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gcremella 1:30pm on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 
There is no comparison with the PC/Windows and a MacPro they are different in many respects, and perhaps similar with some. The Mac is fast.
Geiger 7:23pm on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 
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This laptop is very well made. It has a battery life of about 7 hours under normal use. The product is good that was why i bought it Fast, Powerful, Quality Display, Lightweight, Long Battery Life, Quiet, Comfortable Keyboard Fantastic battery life - easily hits 7 hours under normal usage.

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BG-PM 46/1 S

Petrol Lawn Mower

Art.-No. 34.007.12

The self-propel, equipped with disengageable rear wheel drive, petrol lawn mower with a high quality 4-stroke motor 2.75 kW / 3.75 HP warrants for technical perfection with reliability, quiet running, economic efficiency, high power reserves and long durability. The contact free ignition and the automatic decompression offer with the rope pulling a light start without stoop. The ergonomically guidance bar and the central cutting height settings speaks for user friendliness. You can change all 4 wheels with one handle at the same time. Problem free cutting commodity advancement and a high electrolyte level from the grass collection bin warrants smoothly workings.


Ergonomically, fold-away guidance bar (1) 1 cylinder, 4-stroke motor (2) Shapely, backed-enable sheet steel housing (3) Central cutting height settings (4) Driven rear wheel drive Hard-wearing textile grass collection bin with large volume (5) Starting linkage on the guidance bar (6) Full-crankshaft

Technical data

Motor: Power: Working speed: Fuel: Tank volume: Motor oil quantity: Cutting width: Central-cutting height settings: Ignition: Volume of collection bin: Net weight: Gross weight: Packing dimensions: Bar code: Sales unit: 1 cylinder, 4-stroke motor, 135 ccm 2.75 kW / 3.75 HP 3,100 rpm Petrol (lead-free) approx. 1.3 litres approx. 0.6 litres 46 cm 5-fold (from 32-70 mm) contact free (start with rope pulling) 60 l 35.5 kg 40.2 kg 780 x 570 x 430 mm pc
As special accessory available: Spare knife Einhell Grey Art.-No.: 34.055.29 Bar code: 4006825548884
Abbildungen knnen nicht im Serien-Lieferumfang enthaltenes Zubehr darstellen / Illustrations can contain accessories, which are not included in standard extent of delivery. Abbildungen hnlich, produktionsbedingte Abweichung vorbehalten / Illustration similar (in design), production-wise modifications reserved. File: S:\shared-pool\Product-Documentation\T-Produktbeschreibung\30_n0t\Originale_Englisch_PA04\3400712_01019.doc Erstelldatum/create date: 16.06.2009 14:59:00Aktualisiert/up dated: 08.01.2010


Einhell Blue 2009

Einhell UK is pleased to celebrate its 45th anniversary with the release of its new range - Einhell Blue. This new range incorporates power tools and garden equipment under one main brand and benefits from having complete new tooling; premium quality soft touch finish as standard; brand new packaging designs and marketing material including new Tool Bars; a new and improved customer service system and a fully updated and expansive spares department service. Once again all products will carry the 2 year guarantee, trusted after sales service and assistance with spare parts if and when required. The Einhell Blue range boasts a solid collection of products which include the latest power tool innovation including the BT-MG 180 Multifunctional Tool to the BT-RH 1500 Rotary Hammer Drill - and in the garden range Einhell continues to lead the way with petrol powered garden equipment including the new Einhell Blue BG-PC 3735 Petrol Chainsaw Kit with the environmentally friendly Low Co2 Emission Certification. This 2009 edition of the catalogue also introduces the new Einhell Red range which is coming soon - this range is the highest spec range ever to be developed by Einhell and features total innovation and design. This range will be available in the UK soon.
Power Tools Cordless Drills.. 5-6 Corded Drills... 6-7 Multifunction Tools... 7 Table Saw... 7 Jigsaws.. 9 Sanders.. 9 - 11 Biscuit Jointer... 11 Planers... 11 Circular Saw.. 12 Reciprocating Saw... 12 Router.. 12 Angle Grinders/ Bench Grinder.. 13 Compressors/ Air Tools.. 13 - 15 Sliding Mitre Saw.. 15 Tile Cutter... 15 Log Splitter... 15 - 16 Industrial Vacuums... 16 Hand Truck... 16 Garden - Electric Dirty Water Pump... Electric Hedge Trimmer.. Electric Lawntrimmer.. Electric Blower Vac.. Electric Lawnmower.. Electric Garden Shredder..
Garden - Petrol Petrol Brushcutter Kit... Petrol Trimmer.. Petrol Chainsaw Kit.. Petrol Lawnmower... Petrol Hedge Trimmer.. Garden Cart..
Cordless Drills... 22 Corded Drills... 22 - 23 Angle Grinder.. 23 - 25 Jigsaw.. 25 Circular Saw.. 25 Planer... 25 Router.. 26 Sander... 26 Table Saw... 27 Tile Cutter.. 27 Sliding Mitre Saw.. 27
4.8v Cordless Screwdriver
Art No: 45.107.02 | BT-SD 4.8F

