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sawtooth 10:33pm on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 
wish it has a bar that showed how full the battery was Amazing camera so clear you couldnt ask for more.. I was searching a good digital high profile handy camera and I got t everything in this cmera.
hadrurus 8:25am on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
Bad experience The camera was ok but a year later it stopped working out of nowhere. camera review The camera that I purchased was all that I expected and I am very pleased.
adric22 5:09pm on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
This is the worst Powershot I have used after A40 and A620; constantly blows the highlights and underexposes in flash mode. Pros: Good battery life, good handy small size. Great focus and exposure in high light situations. Good construction.
ckotesh 8:52am on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 
I love this camera for all that it is, AND all that it isnt. Even though it is missing quite a few things, you will be so captivated by its usability,... Despite its no-frills feature set, the Canon PowerShot SD600 delivers quality photos and strong performance in a small package. This camera is great.
kk_spoonman 12:31pm on Friday, June 11th, 2010 
Me ...of the latest advances in Canon technology including the proprietary DIGIC II imaging processor. The processor enhances picture definition.
adalia 1:45am on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 
Canon A630 IS IS is a 10 million-pixel imaging have the capacity, and 4 optical zoom with Image Stabilizer lens for portable digital cameras. And vibrantly colorful. The genuine Canon 3x optical zoom UA lens brings you in close for the details that will make your images startling and bold. Of the latest advances in Canon technology including the proprietary DIGIC II imaging processor. The processor enhances picture definition, vibrancy.
wengzerg 12:08am on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 
The Canon PowerShot SD600 could be a good camera - but it has major flaws. I got this Cannon PowerShot SD600 about a year and half ago just for average use at parties/football games and it has been one of the best purchases I...
ecoolcat 2:40am on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 
It is small, but it packs in more than a punch. The picture quality is simply outstanding, i am still astonished!! I love this camera. Despite its no-frills feature set, the Canon PowerShot SD600 delivers quality photos and strong performance in a small package. This camera is great.

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Switching between Focusing Modes. 46 Shooting Hard-to-Focus Subjects (Focus Lock, AF Lock).47 Locking the Exposure Setting (AE Lock). 48 Locking the Flash Exposure Setting (FE Lock). 49 Switching between Metering Modes. 50 Adjusting the Exposure Compensation.51 Shooting in Long Shutter Mode. 52 Adjusting the Tone (White Balance). 54 Shooting in a My Colors Mode. 57 Changing Colors. 59 Adjusting the ISO Speed. 64 Setting the Auto Rotate Function. 65 Creating an Image Destination (Folder). 66 Resetting the File Number. 67

Playback/Erasing. 69

Magnifying Images.69 Viewing Images in Sets of Nine (Index Playback).70 Jumping to Images.71 Viewing Movies.72 Editing Movies.73 Rotating Images in the Display.75 Playback with Transition Effects.76 Adding Effects with the My Colors Function.77 Attaching Sound Memos to Images.78 Automated Playback (Slide Shows).80 Protecting Images.84 Erasing All Images.84
Print Settings/Transfer Settings. 85
Setting the DPOF Print Settings.85 Setting the DPOF Transfer Settings.88
Viewing Images on a TV set.90 Customizing the Camera (My Camera Settings).91
Changing My Camera Settings. 91 Registering My Camera Settings. 92


Camera. 94 When the power is turned on. 94 LCD monitor. 95 Shooting. 96 Shooting Movies. 100 Playback. 101 Battery/Battery Charger. 102 TV monitor output. 102 Printing on Direct Print Compatible Printers. 103
List of Messages.104 Appendix.107
Battery Handling. 107 Handling the Memory Card. 109 Using an AC Adapter Kit (Sold Separately). 111 Using an Externally Mounted Flash (Sold Separately). 112 Camera Care and Maintenance. 114 Specifications. 115
INDEX.123 Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode.128

