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Tomtom XL 340 - Tomtom Xl 340/335 Installation Poster GPS, size: 622 KB
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Tomtom XL 340TomTom XL 340•S - Automotive GPS receiver - TFT - widescreen - 480 x 272 - color

TomTom - 4.3 inch - Text-to-speech - Real-time Traffic - With Mount

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TomTom XL 340 S


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Boeba 2:10am on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
It was easy to use. we live on a gravel road and the reaction seemed to be surprise that anyone would still live on a gravel road.
Anne.F.32 12:22pm on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 
Great for navigating your way out of town Compact","Easy Menus","Easy To Read","Easy To Set Up","Large Screen","Reliable Performance". Love the lightweight shape, the mounting mechanism, and the easy to use system Acquires Satellites Quickly","Compact","Easy Menus","Easy To Read".
darylsoh 2:49pm on Thursday, August 26th, 2010 
Gives good directions. Tech support is friendly 1) Very difficult to connect USB cable ... can take up to a minute ... by trial and error ... Very affordable and easy to use.
Renuka 4:25am on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 
"Wow! The reviews suprised me about this unit. I have used mine extensively since purchasing last spring as the TSV without problem. "Loved it... used it to travel on vacation...this summer..Great size,,screen not too small.... Easy to use...Look forward to using it on all my trips. "This has helped me get to unknown places, and get home if I missed a turn--I do like the features very much.
counsel 7:53am on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
Excellent product,used within two of receiving,worked great.Not to mention all the accessories included.Super good as.
frtyponiks 2:50pm on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
Fast delivery and excellant product! Glad that I purchased this needed item from I bought this for my father for birthday present!! It is awesome!!Gives turning info a block away so you will not miss your turn and retrack.
BillChow 8:26am on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 
Product Review I received this product in a very timely manner. It was in excellent condition. I used it on a long trip three days after I got it.
damojs 9:07am on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 
"There are numerous reviews like mine--used twice and then froze after an update. Have not been able to get it to work since then.
DavidS 3:08am on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 
This product has worked out pretty good for me. I ordered the GPS because I was moving from Florida to Virginia and I needed to know how to get there.

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Best TomTom XL 340 Review
TomTom XL 340TM is an enhancement in the features of the standalone 4.3 inch touch screen TomTom XL 340S GPS navigation device. In addition to the great features of the Standalone (S) version, the XL 340TM comes preloaded with maps of US and Canada.
Additionally, the XL 340TM takes on Mexico in a great way. Its maps cover nearly 50% (as at January 2011) of the 34 states with a peculiarly thorough coverage of Mexico City and Guadalajara's main roads as well as 2,431 counties (number of counties is increasing very rapidly). With this TomTom, driving in the major cities in North America can be a trip you will always for year relish recounting.
Well you may be wondering "I will never have to drive out of America so what is the good in this for me?" If that is what you are thinking, then you are in for a supprise just as I was. The TomTom XL 340TM will give you access to a million more miles of mapped road in the US than Garmin and the other competition will give you.
Some of the features of the TomTom XL 340TM are as below
Premium Maps & Updates With the aquisition of Tele Atlas, TomTom has become not just the leader in provision of quality GPS navigation devices but also a name that is associated with the provision of reliable maps and updates.
In the light of the above, what is the value for a TomTom XL 340TM user? Your device comes with free lifetime traffic and map updates. This saves you several dollars that you will be charged for the Standalone version or other GPS brands on a recurring basis.
Seven Million Points of Interest (POIs) Your XL 340TM is preloaded with over Seven million (7,000,000) points of interest (POIs) in about 60 categories. With these POPs, you know where every hotel, restaurant, gas station and great sights are. You are able to see the city at your own pace and in your own time. You can further customers these to reflect your favorites.
IQ Routes Technology Feature of TomTom The propriatary IQ Routes Technology of TomTom uses historic data to quickly recalculate and suggest to you the best route to take on a given day and time of day.
Advanced Lane Guidance When driving through difficult to navigate and dengerous areas, the Advance Lane Guidance feature of the TomTom XL 340TM ensures you make the right choice of lane to foretall and accidents as result of a wrong choice of lane.
"Help Me!" TomTom Emergency Feature The "Help Me!" menu, there are added safety features so you can easily access local emergency providers such as police, fire stations, and hospitals. The "Where Am I?" feature further pinpoints your exact location which you can then communicate to emergency teams.
TomTom XL 340TM Speeks Location and Street Names The text-to-speech feature of this GPS allows you keep an eye on the road while knowing receiving turn-by-turn directions, including street and place names clearly spoken in a voice of your own choosing.
Summary The TomTom XL 340TM is real value for money. It is easy to install and use. further, because it comes with life time maps and updates, I recommend this GPS navigation device without reservation to any who want a good quality GPS at a good price.

