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Palm IiiePalm III IIIc Iiie IIIx IIIxe VIIC Battery - 1600mAh
Capacity: 1600 mAh Voltage: 3.7V Battery type: Li-ion Compatible part numbers: 170-0737 Compatible models: Palm III IIIc IIIe IIIx IIIxe Viic

Brand: Palm
Part Number: CS-PMIIICSL-72306729
EAN: 4894128006787

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donjones12 4:53pm on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
Excellent for basics! If you are looking for a basic handheld organizer, the Palm IIIe is worth considering. Excellent for basics! If you are looking for a basic handheld organizer, the Palm IIIe is worth considering.
rushe 4:16pm on Sunday, August 1st, 2010 
Organised for the unorganisable I am general known as the most unorganisaed person ever so when i purchesed this product it was a gift.

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3Com Delivers Palm IIIe Connected Organizer, Full -featured Handheld at Breakthrough Price
Also Introduces USB Cable and New Stylish Carrying Cases
Media contacts: Kristen Garrigus A&R Partners (650) 298-3932 Elizabeth Cardinale 3Com Corporation (408) 326-9390 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3Com Delivers Palm IIIe Connected Organizer, Full -featured Handheld at Breakthrough Price Also Introduces USB Cable and New Stylish Carrying Cases Santa Clara, Calif., July 19, 1999 - Palm Computing, Inc., a 3Com company (Nasdaq: COMS), today introduced the Palm IIIe connected organizer, a low -priced, entry-level addition to its industry-leading family of handheld products. Designed to address the fast-growing consumer market for handheld organizers, the Palm IIIe organizer combines the popular, easy-to-use functionality of previous Palm Computing organizers with the company's lowest ever introductory list price of U.S. $229. 3Com also announced new accessories including a Universal Serial Bus connection kit and a variety of stylish carrying cases. As the entry-level model in the Palm III family of products, the Palm IIIe organizer is ideal for users new to Palm Computing products - including students, parents and business professionals. The Palm IIIe features the same convenient form factor as the award-winning Palm III organizer plus the advanced liquid crystal display screen for improved contrast and clarity that was first seen in the Palm IIIx organizer. "Palm Computing organizers have become indispensable tools for managing almost any aspect of daily life," said Byron Connell, director of product marketing for Palm Computing. "With the Palm IIIe product, we hope to delight a broader segment of users who are new to Palm Computing organizers and who will appreciate the value of the Palm Computing organizer's world-renowned ease-of-use at an extremely affordable price." Based on the Palm Computing platform, the Palm IIIe organizer shares the same award-winning features - such as ease of use, simplicity and instant one-touch synchronization with any PC or Macintosh computer - that have made Palm Computing products the most popular handheld organizers on the market. An extremely efficient design for data storage enables the Palm IIIe organizer's 2MB of memory to store 6,000 addresses, five years of appointments, 1,500 To Do items, 1,500 memos and 200 e-mail messages. The Palm IIIe organizer features version 3.1 of the award-winning Palm OS software and ships with the Palm Desktop software. The Palm IIIe also features infrared (IR) "beaming" for sharing information -- such as schedules, events, applications, games or memos -- wirelessly with other IR-enabled Palm Computing organizer users. The Palm IIIe organizer runs on two AAA batteries. Palm Computing Announces New Accessories Palm Computing also today announced new accessories for the Palm Computing family of organizers, including a new solution for connecting to PC and Macintosh computers via Universal Serial Bus ports. The PalmConnect USB kit is a cable that allows users to connect HotSync cradles and cables to PCs, laptops and Apple USB-equipped systems. The kit, expected to be available in August, includes the latest version of the Palm Desktop software for Macintosh users and is listed for a price of U.S. $39.95.
3Com also introduced stylish new carrying case options for the Palm III series of products: - The PalmGlove neoprene case was designed exclusively for Palm Computing by Body Glove, Santa Monica, Calif. Available from Palm Computing in six colors -- black, olive, royal blue, teal, yellow and purple - these sporty cases are water resistant and shock absorbent, providing extra protection for any Palm III series organizer. The PalmGlove case is now available for a list price of $29.95. - The new Palm Premiere Case Collection offers two distinct styles of slim Italian leather cases for the Palm III series. These are available from Palm Computing in three colors: saddle, mocha brown and trail brown. A basic model is listed at $39.95, and an extended model is $49.95. About Palm Computing Organizers Palm Computing organizers currently hold a 73 percent share of the U.S. personal companion market (IDC, May 1999). The Palm III series includes the Palm IIIx organizer, with 4MB of memory for corporate and power users at $369, the Palm IIIe organizer announced today, and the original Palm III organizer, with 2MB of memory, at $249. The ultra-slim Palm V organizer features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and improved screen at $449. The Palm VII organizer for wireless Internet access is currently available in the New York Metro tri-state area at $599. About 3Com With more than 200 million customers worldwide, 3Com Corporation connects more people to information in more ways than any other networking company. 3Com delivers innovative information access products and network system solutions to large, medium and small enterprises; carriers and network service providers; PC OEMs; and consumers. 3Com - More connected. For further information, visit 3Com's World Wide Web site at or the Palm Computing site at ### 3Com, HotSync, PalmConnect and Palm Computing are registered trademarks, and Palm, PalmGlove, Palm III, Palm IIIe, Palm IIIx, Palm V, Palm VII, and More connected are trademarks of 3Com Corporation or its subsidiaries. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.