18v Cordless Drill

Art No: 45.133.30 | BT-CD 18
Features Pivot Joint Soft Grip LED Light Reverse Facility Charger Socket Wrench Holder Magnetic Bit Holder 28 Drill Bits Carry Case
Technical Power: 4.8v Speed: 200rpm Charge Time: 3-5 hour
Features Reverse Facility 6 Drill Bits Soft Grip Keyless Chuck Quick Stop Electronic Speed Control Carry Case Bit Holder
Technical Torque Settings: 22 Speed: 550rpm Charge Time: 3-5 hour Spare Parts 40 Piece Drill Bit Set: 42.580.80
18v Cordless Hammer Drill
Art No: 45.131.72 | BT-CD 18i
Cordless Combi and Drill Driver Twin Pack (Promotional Line)
Art No: 45.137.20 | BT-CD 18 TP

See page 6 for details

Features Electronic Speed Control Soft Grip Keyless Chuck Reverse Facility Carry Case Spare Parts 40 Piece Drill Bit Set: 42.580.80
Technical BT-CD 18 Speed: 0 - 550rpm Charge Time: 1 hour Torque: 17 Settings Weight: 5.9kg BT-CD18i Speed: 1st Gear 0-350rpm 2nd Gear 0-900rpm Charge Time: 1 hour Torque: 17 Settings

24v Cordless Impact Drill
Art No: 45.132.23 | BT-CD 24i
1500w Rotary Hammer Drill
Art No: 42.584.45 | BT-RH 1500

Multifunction Tool Kit

Art No: 44.191.75 | BT-MG 135

Features Includes 2 Batteries Carry Case 12 Drill Bits Keyless Chuck Soft Grip Electronic Speed Control Hammer Function
Technical Speed: 400rpm (1st Gear) 1150rpm (2nd Gear) Torque Settings: 16 Charge Time: 1 Hour Spare Parts 40 Piece Drill Bit Set: 42.580.80
Features 2 Batteries Soft Grip Reverse Facility Keyless Chuck Electronic Speed Control Battery Charge Indicator LED Lamp Impact Drill Function 6 Bit Inserts Carry Case Magnetic Bit Holder
Technical Power: 24v Speed: 1st Gear 0-350rpm 2nd Gear 0-1100rpm Torque Settings: 22 Charge Time: 1 hour Weight: 6.0kg Spare Parts 40 Piece Drill Bit Set: 42.580.80
Features Soft Grip 3 Mode SDS Hammer Hammer Stop Rotation Stop Vibration Absorbing Handle 3 SDS Drill Bits Pointed Chisel Flat Chisel Dust Cap Carry Case
Technical Power: 1500w Speed: 800rpm BPM: 3900BPM/4 Joules Drilling Depth: 32mm (Concrete) Spare Parts SDS Drill Bit + Chisel Set, 12 Pce in Aluminium 42.580.90
Features Soft Grip 217 Piece Accessory Kit Carry Case Height Adjustable Tripod Flexible Shaft Speed Control Locking Knob
Technical Power: 135w Speed: 10000-35000rpm

650w Impact Drill

Art No: 42.586.58 | BT-ID 650E

1010w Impact Drill

Art No: 42.598.00 | BT-ID 1000E

Multifunction Tool

Features Soft Grip Innovative Dust Extraction Kit for Clean and Simple Operation Scraper for Multiple Surfaces including Concrete and Wood Plunge Cut Saw Blade for Making Clean Cuts into Multiple Material including Wood Sanding Discs Allen Key for Different Head Attachments Attachments can be locked into different positions (from 0-45 in either direction) for effortless operation Bi-Metal Blades Available for Cutting through Metal Piping and Numerous Metal Materials
Art No: 44.650.00 | BT-MG 180

800w Table Saw

Art No: 43.407.60 | BT-TS 800
Features Electronic Speed Control Soft Grip Keyless Chuck Reverse Facility Additional Handle with Depth Gauge
Technical Power: 650w Speed: 2600rpm Drilling Depth: 13mm (Concrete) 10mm (metal) 25mm (wood) Weight: 2kg
Features Soft Grip Reverse Facility Key Chuck Metal Depth Stop Additional Handle Spare Parts 40 Piece Drill Bit Set: 42.580.80
Technical Power: 1010w Speed: 3000rpm BPM: 48000BPM Drilling Depth: 13mm (Concrete) 10mm (Metal) 25mm (Wood) Weight: 2.3kg
Technical Power: 180w Speed: 21000rpm Function: Grinds, cuts and sands through various material Spare Parts 6pce Bi-Metal Blade Set: 44.650.10 5pce Accessory Blade Set: 44.650.11

