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Pa50- Professional Arranger FAQs How can I change the chord recognition mode on my Pa50?
What styles come on each iS Series disk?
What styles come on each i Series disk?
How can I change the programs within a style?
Once I change a style, how do I save it?
Changing Chord Recognition Pa50
You are able to set the chord recognition of the accompaniment depending on your style of playing. When selected, the accompaniment of the left hand will change according to the Fingered parameter that is chosen. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Press the Style Play button. Press the Menu button. Press the Lower button on the right side of the screen, which selects Preferences. Press the Page + button until you reach page 25, indicated on the right side of the screen. Press the Upper 1 button to select the Chord Rec. Mode Using the Dial, Down/- or Up/+ buttons change to the setting you prefer:
Fingered 1: A full Major chord will be recognized even if a single note is played. Fingered 2: Three notes or more must be played for a full chord to be recognized. If one note is played, it will play unison. Playing a suspended 5th plays a suspended chord. Fingered 3: You must always play three or more notes for a chord to be recognized. One Finger: Playing one note, a Major chord is recognized. A root note, plus a white key on the left plays a 7th chord, a root note plus a black key on the left plays a minor chord, a root note plus a black and white key on the left plays a minor 7th chord. 7. Press the Global button. 8. Press the Write/Disk in Use button. 9. Press the Drum button to select Global. 10. Press the Enter/Yes button twice. You have now edited and saved Chord Recognition settings.

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iS Series Style Disks
(Disks noted with a * are included in the Styles Bundle Pack)
iS 01 Latin 1 Cumbia Merengue Rumba Calypso Gipsy Meneaito Bayon Limbo iS 05 90s Dance* Hit-House John Arabian House U2 Alexia R. Miles Garden Living Joy iS 09 Latin 2 Pasodoble Cumbia Samba Merengue Cha Cha Bossa Mambo Samba 2 iS 13 Fusion, Soul, R & B Jaco Modern Fusion Fusion Funk Slow Fusion R&B2 R&B3 Soul Rock2 IS 18 - Piano & Disco Bar* Slow Style Begin Slow Rock Slow Band Jamiro 1 Space Jamiro 2 Jamiroquai iS 02 Funky* Funky 1 Funky 2 Funky 3 Funky 4 Funq 1 Funq 2 Funq 3 Funq 4 iS 06 Rock * Around the World U2 Groove Irish Rock Red Hair Gloria Canadian Rock Blues Funk Slow Pop 16 Beat Pop iS 10 8/16 Beat Allegro 8 Disco Beat 8 Medium Beat 8 Medium Disco 16Beat John Beat John 2 Honky John 8 Beat John iS 14 Jazz & Country* Jazz Waltz Dorian Swing Shuffle Big Band2 Country 3/4 Achybreak Shuffle City Loong Cool WM IS 19 - Hip Hop* Blur Oasis Englpropok Verve Back Street Amer Paphop Hdr Softhip Slw & Fst Hhp iS 03 The XX Century Dance Frankie Snap Corona Dance 60 Dance 70 Dance 80 Dance 90 iS 07 Liscio 1 Traditional 1* Valzer Polka Fox Trot Beguine Valzer2 Polka2 Mazurka Tango iS 11 Sala Da Ballo (Traditional 2)* Beguine Fox Trot Moderato Triplet Samba Zibaldone WienWaltz Zibaldone 2 iS 15 People Dance* Tiki Dance Gipsy Dance Woolf Dance Medley Dance Mod. Swing Slow Rock 2 Folk Ballad Gipsy Kings IS 23 - Piano Bar Styles* Lucio Eros Gerardina Eros 2 Cattivi Rainers Hair Alias iS 04 Rap & Reggae* USA Rap UK Rap J Rap Art31 Rap Bob Marley 1 Bob Marley 2 UB 40 ReggaeNight iS 08 Big Band Med.Swing Boogie SlowSwing BigBand1 Slow BigBand Big Band 2 Big Band 3 iS 12 Italian 60 & American 50 Italian 6/8 Rumba Rock Hully Gully Twist Italy Rock 1 Rock 2 Boogie 2 Shuffle iS 16 8/16 Beat 2* IK 16 Beat Beat 1 IK 16 Beat 2 IK 16 Beat 3 IK 8 Beat 8 Beat 8 Medium Beat 16 Beat Eight Rock IS 25 - Beat & Rock* Slow 8 Beat Slow 2 Enigma Rock GB 8 Beat Beat 16 Beat 808 III 16 Beat Shuffle 808
Contents of i Series Style Disks
IFD-01 Funk Band Funk 70's Funk 80's Funk Mozambique Merengue Latin Afro UK Rock HeavyMetal TwinDrRock BritishReg Roots Dub 6/8 Jazz Shuffl Rock 3/4 Pop 16 Beat Beat Beat Beat 1 Funk 1 Funk 2 Funk 3 Funk 4 U.S.A. Rap UK Rap Jo' Rap Art31 Rap U2 Groove Irish Rock Red Hair Gloria IFD-06 House/Rave Housing UK Formulate! Boom Chiki Respect # 16 beat USA 16 beat Funk 16 beat 80's Bebop Hard Bop Funky Jazz Rio Samba 2 Bahia Afro Pop Gypsy Pop Rai Alexia Garden R. Miles Living Joy Tiky Style Gipsy Dance Medley Wolf Dance Jamiro 1 Jamiro 2 Jamiro 3 Space
IFD-02 Latin 1 (Caribbean) IFD-Beat (Rock) IFD-04 Reggae IFD-05 3/46/8 Triplet
IFD-Beat IFD-08 Jazz IFD-09 Latin 2 (Brazil) IFD-10 World Music
KSDI-20 Italian Keyboard 1