Handling Precautions

Please Read
Test Shots Before you try to photograph important subjects, we highly recommend that you shoot several trial images to confirm that the camera is operating and being operated correctly. Please note that Canon Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates, and its distributors are not liable for any consequential damages arising from any malfunction of a camera or accessory, including memory cards, that results in the failure of an image to be recorded or to be recorded in a way that is machine readable. Warning Against Copyright Infringement Please note that Canon digital cameras are intended for personal use and should never be used in a manner that infringes upon or contravenes international or domestic copyright laws and regulations. Please be advised that in certain cases the copying of images from performances, exhibitions, or commercial properties by means of a camera or other device may contravene copyright or other legal rights even if the image was shot for personal use. Warranty Limitations This cameras warranty is only effective in the country of sale. If a problem arises while the camera is in use abroad, please convey it back to the country of sale before proceeding with a warranty claim to a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. For Canon Customer Support contacts, please see the Canon Customer Support leaflet supplied with your camera.


Do not place the battery near a heat source or expose it to direct flame or heat. The battery should not be immersed in water or sea water. Do not attempt to disassemble, alter or apply heat to the battery. Avoid dropping or subjecting the battery to severe impacts that could damage the casing. Use only recommended battery and accessories. Use of battery not expressly recommended for this equipment may cause explosions or leaks, resulting in fire, injury and damage to the surroundings. In the event that a battery leaks and the eyes, mouth, skin or clothing contact these substances, immediately flush with water and seek medical assistance. Disconnect the battery charger and compact power adapter from both the camera and the power outlet after recharging or when they are not in use to avoid fire and other hazards. Do not place anything, such as tablecloths, carpets, bedding or cushions, on top of the battery charger while it is charging. Continued use over a long period may cause the units to overheat and distort, resulting in fire. Use only the specified battery charger to charge the battery. The battery charger and compact power adapter are designed for exclusive use with your camera. Do not use it with other products or batteries. There is a risk of overheating and distortion which could result in fire or electrical shock. Before you discard a battery, cover the terminals with tape or other insulators to prevent direct contact with other objects. Contact with the metallic components of other materials in waste containers may lead to fire or explosions.


Do not trigger the flash in close proximity to human or animal eyes. Exposure to the intense light produced by the flash may damage eyesight. In particular, remain at least one meter (39 inches) away from infants when using the flash. Keep objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields (such as credit cards) away from the speaker of the camera. Such items may lose data or stop working.


Be careful not to bang the camera or subject it to strong impacts or shocks that could lead to injury or damage the equipment when wearing or holding it by the strap. Do not store the equipment in humid or dusty areas. Do not allow metal objects (such as pins or keys) or dirt to contact the charger terminals or plug. Such conditions could lead to fire, electrical shock or other damage. Avoid using, placing or storing the equipment in places subject to strong sunlight or high temperatures, such as the dashboard or trunk (boot) of a car. Do not use the equipment in a manner that exceeds the rated capacity of the electrical outlet or wiring accessories. Do not use if the power cord or plug are damaged, or if not fully plugged into the outlet. Do not use in locations with poor ventilation. The above-mentioned can cause leakage, overheating or explosion, resulting in fire, burns or other injuries. High temperatures may also cause deformation of the casing. When not using the camera for extended periods of time, remove the battery from the camera or battery charger and store the equipment in a safe place. The battery can run down.

Information for images shot on other cameras may not display correctly.

Histogram Function

The histogram is a graph that allows you to judge the brightness of the image. The greater the bias toward the left in the graph, the darker the image. The greater the bias toward the right, the brighter the image. If the image is too dark, adjust the exposure compensation to a positive value. Similarly, adjust the exposure compensation to a negative value if the image is too bright (p. 51).

Sample Histograms

Dark Image

Balanced Image

Bright Image

Using the Viewfinder

The viewfinder can be used to conserve power by turning the LCD monitor off (p. 15) while shooting.
Shows the center of the image


The camera indicators light or flash under the following circumstances. Never do the following while a green indicator is flashing. These actions may corrupt image data. - Shake or jolt the camera - Shut off the power, or open the memory card slot/battery cover Upper Indicator Green: Ready to shoot Blinking Green: Image recording/reading/erasing/transferring (when connected to a computer) Orange: Ready to shoot (flash on) Blinking Orange: Ready to shoot (camera shake warning) Lower Indicator Yellow: Macro mode/infinity mode/AF lock mode Blinking Yellow: Focusing difficulty (camera beeps once)