Features Adjustable Saw Blade from 0-45 to the left Adjustable Parallel Stop with Two Stop Heights Connection for Dust Extractor 36mm Sliding Stick
Technical Power: 800w Speed: 2950rpm Bench Size: 500 x 335mm Max. Cutting Height: 45mm (90) 27mm (45) Weight: 11kg
Spare Parts TCT Blade: 200 x 16mm - 48Teeth: 45.020.32 TCT Blade: 200 x 16mm - 20 Teeth: 45.020.46

400w Jigsaw

Art No: 43.211.00 | BT-JS 400E

800w Pendulum Jigsaw

Art No: 43.211.20 | BT-JS 800E
Features Electronic Speed Control Adjustable Sole Plate (45) Dust Extraction Adaptor Allen Key Soft Grip Spare Parts Saw Blade Set, T-Shaft, 10pce: 43.101.70
Technical Power: 400w Speed: 500-3000rpm Cutting Depth: 55mm (Wood) 10mm (Plastic) 6mm (Metal) Weight: 2kg
Features Electronic Speed Control Adjustable aluminium soleplate (45) Dust Extraction Soft Grip 4 Stroke Pendulum Adjustments LED Light Keyless Blade Change Parallel Guide
Technical Power: 800w Speed: 500-3000rpm Cutting Depth: 80mm (Wood) 25mm (Plastic) 10mm (Metal) Bevel Cuts, Max. (45) Weight: 2.5kg Spare Parts Saw Blade Set, T-Shaft, 10pce: 43.101.70

Delta Sander

Art No: 44.642.22 | BT-DS 180

850w Belt Sander

Art No: 44.662.12 | BT-BS 850E
Features Velcro Fastening for Quick Change Connection for Dust Extractor and Adaptor Soft Grip Incl. Sanding Sheet
Technical Power: 180w Speed: 8000rpm Size of Sanding Area: 90 x 90 x 90mm Weight: 1.3kg
Features Integrated Dust Extraction System Electronic Speed Control Additional handle for improved accuracy Soft Grip Dust Bag Sanding Belt Quick Belt Change
Technical Sanding Speed: 280m/min Sanding Area: 76 x 130mm Belt Size: 76 x 457mm Weight: 4.1kg Spare Parts Assorted Belts 43 x 457mm x 8 Blades: 44.662.12

420w Rotating Sander

Art No: 44.621.60 | BT-RS 420 E

150w Orbital Sander

Art No: 44.605.44 | BT-OS 150
Features Velcro Fastening for Quick Disc Change Adjustable additional handle Electronic Speed Control Dust Bag Includes Sanding Discs
Technical Power: 420w Speed: 6000-12000rpm Sanding Area: 125mm Weight: 2.5kg Spare Parts Assorted Sanding Discs x 10: 44.602.67
Features Dust Extraction Adaptor Soft Grip Additional Handle for increased accuracy Includes Sanding Sheets
Technical Power: 150w Speed: 11500rpm Sanding Area: 187 x 90mm Abrasive Paper Size: 240 x 90mm Weight: 1.6kg
Spare Parts Sanding Sheets - 40 Grit x 10: 44.602.00 Sanding Sheets - 60 Grit x 10: 44.602.01 Sanding Sheets - 100 Grit x 10: 44.602.02

860w Biscuit Jointer

Art No: 43.506.11 | BT-BJ 900

750w Planer

Art No: 43.452.61 | BT-PL 750

See page 11 for details

Features Soft Grip 3 Step Quick Adjustment of Cutting Depth Large Base Plate Locking Knob for Changing Cutters Dust Bag Face Spanner for changing Cutters Carry Case Height Adjustable up to 6cm

Technical Power: 860w Speed: 11000rpm Cutting Depth: 14mm 100 x 22 x 3.8/14mm Angle Settings: Innite Adjustable up to 180 Weight: 4.6kg Spare Parts Spare Blade - 43.506.90
Features Planing Material Can Be Ejected Left or Right through a Switch Soft Grip Adjustable Planing Depth TCT Planing Blade Aluminium Planing Plate Rebate Depth Stop Parallel Guide Dust Bag
Technical Power: 750w Speed: 16500rpm Chipping Depth: 0-2mm Rebating Depth: 0-6mm Planing Width: 82mm Weight: 3.2kg Spare Parts Dust Bag: 434526001077 11