Contents Page v

Digitizer preferences.. 152 Formats preferences... 152 Country default.... 153 Time, date, week start, and numbers formats. 153 General preferences... 154 Auto-off delay... 154 System, alarm, and game sounds.. 155 Modem preferences... 156 Network preferences and TCP/IP software.. 157 Selecting a service... 157 Entering a user name.. 158 Entering a password... 159 Adding telephone settings... 160 Connecting to your service... 163 Creating additional service templates.. 163 Adding detailed information to a service template.. 164 Creating a login script... 167 Deleting a service template.. 168 Network preferences menu commands. 169 TCP/IP troubleshooting.. 169 Owner preferences... 171 ShortCuts preferences... 172 Creating a ShortCut... 172 Editing a ShortCut.. 173 Deleting a ShortCut... 173 Appendix A: Maintaining Your Organizer Caring for your organizer... 175 Battery considerations... 176 Resetting your organizer... 177 Performing a soft reset... 177 Performing a hard reset... 178 Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions Software installation problems.. 181 Operating problems... 182 Tapping and writing problems.. 183 Application problems... 184 HotSync problems... 185 Beaming problems... 189 Password problems... 190 Technical support.... 191

Page vi

Appendix C: Creating a Custom Expense Report About mapping tables...193 Customizing existing sample templates..194 Determining the layout of the Expense Report..195 Labels....195 Sections...196 Analyzing your custom Expense Report..197 Programming the mapping table..198 Using applications other than Microsoft Excel..202 Expense file details...203 Appendix D: Non-ASCII Characters for Login Scripts Use of ^char....205 Carriage return and line feed...205 Literal characters...206 Warranty and Other Product Information Limited warranty...207 3Com end user software license agreement..210 FCC Statement...213 Canadian RFI Statement..213 Index.... 215

Page vii

Page viii

About This Book

, and to find text anywhere in your data

abc 123 Check box

With the cursor in an input field, tap the dot to activate the alphabetic keyboard. With the cursor in an input field, tap the dot to activate the numeric keyboard. When a check mark appears in a check box, the corresponding option is active. If a check box is empty, tapping it inserts a check mark. If a check box is checked, tapping it removes the check mark. Tap the arrow to display a list of choices, and then tap an item in the list to select it.

Pick list

Page 11

Previous/next arrows

Scroll bar
Drag the slider, or tap the top or bottom arrow, to scroll the display one line at a time. To scroll to the previous page, tap the scroll bar just above the slider. To scroll to the next page, tap the scroll bar just below the slider. You can also scroll to the previous and next pages by pressing the upper and lower portions of the scroll button on the front panel of the organizer.

Next/ previous arrows

Tap the up and down arrows to display the previous and next page of information; tap the left and right arrows to display the previous and next record.