Power Saving Function

This camera is equipped with a power saving function. The power will shut off in the following circumstances. Press the power button again to restore power.
Shooting Mode Powers down approximately 3 minutes after the last control is accessed on the camera. The LCD monitor automatically turns off 1 minute* after the last control is accessed even if [Auto Power Down] is set to [Off]. Press any button other than the power button or change the camera orientation to turn the LCD monitor back on.
Playback Mode Powers down approximately 5 minutes after the last Connected to a Printer control is accessed on the camera.
* This time can be changed.
The power saving function will not activate during a slide show or while the camera is connected to a computer. The power saving function settings can be changed (p. 29).

Setting the World Clock

When traveling abroad, you can record images with local dates and times simply by switching the time zone setting if you pre-register the destination time zones. You can enjoy the convenience of not having to switch the Date/Time settings.

Page/Topic p. 46 p. 38 p. 35 Basic Guide p. 6 p. 63 You can display grid lines (splits screen into nine areas) to make it easier to judge the horizontal and vertical alignment of a photographic subject and to make composition easier. The lines will not be recorded in the images.
10 seconds*/ 2 seconds/ Custom Timer (Delay: 010*, 15, 20, 30 sec.) (Shots: 13*10)
On*/Off On/Off* (On in standard movie mode.) Off/2*10 seconds/Hold On/Off* On/Off*
AF-assist Beam Digital Zoom
Review Save Original Grid Lines
Date Stamp Long Shutter Stitch Assist
Off*/Date/Date & Time On/Off* Left to right*/ Right to left

p. 37 p. 52 p. 44

Play Menu
Menu Item Transition Slide Show My Colors Sound Memo Page p. 76 p. 80 p. 77 p. 78 Menu Item Protect Rotate Erase All Transfer Order Page p. 84 p. 75 p. 84 p. 88

Print Menu

Menu Item Print Select Images & Qty. Select All Images p. 85 Page Menu Item Clear All Selections Print Settings Page p. 87

Set up Menu

Menu Item Mute Volume Options On/Off* Off/1/2*/3/4/5
Page/Topic Set to [On] to silence all sounds except warning sounds. (Basic p. 5) Adjusts the volume of the start-up sound, operation sound, self-timer sound, shutter sound and playback sound. The volume cannot be adjusted if [Mute] is set to [On]. Adjusts the volume of the start-up sound when the camera is turned on. Adjusts the volume of the operation sound that plays when any button other than the shutter button is pressed. Adjusts the volume of the self-timer sound played 2 sec. before the shutter is released.
Start-up Vol. Operation Vol.

Selftimer Vol.

Shutter Volume
Adjusts the volume of the sound played when the shutter releases. The shutter sound does not play when a movie is recording. Adjusts the volume of movie sounds and sound memos. -7 to 0* to +7 Use the or button to adjust the brightness. If you press the or button, the display returns to the Set up menu. You can check the brightness in the LCD monitor while you are adjusting the setting. p. 22 On*/Off Sets whether or not the camera automatically powers down after a set period of time elapses without the camera being operated.

Playback Vol. LCD Brightness
Power Saving Auto Power Down

Display Off

10 sec./20 sec./ Sets the length of time before the LCD 30 sec./1 min.*/ monitor turns off when no camera 2 min./3min. operation is performed. Home*/World 05*10 sec./20 sec./30 sec./1 min./2 min./3 min. Continuous*/ Auto Reset p. 23 Basic Guide p. 4 p. 16

Time Zone Date/Time

Clock Display
Format File Numbering Create Folder Create New Folder Check mark (On)/
p. 32 p. 67 p. 66 Creates a folder for the next shooting session.

No check mark (Off)

Auto Create Off*/Daily/ You can also set a creation time. MondaySunday/ Monthly On*/Off p. 65

Auto Rotate

Lens Retract

1 min.*/0 sec.

Sets the timing of the lens retraction when you switch from the shooting to the playback mode. Basic Guide p. 4 p. 90 See below. *1 p. 31
Language Video System Print Method Reset All NTSC/PAL Auto*/
*1You can change the printer connection method. There is usually no need to change the settings, but select when you print an image recorded in the (Widescreen) mode at the full page setting for wide paper using a Canon SELPHY CP710/CP510 Compact Photo Printer. Since this setting is saved even when the power is turned off, ensure that you return the setting to [Auto] to print other image sizes.