1200w Circular Saw
Art No: 43.309.30 | BT-CS 1200
1400w Soft Start Circular Saw
Art No: 43.309.40 | BT-CS 1400
850w Angle Grinder (115mm)
Art No: 44.305.92 | BT-AG 850
2000w Soft Start Angle Grinder (230mm)
Art No: 44.306.20 | BT-AG 2000
Features Keyless Cutting Depth Adjustment Soft Grip Riving Knife Parallel Guide Dust Extraction Adaptor TCT Saw Blade
Technical Power: 1200w Speed: 4800rpm Cutting Depth: 55mm (90) 37mm (45) Weight: 4.2kg Spare Parts Spare Blade 160 x 20mm Bore 18 Teeth: 45.020.30
Features Keyless Depth Adjustment Soft Grip TCT Saw Blade Soft Start Parallel Guide Riving Knife Dust Extraction Adaptor
Technical Power: 1400w Speed: 4800rpm Cutting Depth: 66mm (90) 45mm (45) Weight: 4.85kg Spare Parts Spare Blade 190 x 20mm Bore 24 Teeth: 45.020.86
Features Spindle Lock Soft Grip Metal Gear Head Disc Guard Additional Handle Pin Spanner
Technical Power: 850w Speed: 11000rpm Disc Size: 115mm Weight: 2.1kg Spare Parts 3 x Diamond Disc Set: 44.403.37
Features Soft Start Spindle Lock Metal Gear Housing Disc Protection Additional Handle Pin Spanner
Technical Power: 2000w Speed: 6000rpm Disc Size: 230mm Weight: 6kg Spare Parts 2 x Diamond Disc Set : 44.403.33

650w Reciprocating Saw

Art No: 43.261.22 | BT-AP 600E

1200w Router

Art No: 43.504.80 | BT-RO 1200E

150w Bench Grinder

Art No: 44.125.50 | BT-BG 150

2000w Hot Air Gun

Art No: 45.201.67 | BT-HA 2000
Features Keyless Blade Change Keyless Soleplate Adjustment Electronic Speed Control Soft Grip Saw blade for Wood Saw Blade for Metal

Technical Power: 650w Speed: 500 - 3000rpm Cutting Depth: 115mm (Wood) 10mm (Metal) Stroke Height: 20mm Weight: 3.2kg
Features Innitely Adjustable Cutting Depth Electronic Speed Control Spindle Lock 3 Step Quick Adjustment of Cutting Depth Soft Grip Compass Point Parallel Guide Dust Extractor Adaptor Tool for Changing Cutters
Technical Power: 1200w Speed: 11000 - 30000rpm Stroke Height: 55mm Collett Size: 8 & 6mm Weight: 3.5kg
Features Adjustable Safety Shields Adjustable Work Supports Incl. 1 Coarse Grinding/ Sanding Wheel Incl. 1 Fine Grinding/ Sanding Wheel Rubber Feet for Secure Positioning
Technical Power: 150w Speed: 2950rpm Grinding/Sanding Wheel: 150 x 12.7 x 16mm Weight: 7kg Spare Parts Fine Grinding/Sanding Wheel: 44.125.14 Coarse Grinding/Sanding Wheel: 44.125.15
Features 2 Heat Settings Soft Grip Carry Case Heat Nozzle Wide Nozzle Reducer Nozzle 22mm Reector Nozzle Paint Scraper
Technical Power: 1000/2000w Heat Settings: 350C / 550C Air Settings: (Setting 1) - 300l/min (Setting 2) - 500l/min 13

24L Oil Free Air Compressor
Art No: 40.205.05 | BT-AC 200/24 OF

50L Air Compressor

Art No: 40.101.60 | RT-AC 270/50/10

Ratchet Wrench Set

Art No: 41.391.70 | DRS200/2

1700w Sliding Mitre Saw

Art No: 43.007.20 BT-SM 2050
Features Oil Free Compressor Suitable for most Compressed Air Applications Transport Handle Drain Cock Intake Filter
Technical 24L Capacity Speed: 176L/min Bar: 8 bar Weight: 15.7kg
Features Suitable for most compressed Air Applications
Technical 50L Capacity Speed: 233L/min Bar:10 bar
Essential Tools and Accessories Air Tool Set:41.327.20 Angle Grinder: 41.388.00 Ratchet Wrench Set: 41.391.70
Essential Tools and Accessories Air Tool Set: 41.327.20 Angle Grinder: 41.388.00 Ratchet Wrench Set: 41.391.70
Features Powerful pneumatic ratchet screwdriver with practical carry case inclusive of 9 parts chisel set. The non-slip, rubberised handle allows for safe and comfortable use
Technical Air Consumption: 113 CFM: 4 Operating Pressure: 6 Bar Air Pressure: 87psi
Features Carbide Metal Saw Blade Locking Positions: 0/15/22.5/30/45 Incl. Dust Bag and Support Bar on both sides Multiple locking angles for precise Cuts Clamping Device for Holding Work piece rmly in position

Technical Power: 1700w Speed: 4800rpm Max. Cutting Width: 205mm Carbide Metal Saw Blade: 210mm x 30mm/24t Max. Saw Width: 90 - 205 x 65mm 45 - 140 x 65mm Weight: 14.6kg
Spare Parts TCT Saw Blade 24Teeth 45.020.48 TCT Saw Blade 48Teeth 45.020.34