Opening applications

You can use the Applications Launcher to open any application installed on your organizer. You can also open the four main applications Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, and Memo Pad with the application buttons on the front panel of your organizer. Tip: When you press an application button on the front panel, you have instant access to the selected application. You dont even need to turn on your organizer first.
In addition to providing a way for you to open applications, the Applications Launcher displays the current time, battery level, and application category.

Page 12

To open an application:
1. Tap the Applications icon
2. Tap the icon of the application that you want to open. If you have many applications installed on your Palm III organizer, tap the scroll bar to see all of your applications.

To find an application quickly, you can write the Graffiti character for the first letter of its name. The Applications Launcher scrolls to the first application with a name that begins with that letter. You can also assign application icons to different categories. See Categorizing applications in Chapter 3.

Using menus

Menus on your organizer are easy to use. Once you have mastered them in one application, you can use them the same way in all other applications. The menus of each application are illustrated in the section on that application in Chapter 4. The Edit menu is described in Editing records in Chapter 4.

To open the menu bar:

1. Open an application (such as Memo Pad). 2. Tap the Menu icon.

Page 13

Tap the Menu icon
In this example, three menus are available: Record, Edit, and Options. The Record menu is selected and contains the commands New Memo, Delete Memo, and Beam Memo.

Choosing a menu

After you open the menu bar for an application, tap the menu that contains the command you want to use. The menus and menu commands that are available depend on the application. Also, the menus and menu commands vary depending on which part of the application youre using. For example, in Memo Pad, the menus are different for the Memo List screen and the Memo screen.

Graffiti menu commands

Most menu commands have an equivalent Graffiti Command stroke, which is similar to the keyboard shortcuts used to execute commands on computers. The command letters appear to the right of the command names.
Menu commands Command letters
To use the Graffiti menu commands, the menu bar must be closed.
Page 14 Introduction to Your Palm III Organizer
Draw the Command stroke anywhere in the Graffiti area, and immediately write the corresponding command letter in the Graffiti letter area. When you draw the Command stroke, the word Command appears just above the Graffiti writing area to indicate that you are in Command mode. Command For example, to choose Select All in the Edit menu, draw the Command stroke, followed by the letter s. Note: Command mode is active for approximately two seconds, so you must write the command letter immediately to choose the menu command.

Displaying online tips

Many of the dialog boxes that appear on your organizer contain an online Tips icon in the upper-right corner. Online tips anticipate questions you have in a dialog box, provide shortcuts for using the dialog box, or give you other useful information.
To display an online tip:

1. Tap the Tips icon

HotSync button

Importing data
If you already have data in a database on your computer, you can import it into the Palm Desktop software. You can import data stored in computer applications such as spreadsheets and databases, or data from another organizer based on the Palm Computing platform. When you import data, you transfer the records to your Palm III organizer without having to enter them manually. See Importing data in Chapter 2 for more information.

Page 18

Customizing your organizer
You can customize your organizer by using the Preferences application. You can enter personal information such as your name and address; change the time and date; view different date and time formats when you travel; turn off sounds; and configure your organizer to work with a modem or network. See Chapter 7 for more information on customizing your organizer.
To open the Preferences screens:
1. Tap the Applications icon 2. Tap the Preferences icon.
3. Tap the category pick list in the upper-right corner of the screen. 4. Tap the Preferences category you want to view. The following procedures for setting the time and date give you an example of how to customize your organizer. You make changes to the time and date in General preferences.

To set the current time:

1. Tap the Set Time box.

Tap here

2. Tap the up or down arrows to change the hour. 3. Tap each minute number, and then tap the arrows to change them. 4. Tap AM or PM. Note: Your organizer can also display time based on a 24-hour clock. See Formats preferences in Chapter 7 for more information.

5. Tap OK.

Page 19

To set the current date:

1. Tap the Set Date box. 2. Tap the arrows to select the current year.
Tap arrows to select year Tap to select month

Tap to select date

3. Tap a month. 4. Tap the current date.
Palm Desktop organizer software
Palm Desktop software includes the same main applications as your Palm III organizer: Address Book, Date Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Expense, and desktop e-mail connectivity. You can use the HotSync feature of this software to back up and exchange data between your organizer and your computer. It is a good idea to back up your data in case something happens to the data on your Palm III organizer. Changes you make on your Palm III organizer or Palm Desktop software appear in both places after you synchronize.