My Camera Menu

Menu Item Theme Start-up Image Start-up Sound Available Settings
Selects a common theme for each My Camera settings item. Sets the image displayed when the camera power is turned on. Sets the sound played when the camera power is turned on. p. 91
Operation Sound Sets the sound played when any button other than the shutter button is pressed. Selftimer Sound Shutter Sound My Camera Menu Contents Sets the sound played 2 seconds before the shutter releases in self-timer mode. Sets the sound played when the shutter button is pressed. There is no shutter sound for movies. (Off)/
Resetting Settings to Their Default Values

[Reset All].

Select [OK] and press
Settings cannot be reset when the camera is connected to a computer or to a printer. The following cannot be reset. - Shooting mode - The [Time Zone], [Date/Time], [Language] and [Video System] options in the (Set up) menu (p. 29, 30) - White balance data recorded with the custom white balance function (p. 55) - Colors specified in the [Color Accent] (p. 60) or [Color Swap] (p. 61) modes. - Newly added My Camera settings (p. 92)

Formatting Memory Cards

You should always format a new memory card or one from which you wish to erase all images and other data. Please note that formatting (initializing) a memory card erases all data, including protected images and other file types.


Shooting in a My Colors Mode
Shooting Mode You can change the look and feel of the pictures you take.

My Colors Settings

My Colors Off Records normally with this setting. Vivid Neutral Sepia B/W Emphasizes the contrast and color saturation to record bold colors. Tones down the contrast and color saturation to record neutral hues. Records in sepia tones. Records in black and white. Use this option to make red, green or blue colors more intense like the Vivid Red, Vivid Green or Vivid Blue effects. It can produce intense naturalappearing colors like those obtained with positive film. Use this option to make skin tones lighter. Use this option to make skin tones darker. Use this option to emphasize blue tints. It makes blue subjects, such as the sky or ocean, more vivid. Use this option to emphasize green tints. It makes green subjects, such as mountains, new growth, flowers and lawns, more vivid. Use this option to emphasize red tints. It makes red subjects, such as flowers or cars, more vivid.

Positive Film

Lighter Skin Tone* Darker Skin Tone* Vivid Blue Vivid Green Vivid Red
Use this option to adjust the contrast, sharpness or saturation settings or the color balance between red, Custom Color green, blue and skin tones*. It can be used to make subtle adjustments, such as making blue colors more vivid or face colors brighter.
* The skin colors of non-human subjects may also be altered. * You may not obtain the expected results depending on the skin color.

* (My Colors Off).

Use the or button to select a My Colors mode. In See Setting the Camera to a Custom Color Mode (p. 58). When not in Press the FUNC./SET button to return to the shooting screen.
Setting the Camera to a Custom Color Mode
This mode allows you to adjust the contrast, sharpness and saturation and the color balance for red, green, blue and skin tones.
FUNC. Menu * (My Colors Off) (Custom Color).
Use the or button to select [Contrast], [Sharpness], [Saturation], [Red], [Green], [Blue] or [Skin Tone] and the or button to adjust the setting.

displays in the LCD monitor. The symbol will cease to display after the new folder is created.
Setting the Day or Time for Automatic Folder Creation
Select a day for the [Auto Create] option and a time in the [Time] option.
displays when the specified time arrives. The symbol will cease to display after the new folder is created. Up to 2000 images can be saved into one folder. A new folder will automatically be created when you record more than that number even if you are not creating new folders.
Resetting the File Number
Shooting Mode Shooting The images you shoot are automatically assigned file numbers. You can select how the file number is assigned.
(Set up) Menu [File numbering] uous]/[Auto reset].


File Number Reset Function
Continuous A number one higher than the last one recorded is assigned to the next image. This is convenient for managing all your images together on a computer because you avoid file name duplication when changing folders or memory cards.* The folder and image number are reset to the starting value (100-0001).* This is convenient for managing images on a folder-by-folder basis.