5 Piece Air Tool Set

Art No: 41.327.20 | 5 Piece Air Tool Set

Angle Grinder

Art No: 41.388.00 | DWS200

600w Tile Cutter

Art No: 43.011.63 | BT-TC 600

1500w Log Splitter

Art No: 34.320.13 | BT-LS 44
Features Paint Spray Gun Oil Spray Gun Tyre Inator with Pressure Gauge Air Blower Spiral Air Hose with Quick Coupling
Technical All suitable with the Einhell Compressor
Features Powerful 125ml angle grinder. Complete safety guard handle, spanner set and male male snap coupling
Technical Air Consumption: 170 CFM: 6 Operating Pressure: 6 Bar Air Pressure: 87psi No Load: 11000rpm
Features Diamond Cutting Wheel Water Cooled System Parallel Guide Workbench can be angled at 45
Technical Power: 230v - 600w Speed: 3000rpm Cutting Depth: 35mm (90) 12mm (45) Cutting Wheel: 180 x 25.4mm Bench Size: 330 x 360mm Weight: 10.8kg
Spare Parts Diamond Disc 180 x 25.4mm Bore: 43.011.70
Features Two hand Control Transport Handle Overload Release Strong and Sturdy Wheels Stable Foot Rest
Technical Power: 1500w Splitting Pressure: 4t Splitting Stroke: 310mm Trunk Holding Capacity: 50 - 250mm Noise level LPA: 65dB(A) Oil Tank Capacity: 2.4L Max. wood dimension: Diameter: 50 - 250 mm Length max.: 370 mm Weight: 42kg 15

2200w Log Splitter
Art No: 34.320.41 BT-LS 610
Features Adjustable Log Holding Plates Height Adjustable Corrugated Steel Work Bench Two Handed Safety Switch Emergency Stop Function Zero Voltage Stop Double Clamp for Material Sturdy Foot Adjustable Splitting Wedge Height Transport Handle Technical Power: 2200w Splitting Pressure: 6t Splitting Stroke: 480mm Trunk Holding Capacity: 100 - 320mm

1250w Wet n Dry Vacuum

Art No: 23.421.60 BT-VC 1250S

350w Dirty Water Pump

Art No: 41.705.69 | BG-DP 3530

750w Dirty Water Pump

Art No: 41.705.93 | BG-DP 7535
Features Complete Accessory Kit Onboard Accessory Storage Blow Connector Handle with Air Regulator Stainless Steel Tank Technical Power: 1250w Container Volume: 20L Weight: 6.8kg Spare Parts Wet and Dry Vacuum Bag x 5: 23.511.52 Features Carry Handle Universal Connector for 1 and 1 Hose with 1 Male Thread 90 Angle 1 x 1 External Thread Float Switch Technical Power: 350w Max. Pumping Rate: 7000 Litres/Hour Max. Submersion Depth: 5m Max. Particle Size: 30mm Extraction Height: 40mm Weight: 4.2kg Features Carry Handle Float Switch Universal Connector for 1 and 1 hoses as well as 1 male thread 90 Angle 1 x 1 External Thread Technical Power: 750w Max. Pumping Rate: 15000 Litre/Hour Max. Submersion Depth: 8m Max. Particle Size: 35mm Weight: 5.2kg

Noise level LPA: 78dB(A) Max. wood dimension: Diameter: 100 - 1040 mm Length max.: 150 - 1040 mm Weight: 99kg
1400w Wet n Dry Vacuum (Promotional Line)
Art No: 23.423.10 BT-VC 1450 SA

Hand Truck

Art No: 22.601.12 BT-HT 90
550w Electric Hedge Trimmer
Art No: 34.035.06 | BG-EH 551
500w Electric Lawn Trimmer
Art No: 34.014.63 | BG-ET 5030
Features Housing made from High Quality Impact Resistant Plastic Comfortable Twin Hand Operation Holding Facility for Spare Spool Motor Head Turnable by up to 180 for Vertical Cuts Guide Roller Double Line Cutting Feature Automatic Thread Feeder Continuously Adjustable Handle Cable Strain Relief System Adjustable Telescopic Handle Technical Power: 500w Cutting Circle: 300mm No Load Speed: 9600rpm Thread Length: 10m Weight: 2.95kg
Features Power Take Off Water Draining Screw 36mm Hose System Stainless Steel Tank Complete Accessory Kit Handle for convenience Technical Power: 1400w Container Volume: 50L Capacity Weight: 14.8kg
Features Lock for extending Handle Pull Out Handle Aluminium Frame Folding Base Plate Rubber Feet Technical 90kg Load Capacity
Features Additional Handle for Optimum Handling Hand Protection Shield Counter Rotating, Double Safety Blades Made of Precision Ground Steel Protection Sleeve Included Aluminium Blade Cover Cable Strain Relief Twin Handle Safety Switch with Blade Stop in Less than 0.5 Seconds Metal Gearing for Increased Endurance
Technical Power: 550w Cutting Length: 46.5cm Cutting Thickness: 14mm Blade Length: 53cm Teeth Spacing: 18mm Cuts Per Minute: 3200 Weight: 3.1kg
Spare Parts Spool Set: 34.050.50 17