Installing games

The CD-ROM also includes several games that you can install with the Palm Install Tool:
Giraffe HardBall MineHunt Puzzle SubHunt
Note: Giraffe is a fun, easy way for you to practice Graffiti writing. After you install and start a game, the instructions appear in the Game menu. Depending on the game, the Game menu may also contain commands to show high scores, to start a new game, or to set preferences for the game.

Page 42

Removing applications
In the event that you run out of memory or decide that you no longer need an application you installed, you can remove applications from your organizer. You can remove only add-on applications, patches, and extensions that you install; you cannot remove the applications that reside in the ROM portion of your organizer.
To remove an add-on application:
3. Tap App, and then tap Delete. 4. Tap the application that you want to remove.
5. Tap Delete. 6. Tap Yes. 7. Tap Done.
Removing Palm Desktop software
If you no longer want to use Palm Desktop software, you can remove it from your computer.
To remove Palm Desktop software:
1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Settings, and then Control Panel. 2. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon. 3. On the Install/Uninstall tab, select Palm Desktop software. 4. Click Add/Remove. Note: You need to install the HotSync Manager from the installation CD if you want to synchronize data with another PIM.

Chapter 3 Page 43

Your organizer comes with a Security application so that unauthorized users cannot view the entries you wish to protect.
In Security, you can do the following:
Turn off and lock your organizer so that it does not operate until you enter the correct password. Hide records that you mark as private. You can hide private records with or without a password. Without a password, private records are hidden until you set the Security application to show them. With a password, you must enter the password to view the private entries. See Making records private in Chapter 4 for information on making records private.

To define a new category:
1. Tap the category pick list in the upper-right corner of the screen.
2. Tap Edit Categories. 3. Tap New.

Page 60

4. Enter the name of the new category, and then tap OK.
5. Tap OK. You can assign any of your records to the new category.

To rename a category:

1. Tap the category pick list in the upper-right corner of the screen. 2. Tap Edit Categories. 3. Select the category that you want to rename, and then tap Rename.

Page 61

4. Enter the new name for the category, and then tap OK.
5. Tap OK. Tip: You can group the records in two or more categories into one category by giving the categories the same name. For example, if you change the name of the Personal category to Business, all records formerly in the Personal category appear in the Business category.

Finding records

Your organizer offers several ways to find information quickly:
All applications: Find locates any text that you specify, always starting with the current application. Date Book, To Do List, Memo Pad: Phone Lookup displays the Address List screen and lets you add the information that appears in this list to a record. Address Book: The Look Up line lets you enter the first letters of a name to scroll immediately to that name. Expense: Lookup displays the names in your Address Book that have data in the Company field. You can add these names to a list of attendees associated with an Expense record.
Looking up Address Book records
When working with Address Book, the scroll button on the front panel of the organizer makes it easy to navigate among your address entries.
In the Address List screen, the scroll button moves up or down an entire screen of records. If you hold down the scroll button, you accelerate the scrolling and display every third screen. In the Address View screen, the scroll button moves to the previous or next address record.
You can also use the Address List Look Up feature to quickly scroll to any of your Address Book entries.

Page 62

To look up an Address Book record:
1. Display the Address List screen. 2. Enter the first letter of the name you want to find.

Look Up line

Month View button

You can control the dots and lines that appear in the Month View. See Options menu later in this chapter.
Tips for using Month View: Keep the following points in mind.
Tap a day in the Month View to display that day in the Day View. Tap the scroll arrows in the upper-right corner to move forward or backward a month. Tap Go to to open the date selector and select a different month. Use the scroll button on the front panel of your organizer to move between months. Press the upper half of the button to display the previous month, the lower half to display the next month.

Page 80

Date Book menus, preferences, and display options
Date Book menus are shown here for your reference, and Date Book features that are not explained elsewhere in this book are described here. See Using menus in Chapter 1 for information about choosing menu commands.