Auto reset

*When a blank memory card is used. If a memory card with recorded data is used, the 7-digit number for the last recorded folder and image is compared with the last one on the card, and the larger of the two is utilized as the basis for new images.

File and Folder Numbers

Recorded images are assigned consecutive file numbers starting with 0001 and ranging up to 9999, while folders are assigned numbers starting with 100 and ranging up to 999. Up to 2,000 images can be saved into a single folder.
New Folder Created Memory Card 1 Continuous Memory Card Exchanged for Another Memory Card 1 Memory Card 2

Memory Card 1 Auto Reset

Memory Card 1 Memory Card 2
Images may be saved to a new folder when there is insufficient free space even if the total number of images in a folder is less than 2,000 because the following types of image are always saved together into the same folder. - Images from continuous shooting - Self-timer images (custom) - Stitch Assist mode images - Still images shot in Color Accent/Color Swap mode with the [Save Original] category set to [On] Images cannot be played back when the folder numbers are duplicated or image numbers are duplicated within folders. Please refer to the Software Starter Guide for information regarding folder structures or image types.

Setting the DPOF Print Settings
You can select images on a memory card for printing and specify the number of print copies in advance using the camera. The settings used on the camera comply with the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) standards. This is extremely convenient for printing on a direct print compatible printer, or for sending the images to a photo developing service that supports DPOF. The icon may display for a memory card with print settings set by a different DPOF-compliant camera. These settings will be overwritten by those set by your camera.

Single Images

Slide the mode switch to (playback) (Print) Menu [Select Images & Qty.].
Selecting [Clear All Selections] cancels all print settings for the images.
Use the or button to select images for printing.
Selection methods differ for the Print Type settings (p. 87). (Standard)/ (Both) Select an image, press the FUNC./SET button and use the or button to select the number of print copies (up to 99).

Number of Print Copies

(Index) Index Print Selection Select an image and the press FUNC./SET button to select or deselect it. You can also select images in the index playback mode. If you are connected to a printer, the button will light blue while you are selecting images. You can start printing at this point by pressing the button, confirming that [Print] is selected and pressing the FUNC./SET button.
All the Images on a Memory Card
Slide the mode switch to (playback) (Print) Menu [Select All Images].
One copy of every image will be set to print. Selecting [Clear All Selections] cancels all print settings for the images. If you are connected to a printer, the button will light blue while you are selecting images. You can start printing at this point by pressing the button, confirming that [Print] is selected and pressing the FUNC./SET button.
The output of some printers or photo developing services may not reflect the specified print settings. Print settings cannot be set for movies. Images are printed in order according to the file number. A maximum of 998 images can be selected. When [Print Type] is set to [Both], the number of copies can be set. When it is set to [Index], the number of copies cannot be set (only one copy will be printed).

Setting the Print Style

After setting the print style, select the image(s) to print. The following print settings can be selected.

*Default setting

Standard* Print Type Index Both Date (On/Off*) File No. (On/Off*) Clear DPOF data (On*/Off)
Prints one image per page. Prints the selected images together at a reduced size in an index format. Prints the images in both the standard and index formats. Adds the date to the print. Adds the file number to the print. Clears all print settings after the images print.
Slide the mode switch to (playback) (Print) Menu [Print Settings].

Image contains noise.
ISO speed is too high. Higher ISO speeds and the (High ISO Auto) setting may increase image noise. For higher image quality, select as low an ISO speed as possible (p. 64). In , , , , , , and modes, the ISO speed increases and noise can appear. This is a phenomenon that occurs with digital cameras and does not constitute a malfunction.
White dots appear on the image.
Light from the flash has reflected off dust particles or insects in the air. This is particularly noticeable when shooting using the wide angle.

Eyes appear red.

Light is reflected back from the eyes when the flash is used in dark areas. Use the (Auto Red-eye Reduction) or (Red-eye Reduction On) mode (Basic Guide p. 9). For this mode to be effective, the subject must be looking right at the red-eye reduction lamp. Try asking them to look directly at the lamp. Even better results can be obtained by increasing the lighting in indoor settings or approaching closer to the subject. The shutter will not activate for approximately 1 second after the red-eye reduction lamp fires in order to improve the effect. To enhance the continuous shooting performance, you are recommended to format the memory card in the camera after you save all its images to your computer (p. 32).
Continuous shooting slows down.
The memory card's performance has dropped.
Recording images to memory card takes a long time.
Memory card was formatted in another device. Memory card slot/battery cover was opened with power on. Use a memory card formatted in your camera (p. 32).