2100w Electric Blower Vac
Art No: 34.331.42 | BG-EL 2100

1300w Lawnmower

Art No: 34.002.80 | BG-EM 1336
30cc/2 Stroke Petrol Brushcutter Kit
Features Adjustable Additional Handle Electronic Ignition Quick Start System Low Vibrating 2 Stroke Engine Handle with Control Functions Twin Line Spool with Automatic Jog System 4 Tooth Blade and Blade Guard Hood Aluminum Shaft with Carrying Shaft Protective Helmet with Face and Ear Guards Protective Gloves Passes the pollutants directive 2002/88 EC (emission 2) Ensuring this product is environmentally friendly
Art No: 34.017.65 | BG-BC 30/1 Kit
30cc/2 Stroke Petrol Trimmer
Features Quick Start System Adjustable Additional Handle Aluminium Shaft Quick Lock System for Quick Assembly Twin Line Spool with Automatic Jog System Passes the pollutants directive 2002/88 EC (emission 2) Ensuring this product is environmentally friendly Technical Power: 30cc /1.1hp Cutting Length: 41cm Motor: 2 Stroke Weight: 5.6kg

Art No: 34.018.10 | BG-PT 3041
Features Adjustable Carrying Belt Two Part Suction Tube 2 Guide Rollers 3 Function: Shred, Suction and Blow 45L Collection Capacity Suction/ Blow Selector Switch
Technical Power: 2100w Air Speed: 250 km/h Suction Capacity: 12 m/min. No Load Speed: 14000rpm Shredding Ratio: 10:1 Weight: 4kg
Features High impact resistant plastics Specially designed grass protecting wheels Foldable Handle Adjustment 36L Grass Collection Box 3 Adjustable Cutting Height Settings (25/42.5/60mm) Technical Power: 1300w Cutting Width: 36cm Cutting Height Settings: 25/42.5/60mm Weight: 9.5kg
Technical Power: 30cc/1.1hp Motor: 2 Stroke Cutting Width with Twin Line: 41cm Cutting Width with Blade: 23cm Weight: 7.8kg Spare Parts Spare Blades: 34.050.81 Spare Spools: 34.050.86
Spare Parts Spare Blade: 34.056.05
Spare Parts Spare Spool Set: 34.050.91

900w Electric Lawnmower

Art No: 34.002.40 | BG-EM 930

2000w Garden Shredder

Art No: 34.303.62 | BG-KS 2040

37cc Petrol Chainsaw Kit

Art No: 45.013.69 | BG-PC 3735 Kit
Features High impact resistant plastics Specially designed grass protecting wheels Foldable handle adjustment 3 level adjustable height settings 28L Grass Collection Box Technical Power 900w Cutting Width: 30cm 3 Cutting Heights: 25/42.5/60mm Weight 7.8kg
Features Motor Safety Switch Double Sided Blades Made of Grounded Steel Tilting Tube with Protective Locking Funnel Tube with Rubber Lamella Preventing Material Being Lost Robust Wheels for Easy Transportation Incl. Garden Waste Bag Incl. Stopper Technical Power: 2000w Max. Branch Size: 40mm Idle Speed: 4500rpm Weight: 12.1kg
Spare Parts Spare Blade: 34.056.00
Spare Parts Spare Blades: 34.059.20
Features Auto Choke, Primer and Electronic Ignition Chain Brake/Finger Guard - Stops the chain within miliseconds in case of Kick-Back Chain Catch - Preventing Chain From Jumping out of Cutter Rail Anti Vibration Cushions Shocks Additional Protective
Helmet and Ear Guards Protective Bag and Casing for the Chainsaw Protective Gloves Automatic Lubrication of Cutter Rail and Chain Passes the pollutants directive 2002/88 EC (emission 2) Ensuring this product is environmentally friendly Additional 2nd Chain included.
Technical Power: 37cc/2hp Cutter Rail Length: 35cm Cutting Speed: 19 metre/sec Weight: 5.7kg Spare Parts Spare Chain: 45.001.70 19

40cm Petrol Lawnmower
Art No: 34.010.16 | BG-PM 40 P
46cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Art No: 34.007.10 | BG-PM 46 S
Features Ergonomic Foldable Handle 1 Cylinder/ 4 Stroke Engine Hard Wearing 45L Grass Collection Bag 3 Cutting Height Adjustments (32/46/62mm) Spare Parts Spare Blade: 34.055.24
Technical Power: 3.6kw/3.5hp Cutting Width: 40cm 3 Cutting Heights: 32/46/62mm Weight: 24.4kg
Features Ergonomic Foldable Handle Self Propelled Engine Hardwearing 60L Textile Grass Collection Bag Rear Wheel Drive 4 Stroke Engine Central 5-setting Cutting Height Adjustment (32 - 70mm) Powder Coated Sheet Steel Housing Spare Parts Spare Blade: 34.055.25
Technical Power: 2.75kw/ 3.75hp Cutting Width: 46cm Cutting Heights: 32 - 70m Weight: 34.5kg
2300w Soft Start Angle Grinder