Record menu

Options menu

Page 81

Display Options
Allows you to change Date Books appearance and which events display.
Show Time Bars. Activates the time bars that appear in the Day View. The time bars show the duration of an event and illustrate event conflicts. Compress Day View. Controls how times appear in the Day View. When Compress Day View is off, all time slots display. When it is on, start and end times display for each event, but blank time slots toward the bottom of the screen disappear to minimize scrolling. Month View settings. These check boxes apply to the Month View of the Date Book. You can activate any or all of these settings to show that you have Timed, Untimed, or Daily Repeating events in the Month View only.

Page 82

Start/End Time. Defines the start and end times for Date Book screens. If the time slots you select do not fit on one screen, you can tap the scroll arrows to scroll up and down. Alarm Preset. Automatically sets an alarm for each new event. The silent alarm for untimed events is defined by minutes, days, or hours before midnight of the date of the event. Alarm Sound. Sets the tone of the alarm. Remind Me. Defines how many times the alarm sounds. The choices are Once, Twice, 3 Times, 5 Times, and 10 Times. Play Every. Defines how often the alarm sounds. The choices are Minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes.

About Date Book

Shows version information for Date Book.

Page 83

Address Book is the application in which you store name and address information about people or businesses.
Creating an Address Book entry
A record in Address Book is called an entry. You can create entries on your organizer, or you can use Palm Desktop software to create entries on your computer and then download the entries to your organizer with your next HotSync operation. Palm Desktop software also has data import capabilities that enable you to load database files into Address Book on your organizer. See Importing data in Chapter 2 and Palm Desktop online Help for more information.

5. Tap Beam. 6. When the Beam Status dialog box appears, point the IR port directly at the IR port of the receiving organizer. 7. Wait for the Beam Status dialog box to indicate that the transfer is complete before you continue working on your organizer.
To receive beamed information:
1. Turn on your organizer. 2. Point the IR port directly at the IR port of the transmitting organizer to open the Beam Status dialog box. 3. Tap Yes. 4. Wait for the Beam Status dialog box to indicate that the transfer is complete, and then tap OK to display the new entry. Incoming records are placed in the Unfiled category.
Tips on beaming information
You can press the Address Book application button two seconds to beam your business card.

for about

You can set the full-screen pen stroke to beam the current entry. See Pen preferences in Chapter 7 for more information. You can use the Graffiti Command stroke /B to beam the current entry.

Page 134

Chapter 6
Advanced HotSync Operations
HotSync technology enables you to synchronize data between one or more Palm Computing connected organizers and Palm Desktop software or another PIM such as Microsoft Outlook. To synchronize data, you must connect your Palm III organizer and Palm Desktop software either directly, by placing your organizer in the cradle attached to your computer, or indirectly, with a modem or network. This chapter describes how to select HotSync options and perform a HotSync operation via a modem or network. See Exchanging and updating data: HotSync operations in Chapter 4 for information about performing your first and subsequent local HotSync operations.
Selecting HotSync setup options
You can choose when you want HotSync Manager to run. If necessary, you can adjust the local and modem HotSync settings as well.
To set the HotSync options:
1. Click the HotSync Manager icon in the Windows system tray. 2. Choose Setup.
3. Click the General tab and select one of the following options:

Page 135

Always available
Adds HotSync Manager to the Startup folder and constantly monitors the communication port for synchronization requests from your organizer. With this option, the HotSync Manager synchronizes data even when Palm Desktop software is not running. Starts HotSync Manager and monitors requests automatically when you open Palm Desktop software. Monitors requests only when you select HotSync Manager from the Start menu.

Trip Expenses

Page 203

Page 204

Appendix D
Non-ASCII Characters for Login Scripts
The following information enables you to create custom login scripts that require non-ASCII characters. It is provided for advanced users who understand the use and requirements of such characters in a custom login script.

Use of ^char

You may use the caret ( ^ ) to transmit ASCII command characters. If you send ^char, and the ASCII value of char is between @ and _, then the character is automatically translated to a single-byte value between 0 and 31. For example, ^M is converted to a carriage return. If char is a value between a and z, then the character sequence is translated to a singlebyte value between 1 and 26. If char is any other value, then the character sequence is not subject to any special processing. For example, the string Joe^M transmits Joe, followed by a carriage return.
Carriage return and line feed
You may include carriage return and line feed commands as part of the login script, when entered in the following format: <cr> <lf> Sends or receives a carriage return Sends or receives a line feed
For example, the string waitfor Joe<cr><lf> waits to receive Joe followed by a carriage return and line feed from the remote computer before executing the next command in the script.