Lens will not retract.

First close the memory card slot/ battery cover and then turn the power on and then off again. (Basic Guide p. 2).

Shooting Movies

The recording time may not display properly or shooting may stop unexpectedly.
The following types of memory cards are used. - Slow recording cards. - Cards formatted on a different camera or a computer. - Cards which have had images recorded and erased repeatedly. Although the recording time may not display properly during shooting, the movie will be recorded correctly on the memory card. Recording time will display properly if you format the memory card in this camera (excluding slow recording memory cards) (p. 32).
"!" displayed on the LCD monitor in red and shooting automatically stopped.
There is insufficient free space in the camera's built-in memory. Try the following procedures. - Format the card with a low level format before shooting (p. 32). - Lower the recording pixels or frame rate (p. 43). - Use a high-speed memory card (SDC-512MSH, etc.). Operate the zoom before shooting in movie mode (Basic Guide p. 9). Note the digital zoom is available while shooting, but only in Standard movie mode (p. 35).

Cannot transfer! When transferring images to your computer using the Direct Transfer menu, you attempted to select an image with corrupted data or an image taken with a different camera or data type. You may have also attempted to select a movie when [Wallpaper] was selected in the Direct Transfer menu. Protected! You attempted to erase or edit a protected image, movie or sound memo. Too many marks. Too many images have been marked with print settings, transfer settings or slide show settings. Cannot process any more. Cannot complete! Could not save the print, transfer or slide show settings. Unselectable image. You attempted to set the print settings for a non-JPEG image. Communication error The computer was unable to download the image due to the large amount of images (approx. 1000) stored on the memory card. Lens error, restart camera Camera detected an error while moving the lens and cut the power automatically. This error message may appear if you press on the lens while it is moving or power up the camera in a dusty or sandy environment. Power up the camera again and shoot or playback images. Take the camera to a service center if this message appears frequently because there may be a problem with the lens. Exx (xx: number) Camera detected an error. Turn the power off and then back on, then shoot or play back. A problem exists if the error code reappears. Note the number and contact your Canon Customer Support Help Desk. If an error code displays directly after taking a picture, the shot may not have been recorded. Check image in playback mode.


Battery Handling

Battery Charge

The following icon and message will display. Change the battery pack Battery charge is low. Recharge it as soon as possible it will be used for an extended period. Battery charge is insufficient to operate the camera. Replace the battery immediately.
Battery Handling Precautions
Keep the battery terminals clean at all times. Dirty terminals may cause poor contact between the battery and camera. Polish the terminals with a soft cotton swab before charging or using the battery. At low temperatures, battery performance may be reduced and the low battery icon ( ) may appear earlier than usual. Under these conditions, revive the battery by warming it in a pocket immediately before use. However, ensure that there are no metallic items in the pocket that could cause a short circuit, such as a key ring, etc. The battery may be short circuiting. Do not allow any metal objects Fig. B Fig. A such as key rings to touch the ( ) and ( ) terminals (Fig. A). To carry the battery or store it during periods of disuse, always replace the terminal cover (Fig. B). These conditions can damage the battery.
You may be able to check the charge state depending upon how the terminal cover is attached (Fig. C, D).
Fig. C Charged Battery Attach it so the is visible Fig. D Spent Battery Attach it the opposite way to Fig. C.

Before attaching the bracket to the flash, check that the lithium battery (CR123A or DL123) is installed. To illuminate the subjects properly, install the flash so that it is up against the side of the camera and parallel with the cameras front panel. A tripod can be used even when the flash is attached.