44.305.70 | RT-AG 230

22cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer
Art No: 34.038.40 | BG-PH 2250

80L Garden Cart

Art No: 34.153.10 | BG-GC 80

See page 24 for details

Features Low Vibration 2-Stroke Engine Ignition Lock and Throttle Lock Electronic Ignition Counter Rotating Double Bladed Safety Cutters made from Precision Ground Steel Manual Fuel Pump Soft Grip
Technical Power: 22cc Cutting Length: 50cm Cuts Per Minute: 2900rpm Max. Cutting Thickness: 20mm Weight: 7kg
Featu Features Plug Together P System for Easy Assembly Height Adjustable Filler Opening 80L Waste Bag Capacity Spare Parts: Spare Bags: 34.153.15
Technical Filler Opening: 39 x 32cm Height Adjustment: 55 - 82cm Weight: 3.8kg 21

3.6v Lithium Screwdriver
Art No: 45.132.80 | RT-SD 3.6 Li
18v Cordless Impact Drill
Art No: 45.132.60 | RT-CD 18i
Features Battery Capacity Indicator Metal gear box LED light for accuracy and precision Magnetic tray for screws Soft grip 4 bits Holster bag
Technical Power: 3.6v Power pack: Li-Ion Capacity: 1.3Ah Charging time: 3-5h No-load speed: 200rpm Torque, specied: 3,5Nm Weight: 0.35kg
Features Two Batteries LCD Display LED light for accuracy and precision Quick stop Auto spindle lock function 10mm single sleeve chuck (keyless) Softgrip Magnetic tray for screws Shock absorber cap 10 bits Carry Case

750w Impact Drill

Technical Power: 18v Charge Time 1 hour 2 Gears No Load Speed: 1250rpm Weight: 6.3kg
Art No: 42.597.40 | RT-ID 75

See page 22 for details

1050w Impact Drill

1250w Rotary Hammer

Art No: 42.584.40 | RT-RH 32

600w Angle Grinder

Art No: 42.597.70 | RT-ID 105
Art No: 44.305.50 | RT-AG 115
Features Patented dust exhaust system Keyless chuck (13mm) Soft grip Front handle with Integrated Bit Storage Cable clip Complete with 3 Drill Bits

Technical Power 750w No-Load speed: 2700rpm 0-43200bpm Gears: 1 Drilling capacity: - Wood: 30mm - Steel: 13mm - Concrete: 16mm - Weight: 2.8kg
Features Front handle with Integrated Bit Storage Keyless Chuck (13mm) Metal gear head Soft grip Cable clip 6 drills
Technical Power: 1050w No Load Speed: (1st Gear) - 1100rpm (2nd Gear) - 3000rpm Cutting Depth: - Wood: 40mm - Concrete: 16mm - Steel: 13mm - Weight: 3.9kg
Features Vibration Absorbing Handle Full magnesium head Cable clip Soft Grip 4 SDS plus drills 2 SDS plus chisels Carry Case
Technical Power: 1250w No-load speed: 800rpm Blow rate: 4300bpm Impact power 3.5 Joule Drilling capacity: - concrete: 32 mm Chuck: SDS-plus Hammer stop facility Rotation stop facility Weight: 10.5kg Cable: 3.0m
Features Keyless Disc Guard Adjustment Wrench storage in front handle Front handle mountable in 3 positions Soft Grip Spindle lock Cable clip
Technical Input power: 600w Disc diameter: 115mm No-load speed: 11000rpm Metal Gear Head Weight (w/o disc): 1.85kg Cable 3.0m 23

750w Pendulum Jigsaw
Art No: 43.210.80 | RT-JS 85
Features Metal Gear Head Soft start Keyless Guard Adjustment Front handle mountable in 3 positions Spindle lock Cable clip Soft grip
Technical Input power: 2300w Disc diameter: 230mm No-load speed: 6500rpm Weight (w/o disc): 5.9kg Cable: 3.0m
Features Keyless Blade Change Die Cast Base Plate LED light for accuracy and precision Blade Storage on Machine Cable clip Soft grip 45 bevel cut Parallel guide
Technical Power: 750w Strokes: 800 - 3000rpm Cutting depth wood: 85mm Cutting depth steel: 8mm Bevel cut max: Position Pendulum Action Weight: 2.5kg Cable: 3.0m

300W Oscillating Sander

44.605.50 | RT-OS 30
Art No: 43.309.10 | RT-CS 165

850w Electric Planer

Art No: 43.452.70 | RT-PL 82

See page 26 for details

Features Die Cast Base Plate Additional Handle Cable clip Keyless Cutting Depth Adjustment Softgrip Parallel guides
Technical Power: 1200w No Load Speed: 5200rpm Cutting Depth: 54mm Saw Blade: 165mm x 16mm x 24 Teeth Weight: 5.0kg
Features Variable dust extraction (left and right) Automatic blade protection Storage box in unit for Blade and Key Cable clip Softgrip Parallel guide Dust bag
Technical Power: 850w Planing width: 82mm Chipping depth: 3mm Rebate depth: 18mm Speed: 15000rpm Weight: 4.0kg 25