Page 205

Literal characters
The backslash ( \ ) character defines that the next character is transmitted as a literal character, and is not subject to any special processing ordinarily associated with that character.


\^ \< \\
Includes a caret as part of the string Includes a < as part of the string Includes a backslash as part of the string

Page 206

Warranty and Other Product Information

Limited warranty

HARDWARE: Palm Computing, Inc., a subsidiary of 3Com Corporation (collectively "3Com"), warrants to the original end user ("Customer") that this product will be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use, for one year from the date of original purchase from 3Com or its authorized reseller. 3Com's sole obligation under this express warranty shall be, at 3Com's option and expense, to replace the product or part with a comparable product or part, repair the product or part, or if neither repair nor replacement is reasonably available, 3Com may, in its sole discretion, refund to Customer the purchase price paid for the product or part. Replacement products or parts may be new or reconditioned. 3Com warrants any replaced or repaired product or part, and any hardware upgrade to which Customer is entitled under an agreement between Customer and 3Com, for a period of ninety (90) days from shipment, or through the end of the original warranty, whichever is longer. All products or parts that are replaced become the property of 3Com. Accessory products, as listed in the applicable 3Com catalogue, are not covered under this Limited Warranty except for the modem for the connected organizer, the cradles, cables, memory upgrades, and leather items sold under the 3Com brand. 3Com shall not be responsible for Customer's software, firmware, information, or memory data contained in, stored on, or integrated with any products returned to 3Com for repair, whether under warranty or not. SOFTWARE: 3Com warrants to Customer that the Palm Desktop organizer software and Palm OS software licensed from it will perform in substantial conformance to their program specifications, for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of original purchase from 3Com or its authorized reseller. 3Com warrants the media containing software against failure during the warranty period. No updates are provided. 3Com does not provide any warranty for Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other third-party applications software that is licensed to Customer by the third party. 3Com's sole obligation with respect to this express warranty shall be (at 3Com's discretion) to refund the purchase price paid by Customer for any defective software product, or to replace any defective media with software which substantially conforms to applicable 3Com published specifications. 3Com makes no warranty or representation that its software products will meet Customer's requirements or will work in combination with any hardware or applications software products provided by third parties, that the operation of the software products will be uninterrupted or error free, or that all defects in the software products will be corrected.

Page 207

YEAR 2000 WARRANTY: In addition to the Hardware Warranty and Software Warranty stated above, 3Com warrants that the following date-data sensitive Palm Computing products, namely the Pilot 1000, Pilot 5000, PalmPilot Personal Edition, PalmPilot Professional Edition, and Palm III connected organizers, as well as all other 3Com products based on the Palm Computing platform software as of July 1, 1998 and later, including the companion desktop software for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS platforms, will continue performing properly with regard to such date-data on and after January 1, 2000, provided that all other products used by Customer in connection or combination with the Palm Computing product, including hardware, software, and firmware, accurately exchange date-data with the Palm Computing product. 3Com makes no certification regarding the Year 2000 status of any other Palm Computing products. Any Palm Computing platform application supplied by 3Com that makes correct use of Palm Computing platform date and time functions will not have a problem transitioning to the year 2000. The date and time utilities for the Palm Computing platform use 32 bits to store seconds, starting at January 1, 1904. This approach allows the correct representation of dates up to 6:28:15 A.M. on February 6, 2040. Provided the product is still being sold, 3Com will make software enhancements to remove this limitation to the Palm Computing platform well in advance of this date. If it appears that any Palm Computing product does not perform properly with regard to such date-data on and after January 1, 2000, and Customer notifies Palm Computing before the later of April 1, 2000, or ninety (90) days after original purchase of the product from 3Com or its authorized reseller, 3Com shall, at its option and expense, provide a software update which would effect the proper performance of the product, repair the product, deliver to Customer an equivalent product to replace the product, or, if none of the foregoing is feasible, refund to Customer the purchase price paid for the product. Any software update or replaced or repaired Palm Computing product will carry a Year 2000 Limited Warranty for ninety (90) days after purchase or until April 1, 2000, whichever is later. Customers using date and time utilities other than those supplied by Palm Computing should check with the developer to determine if the software will correctly handle all of the subtle issues of date and time conversion. OBTAINING WARRANTY SERVICE: Customer must contact a Palm Computing, Inc. or 3Com Technical Support or Customer Service center within the applicable warranty period to obtain warranty service authorization. Dated proof of original purchase from 3Com or its authorized reseller will be required. 3Com is not responsible for Customer products or parts received without a warranty service authorization. In the United States, 3Com may ship a replacement product or part prior to receiving the original product or part ("advance exchange"). If advance exchange is not available, then the repaired product or part will be shipped as soon as reasonably possible, which will be no later than thirty (30) days after 3Com receives the original product or part. Repaired or replacement products will be shipped to Customer at 3Com's expense. The repair and replacement process for products or parts in locations outside of the United States will vary depending on Customer's location.