About the Author

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TT129-SBH | Removable Air Vent Mount for TomTom GPS
GN047-SBH Air Vent Mount with Swivel Ball Head APTTGO520 Adapter plate for TomTom GO x20, x30

Check Compatibility

Package Contents: (1) GN047-SBH Air Vent Mount with Swivel Ball Head (1) APTTO - Adapter plate for TomTom ONE Series (1) APTTOXL - Adapter plate for TomTom ONE XL and XL S Series (1) APTTGO520 - Adapter plate for TomTom GO Series (1) APTTEP - Adapter plate for TomTom EasyPort pattern (1) APTTSE - Adapter plate for TomTom Start and Ease
APTTO Adapter plate for TomTom ONE APTTEP Adapter Plate for EasyPort
Check Compatibility Check Compatibility
TomTom Device Compatibility:
TomTom ONE 125 125-SE (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom ONE 130, ONE 130-S (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom ONE 140, ONE 140-S (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom XL 325, XL 325-S, XL 325-SE (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom XL 330, XL 330-S (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom XL 335 Series (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom XL 340, XL 340-S, XL 340 LIVE Series (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom XL 350 Series (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom XXL 530-S, XXL 535-T, XXL 540-S/WTE, XXL 550 Series (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom ONE (US Edition, US 3rd Edition) TomTom ONE XL (1st Edition) - TomTom ONE XL-S (1st Edition) TomTom ONE 22, ONE 22 Regional, ONE 22 Regional Trac TomTom XL 22, XL 22 Regional (TomTom EasyPort Mount) TomTom ONE UK / EUROPE (NEW Edition aka 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition) TomTom GO 520 / 530 / 630 / 720 / 730 / 920 / 920T / 930 TomTom Start and Ease
TomTom, ONE, GO, and EasyPort, Start and Ease are product names, trademarks, or registered trademarks of TomTom International NV. Arkon Resources, Inc. is not aliated with TomTom International b.v.
APTTOXL Adapter plate for TomTom ONE XL and XL S
APTTSE Adapter Plate for TomTom Start & Ease
Air Vent Mount Assembly Step 1. Attach the vent mounting clips (A) to the back of the pedestal (B) with the vent clips positioned with the at sides facing up.
TomTom GO Adapter Plate Installation
Step 1. Attach the adapter plate by sliding it up into the slot on the back of the TomTom GO 520, 530, 630, 720, 730, 920, 920T, and 930 models device as shown below.
TomTom ONE, ONE XL, and ONE XL S Plate Installation
Step 1. Slide the adapter plate up into the grooves on the back of the TomTom ONE, ONE XL, or ONE XL S.

Step 2.

Attach the device with adapter plate to the mount as shown in the diagram above.
TomTom EasyPort Adapter Plate Installation Step 1. Connect the dual T-slots (A) on adapter plate to the dual T-tabs
(B) on the pedestal head. Adjust the angle of the head by tightening the head adjustment knob (C).
Continued on next column.
Do not place mount in or near an air bag deployment zone or where it will obstruct view of the road.

Continued on next page.

Safety Precautions Follow all manufacturer safety guidelines for operating your device. Failure to practice safe usage of GPS device while driving may result in damage, injury, or death. Arkon is not responsible for any damages caused to your car, your device, or yourself due to the installation or use of this pedestal mount.
The Mobile Mounting Specialists Consumer Hotline: USA (800) 841-0884 INTL (626) 254-9005 Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm, PST Arcadia, CA 91006 USA Designed in USA | Made in China Copyright 2010 Arkon Resources, Inc.
TomTom EasyPort Device Insertion
Step 2. While holding the mounted adapter plate, gently insert the device (not included, sold separately) into the adapter plate until an audible click is heard. The device can then be rotated into the desired viewing angle.
Attaching a TomTom Device to Pedestal Step 3. While holding the mounted TomTom adapter plate, gently insert the TomTom device (not included, sold separately) into the adapter plate until an audible click is heard.

Attach Device or Cradle to Air Vent Mount Step 1. Attach your cradle or device (not included, sold separately) to the dual-T head by inserting the dual-T tabs (F) into the dual-T slots (G) on the back of the cradle or device.
Insertion of Mount Assembly into Air Vent Step 2. Pinch the vent mounting clips (H) so that the teeth open and gently insert vent pedestal into vent louvres until the mounting clips are attached to the n/blade of the vent. Adjust the support leg (I) vertically until it rests rmly along the bottom of the vent or dash surface below the vent.


Technical specifications

Product TypeGPS receiver
Width4.7 in
Depth0.9 in
Height3.2 in
Weight7 oz
GPS System
Recommended UseAutomotive
VoiceNavigation instructions, street name announcement
FeaturesBuilt-in speaker, speed limit warning, 2D / 3D map perspective, TMC (Traffic Message Channel) ready, downloadable POIs, preinstalled POIs, automatic routing, Text-to-Speech (TTS), IQ Routes technology, TomTom Map Share technology, TomTom QuickGPSfix, Advanced Lane Guidance, Plug & go, Emergency Help
Maps IncludedCanada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, District Of Columbia
Software IncludedTomTom HOME
Trip ComputerQuickest route, fast/short route, street address search
Built-in Display
TypeTFT - widescreen
Resolution480 x 272
Diagonal Size4.3"
Display IlluminationYes
Color SupportColor
Display Menu LanguageDanish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Flemish, English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Catalan
FeaturesTouch screen, anti-glare
Connector TypeUSB TMC
Battery Enclosure TypeInternal
Included Qty1
TechnologyLithium ion
Run Time (Up To)3 hour(s)
Included AccessoriesCar power adapter, USB cable, EasyPort mount
Universal Product Identifiers
Part Number1EM0.052.02



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