KSDI-30 Dance

KSDI-36 Funky Trunk

KSDI-41 People Dance

KSDI-44 Rap & Rappers

KDSI-48 Disco Bar

KSDI-50 Pop and Rock
KSSD13 House Dance Country Housing UK Country 3/4 Formulate Achy Break Boom Chiki Shuffle City Respect # Long Cool Modern Dance General Dance 1 Kemp Wein. Waltz Flp2 6/8 Polka 2 FolkBld General Dance 2 Rock 1 Laendler Pure Polka 3 Scorp's Polka Beat Rox PolkaSwng BonJovee
KSSD14 Turkish 1 Spain Dans Merengue Dueyek Sevillanas Arab Pasodoble 5/8 Sweden 1 Turkish 2 DanskVals 9/8 Sarkis DanskVikin Oyunhava DanskSwing Vals Traditional Dance 7/8 W. Waltz J. Last Disco Fx1 Flipprs 1
KSSD15 Wedding Dance 1 French Set 1 Musette 1 Rhumba Paso Doble Weiner Waltz Musette 2 Paso Dob Tango Jive French Set 2 Jazz Set 2 Valse Dorian Mazurka Big Band 2 Polka Swing Lois Jazz Waltz 2
Changing Programs in a Style Pa50
The Pa50 allows the user to change the Programs (instruments) that a style uses. The user can select whether a style uses the original factory settings or his/her own. The following tutorial explains how to set up the Pa50 to recognize your custom style settings. For this example we will use the Love Disco style in the Dance category: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Press the STYLE PLAY button to enter the Style Play mode. Select the style that you want to edit. Press the MENU button to enter the Menu mode. Press the UPPER button to select RT Controls (Real Time Controls) on screen. Using the PAGE + button, page up to page 21 StyCtl (Style Control) on screen. Select Prog (Program) on the screen by pressing the DRUM button located on the left side of the screen. 7. Using the value wheel, change Prog: Orig to Prog: On. 8. Press the EXIT button to return to the main style page. 9. Press the TRACK SELECT button. 10. Using the UP/+ or DOWN/- buttons, make your desired program changes to the style e.g. change the drum kit from Standard Kit1 to Room Kit1. 11. After making your changes, press the WRITE button. 12. Select Current Style by pressing the ACC1 button. 13. Press the ENTER button twice, and your updated style will be saved into internal memory.

Saving User Styles Pa50

The Pa50 allows the user to save both new and edited Styles to the 3 User Banks. Each User Bank has 16 locations to save your Styles. The following tutorials explain how to save Styles to the Pa. For saving edited styles use Tutorial 1, for saving new/original styles use Tutorial 2. Both of these examples are based on the Pa50 running on System 2.0 or higher. System updates are available at Tutorial 1 Saving Edited Styles For this example we will use the Soft Beat style in the 8/16 Beat category: 1. Press the Style Play button to enter the Style Play mode. 2. Select the Style that you want to edit and save e.g. Soft Beat. 3. Hit the Record button and select Current Style. For this tutorial we will just change some of the preset instruments. 4. Press the TRK Select and highlight Std.Kit 4. 5. Press the Program Button on the far right side of the Pa50 and select a new Drum Kit from the Drum & Perc program group - e.g. change the drum kit from Acoustic Kit to Jungle Kit. 6. You can change the program assigned to any of the eight Style Parts in the same way. After making your selections, press EXIT 7. Now press the Write/Disk inUse button. 8. Highlight Style Name and change the name of the Style. Use the value wheel to select the characters and the Up/Down buttons to change cursor position. 9. After making your changes, highlight the To field and select a User Bank and location where you would like to save the edited Style. Press the Enter button twice, and your updated style will be saved into Pa50 User Style Bank memory. Tutorial 2 Saving New/Original Styles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Press the Style Play button to enter the Style Play mode. Hit the Record button and select New Style. Create your style. (Refer to section 9b of the Pa50 Version 2 manual supplement.) When you are satisfied with your Style, press the Write/Disk in Use button. Highlight Style Name and change the name of the Style. Use the value wheel to select the characters and the Up/Down buttons to change cursor position. 6. After making your changes, highlight the To field and select a User Bank and location where you would like to save your new program. Press the Enter button twice, and your updated Style will be saved into Pa50 User Style Bank memory.



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