Page 209

DISCLAIMER: Some countries, states, or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or the limitation of incidental or consequential damages for certain products supplied to consumers, or the limitation of liability for personal injury, so the above limitations and exclusions may be limited in their application to you. When the implied warranties are not allowed to be excluded in their entirety, they will be limited to the duration of the applicable written warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights which may vary depending on local law. GOVERNING LAW: This Limited Warranty shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, U.S.A. excluding its conflicts of laws principles and excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Palm Computing, Inc., a subsidiary of 3Com Corporation 5400 Bayfront Plaza PO Box 58007 Santa Clara, California 95052-8007 (408) 326-5000 9/03/98
3Com end user software license agreement
YOU SHOULD CAREFULLY READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. IT CONTAINS SOFTWARE, THE USE OF WHICH IS LICENSED BY PALM COMPUTING, INC., A SUBSIDIARY OF 3COM CORPORATION (COLLECTIVELY, "3COM"), TO ITS CUSTOMERS FOR THEIR USE ONLY AS SET FORTH BELOW. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE. USING ANY PART OF THE SOFTWARE INDICATES THAT YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS. LICENSE: 3Com grants you a nonexclusive license to use the accompanying software program(s) (the "Software") subject to the terms and restrictions set forth in this License Agreement. You are not permitted to lease or rent (except under separate mutually agreeable terms set forth in writing), distribute or sublicense the Software or to use the Software in a time-sharing arrangement or in any other unauthorized manner. Further, no license is granted to you in the human readable code of the Software (source code). Except as provided below, this License Agreement does not grant you any rights to patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, or any other rights in respect to the Software. The Software is licensed to be used on any personal computer and/or any 3Com product, provided that the Software is used only in connection with 3Com products. With respect to the Desktop Software, you may reproduce and provide one (1) copy of such Software for each personal computer or 3Com product on which such Software is used as permitted hereunder. With respect to the Device Software, you may use such Software only on one (1) 3Com product. Otherwise, the Software and supporting documentation may be copied only as essential for backup or archive purposes in support of your use of the Software as permitted hereunder. You must reproduce and include all copyright notices and any other proprietary rights notices appearing on the Software on any copies that you make.

FCC Statement 213 Files, linking to external 146 Filing e-mail 122 Filters for e-mail 127131
Hard reset 178 Header information (e-mail) 113, 115

Page 218

Help Graffiti 55 online tips 15 Hiding records 67 High Priority e-mail filter 130 HotSync buttons preferences 152 conduits for synchronizing applications 138139, 179 customizing 138 defined 56 first-time operation 5758, 147148 for managing desktop E-Mail 111112 HotSync Manager 57 linking to external files 146 local operation 58, 136, 186 modem operation 137, 140144, 187188 modem settings 141 network operation 144 options for filtering e-mail 126131 problems with 185188 setting options 135137 for synchronizing data 20 using with another PIM 43
Infrared port. See IR port Installing applications 4042 batteries 9 conduit to install applications 138 Desktop software 2122, 181 Mail. See Mail, desktop configuration International characters Graffiti writing 30 onscreen keyboard 33 IP address 164, 166 IR port 8 See also Beaming information Items. See To Do List or Expense
Keyboard computer 33 onscreen 11, 33, 151
Letters font style 70 Graffiti 23, 26 onscreen keyboard 33 List, in Applications Launcher 38 Locking the organizer with a password 4546, 151, 171 Login scripts 167, 205 Looking up Address Book data to add to other records 6465 scrolling in Address List 62 to add to e-mail addresses 116117 Lost organizer, contact for 85 Lost records 184 Lotus 1-2-3, for expense reports 202 cc:Mail 110 Organizer, importing data
Icons alarm 75 application 11, 38 note 69 online Tips 15 onscreen 183 repeating event 77 Idle timeout of ISP or server connection 164 Ignoring e-mail. See Filters for e-mail Importing data 18, 3435 Inbox 124

