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jfonseca 12:08pm on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
When it comes to sewing machine I believe there has not been any other brand that has won my respect but Singer.
micha137 6:44am on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
Exellent serger I bought this Singer serger (my first and only) at Walmart about 3 years ago. It should be recalled.... I purchased this model from Joanns 3 days ago. I have had years of experience with a 5-thread serger. Disappointed... Bought this at Walmart thinking that being a Singer it should be a decent machine. After a few days.
VictorHT 11:18pm on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 
Easy to use and additional feet can be attached to add to the sewing experience. I have not found any yet. Plenty of stitches, solid construction not enough presser feet

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Model 14SH654


Easy Threading Diagram


The threading diagram shows how easy it is to thread the machine.
Color-Coded Lay-In Thread Tension
With complete, easy-to-read diagrams, this feature makes threading a snap. Just follow the color-coded diagram on the machine for effortless threading.

4-3 Stitch Configuration

The different stitch types ensure the perfect stitch, regardless of the project: Blind Hems, Rolled Hems, Flatlocking, finishing raw edges and joining seams.
1,300 Stitches-Per-Minute
Sews up to 1,300 stitches per minutea real time-saver.

Built-In Rolled Hem

Converting to the rolled hem sewing mode is effortless. An easy access lever moves the stitch finger into position for rolled hemming. There are 2 heights to the Presser Foot Lifter. The second height offers extra clearance, which is needed when placing multiple layers of fabric under the presser foot. Fully adjustable to ensure even feed for perfect seams on every fabric - no breaking or puckering. It is also useful for keeping stretch fabrics and bias cut fabrics from becoming stretched out.
Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter

Differential Feed

Moveable Upper Knife
Dont want to trim as you sew? Just roll the Upper Knife into the non-working position and the machine will stitch, but not trim the fabric.

Stitch Length Dial

The Stitch Length Dial is conveniently located on the outside of the machine and can easily be adjusted to personalize the length of the stitch.

Electronic Speed Control

Guarantees consistent sewing speed with no jump starts.
SINGER is an exclusive trademark of The Singer Company Ltd. or its affiliates. 2009 The Singer Company Limited or its affiliates.


The built-in carrying handle, making it trouble-free to transport the machine. Remove the cloth plate to access the free arm, making it easy to sew difficultto-reach areas such as armholes, cuffs and smaller projects such as childrens clothing.

Free Arm Sewing

Tweezers, Needle Set, and Screwdriver.


25 year manufacturers defects, 2 year electric and electronic components, 90 days parts and labor.
Four-Thread Mock-Stretch Stitch
This stitch is a favorite when sewing a knit fabric because the stitch stretches as the fabric stretches. This provides strong and professional finishes that will not pop when the fabric is stretched.
Three-Thread Overlock Stitch
This stitch provides a wonderful professional seam finish. It is beneficial in preventing loosely woven fabrics from unraveling, an it offers unlimited decorative capabilities.

Rolled Hem Stitch

Beautiful Three thread rolled hems can be created to add an elegant fine finish to table linens, scarves, and much more.

Flatlock Stitch

For true decorative flair on any project. Special decorative threads can be used to add texture and a dramatic embellishment effect.



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