-42Q96HD X D MS-2335TL 42PG3000 Remote Casio 3769 LS-1000 C7200 3D 2011 P-870M-i V2 ZWW9570W PRO 5000 KDL-52EX1 Software Collection JR F40760 AVR 132 Office X4 Scenarist DLQ-3000 LE32M71B ZED 428 Samsung C260 Twister DMR-EX85 50PF9630A PCG-GRT816M VGN-FS920 WFE0862K 1100DF MD853 S8100 FD 42AD5e Ad5S UE-32C6530UW P-2602HWL-DXA 565SD PRO Plus SLV-SE830N GT-B3310 VPC-CA9EX Hd PVR Fostex D108 DLC-8E Compressor CF400cafamosa Portastudio Siemens A62 PCG-FR215H Master P2250 CVP-205-CVP-205m-cvp-203 WD-12490TP C5051I GT-C3222 BH-100 E-520 KDL-40V4210 EW612F 76 C WS-32V56V IPF9000 SRU4010 Coolpix S210 RR-QR170 Track CR-2040 Super 70 LN40A530p1F LE40R81B 800- 1000 Beatb V390H Optio L20 L204WT-SF DX-C370 C1000 Accessories Reference CP-29Q54A A1800 DA1102


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