Page 219

Mail address lookup 116117 attachments 127 BCC (blind carbon copy) 117, 118 changing setup 112 closing 113 confirm delivery 117, 120 confirm read 117, 120 creating 113115 deleting e-mail 123 desktop configuration 110112 draft e-mail 121 editing unsent e-mail 120 filing e-mail 122 filtering options 126131 folders 124 HotSync options 111112 menus 132 opening 112 overview 109110 priority of delivery 117, 118 purging deleted e-mail 124 recovering deleted 123 replying to e-mail 115 sending 120 showing dates 125 signature 117, 119120 sorting 125 synchronizing 112 truncating 131 viewing e-mail 112 Main applications 12 Maintenance information 175 Memo Pad adding Address Book data to records 6465 archive files (.mpa) 34 categorizing records 59 conduit for synchronizing 138 creating records 53, 94 deleting records 55 dragging memos into other applications 51 fonts 70 menus 95, 98 Page 220
opening 51 overview 51 private records 69 reviewing memos 94 sorting records 66, 184 Memory amount of free 191 for beaming 189 Calculator 97 regaining 56, 182 Memos. See Memo Pad Menus 1315, 183 Address Book 87 choosing 14 command equivalents (Graffiti writing) 14 Date Book 81 Edit menu 5455 Expense 107 Mail 132 Memo Pad 95, 98 menu bar 11, 13 Network Preferences 169 To Do List 93 Microsoft Excel, transferring Expense data to 104107 Exchange 110 Outlook, connecting to 185 Modem HotSync operations via 140144, 187188 preferences 156 Monday, to start week 153 Month (Date Book view) 80, 82 Moving the cursor (Graffiti writing) 31 MPA (Memo Pad archive file) 34



AZ5130 Singer 875 VGN-FZ21M VDR-D200 360052 PRO 14 DP-2010E STR-K990 Kddv4200J-KD-dv4200 Tuner T430 TMA 1600 XV-N30 RPC 3000 EAH4830-htdp-512MD3 Digipal 2 SA-AK240 KDE-P37hv2 TX-14P1 Pda Patrol Kawai CL30 KIR-SL2S For Sale TC-WE475 Cooker MEX-R5 M6-EZ6611 Kala 300 HL-1850 Vision Cradle GN 8000 Tercera Edad SCX-4623FW DSC-T10 7906G Mouse WX-T923 WTD 2900 Espio 140M SBG900 Scanner DA-20mkii Aqua Plus M45-S2692 CQ-DFX444 TCP42C2 Factor PC PAC400 2 3 Siemens SL75 DCR-HC15 SL-PS770A PSR-5700 Lexmark C750 GC700 L72850A Kalina 1119 - TEC HD Mini TX-DS747 EW512S NN-A860WB Digimax 530 DWS4704 DC185 HF370 Dvdr610 00 Powerpod K16 Quad 303 WM-12336FD VR747 Navigon 6310 LA32R71BAX D 61 E 2001 N1010V Manual GR-D350us-gr-d350 Archives Games MS-1922G WM-EX521 MIM2090 Xperia X1 MHC-RG551S 30004 F5D5131-5 PPM50H3 Software Download 160 DSP IPS-4000 Astra Slim Asko T731 2300HS Forever 1500 Blitz BZX8 IC-2SET QW1042H DFL-700 CDM7025 EWS 1030 Base-V20HD XVS650KC ML-7300 T56840


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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