Charge becomes Severely Limited If the battery usage time has considerably diminished, wipe the battery terminals well with a dry cloth. The terminals may be dirty from fingerprints. Usage in Cold Temperatures (Less than 0C/32F) Get a spare generic lithium battery (CR123A or DL123). You are recommended to place the spare battery in your pocket to warm it up before switching it for the battery in the flash. Non-Use over Extended Periods Leaving batteries in the High-Power Flash could allow the battery fluid to leak, damaging the product. Remove the batteries from the High-Power Flash and store them in a cool, dry place.
Camera Care and Maintenance
Never use thinners, benzine, synthetic cleansers or water to clean the camera. These substances may distort or damage the equipment.

Camera Body

Gently wipe dirt off the camera body with a soft cloth or eyeglass lens wiper.
First use a lens blower brush to remove dust and dirt, then remove any remaining dirt by wiping the lens lightly with a soft cloth. Never use synthetic cleansers on the camera body or lens. If dirt remains, contact the closest Canon Customer Support Help Desk as listed on the separate Canon Customer Support leaflet.
Viewfinder and LCD Monitor
Use a lens blower brush to remove dust and dirt. If necessary, gently wipe with a soft cloth or an eyeglass lens wiper to remove stubborn dirt. Never rub or press strongly on the LCD monitor. These actions may damage it or lead to other problems.


All data is based on Canons standard testing methods. Subject to change without notice.
(W): Max. wide angle (T): Max. telephoto Camera Effective Pixels Image Sensor Lens Approx. 6.0 million 1/2.5-inch CCD (Total number of pixels: Approx. 6.2 million) 5.8 (W) 17.4 (T) mm (35mm film equivalent: 35 (W) 105 (T) mm) f/2.8 (W) f/4.9 (T) Approx. 4.0x (Up to approx. 12x in combination with the optical zoom) Real-image zoom viewfinder 2.5-inch, low-temperature polycrystalline silicon TFT color LCD, approx. 173,000 pixels (Picture coverage 100%) TTL autofocus Focusing frame: 9-point AiAF/1-point AF (fixed to center) Normal: 30 cm (12 in.) infinity Macro: cm (W)/cm (T) (1.2 in. 1.6 ft. (W)/12 in. 1.6 ft. (T)) Infinity: 3 m (9.8 ft.) infinity Mechanical shutter + electronic shutter 15 1/1500 sec. The shutter speed varies according to the shooting mode. Slow shutter speeds of 1.3 sec. or slower operate with noise reduction.

* Using super high-speed memory cards (SDC512MSH recommended). **Even if the clip size has not reached 1 GB, recording will stop at the moment the clip length reaches 1 hour. Depending on the volume and data writing speed of the memory card, recording may stop before reaching 1 hour or before the recorded data volume has reached 1 GB.

Playback Modes

Single (histogram displayable), Index (9 thumbnail images), Magnified (approx. 10x (max.) in LCD monitor, advance or reverse through magnified images possible), Jump (jumps to every tenth or hundredth image, to the first image of those sharing a certain shooting date, to movies, or to the first image in a folder. In index playback mode, it displays 9 images at once.), Sound memos (up to 1 min.), Slide show, MyColors or Movie (edit/slow motion play back possible). PictBridge compliant, and Canon Direct Print and Bubble Jet Direct compatible

Direct Print

My Camera Settings Start-up image, start-up sound, operation sound, self-timer sound, and shutter sound. Interface USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (mini-B), PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) Audio/Video output (NTSC or PAL selectable, monaural audio) Battery Pack NB-4L (Lithium-ion Rechargeable battery) AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC40 C (F)

Power Source

Operating Temperatures
Operating Humidity 10 90% Dimensions Weight (camera body only) 86.0 x 53.5 x 21.7 mm (3.39 x 2.11 x 0.85 in.) Approx. 140 g (4.94 oz.)
*1 This digital camera supports Exif 2.2 (also called Exif Print). Exif Print is a standard for enhancing the communication between digital cameras and printers. By connecting to an Exif Print-compliant printer, the cameras image data at the time of shooting is used and optimized, yielding extremely high quality prints.
Battery Capacity (Battery Pack NB-4L (Fully charged))
Number of Images Shot LCD Monitor ON (Based on the CIPA standard) Approx. 160 images LCD Monitor Off Approx. 600 images Playback Time

Approx. 4 hours

The actual figures will vary according to the shooting conditions and settings. Movie data is excluded. At low temperatures, the battery performance may diminish and the low battery icon may appear very rapidly. In these circumstances, the performance can be improved by warming the battery in a pocket before use.

