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Pinnacle Pctv 100IAbout Pinnacle Pctv 100I
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PCTV 100i Pinnacle TV Tuner Software


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PCTV MediaCenter 100i Turn your PC into an entertainment center with remote.
Key features Remote control access to the video, photo, music files on the PC. Best set of TV viewing features for turning your PC into a personal video recorder (PVR): Time shifting, EPG, optimized channel scan and channel name recognition. Integrated CD/DVD burning of recorded TV shows, music and videos. Audio CD ripping creates MP3 files that are added directly to media database. Internet radio support DVD and CD playback.
Key Messages Amazing new entertainment experience! Pinnacle PCTV MediaCenter turns an ordinary PC into a digital entertainment system which means that you can access all your music, photos, and videos using a remote control. Its like having a music jukebox, DVD player, PVR, photo slideshow projector all built into your PC, but accessible from your comfy sofa. Simple, complete media management solution The Pinnacle PCTV MediaCenter also includes a sophisticated media management application, Pinnacle MediaManager, that is one of the only media manager or jukebox applications that equally supports music, photos, and video files, and integrates features like CD ripping, CD burning, watched folders to provide a complete solution. Turn your PC into a PVR. Pinnacle PCTV MediaCenter products include all of the great TV programming and time shifting functions that Pinnacle PCTV products are known for. Use Time Shifting technology to control live TV fast forward past commericals. Pause the show youre watching and resume viewing where you left off. Complete hardware and software solution Because Pinnacle PCTV MediaCenter solutions include software that has been designed and tested for the included hardware, they offer a perfectly tuned, compatible product combo for the most enjoyable experience possible.
25/50/100 word descriptions 25 words Pinnacle MediaCenter 100i turns your current PC into an all-in-one entertainment centre, thanks to its internal TV tuner card, easy-to-use software and remote control. 50 words Pinnacle MediaCenter 100i turns your current PC into an all-in-one entertainment centre, thanks to its internal TV tuner card, easy-to-use software and remote control. Manage all your media files and enjoy remote control access to all kinds of digital entertainment: analogue TV, Personal Video Recording (PVR), internet radio, movies, picture, music and video. 100 words Pinnacle MediaCenter 100i turns your current PC into an all-in-one entertainment centre. It delivers easy enjoyment of all your media files and live analogue TV thanks to its internal TV tuner card, intuitive software and remote control. It provides a high-quality TV viewing experience and advanced personal video recording (PVR) features like pause, rewind, slomo and instant replay live TV. MediaCenter 100i also includes one-button or programmable TV and radio recording. In addition, you can play DVDs and CDs, listen to digital music and internet radio stations (including your favourite playlists), use your PC as a music jukebox, share photo slideshows with friends and watch home movies or DivX films.
Target Market A typical Pinnacle PCTV MediaCenter user will have a lot of digital photos and MP3s or a lot of movies downloaded from the Internet or captured from his camcorder. He is looking for the ideal, easy way to enjoy his content without sitting down in front of his keyboard. Pinnacle PCTV MediaCenter is targeted at tech savvy people who own a PC and who wish to have the advantages of Media Center functions, but prefer transforming their current PC instead of replacing it with a new Microsoft Media Center Edition PC. Pinnacle PCTV MediaCenter range is aimed at people who wish to watch TV on their PCs, record TV programs to their hard drive and organise their media files.

PCTV MediaCenter 100i

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Product includes: Pinnacle MediaCenter software application Pinnacle MediaManager software application Integrated Online user manual in PDF format on CD Printed quick hardware installation guide (poster) Remote control kit including o IR remote transmitter incl. batteries (transmitter varies depending on bundled TV tuner HW)

Order Information

Hardware: PCTV MediaCenter 100i is equipped with an IC tuner with full hyperband CableTV support The hardware has the following approvals: FCC and CE Microsoft WHQL certification Windows XP SKU/UPC: PCTV PMC 100I PCI PAL/SECAM RETAIL D/GB Box Size and Weight 300 x 220 x 080mm 0.525 kg
Video-Inputs Audio Inputs Audio-Outputs

Stereo audio support

TV signal
S-video (Hosiden-socket) Composite video (RCA socket) Stereo audio input (LineIn) 3,5 mm stereo jack (external) 2.8 mm header (internal) Audio cable (length ca. 30cm, 2 x 3.5 mm stereo jack) for connection to a soundboard IEC connector (PAL/SECAM)
System requirements Operating system:
Windows XP professional SP1 (or higher) or Windows XP home SP1 (or higher)
Minimum system requirements
Pentium III 1.0GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon CPU 256 MB RAM IDE hard disk with master mode drivers (with 5GB free space) Graphics board with support for DirectX8 or higher Sound board with support for DirectX9 or higher CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive Mouse one PCI 2.3 compatible slot

Supported file formats

Video playback: MPEG 1/2/4, Xvid, WMV9, ASF, DV-AVI Music Playback: MP3, WMA, WAV Image playback: JPG, GIF, BMP TV recording: capture analog TV to hard disc with MPEG1/2 RT compression with 6 quality level presets for VCD, SVCD, DVDlong play, MPEG2 full D1, MPEG2 long-play (2/3D1, 1.5Mbit/s, compatible for SC WiFi streaming) CD and DVD playback: DVD, SVCD, VCD, VR +, VR Burning: Audio CDs, MP3 CD and DVD, VCD, S-VCD and DVD support
Recommended system requirements
PC with Pentium IV 2GHz or Athlon XP 2200+ 512MB of RAM U-DMA hard disk with 20 GB or more disk space DirectX 9 -or highercompatible graphics and sound controller CD- or DVD-Recorder Mouse One PCI 2.3 compatible slot



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