Art No: 43.504.90 | RT-RO 55

44.662.30 | RT-BS 75

900w Table Saw
Art No: 43.407.32 | RT-TS 920

1700w Table Saw

Art No: 43.406.47 RT-TS 1725 U
Technical Power: 1700w No Load Speed: 4800rpm Cutting Height: 90 - 73mm 45 - 53mm Saw Blade Rotation Range: 0- 45 Table Size: 626 x 445mm Height of Under-frame: 330mm Working Height with Under-frame: 900mm Weight: 33.5kg Features Laser for Precise Cuts and Guide Saw Blade Angle Adjustment with Scale Saw Blade Height Adjustment Additional Handles for Transport

Features Safety Guard Collet Size 6 and 8mm Soft grip Cable clip Parallel guide Guide Bush
Technical Power: 1200w Plunge depth: 55mm No-load speed: 11000 - 30000rpm Collet size/tool holder: 6/8mm Weight: 4kg Cable: 3m
Features Adjustable handle Variable Belt Speed Cable clip Soft grip Dust bag Adaptor for dust extraction
Technical Power: 850w Sanding belt size: 533 x 75mm Sanding surface: 140 x 75mm No-load speed: 300 400rpm Weight 3.25kg Cable 3.0m
Features TCT Blade (20 Teeth) Pivotable Saw Blade at 0 - 45 angle Saw Blade Height Adjustment 0-45mm Adjustable Parallel Stop with 2 Stopping Heights Cross Fence with Angle Scale Saw Blade Protection with Dust Extraction Adaptor Cable Holder
Technical Power: 900w No Load Speed: 4500rpm No of Teeth on Blade: 20 Table Size: 513 x 400mm Blade Size: 205 x 16 x 2.5mm Max Cutting Depth: 90 - 45mm / 45 - 41mm Weight: 13.5kg
Easy to build underframe Powder Coated Table Extension Anodised Table Surface for Anti Friction Saw Blade Protection with Dust Exhaust TCT Blade (24 Teeth)

300w Oscillating Sander

280w Multi Sander

800w Tile Cutter w/Laser

Art No: 43.012.80 | RT-TC 560 U
Art No: 44.191.30 | RT-XS 28
1800w Sliding Mitre Saw with Base Frame
Art No: 43.007.00 RT-SM 305 L
Features Cable clip Softgrip Variable Speed Adjustment Dust collector incl. 1 wood velcro paper
Technical Power: 300w Sanding surface: 227 x 115mm Abrasive paper size: 280 x 115mm Velcro attachment Speed: 7000 - 11000rpm Weight: 2.7kg
Features Velcro Sander and Clamping System Adjustable second handle Dust Collector Cable clip Soft grip Additional sanding paper
Technical Power: 280w No-load oscillations max.: 10000 rpm Orbital sander 4-corner: 140 x 115 mm Eccentric Sander: 125 mm Weight: 2.8kg Cable: 3.0m
Technical Power: 800w Speed: 2950rpm Cutting Depth: 90 - 30mm 45 - 25mm Cutting Length: 520mm Max. Wheel Dimensions: 200 x 25.4mm Weight: 28kg
Features Laser for precise cuts. Pivot Mounted Motor Guard Water collection tank with Coolant Pump. Stand for convenient operation.
Features Soft Start Highgrade Rotating Table made of Aluminium For Precise Cuts Ranging from -52 to +45 Motor Head Continuously Tiltable to the Left from 0 to + 45 Laser for Precise Cuts and Guidance Clamping Device Storage for Additional Blade Includes Dust Box and Castor with End Stop. Spindle Lock
Technical Power: 1800w No Load Speed: 4800rpm Carbide Tipped Saw Blade: 210 x 30 x 2.8mm No. of Teeth on Carbide Blade: 24 Max Cutting width 90 x 90: 310 x 65mm Weight: 27.6kg 27

Spares and After Sales
If you have any problems or queries about your Einhell product why not contact our experienced and knowledgeable Customer Service Team who will be more than willing to try and resolve your problem. Additionally if you are looking to purchase a spare part for your Einhell manufactured Petrol Gardenproduct orPower Toolyou can contact our Spare Parts Department here at Einhell. We have an experienced spares parts team who can assist in supplying the right part for your Einhell product.

Email: Tel: 1500
Opening Hours: Monday toThursday: 8.45am - 5.00pm Friday: 8.45 - 3.15pm Saturday & Sunday: Closed If you are unable to contact us in our opening hours we have an automated system on our website where you can request information and we will resolve your query as soon as possible.
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