Test Conditions

Shooting: Normal temperature (23 C 2 C/73 F 3.6 F), normal relative humidity (50% 20%), alternating wide angle end and telephoto end shots at 30 second intervals with the flash fired once every two shots and the camera power turned off after every tenth shot. Power is left off for a sufficient amount of time*, then the power is turned back on and the testing procedure is repeated. A Canon-brand memory card is used.

Macro. 14, Basic 10 Magnifying.. 69 Memory Card Estimated Capacities. 119 Formatting. 32, 110 Handling.. 109 Inserting. Basic 2 Menu FUNC. Menu. 25, 27 Menu List.. 27 Menus and Settings. 25 My Camera Menu. 30 Play Menu. 28 Print Menu.. 28 Rec. Menu.. 27 Set up Menu.. 28 MENU button.. 14 Messages.. 104 Metering Modes. 50 Mode Switch. 14, Basic 5, 6 Movie Editing.. 73 Playback.. 72 Shooting.. 40 Mute.. 28, Basic 5 My Camera Menu. 30 My Camera Settings. 91 My Colors (Playback). 77 My Colors (Shooting). 57
Recording Pixels. 33, 43 Red-Eye Reduction. 12, Basic 9 Reset All.. 31 Rotate.. 75
Self-Timer. 38 Set up Menu.. 28 Shooting Mode Auto.. Basic 7 Digital Macro.. 34 Manual. Basic 7 Movie.. 40, Basic 8 Scene Mode.. Basic 7 Beach. Basic 8 Color Accent. Basic 8 Color Swap. Basic 8 Fireworks. Basic 8 Foliage.. Basic 7 Indoor. Basic 7 Kids&Pets.. Basic 7 Snow.. Basic 7 Underwater. Basic 8 Selecting. Basic 6 Stitch Assist. 44 Shutter Button.. 14 Fully.. Basic 6 Halfway.. Basic 5 Shutter Speed.. 52 Slide Show.. 80 Repeat Settings. 83 Selecting.. 82 Transition Effects. 81 Smooth Continuous Shooting. 36 Sound Memo. 78 Spot AE Point Frame. 50 Spot Frame.. 18 System Requirements. Basic 17

Video Output System. 90

White Balance. 54 Wide Angle. Basic 9 Wrist Strap.. 13

Zoom.. Basic 9

Telephoto. Basic 9 Time Zone. 23, 29 Transition Effects Playback.. 76 Slide Show.. 81


While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate and complete, no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions. Canon reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software described herein at anytime without prior notice. No part of this guide may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form, by any means, without the prior written permission of Canon. Canon makes no warranties for damages resulting from corrupted or lost data due to a mistaken operation or malfunction of the camera, the software, SD memory cards (SD cards), personal computers, peripheral devices, or use of non-Canon SD cards.
Trademark Acknowledgments
Canon, PowerShot, PIXMA and SELPHY are trademarks of Canon Inc. Macintosh, Mac OS and QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc., registered in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. SD is a trademark. Other names and products not mentioned above may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS-SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. DANGER-TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, CAREFULLY FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. For connection to a supply not in the U.S.A., use an attachment plug adapter of the proper configuration for the power outlet. This battery charger is for exclusive use with Battery Pack NB-4L (0.76Ah). There is a danger of explosion if other battery packs are used.


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Item Number: Input: Output: Dimension: Weight: Type: W B C C N 009S U 110V A C 12V -1A 106. 50x69. 00x37. 00m m 368. 55g C anon B attery chargers
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1. Please ensure Canon NB-4L charger that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device; 2. Package includes High Performance Turbo Charger, AC Power Adapter and 12.00V Car Cord; 3. Turbo Charger must be used with our AC Adapter or our Car Cord; 4. Designed to charge batteries quickly and safely; 5. Convenient LEDs indicate the charging status; 6. Canon NB-4L Battery charger is 100% Compatible with OEM Canon CB-2LV, CB-2LVE charger part numbers; 7. If your NB-4L Canon charger has any problem, please contact our customer service.

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